Charlize Theron in billowy, green Chloe: badly-styled or lovely?


Charlize Theron and Leighton Meester were the two big celebrity “gets” at last night’s “HTC Serves Up NYC Product Launch” event. Charlize looks really weird to me, but I think I’m just being thrown off by the full skirt and the lack of high heels. Allegedly, the green dress is Chloe… and I don’t like it much. Charlize is famous for her amazing legs, so why is she wearing a full-skirted dress that makes her legs look like little toothpicks? The cut and the style is not flattering. That being said, I love the color on her.



Meanwhile, Leighton wore Leighton wore a dress from the Marios Schwab Resort 2012 Collection and Burberry shoes. Um… the outfit is fine, it’s kind of boring, but meh. BUT THE SHOES. Dear God. Those look like some 1970s craft project, all wood beads and bad colors. And don’t get me started on the bangs.




Getting back to Charlize for a moment – have you seen her latest Dior commercial? It’s the one where Dior puts Charlize in the same company as Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Grace Kelly. WTF?

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  1. Sloane Wyatt says:

    What, did Charlize mug a bunch of surgeons for their scrubs and sew this up herself as a craft project?

    It almost looks like she could be hiding a baby bump.

    Hideous outfit, gorgeous woman.

  2. Ms Smith says:

    Charlize is my girl crush, she gets a pass. It seems alot of celebs are into sack dressing now days. I do like the flats, I loathe heels.

  3. Micah says:

    I love her in this!

    The green color is amazing, and the style is quite pretty. Love the flats paired with it all too.

  4. gee says:

    9 times out of 10, both Charlese and Leighton look excellent. A slip up once in a while is ok.

    Loving the flats though.

  5. serena says:

    Charlize is beautiful but her makeup here it’s terrible.

  6. Quest says:

    I like Charlize, but the dress not so much but on Charlize it doesn’t look bad.

  7. Boo says:

    Agree, Serena–whoever did her makeup should be drummed out of the business for making her look 10 years older–ten years she spent AWAKE. And with an infection. Damn.

  8. kimmy says:

    charlize can make a paper bag look sexy. she gets a pass. she’s the only celeb i’ve seen regularly show up on red carpets w/ flats…love it!

    leighton….why? you are so adorable. why do you have assy style?

  9. k says:

    Those shoes are Burberry Spring 2012, right?

  10. lucy2 says:

    I kind of like the color on her, but agree the dress itself is not a good choice. She is exceptionally beautiful though, she can get away with just about anything.
    Never found LM all that stunning. She does have some bad fashion sense.

  11. Cheyenne says:

    I like that color on her but the style is terrible.

  12. lin234 says:

    I like this dress better than all the super low cut, skin tight, short dresses that dominate fashion these days. I’m actually jealous she doesn’t care about heels since her legs are so long and thin they could never look stumpy or short.

    That green is such a gorgeous color on her. I wonder why she isn’t acting much these days. I’m a huge fan of hers.

    As for Leighton, she needs to pick up more style tips from the person who dresses her gossip girl. I get that she’s trying to branch out and be unique but it’s often a huge fail and it’s a shame because she’s gorgeous.

  13. Jessica says:

    OMG Marlene Dietrich is SOOOOO SEXY in this ad!!!!!

  14. mannequin says:

    I think Charlize looks great, her eyes bring out the best in everything.

  15. You Dont Know Jack says:

    Charlize Theron is HOT!!!!

  16. Judy says:

    She looks lovely in this…perfect shoes, perfect balance.

  17. who me? says:

    she looks really good, it okay to take a break from heals every now and then… its not a red carpet event after all.

  18. Amanda says:

    I love Charlize’s “J’Adore Dior” ads. The other one is soooo sexy! This one is just kinda okay.

    I think the reason why Marilyn (etc) are there is because they are all infamous “Dior” girls- or, ladies who wore Dior through the 20th century. And then, Charlize is the Dior girl of the 21st century.

  19. Lindy says:

    While I agree that this may not be the most flattering style in the world in general, I think Charlize is pulling it off. The color is phenomenal on her–I think it really makes her look like she is lit up from within. Seriously–her skin is glowy and her eyes are bright–she looks good. Leighton is so much prettier and memorable looking than Blake Hussy, but this outfit is doing her no favors. And I’m with you on the bangs.

  20. ladybert62 says:

    Dont like either outfits and those bead shoes are awful – do the beads bang together when she walks and sound like a drum? Awful, awful.

  21. I Choose Me says:

    I kinda dug the commercial esp. the song they used. I see what they were going for the whole, ‘Timeless Beauty, timeless scent’ thing. And Charlize looked incredible in the vid. As for the outfit up for discussion, it looks casual, comfortable, it’s a great colour on her and she’s wearing it with confidence. That’s one thing I’ve always admired. She owns her style choices. Like that rose-boob dress that grew on me.

    Now on to Leighton. So pretty and one of the few starlets I like. Agree on the bangs and the outfit but disagree on the shoes. I would wear the hell out of those. They looks so fun and the colours pop. 🙂

  22. layla says:

    I like that Leighton is young and takes some fun fashion risks. It doesn’t always work… but she’s gorgeous and unique and I applaud her for that.

  23. danielle says:

    Charlize’s outfit looks comfortable. And I like Leighton’s shoes – maybe not with that outfit tho.

  24. LondonLady says:

    I saw CT recently in a noodle joint in London’s Soho. She was acting like a normal person, eating (Yes eating!) food, hanging out with a bunch of people cackling away wearing quite uninteresting clothes but acting like a totally normal person. Hollywood take note..

  25. Coucou says:

    NO just hell NO to her in that freaking mumu dress with FLATS, WTF? Keep those flats for your tourist hikes in Tuscany, not for events, ick babe, sorry, just ick, thou art too beautiful for that.

    Leighton, what can i say, she has that “moronic beauty of youth” that Clive Owens’ character spoke of in the movie “Closer.” She reminds me of my 22 year old niece, who is every bit as smashing as she is.

  26. Sara says:

    I like the green dress with flats, I think she looks great and I would wear it! She’s so pretty 🙂

  27. blonde on the dock says:

    CT is sooo beautiful. I don’t think there’s another actress that even comes close.

  28. jenna says:

    She is so beautiful it’s ridiculous. She’s my girl crush. Who cares what she’s wearing with a face that beautiful? I agree that the dress isn’t the best, but the color is great because it brings out her gorgeous green eyes.

    And Charlize is even more beautiful and talented to me than Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich. The commercial isn’t saying she’s just as iconic as them, just that she is gathering inspiration from them as she prepares to storm that catwalk.

  29. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I think she looks refreshingly beautiful. Not trying to hard she looks like a real women, everyday and beautiful. I wish the dress was fitted a little better for her body type but other than that. I could see myself in this.

  30. Alex says:

    Charlize Theron looks really HOT!!!!