Leonardo DiCaprio will reportedly propose to Blake Lively in a few months


Blake Lively is the kind of girl you marry. Go ahead and yell at me! Whatever. I think Blake is looking for commitment, but only if she scores a big fish. Luckily for Blake, she’s already reeled in a big one: Leonardo DiCaprio, who hasn’t mentioned Blake yet as his promotional tour for J. Edgar has begun. Will Leo bring Blake to the premiere of J. Edgar? Will he end up confirming what we already know: that Blake has game, and she’s won his heart? And what is the endgame for Blake and Leo? Will she just be his official girlfriend for a few years, or will Blake manage to “get the ring” where other women failed?

A new report says long-time bachelor, Leo, is ready to take himself off the market! Do we hear wedding bells for Gossip Girl star Blake Lively, 24, and Leonardo Dicaprio, 36? According to Star magazine, sources close to the pair say he plans on popping the question within the next few months!

“His friends never thought he’d settle down, but he thinks Blake’s the one,” a source tells the mag.

While Leonardo has a history of dating the world’s most beautiful women — including Victoria’s Secret supermodels Gisele Bundchen and Bar Refaeli — he is notorious for his inability to commit.

After jetting around the world together, it appears as if Blake is the one to win his heart.

“He is planning to propose in the next few months,” the source reveals to Star. “And he wants to get married and start on a family soon after that. He’s finally ready to take himself off the market.”

How cute! We’re not going to lie here, we’re really hoping this is true! We’d love to see a Blake & Leo wedding! Could you imagine the dress, the guest list full of Hollywood’s elite and their cute blonde babies?

[From Hollywood Life]

Well, he’s 36. Now is the time for Leo to decide if he’s going to go for the George Clooney route (never settling down), the Warren Beatty route (settling down when he’s really old), or the Brad Pitt route (?) – which I’m making up, but… let’s say the Brad Pitt route is settling down with someone more than a decade younger and starting a family right away. You never know about Leo – he could be the kind of dude who would end up being a pretty decent husband. And I personally think that Blake would love to marry him. Engaged by the Oscars?!?




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  1. Talie says:

    It’s a good investment for her since her career is very up and down, and there is so much debate about her talent. She’ll always have that Hollywood wife thing to fall back on a la Katie Holmes.

  2. sallyreo says:

    I hope it happens for her. She is being very mature and setting an example on how to land a big fish.

    She is SMART!

  3. Cammie says:

    Yeah OKAY …Star Mag.. after 5 or 6 mths, a few photo OPs….he will proposed, when in the last pics of them together, he seemed more interesting in his onion ring then her…I doubt he will marry MS.Plastic Surgery USA. LOL!

    He is just dating her to as part of his Oscar campaign IMO..

    All the male stars are doing PR stunts..

    Clooney dating Stacey

    Pitt talking mean about Jennifer

    Decaprio dating a famehungry Actress

    Anything for A US weekly/People cover so the Oscar voters won’t forget YOU!

    I predict him with a foreign blonde model by next June..

  4. Dani says:

    Definitely not going to happen for Leo “I love dating supermodels” DiCaprio. My money is on the George Clooney route.

  5. Hautie says:

    I can see Blake wanting this to happen. (marriage)

    But I don’t see her giving up her body for babies at 24. She is probably booked for the next 2-3 years.

    Yet, I still do not see the appeal of DiCaprio.

    He still looks like a doughy frat boy. Who is still roaming with a pack of doughy frat boys. Whom are all close to being 40.

    In order for any relationship to work. He would have to give up that p*ssy patrol pack he runs with. And remove his Mother from his house.

    And I don’t see either of those things happening.

    Unless Blake has skills she has not shown off yet. :) But if she can remove his Mother from the house. Then she has a stellar chance of landing Leo.

  6. sashaT says:

    Another hilarious piece of gossip. LOL!

  7. Heatheradair says:

    those would be some…..unusual-looking babies they’d make.

  8. ahoyhoy says:

    Hautie—I was going to say the same thing. Leo’s got a mommy he’s very, very close to. I could see her ensuring her golden years are a bit stressful & busy for Sonny-boy, to block his nuptials.
    I’ve always thought Leo won’t settle until he freaks out when he loses his Mommy. JMO.

  9. Reece says:

    I totally belie…yeah I couldn’t get that lie out. He’ll be over her on a few years and she’ll have a better career for her “talent”.

  10. Naomi Fan says:

    Instead of the usual salined implants, Miss Plastic Surgery got the silicone ones. You can see that her nipples are always showing and that’s the result of sillicone. The shape of the breasts are also ridiculously too high and stiff. So I’m wondering if pregnancies can affect silicone?

    And if they ever get married, I hope the kids will inherit DiCaprio’s nose, because the real Flakely’s nose is awesomely big and ugly.

  11. Quest says:

    B.S – I’ll wait for the confirmation. Shady story, Blake wanting marriage I believe, Leo – not so much

  12. Kasey says:

    I have to admit, when I see someone with a regular relationship pattern (like Leo) break the mold I am never shocked when they decide to officially commit/go the distance/find true love with that new person. I think a lot of times it works because their previous routine just wasn’t good for them and in the new person they (maybe surprisingly) found a good fit. This is also my take on Anniston and Justin as well and it goes both ways.

    Nonetheless, this just seems like pure made up gossip (although i only read the tag, not the article). IF this is true-WOW! Props to Blake for reigning that one in-I was sure he was a perpetual bachelor like Georgie Peorgie.

  13. oct says:

    We’ve heard this before. In feb 2010 Leo and Bar were all over the German press (he was presenting Shutter Island) because she was wearing a small ring. Later on according to the media he was buying her a 5 carats diamond ring. Generally speaking we have been told he was ready to propose before any red carpet or event or movie release for about 5 years. And every time he was walking the red carpet solo.The same happened with Bunchen.
    Now its Blake’s time.

  14. Lisa says:

    LMFAO!!! Sorry I can’t contain my laughter at “Blake Lively is the kind of girl you marry.” I don’t understand how Kate Winslet is slammed on this site but this talentless bimbo is complimented.

  15. Kiki says:

    The idea of this girl crossing the Oscars red carpet like she actually belongs among talented people – like, say, Kate Winslet – makes me sick.

  16. layla says:

    I don’t get the media’s (and the masses) fascination for marrying off girls in their early twenties!

    She’s 24. Let her have her fun.

  17. Sisi says:

    is it me or does his shoe look very strange in the last pic?

  18. Delta Juliet says:

    If he proposes I will be damn impressed. But as I say in all Blake posts, I JUST DON”T GET IT.

  19. T.C. says:

    Blake Lively is the kind of girl you marry if you are 75 years old and need a trophy wife to help you get it up. Leo is in an OSCAR bait movie playing a GAY MAN. Blake Lively is a famewhore who lives her life in the tabloids, calling paps on herself everyday. Leo needs to be seen all the time by Americans being with the bombshell Blake Lively, living as a straight man. That’s why he doesn’t care if she calls the paps on them and doesn’t care if she releases naked pictures of her self (even better so you can see he REALLY is with a stacked girl and really is straight so give him that Oscar for pretending to be Gay!!!). I predict that Blake Lively will be kicked to the curve right after Oscar season.

    Remember how last year Natalie Portman told us all she was planning on marrying her Baby Daddy just in time for Oscar season? Is she married yet? I don’t think so.

  20. daisy says:

    I may be in the minority her but I just don’t get all the hoopla surrounding Leo. I just don’t get it.

    EDIT: I actually think Blake is the female version of him. She will play the field for a very long time.

  21. ViloDeMenus says:

    If he didn’t marry Bar, I seriously doubt he will marry Blake. He has no desire to have kids or a conventional life, so why would he tie himself down or risk any of his quite impressive fortune? Nope, I’ll be shocked if he marries before he’s in his mid 40′s, if ever. He’s devoted to his friends and the playboy lifestyle.

  22. Bubulle says:

    I also heard something similar about GC and his new GF. Just my two cents, but maybe it’s just pure PR BS.

  23. RocketMerry says:

    Could be. He’s been playing the Hollywood game a lot lately, so maybe they’ll be engaged by the Oscars (since he cannot get pregnant, unless I missed something) and then scandalously break up. Or they could eventually get married and then divorce after a kid or so, depending on whatever project he’ll have to promote by then.

  24. jinni says:

    I think he’d only marry if his mother died leaving him devastated and emotionally vulnerable enough that starting a family would sound like a good idea in the face of such loss.

    This is a crack at her, but more to do with what I think his mentality is like.

  25. Eve says:

    I hope they get married. Don’t like him, don’t like her…they’re a perfect match!

    Whatever happens though, I’d be happy enough if she stayed away from my three immaginary husbands.

  26. atlantapug says:

    He’d only marry her if she were really a man.

    Well, maybe she is!

    Beard + Publicity Tour = Leo + Blake.

  27. jj says:

    I think he’ll go the Warren Beatty route, and get married older. Don’t think he thinks Blake is the one either, the guy is just having fun.

  28. Carolyn says:

    They won’t marry because as others have said, Leo needs the “is he/isn’t he gay?” speculation to keep him interesting. Especially if his character is gay in an upcoming movie. Blake’s reputation = sex so they’re a great PR match. But then stranger things can happen…Beatty married..so who knows?

  29. mln76 says:

    She is the perfect Hollywood wife great body and ambitious if not actually talented zero competition for Leo. So yes I can see it happening.

  30. The Original Ashley says:

    oct – I was just about to ask that. Last year I recall he was taking Judaism classes and was all set to propose to Bar and then they up and split.

    I question whether Blake has the power to nab him so quickly when Bar and Gisele failed and they dated him for much longer (and didn’t need to use him because Weinstein and Affleck stopped taking her calls). Plus Leo’s mother loved Gisele, liked Bar, and hates Lively.

    I agree though that it is a pattern for men to marry the girl they just met after the long term relationships.

    Plus it would be the funniest thing if Leo ended up marrying her. They’ll be going to the Hollywood elite parties and everyone will be whispering how Hollywood’s biggest bachelor nabbed the casting couch chick. Ahaha. Oh the irony. I’m sure Leo is clueless right? Can’t imagine he’d willingly marry “I blow for parts” Lively.

  31. Ari says:

    If he goes the Clooney route – they will be broken up by the time this marriage things settles in a few days. Clooney hates the second anything like this crops up, right?

  32. Cammie says:

    I think she is so overrated..her face is average, oldish, borderline Horsey and her long legs are the only thing nice about her but several girls have long legs…the rest is plastic. She isn’t the most attractive blonde actress and she doesn’t have much talent. Unlike Bar and Gisele she had to chase behind Leo for mths. Sorry but right after him and Bar ended he rebound with her. I only see her as a rebound and a good for PR fling.

    They only way he will marry her… if she puts something in his drink like a love portion.

  33. Tundi says:

    I love how Bar Refaeli fanatics say he is rebounding from her.
    As if!
    He cheated on her constantly and dumped her when he tired.
    I also don’t believe Leo’s mom hates Blake.
    The fact that they drive so many peeps crazy makes me root for them.
    Go Bleo!!!!!

  34. Lee says:

    I want whatever you all are smoking….this will never happen…..

  35. Denise says:

    Hmmm….there are worse scenarios out there; I’m not hating this match-up. Lively is starting to grow on me, somehow she is not as annoying as some of the other regular posts. Probably because she is not constantly giving interviews and advice, I like that.

  36. Me says:

    Still don’t like them together.

  37. jferber says:

    Of course she’s his beard. I believe he has a long-time thing going with Toby McGuire (sp?). Even one of their mothers claimed to witness them in bed together. I have no objections to him, but I do think he’s living a lie. I know why stars stay in the closet, but it would be great if some more big names come out to help take away the stigma.

  38. Mandi says:

    Why would he marry her? He’s got a life most people can only dream of having. He’s talented, successful, rich, has a close group of friends and seems to really enjoy what he’s got. If he is ever going to get married, it will not be to her. Who is she anyway? I don’t get it. Sorry to sound catty, but I have never thought much of her.

  39. Bermuda Blues says:

    I’m rooting for them. They would be a great celebrity couple! Good for gossip!

  40. shawnalorraine says:

    Why are there never any pictures of them?

  41. Mario says:

    Leo has become arrogant and smug. Blake is a terrible actress (she deserves a Razzy for her horrible performance in Green Lantern) and she isn’t very pretty (she’s too skinny and bland). Looks like Leo can’t find a real woman to date.

  42. Truthful says:

    I like the idea, I am just sooo tickled about the women that loathe them together or happen to think that he is “too good for her”–like he is a god.

    for her sake, I hope she can get him to shape up his body-yuck…he could use a lil muscle tone.

  43. lc rime says:

    I am not sure how fast they will get engaged but…. I would put a dollar down betting that this info is based on something. I think the girl has him hooked, good for you Blake! I dont care if she sucks as an actress….get it girl.

  44. lc rime says:

    Plus you dont know what you will do for love until you reach that point. Never say Never cause ya Never know..

  45. Kay says:

    Regarding Blake having implants I don’t think they’re fake. She wore a push up bra in The Town. In The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant’s movies she was 16 when she did the first one and her chest was more than average, I thought, for 16. She is 24 now and her chest would naturally be somewhat bigger than then. In photos they’re bigger than other times so she must where push up bras and the like. There was never a need for her to have implants. Also, maybe they love and respect each other. That is why they would marry. I think it’s real for them only maybe not for you. I hope/wish the best for them.

  46. Difna M says:

    I wish nothing but the best for these two,although Blake is kinda too young to get married n have babies right now.

  47. Ellie says:

    She looks like Kate Winslet, who I think will always be Leo’s real love. It seems they have had some kind of bond that goes beyond friendship ever since Titanic.

  48. Cammie says:

    Her breast look like 2 hard balls in her chest, they aren’t real.

  49. Cammie says:


    I love how Fake Plastic Blake Fanatics..think this is real love, even though he jumped in to this PR stunt right after his Breakup from Bar, I don’t have to be a Bar fan to see something is fishy about this whole “Relationship”…If Bar was an actress this whole thing with get a love triangle cover about how Blake stole Leo from Bar, but if the ex-GF is not famous, they don’t get the pity treatment..look at the case of Jennifer Aniston and Justin…let Justin’s GF have been a very famous actress…

    They don’t drive me crazy, I laugh at them, cause she looks miserable and he looks uninterested in the last pics of them…LOL!

    Once Oscar Season is over…then he will be back with another foreign Model…

  50. Tundi says:

    Unlke how happy and non miserable he looked in his 6 year relationshp/trap wth Bar!
    This is not the first time we have heard from fans of the beady eyed catalogue model that Leo and Blake wll break up.
    They were going to break up after Cannes, after the nude pics now its after Oscar yada yada.
    Its your dream no.
    And if its PR how did she -ahem – steal him and why is need there need for pity treatment?

  51. Tundi says:

    Oh and this is the first time I’ve posted on this fun site and sadly dunno much bout TV culture so unsure how peeps who always post in Blake Lively news call others fanatics.

    Dont beleive this marriage rumor, but enjoying it immensely as some peeps heads would explode. Fun times

  52. Bec says:

    I think he will eventually go the Matt Damon route because he’s smart: he’ll marry someone (not Blake Lively) who is foreign and NOT famous, not even a model. Just someone that he’s hot for but in spite of their looks stayed out of modeling or acting and is just a normal person. Then the media won’t be quite as obsessed with them as they would be if it were 2 stars. But more importantly a woman who doesn’t have a big career so she can take care of him and their kids.

  53. Cammie says:


    Like I said this won’t last and already he has started treating Fake Blake like a Stepsister in Public..I guess the PDA photo OP in Europe was a one time thing.

    Who is looking for Fake Blake News…it post right here on this site…

    don’t have to look hard, LOL!

    Also I doubt he would spend almost 6 long yrs including everywhere last summer with a Woman he was SOOO miserable with..him and Fake Blake, haven’t even been together 6mth and barely are together with him shooting in Australia, but her people are feeding stuff to the Media..for PR.

    Hopefully he will take the Matt Damon route.. and get away from the PR hungry, plastic actress.

    Plastic Queen fanatics..get very upset when people mention the obvious PR elements to the “fling”.

  54. Sam says:

    So when they are affectionate in public its a photo OP?
    And when they are on the down low its cos he hates her? Right
    Thats logic for you! LOL
    Her people dont have to feed stuff to the media unlke chipmunk face Blake is an American actress that ppl actually know so they always write about her it did not start with Leo
    Chipmunk face fanatics, are stll pissed their princess lost her ticket to an American visa and never matched Gisele famewise. Poor things.
    He dumped Bar several times during their loving 6 year relatonship and its known in LA he cheated on her all the time. What a true love story.
    Blake and Leo havent been 2gether in 6 months August – September? Math is taking a beating today
    And its true as, you are in EVERY Blake post to cuss her and praise Bar. Shall we say Hi Tzipi!