Linnocent got a cracked-out “modeling gig” & she’s headed to Milan


These are some newly-released photos of Linnocent. She was photographed by Terry Richardson in NYC, and he put a bunch on his blog – you can see a lot more here. I just tried to jack some of the ones where you can really see the crazy in her crack lips. I particularly like the one where it looks like Linnocent is ascending from some inky black sub-basement crack den:


Anyway, as you’ve probably heard by now, Linnocent got a job! It’s legit too, like she’s going to be paid to “model” actual clothes, rather than her normal way of making ends meet, which seems to involve the words “blow” and “hotel owner”. Anyway, Linnocent was hired to be the crack-face of Philipp Plein’s Spring 2012 ad campaign. She probably lined this gig up during Fashion Week, in between throwing drinks, making out with her mom, and sucker-punching bystanders.

Lindsay Lohan finally found a job! The troubled starlet has just signed on to be the face of designer Philipp Plein’s Spring 2012 collection and will jet over to Milan for the runway show this weekend, according to style blog Fashionista – and has the details.

Lindsay will be following in the footsteps of another of none other than ex-OC star Mischa Barton, who was named the face of the brand in 2010.

Never heard of Philipp Plein? Founded in Munich back in 1998 as a furniture company, the fashion line was introduced in 2004 and the brand has continued to expand around Europe ever since.

“Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality,” Plein explained in a press release, assuring that Lohan would be present at Milan Fashion Week on Saturday as the Spring 2012 collection is unveiled.

[From Radar]

Ooh, she’s going to Milan! Wait, is she able to leave the country? Quick, what are the rules for her probation? I think she has to get the court’s permission to leave LA, which she probably got already to come to NYC. I don’t even know – I doubt the California court system even cares at this point.

Also: “Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality…” That was one hell of a beej.

UPDATE: Some new photos of Linnocent in NYC yesterday, looking like a call girl.



More Terry Richardson photos:





Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News and Terry Richardson’s Blog.

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  1. brin says:

    “Move that catwalk (crackwalk)…I’m Lindsay Lohan!”

  2. teehee says:

    So her pay also consists of getting the shoes she modelled with or whatever else– or does she bring her own duds.
    Or did she steal those too 😉
    And my god- think ladies– those shoes are NOT attratcve- just because its put out and sold, doesnt mean you should buy it! (referring to those curve heels) … ick. Trend does not equal classic by any stretch = you will be mortified in 20 years lol

  3. inessa says:

    Please Kaiser, don’t insult the call-girls. It’s not their fault that Linnocent brings a bad rep to their profession.

  4. Lauren says:

    She’s wearing the same heels in the modeling pictures as in the first pictures. THIEFFFFFF

  5. Addie says:

    She has the ability to make expesive clothes(which I assume they are) look so cheap and dirty.

    “Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model”:

    Really?? Whatever the opposite of all those words are in this statement is what the truth actually is.

  6. LuvHotGuyFri says:

    First thing I noticed too was the boots-she took them!!!

  7. gee says:

    It was 73 degrees here in NYC yesterday, why is she dressed for the snowstorm?

  8. dorothy says:

    Highly acclaimed actress?

  9. Kelly says:

    Philipp Plein? Whoever he is, if he wants to find an “international face” to represent the brand, he should hang out by the ladies’ room at the Mark Hotel or something. The Gansevoort. Your average gold-digger would end up being cheaper and more reliable in the end.

    Also, the Philipp Plein people obviously don’t remember what happened at Ungaro.

  10. Sara says:

    This is really sad. The only photo of her that doesn’t look horrid is the first one with half her face covered. The rest she looks super strung out AND about 40 years old! Lindsay you need to get well

  11. Bonfire Beach says:

    1. Terry Richardson is skeevy. Makes perfect sense for her to work with him.

    2. Never heard of Phillipp Plein and I certainly won’t buy any of his eurotrash with HER representing the brand.

    3. She is “refined.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  12. Franny says:

    ew. linnocent crotch.

  13. Ally says:

    Well, it’s a known fact that Pervy Uncle Terry expects to be serviced by the models during photo shoots. I despise any magazine that works with him.

    Or actors who pose for photos with him (Theroux/Aniston).

  14. missie says:

    I can not STAND the way she seems obsessed with putting her fingers into her mouth for photos. Does she think that it’s sexy? Icky Icky.

  15. krissy says:

    Can’t wait to see how she screws this up, 10 bucks says she gets to Milan and then gets fired for never showing up to her photo shoots.

  16. grabbyhands says:

    Again with the fingers in the mouth. When will someone clue her in that it in no way looks sexy-just stupid.

  17. Praise St. Angie! says:

    see, the problem with her “modeling” these days is that she no longer has her natural beauty.

    I know I said this on another LL thread, but whatever…

    it used to be that, no matter how cracked out she looked in pap pictures, she STILL photographed well with the right hair/makeup/lighting etc.

    Now, not so much.

    Her craggy skin, the dead eyes, the quickly-changing-shape nose, and the ridiculous lips have really ruined her looks.

    she’s not beautiful, she hasn’t been a “highly-acclaimed” actress in a long time (was she EVER?).

    I’ve also never heard of this designer, and with Lohan rep-ing his brand, I think he’ll only LOSE any potential customers, not gain any. Good luck expanding to the US, Mr. Plein. If you use LL to rep you here, your clothes will eventually wind up at Ross Dress for Less or some other discount store.

    (note: I am NOT knocking discount stores, just pointing out that designer clothes that don’t sell at higher-end stores end up there.)

  18. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Hello ladies *waves* am back after a Lohan free few days!

    I just don’t understand how she keeps getting gigs (ok, yes the BJ) ok, but seriously what sort of clothes will be inspired by a crackie??

    Her face is plastic and falling to pieces so lets just hope they have an A-class photoshopper on hand (& plastic surgeoun & dentist)

    Just wondering if these ‘designers’ etc are confusing Linnocent’s ‘cracked out train wreck’ with ‘Edgy’…

    Hmmm…oh well let see how this one turns out 😉

  19. atlantapug says:


    ’nuff said

  20. WTF says:

    Ugly shoes….should’ve left them behind for Jen’s next photoshoot with uncle pervy. Maybe they can all hang out.

  21. Quest says:

    Not another gig…come on people Milan don’t need this garbage.

  22. ladybert62 says:

    If she walks like a slut, talks like a slut and models like a slut – you have got a slut.

    She so easily makes herself look cheap and trashy – doesnt even have to open her mouth and speak – just stand, sit, pose with your legs and lips open – must make her parents proud! (Sarcasm intended).

  23. Isa says:

    Blah the pictures TR took of her are so herion chic. She looks like someone he approached on the street by saying: “wow are you a model? Do you want to be? I want to take your picture, just look really sexy and I’ll make you famous!!”

  24. Dominique says:

    A lot the pictures on that blog of celebrities and models are always on-the-cuff and random snap shots. They’re not set-up in a way of an editorial photo shoot. In other words, the clothes Lindsay is wearing are hers.

  25. Kat says:

    I would LOL so hard if Chanel got a restraining order against Linnocent ever using/wearing any of their products in public. You think that Chanel belt makes you look classy? Think again, Crackie.

  26. Mindy says:

    Why is it that her mouth is open in all of the photos in that odd way? Does the lip filler they’re using to plump up her lips make it impossible for the twat to close her mouth?

  27. connie says:

    When i peruse my facebook pictures after a night out sometimes I’ll stop & think to myself “goodness! i look f’ed up, is that how i looked that night??” (usually the eyes are a dead give away and my friends indication of how much/long Ive been drinking) Anyway, thats what I think of when I see these pics. Numerous people have pointed it out in previous posts the ‘dead eyes’ but it’s just such a dead giveaway she’s clearly on something. I just wonder if she thinks she looks good? I assume she must, but whenever I see pics like that of myself it furthers my resolve to not be photographed at a certain point in the night!

  28. Cerulean says:

    She is a self hating cracked out ho subsisting on a diet of red bull and sperm.

  29. The Other Katherine says:

    I actually really like those shoes, although I would fall over and break my ankle if I tried to wear them. Shame they’re being associated with Blohan. However, gotta admire the girl’s ability to balance on them.

  30. newtsgal says:

    OK….”REFINED” Bwhaahahahahahaha!
    What a crock of shit!!!!
    What about all that community service she has left?

  31. cmc says:

    I have *no* love for Lohan, but I actually think she looks beautiful in these shots. Just have to keep shooting her in black and white with ultra-bright flash and a heavy handed Photoshop tool and- voila! Gorgeous.

    However, I am really disappointed that she got a job (yeah, I care, what.) I was hoping no one would hire her again and she’d just slink away into the night.

  32. SEF says:

    Why do I assume that every article of clothing I see her in is stolen?

  33. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I have to say she actually looks good in these photos, even the ones at the bottom, Let’s be honest this is the best I have seen her look in a long time. She still looks rather aged but hey you can’t win them all.

  34. Rio says:


    I’d say the fact that she has fewer poses than Zoolander shows how poor a choice she is as a model, but she’s probably just advertising where “investors” can stick it.

  35. imabrat says:

    Perhaps at least she’s realized that she is not an actress. Cashing in on her scuminess is the only way to put coke in the fridge. Or wherever it goes.

  36. RocketMerry says:

    He lips, her nose. And she suddenly lost a size or two in these pics. Ew.

  37. OhMyMy says:

    Every company she’s worked with before has wound up regretting it. Plum magazine, Ungaro, etc. They get the “shock and awe” pr bump when they first associate their name with hers then they get another one when they cry and whine about how bad she treated them.

    She’s still got the CS hanging over her head. The Oct. court date should be interesting.

    Pass the cracksotti and a latte with a double shot of delusion please.

  38. lucy2 says:

    “Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model.”
    But…she is none of those things! She was once a pretty girl, but now she looks like an old rag that needs to be thrown out.
    Why do people keep hiring her? She’ll only cause problems and steal from them.
    How is she going overseas while on probation?

  39. loveyourwork says:

    she is. killing. it.

    love her! she just doesn’t – and doesn’t even have to – give a f*ck. she’s Lindsay Lohan. people just give her what she wants.

    people try to say she’s no one anymore, or shouldn’t be considered, but she’s a star. a cracked out, f*cked up starlet -Hollywood needs their badass darlings.

    heists like jewel thief. amazing.

  40. Madisyn says:

    I have to wonder if this ‘fashion show’ is kicking off Saturday, 2 days from now, wouldn’t she already be in Milan? Since this was barely announced at the beginning of the week, it obviously was a hare-brained scheme from this ‘designer’. Wouldn’t there be fittings and practice, like knowing ‘where’ to stand, ‘when’ to come out to the runway, ‘what’ clothes she’d be wearing? She’s not even there yet. I don’t know, something isn’t quite right but then again when it comes to Blohan, it never is.

  41. 4Real says:

    “A highly acclaimed actress”?? Anybody see MACHETE?? She basically played herself. I see the morphing into “crazy Brittany” is finally complete she looks like she hasn’t bathed in weeks and reeks of stale cigarette smoke and SIN!

  42. ShanKat says:

    The lip injections make your lips a little numb, and coke numbs things up more. That, combined with a runny/stuffy nose, is probably the explanation for the terrible mouth-breath-y expression.

    She’s pretty ideal for European ads, I must say. We like it trashy and scandalous!

  43. jacq says:

    Did she steal the boots from the shoot?

  44. jover says:

    Good points madisyn, in addition to one helluva a bj, a boatload of drugs/cash must have been exchanged. I don’t understand the fashion world, when this crackho isn’t even laughed out, fashion like much of today’s music has become just bottom feeding. Are there standards anymore?

  45. Boo says:

    Madisyn, I read that she is attending the runway show, not modeling in it. She will be modeling print ads…but as someone pointed out on the last thread, wouldn’t print ads for this collection already be out, and not merely in the “conception” phase?

    And speaking of conception, has anyone else considered that Lindsay could or would get knocked up by the hotel guy and then ride his money in child support for the next 18 years? If she doesn’t die first? We know she’ll go down on her knees for cash, but would she go that far? Birthing out a crack baby to support her own crack habit?

  46. Firecracker says:

    So, Mischa Barton was the face of the brand in 2010? Lol. Lyho was all this designer can afford.

    Forgot to add – I hope probation allows her to go so we can see what crazy crackie does next! That’d be funny if they threw her in jail over there for telling someone to Move that Pizza!

  47. Happy21 says:

    Black & White photos are always more attractive than coloured which why, I’m sure they are in B&W. Colour – ick!

    She still looks washed up and terrible but a little less because of the B&W.

    And what is with the cig? Ya I really want to buy clothes that the model is showing off by smoking!

  48. the original bellaluna says:

    “highly acclaimed actress and model” must be the new term for “high-priced ho”…who knew?

    “highly acclaimed actress?” Bitch, please.

  49. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh yes. Because when I hear “refined and luxurious” I automatically think of Blohan.

    There’s not a big enough “bitch, please” to even go there.

    Could someone pass me a crackscotti and whatever that crack latte-lookin’ thing that is?

  50. the original bellaluna says:

    Madisyn, dahling! I actually read a few days ago (I think) that she got the gig, or was going to attend the gig, in Italy. Poor, poor Milan! (I also made BLT&A’s this a.m. – would you like one?)

    But I CANNOT WAIT to read about the epic Milan cracknanigans that are about to ensue. Should be an interesting weekend! 😀

    (FYI, both Radar & Dlisted – love MichaelK! – have stories about her NOT doing her CS.)

  51. skilo says:

    I notice in the black and white photos her face looks slim and angular, and the double chin is gone. But on the street in broad daylight we see the same bloated, saggy, pasty, way older looking than her age Linnocent. I bet when she looks in the mirror she sees the Lilo in the photos and not the hag she really is now.

  52. bluhare says:

    I am *so* looking forward to her court date and the probably epic crack party here! I will have my world famous crackonut cake, and I found this awesome frosting recipe that takes old lip filler stuffed with sea jasper, so when you eat it it expands in your mouth. It sort of makes your mouth numb, though, so you need shots of delusion chasers with it.

  53. Toe says:

    We can say whatever we want about her. One thing is a fact: she photographs well!

  54. Heather M (Heather) says:

    I wonder if she’s maybe moved to heroin or oxycontin? Her pupils are small (versus large coke pupils) & she has been looking especially drowsy-wasted lately.

  55. LeeLoo says:

    And this is how a clothing brand commits suicide…

  56. Madisyn says:


    Your correct, I was wrong, I misunderstood. I went back to the ‘Milan’ article YOU posted and your right. “The troubled star has agreed to be the FACE of young German designer Philipp Plein’s new spring 2012 campaign”. Its still a CRACKED OUT publicity stunt regardless if she’s actually on the runway or in print ads.


    Angel, I just asked this morning if there’s any avocado left in the frig and lo and behold there’s a half. And I’m going to grab it before anyone else, but a BLT & A is always better when SOMEONE ELSE MAKES IT!

    I saw the Radar piece but I’ll pop on over to DListed because Michael K is my God. As a matter of fact Radar got their facts COMPLETELY WRONG. Her court date is the 19th, not the 17th. Sautner ordered 360 hours at the Womens Center, not 380 and 120 at the morge, not 100. They at least got the total of 480 correct. As for having completed zero hours at the morgue, well the judge was ‘sea jasper’ clear, the 360 at the WC had to be done first. As for falling behind on ‘her other committments’ that can only mean one thing, her therapy. I wonder if the judge makes her go once a week? She’s been in NYC for going on TWO weeks and if she’s looking up johns in Italy, how many ‘therapy’ sessions will she have missed?

    I’m telling you, Oct. 19th can’t get here soon enough. The Sever Layer Lohan dip is going to be making an appearance! True dat.

  57. SLP says:

    Nice ‘firecrotch’ shot…

  58. the original bellaluna says:

    Madisyn, dahling, I got you! *passes BLT&A* Yeah, what is it with the not knowing the hours/division at these other outlets? Too much “sea jasper” use on their part? Oct 19th should be TONS OF FUN!!!

    I think ALL of Blohan’s CS hours should have been at the morgue – like begets like, you know? 😉

  59. Firecracker says:

    Hi Bellaluna and Madisyn, and all other cracker jacks! Thanks for the tip re: Rader. Are there any BLT&A’s left, I’m starving!

    So Lyho has completed 13% total, or 17% of the CS if you don’t include the morgue (if I have calculated right). Does anyone know when the year deadline is?

  60. Hugh Mungus says:

    We can only hope that she ‘loses’ her passport again, never to return to the states.

  61. Madisyn says:

    Why are we always ‘pretending’ to be on the phone when she calls the paps and acts if she has somewhere important to be instead of actually doing the HO stroll, aimlessly around the city? I can’t for the life of me figure it out.


    If she had ALL the hours at the morgue, she’d be just about where she is now, at about 33 hours. Radar reported 60, I’m calling bullshit. We’ll see come Oct. 19th.

  62. OhMyMy says:

    @Hugh Mungus: From your ears to God’s mouth. (that is how Dina said it right?)

    Sigh…we can only hope she finds a new john while there and decides to extend her stay cause she deserves a long vacation after all the work she’s been doing and after all it will give her an excuse to miss her next court appt. (Cause it worked sooooo well last time).

    It’s a simple matter of Crackie logic.

  63. Roma says:

    @Heather M (Heather): I said before that I think she’s moved on from coke as well. Dina seems to be using but Lindsay looks like she’s on something harder (plus coke maybe, but something else is the driver).

    Plus I think she is losing her teeth.

  64. Bess says:

    If Radar is in the right ballpark and Blohan has completed 60 hours of the 360 hours of community service at the Women’s shelter, that’s more than what I thought she’d complete. She must be going to the shelter for a few hours w/o alerting the paparazzi.

    I stil don’t think she’ll have finished all of the hours by the April/May due date.

  65. Madisyn says:

    Hi Firecracker, bellaluna ALWAYS makes more than enough. *passing* sandwich. Would you like a cracktini with that?

    I looked up your quirey about her CS timeline. This ‘no contest’ plea was given on May 11, 2011, meaning she has 1 year from the above date to complete her CS. More FUN facts (copied and pasted from news articles that day): Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner also extended Lohan’s probation sentence for three years and ordered her to attend shoplifting counseling. On the other hand, Lohan was also sentenced to 480 days of community service – 120 hours at the county morgue and 360 hours at the Downtown Women’s Shelter on skid row. I skipped over the ‘jail’ part because we all know how she spent her ‘time’ in jail. 2 whole weeks worth of rooftop parties, pap ‘photoshoots’, giving ‘interviews’ to Italian VF and filming ‘commercials’ for no-name internet sites.

  66. logan says:

    hang on to your seats folks. I just looked up the word “refined”. it means without impurities or errors. Also having good manners, taste, etc.
    yep, that just about says it all.

  67. e.non says:

    anyone recall that weird couple she was photographed with last year… wanna bet on lotsa euro trash hook-ups.. girl’s gotta earn her keep.

  68. serena says:

    Close that damn cracked mouth!

  69. Firecracker says:

    Madisyn, yes a cracktini too, please, that will go perfect with the sammich.

    Thanks for the info! So 1/3 of the year has gone by. Maybe the judge will give her a scolding and possibly even a dirty look.

  70. the original bellaluna says:

    Firecracker – I’m used to cooking (no pun intended 😉 ) for two teenagers and a big ole’ hubby, so I ALWAYS make more than enough! Enjoy, baby!

    Yeah…BTW, since Blohan isn’t worried because she has “a year” to complete said CS, she does realise that it’s September, so there’s only 6-7 months before it’s time to “pay or play” right?

    Madisyn, didn’t I do the crackmetic on another thread re: her community service and the inevitable outcome? I would search, but I’ve had a few too many cracktinis and just cannot handle it at this point in time. :S (But I believe she’d complete her CS around summer of 2013, if memory – HA! – serves.)

  71. Madisyn says:


    “Maybe the judge will give her a scolding and possibly even a dirty look.

    THAT is the extent of her punishment come her next court date. Like Innocent LOVES to remind us all, she has until May 2012 to complete her CS. The only HOPE we may have is if she’s been shining on her ‘therapy’ for NY and Milan and the judge ORDERED something weekly or every 2 weeks that we don’t know about. I remember when the judge sentenced her, she mentioned court ordered therapy but wasn’t specific, at least in front of the cameras, so we’ll see.

  72. Madisyn says:

    Can ANYONE please, please tell me what the POINT of these idiotic Richardson photos are? They went on his blog? For what? Did she get paid for these? Are they going to be published somewhere else? What magazine would put these photos inside their pages? Again, I ask, for what reason?

    I’m dumbfounded!

  73. Firecracker says:

    Thanks, Bellaluna! Are you feeling better, I think you were slightly punky there for awhile.

    Oh yes, I can picture her saying today “well, I have a year to do it” not realizing that, duh! 4 mos have been used up.

    Madisyn, aha! So it’s the therapy angle that might get her in hot water. I didn’t even think about that.

  74. Sallyone says:

    Guess she stole the boots from the photo shoot….but she is a beautiful girl…

  75. Meadowlark says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Terry Richardson is a shit photographer? High school kids who know how to use high contrasting in photoshop take just-as-good slutty pics as that pervy hack.

  76. Shy says:

    Remember how Chris Brown was denied Visa to UK because he is convicted criminal? Or something like that. And Paris Hilton was thrown out of Japan for same reason… And I think that in USA they often deny Visa even to British people when they have troubles with their own law. I hope that authority in Italy will deny Lohan Visa. That would be hilarious.

    I really think that they will not let Lohan land in UK if she would go there. After all – she is convicted criminal who served her time in jail.

  77. Madisyn says:


    I just laid out the facts, you did the crackmetic. Problem is I believe this judge has had just about enough of ‘Ms. Lohan’ and will not give her till 2013 to complete. (Quoting W.O. “from our ears to God’s lips”, twit) I’ve said it before, for TWICE, my sweet, sweet Judge Revel, my hero and now Sautner, I believed her when she said, “I’m not giving her one more minute of time for her CS”.


    I’m only surmising due to the Radar story about not “keeping up her other committments”. I’m only HOPING!

  78. blinditemreader says:

    Looks like she kept the boots from the photo shoot. Ha.

  79. Peaches says:

    Her little botoxed face can’t move, so all the pics look alike.

  80. the original bellaluna says:

    Firecracker – Yes, I’m on the mend, thanks. Some sort of flu/cold going on ’round here, but I’m on the mend! (Though I still have the cold/flu thing, I’m now able to string together semi-coherent thoughts.) 😉

    Mad, I only hope to high heavens that the judge will follow through with her promise that “no excuses” will be tolerated! And April/May 2012 is only 6 – 7 months away! (NOT a “year” as some folks like to point out.)

  81. Original Tiffany says:

    This is the best couple EVER! Terry Richardson and the Cracken. GOd only knows what went on during this shoot. Seriously, some kinda crazy went down and we all know it. The pedo-perv photog and the call girl cracken. BJs, HJs, crack, alcohol and God knows what else.
    It skeeves me out that these thoughts are even in my brain now. Her nose is caving in. I could float to Hawaii on those lips.
    I’ll be back in LA by the 16th, just in time for the all out media shitstorm! I’ll stay out of the general Cracken areas though, could be dangerous.
    Cracktini please, hard day shopping…

  82. Madisyn says:


    That would be hilarious if she’s denied entry into the UK or Italy. What a giddy thought. You pointed out landing in the UK and Chris Brown. Brown was convicted of a violent FELONY. Japan has very, very strict DRUG laws, thats why Paris was booted out. I don’t know if Blohans 2 DUI’s are going to count, as we all know, that little passport incident happened in May of 2010 and the convictions were already on record. Of course she was in France and I have no idea if it was a direct flight or which path and/or countries she landed in. Come to think of it, the little twit has been in London more than once since these CONVICTIONS, but who knows, maybe Italy has entry restrictions that would apply to her. We can always hope.


    I think most people who say she has a year are, like myself, ‘quoting’ Blohans reps as saying thats what SHE KEEPS SAYING. Thats Blohan math for ya.

    I’m glad your feeling better, its soo hard to get over colds/flus with little ones around because when one gets better the other contacts the first ones cold and the cycle repeats itself.

    Original Tiffany

    *passing cracktini. . .or two? That mental you just described has my stomach queasy (sp?), thanks alot. (joking)

  83. Original Tiffany says:

    I know Madisyn, but that’s the first damn thought that popped into my head when I saw these two together.
    Two Cracktinis and a brain bleaching, please:)
    Waves to all my crack tailgaters!

    Seriously though, this is a perv who has 14 yo girls get naked with him and “do” things with him or else, and on the other hand, Blohan, who will do literally ANYTHING for drugs, money, pub, and fame. Eeewwwwwww. The one time I don’t want to be a fly on the wall???

  84. Ex-Whore says:

    I was a whore once but I never sold myself out that cheap.

    For the record, when she dies, (and I really hope she doesn’t),I feel sorry for her because her mother whored her out but that’s it. I had a lot going against me too but I didn’t turn out a delusional asshole.

    Get your shit together man… seriously, I don’t even know what to say at this point, it’s shameful.

    *tsk tsk*

  85. Hollowdoll says:

    I don’t get that style of shoe. It reminds me of the old time cartoon shoe.

  86. skeptical says:

    if those are truly lilo’s own clothes in the b/w photos.. then she totally stole Samantha Ronson’s jacket.
    Last time I saw a black jacket with the big flappy lapel things like that.. it was on Samantha.

  87. Kaligula says:

    Poor girl. She really needs to just take a break, find herself, learn to love herself. Otherwise trying to get back in the game could very well kill her.