“Kirstie Alley didn’t want to have ‘fat sex’ when she was a size 8″ links


Kristie Alley didn‘t want to have “fat sex”… you know, back when she was a “size 8” or “100 pounds ago.” [The Blemish]
This lady is trying to one-up Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. [Gawker]
Why does everybody mock Olive Garden?!? [OMG Blog]
Denise Richards turned down $100K for a Two & Half Men cameo. [Celebslam]
Whitney Cummings‘s voice is so annoying. [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
There are new rules about Oscar campaigning. I blame Melissa Leo. [Videogum]
I‘ve always thought “Lisa Vanderpump” sounds like a pr0n name. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Minka Kelly in a grey sheath dress – pretty. [Moe Jackson]
Maria Menounos is going to freeze her eggs. [LimeLife]
Arnold Schwarzenegger is writing a memoir. [Celebs]
I really, really want the grey kitty. [CityRag]
Sandra Bullock, out and about, looking happy. [Hollywood Rag]
Chris Martin is always happier when Gwyneth‘s not around. [INFDaily]
Mick Jagger is still pretty badass. [Bitten and Bound]
Q & A with Jonah Hill. [Starpulse]


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57 Responses to ““Kirstie Alley didn’t want to have ‘fat sex’ when she was a size 8″ links”

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  1. Shannon says:

    Wow, that’s healthy. She hated her body so much that she denied herself pleasure? And now she still isn’t “certain she feels sexy.” I can’t wait for this positive role model to spearhead a weight loss brand.

  2. ladybert62 says:

    Does this woman ever talk about anything else except for herself, her weight, her sex, herself, her weight, her sex, herself, her weight, her sex –

    you get the picture I am sure!

  3. Jackson says:

    If I could eat Olive Garden fried calamari every day I would. Mmmm. Don’t like the breadsticks, however. Don’t mock the OG!

  4. danielle says:

    What is fat sex! Ummm, two people who are not skinny do the same things with their parts as anyone else!!! It doesn’t work differently depending on your size! She gets to Goop stupid comment of the day prize! Also, I love Olive Garden too, but agree, it’s not Italy.

  5. danielle says:

    Still not over that. God, Kirstie Alley is a moron.

  6. Wolfgang Gunnerson says:

    She’ll ALWAYS be a fat old BattleAxe.
    She was gay Z-list actor Parker Stevenson’s BEARD wife and they adopted 2 kids.
    Ugly freak of a madwoman!
    Who is delusional enough to think she’s 5ft3 99lbs Megan Fox size!!!

  7. Wolfgang Gunnerson says:

    btw, she posts as Whipped Honey on imdB Clooney Board.. Also Secretary.
    Industry secret!

  8. Nanea says:

    Back when, Kirstie?

    Doesn’t the delusional self-deception ever stop? If she goes on like that lying to herself and to the general public, she’ll be a size 0 in no time flat.

  9. 4Real says:

    Oh she really just needs to quit…

    You can lose all the weight you want honey but you’ll still be delusional and ugly on the inside.

  10. It is ME!! says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake, just shut up already, Kirstie!

  11. Jane says:

    The times I have seen her being interviewed on TV have left me with the impression that she is extremely judgmental and a hypocrite. From the statements she has made recently, she is also delusional.

  12. ThirdChris says:

    She is rocking 60 better than any I know…but I really wish she would keep her mouth shut. Does she really not realize how stupid she sounds? (because she thinks we’re stupid?)

  13. thebutlerdidit says:

    100 lbs ago? Size 8? Ahhh, I wish I lived in this delusional world where my chunky ass was a size 8. That said, she has some awesomely insane Twitter posts that are highly entertaining.

  14. lucy2 says:

    Interesting. She and other Scientos claim it’s the answer to everything and makes your life wonderful…yet she clearly has been very unhappy and unhealthy for a very long time. Now that she’s lost weight and looks good, she needs to address the underlying issues too. Oh wait, COS doesn’t like that.

  15. rkintn says:

    I kinda used to like Kirstie. I mean she really looks pretty good for 60. But she really needs to STFU. Her latest sex comments reek of desperation. “Hey look at me guys I’m not fat anymore, so bring on the sex!” *crickets* Maybe she’ll finally figure out it isn’t her size, but her crazy that is keeping the men away.

  16. mew says:

    She’s becoming an increasinly bad “role model” for people about not accepting who they are and her talk about having “fat sex at size 8 is disgusting” is seriously bad influence.

    She really should just shut up already. Desperate attention seeking of insecure person, she wants to hear so much “but you look great” and so on. Really, grow up already.

  17. Happy21 says:

    I used to like her. Not anymore. She needs to STFU. If she is a size 4 or even a sizd 6 I’m Kate Middleton!

    Size 8 is not fat. What a bitch.

    You know I think I have it cased. I think all these celebs (Kim K. Jen Hud., Kirstie) are dillusional when it comes to their overall size because they go for the size that the smallest part of their body is. That’s right. Kim K. is not a bloody size 4 all around but her smallest feature (her waist) might be. Jennifer Hudson is odd looking now and is for sure a lot smaller than I have ever imagined she would be but I don’t think she’s a 4 either. Not with her boobs…Kirstie Alley is more likely a dress size 10 or 12. Her smallest part is probably a 6. I wear a size 6 to 8 jeans but if I were in a dress I would be a 10 or a 12 because I have a chest. I think this is why they are all so fucked up about their size. They go by where they are smallest. I would never say I was a size 6. That’s BS!

  18. Cheyenne says:

    If she’s a size 8, I’m the Queen of Sheba.

  19. Hellen says:

    She can always lose weight, but stupidity is forever. I’m done with feeling any sympathy for HER weight-loss struggles.

  20. Aly says:

    Anyone notice that she wears spanx (or similar) clothes that lift and squish her into looking smaller? Especially the leggings?

    I’d also like to know how she went from 200lbs to 100 and at 5’7″ isn’t all over the tabloids for being anorexic?

  21. Wolfgang Gunnerson says:

    Then again, I’ve heard that Clooney himself posts as WhippedHoney on the imdB message board. Industry insiders mentioned it at a recent cocktail party.

    I’ve no reason to lie. Just a leak.

  22. The OriginalMia says:

    She’s crazy and weight obsessed. Sorry she was so vain that she couldn’t get her groove on at size 8. Sucks to be her.

  23. Callli Pygian says:

    @Aly #21-

    Lap-Band procedure. Google it.

  24. Ally says:

    Just a can of biscuits under pressure, when the clothes come off…pow!!

  25. katielouisiana says:

    I don’t know why everyone makes fun of Olive Garden. I have never been unhappy with anything that I have gotten there and their service is always good. Olive Garden Rocks! I am hungry now.

  26. tooey says:

    I can’t wait til this bitch blows up AGAIN. And @Aly, cuz she was never 200, more like 250-275.

  27. JaneWonderfalls says:

    When did being a size 8 constitute as being fat. Even though I know Kristie is about a size 10 now who wishes she was a size 4. I’m so over her now,I liked her better when she was fat and horny.

  28. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @katielouisianna I hate Olive Garden to be honest the food gives me the runs every time I have eaten there. But to each is own, My family loves the Garden. I just hate it!

  29. snapnhiss says:

    I followed that link and there’s NOTHING about her saying fat sex and size 8.

    Jeez people.

  30. mzjask says:

    just because you cant Fit yourself into a size 4 does not mean you Wear a size 4. she’s looney. but i Do want her to stay thin, probably wont be for long though.

  31. BerMan says:

    She looks great! But scary looking hands.

  32. Firecracker says:

    My roots aren’t going to look like that when I’m 60! Joan Rivers also has dark roots.

    There’s obviously a club going on, it’s called the Size Denial Club. Oprah, Kim K and Kirsty are all members of this extremely exclusive club.

  33. Aly says:

    @Calli and Tooey that makes a lot more sense.

  34. wresa says:

    Yes, I gotta add she did not say “Fat sex…when I was a siz 8″ or anything like that. I think Kaiser was just joking.

    Vanity sizes aside, daaaamn she looks good for 60! I’m kinda surprised cause she never seemed like someone who took especially great care of herself.

  35. Novaraen says:

    She weighed herself on her stupid reality show once when she was at her largest and I could swear she was around 240 at the time and I remember she was shocked. Even then she didn’t know what size she was.

  36. Original Tiffany says:

    If she didn’t want “fat sex” at a size 8, she’ll never have sex again, because she’s about a size 14/16 now!

    I’m an 8 and not fat in any way, shape or form.
    This info is coming from a woman with less credibility about her size than Kim K! Much more believable as a 4 (which she isn’t) at her height than this heifer who is half a foot taller. Size 4. Hahahahaha.
    Keep those audits up, Kirstie. I think they are working. Did I mention hahaha?

  37. daisydoodle says:

    Lap band, Lap band, Lap band, there, I said it….it’s not magic, or hard work, it’s what’s being done these days….

  38. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Kirstie got to shag Parker Stevenson, I still can’t find full episodes with Craig Pomeroy on you tube. I wonder what is the true story between them. This diet and body image stuff seems to be very time consuming and self destructive.

  39. Kelly says:

    Ummmm I bet she wishes she was a size 8. She’s a 12 minimum by the looks of these pictures.

  40. jamie says:

    since when is s size 8 considered fat? she didn’t want fat sex at size 8? she is way more then an 8 now!

  41. Lucky Charm says:

    What kind of hell am I living in that I’m smaller than her and I don’t wear an 8, much less a 4?!

    Olive Garden has always been my son’s favorite restaurant…

  42. Original Tiffany says:

    Hey #40, no we can’t. She won’t LET us! Maybe if she shut her yap about her weight and her size and just said she was happy and healthy, we’d all be KA supporters. It’s the delusional lying and belittling of her size then, and now.
    SHE needs to let it rest, be thankful for her lap band and STFU! It is only the idiots like her and Kim K that regularly get shit for their blatant lies.
    She wasn’t 200 when she started, she didn’t lose 100 lbs, she doesn’t wear a 4, she didn’t start at a 10. When do her lies stop? She even contradicts herself FFS. She can drop off the world for all I care. Maybe into the Xenu volcano.

  43. A- says:

    She looks great. But she is a size 12.

  44. wunderkindt says:

    At any size, Kirsty would still be having fat sex.

  45. Auds says:

    The second picture says it all doesn’t it?
    It doesn’t matter how much weight she loses, she’ll always be crass, vulgar and overrated.

  46. Minx2 says:

    LOL.. In 6 months, she’ll WISH she could be a size 8. Just sit back and watch it.

  47. MJ says:

    She really looks great in the top photo, but the ugly shines through as soon as she opens her trap.

  48. amanda says:

    Kaiser….regarding the mocking of Olive Garden…Not to be snobby Eyetalian or anything, but Americans don’t know jack about real Italian food. Olive Garden is no exception to this. If you’ve ever eaten dinner at your Nonna’s table (your Nonna who’s originally from Naples), Olive Garden is really the mockery. Bertucci’s is decent, though, as far as corporate-owned Italian chains go.

  49. Aviatrix says:

    Ugh, can’t stand this flaky bitch. She reminds me of my neighbor.

  50. ZenB!tch says:

    @ladybert62 don’t give her ideas! We may literally get the picture soon. I, for one don’t want to see her fat naked body because she will always be fat to me just because I can’t stand her.

  51. ZenB!tch says:


    Lap band shnap band Two words for the lap band: Carnie Wilson

    All 300lbs of Carnie and her “ooh *I* am a size 6 and you’re not” bragging. For what a week? I’m fat and she is still twice the girl I am. Kirstie will have the same fate. MWAHAHAHA!

  52. smh says:

    I’m not in the US and we don’t have this Olive Garden that everybody keeps talking about…. but it sounds like delish mediterranean goodness…. yumm oh god stop making me hungry

  53. smh says:

    and then i scrolled up and took a quick glance at the Kirstie Alley photos in this post, and poof my hunger was gone! i’m not even kidding!

  54. Stan says:

    Rumor has it that Kirstie Alley posts as Cinderella on ClooneysOpenHouse blog. A small, gossip forum run by Clooney’s publicity team. It only has 300 or so members, so totally SMALL FRY..LOL
    And also, Kirstie Alley posts as PreferToRemainAnonymous on the imdB message board for George Clooney.
    Industry leak that came out recently.
    Has to do with her self-imposed exile when she weighed 300lbs and couldn’t do much.
    Ewwwwwww….. gross elderly woman that she is. Imagine all that loose saggy residual flesh hanging off her. Naked??? YIIIIKESSSSS!!!

  55. GirlyGIrl says:

    THat’s good, she can move directly to old wrinkly sex now…