Michael Fassbender is single: Zoe Kravitz takes her game back to Penn Badgley


Any excuse to post Michael Fassbender photos? Yep. Pretty much. LaineyGossip is reporting – from sources and eyewitness accounts – that Zoe Kravitz is loved up in Toronto with Penn Badgley. The last time we heard about Zoe being in Toronto, it was two weeks ago and she was there as Michael Fassbender’s date, and he slipped her the glorious Fassdong yet again. Just so we can all keep up, this is what’s gone down in the past year (yes, this is all from memory):


*Fall 2010: Single Fassbender meets single Zoe Kravitz on the set of X-Men: First Class. They apparently get hot and heavy very fast.

*January 2011: Michael Fassbender’s Vogue UK profile is released (he was interviewed in Fall 2010) – wherein we get confirmation that Zoe and Michael are happening when Zoe makes an appearance during Michael’s interview.

*Winter/Spring 2011: Michael is in NYC, filming Shame. Zoe is presumably in NYC too (she lives there, after all), but they keep a pretty low profile. No drama.

*March/April 2011: Zoe goes to some of Michael’s event for Jane Eyre, but they don’t walk any carpets together.

*June/July 2011: Breakup rumors abound, X-Men promotion starts, and Zoe and Michael take pains not to be seen together during promotion. And then they get photographed by a paparazzo just before the movie opens, and they look coupley.

*Summer 2011: Fassie in London, Zoe in NYC. Fassie gets spotted at parties, flirting with girls, although there aren’t many reports of him slippin’ it to every girl he meets.

*Summer 2011: Looking like she and Michael broke up, Zoe begins stepping out with several dudes, but the one who is consistently mentioned is Penn Badgley. Penn and Zoe are spotted together, looking romantic and coupley all over NYC.


*August 2011: Michael goes to Venice solo. He wins Best Actor. He looks hot.

*Early Sept. 2011: Zoe appears at some events for New York Fashion Week. There is a sighting of Zoe and Penn together, looking romantic.

*Mid-Septemeber 2011: Zoe appears, days later, in Toronto with Fassbender. They look like they’re nailing each other. I feel like crying.

*End of September: Zoe is back with Penn, back in NYC. Michael is God knows where (Spain? England? My pants?). He’s presumably single.

So… how should I feel about this? On one side, a single Fassbender is much more erotic, because there are more possibilities. On the other side, what girl tosses any inch of a Fassbender aside for a Badgley? I do think Zoe has game, and that she’s just doing whatever and whoever she wants (she got that from her mom). I also think Michael and Zoe are friends still, and maybe they’re both hippies about sex and are just like “Eh, we’ll bone whenever we feel like it, we don’t need a relationship.” I just don’t know.

Single Fassbender? Huzzah!




Photos courtesy of WENN and Fame.

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  1. brin says:

    I know this makes your day, K.!

  2. SFRowGuy says:

    Hot ging up for grabs? Make way, MAKE WAY!

  3. Chloe (not chloe) says:


  4. mln76 says:

    Yeah I think they are still friends with benefits. NO ONE could totally give up the Fassdong.

  5. Turtle Dove says:

    Not seeing this chickas appeal at all. As a new Fassy-fan-girl, I don’t get the Penn appeal either. Sure nice cheekbones and all, but he’s like 5’9″ and a GG actor. Looks like someone might be channeling a little of someone else’s hustle.

    PS – still playing catch up with the Fass-films. My-my. So lovely. Such a good actor.

  6. Hello says:

    Kaiser, this is for you.

    A guy who saw “Shame” posted his observations on the Imdb board and he pretty much only talks about the FassDONG.
    Enjoy it:


    by declanprojects7 1 day ago (Wed Sep 28 2011 00:23:16) Ignore this User | Report Abuse


    So I saw SHAME last week at the Toronto International Film Festival –great film –and great performance from MF. I’m a straight guy by the way but at one point Fassbender goes to take a leak in the washroom and though shot from behind you can see his penis dangling through his legs. And let me tell you IT IS MASSIVE. First of all he must be a SHOWER and not a GROWER.

    For those of you who don’t know this distinction –some guys, like me, are “growers and not showers” –that is, flaccid I have a pretty small looking penis(like maybe 2-3 inches) but when erect it swells up to 6-7 inches. So if I were just walking around not erect you’d have no idea how large my penis was(you might think I was quite small). Other guys are big even when not erect, usually 5-6 inches, but then they don’t get much bigger when erect, maybe half an inch or an inch, so they could swell up to 6-7. Anyways, Fassbender is definitely a shower, but his massive dong was dangling between his legs and even though he’s quite skinny(which maybe makes it look a bit bigger) I would guess he’s definitely in the 8-10 inches range(I would not be surprised if he’s 10 inches). Now I feel kind of insecure, do women really like cocks that big? Would you prefer a massive 8-10 incher or my 6 incher okay?

    Okay, so there you have it, guy has a massive 9 inch cock.
    by declanprojects7 23 hours ago (Wed Sep 28 2011 11:25:51) Ignore this User | Report Abuse


    Wow, didn’t expect such a response to my post. Yeah and I noticed a bunch of blogs have mentioned it. You know, it’s funny last night I was feeling really depressed about a lot of stuff and I thought to myself –man it must be awesome to be Michael Fassbender right now –he’s having the greatest year EVER and I was thinking about his performance in the film and X-MEN and Jane Eyre and I remember seeing him and Steve McQueen at TIFF and just being really impressed.

    Now I’m a serious guy, I’m Michael’s age, I’m working on my PhD in art history, I can talk to you about SHAME’s use of elliptical narrative construction and intentional lack of character exposition, dedramatized performance style. stylistically its use of long takes and off-screen space, oblique staging etc.. but after the film was over, my main impulse was to want to turn to the woman beside me and say: “Wow, did you notice how GINORMOUS Michael Fassbender’s cock was!?”
    Honestly, at first I thought maybe they were using a prosthetic like they did for Mark Wahlberg at the end of BOOGIE NIGHTS, but that would be tonally out of place in SHAME. After all, Fassbender’s penis is only indirectly(and probably unintentionally) conspicuous in the film, not a major plot motif.

    Well for all you women out there, yes, I am totally straight, but you’ll be pleased to know that this film will be a feast for any and all lascivious fantasies you may have about Fassbender –there’s a lot of skin, he’s got an amazing body and you see it a lot and up close.

    Anyway, thanks a lot guys for cheering me up a bit!


    Read the comments from women there. It’s hilarious.

  7. Dorothy#1 says:

    I just watched Jane Eyre on Monday and it was so freaking good! I know have a new love for the fassdong!!!!!

  8. Bellydancer says:

    Look I have told ya’ll before Zoe can only take the Fassdong in small doses. With all this talk about how hung he is in “Shame” Zoe is probably tired of handling all that dong. The girl always looks like she is tired or something she cannot have all that dong for too long it wears her out. Michael is always grinning while being with Zoe but he is wearing her lil ass out. Zoe takes breaks from the Fassdong and that probably is wise. I am tired of typing and imagining all that dong “yawn”.

  9. marge says:

    I’m glad for you Kaiser

  10. Talie says:

    I remember reading an item that Fassbender is actually January Jones’ baby daddy and that Zoe knew and was cool with it. If that was true, it would explain the on and offness of their relationship. She may think she’s cool and then…not so much.

  11. Turtle Dove says:

    Hello – gulp. Now THAT is some juicy cocksip… I mean gossip.

    Bellydancer – I for one would NEVER be tired of all that dong…. but I’m a trollop like that. lol

  12. carrie says:

    in italian GQ,Fassbender confirmed they ONLY were friend NOW

  13. Hello says:

    Talie: the director of the X-Men film is supposedly the father. Michael prefers brunettes and mostly ethnic women.

  14. Gina says:

    Penn is a cutie. Lame picking on a young actor for not measuring up to an experienced older guy.

  15. Bellydancer says:

    I hear you Turtle I know Kaiser would love to have all that dong inside her at some point but she needs to prepare and not rush the dong until she is sure she is ready. Let Michael get all that prison style fucking out the way first until he is ready to be gentle and kind.
    Nobody is trying to have reconstructive surgery after handling all that dong. Damn a bitch can only take so much. Ladies stay away from the dong right now he is like a young horny male horse right now and nobody needs that right now!

  16. marybeth18 says:

    Ah…she’s young, bohemian, and famous. This doesn’t seem like a real love match, more like two people who like each other and spend time together when their schedules sync up.

    I kinda respect the girl for not dropping her life to follow the guy all around the globe as he works nonstop- she’s not a Stage 5 clinger a la Kate Bosworth, and she’s not calling the paparazzi or giving interviews about him at every opportunity. Lots of other young actresses would be trying to leverage his new fame into opportunities for themselves, and she doesn’t seem to be doing that.

  17. mzfilo55 says:

    She always looks like she just woke up. She’s got that sweaty sticky nappy look, not cute.

  18. Ashley says:

    I guess I’m in a super slim minority, but I actually don’t find him attractive. Not in the slightest. Like, if I saw him in a bar, based on looks alone, I wouldn’t even toss a second glance. I need to call up one of my more normal friends and have her specifically explain the reasons for his mass appeal. Anyone here care to elaborate?

    Penn Badgley isn’t all that great either, but I would like to touch his curly hair in that pic.

  19. ami lee says:

    lol @bellydancer

  20. Eve says:

    I’m laughing at the message posted on IMDb by the guy who now worries that his penis may be too small (compared to the Fassdong). Thanks, Hello.

    I’m more of a “medium” type of girl. Really big d*cks scare the hell out of me, but I understand the appeal of the Fassdong to some women — and the feeling of humiliation it may cause to some men.

    P.S.: If Shame opens where I live, I’ll be observing the reaction from men in the theater (if I can). I’m predicting it’s going to be priceless, LOL!

  21. celine says:

    u announced that before and it turned out to be made up crap. that’s how i see the situation right now.

    i don’t believe he’s single…..ur just finding another excuse because u hate zoe so much ….

    sry kaiser again NOT THIS TIME.

  22. Anguishedcorn says:

    That second picture literally made me weak in the knees.

  23. T says:

    Maybe if Penn would beat up his girlfriends like Michael didnt you wouldnt be so hard on him?

  24. Bellydancer says:

    T honey go play in traffic. The only thing the Fassdong beat up was the pussy! That bitch was crazy and has done other men like that. That Fassdick will drive a bitch nuts and he wanted to leave and she tried to jump in the car with him. Crazy bitch! We know that the Fassdick will literally make a bitch crazy that’s why lil Zoe cannot match her clothes up to well, that’s why Kaiser is in heat and the rest of us on here are literally on here 24 hours a day okay maybe 16 cuz a bitch has to sleep sometime but you know what I mean, looking for news on the Fassdong, a bitch is sleepless waiting to see him naked In “Shame” I mean I will cut a bitch for a ticket so T go sit down somewhere fore you get cut!!!

  25. Victoria says:

    Zoe was gorgeous as a child, now I agree sista is looking a little unfresh and I need her to NEVER do that. Her mother still looks like a goddess, (even though I’m disappointed that Lisa homewrecked to get Jason Samoa but Karma is a bitch in heat).

    I hate having to throw shade on my fellow Blews, but Zoe needs to get better taste in men. Both Badgley and Fassbender are generic looking douhe bags (Sorry Kaiser, I know that’s your man). Fass is gross and Penn…my gaydar is swirling everytime I see him on the screen. I mean she does seem a little funky but she still has plenty of chances to get it together so no need to beard so early in her career. And for a nobody at that. Not right.

    What about that Jude Law look alike hunk on Grey’s? Dr. Avery, I think. So hot.

    And if she wants to go the older older guy what about Maxwell? He’s still all kinds of hot.

    I adore Michael Cera. If she like indie go for him.

    But please leave the psuedo-pretty boys alone.

  26. Turtle Dove says:

    Eve – Those posts are hilarious. The original poster is too funny…

    Bellydancer – lol

  27. sassenach says:

    LOL@ Bellydancer!!

  28. T.C. says:

    That guy’s post about how big the Fassdong is cracked me up. Yeah Zoe is a little thing. Girl can’t handle that much Fassdong. LOL. I do like that she isn’t all up in his grill and not a famewhore. Maybe she is leaning back to Penn because the Fassdong is getting too famous and she wants to remain low-key? I don’t see her take ‘couple’ pictures like Jennifer Aniston for the world to see for example.

  29. Mari says:

    Haha!! lol- Bellydancer

  30. Bellydancer says:

    Another thang if Mr. Penn could not handle a joke about himself in a movie (He walked out of Horrible Bosses when Jennifer Anniston’s character talked about fingering herself while watching his show, he took Zoe with him)how the hell is he going to handle watching The Fassdong when he sees that on the big screen. He will run from the theatre at the sight of all the that dong, Zoe of course who has had the dong will probably let herself be lead from the theatre like a scientology student who needs to be audited but that is another story and I am not trying to fuck with Xenu and his thetans but I digress and back to the Fassdong before people show up and ask me how I know about Xenu ahem anyhoo that Penn boy needs to sit down and quit messing around with Zoe before Michael gets riled up and starts kicking ass like a Riverdancer kicks up his heels oh shit I better go I think the thetans have found me.

  31. Cat says:

    Bellydancer, i love you. Word on everything you said. Fassdong can’t help that his dong makes the bitches go cray-cray.

  32. Bellydancer says:

    cray cray ain’t the word for the Fassdong even the menfolks are going crazy over him. I tell them bitches to STFU though cuz Fassbender loves the puussyyyyy!! They get all mad but shit it ain’t my fault the boy likes the Snappy Nappy (lol)

  33. Allikitty says:

    @ Ashley- not in the minority! I don’t get his appeal either. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. And Zoe looks like she needs a bath, deodorant, and a toothbrush. blech!

  34. Megan says:

    God he’s sexy.

  35. UKHels says:

    doesn’t do it for me – he’s gonna age really badly

  36. Me says:

    I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like him for some reason.

  37. WaywardGirl says:

    Hot as hell. I want to be his FWB

  38. gee_gee says:

    Dumb chick…

  39. mia girl says:

    I am baffled as to why you think Kravitz is the one calling the shots. I see this as a classic older guy playing his cards with the younger girl. When she’s around, he is all into her, but won’t commit or validate her needs long term. So, when he goes, she looks for a more reasonable guy to do those things for her.

    I was in this type of relationship when I was younger. Believe me, she would drop Penn in a heartbeat if the Fassdong calls. That’s my take…

  40. FingerBinger says:

    I’m not into conspiracies, but how do we know the penis is not a prosthetic.

  41. Jen34 says:

    There are penis shots of him somewhere. I know they were linked on this site. I recall him being more respectable than huge.

  42. leni says:

    I think Zoe and Fassy have been over for months. They probably weren’t even serious to begin with.

  43. Fleur says:

    @ashley, I don’t get it either! And believe me, he’s totally my type: slightly cocky, slightly dorky, untraditionally handsome british man. Example: I loooove James McAvoy, and Cillian Murphy, most definitely Daniel Day Lewis. But Fassy? Meh.

    Is it something about the ratio of his face? Is it the fact that he looks smug when he smiles? I usually like smug! What is my problem? I don’t even find him attractive in character, when he’s not being Fassy. The Dangerous Method trailer did nothing for me (although that could be my major Viggo crush). The real test will be seeing him in Jane Eyre as the broody gothic hero. If he can’t do it for me there, it’s never gonna happen.

  44. Victoria says:

    Fluer…all your men are my men so we have a problem. Especially with Viggo. Sometimes I listen to Cinema Italia from the movie “Nine” and replace all the Guidos with Viggo because he is that dude.

  45. darkladi says:

    She’s a bloody FOOL. He can tack me to my mattress any time

  46. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Rewatched Jane Eyre and swooned a bit at how stunning he looks. The scene where he tries to convince her to stay with him … it was breath taking. I swooned the whole time.

    She’s a beautiful girl, she was in the movie, but I agree she always looks like she just rolled out of bed and hasn’t showered in a few weeks. Shame.

  47. Leesa says:

    She made a comment once that she doesn’t like rules in relationships, so I can totally see her dating both guys, and letting their egos deal with it. I don’t believe for a second that she and the Fass didn’t screw when they saw each other in Toronto, then he leaves, and she does back to Penn. I bet Fassbender doesn’t care, as long as he’s getting some, but Penn strikes me as probably really not liking the entire arrangement, but wanting to keep his hipster persona, just goes along with it.

  48. sue says:

    One of the main reasons I visit this site is because of the Fassdong love. Really don’t care who he dates but I will take any Fasssbender news. If I was Zoe, I would have no problem being friends with benefits. She got the bender, she definitely has game.

  49. Cristina says:

    @Hello – “ethnic women” really?!?! Read the definition of ethnic.

  50. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    BUT his hands are soooo small!!!!!!

    bah- I genuinely would pass on him. There are much hotter Brits around!

    Also, he has all the MAKINGS of a handsome man (good bone structure, nice eyes) he looks… STALE….

    Like he’d be stale even when exiting the shower: teeth with a yellowy tinge, crinkles round the eyes though hasn’t hit 35, pale as a jaundiced man, possibly Vitamin D deficient.

  51. latam says:

    this “fassdong” really isn’t all that hot, no matter how much these celebrity websites try and push it.

    I admit for a little bit I thought he was, but then i realised i was just being swayed by the articles here.

  52. taxi says:

    Penn looks like the pretty version of John Mayer. Hope he never has a kid with Olivia Wilde, because it would have a super freaky jaw.

    Fass has good eyes.

    Half the girls in any high school classroom look better than Zoe.

  53. Me says:

    @bellydancer Who did he beat up?

  54. Phil says:

    “Michael prefers mostly ethnic women”–

    Everyone has an ethnicity. Jones is a Welsh name.

  55. Mari says:

    @Kaiser- We’re no good for eachother. I’m an addict and you’re my supplier. My fass-binge is out of control.

  56. lola says:

    happy 4 Penn & Zoe. they’re much better together than her & this overhyped Fussy guy;)

    his stans can have him all to themselves.

  57. latam says:

    @endoplastic retdculum STALE is definitely the right word!

  58. Bellydancer says:

    Between all you bitches on here who don’t appreciate The Fassdong and some silly blogging bitch who claims that she does not want to talk about Michael’s big dick or nakedness on her blog(even though this bitch has already seen the movie and THE DONG) I am not going to have a good weekend and will probably slap the shit out of someone or get put out of Payless shoes again(don’t want to talk about it but bitch if I ask you please check in the back for a size 9 I do not wear size 11 I am not a drag queen kay) forgive me for my ramblings but wtf are you doing on here if you don’t like The Fassdong!
    I get some of you do not like Zoe I get that even Kaiser(sideye) player hates sometimes but it’s her blog so she’s allowed but the rest of you bitches please chill the fuck out!

  59. Sara says:

    Good, this was a creepy relationship anyway. She is a cute girl, but she is way too young. if she were 31 and he 44 this would be a totally different story. But 21 years old is just a time in life to have fun and not be so serious.

  60. ukexpat says:

    @Kaiser – Your posts are genius, but if you ever need to call in sick, I’ve got to nominate Bellydancer as stand-in for carrying the torch of Fassdong love. (Geez, must also remember not to drink coffee and read her comments at the same time!)

  61. Bellydancer says:

    Thanks ukexpat for the support but Kaiser is not a dumb bitch and will not be letting me fill in for ner no time soon she remembers all that shit that went down in the movie Showgirls and it made her wise beyond her years.

  62. Crissy says:

    LMAO @Bellydancer. Every comment you makes, makes me laugh. I think that Zoe and Michael have an “open” relationship at this point. I don’t think it was like that before because they were living together in NYC. Now Michael lives in London. Maybe she is still figuring it out with him. As for Michael, maybe he is so busy now with promotion, film festivals, interviews and shooting that he has no time for a relationship. In any case, he’s up for grabs!!! Ha!

  63. yahaira says:

    holy shit!!!!! to @Hello and to @Bellydancer, I live in Amsterdam and thats it Im moving to London, I have to find this Fassdong one f**** way or the other, reading these post, I’m sliding of my chair, really, I can tell you, Im never tired, I can handle it! :)

  64. Taytayfish says:

    I have never laughed out loud so hard while reading comments on a blog site.

    I am of the Fassdong (whoever came up with that nick name is a gd genius!) persuasion. Ladies that question why they do not find him attractive, here is why….

    1. He looks at women like he wants to eat them. Men like James M., Viggo, and Daniel have a vulnerability and safe air about them. Fassdong does not. He’s a predator and some women like to feel like they are prey. And I would happily be the gazelle to this beast of a man.

    2. Notice the women who want to eff him dont want to take him home and have his babies, they wanna eff like rabbits until he inevitably moves on….because he will, and we are ok with that. A night with him would be worth it. He is what I like to think of as this generations Warren Beatty.

    3. Most importantly he is talented. Being extremely talented and honest on the screen adds mad points to his sex appeal. I absolutely agree that he looks “Like he’d be stale even when exiting the shower: teeth with a yellowy tinge, crinkles round the eyes though hasn’t hit 35, pale as a jaundiced man, possibly Vitamin D deficient.” but I still want his Fassdong to pound my “princess mononoke” because he’s daring, raw, and honest on screen so I can only imagine how that’d feel in my pants.

    So ladies who are not fassdongers, you aren’t crazy, you probably just don’t want to be used and abused by a pasty irish german and that’s ok, in fact it is healthy.

  65. jenni121 says:

    I never had so much fun reading all your comments. YA’LL ARE NOTHIN BUT TRICKS.

  66. Lily says:

    I don’t understand! Why did I start off loving Fassbender and now I don’t care? He’s totally my type. British accent, blue eyes, reddish beard, super-talented. I thought Jane Eyre was gonna kill me and then a big fat nothing. Why can’t a movie star I like show us his dick? Why can’t I get a little feel myself up fodder? Shit, if Alan Rickman took his pants off and showed us the massive dick I know he’s sporting, I wouldn’t leave my bedroom for a month. Fuck me!! Well, I did have the David Duchovny phase, that was fun while it lasted. Congrats to all you Fassdong fans. Enjoy! I so love the fact that men just love sexually objectifying women and then the moment we get a handsome movie star with a horse-sized dick, they all lose their minds. But my dick… pay attention to my dick! LOL (for the record, a normal-sized dick is just fine so don’t worry guys) We want pleasure not reconstructive surgery. 12 inchers are for fantasies – not real life *high fives those who can take a 12-incher, but it ain’t me*

  67. Lily says:

    And pale too, that’s my total package. The paler the better, but I’m losing the Fassbender love. Any movie recommendations girls? Something to get me going in his direction again?? I wanna get on this ride!