Was Ashton Kutcher spotted with his mistress three months ago?

Ashton with Austin Dawn, a “spokesmodel” for one of his tech companies, in June

The news came out a whole three days ago that Ashton Kutcher had a second mistress, whom he allegedly slept with at the classy Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego on his sixth anniversary with Demi. At that time I linked to this story from June where Ashton was busted with a “mystery blonde” in his car leaving a show. A lot of outlets are reporting that it’s the same woman, Sarah Leal, who claims to have slept with him last weekend and who has lawyered up. (Not with Gloria Allred unfortunately, but with another Hollywood lawyer out for a stiff settlement.) Judging from the original photo on TheDirty.com of Leal, and these additional photos, it’s not the same woman unless she’s had a nose job and really toned down the makeup.

The NY Post reports that the woman pictured here is named Austin Dawn and is a “spokesmodel for one of Kutcher’s tech companies.” Jesse James hired plenty of spokesmodels for his business too, and they inevitably ended up on the coffin couch. What’s more is that the more recent mistress, Leal, is about to stage some new photos of herself, according to the Post:

Blonde Sara Leal, who reportedly slept with Ashton Kutcher last weekend, is working overtime to cash in on the scandal. Sources tell us she’s working with an ex-lover-turned club promoter to sell her story. She’s also in cahoots with a paparazzo who plans to sell staged new “street” pictures of Leal. “She gets a cut of whatever [the photos] sell for,” a source said. We revealed Leal has also asked for a six-figure payday from Kutcher to stay quiet about their alleged liaison in San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel last weekend. She’s been meeting with attorney Keith Davidson, who represented a Betty Ford Clinic worker who filed assault charges against Lindsay Lohan but later dropped them. Reps for Ashton and wife Demi Moore were mum last night. But Kutcher sounded fed up on Twitter, writing yesterday, “When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an ASS out of U and ME.” Photos of Kutcher leaving an LA club with a blonde last June got the Web abuzz yesterday, but sources tell us she’s Austin Dawn, a spokesmodel for one of Kutcher’s tech companies. Moore, who had been here promoting Lifetime’s “Five,” an anthology of films directed by her and Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, Penelope Spheeris and Patty Jenkins, was back in LA but stayed unusually quiet on Twitter.

[From The NY Post]

There’s plenty more news that portends a split for Ashton and Demi. The sleuths at Radar figured out that Demi “unfollowed” Ashton on Twitter at one point and maybe realized that it looked suspicious, so she re-followed him again. Apparently it’s easy to determine when a Twitter user follows someone by just looking at the order the person appears in on their list.

Everyone has been paying attention to Ashton’s Twitter, where he told people not to make assumptions, essentially, and Tweeted a link to Public Enemy’s “Don’t Believe the Hype.” US Weekly points us to his blog, where he posted a bunch of poems earlier this month that reveal that something major is going on for him. An excerpt (I took out the line breaks ): “I’ll admit failure and know that it means I still have a chance. Fine, I’ll surrender, I’ll exit plan A, I’ll move on, I’ll put my loss on display for the world to mock.” Yeah, they’re broken up. He’s probably going to claim the women came after, but that’s doubtful given that we first heard about one last year.

I had the chance to read the full Star Magazine report on Ashton and Demi’s $290 million split, and there were some juicy details in there that I haven’t heard before. Here are the highlights that were new to me:

Demi has been dating other men
Demi [has] lined up lunch and dinner dates with several of NYC’s most eligible bachelors, a source close to the couple claims.

“Demi’s finally ready to move on after all these years because she’s sick of feeling like she can’t trust Ashton,” an insider reveals…

Demi posted the first mistress’ phone number on Facebook
Brittney Jones [Ashton’s first mistress, revealed in Septmeber 2010] revealed that she had a night of passion with Ashton just before his fifth wedding anniversary with Demi. “He was so handsome and nice,” said Brittney, who slipped her number to him on a cocktail napkin while he was at a bowling alley with a group that included his wife and stepdaughter Rumer Willis.

It was only when Jones began getting tons of prank calls that she realized Demi had seized the napkin and posted a photo of it on her Facebook page, blasting Brittney’s number to more than 1 million fans.

Ashton bragged about sleeping with Britney Spears before he met Demi
“Before he and Demi got together, Ashton told me that when he was in New York doing Saturday Night Live and filming Punk’d with Britney, he slept with her,” reveals the insider.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, October 10, 2011]

He slept with Britney at one point, that’s pretty interesting. He wasn’t with Demi at that time, so I didn’t feel right putting that detail in the title of this story, even though I was tempted. Also, I hadn’t heard before that Demi posted the first mistresses phone number on Facebook! That’s a scorned woman move for sure.

Oh and Ashton isn’t just in hot water at home. The dumbass used a laptop on an episode of Two and a Half Men that had huge visible stickers from four tech companies he has a personal stake in, essentially resulting in massive free advertising. CBS was reportedly pissed, but they’re giving him a pass, for now, since his character is a tech geek and the stickers are authentic given the plot.


Two and a Half Men photo above via E! Online. Other photos credit: Pacific Coast News.



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  1. Bonfire Beach says:

    I have nothing to really say about Ashton’s cheating antics. All I want to know is when he started looking like Jesus.

  2. Linnie says:

    Any woman that slips her phone number to a married man, hoping for a liaison/relationship, I hope your vajayjay falls off.

    Demi should have known better marrying someone 15 years younger. Time to grow up and face it, Demi. You’re getting old. Stop with the plastic surgeries and beauty treatments and find a guy 15 years older than you. He’ll think you’re beautiful.

  3. Dana says:

    I don’t get the mistress wanting to get paid after the affair (and why should she get a payout?!). I can see someone trying to get money before it has been leaked, but now everyone knows. And I doubt Ashton is so freaky she could have really scandalous dirt on him. But you never know.

  4. Rhiley says:

    The Britney story is really old news. She was the only person he agreed not to Punk and the rumor was it was because they knocked boots. I have friends who know him from way back, and he seems really skeevy from what they say about him. He is just very self centered and fake. Kind of like what people from Bobby Flay’s past say about him. It may be kind of interesting to see how he changes post divorce: what will happen to all the new age bs Demi Moore made him spout; what will happen to his red ribbon bracelets; what will happen to the bogus charities; will he go back to being a Republican; how will Rumor Willis, who genuinely seemed to love him, feel about him now. I wouldn’t be surprised either if he has other children, that are biologically his, running around out there.

  5. mln76 says:

    @Linnie let’s place the blame where it belongs Ashton and his wandering dick. If was at home with his wife instead of out clubbing the girls would have been bothering some other sleazeball.

  6. Dibba says:

    I’ll never understand why men feel compelled to sleep around.

  7. RocketMerry says:

    I love how on the cover of Star, Ashton has a confused and somewhat contrite expression while Demi’s face is an expressionless mask. I can totally picture this:

    Monday, graphics lab, Star Magazine.
    The day had began in a somewhat pleasant way. Mark had had his breakfast with no interruptions, since all of his colleagues were sleepy and tired from the previous night of late, late work. He had had a full, long night of peaceful sleep instead, which he felt free to point out to his buddy Jake, collapsed on his desk.
    A crooked, uncleaned middle-finger found his way out of a mess of paper, hair and Chinese food boxes on his table. Jake was never very talkative on Monday mornings.
    Mark grinned, loudly swallowing a big bite of the delicious burger. He loved burgers in the morning, it helped him prepare for the hours he was going to spend staring at pictures of incredibly skinny women, trying to work some Photoshop magic to make them look…well…skinnier. God, his job sucked.
    That day was a good day, though. He had dodged a big bullet Sunday night by claiming sickness and was damn sure proud of it.
    Those suckers, including Jake, were up all night trying to get the impossible out of a recent picture of that woman. They were going for sadness, he guessed, or anger, or any other visible emotion, really.
    Suffice to say, he was glad he didn’t have to deal with that; that divorce was going to be hell, as their boss had specified in the short and sweet speech he had given them on Friday.
    “It’s going to be hell” he had said “So get the frak prepared and, oh, we’ll need a cover picture for NEXT Friday. Of them together. And I want feelings on their faces, are we clear?” So everybody had to work extra to get started on that. Good for them: he was freeee (thank you Doctor Dentist!).
    As he munched his last bit of burger, trying to savor it, wishing that he never had to look at Laura’s un-shaved legs peeking form her desk again, he finally skimmed through his work e-mails. He was surprised to notice at least 20 mails from the previous night. Jake and co. had been writing him all night, what was it?
    He sensed that something was wrong. A quick look around revealed all of his colleagues casually staring at him, some even trying (and failing)to hold off an evil smile.
    “What’s this, guys?” he asked in a suddenly uncertain voice. This spelled trouble.
    “Nothing…did you read your mail yet?” Jake mumbled from under his copy of the New Yorker.
    “Not yet…wait, what’s this?” he gasped has he read quickly through the most recent email ” ‘The boss says we all have to deal with other stuff – seems like Angelina has been trying to unscrew all of Jen’s light-bulbs, again – so there’s, like, a ton of work we have to do. Oh, and basically every single page of next week’s has a graphic error of some sort, not sure yet. Anyhow, dude, the Demi thing is all yours. Cheers!’ ”
    He paused for a second, so shocked he couldn’t even think straight. He could feel the rage bubbling in his stomach- or was it the burger?
    “Guys, not gonna happen. Remember, I did the Madonna pictures last time around? This is on you, guys” he panicked, as he noticed a plethora of full blown smiles and heard snickering.
    “As you wish. It’s just that since we’re doing these new Angelina stories, we literally cannot work on that, so…if you wanna tell the boss YOU don’t have the cover come Friday…”
    Mark could feel his face loose all color. Their boss was not exactly an understanding, warm, cuddly man. He slowly sat back in his chair, feeling drained. As his laughing buddies went back to their work, he mechanically opened the shared pictures archives that he had to look at: he needed a picture of Demi. With expression.
    With early morning thoughts of self harm, Mark glanced over the thousands of pictures he still had to search through.
    It was going to be a long week.

  8. poopie says:

    He was BRAGGING that he slept with britney spears??????????? am i the only one that thinks THAT is hysterical? BRAGGING?

  9. Roma says:

    @Rhiley: I think it’s funny that you compared Kutcher to Bobby Flay when it’s rumoured that January Jones has been with both. She must have a type.

  10. Christine says:

    They say that men with beards have something to hide. Also, the photo of those two nimrod dudes with their arms crossed continues to make me smile.

  11. Kara Ann says:

    Isn’t what these women (the-screw-the-star-threaten-to-tell-the-media-types) basically engaging in blackmail? And isn’t that illegal? These wondering dong husbands are douches anyway (Kutcher, Tiger Woods, Jesse James, et al) so why don’t they be preemptive for once and have these chicks arrested? Let the media have a field day and move on. I don’t think the public would/could think any worse of them then they would when the story comes out anyway. I DO NOT understand why they attempt to hide it (it never works) and then they lose their spouses anyway.

  12. Funnylilou75 says:

    @linnie: age is not the problem here, a cheating dog is a cheating dog that’s it, how many men married to younger women or women the same age still cheat??

    on the other hand how many men way younger than they wife are devoted and faithful, how about kurt russel, how about jason momoa, how abbout poor tim robins who got dumped after 20 yrs by a women older than him by a decade?

    Kind a of double standard irritates me: it’s not ok for being with a man 15 years younger but it is if the gap is reverse ( as proposes your advice!!!)

    it is not about age!! it is about getting pride!

  13. atorontogal says:

    @ Roma: January Jones’ type is anything with a penis. At least when she sleeps with a married man she keeps her mouth shut. Not her legs of course otherwise there’d be no baby Jones! As for these sluts who sleep with married men….paying them off makes them even sleazier if that’s possible. She’s only asking for $250K….HAHAHA! The only smart hooker was Uchitel with her 10mill payout. If you’re gonna sleep with a married man and then blackmail him, at least make sure he is worth A LOT!

  14. olcranky says:

    It’s bad enough that a woman would knowingly slip her # to a man she knows is married

    it’s worse when she does so when his wife (and stepdaughter) are actually present

    and it says a whole hell of a lot (bad) about him that he would actually get involved with any woman who would do those things.

  15. S says:

    Looks like he will end the same road that charlie sheen took before him. Theyve sure picked the right idiot for the role on two and a half men

  16. Harley says:

    @funnylilou75-co-sign xs infinity! The double standard drives me batshit crazy! Somehow it’s *her* fault that *he* cheated bc she’s older. WTF?!?!? Ugh!

    And I absolutely LOVE that Demi posted the skank’s number on twitter! Hell hath no fury…this is gonna get really good….

  17. Nancy C. says:

    sure, he wants a natural girl for a change. one with a little flesh and not all botoxed up and sucked down. i like demi, but she’s so obviously trying to look his age. such a shame, cause she is beautiful underneath it all.

  18. Rhiley says:

    @Roma: I think it is funny that you brought up January Jones because I almost wrote earlier that I wouldn’t be surprised if Ashton was her baby daddy, but I really didn’t want to go there, and I realize that the likelyhood that he is is slim to none. But wouldn’t it be delicious if what caused Demi to walk was that Ashton knocked up his ex.

  19. Iggles says:

    RocketMerry – That was gold! 😀

    Do you write fiction? If so I’d love to read more of your stuff.

  20. Roxy750 says:

    His career is about to go down the tubes–Marriage isn’t perfect, it’s no surprise, but I wish more people would get divorced first, then go get their piece.

  21. ladybert62 says:

    Just do not understand what women see in him – to me, he looks dirty, unkempt, slovenly, lazy and stupid.

    Demi is better off without him.

  22. your mama says:

    BUSTED! It is so obviously the same girl. Different lighting, perhaps – but now that’s 3 pics of them together.

  23. G says:

    I’m not in favor of it, but these women are looking to monetize their situation. The tabs and freinds selling photos will make money from it anyway, so I guess she’s just getting her cut and trying to make the most of new paid opportunities.

    It’s not classy, but it’s the way it is and it’s time married male celebs woke up to it.

  24. Bad Fairy says:

    Its ok sis. I point this out all the time and I get crucified everytime too. Its not just a societal condition its actually primal. There are always exceptions. They are just not mostly in Hollywood where a good looking man has young girls throwing themselves at him all the time. Not saying its acceptable behavior, just not real surprising. That’s why we get so excited when someon like Collin Firth is married and besotted with his age appropriate wife.

  25. NYC_girl says:

    @Dibba, I have learned in my 42 years that men will sleep around because they’re wired for it. They must sleep with as many women as they can. They don’t ALL act upon that urge – many can control themselves. It has nothing to do with what the woman looks like. And, you can be involved with a younger guy if you both have the same outlook/goals/etc toward your relationship (e.g. babies). I was involved with someone 14 years younger for a few years (he was 24 when I met him, and I was 39). We broke up because I decided I wanted to be a mother, and he didn’t want kids yet. I don’t think all younger man/older women relationships have to disintegrate like these two. Hopefully you have things in common and a good sex life to keep it going.

  26. newtsgal says:

    If it walks the a duck…..and quacks like a duck……it’s a dick who cheats on his wife
    *cough cough* Ashton *cough cough*

  27. anonymous stranger says:

    …is it me or does the whole tactic of posting a mistress’s number online sound petty and immature on Demi’s part? Doesn’t that count as harassment?

  28. Rachael says:

    Am I the only person who was 100% sure that this was Lauren “LC” Conrad in these pics with Ashton when I first saw them? It looks just like her, but I have no clue why those two would ever be hanging out together; it seems too random. So it could just be someone else who looks like her in these pics. I’m just surprised no one else has mentioned how much it looks like her.

  29. the original bellaluna says:

    Celebitchy – Looks like this divorce story has legs. Check out this link: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2011/09/more-confirmation-demi-moore-and-ashton-kutcher-have-split

  30. sallyreo says:

    At funnylilou, with all due respect, what are you trying to say, when you say “it’s about getting pride”?

    I agree with the writer who mentioned that cheating is primal.

    Let yourself go, gain 50 lbs or more, don’t pay attention to your spouce, don’t make time for sex, too busy with your career, your spouce will look for the attention he or she needs, elsewhere.
    I have always said that marriages need nurturing, getting married to someone does not make it forever. You have to nurture your marriage every day.

    Reason: If you neglect your spouse, there is always someone who has time for her or him. Let yourself go and he will find someone who can become his love interest.

    Several comments have blamed the women at the clubs, now ask yourself, why do
    you think the guys N women (married or single)are going to the clubs. They go because they know they can pick up someone. Perhaps someone with something he can’t get at home, sweet smell, sexy body, makes her or him feel like you made him/her feel when you first met. It’s both sexes going on the prowl.

    So, if you don’t want your spouse to look elsewhere, nurture your marriage by keeping the fire burning, never loose sight of the passion you once shared, keep the relationship spiced up.

    Make him or her feel like the most important person in your life.

  31. whitedaisy says:

    He is the definition of douchetool. Selfish and exploitative to the point of promoting his companies on the show and in a tech magazine without disclosing his investment in them.
    Ethically-challenged all the way ’round.

  32. the original bellaluna says:

    What’s up with the wanna-be thugs in that last pic?

    olecranky – CO-SIGN! That was my first thought!

    ladybert62 – And smarmy.

    Christine – Yes! Double chins!

  33. ShanKat says:

    He sucks. Keeping the Sheen pride alive by being .5 of a man.

    There’s no possible way that laptop prop wasn’t approved by at least 5 departments on 2.5 Men. It had to be seen by the director, props, at least 2 rounds of producers, plus Network and Studio runthrus and post. The laptop itself is a product placement, unless it’s a no-brand prop. Nothing sneaks though. The laptop sticker story is simple network PR smarts: this divorce story will explode all over the place…and now, we’re associating his divorce with their show.

    Les Moonves knows how to do.

  34. Lauren says:

    Demi please find someone who isn’t a bloody douchebagtool. First Bruce, then Ashton. Demi is distraught & sickingly frail…and Ashton doesn’t care at all. Disgusting.

  35. Wresa says:

    “When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an ASS out of U and ME.”

    A bit trite, don’t you think, Ashton?

    “Blonde Sarah Leal”

    If you are her age and your only title/accomplishment is “blonde” you need to get a job and/or and education. Seriously, these people are losers. In 5 years, Demi will thank God she got away from the riff-raff.

  36. Ally says:

    He clearly has a type: skinny young blondes whose career is less impressive than his, whom he can feel like a big man next to (see January Jones’ tales of his self-esteem-crushing behavior).

    Valiant of him therefore to marry an established actress and older brunette, but he didn’t hold the line very long.

  37. Mooshi says:

    My mother told me once, “Men wont cheat if there is no woman to cheat with.”

    Women need to respect each other. It is a patriarchal tragedy.

  38. Estella says:

    “Austin Dawn”? Really?

  39. G says:

    I honestly believe they were happy for the first few years they started. I think the pressure to make it work finally got to them. Ashton’s always been an a-hole, did we really expect him to change? This isn’t a surprise to Demi, she’s known about all his other women before but she probably thought he would grow up eventually. I guess she didn’t get the memo that cheating is not a symptom of immaturity, it’s the trademark of an a-hole.

  40. ZenB!tch says:

    @Linnie – Demi *did* marry someone 15 years older: Bruce Willis. That didn’t work out either.

    That said, she has horrible taste in men. I don’t get why she married either of them.

  41. Launicaangelina says:

    Age isn’t the issue. My mom is over 15 years older than my dad. They hooked up in the late 70s and have been together the whole time. From what I know, my parents have never had issues with infidelity. This is an Ashton Kutcher issue – not an age issue.

  42. Miranda says:

    Not a big fan of either one, but if she ends up getting people to actually feel bad for her, he runs the risk of people disliking him for what he’s done to her.

  43. Chris says:

    I better be very careful about what I say about the Kutch. Last time I commented on him I couldn’t get back on to Celebitchy for four days. 🙁

  44. dahlia1947 says:

    Well I guess they are splitsville. That Facebook move on Demi’s part? Kind of immature.Don’t stoop down to his and these bimbos’ levels. Take care of yourself and MOVE ON!