Seth Rogen marries his girlfriend of 7 years, Lauren Miller


Last year, I was surprised to find out that Seth Rogen had been with the same girl for six years. That wasn’t the image I had of him – as a man who would be able to commit to someone his age, and able to sustain a healthy relationship of equals. But Seth is a surprising guy, it seems, and I’ve grown to like him more over the past few years. Seth and Lauren Miller got engaged last September, and according to Us Weekly, they just got hitched, a little over one year after the proposal.

Seth Rogen got the girl! The Knocked Up actor, 29, wed longtime girlfriend, writer Lauren Miller, at Kunde Estate in Sonoma, Calif., Us Weekly can confirm.

Officiated by a female rabbi, the Jewish ceremony took place atop a hill surrounded by vineyards, with such comedy all-stars attending as Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, The Office’s Craig Robinson, director-producer Judd Apatow and wife Leslie Mann (plus their three kids).

After exchanging their vows, the bride and groom drove off in a convertible, headed for another spot on the property for the reception.

“The wedding was more laughs than anything else,” one source tells Us of the three-day celebration. “Every other line was a joke and the crowd couldn’t contain their laughter. It was nonstop fun!”

Opening up about the engagement on Conan in November 2010, Rogen revealed wacky details about the proposal.

After buying the ring, “Literally, I felt like someone had given me like a truckload of heroin to hold onto, I felt like the feds were going to kick in my door at any second,” he said. “I couldn’t have a conversation with my girlfriend. All I could think of was this ring. Like, ‘Don’t say ‘Lord of the Rings!’ Don’t mention anything about a ring!”

To calm his nerves, he proposed on the spot — while she was changing in the closet.

“I didn’t picture it like this, and I know she didn’t picture it like this. No little girl is like ‘It’ll happen in a closet with my [chest] out.'”

[From Us Weekly]

When they announced their engagement, sources claimed that Lauren had “given up hope” that Seth would ever propose after six years, but he finally did. They were together since they were both 22 years old. How very “Will & Kate” of them! Lauren even looks a bit like Kate – I think she’s very pretty, and she seems to be a quiet, stable force in Seth’s life. I hope they’re very happy, and I hope marriage suits Seth. Mazel Tov!




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  1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Awww Cute couple. Congrats to them.

  2. Jackson says:

    Congrats to them! I always root for the funny and seemingly normal ones so I hope they last.

  3. brin says:

    Love him….congrats to them both!
    She looks a little like Michelle Trachtenberg to me.

  4. Boo says:

    She is lovely, and I like him. I hope they have a long, happy marriage! <3

  5. Iggles says:

    Yay! I love it when longtime couples get married! I hope they can make it work!

  6. The Original Ashley says:

    “Will and Kate”? Did he dump her numerous times so he could screw around with other girls, hoping to find someone better? Did he jump on a table in public during one of their breakups shouting “I’m free!”?

    I wasn’t surprised when I found out he had a long term girlfriend. Remember he used to be the fat, not so good looking guy so of course he would hold on to a pretty girl. I am surprised though that now that he’s skinnier, and becoming a bigger star that he’s stuck with her. That’s really refreshing.

  7. The Original Ashley says:

    brin – that’s who she reminded me of!

  8. This is how a celebrity should get married. Not have it all over the tabloids and then claim someone “leaked” it! Most celebs are so full of crap. I love Seth. I wish him and his new wife much happiness.

  9. silken_floss says:

    Well, I guess there’s someone for everyone. Congrats

  10. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Congrats! They look good together:-)

  11. Mika says:

    She looks kinda like Tuba Girl. Who he dated in Freaks and Geeks…. coincidence?

  12. ShanKat says:

    Love this! He’s super cute, and she’s lovely. Boobies!

  13. Camille says:

    Aww that is great, congrats to the happy couple!

    (Oh and according to the LAW of the Jeniloonies, Lauren should have kicked him to the curb years ago for not ‘putting a ring on it’ as soon as she hooked up with him 🙄 lol)