Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively have split, their reps confirm to Us Weekly


Stunning news! Well, it surprised me, in any case. Us Weekly is reporting that Leo DiCaprio and Blake Lively are done. Blake has been working in LA and NYC for a few months, while Leo has been in Australia, filming The Great Gatsby. Is it a distance thing? A work schedule thing? Or is it something else? LaineyGossip just reported yesterday that Blake was spotted having dinner with Ryan Reynolds, who she allegedly might have gotten close to when they filmed The Green Lantern. But Us Weekly just makes it sound like it was the distance thing:

It was fun while it lasted!

After five months together, Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio have parted ways, reps for both stars confirm exclusively to Us Weekly.. The pair “remain friends,” Lively and DiCaprio’s reps added.

First spotted getting cozy while aboard Steven Spielberg’s yacht in Monte Carlo on May 17 during the Cannes Film Festival, the couple embarked on a whirlwind, super-luxe summer romance that spanned the globe. During their time together, the Gossip Girl actress, 24, and Inception star, 36, took their PDA parade to romantic locales ranging from Venice, Italy to Anaheim, Calif. to NYC. In late August, Lively even flew thousands of miles from the U.S. to Sydney, Australia — for a quick weekend — where her beau was filming The Great Gatsby.

Weeks before he and Lively became an item, DiCaprio and model Bar Rafaeli called it quits on their on-and-off, five-year relationship. Back in October 2010, Lively and Gossip Girl costar Penn Badgley ended their three-year romance.

The pair’s recent split is sure to come as a surprise to some DiCaprio pals, one of whom told Us they’d “never seen him like this with a girl.” Back in June, the couple were ensconced in DiCaprio’s L.A. home, where Lively “spent the whole time baking….Leo’s never dated a girl who can cook. And he’s smitten!” The duo also bonded with one another’s parents.

Echoed another insider this summer: “I bet they get engaged in six months.”

As for Lively, she’s long said she never lets public opinion affect her relationships.

“I have a strong sense of myself. That gives me a sense of security, you know? Every relationship you have, you’re learning and growing and taking something from that,” the actress recently told Glamour magazine. “So for me, it’s never been too dramatic of a thing when something ends.”

[From Us Weekly]

It’s interesting that both of their reps confirmed it to Us Weekly, right? How do you think it went down? Leo dumped her over the phone and Blake wanted to be the one to announce it, but Leo was like, “No, we’ll both confirm it”? I don’t know. I’m disappointed, though. I think very highly of Blake’s game, and I hoped that she and Leo would make it through the awards season.

Sigh… maybe they’ll get back together?



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  1. WaywardGirl says:

    They lasted longer than I expected

    • Adrienne says:

      Doesn’t anyone else think it’s weird that Leo and Bar never issued a statement that they split after dating for SIX YEARS, yet when this chick comes along both reps issue a statement? My theory is that Blake’s rep said they were going to release a statement and Leo’s rep had no choice but to go along with it. This is fame whoring to the 10th degree.

  2. Delta Juliet says:

    But! But! They were soulmates! He loved her like he’s never loved anyone else!

    I’m crushed over this.

  3. Eve says:

    Shit! I was actually rooting for them to be together — except that I was afraid that this relationship would give her career a boost that it has never deserved in the first place. But I was somewhat relieved by the fact she wasn’t with anyone I liked.

    Now I’m afraid she’ll try to hook up with one of my three immaginary husbands (Evans, to be more precise).

  4. gee says:

    There’s just lulz all over this!
    And @Delta Juliet, I DIE over your “But! But!” LOLOL

  5. Green_Eyes says:

    I like Blake so never understand why the haters. I hoped she’d be the one ..or at least last a bit longer. Though Kaiser, all three of us were bound to be disappointed (you, Blake, and I) *Sigh*

  6. brin says:

    Wow, Leo probably didn’t finish breaking the news and she’s onto Ryan Reynolds…girl moves fast.

  7. It is ME!! says:


    And she is sooooo overrated.

  8. Mari says:

    She was just a jumpoff.

  9. Apple says:

    Leo is too private and she is too public in wanting to show off the relationship.

    He should just stick to models who are just happy to be there and keep their mouths shut.

  10. Christine says:

    Huh. So it was a short-term contract.

  11. palermo says:

    He and Clooney should just go ahead and marry each other, both of them are living this farcical life

  12. Anna says:

    No way. Didn’t she leak to the press that he would propose to her?

  13. Rita says:

    Some notoriety, jewelry, Prius, and a little sack time…..not bad for a few months work. NEXT!!!!

  14. Julia says:

    Leo like tall gals (5’9″+) who are models or could pass for such.

    I think he is the next Clooney and will keep dating models and starlets until old age.

  15. Roma says:

    Wasn’t there gossip that he was sneaking out of her hotel room before he actually broke up with Bar?

    I think he tried to be a public boyfriend for her but I just don’t think he has it in him.

  16. monette says:

    Thank you, GOD! I had a very shitty day so this is great news. I was getting really tired of everybody saying she’s the one that’s going to trap him, he has never been so in love. I hope Lainey who was pimping this relationship every chance she got, eats her words!

  17. Jayna says:

    I like her. She was great in The Town.

  18. Heatheradair says:

    wow — if this bit is actually Blake’s take on things, I have HUGE respect for this girl:

    “I have a strong sense of myself. That gives me a sense of security, you know? Every relationship you have, you’re learning and growing and taking something from that,” the actress recently told Glamour magazine. “So for me, it’s never been too dramatic of a thing when something ends.”

    THAT is a healthy attitude to have — maybe that’s where she gets her game — the sort of “eh — when it’s over, it’s over, I learned from it. NEXT UP!” attitude.

  19. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Insipid twits, the both of them.

  20. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Break up to make up maybe…

  21. Alejandro says:

    Surprised whatever arrangement they had ended so quickly. He’ll move on to another model and she on to another actor. He was way out of her league fame wise.

  22. Talie says:

    Damn…guess he wasn’t too happy about that dinner with Ryan Reynolds. The truth is, if you recognize that she is playing a game then so did he, which isn’t exactly comforting. No one wants to be played.

  23. ele4phant says:

    Wait a second…they are filming an adaption of The Great Gatsby, the great American novel, in Australia? Nothing against Australia (been there, loved it), but why? And surely not to keep production costs down, that country is hella expensive to get to and be in.

  24. Gwen says:

    For some reason this fills me with glee.

  25. atorontogal says:

    @ Rita…^5!! You got it so right!

  26. S says:

    do you think this can be a part of that Ben Affleck blind item where he was sort of pissed that Garner was preggers because one of his exes would soon be single and he wanted to try that again??

  27. Devon says:

    Regardless of who did the dumping, I’m surprised it’s over this soon. Oh well.

  28. blah says:

    “Every relationship you have, you’re learning and growing and taking something from that,” the actress recently told Glamour magazine.

    For sure she did take a couple of interesting roles from that and some well paid contracts. Let’s see if this temporary global visibility will survive to her lack of talent and acting skills now that her A-list partner is gone.

  29. lisa says:

    I actually like Blake.. Cute girl. Leo is a man-child. just like a George Clooney. I don’t find him that attractive or interesting at all. He seems more like a frat boy than a man of 35+.

    Stop picking young women and find a woman to have a relationship with..

    She seem more mature at 23 then he is at 36..

  30. Paula says:

    Wow what a surprise.
    Wonder what A-list actor with a bimbo-fetish she will give sex for publicity next?
    Clooney is taken – Maybe Ryan Gosling is up for another round of Disneyland fun?

  31. Emma says:

    Good. She annoys me in the slutty Gossip Girl way she tends to carry over, even off-set. He’s too good for her. Back to dating c-list actors hunnie.

  32. Bubulle says:

    He’s probably already dating someone else, guys like him and Clooney can’t stay alone for more than 5 seconds.

  33. jinni says:

    Nineteen year old, masculine looking, blonde models are rejoicing.

    He probably realized the she was too over the hill for him. You know he likes them young.

  34. You don't say says:

    He has to find some arm candy for awards season, just like clooney. Hopefully his will be a bit more presentable. Not touching the affleck angle but it is interesting that since the pregnacy announcment, there have been no photos (at least to my knowledge) of him with his wife.

  35. ladybert62 says:

    Just going from my poor memory here – didnt I read somewhere (I think it was here) that he is still living with MOM? That does not bode well for any girl if that is true.

    Has he ever been married?

  36. sallyreo says:

    @ Palerno, I think that you have the best idea. Cloony and Leo should marry
    each other. They’d make a great couple! These two guys will never commit to anyone. Next news we get is Cloony getting rid of the most recent one, he’s dating.

  37. Kit says:

    This lasted a lot longer than i thought. That girl has got game, she’s working her way down my list, that’s for sure. I wonder who she moves onto next.

  38. Hello says:

    Word is J.Edgar with DiCaprio isn’t good. Maybe that’s why he ended this contract, I mean relationship.He doesn’t need her for the award season.

  39. Kit says:

    Also, you have to wonder about all those ‘insiders’ and ‘friends’ that talk to the gossip rags, more like reps and publicists. Yuk!

  40. hmmmm says:

    Not surprised at all. I never bought their relationship plus I never saw any chemistry.

    And Ryan Reynolds gets around. The guy is desperate for attention. So either he’s a manwhore jumping from one woman to another … or gay and trying to look like a stud. I mean the guy was just with Olivia Wilde two weeks ago. He is a weird guy I just can’t figure out.

  41. Patty says:

    Dicaprio, Affleck, Reynolds, Gosling and so many others. What is it about this girl, that makes these A-listers fall for her? She has a really hot body, but I’m guessing so many other hot girls throw themselves at these guys. I don’t even think she is that pretty. I just don’t get it!

  42. Canuck says:

    @kit: please please not the Skarsgard

  43. Naomi says:

    When I read about her being in Boston with Ryan Reynolds, I immediately knew she had moved on. I’m glad the split is now confirmed because she will be more comfortable to date Ryan openly.
    A girl has to follow her heart….

  44. Liberty says:

    Shoicked to hear this
    I was rooting for them
    Especially cos so many were against them
    I honestly hope it does not become this on/off ish Leo always plays with his girlfriends
    Blake is too young to get into those mind games!
    My sis met her at an NY store and said she was the nicest person ever.

  45. Frank says:

    Word around Tinseltown was she couldn’t handle all the A2M action he was throwing her way.

  46. Blake Fan says:

    For the ones who are still not aware about Blake’s blooming romance:


    Yes, she followed her heart….to Boston.

  47. Cammie says:

    Surprise…I know this PR stunt won’t last…

    But some said they would marry…

    Now Ms. Casting Couch is trying for another Actor..Ryan Reynolds..

    Seriously..Plastic Surgery…give it a rest..

  48. bella says:

    THANK GOD! finally…just couldn’t understand this AT ALL…an A lister with…with…HER! he’s begging bar to take him back…we’ll be reading about that reconciliation next…

  49. Cammie says:

    These date her long enough for a bj, they don’t take her seriously, and date her that long, her Ryan Gosling shut her down…

    What game is that..that’s whoring in my opinion..Game is being seen on the red carpet…after a long relationship..not a hit and run job…

    I doubt Ryan Reynolds wants this no talented, plastic girl..

    After Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock, and Scarlett..

  50. jamie says:

    I too thought they made a good couple. Definitely not a fan of either of them, although Dicaprio chooses good movies to work on. There’s just something kind of sleazy and cheap about the two of them that made them seem like a good match. Won’t feel too bad for them tho,she’s young, rich, gorgeous and has her pick of men. And Leo’s well, Leo.

  51. Sami says:

    Oh look
    Those who cant stop reading and referencing Blake Lively posts are back
    And they call her a whore?????

  52. anonymous says:

    All this chatter about a break up is a little silly, these are JUST people, the ONLY difference is they have a lot more money, a 24/7 press feed, and a world stage to play on with millions watching. Just like co-workers on a job, they date, they travel in the same circles they get introduced thru mutual friends, sometimes it works or not. I do not believe everybody they share a meal with they also share a bed. People reading this stuff have very large imaginations and see these people thru the Hollywood movies they work eyes. When they mention he being too good of an actor to date her, or she’s out of her league with him, I would hope she would prefer a GOOD MAN as to GOOD ACTOR. These 2 things are not mutually exclusive.

  53. Patty says:

    Cammie: Somehow I don’t think Gosling shut her down. They were seen together on numerous occasions. I think she opens her legs to anyone who is remotely famous, and somehow these guys just cannot say no.

  54. DarkEmpress says:

    Maybe he proposed and she said No!

  55. kpist says:

    Whenever there is marriage speculation, the relationship is doomed

  56. Rihannon says:

    Take a bow!

  57. Q says:

    Green Eyes.
    Me too
    And whose to say she SLEPT with these guys is there proof/ or its an internet conspirac?

  58. fabgrrl says:

    I like her, she has got some hustle! She is enjoying life. She is a pretty twenty-something girl with a great body, who gets to be in movies and on TV, and go to glamorous parties and have lots of slightly older gentleman friends (old enough to be rich, famous and powerful but young enough to be hot). Not a great beauty, not a great actress, she knows it and she doesn’t care. She’ll marry some billionaire in the next five years and spend the rest of her life in luxury. Well played.

  59. Lisa says:

    @Cammie- I know! It would be a major downgrade for RR. I’m happy they broke up. She was just a jumpoff, c’mon what man dates a woman on and off for so long and the next day falls in love with a bimbo who is just after fame?

  60. NeNe says:

    Keep ’em moving….. NEXT!!!!

  61. the original bellaluna says:

    DiCatchaHo def needs to stick with models: they’re paid to show up and look pretty, not run their mouths.

  62. Kimbob says:

    @Heatheradair, I like that quote. Yeah, that’s a healthy attitude towards relationships that “didn’t work,” huh? If she actually said that, then I’m kind of impressed, too.

    Anyhoo….I’m also beginning to think like @Palermo, as well. I’m beginning to question his sexuality. All these types, Bradley Cooper, George Clooney, Leo DiCaprio…all they do is move from one girl to another. I’m beginning to think they’re gay & just need “beards.”

  63. Kc says:

    Blake seems clingy. She traveled to Australia to see Leo a couple of times, and now she’s following Ryan to Boston and buying groceries and it’s looking like she plans to stay with him for a while. She follows these guys around and makes it easy for them.

    There were rumors of Ryan hooking up with Blake while filming Green Lantern and now they are hooking up again. Some rumors turn out to be true after all which in this case it means Ryan is not the faithful type. So glad Sandra Bullock didn’t go there!

    I can see the tabloid headings now on the new triangle: Blake cheated on Leo with Ryan Reynolds! Well, Blake and Ryan will love it because they need the publicity for their lackluster careers.

    Hopefully, Leo will go back to Bar. I really liked them together.

  64. podzol says:

    @Hello (38): hah, I was thinking the same! Supposedly J.Edgar doesn’t have a great buzz after preliminary test screenings. Did Leo’s peeps think Blake’s presence was a hinderance for his upcoming hardball awards-campaining?

  65. Brooklyn says:

    i didn’t even think they were actually dating because there are like two photos of them together. so i’m just surprised they’re relationship was actually legit.

  66. sapphire says:

    Ha! I called this as a hook-up and it was.

  67. Kc says:

    Hmmmm I wonder if Leo dumped her first and that’s why she immediately followed Ryan to Boston knowing it would get back to Leo.

  68. Turtle Dove says:

    My verdict is that this was mainly a showmance so Leo could shake Bar. It worked. The world knows that they’re over.

    I do find the timing coincidental though. A get together with RR and then a split announcement. Maybe Leo doesn’t like feeling played or Blake has such good game that she knew that the split would be announced today and she decided to get a little gossip whirling with RR.

    The real victim here is Ryan Reynolds who keeps getting linked to these stage 5 clingers with too much hustle.

  69. Hello says:

    two film bloggers from indiwire tweeted that J.Edgar isn’t that good but since it’s an Eastwood film the Academy will throw nominations but I doubt DiCaprio will win the Oscar. God knows he is desperately wanting one.

  70. Hautie says:

    Well it is time to bow down to Leo’s, Momma… cause you know she is the one that ran Blake off. Did anyone really think that Momma was going to let some 25 year old run her out of her son’s home!?!? 🙂

    Plus, Leo is never going to stop being that doughy frat boy.

  71. mzjask says:

    idk about hustle people, more like right place right time perhaps.
    she does seems sweet so maybe that’s what interested him at first?
    but seriously? the rules, you guys? like either of them has the time..
    he was just getting out of a long term relationship, blake saw an opening, he was trying to make Bar jealous- BAM!
    honestly i was surprised it even lasted This long.

  72. Dana M says:

    Their Fake relationship over…shocker!

  73. @Kc says:

    Actually she only visited once Leo in Australia and that was on the last weekend of August. She stayed less than 48 hours and since then, no sighting of the two. They probably decided at the time to split, it’s possible. Yeah I read about her and Ryan and how fast she moved on. These things happen, especially when you’re not in love with the guy you just broke up with.

    Who wants to bet that Leo will be spending the coming New Year’s Eve with Bar in Mexico or in Vegas?

  74. Lou says:

    I like her a lot. She is natural, smiles and laughs without posing like a little sex goddess. Leo looks like a terrible bore (man child) and is probably gay. Great actor? Don’t know, too much frowning. And, who cares if he is? I think theirs was a celebrity stunt. She always had strong feelings for Reynolds. I saw it during an interview; the way she was looking at him gave her away. They are compatible.

  75. Me says:


  76. NeNe says:

    I thought Ryan Reynolds was with Sandra Bullock?

  77. anonymous says:

    They get publicity just leaving their homes, walking their dogs or just driving their cars. Ryan does not like to exposed his personal life Both he and Blake are working on and have filmed several new movies and both have projects coming up. Ryan is SINGLE and can date whoever accepts his offer. How will they ever find a mate if they don’t date?? America needs to get out of their Bedrooms. This country is obsessed with these people’s sex lives.

  78. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    I like Blake. She and Leo always seemed like an odd couple to me but he seemed into her. I think though that Blake really,really wants Ryan Reynolds. And she’s probably going to get him too.

  79. LucyOriginal says:

    He did not show signs to propose her, lol. So, she “changed” her game, broke up and it’s trying to make him jealous, so he will regret and propose her.

  80. Miranda says:

    @HeatherAdair #18…

    Yeah, or maybe she’s full of shit. Come on, I don’t know anyone that says “oh well, I guess I’m a little sad, BUT I learned so much (doe eyed w/a big smile)!?!?!?!

    We all say we’re going to behave that way when the relationship is going well. Unfortunately, when a relationship ends and I’m sad, I don’t feel that way for a long time. I usually curl up in a fetal position, cry (I’m an ugly cryer), don’t answer the phone, contemplate cutting his brake line, stop eating for days, start smelling from lack of water and soap, and literally drink tons of vodka until I’m better…

    When I’m better, I eat rows and rows of chocolate chip cookies, put on a trashy outfit, and sleep with the UPS man :0

    Okay, I’m lying…but I do remember an ex boyfriend who broke my heart. I was in a semi coma for about a year. Sure I learned to stay away from guys like that, but honestly I didn’t “just bounce back…” I did lose 20 lbs. though, so in hindsight, it wasn’t all bad.

  81. Kim says:

    How convenient their “press tour” relationship has ended. Who will be his next beard?

  82. VintageBum says:

    yay me for not giving into liking them! lol I knew that this would happen. @Canuck Never fear, she isn’t eloquent enough for Skars 😉 She doesn’t have that special presence. I vote she will be with someone like Evans or Hemsworth, you know action movie status lol

  83. @lucyOriginal says:

    Propose to her? LOL! I hope you’re kidding. That was a summer fling. Nothing more.

  84. Violet says:

    Not surprised at all. I never thought it was true love for either of them. Furthermore, I doubt that Leo would ever get serious with someone with nudes floating around the Internet.

    Leo has a type — all his girlfriends tend to be in their 20s and look similar enough to pass for sisters — and his relationships are usually shortlived.

    At least Blake got some jewelry and publicity out of it.

  85. Turtle Dove says:

    Eve (3) – I’m not liking her with RR either. If “I” had a choice, I’d toss her back to DiCaprio.

    Kc (62) – BAR… lol.

  86. RocketMerry says:

    Duuude! I’m totally seeing Leo doing this for his buddy Ben!
    Here’s the theory, short-scheme like:
    Ben is distraught. His wife just found some of Orange Girl’s naked pictures on his cell phone, and she is MAD. So, what to do, what to do? Jen has a bright idea: Ben’s buddy Leo is A list and a big catch. Also, he is recently single. So Ben has to give him a call.
    Jen’s plan is simple: Leo dates the Orange Girl; he acts all smitten, he says and does all loved up. Orange Girl thinks she got a big fish, she’s ecstatic, she thinks she’s set for life if she uses her awesome game. Leo starts the gifting (and maybe throws in even a ring-shopping spree?). And THEN, when she’s all convinced of getting the prize…BAM! Leo dumps her.
    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is REVENGE.

  87. WTF says:

    We’re not talking about her naked pictures anymore are we….misson accomplished

  88. Anna says:

    looool @#85. I love that. If only….

  89. Anna says:

    There are only so many men this girl can go after. If she’s running back to Ryan Reynolds that means Ryan Gosling and any other A-list hollywood actor doesn’t want her. If Ryan bites then I’m going to be pissed at him and honestly, so is Scarlett. Want to know the real future of Blake Lively? She’s going to end up with a talented up and comer who her people are going to find for her. This man is going to somehow make it to the Oscars or Golden Globes and she will attend with him. He might not win but she’ll be on his arm rooting for him every step of the way.

  90. Kc says:

    @TurtleDove, LOL Ryan Reynolds is not a victim!

    I think he loves getting linked to all these easy women like Blake and Olivia. I don’t think he is this great, poor guy being taken advantage of. He’s a player just like Blake, Olivia, and Scarlett. It’s not a coincidence that he is linked to these easy kind of women because, obviously, that is the kind of woman he likes.

    Sandra Bullock is a smart woman by saying NO to this dude.

  91. Eve says:

    @ VintageBum:

    I vote she will be with someone like Evans

    *lalalalalalaI’m not listeninglalalalalalala*

    or Hemsworth, you know action movie status lol

    Oh, Hemsworth (the one who played Thor) is a fish that has already been caught — by Tacky Patacky, another talentless famewhore, the one who ruined Adrien Brody (she let his cheesiness run free and took part of it). Unless she decides to homewreck his marriage. Oh, my god, that would be gold! In gossip terms, I mean.

    @ Turtle Dove:

    Lively and DiCaprio was a win-win situation for some of us, right?

  92. Kc says:

    @RocketMerry, you are on to something! LOL

  93. Turtle Dove says:

    Ohh… to add this theory… It was reported that RR and SJ were at a concert, right. No better way to kill a reconciliation rumor than a “date” with Blake.

  94. Pizzazz says:

    She looks like a hag for only being 24. Wow.

  95. sallyreo says:

    FYI, RR was at a Rock Concert in NY
    Thursday, Sept 28th accompanying his ex-wife and a friend. At the concert were other stars, including Blake Lively.

    According to the source, RR, Scarjo and
    a friend of SJ arrived just before the concert and left together after the concert.

    RR is just friends with a lot of women, including SB. He made a comment recently that it was not possible to be with all the women that he is claimed to be with. He said it confuses his mom.

    If you google the star’s name, you get more factual info than from the tabloids.

  96. Eve says:

    @ Sallyreo:

    RR is just friends with a lot of women, including SB. He made a comment recently that it was not possible to be with all the women that he is claimed to be with. He said it confuses his mom.

    Ryan Reynolds said that? Damn it, I hate it when I have to compliment someone I usually dislike for saying something witty and funny.

  97. sallyreo says:

    @ turle dove, it is not a rumor, he and SJ were at the concert, so was Blake. Blake was with another group of stars.

  98. Izzards Chick says:

    A big Artie Lange “WAAAAHHHH”..want more sympathy? Dont sleep with married men and maybe u wouldnt seem like such a Hollywood “pass around”. What she did to Ben and Jennifer was gross, ew. She mustve given Jenn that “breakup” heartache we all dread. Goody, she got dumped. Jenn Affleck just had the best day ever today! lol

  99. Mandi says:

    LOL at all the comments today! It seems some posters are feisty today! 🙂 I have to agree with palermo – he and Clooney are bachelors for life! I think this was more of a PR thing than a real relationship. He dates supermodels! Who is she? Some young wannabe who saw a great opportunity to advance her career. I think Leo’s a smart guy – the woman who does eventually land him (if that’s possible), will be beautiful, smart and have her own career. I never thought this was anything more than a fling.

  100. Turtle Dove says:

    Kc (89) – I was being facetious, but me saying he’s a victim (haha) is not more ridiculous than you saying that Bar will be back in the picture (LOLOLOL).

    Yeah… some people do like sleazy ladies. Some ladies can be had for as cheap as a mini-cooper.

    Eve (90) – I know. I hate how some gals hustle in and try to kill my stan.

  101. PRpalooza says:

    leo and kate will be married soon. i called it along time ago. all these fake relationships and rebounds were just a cover for the both of them. they’ve be involved since he gave the “engraved” ring after Revolutionary Road. All this sh!t was just a PR cover so that no one knew they were creepin when she was still married.

  102. Sam says:

    The way everyone keeps saying on Blake Who is she?
    Like the supermodels Leo dated were intellectual giants.
    One is known for running her mouth off on motherhood amongst other things while the other has questionable racist tendencies.
    Yeah. Real Prizes

  103. gettingold says:

    he really is aging horribly. the coke bloat-face. the eddie munster receding hairline. ew. he use to be so hot in his twenties. what happened?

  104. Kc says:

    @Turtle Dove (99), Hey, let me dream! hahaha

    (I liked Leo & Bar together)

    I agree with you about the sleazy ladies.

  105. mick says:

    Over years he’s morphed into a nasty and skeevier version of jack nicholson; only not as good of an actor.

    his face screams STD riddled. DNW

  106. Lou says:

    KC, Bullock is not so very smart, after all. She said yes to Jesse James. Do you people realize that we are all talking about things we do not know anything about, and by doing this we keep alive these stupid, mean gossip blogs? I am ashamed of myself. Not to mention how unjust we are towards the persons concerned.

  107. Jaana says:

    I think he is so gay! only god can tell me otherwise!!!

  108. The Original Mia says:

    Yawn! Never bought the twu luv/she’s gonna change him aspect of this relationship. Just seemed to come out of nowhere. Oh, well…at least, she got a Prius and some jewelry out of this and Leo got to distant himself from the herpes lawsuit.

  109. Camille says:

    Aww, thats a shame. I thought they made a cute couple, plus they made for good gossip.

  110. sallyreo says:

    KC, Bullock smart? 47 years old and the only one she has been able to land was JJ. She should not have given this guy the time of day, much less get married to him. What was she thinking?

  111. Sakyiwaa says:

    Wow! Did not expect this!

  112. Victoria says:

    I am starting to think like the Cloon, Leo is hiding something. My gaydar is at 200% with him. I’m from Philly and I know a down low brother when I see one.

    Leo had pinged my ‘dar at certain times but never fully so until the he broke up with Gisele. You don’t date a hot ass chick like that and not put a ring on it, unless you were never going to in the first place because you like hot ass…

    Full disclosure, if there was one celebrity not of my race that I would kill to look like, it would be Gisele. She is in my top five of the most beautiful celebrities in the world. So I could be bias.

  113. Kc says:

    Whoa, why are some people coming down on Sandra Bullock here? Give her a break, hasn’t she gone through enough already?

    And, I guess women aren’t allowed to make mistakes regarding men. Who hasn’t? Love is blind sometimes people!

  114. Auds says:

    He’ll only end up with someone like his mother. There is no room for two egos in a relationship that includes Leonardo di Caprio.
    No, I don’t think he is gay (in response to Victoria). He is a mummy’s boy and if his mum doesn’t approve, then that’s it. Gisele and Bar were women he ran about with, not marriage material.

  115. Me says:

    He has dumped Bar Refaeli many times and they got back together many times, so perhaps we are looking at years of the same with the new girl?

  116. normades says:


    Dammit, hate them both but loved them together!

    There goes all my Bleonardo red carpet dreams!!

    He tots dumped her. Girl is slippin’!

  117. @Me says:

    This time, their reps confirmed the breakup… and Blake is already in a new relationship. So I don’t think there’s a chance they’ll go back together. Their thing didn’t last long enough, unlike his romance with Bar.

  118. the original bellaluna says:

    RocketMerry – That sounds plausible. I hatched my own revenge scheme on a former BFF (jr. & high school who cheated with my BF while I was home sick – couldn’t attend the football game.) It took 2 years for absolute fait accompli, but I totally won. DFWM.

  119. VintageBum says:

    @ Eve okay okay, I was just pondering Evans dating record. She doesn’t have a chance, he seems to date women with at least some sort of substance and classic features. Which I think Blake lacks (ugh hate being mean but hey its gossip lol)

    hmmm trying to think of a good match for her. Earlier I was wondering if Derek Hough and Blake had a baby, what would it look like? 0_o (lol thats what a 2 hour layover in Las Vegas gets me)

  120. sallyreo says:

    @ 116, who said Blake was in a new
    relationship? That’s where rumors get
    started. She saw RR this past weekend, you don’t know for how long or the details and you claim she is already in a relationship. RR was with Scarlett @ a Rock concert in NY on the 28th of Sept and on the weekend, Oct 1,and 2nd, he is already in a relationship with Blake?

    You almost sound like a tabloid.

  121. Dana M says:

    #85: I like your theory!! LOL!

  122. fwiw says:

    Reynolds, Cooper, Gosling, and others seem to sex up with the same women (i.e., Blake & Olivia) and then pass them around amongst each other. They all use each other for sex and publicity. It’s really sad and pathetic.

    Wonder if Blake and Olivia realize how desperate they look. These girls are not the type you take home to mom, they aren’t even good enough to walk the red carpet with because I don’t see any of these guys willing to do that. They just don’t take them seriously.

  123. Marie says:

    I really think they were a #cutenhot couple.
    And the reasons of break up, that the rp says, seems to simple to be true. i hope they could talk face to face and fixe things (xy)
    He will go back for US to the premerie of J.Edgar in 18 this month so….

  124. Ck says:

    I’ve often wondered if there is a relation to laney’s blind which was obviously about Weinstein and how he uses actresses.. And the gambling rings these guys partake in.. And a degree of “prostitution” (for a lack of better words) where they trade these starlets (Gretchen mol, Blake, Olivia, etc..).. I sound so conspiracy theorist right now hahah but there seems to always be a fishy quality to these relationships like it’s all just part of a game… And the girls bank big with an “a-list” lifestyle without actual a-list talent.. I dunno.. A thought on my train ride home hahah

  125. Chris says:

    It’ll be intersting to see if Blake can manage to get herself an upgrade. Leo on the other hand will just get another vapid supermodel.

  126. Cammie says:

    I think a vapid Supermodel is better then a Vapid, plastic c-list actress who uses everything but talent to climb. Blake is never going upgrade because All the IT actors know her rep as a Hollywood Bicycle..get your ride then jump off..

    They don’t take her seriously, because they realized how fake she is inside n out…

    Ryan Reynolds won’t take a person like her seriously, her PR team is trying to link them for PR…

    I think Bar and Gisele are both better then Blake, aleast they are natural and don’t lie about nude pics..

  127. LuckyLilGem says:

    He’s going back to Bar Refaeli

  128. blah says:

    Maybe Leo heard that Canalis is onthe market again, just sayin’

  129. Carolyn says:

    Oh I’ll be cross if Blake scores Reynolds. He’s supposed to be with Sandra. Surprised that DiLively fizzled so quickly. Who will she trade up to now? I like the conspiracy theories others have noted. I don’t like Blake (she’s untalented) however I hope she got something she wanted out of the relationship too – at least some nice jewellery.

  130. Lady_Luck says:

    Just like the Elisabetta Cannalis and “Cray Cray” Stacey Kiebler, Blake is attracted to the committment-phobic, womanising types and has to ultimately pay for that. They rise to the challenge of getting them over their committment-phobia by being the ultimate woman, but it’s just never gonna happen. C’mon girls, you know you really want a bespectacled, less famous chubby guy with a good heart. Yeah right 😀

  131. Chris says:

    “I think a vapid Supermodel is better then a Vapid, plastic c-list actress who uses everything but talent to climb.”

    Pft. If it was that easy everybody would be doing it.

  132. Gringo says:

    Natural my arse
    Bar is as natural as Pamela Anderson
    And she is widely known as a whore in ISRAEL.
    No matter what ish her fans/reps who are always on Blake sites post here

  133. Dudette says:

    Blake never seemed that interested in Leo to me. Think Leo might have gotten his fingers burned with this one, which makes a change. Blake will clearly move on quickly and maybe with Ryan Reynolds. After Affleck, Reynolds is probably the one she wants the most for whatever reason. Gosling and Dicaprio were just pit stops along the way.

  134. shay kay says:

    The world is rotating on it’s axis again!Never thought for a minute that Blake was the real deal for Leo.I still have more trouble with why he was so public with her than why he broke up with her.
    BTW who’s an upgrade from Leo?For me, he’s on a short list as far as talent and being a major Hollywood power.

  135. BlackMamba says:

    Tears. They were my fave couple! They might get back together, after all Leo is know to do the whole make-up and break-up thing with his girls. In case they are dunzo for good I’m shipping Rihanna(now THAT would be a hot,exiting and powerfull pairing, you already know princess RiRi would keep him on his toes!) or we can go the safe route that Leo always takes and go with Jennifer Lawrence(Pretty, blonde, tall and very young).

  136. Imelda says:

    Sorry why do we always have to diss the girls in these scenarios.
    Leo isn’t all that – lately he reminds me of Mr Potato Head. With his little squished up head. And honestly I wouldn’t…..

  137. Original Tiffany says:

    Bar wasn’t manly looking though, for whoever said he went for that type.
    Just please stay away from Doutzen.

    Leo would look so much better if he didn’t have a Charlie Brown head. That’s it, right? Charlie Brown head. Totally round. He needs a Lucy to kick his ass.

  138. M says:

    Hi there.

    @100 who commented on Leo and Kate. I wish you were right about them getting together but this has been said so often and never happened so I don’t think so.

    He’s too busy dating young, vacuous girls (he is already being linked to 21 year old Aussie model Alyce Crawford) and she is daring a (still married) man who thought it was a good idea to change his name to Ned Rocknroll!

    If they wanted to give it a go, I would n’t be adverse to the idea though.

    I would LOVE to know what the engraving on the ring he gave her says.

  139. Marie says:

    No one can see a beautiful artist (man or woman) single that immediately get linked to some one else.
    I think both could and have to had friend and hang out with them.. but this don’t mean they actually are in a relationship to every person they talk to.
    Gossip always be gossip!!

  140. Lou says:

    kc: Nobody is coming down on Sandra Bullock. I like her a lot. She is great. But she should make up her mind on whether she wants to be America’s sweetheart or somebody’s sweetheart. Is she going to announce that she’s engaged to Reynolds at 55? She should grab him while she can. Otherwise others might step in.

    Imelda: I agree with you on Dicaprio. I am even starting to doubt his acting capabilities. I watched the J. Edgar trailer and was very disappointed.

  141. serena says:

    TOLD SO.

    I knew it would happen sooner or later, Blake is such a vapid girl..meh, she is totally replaceable. Not Leo though.

  142. Chris says:

    Alyce Crawford come on down.


  143. Caz1310 says:

    Chris you stole my thunder – yes, Aus media is reporting Leo is on with Alyce. A leopard doesn’t change his spots. See ya Blake!

  144. Thea says:

    Who did not see that one coming? Since she has no penis, why would he bother with her.