Evan Rachel Wood in leather Gucci: overworked or totally chic?


These are some new photos from last night’s NYC premiere of The Ides of March. For whatever reason, Ryan Gosling wasn’t there. Neither was George Clooney’s official girlfriend Stacy Keibler. Coincidence?!? Are the Gosling and the Keibler off somewhere, laughing about poor, sad Clooney? Probably not. Anyway, Clooney looked nice. Whatever, talking about dudes’ fashion is usually pretty boring. I will say this, though – I LOVE the navy background that they’ve been using for the ‘Ides’ premieres. Everybody looks so sharp and awesome against that navy background. Anyway…

Evan Rachel Wood made the biggest impact, style-wise, last night. Her leather dress is Gucci. I don’t know who did the hat. Thoughts? I… don’t like it. I think I understand the look ERW is trying to achieve – like, a modernized version of some kind of mid-to-late-1970s Annie Hall-inspired boho, right? Tailored but fluid, vintagey but new. I think the dress would be more interesting without the neck bustle/bow, and I think the look in total might be better served without the hat. Plus, Evan’s makeup is WAY overdone. Much too much, especially for someone so young and fresh.




Marisa Tomei in navy (I don’t have the designer ID). I like her dress a lot, and I really like it on her. Her style has been faltering throughout this publicity tour, but this looks really great on her.


And here’s just a touch of Philip Seymour Hoffman. That’s his baby-mama/girlfriend Mimi.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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38 Responses to “Evan Rachel Wood in leather Gucci: overworked or totally chic?”

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  1. Eve says:

    Too much. Too much leather, too much make-up…and it feels like someone patted her on the head and smashed the top of her hat.

  2. Auds says:

    Only Clooney looks decent in these photographs. As for Seymour Hoffman. I can’t handle looking at him.

  3. Loq says:

    She looks so stupid, I hate her style.

  4. Anon says:

    I’m sorry, Tomei looks awful.

  5. The Original Mia says:

    I’ve loved most of her red carpet looks for Ides of March, but not this one. She looks like Carmen San Diego.

  6. sasa says:

    Tomei has 3 different shades of navy on her, crazy cuffs, black (?) belt and shoes. Or is it just my monitor that’s putting all those colors out?

  7. Pyewacket says:

    Wood looks ridiculous.

  8. Danziger says:

    Too much whatsthatcolor. Shoes, hat, fress thingy, LIPS. All burgundy. Tomei’s dress is horrible as well.

  9. Waldemar says:

    The navy dress (Marisa) is from Preen Fall 2011


    The model looked better.

  10. Liz says:

    Idk – something about this whole look makes her appear older, and not in a sophisticated manner…

  11. Nicole says:

    I like it she looks like the Charlie perfume commercial.

  12. Pamela says:

    ERW… It is almost like she is wearing that neckline to say “yes, this neckline is hideous and just way too much but I am pretty and slim enough to get away with it.” Except–no one is *anything* enough to get away with that.

    If it was a v-neck, something that exposed more collarbone–I think the dress could have worked much better.

  13. Micah says:

    Pretty, but not one of her best looks.

  14. Hautie says:

    It is time for Phillip to dye his hair back to auburn. (It looks like he is dyeing the eyebrows.) There is no reason for him to look like a 70 year old. Is he even 45 yet?

    I like ERW… but I am puzzled by this dress. But I don’t find it tragic.

    I am happy that she at least is trying to find new interesting things to wear.

  15. ladybert62 says:

    Yikes – these clothes are awful and I just remembered why I dont like hats!

  16. bros says:

    sorry, but marissa’s outfit is TERRIBLE and it will show up on gofugyourself. ewwww

  17. kara ann says:

    Woods clothes are usually too costume-y for me and this is a great example of that. She is young and has a striking face there is no reason for her to appear in a fussy-uncomfortable-try-to-hard outfit. Is the girl just dying to be called “fashion forward” or “fashionista”?

    Tomei is a fail too. I do find her beautiful now even more then when she was younger. I believe it’s because I’ve been so bombarded by filler-botoxed-face lifted scary women for so long.

  18. danielle says:

    I like it.

  19. UKHels says:

    she never looks ‘bad’ as such but for me it’s a pretty hideous outfit

  20. Agnes says:

    Love the hat! But that leather dress (coat?) with A BOW? I just can’t with that.

  21. Mikki says:

    I would like ERW’s dress better without the bow…seriously, are we going back to that trend again? Please god no!

    Marisa’s dress looks pieced together from a different outfits. I swear I had a sweater like that when I was younger with the fake collar and cuffs attached! Like her shoes though!

  22. Jacqu says:

    I think without the hat it would be okay. Though it’s nice to see someone experimenting and not just going for “here are my tits and as*”

    I’m looking at you Lively.

  23. Happy21 says:

    Awful! That is hideous. A joke?

  24. oklady says:

    where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Oh, wait! it’s not Halloween yet!

  25. mackavoy says:

    Male vote:

    Tomei looks … bad. Not flattering.

    Wood? Her strongly masculine face is not really appealing to me. She’s ‘pleasant’ looking, but never attractive. Her clothes don’t help. Confidence is NOT everything. She has it, but doesn’t have ‘it.’

  26. almond says:

    It looks like she’s trying way too hard to be original, edgy and fashion-forward. It completely eclipses her natural beauty. Of course, those down-her-nose-looking facial expressions aren’t helping either. She’s my age but she seems to be in her late 20s to early 30s. All that make up is completely unnecessary. Shouldn’t its purpose be to enhance what is already there? Here it looks like it was applied with a shovel. She must spend an hour before bed taking all that crap off. I won’t even mention the long-term damage to her skin.

    Marissa’a dress is awful. A geometrical, detail-overload mess.

  27. bored says:

    That hat is way too much

  28. Green_Eyes says:

    Way too much leather… And what happened to Marisa? She usually is so cute.. Way to old of a fugly dress for her!

  29. yaya says:

    I thought this was Julie Andrews at first. But I wondered if she had her face rotated inside out to look 50 yrs younger. Great advertisement for Lifestyle Lift.

  30. smh says:

    this colour is a bit better on her.

  31. KKola says:

    ERW looks absolutely FABULOUS!! I’m loving her style lately. In this skanky world of show everything, I appreciate a woman who knows how to be a woman. I would totally rock this! It’s elegant.

    Marisa looks like a slob. For someone that beautiful, she could’ve done better.

  32. DrM says:

    I like the outfit as well. And the hat looks fab. Yes its ‘costumey’ as someone pointed out…but girl is an actress and if she can’t get costumey who can??? LOL

  33. Redd says:

    ERW is ab fab; Marisa just can’t seem to get it together lately. PSH, meh.

  34. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Too much, She looks beautiful, I mean what a face but even that could not save this horrible style choice.

  35. Jen34 says:

    Only CLooney looks good. EWR isn’t pretty anymore.

  36. Twez says:

    It looks like she got that hat from the set of “Maude,” circa 1974.

  37. Memphis says:

    Wow… that’s a whole lotta of ugly for one premiere.

  38. Carolyn says:

    #24 Carmen Sandiego…hehe nailed it in one. It’s that hat. I don’t get it ERW is gorgeous and young – why does she dress and get styled so old-looking?