Stacy Keibler isn’t content “just being George Clooney’s arm candy”


As I keep telling you, Stacy Keibler is CRAZY. I don’t remember any of Clooney’s previous girls aggressively pushing these kinds of “we’re so in love, we’re getting married and having a baby” stories so quickly into the relationship. Sure, Elisabetta did it sometimes, and yes, Sarah Larson definitely thought it was going to happen – but that was right before Clooney axed them. So how is Stacy getting away with it? Is it because Clooney has forgotten what it’s like to be with an American girl? It is because he’s just enjoying the first flush of a new girlfriend and he’s not paying attention to how crazy she is? Is it because Stacy has an absurd amount of self-confidence and she just gets away with crap because of it? I don’t know. But I know that this story made me roll my eyes harder than Kristen Stewart:

Stacy Keibler has taken the reins in their relationship and George Clooney is putty in her hands, say sources.

“Stacy has taken complete control – she’s the boss,” revealed a close source. “And George – much to his surprise – likes the role reversal. He had always laid the groundwork by immediately informing girlfriends of his ‘won’t’ list: He won’t get married, he won’t use his clout to help their career, and he won’t have kids.”

“But Stacy is a force to be reckoned with. She started off by playing hard to get and blew off George’s first requests for a date before relenting. Within weeks of hooking up, George presented her with a key to his Studio City home – something he never offered any other girl.”

“But Stacy often passes up spend-the-night invites because she says she prefers sleeping on her own and having her own space. Her arm’s length attitude has completely blown George away and turned him into a lovelorn puppy dog trailing after her!”

Stacy is also pressuring Clooney to violate his own commandment and have a baby with her.

“Stacy has made it clear she won’t be happy just being his arm candy,” disclosed the source. “When they went to Toronto, Stacy didn’t cling to George. She held her own with famous folks like Bono, talking about weighty topics including world famine. Meantime, George waited on Stacy hand and foot, refilling her drinks and bringing her food while she socialized with his friends. He’s already fallen in love with how self-assured and smart Stacy is, a woman strong enough to stand up to him.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

I know I said I’d give Stacy a chance, just for the sheer joy of seeing how Clooney handled this one, but I’m just going to say it right now: I can’t wait for him to dump her. She’s absurd. These stories that she’s planting (and trust me, she’s planting a lot of these stories) are ridiculous. A former wrestler whose claim to fame is Dancing With the Stars is now some policy-wonk who can hold her own amongst Clooney’s assorted friends? Rii-ight. And she’s “in charge”…? And she “plays hard to get”? Bitch, please.





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  1. Eve says:

    Stacy Keibler isn’t content “just being George Clooney’s arm candy”

    If she’s seriously expecting anything more than that from this relationship, she’s going to be awfully disappointed then.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Then she’ll have to be content being his FORMER “arm candy.”

  3. Bubulle says:

    This story is ludicrous, just ludicrous.

  4. Anne says:

    Oh Stacy.

  5. brin says:

    The “close source” being Stacy, right?
    *Mornin, bellaluna!*

  6. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    Oh, Stacy.

  7. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Hmmm IDK. Tabloids make up crap all the time. Just because Stacy isn’t A list or anything does that mean we have to assume she is talking to tabloids? I just can’t think that bad of people. I just don’t wanna throw Stacy under the bus, not until she actually deserves it.

  8. RocketMerry says:

    That dress would have been awesome had it been
    a)longer, at least knee length
    b) a different color
    c) not so sparkly
    Of course she chose it because it was too short, too shiny and a completely off putting color.

  9. MarenGermany says:

    second pic she is walking in front of him, and as we were granted to learn yesterday that means she is in control.
    accidental photos dont lie.

  10. Kit says:

    This is the beginning of the end for her as Clooneys piece IMO

  11. Talie says:

    “And George – much to his surprise – likes the role reversal.”

    This isn’t a surprise if one reads certain blind items about him.

  12. whocares says:

    What a crock of shit!!!

    Another one of George Clooney’s piece of ass claiming she’s got George right where she wants him!

  13. Quest says:

    Poor Stacy, she is in denial until the eventuality of the limited life with Clooney hits her like a brick

  14. Elizabeth says:

    @ the original bellaluna
    Spot on, as the Brits say. And a 1st class bitchy comment. You never disappoint, dear!

  15. Kimbob says:

    Oh the stories appearing today are really some of the cheesiest! If Cray-Cray is behind this story…I dunno….I’m sure the contract she signed w/George has a kiss-of-death clause in it somewhere.

    These “Clooney hook-ups” are all just for public image/consumption anyway. But if stories like the above keep popping up, he’d be well-advised to push the eject button.

  16. madpoe says:

    I would not have thought to look for her in any “candy” aisle. nope. paper towel aisle? frozen section. not arm candy section.

  17. monette says:

    Is Cray-Cray’s publicist the same as Blake ‘s? Do Cray-Cray and Blake use the same dating book rule? I’m waiting for the day we’ll hear that Clooney bagged Cray-Cray to marry him but she wasn’t ready to commit.
    Bitches should just go back to dating C-listers cause they are way out of their leagues. This is really starting to piss me off. All this skanks talking about empowerment and independence, just admit you are a whore and stop insulting my intelligence.

  18. Cerulean says:

    Oh sweet Lord this trick has lost her mind. She is going down fast. Just watch him pull the lever to the shoot that sucks these fools to oblivion.

    His dating life is a spectator sport. Wonder what the odds are in Vegas. Will Stacy make it to the Oscars?

  19. stella says:

    She’s his Ava Gardner.

  20. UKHels says:

    ‘talking about world famine with Bono’


    sounds like a blast!

  21. Sue says:

    I don’t understand why these women date him, expecting him to change. I have a couple of friends who definitely don’t want kids, but would marry if they found the right guy. Why would you date someone who tells you, flat out, that it ain’t gonna happen? If it were me, I would feel that he doesn’t think I’m important enough in his world to make that commitment. There are a lot of good looking guys, younger guys,that you could pick from – rather than an old geezer….

  22. jinni says:

    Keibler and Clooney weren’t friends for a while before they “got together”? If so, I think that she’s doing him a solid. Basically, she probably is putting all of these stories out there, but only because that’s the way Clooney wants it. Hasn’t everyone pretty much said how his “game” is so predictable? Well, I’m sure his pr team knows about this sentiment and has convinced him to change it up. That’s why she’s doing all of these things that are making people scratch their heads. This is probably what he wants. He’s switching it up just enough to throw people off the scent of his typical pr crap, but not being so obvious about it like Leo and Blake’s pr relationship.

  23. beany says:

    laugh my azz off

  24. Denise says:

    Liberal George Clooney’s hired piece; pathetic. The keibler elf has set women’s rights back 30 years. They are both pathetic.

  25. birdie says:

    she just gets the blake lively treatment. he is with her to make her famous

  26. podzol says:

    Cue George&Stacy breakup in 3, 2, 1…

  27. zinjojo says:

    @RocketMerry — you’re right on about the dress. My first thought as I looked at it was “not as bad as her usual” but that was before I had scrolled enough to see how short. I also thought if it were in a different color, not sparkly and a little longer it wouldn’t be horrible. That’s not saying too much.

    Also, if Clooney was that dead on serious about not having children, wouldn’t he have had the snip to make sure that it doesn’t happen? I realize that’s total speculation, but I know if I were in his position and truly did not want a kid, but was sleeping around with women who just might “accidentally” get knocked up, I’d be sure it wasn’t going to happen.

    And last thing, what does she do to support herself, does she have a profession? Does she even work? Has she since DWTS? And that was how many years ago?

  28. Original Tiffany says:

    So tumbleweed head is content to be his ex instead???

  29. Truthful says:

    sooooo, she’s trying to get marriage and a baby added into the contract?


  30. anne_000 says:

    She’s going to land Clooney like Simon Cowell’s ‘fiance’ is going to land Simon too… *cough*….

  31. Mandi says:

    It’s called PR, folks. I don’t believe they are a couple. I also think the Enquire story is completely fabricated. Who says these kinds of things so early on in a “relationship?” I call Stacy and Clooney both on their BS.

  32. Debsa says:

    George the forever bachelor thingy is getting old… and WHO is dressing Stacey, Rachel Zoe is required ASAP!

  33. Aqua says:

    Not that I believe this story but sometimes I wish these celebrities would read these gossip web sites so that they know what people really think about them and their antics or so called antics.Even though I know they really don’t give a shit!

  34. Sumodo1 says:

    Not as if George and Stacy hang with the same crowd, right? What do you want to be that this is all a publicist’s arrangement including contract? C’mon people!

  35. C.Lynn says:

    So Clooney thinks Stacy is “smart”?
    Anyone who has read her twitter knows otherwise. She has about the same IQ as Paris Hilton.

    Oh, and by the way, Stacy isn’t confident, she’s a narcissist. There’s a difference.

  36. Poppy says:

    The whole story is BS x10.

  37. Esol Esek says:

    Run George run. If you’re going to settle down, don’t do it with an american psycho Mommy Dearest.

    This chick will take your money, and soon. She will lie about birth control.

    Stick with the europeans. Find a nice German, Danish, scandinavian girl.

    Get away from this yukmouth.

  38. LucyOriginal says:

    “A former wrestler whose claim to fame is Dancing With the Stars is now some policy-wonk who can hold her own amongst Clooney’s assorted friends? Rii-ight. And she’s “in charge”…? And she “plays hard to get”? Bitch, please.”

    Right on Kaiser! I agree with you, she is the source of these stories and methinks CLooney let her maintain her cray cray world, so she will have enough rope to hang herself and get dumped. The worse/funny part of this “report” is that he thinks she is smart…lol

    By the way, she was not at the premiere of Ides of March in NYC, but his parents were. I think this relationship is over or about to end since canalis already got voted off from DWTS and is (allegedly) dating someone else…

  39. crtb says:

    ha ha ha

  40. Cherry Rose says:

    All I can say is, run far far away from this one George! This one is definitely crazy, and not in the good way.

  41. observer says:

    Complete and total b.s., no doubt from one of Cray Cray’s press releases. She’s not dating Clooney, and that’s why she says whatever she wants in her idiotic press releases. This one’s dimmer than a doorknob.

  42. the original bellaluna says:

    Elizabeth – Thank you. Not deliberately trying to be bitchy (it just comes natural – Mum used to tell me I should give “bitch lessons” – what does one charge for those, anyway?) but being honest.

    If she thinks, for one second, that she’s going to be “the one” to change him, she will definitely end up sitting on the curb, head in hands, wondering WTF just happened.

  43. No way says:

    She and her publicist are done. Going to miss Cray Cray a.k.a. Tumbleweed great names!

  44. F5 says:

    Still a step up from that skeletor from DWTS ب_ب

  45. Birdy says:

    Yes she is so in control and in charge that he left her in LA to go promote his new film in NY then he is travelling internationally to sell it and she doesn’t get to go, pose on any of his red carpets or be seen with him in a date like scenario. Because every time they have been spotted or leaked to the press as being “together”, it has always been in a group situation.

    No great love here, just a fling that won’t get a hint.

  46. HeidiBitchy says:

    He has really bad taste in women.

  47. Ja says:

    So she holds her own by discussing the world famine with Bono….. Wow, just wow!

  48. laura says:

    she’s not even remotely cute

  49. laura says:

    …where is stan?

  50. ani says:

    I like Stacy and I think Clooney would be an idiot for not marrying her. He has been playing women too long and I don’t know why people don’t like her…. I will check out her Tweets, but come on, I am glad she was talking poverty with Bono. That is a good thing, she has compassion for others…. Why should women just be “arm candy” for rich, old dues who just want to further their own career? George does sound like he makes “deals” and “contracts” with women with his “won’t list”, at the same time, I can understand it because he is afraid of getting used. Stacy looked better than every other woman at the Golden Globes, stunning, classic and graceful. All of these others women try too hard and just don’t own it, it’s like they are playing dress-up. Stacy fan here! (I am just a regular fan of Hollywood and wanted to thrown in my two cents).

  51. ani says:

    dudes not dues~ sorry! and throw in my two cents, not thrown!