Ryan Gosling brought his bad dog to yoga class, where it peed in the corner

I have the feeling that there will be little interest in this story, but I find it hysterical and couldn’t resist. It dovetails nicely with Kaiser’s story about Gerard Butler’s pampered dog, too, because here’s another Hollywood player treating his dog nicer than the women he dates. (I didn’t do this story to copy Kaiser or anything, we just coincidentally have two dog stories today. Great minds!)

So Ryan Gosling has this big dog, George, that he adores and has been seen carrying around. He even brought his dog with him on the Jimmy Fallon show, where George was sporting a mohawk. (Really, you can see that here.) Ryan loves his dog so much that he’s brought him with him to yoga class. George of course disrupted everyone while they were trying to work out, probably by sniffing their butts when they were in the downward dog position. (yuck yuck!) Then George meandered over and peed in the corner, causing the instructor to order him out of the room. Ryan had the gall to bring George back another day to class though, where George was promptly banned. Bad dog!

Ryan Gosling… has been causing a ruckus in his West Hollywood yoga class by bringing along his beloved pooch George – who interrupts workouts by pestering people, barking and even marking his territory!

“Ryan is a great guy and everyone in class loves him, but they find it very disrespectful that he brings his dog,” revealed a gym insider. “Ryan put a mat next to him and attempted to get George to stay on it. But it only took about 30 seconds before George began walking around and disturbing people who were trying to concentrate on their workouts.

“The instructor finally asked Ryan to remove George from the room after the dog began relieving himself in the corner!”…

The worst part about the yoga fiasco, said the insider, is that…

“He actually tried to bring him to class again,” added the insider. “The instructor immediately told him George was not allowed back in class!”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, October 7, 2011]

I just love the image this puts in my head. It’s so absurd to bring a big dog to yoga class and for that dog to bug everyone and then go pee in the corner. It’s like a predictable scene from a romcom that still cracks you the hell up. I told my seven year old this story and we were laughing our asses off at it. If I were in that yoga class, though, I would be pissed off. Hopefully I wouldn’t be pissed on though. (Sorry I couldn’t resist!)





Here’s Gosling with George at the airport in June. He’s also shown filming Gangster Squad in late September, where he’s cozying up to a bulldog. Cute! Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. lss says:

    Loved him until I read this post. That photo of him kissing that dog is just…gross. Ugh.

  2. brin says:

    This must be hot guys with dogs Friday!

  3. normades says:

    I hope this isn’t true. What an entitled jerk thing to do.

    There are special yoga classes for owners and their dogs (doga). He should try one of those.

  4. Kristen says:

    “doga”? lol That’s awesome.

  5. Liz says:

    @ lss – you must be a cat person

  6. silken_floss says:

    @lss- Yes! I don’t know how some ppl let thier dogs kiss them on the mouth! All I can think of is dogs drink out of toilets! ICK!!

  7. embertine says:

    This is a pretty disrespectful thing to do. Could be worse though, he could have brought one of those ghastly yappy things in a handbag and let it bite everyone. At least his dog is cute.
    A Cat Person

  8. Hollowdoll says:

    hmmmm…I hope it’s not true. It seems pretty entitled to assume you deserve special priviledges for your dog and be so inconsiderate of others. It doesn’t really fall in line with what I have heard/read about Gosling.

  9. Kit says:

    This is the funniest story I’ve read this week but I hope it’s not really true. Yuk!
    What is happening with Gosling? Ballet, yoga, Eva Mendes…it’s getting a bit too much for me. He’s slipping down the list

  10. kim says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t find this funny. I’m kind of enraged. As a lover of bikram yoga, yoga is one of those exercises that demands your complete focus and then some. If I had been in that class w, the effing dog. I would stopped what I was doing turned to him and said, “Just because you’re the kid from the notebook, does not mean you can bring your dog and disrupt the whole class, rude much? It’s called a dog sitter. Get one.”

  11. ShanKat says:

    I just love a man in a shoulder harness.

    I do not get dog people. YOGA CLASS? Come on. Not everybody finds your big, smelly mutt cute.

  12. Pam says:

    I don’t think he did it because he is famous and thinks he is “entitled” to. I think he is just a major weirdo who does these kinds of things. And I honestly don’t think he thinks about the (good or bad) publicity he might get when stopping street fights, playing instruments on the street, bringing his dog to yoga or whatever other strange things he does. And I kind of love him for it.

  13. podzol says:

    What’s up with Hollywood’s bachelors and their intense love for their pet? George and his pig, Gerry and Lolita, Ryan and George … even Aniston and Norman. AM I ONTO SOMETHING HERE? No more animal as center of universe= find love? If so, Hollywood cads, please just don’t give them away it via Twitter like Chris Pratt. That’s just wack.

  14. Min says:

    Seriously, people are up in arms about this? Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me. If I could take a yoga class with Ryan Gosling, his dog could gladly sniff my butt and pee in the corner.

  15. Paula says:

    OMG, here we go again with the strange behavior. This guy might be a great actor, but he seriously behaves like a 7-year old kid. I don’t find him hot or even really likeable. What puzzles me though, is how this guy can be such a wonderful actor and portray all these deep and complex characters, when he seems like such a superficial manchild.

  16. Loq says:

    What kind of idiot brings their dog to something like that? What if someone was allergic?

  17. Phat girl says:

    Of course he thinks about it. Geesh, he’s a hollywood weirdo just like the rest of them. everything you see is a manufactured image full of nothing but calculated moves designed to make you think he’s just a regular guy who just wants to be who he is and you love him for it. No one and I mean no one in Hollywood is there by chance. It takes a huge calculated effort just to get noticed, much less get famous. Don’t be fooled by this crap. Enjoy it, laugh at it, but don’t actually buy the publicist manufactured crap.

  18. Elizabeth S. says:

    Not cool. I was on the fence, but now I’m firmly in the “legs closed” camp.

    Ugh, that’s just as bad as people who bring badly behaved children along. I could kind of see the point if the dog had been well behaved, but not if it’s disruptive.

  19. Jen says:

    Ryan Gosling looks like a sweet potato.

    I’m serious. I love sweet potatoes. They are the loveliest of all the foodstuffs. And he’s a good actor.

    But his face seriously looks like a sweet potato. Particularly in Crazy Stupid Love, where he’s fake-tanned to some kind of burnt-amber consistency.

    That poor dog must have some behavioural issues if he needs to take it with him everywhere. Maybe it freaks out when he leaves.

  20. B says:

    Way too many dog haters in here for my taste this morning!

  21. Kit says:

    do you all assume this story is true then? It’s from the National Enquirer?!

  22. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Bad Dog belongs to an entitled thoughtless, but hot, rich person. You don’t bring your dog to yoga! You don’t bring your dog to banned places, and you don’t impose on people just trying to go about their business. Otherwise, you are a rude asshole.

    I love my little pure breed beyond rationality and take him for little jaunts all the time, but I don’t take him where he’s not welcomed. Good manners are in desperate need of a comeback!

  23. Paula says:

    Phat girl: I Agree, well put! He knows exactly what he is doing and he knows he is being “watched”. All these people buying him being this nice, shy, unaware and real guy just shows what a brilliant actor he really is.

  24. CG says:

    ROFL this is awesome! I can totally picture my dog doing the exact same thing!

  25. Phat girl says:

    Thanks Paula, and he is a good actor. I wish he would just stand on his acting reputation and get beyond all this tabloid fluff. I can see a talentless wannabe using the tabloids to get noticed, but he actually has some chops. I guess it’s just become the only way to make it these days. Regardless of your talent level.

  26. Lantana says:

    There’s no such thing as Bad Dogs, only Bad Owners.

  27. jc126 says:

    I think that dog looks like he’s part terrier. My doggie is part terrier, and there’s a bit of devil in all of them. Not bad dogs, but just a touch of slight brattiness. (My pup had 4 owners before I got him at age 2, so he had a rough upbringing.) So I could believe he acted up a little. But it’s hard to believe that Ryan Gosling brought him in the first place unless it’s some weird yoga place where dogs are welcome, frankly.

  28. layla says:

    What a completely SELFISH and SELF CENTRED thing to do.

    I have never got the “hots” for this guy. Sure, he can act his pants off, but his insufferable act of not trying, when its blatantly obvious he is trying is a joke.

    The mohawk on the dog sealed his “try” for me.

    I am a dog lover and take my dogs everywhere… WITH IN REASON and where they are welcomed. They are also trained to stay on their rugs when inside someone elses house, when they come to work with me etc and they know not to pee inside.

    What a joke!

  29. Erinn says:

    I’m just looking at the dogs hair… the dog looks part golden retriever to me… and you’re not supposed to shave them down. Their hair is there to protect them from the cold AND heat. Shaving it down for something as ridiculous as a mohawk is pretty asinine.

  30. mememe says:

    Well, it is not a juicy / hot story for everyone to be in arms about, but still, i would be really uncomfortable if i was in that class. And, B. i don’t understand, were do you see the dog hate? Just because i don’t like a random dog sniffing my behind, and pissing in the corner while i am lying on the floor, does not equal me hating the dog!

  31. gee says:

    This isn’t a bad dog, it’s a bad owner.

  32. Jam says:

    I love my dog beyond words, I really do, but I would never, EVER take him to a yoga class. I don’t get those people who refuse to go anywhere wihtout their dog. Like they won’t go to the movies with friends because they can’t bring their dog with. I try to bring my dog wherever I can because dogs are always happiest with their owners, but come on. This is just…odd.

    Though all you dog haters are made of stone!!

  33. moth says:

    sigh…this makes me love him even more!! swoon

  34. Hollowdoll says:

    I like Gosling. I like his funky shaped head and his acting but some people are afraid of dogs and/or allergic. You don’t need a dog crawling all over everything etc. It comes off as self involved and I take this story with a huge grain of salt.

  35. Firecracker says:

    I love this! I’d be laughing my fool head off if I was in that yoga class and I saw that. It definitely wouldn’t have bothered me at all.

  36. layla says:

    I was at yoga this morning … and if someone had brought their dog, I would have no qualms in asking for it to be removed.

    Yoga is not the time nor the place for dogs. Of course, unless its a predesignated dog/yoga class as someone mentioned, in which case, I would not attend.

    Like I said, I LOVE my hound dogs… but yoga is MY TIME.

    They prefer the freedom of the trails anyhow! ;)

  37. mia135 says:

    Cute dog, gross story.

  38. Eve says:

    I have the impression that whenever he gets some negative publicity, he goes out (very publicly) with his dog.

    More and more I’m starting to believe the douche vibe I get from him is the real thing, and the niceness is contrived.

  39. Ell says:

    Cute man, cute dog, funny story.

  40. cbreader says:

    I think its wonderful how much he loves his dog. He probably brings it around everywhere and forgot about the incident- or made sure to take the dog out before the 2nd attempt.

  41. snappy81 says:

    If this story is true, I don’t think Ryan did these things out of ego or entitlement. I just think he really loves his doggie and isn’t thinking about anyone but the doggie. I can’t blame him. :D

  42. lush33 says:

    Can I just say how much I love this top picture!! I love guys who love their dogs!

  43. whothefiis says:

    Another celebrity thinks they’re too cool to follow the rules. And you people just encourage him by fawning over his charming (manipulative) personality.

  44. Original Tiffany says:

    Sorry, skipped most of the post and comments, but the headers today are amazingly hilarious! Love it!

    I’m in the middle of a packing house nightmare! Got to be done by tonight. Living with Cirque is great, but I have to move a family of 4 every two months, and all 4 seasons of clothes, kitchen, bathroom, bikes, etc. It’s my freakout day, combined with a nice dose of valium. 14 cases!!! Help me! No offense Canadians, but I can’t wait to leave! Toronto is insanely expensive, and the weather is shit. CA here we come!!! BTW, I do love Montreal and Quebec City. But 13% sales tax? C’mon!

  45. Agnes says:

    Totally obnoxious and selfish to bring a dog to a yoga class. Ugh. I’m sure he wouldn’t be thrilled if someone else’s dog was running around, disrupting everyone.

  46. gg says:

    ShanKat I’m with you – I don’t get the dog thing either.

    Does everybody named Ryan have eyes that are 1 inch apart??

  47. anonymous says:

    I’m fallen so OUT of love with him this year. The more famous he’s become, the faker and more contrived he’s become. I agree, I do think deep down behind closed doors he’s probably a huge douchebag.

  48. Kelly says:

    I met his staged, fake ,pretend girlfriend Eva Mendes twice and she’s pure trash. A total bitch who thinks she’s above everyone. If Ryan is hanging out with her so much, it’s because he’s NOT that nice a guy and is more like her (i.e. an asshole) then we think.

  49. Anonymous says:

    No wonder he treats his dog better than anyone he’s “dating” (that crap is SO staged)…….George is far cuter than Eva Mendes.

  50. Joe's Mom says:

    I’d rather have the bad dog than a bad kid in the class.

  51. J_o says:

    Probably not true but it’s a hilarious story. lol

  52. Turtle Dove says:

    Phat Girl (17) – Add to that that most people in Hollywood WERE the bullied, weird ones that probably ran to the arts programs because eccentricity is encouraged and smiled upon.

    We are celebrating something that’s completely manufactured. Most of these Hollywood cats are totally insecure, but we look at them as though they are the ideal. Quite a bizarre reality.

    LA’s got to be a really fun playground to be in for those that have made it and now everyone wants to bone them.

    As to the dog… it’s a little self-indulgent. Keep the dog at home. Not everyone loves your pooch as much as you do. When I was in College one guy in my dorm had a a dog that he took almost everywhere — class, gym, etc. No-one ever called him on it though because his pooch was well behaved and not as big as mohawk loving George.

  53. Quest says:

    Come on – it’s the new yoga dogie style…lol. The pee releives tension…you gotta laugh when you read this story.

  54. Callumna says:

    Love the dog story. He’s basically Shaggy from Scooby Doo? His publicist should save picture number one for the inevitable next live action version.

    He amuses me. I enjoy a dog kisser because I assume it stops there, but what an idiot. He’s actually pointing a gun at himself.

    All pose. From the smug face to the Brandon Lee pay-attention-to-camera-while-finger-on-trigger-and-gun-facing-groin shot the man’s not all there.

    The actual firearm expert around must be shaking his or her head. I don’t care if it’s made of cake. If it even looks like a gun, do not copy the brain free actor above.

  55. Jen says:

    I just read this post on his IMdb message board:

    “There is a detached, and disturbing quality to this guy, and he is also very child-like. He is almost robotic in a way. He doesn’t feel ‘real’… The people I know who are like that, all suffered from abuse. Does anyone know if he has been any info about this”

    At first I was like “wtf?” but the more i think about it, the more spot on it sounds. There is something SO off and weird about this guy. I wanna know what happened to make him act and seem so odd.

  56. daisy says:

    You remember when his old DUI came up a little while ago? I think that was around the same time he said he wanted babies. Like someone above mentioned, it seems like whenever anything negative about him comes up, he immediately says things to make himself sound “nice” and “decent.” I personally hope he is decent. But in that industry, I think everyone is a jerk to some degree, unfortunately.

  57. Tara says:

    He comes across as very smug and self-absorbed to me. You can just tell he’s completely into himself and impressed with himself. I don’t buy his humble, self-deprecating quotes one bit. It’s all just an act. Plus, he looks and talks almost exactly like David Arquette. I dont get why people go nuts over this guy.

  58. Turtle Dove says:

    Callumna (54): Good point. I didn’t think of that.

    Someone mentioned on some CB thread this lady named Elizabeth Daily. I didn’t know who she was, so I looked her up. She dated this guy named John-Erik Hexum who was a handsome up and comer in the 80s. On set he was fiddling with a prop gun and pointed it at his head. Well… here’s what was on IMDB:

    “…after a long and draining day’s shooting on the set… Hexum became bored with the extensive delays and jokingly put a prop .44 magnum revolver to his temple and pulled the trigger. The gun fired, and the wadding from the blank cartridge shattered his skull, whereupon the mortally injured Hexum was rushed via ambulance to hospital to undergo extensive surgery. Despite five hours of work, the chief surgeon, Dr. David Ditsworth, described the damage to Hexum’s brain as life-ending. One week later, on October 18th, he was taken off life support and pronounced dead… The youthful & charming Hexum was dead at only 26 years of age.”

  59. Anonymous says:

    I’m thinking he is (or was) a nice guy, but he’s definitely changed this last year or so. It seems like he’s losing his own identity and desperately is trying to become Clooney/Dicaprio/Penn and is modeling himself after them in every way of life (Gosling now being seen with untalented C-list bimbos). He’s still very talented, but he’s not as genuine and endearing anymore.

  60. Lou says:

    47&57: Agree. Those who think he is such a great actor should watch the clip called ‘My name is Molly’ from the Ides of March.

  61. Paula says:

    Jen: I find your comment very interesting. I totally agree, something is off with this guy. I cannot decide if he is just really, really immature and phony or if something else is going on. The story he keeps telling about throwing steak knives at the kids at his school, his weird fascination with death and dark themes and the kinship he feels with Winding-Refn (who is also very, very dark and somewhat disturbed) just all make me think he has a really dark side and some serious issues that we don’t get to see?

  62. anonymous says:

    I wonder if he has some type of autistic disorder. If you watch him, he has facial ticks that he does all the time. And the fact that he repeats the same stories over and over. Also, strange behavior as a child (throwing steak knives at school and walking into the street in traffic for no reason), his borderline unhealthy obsession with disneyland and skeletons. I have a family member who has asperger’s and they act in a very similar manner. I’m not trying to diagnose him, I could very well be wrong. He could just be a true eccentric.

  63. e.non says:

    how incredibly rude; if he’s that freakin bonded with the dog, let him take private lessons at home.

  64. Gabbo says:

    He was raised Mormon and was home-schooled because he was bullied at school. I wonder if that has something to do with the way he appears now.

    I don’t think he comes across as a douche. I think he comes across as an insecure and childish man uncomfortable in the spotlight but who at the same time wants it badly too.

  65. anonymous says:

    I can’t wait till Ides of March comes out and bombs like all his other movies (SO much hype for him and the only thing he’s proved is that he’s yet another actor in Hollywood who can’t open a film) and people will finally shut the hell up about him. He does NOTHING in his movies except walk around, brood, and mumble. He has the charisma of a used toilet paper roll.

  66. Gabbo says:

    @anonymous During a press junket he must give over a 100 interviews. No one could come up with different stories for every interview. Most interviewees will spout out the same old story over and over again until they sound like they are repeating themselves.

    Also, let’s put this into perspective, people. He took his dog (who is always with him) to a yoga class – a perfectly harmless dog. It’s not as if he took a gun/machete/a bag of anthrax and started threatening people with it.

    And when a dog’s gotta go, he goes. He ain’t gonna ask to be excused!

  67. Gabbo says:

    PS – I also think the steak knife story is a load of bollocks.

  68. Pam says:

    Aww, I can’t but help feeling a little bad about all of the harsh comments in here on this guy! To me, he doesn’t seem disturbed, cold, detached, robotic or whatever. He seems good-natured, self-deprecating and like he has a great sense of humor. Sure he seems a little quirky, but he doesn’t seem to me like he is hiding any crazy psycho darkness. Of course, I don’t know the guy at all and could be wrong – he could be a crazy axe murderer.

  69. Pam says:

    Gabbo – LOL, I agree, the yoga story is harmless. Had he brought the steak knives to yoga instead of the dog, we would have reason to worry.

  70. ZenB!tch says:

    Geeze poor George, he probably wanted to be kicked out before he ended up looking like my avatar. He would be happier romping around his backyard.

    If he really loved George he would let him be a dog. This is not a chihuahua he can carry in a purse. This is your average fun loving, active, rambunctious mutt. I love dogs like this but not indoors. Again – poor George.

  71. GoHere says:


    I agree with your post the most. I think he’s still really a nice guy but he’s definitely playing the Hollywood game (I believe 100% this Eva Mendes thing is a staged PR set-up and they’re not really dating. These public, leaked sightings right when he has 2 movies coming out is way too convenient and out of character for him) and he likes/wants the fame and spotlight more than he lets on. I still like him but I also agree with the other posters that there’s no need to play the PR game. He should be letting his talent speak for itself.

  72. Gabbo says:


    Yeah, I agree 100% that he really doesn’t need to play the PR game and that he should let his talent speak for itself. However, I think in some ways he will always be somewhat underrated (hence the need for all the PR nonsense) and I blame ‘The Notebook’.

    Because of that film, teen-aged girls/love-starved women associate him with Noah and expect him to be Noah in every film that he makes and will not want to see him in grittier roles such as he had in Half Nelson or Drive and as such will not go to see him in these types of movies, resulting in poor box office sales. On the other hand, men also associate him with ‘The Notebook’ and will probably not go to see his films either as they probably think he is chick-flick material and will not take him seriously, which again also results in poor ticket sales at the box office.

    PS: I also would be very suprised if this George peeing at yoga class story is even true. It’s coming from The National Enquirer of all places, and we know how truthful they are!

  73. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Alot of you must have been smoking some bad ish. Ryan abused as a child? What. No he wasn’t. He talks very fondly about his childhood and his family.

    This story about his dog is bullsh*t. Why is it that I have to explain over and over and over that tabloids make up BS. I have never seen Ryan with a yoga mat or any yoga related items. I can’t even imagine him doing yoga. Yea I could but not the way yoga is supposed to be done and its probably like the Kama Sutura and I am there…well ok thats not for anyone else to know.

    Hollywood Player??? Stop trying to ruin Ryan Gosling and turn people against him. He is a sweet person and talented actor. He is no Hollywood Player. Dating Eva Mendes doesn’t say anything bad about him. I am sure as majority of us are women we have dated some questionable people in our times so don’t go ragging on him because he dating someone questionable.

  74. crtb says:

    Way too many dog haters in here for my taste this morning!

    Really? Because I didn’t read one post about dog hating. What I did read was a lot of post about a spoiled brat who only thought about himself and not about the other people in his class. I Don’t know about you, but I don’t want to take a yoga class in a room that smells like dog pee. Dogs are pets. They are not our children. It’s OK to leave them at home by themselves.

  75. w24 says:

    Man, some of you are so effing gullible. This is SO not true and anyone with more than two brain cells would know this sh*t is made up…probably by someone as stupid as the people here who believe this garbage.

  76. Erinn says:

    @Original Tiffany
    we’re at 15% in Nova Scotia. And it was snowing yesterday, so I don’t have too much sympathy for Ontario lol.

  77. Lillian says:

    @ Gabbo & GoHere,

    I totally agree with you, he’s genuinely a nice guy,..you can put an act once or twice (for a limited amount of time to get people to believe you’re nice),..but you can’t keep acting like that all the time (it’s psychologically impossible) ,…Ryan has been in the biz for more than ten years,..the majority of people who know him , the fans who met him, the journalists, actors & extras who’ve worked with him have nothing but sweet words and praises to say about him,..and I do believe he’s a truly nice guy,..he just seems a bit eccentric or “unconventional” in his private life, we all have our own good & bad sides, we’re only human right?!,..What matters to me here as a fan is the fact that he’s a very smart,sharp & intellectual guy for his job,..most people commenting here made him look like a dumb weirdo,..he can be weird sometimes and say quirky stuff,..but as long as we haven’t seen him or heard him say the story himself,we can simply choose not to believe whatever’s on those tabloids, in the end of the day, they just wanna make up any story to sell,..When it comes to his personality, I believe he’s still a little kid at heart,..and I think that’s partly due to the fact that he’s a mama’s boy,..which is not bad, after all it’s his mom who made him reach where he is now as he always likes to mention…As for the PR, I agree with Gabbo, he’s an actor and that’s sadly inevitable, he might have been reluctant to do it ages ago,..but I think his PR team & film distribution companies put pressure and push for that kind of publicity,..he might be doing it now for different reasons, I remember after he got nominated for an academy award for “Half Nelson”, he said that he’s happy about it only ’cause his nomination would help give visibility to the film,..same with his intense promoting of “Blue Valentine”, in performing arts you need some sort of a public or critical validation, ’cause your work is for the people,..and I think he’s right,..If I were a fine actor, putting so much heart into every performance,..and movies like ” Abduction” and “Fast & Furious” are all I see bombing at the box-office, I’d be pretty upset, at both the industry and the moviegoers..critical acclaim is good, but it’s not gonna change the mainstream’s “mediocre” tastes,..and this is not only Ryan’s problem,..it’s a problem for every great actor out there,..I don’t blame them that much if they go out of their way ( & out of character sometimes) to put the spotlight on their work of art,’cause the project is worth watching and is thought-provoking not your average pop-corn entertainment,..

  78. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    It’s kind of a dick move but I can’t resist a hot guy who loves animals. Sigh. I still find him hot despite the fact I am beginning to sense his is a major dbag.

  79. Chris says:

    I was at an NA meeting once and two people brought their dogs who promptly attacked each other. It really livened up the tedious meeting.

  80. Original Bee says:

    I love how devoted Ryan Gosling is to his dog! Anyone who’s that in love with their animal has to be a good person. Compare him to Anna Faris’ husband who tried to give their 15 year old cat away on twitter. Because, the poor thing had started going to the bathroom on the floor. My cat did the same thing and I never considered getting rid of her. And if I did I would certainly find a better method of locating a new home for than offering her up to random people on twitter! Anna Farris’ husband didn’t even know the twitter follower he eventually chose to give his cat to.

  81. J_o says:

    65) Drive has already made twice its production budget. Just sayin’…

  82. No says:

    @21 Just the haters, for obvious reasons. :)

  83. Krista says:

    IDK, some of the comments might be harsh but I appreciate that this is one of the very few blogs that doesn’t kiss his ass and worships him and calls him on his sh-t sometimes. I agree with GoHere and Gabbo the most, I don’t think he’s a full-on douche, but he’s definitely become a little fake and Hollywood, especially with the showmance he’s putting on right now.

  84. anonymous says:

    I guess the repetition is normal as he has to do so many interviews in which the interviewer asks the same questions. But the ticks and strange behavior is a little off center. I mean, bringing your dog to a yoga class? That doesn’t make any sense.

  85. Anonymous says:


    Stop being naive and living in a fantasy. I saw you in the Blake/R.R. post saying that you don’t believe R.G. hooked up with Blake. Uh…he DID and he IS a hollywood player. Nobody’s turning Ryan against anybody…he’s doing it himself.

  86. Joanna says:

    Since when does the National Enquirer have true stories in it?

  87. Joanna says:

    He’s a cutie, and from what I’ve seen, he seems like he’s just out living his life. He looks like a normal guy next door to me. oh the horror of it! he must be faking! surely he can’t be normal, down-to-earth and not obsessed with himself.

  88. Hmm says:

    Eva Mendes is a well known cocaine user/addict and has even had to go to rehab for it before. Maybe he snorts up with her? Other than staged PR, that’s probably why he’s hanging out with her. Maybe his behavior is weird/eccentric for the most obvious reason: drugs.

  89. orion70 says:

    I love my dog to bits but I’m the first to say I need a break from her from time to time, say for yoga classes or other things. She rarely comes anywhere with me because I can’t relax and feel like I have to watch her like a hawk. If I were to take her to a crowded class, she too would likely pee on the floor because she’s overwhelmed or hell, maybe just because she smells something, who knows what goes through their little heads.

    Plus I feel that dogs, like children, need their alone time/time with other “kids” and breaks from their “parents”.

    I think people who believe they have to take their dogs everywhere with them are kidding themselves that the dogs enjoy or need this.

  90. palermo says:

    Why is the dog “bad”? Maybe his owner is just an idiot who drags the poor dog with him everywhere he goes and then ignores his signal that he needs to go pee. You see people like this all the time.

  91. jill says:

    This reminds me of parents who insist on bringing their badly behaved children to expensive, fancy restaurants and letting them run around screaming and doing nothing about it.

  92. Lucky Charm says:

    He scared the s*** out of me in Numbers (with Sandra Bullock.) His character in that movie really freaked me out.

  93. KLaw says:

    If he can bring his dog to yoga, I’m bringing my parrot. She will shout HELLO at people, just to get some attention. Heck, she even barks just like a dog.

    And then no one will reach the peaceful state of mind that is so important for yoga… Distractions should stay OUT of the yoga room!

  94. Eve says:


    If he can bring his dog to yoga, I’m bringing my parrot. She will shout HELLO at people, just to get some attention. Heck, she even barks just like a dog.

    LOL! I just pictured the scene and…LOL!

    But, seriously, parrots are so freaking funny! My friend has a parrot called “Joy” (named after Joy Division) and he talks about it as if it was his son, he has pictures of Joy on his cell phone and shows me almost every time we see each other.

  95. Loq says:

    Yes, there’s a 97% chance this story is entirely false. But the fact that so many people wouldn’t be surprised IF it was true just proves how weird and off he is.

    I think he tries REALLY hard to act like he doesn’t try at all.

  96. Lena says:

    Wow! Some comments in here are awful.
    It’s really easy to talk sh*t (anonymously of course) about someone just because you don’t like him. How brave!.. and classy.

  97. hatekyle says:

    to me it would’ve been greater news if ryan did it and not his dog.

  98. crtb says:

    If I took my cat to yoga class, people would call me a crazy cat lady. So why is it people here think its cute that he loves his dog so much that he takes it everywhere with him but if a woman took her cat with her she would be branded “the Crazy Cat Lady’?

  99. KLaw says:

    @ crtb, that’s exactly right – if I take my parrot, I’m the “crazy bird lady.” There is a serious discrimination problem against cats and birds out in public! Let’s petition for Cat Yoga (coga?) and Bird Yoga (boga?)! haha. Just kidding. What a chaos.

    Although seriously, I really don’t like the strong bias which exists toward dogs. No offense to dogs and their owners. I love dogs. But if I take my parrot out in public, some dog will try to eat it! (same for cats!)

    @Eve – I totally understand your friend. Parrots are hilarious! My parrot keeps me laughing and keeps me sane. When I don’t want to get up in the morning, she peeks out from under her cover and says “HE-llo” in a demanding way – Like – Helloooo there is a parrot here and it’s TIME TO GET UP. hahaha! Love it.

  100. Ja says:

    The discussion here is exhausting to read. I wouldn’t want to share digs with most of you, that’s for sure. No one died, no one was harmed and the story might not even be true. How many of you actually do yoga? ;-)

  101. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    The dog George does look like he might have some terrier in him.

  102. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Look’s like George has not been a good boy :-) I love dogs, so I’m not really going to get into the comments. People have their own opinions and I have mind. I’ll just say I dream of a world without people but never dogs…lol

  103. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Plus I’m not really a cat person especially after tonight of visiting my brother’s live in girl friend, cat’s are weird to me, the hide all day and never come out. I think there are many things people are uncomfortable with like for me it’s bad children in restaurants, I find that highly offensive but hey people with children don’t see the problem. I wish I could take my pets more places with me that allow it but I’m not going to force people to tolerate my pets so why force me to tolerate your bad children. I didn’t realize how many people on here hate dogs, not a good look and it really shows how stupid most of you sound about bashing dog lovers for one article.

  104. Lou says:

    62 (Anon.): Not Asperger, but Attention Deficit Disorder. Attended special classes and received an education by his mother (?), according to Wikipedia. Did not complete Highschool.

    77 (Lillian): In view of the above (and his addiction to zoos and Disneyland), I think that the terms ‘smart, sharp and intellectual’ are really not applicable.

    Personally, I do not dislike him but do not like him, even though I side by him, having had such a difficult start. The thing is, I find him a mediocre actor, contrary to general opinion. He seems to step from one film to another enacting the same type of character. Inexpressive/blank/flat. Lacks warmth, vitality. I know, less is more, but there is a limit. Funny how word of mouth becomes undisputable truth. However, he has a marvelous ‘spin doctor’.

  105. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    I’m curious, why would Gosling of all people need to stage a romance? Pretty much all of Hollywood already thinks he’s the bees’ knees and his talent is not debatable. His movies are never going to be big grossers but neither are Sean Penn’s and he’s considered the greatest actor of his generation. As much as I find it odd to say the least, he’s dating Eva Mendes probably because he wants to. As for the dog story, it’s just bad manners to subject other people to your pet in such a way. I’m a dog-lover myself but there’s a time and a place and yoga class isn’t it.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Because he’s still a hot,young star in Hollywood. They THINK he can open up a film. Staging showmances these days is just another form of promotion. He has two new films out and needs to keep his name in the news as much as possible. Those Disneyland pictures were 100% a photo-op and they were posts from someone who was there that night and saw and followed them and they confirmed that they were staging it. They were POSING were the paparazzi. They’ve been leaking details of their “sightings” to People magazine as well. THAT’S how I know that it’s fake. The same people who think they’re really dating are the same people who thought Jake/Swifty and Leo/Blake were real couples. ALL celebrities play the PR game now. I don’t know why you think Gosling is any different/better. He’s MUCH more Hollywood than he tries to act/ will have you believe.

  107. ab says:

    I was watching an entertainment show and they said his dog is really old, like 11 or something, which is why he carries him and perhaps why George peed at yoga. My mum has a very old German Sheheard (13) and her back legs give her pain so we built her a harness, I, myself, have a 15 yr old cat i got in the free section of the local paper (have had him for 11 yrs). I love my animals, many of them become family members. Maybe he prefers his dog to Hollywood bullshitters.

  108. Lou says:

    106 (Anonymous): Well, apparently he can’t really open up a film (two films?)

  109. Ro says:

    @105) I agree with you. Ryan Gosling is exactly like Sean Penn, a great actor who makes low budget/indie films and doesn’t choose roles based on potential box-office success. I guess people who don’t get that, are those who have only seen him in the Notebook.

  110. Lou says:

    Ro: Gosling = Penn? Never.