Paul McCartney marries Stella-clad Nancy Shevell in London


Dear God, these photos are just TOO CUTE. I love old people. I’m not saying that in a mean, bitchy “Paul McCartney is so OLD” way. I’m saying that in a “It must be cool to be insanely rich and at an age where you no longer give a crap” way. These are photos of Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell’s wedding, which just happened a short while ago in London. Nancy wore this adorable little white dress, which was designed by her new step-daughter Stella. I want this dress! Nancy looks so sexy! Paul looks dashing and handsome too – they are a lovely couple. I swear, this was like another royal wedding – Paul and Nancy posed happily for photos all weekend as they were making preparations for their wedding, and it just shows how they’re both happy, content and old pros at all of this. I love that they posed for photos coming in and leaving the ceremony too. So sweet.

He loves her yeah, yeah, yeah! After days of wedding preparations, Paul McCartney and New York businesswoman Nancy Shevell exchanged vows during an afternoon ceremony in London.

The couple, who have been dating since 2007 and were engaged in May were greeted with cheers as they arrived at the Old Marylebone Town Hall, which was opened especially for the event.

Shevell, 51, wore a flower in her hair and long-sleeved, v-neck, knee-length ivory dress and shoes by her new stepdaughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney, who also made her father’s navy blue suit.

Paul’s youngest daughter Beatrice, 7, served as the flower girl and was seen wearing a long dress under a pink wool coat, and a flower wreath in her hair.

As the group left McCartney’s home, the former Beatle, 69, joked to the mass of photographers and reporters outside, “What’s going on? What are you all doing here?”

Other wedding guests included Shevell’s college-age son, Arlen, her cousin Barbara Walters, McCartney’s brother Mike, Ringo Starr and wife Barbara Bach, and George Harrison’s widow, Olivia. (Perhaps late Beatle John Lennon was there in spirit: Today would have been his 71th birthday.)

During the non-denominational ceremony, McCartney gave his bride a vintage-style Neil Lane diamond eternity band featuring 5-carats of square cut diamonds set in platinum. (The singer proposed with a 5-plus carat, flawless diamond art deco ring, also from the celebrity jeweler.)

“They’re totally in love and thrilled!” Lane told PEOPLE in May.

McCartney and Shevell waved to guests as they left the Town Hall amid a shower of pink and white rose petals tossed by guests. “It was terrific – thank you!” McCartney told the crowd, joking with fans and press that he felt “married.”

The newlyweds will celebrate with a party this evening at McCartney’s home, where guests will feast on vegetarian items including arugula and basil salad, goat cheese polenta, savory tarts, and dumplings.

There will be two wedding cakes – one traditional and one vegan – both baked by Posh Puds Patisserie. “We’ve worked on this for weeks,” a woman from the company told PEOPLE.

It’s the third marriage for McCartney, whose six-year union to Heather Mills ended with a bitter, headline-making divorce in 2008. (His first wife, Linda – whom he also married at the Town Hall – died from cancer in 1998, after 29 years of wedlock.) Shevell is also divorced.

On Oct. 3, a beaming McCartney told PEOPLE, “It’s a good time for me. I’m happy.”

The couple are expected to have a stateside celebration later this month.

[From People]

I always love the details about the jewelry and the food. For the rings, it sounds like Paul knows his way around a jewelry store, and that he has no problems showering his girl with diamonds. YAY! The food is… meh. But Paul’s a vegetarian (a vegan?), and I’m not, so maybe that’s why I’m not all over the “goat cheese polenta” (the idea of it makes me nauseous).

I will say this though – I think this is a perfectly beautiful and appropriate way for two people “of a certain age” to get married when it’s not their first time around the block, you know? Nancy and Paul look gorgeous, but I love that she wasn’t wearing some long gown, and I like that everything just seemed low-key and about the people they really cared about. It’s nice.






Photos courtesy of WENN.

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72 Responses to “Paul McCartney marries Stella-clad Nancy Shevell in London”

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  1. Cherry Rose says:

    Third time’s the charm, eh?

    Congrats to him. She seems like a lovely lady, and nothing like Heather. I wish them happiness.

  2. Rita says:

    Very nicely put Kaiser!!! I concure to the max. Something tells me this is going to work very well. Paul just might have found the second love of his life. There is a similar “find” in their eyes.

  3. AZ says:

    She doesn’t look 51! Gorgeous lady.
    I want that dress!

  4. Truthful says:

    I wish Paul had just have kept her as a companion.

    bird legs and no pre-nup, smdh.

  5. Aqua says:

    I love that they didn’t go all big and splashy.Sometimes simple is best.They make a great couple and I wish them many years of happiness together.

  6. SisterMaryHotPantz says:

    Did she have work recently done on her face?

  7. mln76 says:

    @Cherry Rose I bet he’d say the first time was the charm. Him and Linda were such a sweet couple and spent decades together. BUT I these two make a lovely pair also. I wish them the best.

  8. CandyKay says:

    Nice idea to get married on John Lennon’s birthday.

    Yoko doesn’t seem to have been invited, however.

  9. Ell says:

    They look so happy, he’s very natural with her. Nancy looks classy in that dress.

  10. Vanden says:

    They both look wonderful, love her outfit from the dress to the adorable kitten heel shoes! Wish them all the best!

  11. Jayna says:

    She looks like John Lennon.

    I love him and glad he’s found happiness. They seem well-suited for each other.

  12. Pyewacket says:

    She looks fantastic for 51. I thought she was at least 10 yrs younger.

  13. leetruth says:

    All the best to them.

  14. Kloops says:

    She seems lovely and sane and he is someone who seems to need to be married. This should work. Fingers crossed for them.

    Love everything about her outfit except the shoes.

  15. buo says:

    Is that Barbara Walters in the red dress? She’s Nancy’s cousin.

  16. Scout says:

    @buo – I thought the same thing – it looks alot like it could be Barbara Walters! But just not sure…

    Very happy for Paul McCartney! He was an awesome husband to Linda and I never believed those lies his second wife told about him being an abuser. It appears this time he has chosen well and I wish them both all the best.

    AND I love, love, love her dress!

  17. Boxy Lady says:

    @ Candy Kay Yoko is lighting the Peace Tower in Iceland since it’s John Lennon’s birthday. She’s been doing this every year since the Tower came into being a few years ago. She often spends Dec 8th up there as well.

  18. Maritza says:

    They look great together even though there is 18 year difference in age. I believe these two will last.

  19. brin says:

    Wishing them happiness…congrats!

  20. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Congrats! But it will be over, like 7 out of 10 marriages :-)

  21. KLO says:

    I can’t believe either that she’s 51. I would have said 38.

  22. Julez says:

    Love the dress… It looks so similar to the suit that Carrie wore for her courthouse wedding in the Sex and the City movie.

  23. mln76 says:

    @KLO I know right? This is why women should NEVER lie about their age. She could get away with shaving 15 or 20 years but being honest gives her the WOW factor.

  24. Quest says:

    Amazing, Paul just don’t give up, but I wish him the best. I love that dress, quite charming.

  25. Quest says:


  26. Tiffany says:

    I thought that this was McCarthney’s fourth marriage. He was married to a woman in Liverpool when he met Linda and they eventually divorced. Eh, I could be wrong and that was his girlfriend he left. Too lazy to research, either way Congrats to all.

  27. Mary says:

    As a beatlemaniac, I would say I love him deeply and wish him the best.She looks lovely and he has always been handsome.

  28. DrM says:

    Very nice…and she is really lovely…I am happy for them both…and particularly for PM…after all he’s been through!

  29. MollyB says:

    I cannot stand him but she really, really looks totally stunning for a woman her age.

  30. Jayna says:

    I know she was stuck with a Stella McCartney design, which I don’t like a lot of her stuff. But I actually love it. Great for her age and a second marriage. But the shoes. No. I like the ankle part but they should have been a closed-toe pointed shoe. It would have looked dressier. more appropriate for the fall; plus. her toes aren’t great.

  31. Hellen says:

    I thought it was sweet that his daughter Beatrice was included in the wedding party. I hope that somewhere Heather is kicking herself in the ass with her prosthetic leg.

    Nancy’s dress looks somewhat similar to the wedding dress of the Duchess of Windsor.

  32. LeeLoo says:

    Yay!!! Paul seems really happy. All the best to them. I hope Stella makes more of that dress. I would wear that on my wedding day.

  33. Polkasox says:

    @janewonderfalls – where are you getting your stats?? The divorce rate is 40 some percent, not 70.

  34. Keen says:

    I think it says a lot about her that Stella was willing to/wanted to design her wedding outfit. It definitely seems different than HM. Here’s hoping for them! They do look happy!!

  35. Sanka says:

    His son James is a vegan. That’s him in the upper right hand corner of the last photograph. He’s looking more and more like his dad.

  36. Ron says:

    She look great until you get to the first commumion shoes! Killed it. Happy for them though.

  37. Jamie says:

    Chiming in that she looks amazing for her age! Give the shoes a break. At some point, a woman is so over being propped up on stilts and trying hard to look sexy. She looks beautiful, happy and loved, even wearing kitten heels that appear to be white after Labor Day.

  38. carrie says:


  39. luls says:

    I cant believe how young this woman looks! And no, its not because of her youthful face (which anybody can achieve nowadays)

    Look at her hands and knees!! They defy time!!

  40. Me says:

    Is that Barbara Walters in red on the left?

  41. thinkaboutit says:

    This is a WAY more appropriate match than that one-legged wench who sunk her evil teeth into him: this woman has boatloads of her own money so we know she’s not in it for that; she’s closer to his age; and she’s accomplished in her own right (she sits of the Board of the NY MTA). Mazel tov, Paul and Nancy, may you enjoy a long and happy life together!

  42. jamie says:

    Absolutely stunning.

  43. N.D. says:

    She looks great and seems to be nice unlike his second wife. Good like to them :)

  44. Jayna says:

    Molly8, you cannot stand Paul
    McCartney? WOW

  45. Jules says:

    Man, does he have lousey taste in women. Yuk.

  46. Jaxx says:

    So happy for them both. This is a man who clearly loves being married. I bet he is an amazing husband. This pairing looks like it will last and I do not believe for a minute she married him for money. He is a sweet, loving man, who wouldn’t want to marry that? May they have many years of comfort and bliss.

  47. thinkaboutit says:

    Yes, Barbara Walters is her cousin. She introduced Nancy to Paul.

  48. Diane says:

    I hope she’ll be good to him. Loved her dress (very non-Stella-ish!), her legs and shoes are terrible. Nude pantyhose and closed-toe pumps would have been better.

  49. Jamie says:

    The article clearly says that Barbara Walters is her cousin and she was a wedding guest.

  50. Mandi says:

    Congrats to the happy couple! What a beautiful bride – I’m 15 years younger and wish I looked that good! :) Macca also looks very handsome. Hope he finds some happiness after being put through the ringer by his last wife. It’s a good sign that the family was in attendance and are supporting this union.

  51. Cerulean says:

    Made me smile.

    It’s nice to see people happy. I think it says a lot that he’s not doing a prenup. Why let Heather destroy his trust in the woman he loves. I think he was lonely and grieving when H came around.

    51. Much better Paul. Much much better.

  52. Amy says:

    She looks amazing. As always.

  53. Andie B says:

    @Jayna – I’m not seeing the likeness between Nancy and John Lennon.???
    I am a huge McCartney fan, and have been since I was a preschooler (mid 70s). They look lovely together, and so happy. Hopefully this will work out better than the Heather Mills marriage and they will see their days out together. Congratulations to Paul and Nancy! Is it just the dress she’s wearing, or is Stella pregnant again?

  54. marybeth18 says:

    He learned his lesson with Heather Mills, for sure. Nancy Shevell has a substantial fortune of her own (her father was a big trucking magnate) and is accomplished in her own right- she’s not as rich or accomplished as Paul, but she’s not a gold-digging shrew. I think it says a lot that his adult children like Nancy so much and are publicly supporting this marriage. They seem very well matched and happy together.

  55. Jaye E says:

    @46…why do you say that?

  56. missie says:

    Super Cute. Nothing more to say. This is all happy happy. Anybody who finds something negative would be off of their rocker.

  57. fooey says:

    I too like the more casual approach, but come on, the dress looks budget and those shoes are FUG. Horrible heel.

  58. Acorn Paste says:

    She looks a bit like Samantha Cameron.

  59. misstrishm says:

    I’m super happy for Sir Paul and his lovely lady. She does look amazing.

  60. Adrien says:

    John Lennon’s birthday on Paul’s wedding day. Congrats.
    Is Nancy also a vegan? Because if she is, then I think I wanna become one myself. She looks great.

  61. Megan says:

    They both look fabulous. Love the dress!

  62. Unimpressed says:

    They look happy enough. Paul certainly does.. but, like Stella, I also have to ask ‘Do you have to marry every woman you meet, Paul?’

    P.S. what’s wrong with her legs?

  63. sue says:

    She looks amazing for 51. Her hands, neck, and legs are great and looks like she is in her late 30′s at the most. Good luck Paul! He married an equally as wealthy lady this time. Don’t think she is as greedy as the last one.

  64. C.Lynn says:

    @ Tiffany
    This is Paul’s third marriage. His first marriage was to Linda. Before Linda, he was engaged to English actress, Jane Asher, but they never married. :)

  65. sarah says:

    I love that his daughter with Heather was their flower girl! I bet Heather Mills is hopping mad

    I’ll never forget that Kate Moss quote about Heather hopping around one one leg like a f*****g gazelle, lmao!

  66. SEF says:

    She’s pretty but that face . . . a lot of work and money went into that.

  67. bluhare says:

    @SEF: I bet she’s had work done, and if I had money I’d want the name of her doc!

    The shoes are the weak link, but I can see why she went kitten heel so as not to be taller than Paul, but I think pumps would have been better. Ankle straps look way better with a f me stiletto heel.

  68. missanne says:

    good thing she has her own money.

  69. Kim says:

    Dress and shoes are AWFUL! Did she borrow those shoes from Suri??

    I appreciate she wore Stella but Stella has some beautiful dresses- this is not one of them. Although at her age & second marriage i am glad she didnt wear a big old gown. She just looks sick. She is grossly thin & way to botoxed/filled & dont get me started on her terrible nose job. She looks 60 trying to look 45.

  70. kel says:

    So happy for them and she is beautiful. Stella’s designs usually leave much to be desired in my opinion and so does this dress, and I was shocked by the grandmotherly shoes. If anyone else would have worn the outfit, they would have been ripped to pieces.

  71. KELLY says:

    @kim, I totally agree! I think Nancy definitely looks too thin, especially for a 51 yr old…and yes, she DOES look 51. Her legs are like knobby sticks and the shoes don’t flatter her at all..look at some other pictures of her, she has terrible taste in shoes.

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