Kate Hudson goes brunette for a serious film: budget wiglet or flattering?


If this isn’t one of the most awful wigs I’ve ever seen. Surely this isn’t Kate Hudson’s real hair, right? Because this junk is busted. I think Kate has done shades of brunette before, although I honestly can’t recall any big Kate-as-a-brunette style moment. She’s spent almost all of her career as a blonde. And now we see why, and it’s not just the stiff-looking, budget wiglet. Kate looks so much better as a blonde. Maybe it’s just this shade of brown? It’s too dark.

Anyway, these are photos of Kate filming The Reluctant Fundamentalist yesterday in NYC. Kate just gave birth to little Bingham Bellamy in July, and it looks like her figure bounced back pretty quickly too. She had a much easier time with this pregnancy than with her first one. Anyway, this film is directed by Mira Nair and it’s about… a Pakistani man who lives in America and begins to feel hatred and disgust for America. You can read a summary of the book here. Some say Kate is playing the narrator’s girlfriend/fiancée. Serious stuff for Kate… and the busted wig isn’t inspiring confidence that she’s bringing weight to the subject matter.




Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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37 Responses to “Kate Hudson goes brunette for a serious film: budget wiglet or flattering?”

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  1. velourazure says:

    the thing i washed my floor with yesterday would make a more flattering wig.

  2. Schnauzers!!! says:


  3. brin says:

    Because we all know wearing a fug wig will turn you into a better actress.

  4. fabchick says:

    Horrible. It looks like a cheap wig from the Raquel Welsh line.

  5. podzol says:

    Hudson is making a movie that doesn’t involve McConaughey and wacky hijinks ?! Praise Jeebus. But why must the hair&makeup department give her that busted Halloween wig? It’s distracting.

  6. taylor says:

    Eee! It’s Omar from Four Lions (in the last pic). He’s so cute!

    About the wig: I hope it looks better in motion.

  7. ladybert62 says:

    Looks awful – looks heavy and too much hair – needs to get a shorter, less weighty, more decent cut. And go back to blonde – it brightens up her heavy face.

  8. lucy2 says:

    That does not look good.

  9. JaneWonderfalls says:

    The wig itself is certainly tacky, but I would like to see Kate Hudson make a dramatic change with her real hair and maybe try this color once. From the first pic and the side frame it looks like the color would be flattering on her. Women change hairstyles and color all the time, I get tired of seeing Celebs with the same style over and over, take a chance and try something else. Even if it may not be as great as you thought at least you stepped outside the box.

  10. Acorn Paste says:


  11. gee says:

    …………….thats what my hair looks like.

  12. Dibba says:

    A-Rod dodge a bullet.

  13. Kimbob says:

    Awwww dear Katie…you know I can’t take you seriously even though you’ve donned this busted wig…you’ve been in too many stupid-ass Romcoms!

  14. Elizabeth S. says:

    I like where she’s going with it. I don’t like the execution.

    She looked decent as a brunette in “The Killer Inside Me”. This does not suit her at all.

    And now I’m even less likely to watch the film. I do not need ANOTHER film where I can’t stop focusing on someone’s ridiculous hair.

  15. Flan says:

    It’s a mystery to me why, but I like Kate Hudson.

    A change of color seems good, but maybe honey brown would have been better?

  16. Christine says:

    The color would maybe look good on her, but the wig is like the kind you find in a Halloween store AFTER Halloween that’s marked 90% off.

  17. oklady says:

    she looks like sara gilbert

  18. MacScore says:

    My blonde daughter dressed up as a Native American a few years ago, wig “n” all, and she looked – better than this.

  19. Delta Juliet says:


    I can’t stop laughing 😀 My hair is similar, but with BANGS! It’s more flattering on us though, I’m sure.

  20. The H says:

    Her smile reminds me of Gwyneth.

    I like her brunette.

  21. gee says:

    @Delta Juliet, LOL, I hope!

  22. Kim says:

    UMMM I just saw her say in an interview she didnt want to do any projects for a while – she wanted to concentrate on being a mommy? Another one who cant stand to NOT be in the spotlight so chooses career over family. She does not have to work nor should she with a young baby. Nothing wrong with her working but dont pretend you are going to focus on baby when you arent.

  23. Denise says:

    Busted, budget and fug. The movie sounds like crap too.

  24. newtsgal says:

    Damn! Sara Gilbert has really let herself go!

  25. Aurelia says:

    God her face is plain. Its only her golden locks that make her look half way decent.

  26. Kelly says:

    Awful awful wig and actress. How is she still getting roles?

  27. Camille says:

    She looks awful.

  28. petal says:

    She is a very plain and ordinary looking woman.
    I don’t know how she made it in showbusiness were what one looks like is very important.
    I think with blond hair she looks better than with this darker hue.
    I don’t think that she is pretty from head to toe.
    It seems to me that the only time she looks great is when she is all made up.

  29. lola lola says:

    She looks like the pimp chick on Hung. Perfectly awful.

  30. Judy says:

    Goldie was pretty…Kate is so NOT.

  31. Firecracker says:

    I think she’s cute, but definitely better blonde.

  32. JuliaDomna says:

    I’ve seen people with hair like this so I guess I don’t see what’s so awful about the wig.

  33. Alix says:

    It’s even worse because her eyebrows haven’t been similarly darkened; so she looks like a blonde in a brunette wig.

  34. Leek says:

    Her face is too busted to pull of brunette. Dark hair makes you look at the face, while blonde hair allows you to focus on the hair and not the tragedy below it.

    Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera both blonde, both ugly when brunette. Charlize Theron, Blake Lively both blonde, yet still attractive brunette. Kate Hudson would fall into the former category.

  35. LauraBee says:

    I like the hair, just not on her.

  36. Francesva says:

    She is not a natural blonde, Duh. Most blonde actresses and singers are not natural blondes they dye their hair that color. Just look at their roots.
    All brunettes: Jennifer Aniston also natural brown eyes; Christina aguilera, etc.

  37. Francesva says:

    She is not a natural blonde, Duh. Most blonde actresses and singers are not natural blondes they dye their hair that color. Just look at their roots. All brunettes: Jennifer Aniston also natural brown eyes; Christina aguilera, etc.