Courtney Love thinks she’ll marry a titled nobleman & become Lady Love


Here are some new photos of Courtney Love leaving The Groucho Club in London last night. Is she molting? She looks like she’s molting. MOLT. Sorry, I love that word and I so rarely get to use it. Anyway, remember how we talked about Courtney Love’s Vanity Fair interview (excerpts) last week? Well, my copy of VF came Tuesday, and that night, I curled up to read the whole magazine cover-to-cover, which is one of my favorite monthly rituals. I was enjoying all of the financial coverage (the article about municipal bonds and California’s financial crisis is especially good) when I came upon the Courtney piece. I began reading, and I had to put the magazine down after two minutes because Courtney was pissing me off so much. In the beginning of the piece, she’s going on and on about how she’s going to become “Lady Love” by finding some English nobleman to marry. The crazy bitch carries around a copy of Debrett’s Peerage and she’s actively trying to attach herself to someone rich and titled. She seriously thinks this is going to happen for her.

In other “Why is she still talking?” news, Courtney talked about the first time she and Kurt Cobain boned:

In the soon-to-be released book, “I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution,” authors Craig Marks and Rob Tannenbaum, interviewed more than 400 people to rediscover the “golden age” of music videos made from 1981 to 1992.

In an except from the book, printed by New York magazine about the behind-the-scenes of Nirvana’s first video for “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” singer Courtney Love recalled the first time she and late husband, Kurt Cobain slept together.

“The first time Kurt and I slept together was at a Days Inn in Chicago,” she explained. “We were having our first post coital moment, and we’re watching MTV and the video [Smells Like Teen Spirit] came on. I pulled away from him, because it was his video, his moment, he was the king of the f**king world, and he put his arm around me and pulled me closer. Which was symbolic, like, ‘I’m letting you into my life.’ That really endeared him to me.”

The singer confessed the next time she saw the video with Kurt was at the Omni Northstar Hotel in Minneapolis.

“I’d flown there to f**k Billy Corgan, who still had lots of hair. I didn’t even know Nirvana were playing that night,” Courtney explained. “Kurt and I wound up at the Northstar, and our daughter, Frances, was basically made that night.”

Love and Cobain were married in Hawaii on February 24, 1992 and welcomed their daughter Frances Bean, on August 18th.

[From Huffington Post]

Seriously, who didn’t Courtney Love bone in those days? She slept with Kurt, Billy Corgan, Gavin Rossdale… didn’t she also do Trent Reznor? She probably did some of the dudes in Pearl Jam and Soundgarden too. Maybe she made her way through Alice in Chains as well. The way Courtney has been talking about Kurt recently (like, over the past year) has made me come to the late-to-the-party realization that Kurt was simply a weaker personality who allowed a stronger personality (Courtney) to dominate him. Weird.




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  1. Astrid says:

    She’s a famewhore. And it’s a bit pathetic.

  2. fancyamazon says:

    Courtney and Kurt’s relationship dynamic was fairly obvious to me, but I think that is because if you follow the Beatles, Yoko was the same type of person for/to John. Yoko is crazy in a good way and Courtney is crazy in a bad way, but both are slightly(?) off individuals who found a weak man, and it wasn’t good for either of them. I do not think that either of the ladies had bad intentions, and I do believe that they both loved the men that they marred, but ultimately, in my opinion, both had a terrible effect on their respective men.

  3. Eleonor says:

    I think she’s completely crazy, a famewhore, but when she says things like

    “I’d flown there to f**k Billy Corgan, who still had lots of hair.”


  4. No Sensei says:

    How is it that old rival Madonna, who looks terrible, still manages to get half decent paps, while EVER SINGLE photo of Courtney (including the ones she is kind enough to tweet of herself nude) are so, so appalling…?

  5. Lucy says:

    I wonder how many guys regret sleeping with her back then now that such a crazy mess and so willing too talk about it.

    Plus. What the F#*k is she wearing? It looks like she skinned a ostrich.

  6. aenflex says:

    I remember that hateful rant that she wrote about her daughter a few years back, or a vm message or something that got published. that’s when I started to hate her.

  7. madpoe says:

    *clutches her heart* “Maybe she made her way through Alice in Chains as well”.

    Perish the thought with Love and my Alice in Chains boys!!!! Blasphemy!!! lol! Oh my Jerry Berry Cantrell! Poor baby!! that’s just made me vomit in my mouth man not cool. gonna lay down…too many tears…

  8. Lisa says:

    I co-sign on @fancyamazon, and I’ve read and seen A LOT of documentaries and biographies on this…and have LOVED Courtney since the 80s…when I saw her in “Sid & Nancy”…

    I truly think that Kurt was going to eventually kill himself regardless of who he was with…he was ALWAYS flirting with death and displaying suicidal tendencies…it did NOT help that he and Courtney were BOTH addicts from hell…it was the “business” of music that pushed Kurt over the edge…the fact that the money and fame pushed him from himself…(personal thoughts)

    Courtney was ALWAYS honest with Kurt…she loved f—king musicians whose music she loved, a throwback to the 60s groupies…That’s why Kurt loved her so much…her strength and brute force honesty…when they hooked up and became solid…that groupie behavior stopped…unfortunately, the drugs didn’t…

    That being said…I would LOVE to get Courtney & Paz in a movie together…because they are the SAME TYPE OF CRAZY!!! (which you know…I LOVE!!!)

  9. Kimbob says:

    A selfish delusional trainwreck. That’s about all I have to say about her.

  10. kieslwoski says:

    Hey does anyone have scans of the Vanity Fair, COurtney Love article? I am dying to read it in full.

  11. Linnie says:

    I don’t mind being a poster for this mundane article just to say why is this woman still relevant?

  12. bluhare says:

    Good luck with the aristo search, Courtney. Didn’t one just break up with her because his family made him, or something like that? That’s probably why she thinks she can snag another one.

  13. keri says:

    Dare I say, she looks good here? aside from the weird feathery duster, her face looks less busted. Let’s face it, she’s beating Lohan in the looks dept. And that’s like a 15 year age gap.

  14. Vanden says:

    @Keri I agree she does look better! maybe she’s not wasted as much anymore? Bitch is still cray cray though

  15. smh says:

    it hurts to look at her now. back in the 90′s i used to think she was so pretty. oh well that was before i began to consider that she may very well have kurt killed. and like many in tinseltown she’s also a famewhore who acted like she was losing her mind, but made her act increasingly more real with all the shit she used. but she never used as much as layne or kurt because they were really depressed, courtney just wanted to ride along someone’s coat tails. she just wanted to be a movie star, no just being rich but she knew she didn’t have the personality or the looks to get it, so she created this supposedly post punk persona. anyway didn’t that aristocrat youth’s family break them up? i remember reading a few months back on it. she was dating some young english prince (another impressionable dude like all the guys she was with) and kept bragging about how she’s gonna be Lady Love and the boy’s parents worried and made him break up with her. it was on ontd.

  16. smh says:

    oh let’s not forget she admits to know when she got pregnant with frances. meaning she got pregnant knowingly, but she used to say how she didn’t know she was preggers and that’s why she used heroine while she was with child. but later she admitted to some magazine “i wanted his genes in me, what’s wrong with getting what you want?” textbook golddigger whore she just wanted to rise to fame alongside with him and got pregnant so she could marry him. but she didn’t care about the life she carried she kept shooting heroine anyway! god she disgusts me.

  17. Cirque28 says:

    Courtney is definitely egocentric and deeply delusional (then again, being delusional has taken her pretty far, so I can see why she sticks with it), and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live with her. She’s a lot louder than Kurt was, but stronger? I doubt it. You don’t become Kurt Cobain (or John Lennon), by being weak.

  18. Jenn says:

    Courtney is a storyteller- always has been, always will be. Kurt was not weak; that’s a misconception. He was suicidal and unhappy but he held a lot of control in that relationship. Courtney is just kind of nuts. He held her at bay for a long time. As someone who was young in the 90s, I remember the Sassy cover; I remember the Spin articles. They really did love each other and she wasn’t running around sleeping with other men when she was with Kurt. At this point, she says anything for attention, and that’s probably why her daughter has thrown up her hands. She has never really faced her anger and pain over Kurt’s deliberate death and covers it with drugs, eating disorders, men and insanity. And it’s a waste of true talent- at one point, she fronted a truly amazing band.

  19. Jenn says:

    I see the brilliant Cirque28 posted right above me! Hello! :) I cosign what you said about Courtney just being louder. It’s true; people think the one getting the most attention or making the most noise is the one holding all the cards and it usually isn’t the case.

  20. Boxy Lady says:

    @ smh I’m actually going to defend Courtney on this *sigh* but once you know you’re pregnant, you can usually count back and figure out when your kid was conceived. It doesn’t mean she knowingly got pregnant.

    @fancyamazon I bet you meant “married” instead of “marred” but that makes for an interesting Freudian slip! :)

  21. Trillion says:

    I don’t think Courtney was slutty. She may have wanted to have been but didn’t have enough men to want to actually do it with her. She’s just not sexy or desirable. Notice how nobody ever admits to sleeping with her? Kurt was totally dominated by her. I know this first hand for a fact. He was terrified of her. I will say, though, the Days Inn in Chicago is not your typical Days Inn. It’s an epic rock hotel with kind of awesome tacky/ornate decor. Good place for an auspicious hook up.

  22. Becky says:

    Wow-keep it classy, Courtney;) I think she’s personality disordered and would never want to be around her IRL (I feel sorry for Frances Bean) but I have to say, her interviews are never dull.

  23. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    PLEASE elaborate on your first hand knowledge!

    I lost full respect for her when she started talking shit in public about her daughter.

  24. CeeCee says:

    she’s revolting with no dignity. no wonder her daughter is estranged from her

  25. Trillion says:

    Lived in Seattle in the 90′s and was in the music industry. Knew both of them (and pretty much everyone in the scene. Seattle is small). Courtney is a mixed bag. I have seen her be gracious, but unfortunately that doesn’t really make up for her downsides, IMO.

  26. Shannon says:

    Poor Frances. No wonder she wants nothing to do with her mother. How romantic to hear that her conception was an accident after mummy dearest was really in the neighborhood to screw someone else.

  27. smh says:

    @Boxy Lady Yeah I wished I didn’t write that first part of my long article lol because the real proof was in the second part: How back in the 90′s, a reporter asked her (kind of insisted) to know if she got pregnant deliberately. And Courtney Love lies a lot, but sometimes, she admits her true motives just like that. And when the reporter asked nicely she said “yeah i wanted his genes in me, what’s wrong with getting what you want?” i think this seals it for me. she admitted she did it on purpose and you know it was because she was looking for a rock star to marry.

  28. Mtn Girl says:

    @cirque28 – I agree! I read the article and doubt the royal family was *terribly worried* it was more like lady love? hell no, not at my estate! Courtney should quit being so selfish and go volunteer for a soup kitchen or something. I feel sorry for Francis, sure she would like to have a mother.

    @Lisa – Courtney was not in Sid and Nancy, it was Chloe Webb. Although Courtney did a great job in People vs. Larry Flynt. Maybe if she put more effort into actually using her talents and WORKING, instead of being a crackhead she wouldn’t be hurting for cash!

  29. Momz says:

    cash strapped nobels may be tempted, but its not healthy to hang with a viper.

  30. emilie says:

    I disagree, Kurt did not have a weak personality, he was just less blunt than Courtney. And I don’t mind Courtney, I actually quite like her and although I don’t need the details of her sex life, she produces good music and she means well. I don’t think she had a great start at life and her moral compas is a bit off track but she doesn’t deserve so much hate.