Brandi Glanville on LeAnn Rimes “My kids adore her”

In Touch has an interview and look inside Brandi Glanville’s home this week. Brandi is of course the new bitch on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. I haven’t been watching that show and will not watch it again after Russell Armstrong’s suicide, but I guess I should “never say never.” I do like Brandi and am still interested in seeing her (I emailed with her a little last year and she was so nice!) but I know that producers cook up so much fake drama on those shows. In the latest episode Kim and Kyle were seen ganging up on Brandi, sister style. We saw in the preview for this season that Brandi sniped at Kim “At least I don’t do crystal meth in the bathroom all night long, bitch.” In a later edit of that preview the quote has been removed, though, and I bet Kim and Kyle pressured producers to cut it. (I can’t confirm that it didn’t air during the show this week or that it might be shown at another date of course. All google searches on that phrase lead to the original story about the crystal meth quote in the first preview.)

Brandi may be holding her own against the nasty pieces of work on RHOBH, but she seems genuinely nice in the In Touch interview. That’s the impression I’ve always had of her, that she’s nice but will defend herself and her family when it comes down to it. She said her peace when Eddie first left her for Leann, but she didn’t go on about it. I doubt I would have been as reserved. In In Touch, Brandi says that she’s doing well in her life and that she’s “in a good place” with her ex Eddie. She also says her kids “adore” LeAnn Rimes. She could have made a snide remark about it, and one was definitely called for, but she didn’t. Here’s more.


“They are a very competitive group of women,” Brandi… tells In Touch [of RHOBH].

But when Brandi comes home to her sons, Mason, 8, and Jake, 4, she leaves the drama at the door. “I’m happy here,” Brandi says as she relaxes on the comfy couch in her new LA abode, a four bedroom escape that’s become her personal refuge from all the craziness that’s cropped up in her life.

Despite the drama, Brandi says she’s thrilled to be on the Bravo show. “This came along at a really amazing time for me,” says Brandi… “It was a difficult time” [in 2009 when Eddie left her for LeAnn]…

Not long after [her divorce], she fell in love again – but this time, with her new home, which is “humbling” in comparison to the mega-mansion she shared with Eddie. “At first, I worried the boys would be upset that we don’t have a pool and everything they had before, but they say, ‘We love this house! We don’t ever want to leave!:

Relieved that her sons are happily ensconed in their new home and that they’ve settled into a familiar routine of school, sports and “family movie nights,” Brandi says she can finally exhale and start enjoying life again. “I’m definitely dating,” she says, adding that she’s going to be a lot pickier when it comes to men this time around. “No actors, no athletes. And he’s got to love dogs.”

As time has passed, she’s grown far less resentful of Eddie’s new life with LeAnn, whom he married in April. “My kids adore her,” she says, “and Eddie and I are finally in a good place.”

Brandi’s not worried about her place on RHOBH or dealing with her “catty” castmates – in fact, they should be worried about her: “I’m pretty good at being a bitch!”

[From In Touch, print edition, October 24, 2011]

Brandi’s “downsizing” would be a nice improvement for me, but it sounds like she went through the same difficult transition that a lot of divorced women deal with, she just had the advantage of having a lot more money. Her decorating style is comfortable contemporary and I like her taste. In terms of her last comment “I’m pretty good at being a bitch,” I get the impression that she means that’s the role that producers gave her on the show and she’s working on it. I hope she can keep that drama from affecting her real life. It sounds like she’s doing a good job at that, or at least that she knows what to say to keep things peaceful with her ex and his batsh*t crazy new wife.





Brandi is shown at a party at Tao on 8/13 and out with a friend on 7/4. Credit: WENN

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  1. ceese says:

    kim and kyle are jealous b*tches, if i’ve ever seen a pair. i find it hilarious. i used to like kyle but not after this season of seeing her behave like a 13 yr old junior higher.

  2. Falula says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that I watched this week and the line wasn’t there, but I think that fight might continue into next week.

    She accused Kim of being “intoxicated” and said multiple times that she was on “something” but never used the c.m. words exactly.

    It’s seriously wretched that Kim is back on the show. My gut says that nasty Kyle convinced her to come back because she secretly wants her drug problems spread all over TV since it will give Kyle more press and she can play the role of “savior sister.”

  3. Elizabeth S. says:

    I live abroad, and most of the reality shows from America have a warning at the start, basically warning people that pretty much anything they see could be scripted for “entertainment purposes”. It’s the only way they don’t get sued. So I could believe that she’s playing a role.

    Kudos to her for being so mature. I don’t want to think about what I’d do if my husband left me, and the Other Woman was anything like Rimes.

  4. kiakat says:

    Prior to the airing of the new season of RH I kept hearing about what a bitch Brandi is. She has come across very likable and its obvious that the other women are jealous. Kim and Kyle have become ( always been?) such bullies. Oh, and Kim is obviously doing drugs.

  5. brin says:

    Love Brandi and it seems most viewers of RHOBH feel the same. What’s not to love, she’s open and honest. She’s the real deal and her “Star” is on the rise!

  6. islandgirl says:

    Oh please Brandi is just as nasty as Kyle and Kim

  7. Faye says:

    I’m glad that things are going well for the children. Having divorced parents constantly at war is devastating, and it’s good they like Leann even if the rest of us don’t. Children deserve the most stable environment they can get.

    Now Eddie just has to keep it in his pants and not eff it up. God save us.

  8. Pyewacket says:

    Oh please, like Brandi is some saint and is never a bitch! Give me a break, she is a nasty piece of work, just like any other woman on that show.

    This canonizing of Glanville is getting old.

  9. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Brandi rocks the pink and I guess Eddie doesn’t like dogs? We never see him and leanne papped with any pets.

  10. eileen says:

    Brandi could care less what Eddie is or who he’s doing over there, and always has felt that way once she found out he’s been boning bitches since they started having kids. I’m sure she thinks Leann is psycho-and how can she not since Leann is either copying her every outfit & hair style or creating fake accts to harass her? Here’s an article about Brandi saying something nice about Leann and Leann commented on her twitter this week that there’s SOOOOO much awful about Brandi that she can never say because she loves the kids too much, then some fake acct comes out today accusing Brandi of doing drugs. As usual Brandi takes the high road! Stay classy Leann -you freak!

  11. Jezi says:

    @islandgirl Actually Brandi isn’t nasty. She’s like the other women pointed out, extremely likeable. She’s gained thousands of new followers and tries her best to answer as many tweets as she can with humor.

    Funny as we’re talking about Brandi saying nice things about Leann, apparently Leann is working on her smear campaign against the mother of the boys she claims to love so much.

    Oh and Brandi threatens to kill Kim because Kim made a comment about Jake, Brandi’s 4 year old son. Any mother would go ape shit over their child.

  12. Lucinda says:

    Yeah, I really like Brandi, even though I thought I wasn’t going to. Kyle acted very cliquey and cold to her in the beginning for no reason and I think the “I’m pretty good at being a bitch” comment also refers to her being able to give it back to people that are bitchy to her.

  13. brin says:

    @Mitch Buchanan Rocks…Eddie likes horses.

  14. eileen says:

    @brin LOL no he likes Whorses! ;D

  15. Rhiley says:

    I want to root for Brandi because she has been through a lot and has handled the divorce part pretty well. But man, she makes LeAnn Rimes look like the wise, mature, stable woman LeAnn thinks she is. Brandi probably needs the money Bravo is giving her but she is doing herself no favors by appearing on television (she does make some good jabs at Eddie, though).

  16. juju says:

    kyle was my favorite but this season she acts like she’s hollier than thou, really !! losen up and get the stick out your ass !! you are not better than anybody, acting like a real bully aint pretty !! And yes Kim is on drugs that’s so abvious, totally tripping on something !! its embarrassing obvious !!Team Brandi right now she honest and says it like it is !! My kind of girl, shes looks like somebody that would be fun to hang out with !!

  17. KARMA says:

    @Rhiley if only you knew..leann is FAR from stable wise or mature..this is chick who STALKED brandi and her family while brandi and eddie were working on their marriage and sets up twitter accounts to HARASS brandi..she also got her boobs done from the SAME place brandi did, is driving the same car as brandi, and there are countless other examples that the BBs can tell ya

  18. Rita says:

    Brandi has always kept the snark towards Rimes and Eddie to a minimum and she seems to be doing the same thing in this interview.

    Eddie still refuses to personally pickup the children on his custody days and sends his dad or assistant over to pick them up. When the children have events on Eddie’s custody days, he may just take them out of town while not notifying Brandi, leaving her at the event wondering where her children are.

    As for Rimes, she’s still taunting Brandi. In one of the latest episodes, Brandi tweeted something about “red lipstick” and within an hour Rimes tweeted she would never wear red lipstick on stage….so Goopy.

    Brandi feels in a better place with her ex because she now only has to deal with his out of work douchery on a part time basis.

    Haven’t heard much from “smirk girl” since her album tanked, Eddie got fired (again), and the door hit him in the ass on the way out. Oh yes, she did cancel a joint concert with Kellie Pickler this weekend. Probably needs another vacay for the cray-cray.

  19. lilred says:

    If the supposed “grown-ups” in this situation don’t get along it’s the kids who get hurt…not the idiot parents.

  20. KARMA says:

    forgot to add i dont tweet but i follow the drama on twitter, i think its funny how the tweles are now saying brandi is obsessed with leann..WTF and i love how they are saying its Brandi’s fault that eddie cheated and they sympathize with was it Elin Sandra Demi Hilary and countless others fault too..i also noticed that they havent commented on the fact that their idols CD was a mega flopp CD went from number 32 to number 73 in a week, YIKES yet brandi who is more liked than Leann is suppose to be jealous..confused bbm face lol.. jealous of what? that the public hates her, that her body looks horrible, that her husband is unemployed and her album tanked, please Tweles tell me what is there to be jealous rant for the day lmao

  21. brin says:

    So once again Leann is taking the low road…she will never learn.
    *waving at Eileen & Jezi*

  22. why? says:

    BG isn’t doing herself in any favors by being on RHOBH? Have you seen the positive feedback from her appearance on RHOBH?

    BG makes LR look wise, mature, AND stable? Based on the positive feedback BG is getting on her 3 appearances on RHOBH, we know that this can’t possibly be true. Even people who bought into Leann’s “BG is a ******” campaign were shocked to see that BG wasn’t anything like LR and DB made BG out to be.

    Camp Leann is just upset because they have been proven wrong. They spent so much time and energy into depicting BG as the villian for being on RHOBH(to deflect from all the problems PBC was having) only to have that whole campaign shattered by all the support people have been showing BG on twitter and her blog for RHOBH. So basically LR is upset because BG has something that LR and EC will never ever have(even after LR attempted to gain that support from the public by associating herself with Maya A), the public’s sympathy and support.

    In Touch is LR mouthpiece, how funny that they did an exclusive interview with BG. I’m sure they will have a negative article about BG next week to appease LR for doing this exclusive on BG. In Touch hasn’t even done an exclusive on LR and EC, they just write fluff pieces and pseudonegative stories that LR cooks up just so that she can deny them. BG and EC are at a good place? This may also explain why LR and DB have been trying to bait BG into a twitter fight. In other words, LR is upset because BG and EC are not feuding. Which in LR mind is a threat to her relationship and marriage. Why would LR be threatened by the fact that BG and EC are not waging a war against one another? Is LR worried that EC will run back to BG if BG and EC are “friends”? Or does LR have a reason not to trust EC because that STAR article about how EC was still sleeping with BG when he was supposed to be in lovE with LR was true. If LR has nothing to worry about, then she wouldn’t be trying to drag BG into a twitter fight so that BG and EC will at each others throats.

    LR and DB have been sitting on twitter trying to bait BG into a twitter fight by using her own kids and making nasty comments about BG parenting skills(simply because LR can’t be at peace unless EC and BG are at each others throats), that makes LR and DB the nasty pieces of work.

    So how will Leann respond to BG In Touch interview? Staged photo-op with BG kids, which will result in even more backlash for EC and LR.

  23. anne_000 says:

    Brandi is very cool on RHOBH. She’s the only one that is ‘normal’ & seems like a very nice person. I really like her. Also, she looks better on TV than she does in these pics.

  24. KARMA says:

    @Why im positive that Leann will feed something to the tabs next week becauet things are NOT going according to her plan..before RHOBH aired the tweles and wewe were excited because everyone would finally see that brandi is a beyotch, lmao but now only after 3 episodes most ppl are on team Brandi, heck she even won the text msg poll against the richards sisters and brandi is a newcomer..brandi’s twitter mentions are more active than leanns and leann has 190,000followers and brandi only 14,000 lmao..then again her album has only sold 17,000 copies so methinks most of leanns followers are NOT fans..

  25. Rita says:


    Less than 2% of LeAnn’s followers actually download her music and of the 17,000 album sales, LeAnn Inc. bought a good percentage of them for $2.00 on Amazon. Does anyone believe Rimes out sold George Strait who released at the same time? Rimes rankings are a manipulated PR stunt. Who would’ve thought lol?

    On the other hand, Scott McCreey’s (American Idol) bebut album sold 200,000 the first week.

  26. why? says:

    Since the “BG is a villian for being on RHOBH” campaign failed and Leann’s “BG has deep dark secrets and I can’t tell them because I care oh so much about my bonus sons even though I’m tweeting about them when I shouldn’t” tweets have failed to get the media’s attention, LR now thinks that she can make people dislike BG by having her “fans” write tweets about how BG is drug user? Didn’t camp Leann try this “BG uses drugs” campaign once before? And where did it get LR?

    So is this what Maya A and Hallmark Channel likes about LR? The fact that she will stoop to any level to get sympathy for herself?

    LR is always saying that she needs twitter and that blog to connect to her “fans”. So then how do you explain this: Britney Spears has over 10 M twitter followers and her tweets are less than 3,000; Lady Gaga has over 10 M twitter followers and even her tweets are less than 3,000; Justin B has over 10 M followers and even his tweets are far less than LR; KK has about 10M followers and even her tweets are less than LR. TS has less than 9 M followers and her tweets are les than 2,000; Rhianna has less than 9M and even her tweets are less than 3,000. BG twitter followers has jumped from 9,000 to over 14,000 in just a matter of a week and even she has only tweeted less than 3,000 times. So you see LR, you don’t really need to tweet or blog 24/7 to connect with “fans”.

    I always thought that there was something shady about LR “fanbase”. The funniest thing I ever saw was when someone from her camp was using seveal different names to write positive reviews about her album. I would have never suspect that LR and her pr people were downloading her music on Itunes, rather than her fans hadn’t I noticed that.

  27. Jayna says:

    I like Brandi on the show, but that girl is rough around the edges. What 37 year old mother keeps bringing up the word slut. But she’s very pretty. Kyle is the true bitch this season. But Brandi has enough bitch in her to give Kyle as good as she gets. Women hate a younger, prettier woman in their midst. It shows.

  28. why? says:


    We should start a countdown. How long will it take LR to get one of her mouthpieces to release a negative story about BG in response to this In Touch article and BG Life and Style interview and which mouthpiece will LR use to do it?

    I thinking that the story will come from Star/Radaronline if it doesn’t come from In Touch and it will be released next Monday because that is when RHOBH airs.

  29. Jezi says:

    I agree with @Why if anything is released it will be Star. They seem to be Leann’s go to guys now. Leann needs to be careful because we are very good at putting pieces of stories together and getting lovely records of screenshots. It would be wise of her to stop because unlike Leann’s truthes ours are real.

  30. Celebitchy says:

    Just wanted to mention that in terms of me not watching the show, I say that because I feel guilty for not keeping up with it! Don’t feel bad if you’re watching it, and I appreciate the comments and info about what is going on with the show this year.

  31. fabgrrl says:

    Previously lived in a mega-mansion? I know Eddie was/is a working actor, but I didn’t think he made “mega-mansion” money. Was he man-whoring on the side? Is that why Brandi overlooked his infidelities, because they paid the bills?

  32. KARMA says:

    @Jezi you are right about Star..i believe she tweeted star “thank you” or something to that nature because they gave her album a good review and im like why would you tweet Star if you and edster were ranting and raving last year about the cover they did about eds cheating..hmm

  33. Stonegoddess says:

    The very LAST thing that LR wants is for BG and EC to get along. She would rather they hate each other so that she won’t have to worry about him bumping uglies with her again.

    I very much doubt that BG would lover herself to go there again anyways so LR needn’t worry.

    I read both their Twitters and LR is by far the pettiest, nastiest peice of work out there. She say she has moved on & is over it but there she keeps bringing stuff up.

    It’s the only reason people even talk about her anymore because absolutely no
    one is talking about her “new” album.

    Now she says she’s going to go into design. Sure sign that she knows the writing is on the wall for her career. All the rotten things she has done and said is coming back at her – & not a moment too soon.

    I think BG is beautiful, funny, classy and smart. All the things LR isn’t so it’s no wonder she’s going crazy with jealousy.

  34. JoJo says:

    Brandi’s mentions on RHOBH were thru the roof in support of her the last 3 Mondays. It is so nice to see a truthful and real person on the show. She is the new Bethenny..say it like you see it type person and I adore her. TeamBrandi

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    I think has been a (relatively) class act about this whole mess. (Which I know is rare, neigh, almost foreign, in H-Wood.)

    Had she wanted to bad-mouth EC & LR, she would have. Instead, she chose quiet dignity and living well, albeit perhaps on a smaller scale (relative to what she was accustomed).

    (Trust me: it seriously pisses off an ex and his jump-off. Been there; hated that; emerged victorious.)

  36. bigchili says:

    I was excited for this season of RHOBH until Russell’s suicide and then I didn’t think I’d watch it. But I have since they re-edited and there hasn’t been a lot of time spent airing Taylor and her family drama. (And I skip past that on the dvr anyway.)… So I wasn’t sure how much I’d like Brandi since Kyle & Lisa were my favorites last season and there have been reports that Brandi & Camille have been hanging out… but I have to say I really like Brandi on the show this season & Kyle is looking like a petty, jealous mean girl. (Which is making me feel a little guilty towards Camille, who seems a lot less crazy this season.) btw – Not liking the other new girl, Dana, though.

  37. lisa cariaggi says:

    Ive been a huge admirer of Brandi for quite some time and have been quiet about it for over 2 yrs but have recently begun to speak out about her since she’s started appearing oon the housewives franchise.What I find(and I think most women would agree)most intriquing and interesting about her is her refusal to play the victim card,in order to gain sympathy or more fans.What you see is what you get.Her raw honesty is indeed refreshing and although she’s no doubt striking in appearance,watching the show,it’s like she’s an everyday girl taking us behind the scenes of how backstabbing,vindictive and materialistic the lifestyle in Beverly Hills really is.We watch and shake our heads along with her.She absolutely got a raw deal with her marriage.For God’s sakes, she had 2 small children.Nearly every woman I know,including myself,dreams of a handsome husband and children and her dream was ripped away from her,in an extremely painful humiliating public way.She speaks honestly of how painful it was for her,but clearly she’s enjoying her life now .We are all rooting for her.I follow her on Twitter,and love that she responds to her fans,she is certainly no snob.The episode seen the other night was painful to watch,how she was ostrasized,but again,instead of playing the victim,she fought back.Watching that show,for the first time in my life,I was grateful(only for a moment though),that I am not as gorgeous as her,as the clear jealousy of the other women on the show,would have been unbearable for me to take.Brandi is loved and admired and we definitly havent seen the last of her.I hope Bravo brings her back for another season and that other exciting doors open for her.In the meantime, follow her on twitter,this plainjane housewife has made it a goal to get her the million plus followers she so richly deserves.You go Brandi!!

  38. charity says:

    Brandi is a fine girl,yes she is. great mother, friend and all around person N not to foget that she is happy to see her taking off and flying without any help from a man, especially a cheating man> take your time Brandi, the perfect man will come along for you. unlike your ex who could not even look around, he was corraled like a wild mustang by the master manipulator. He is probably sick at heart every time he has to do the nasty puppy with her.

  39. charity says:

    forgot to mention that is a beautiful dress up there. the flowing chiffon, wonder how long before Leann has one just like it

  40. ShanKat says:

    I like her. I like her Cali style, too.

    I’m surprised at how crazed Kyle seems this season, she was my favies last year. If those 2 batty old crones came at ME with those pointy fingers, I’d have a tuft of brunette Brazillian Blowout in one hand and a Barbie-blonde ratty old weave clump in the other. I admire Brandi’s restraint.

  41. thetruthhurts says:

    I am a follower of both women on Twitter for over a year now. I’m not on anyone’s “team” per say..BUT I will comment that any rational person who follows both women’s timelines will quickly come to the conclusion that LeAnn is extremely transparent. She has a select group of people she always tweets back to, that crazy Amejan, and Drp2u who are completely mean and evil and live their lives to continually say crap about Brandi, make her the enemy, while ignoring that she is the one who was cheated on by LeAnn’s “love.” If LeAnn truly wanted peace, she would tell them publicly to put a lid on it, but instead, she responds to them with LOL’s, etc…just enough to stir the pot. The rest I am sure is reserved for DM’s where she tells her version of “the truth” to them about Brandi. What kind of person tells complete strangers they met on twitter intimate details of her life, her husbands divorce, etc.?? Losers. She is nuts if she thinks we don’t see through her passive aggressive tweets that are directed towards Brandi.

    The way I see it, Brandi has moved on from her marriage and the love she once had for Eddie. She has not moved on from the love and protectiveness she has for her sons and rightfully never will. LeAnn, even though she is now married to Eddie, rightfully so still has an insecurity towards his ex-wife and the mother of his children. Every time looks into the eyes of Eddie’s children, she see’s not only Eddie, but is reminded about Brandi too and her insecurities flare up. She wants to be the mother of those boys and knows she never will be because Brandi is their mother. She may have been able to marry Eddie, but she will never ever be those boys’ mother. If she was a considerate, kind normal “blessed” happy person that she claims to be, she would realize that she had an affair with a married man and humble herself and be kind to Brandi even if she feels Brandi is being a bitch to her and Eddie. It’s what she needs to do to be a decent human being. So far, she has failed miserably and to quote LeAnn, that’s “SAD.”

  42. april says:

    I can see why Eddie left Brandi after watching RHOBH. She’s just as bad if not worse than Kyle and Kim. I’m really disappointed in Kim this season also. She’s turned into another Kyle.

  43. beclove says:

    This is how a loving mother behaves. Rise above and do the right thing for her kids. Leann is a total bottom feeder and needs to get some help and STFU (not in that order).

  44. Sara says:

    Seems like alot of you have a major obbsession with Leann, since you know everthing about her right down to how many records she sales to what she wears, and how many times she tweets, and you say she is obbsessed with Brandy, sounds like you are the all are crazy obbsessed with her. why do you care so much if you hate her?

  45. the original bellaluna says:

    Sara – Have you heard about twitter? I’d refer you to LR’s “tweets” but I’m not a twitiot. Aside from how many shits* she takes a day, Leann’s got it on twitter. (*Because shits require food.)

  46. Shannon says:

    @Sara, are you new here? I don’t even follow these people on Twitter and I STILL know far too much about Leann’s life because she’s such an attention whore that she broadcasts the minute details of her daily existence to the world. All I know about this situation is from this website, and it’s still obvious that LeAnn is a delusional bitch who thinks she’s God’s gift to humankind.

  47. Stonegoddess says:

    @Shannon: that was the one of the best comments so far and sums up this LR situation perfectly.

    She tries to come off as nice in her Twitter and elsewhere but we all know she DM’s people & has her “fans” Twitter bash BG for her.

    LR is really not a nice person. I re-watched the interview she did last year w/ Robin Roberts. Did anyone notice that she cried because of her “lost childhood” & not because of what the two of them did? She says she can’t live her life with regrets. That says to me that she feels justified in everything she has done & continues to do.

    If Eddie were any kind of man at all he would have told her to shut it a long time ago. He’s too in love w/ her wallet & has no where else to go if she boots him too.

    Sucks to be him – unemployed & completely dependant on her. I would feel sorry for him if he weren’t such a pathetic loser.

  48. Deliverer Of Deceit says:

    (The commenter formerly known as “Messenger Of Truth”)

    @Sara – Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?

    The BB & the Tweles charter a double-decker bus. The BB ride on the bottom of the bus. The Tweles ride on the top level. The BB down below are partying having a great time, when one of them realizes she doesn’t hear anything from the Tweles upstairs. A BB decides to get up and investigate. When the BB reaches the top, she finds all the Tweles frozen in fear, staring straight ahead at the road, and clutching the seats in front of them with white knuckles. The BB asks, “What the heck’s going on up here? We’re having a great time downstairs!” One of the Tweles looks up at her, swallows hard and says, “YEAH, BUT YOU’VE GOT A DRIVER!”

  49. Kaye says:

    That makes no since!

  50. why? says:


    What actions of BG that we have seen so far on RHOBH would be an indication of why EC “left” BG? What exactly makes BG just as bad as Kyle? Once again, the fact that BG has gotten a lot of positive feedback doesn’t even support what you are saying. Besides that reasoning about understanding why EC left BG doesn’t even make sense(especially since BG hasn’t even done anything on RHOBH for anyone to come to that conclusion), look at how Kyle and Dana acted on RHOBH at the game party, and did their partners “leave” them? Considering how LR continues to conduct herself on twitter and in her staged photo-ops then that would mean that EC has left LR?

    EC didn’t leave BG, he cheated, big difference. Remember how LR had to expose the affair to US Weekly because EC just wasn’t moving at the pace she so desired? EC even referred to LR as a speedbump.

    Wow a “different” poster shows up writing a post about how people are “obsessed” with LR just because they dare comment on LR pr stunts and how she has been SWF BG and going after BG on twitter since last week. We haven’t heard or seen this before have we? This doesn’t look familiar at all, right? You know what this means. Staged happy family photo-op with BG kids. So why would LR go through with her “happy family”/”devoted bonus mom” staged photo-op knowing full well that it’s just going to result in some major backlash her and EC way? That’s right, because according to LR the kids come first. Meaning the kids privacy, faces, and names are the first to be sacrificed to save LR and EC.

  51. brin says:

    I agree totally with what you said @Stonegoddess. I think people can see through Leann’s fake personna and see how selfcentered she is. Eddie is just pathetic.

  52. jane says:

    leann chased a married man who had kids after they had affair on set of movie. She wanted that man and went all out to get him. She was married,also. they lied about affair to their spouses and the public.,until wee wee leaked pic of her in restaurant sucking on his fingers. His wife kicked him out and there was wee wee waiting on the curb to pick him up. She probably had a lawn chair out there waiting. His reward–he now has to spend forever tied to this ugly horse person with a huge wallet and huge nostrils. Brandis reward– she is free now to live wonderful life not tied to a cheating man. She will be far more popular than Leann and Eddie ever dreamed of being

  53. gg says:

    Love all the love for Brandi. I also follow on twitter and always amazed at the evil comments from the Twit LeAnn and her twitidiots. Waves to all and have a good weekend.

  54. Lucy says:

    Didn’t Brandy get a DUI a while back so she does not need to be saying anything about Kim.

  55. 221jazz(yes is me! the real jazz) says:

    Brandi is coming into her own, that is killing the ugly duckling called Leann Rimes. I missed the episode with Brandi, but saw it today, what legs, what a body! and she gave birth to two kids!! Just wait till Leann gets pregnant, she will look like her mother. Oh! Eddie you are in for a big surprise.

  56. Lantana says:

    I can’t believe people dress like that for a party. Seriously?

  57. Kim says:

    She took the high road with that comment and that says alot. I dont blame her for being at odds with RHOBH Kim & Kyle. They are NIGHTMARES. I can see anyone clashing with them. Kim is a drunk and Kyle is a miserable beeaatch threatened by every other female on the planet & she is so fame desperate she is pathetic. There is a reason Kyle clashes the most with other castmates – she has no self esteem.

  58. Rita says:

    @221Jazz(Yes is me! The real Jazz)

    Well, well, well….heard you were back in town. No doubt, your triumphant return from Bon Jovi’s world tour. How is the Bon-man anyway? Selling better than LeAnn, I presume. Sooo “LeAnnesque” of you to trumpet “Yes, is me!” (Supposed to be “it’s me”, deary) The real deal.

    So, we’ve been here in the trenches keeping the home fires burning while you’re gallavanting around the world having uninhibited sex with Mr. Jovi and now you just waltz your sassy little butt back here for all of us to jump up and down clapping while we all squeeee, “Yayyyy, the real Jazz is back”.

    Fine, let me be the first on the thread.

    YAHOOOOOO, sessy 221Jazz fixed her hacked twitter account and she’s back in fighting form. Luv me some 221Jazz.

    How’d I do…meant it from the bottom of my heart?

  59. hatekyle says:

    i’m glad there’s someone who can stand up with kyle…i knew she was always nasty…i’ve seen her pics when she was younger and she had brows like pubes so….bravo brandi!

  60. Paige says:

    I really think Brandi is a star in the making. She has the “it factor” people are drawn to. Not only is she beautiful, but she is open and honest about her pain and how she rises above it for the love for her sons. I really admire her courage and strength and I think people really identify with her. I hope she can launch her brand (cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, etc) because I think she is on her way to huge success. I have followed her story since it went public and wish I had her spunk (and her endless legs!) She is drop-dead gorgeous.

    As for the copycat troll, since she has given up on solid food I think life is going to serve her a huge helping of crow, followed by a giant slice of humble pie. Crow, like karma, is a dish best served cold.

  61. charity says:

    Hi, Jazzy, Jezi, Rita, Eileen and other twitter buds/ THE JAZZ IS BACK IN TOWN THE JAZZ IS BACK IN TOWN. boy, have we missed you.just in time to see the career of Leann in the toilet and Eddies 3rd failed T.V. role/ Life is good. Brandi is on a hit show and is rid of the serial cheater. she is free now to find someone really good. NO WOMAN SHOULD EVER EVER HAVE TO PUT UP WITH A SERIAL CHEATER. a cheater who never show any remorse. go Brandi go xoxo to all our twitter buds

  62. LuckyLilGem says:

    Guess Brandi likes her new found fame more than her cheating douchey ex Eddie. She wouldn’t be in the spotlight without Eddie and LeeAnn doing the nasty behind her back.

  63. Jenn says:

    Brandi is a really cool woman and it shows. Living well is the best revenge; she doesn’t need her loser ex or his new piece (of…..). It’s a shame she’s starting out on this dumb show, but I hope it will lead to more opportunities for her and she seems smart enough to start socking the money away from it. She’s not a saint; she’s a decent woman who was treated horribly and has truly moved beyond it instead of being a perpetual victim or endlessly depressed. Everyone wanted her to move on and now that she has, people are pissed about that!? Karma always delivers: Brandi is popular on a popular show and living her life and LeAnn’s career has tanked and so has her prize’s. Yeah, LeAnn- you won, alright.

  64. anne_000 says:

    Last year I sided w/ Kyle because I thought Camille was exaggerating when quoting Kyle as saying “Why would anybody be interested in you without Kelsey?” I think the background for this was Kyle wanting Bravo to film her family vacation in Mexico vs Camille’s family vacation (sans Kelsey) in Hawaii.

    Kyle tried to get Kim to say that Kyle never said that, but Kim couldn’t (or wouldn’t) say either which way about whether this was true or not.

    I now think that maybe Kyle did say this, considering how she’s been ‘hazing’ the current ‘new girl in school.’

    This season Kyle has been criticizing Brandi’s little kid & calling Brandi a bad mother as well as every little thing that Kyle could think up. Kyle thinks she’s the HBIC, but all she is is a poseur.

  65. Diana says:

    If anyone has the time, get a copy of the InTouch issue with Brandi’s interview on a very generous spread. She looks sensational and the kids are happily giggling with her on the sofa. What’s even better is the spread preceding Brandi’s pages. It’s about Hollywood stars who are trying to look tall with shoes that are almost stilts. Leading the pack is La Rimes, in her recent shot (taken in NY, I think) in the brown dress … she looks like a skeleton. When you turn that page and see Brandi in all her glory, you can’t help but think “Living Well (and Being Happy) is the Best Revenge!” Bravo Brandi!

  66. Joanna says:

    I wish they would take all these housewives shows off the air. It makes superficial spoiled drama queens think they’re stars.

  67. Stonegoddess says:

    @Diana. I am going to buy it just to support Brandi. She has been treated so very poorly and deserves some happiness finally. Love her on RHOBH and can’t wait to see more.

    And, when Karma slaps those two dinks in the face, I want to be there just in case it needs help.

  68. why? says:

    Poor Leann, she thinks that tweeting a twitpic of her laying her head on EC shoulder/chest will convince people that EC is in love with her. Seriously , we all know that she drags EC with her whereever she goes because she is afraid that people will find out that her BFF Liz is actually EC sidepiece.

    Oh wait, perhaps we have it all wrong. LR wasn’t actually laying her head on EC chest/shoulder to prove EC undying lovE for her money, I mean her. LR was smelling EC shirt to make sure that he didn’t have the scent of another woman(aka Liz) on him. Seriously, where is Maya A when her “daughter” needs her, you would have thought that Maya A would have taught LR that pda twitpics of EC after she has given him his Don Julio doesn’t prove lovE. It just once again confirms that EC is cheating on LR and that LR is so afraid that EC is going to cheat on her with BG that she attempts to start a twitter fight with BG just to keep BG and EC at odds with one another.

    Poor EC, he looks like his life is literally being sucked right out of him. Has anyone else notice that EC is hardly ever included on those best beach bodies lists? Strange right because People mag, LR, and the media keep telling us he is a prize.

  69. jacquie109 says:

    I totally applaude this women for moving on and leaving the nasty comments behind. While I don’t know anything else about her I’m hoping that with this the rumours of “hate” will finally be over. Of course then we’ll have to find a new rumour to debate for months LOL.

  70. Memphis says:

    I watched the “game night” episode of the RHOBH and I. was. pissed… Kim and Kyle were such bitches! (and that “Pam” wasn’t to nice either)I felt bad for Brandi being purposefully left out and whispered (loudly) about. She looked hurt. She handled herself better than I would have.

    I’m sure if Brandi had a choice Leann wouldn’t be anywhere near her children but she is making the best of her situation and being an adult about it, which is more than can be said for Leann.

  71. DianaK says:

    Lord! I never thought I would be writing on here but this “Rita” person has wwwwwaaaaayyyyy to much info on Brandie’s life and happenings …stalker much!!! I’ve been coming here for over a year because the whole Leann/Eddie/Brandi triangle was entertaining …yea, not proud of that statement but I’m being honest. I thoughly dislike Leann & Eddie and have always rooted for Brandi. This woman has been through a lot and her ability to go from being a stay at home mom to a big star on a hit show is a testament to her, and Her’s alone, to be the bigger person and moved on to bigger and better things and this is why this “Rita” person on here is so annoying! From all i’ve read (Brandi interviews) she has moved on and is in a great place with the ex but this Rita and her clique (you know who you are ladies) really like to add fuel to the fire by making Brandi’s personal issues public. Yes, Rita may think that she is doing Brandi a favor by airing Eddie’s dirty laundry (which I have no doubt that it is all true) but in the long run it will hurt Brandi. It will hurt Brandi’ relationship with her ex, which in turn impede communication and consequently hurt the boys. So this Rita person needs to shut her trap because, be it ture or not, you ate causing more problems rather than helping Brandi. If Rita choose to stop posting intimate info about the family it will only prove that she is nothing more than a shit-stirring hag. I am in no way saying Rita can’t blog or post her opinions about the article and in it’s reference to it, but DO NOT POST INTIMATE ISSUES. Please gossip and blog all you want but keep the personal facts to yourself. Brandy is a big girl and has proved that she can handle herself physically and intellectually so “Rita” get a new hobby because a true friend would not share private info. So stop stirring the shit girlfriend because Brandi and her ex are finally in a good place …what do you think Brandie would gain by your harranging the boy’s father and making their mom seem like she can’t fight her own battles. Again, get a life “Rita” because Miz Brandie can handle herself!

  72. Jezi says:

    @DianeK And you would know how Brandi feels cause what you know her? First you misspelled her name like 4 times. Second on many occasions Brandi has complimented Rita and wanted to know who she was. She gave a shout out to her on her twitter also. So nice try!

  73. Rita says:


    Rita’s learned her lesson *hangs head in shame*.

    I now realize that I have misssed placed the blame on LeAnn and Eddie for making this all so public (including the information to which I refer in my comments), for indeed it was I who has fed all the photo-ops, secret tweets, and planted stories to these gossip sites….what a wasted life I have led.

    Thank you so much for my awakening. I will be a better person for it as I begin my exploration of a life that you will be proud of.

    So much love and gratitude for you, I can not expresss.

  74. charity says:

    Diana K ,not to forget but we all know who you are. Rita is probably laughing her butt off bout now at your asinine comments. Brandi is doing great now, and you just can’t stand it. she has been very nice and polite to the man ho and his skanky wife. You just can’t stand it that so many people think LR and Mr Rimes are washed up and over. Leanns minions are still way nastier to the innocent woman in this cra*. I will continue my crusade to hurt Leann and and Mr leann until we hear a real apoligize from the Grinch. nuf said My opinion and thoughts and I’m sticking to them.

  75. Rita says:

    Eddie’s problems are more factual than perceived and are his doing. If @DianaK had raised him better, maybe he wouldn’t be so unemployable (Misspelling Brandi’s name is an old disguise trick).

    @Jezi, Charity- I’m affraid the days of shout outs from Brandi to me are over. She’s become too big of a star but we’ll always have Paris…(the city, not the famewhore).

  76. Goofpuff says:

    Team Brandi

  77. Paige says:

    Just got the In Touch Oct. 24th edition. Brandi is stunning! The camera loves that woman. Never saw a bad photo of the Glanville Goddess.

    Um, saw some unflattering photos of other people. Check out page 18. Yikes!

    As for Rita, she is my She-ro. Cuts through that smoke and mirror crap like a machete. She hits the nail on the head every single time. DianaK (everyone knows who you are!) is mad because Rita has supernatural powers of observation and perception! Rita Rocks!

  78. brin says:

    Mornin peeps! I saw Brandi’s In Touch spread….she looks gorgeous with her happy boys! Happiness is the best revenge!
    @DianaK..Thanks for letting us (Rita included)gossip & blog, didn’t know we needed your permission.

  79. brin says:

    Hey peeps!
    Just saw Brandi’s In Touch article…she looks gorgeous with her happy boys! Happiness is the best revenge!
    Keep commenting Rita, we love you!!

  80. KARMA says:

    lmao i think its hilarious how diannaK writes a whole essay on Rita, since when are we focusing so much on the posters of a gossip blog..methinks DiannaK is mad that Rita is speaking the truth..face it honey, leman and edster are DONE..eddie has been booted from his 3RD gig since he has been with leMan Yikes and is once again unemployed and Unliked by the public, LeMan is no longer known for her music but rather is a tabloid “star” who spends most of her interviews discussing her weight and affair, as of now thats her claim to fame..her Album TANKED how does one go from number 4 selling 70,000 in one week(2007) to all the way to number 32 with 12,000 copies and is now number 73, you and the tweles on twitter cannot tell me she is liked by the for LeMann Edster and the tweles, Brandi is Winning and Karma is biting leman and eddies but

  81. brin says:

    Brandi’s In Touch article is awesome….she looks gorgeous and happy with her boys. Happiness is the best revenge!

  82. brin says:

    Love Brandi’s In Touch spread with her boys!
    Happiness is the best revenge!
    *Love to Rita, the best commenter ever!*

  83. Indywoman29 says:

    Brandi is so pretty

  84. hootie hoo says:

    They took the line out of the show. Too bad because Kim is definiately on something stronger than coffee!

    I like Brandi so far, she speaks her mind but she seems to give the ladies a fair shake. I like her no- nonsense attitude.
    As the season progresses we’ll see how it goes – hopefully she doesn’t stoop to Kyle’s level.

  85. poof says:

    Love her.

  86. DianaK says:

    Wow! I feel the love ladies 🙂
    Anyways, my point here is about the difference of opinion and posting facts (like I have stated, I have NO doubt Rita’s post actual and on point, not to mention funny and clever) however, Rita you are putting more value on the attention you are getting on here from your posting intimate details about this family than you are from being Brandi’s friend.
    In any event, take this post as you like.

  87. charity says:

    also, loved In touch mag pic on page 18 of Leann with green hair. it was labeled “the fame monster”. always said she looks like the grinch. her nose looks 6 sizes too large while we know her heart is 7 sizes too small

  88. LichiFruit says:

    Where do you people come from that think that Brandi handled herself so well on Housewives? I saw part of the game night episode where she totally engaged in kyle’s transparent plot to start a fight. Kyle and Kim both looked drugged/drunk that night. Any self respecting person would not have engaged with her, would have been the bigger person. They are all like a bunch of kids fighting.

    I think Leann is as low as they come, and kudos to brandi for her dedication to her boys, but that show is a train wreck and she should be embarrassed to be on it.

  89. why? says:

    Diane K,

    Wow, your post sounds awfully familiar. Why? Didn’t you make the very same exact statement about how people shouldn’t criticize EC because it will only hurt BG and the kids (on twitter as Stace2U)? That excuse didn’t work well when you used it on twitter, now why would it work now?

    Seriously, what intimate issues are you talking about? Especially since the “intimate issues” that are addressed were brought up by LR and DB on a PUBLIC FORUM and in LR very own interviews and blogs?

    Seriously, perhaps LR should get a life, that way she isn’t on twitter making over 50,000 tweets(when her own peers have less 3,000 tweets) and sharing intimate details of BG, EC, and BG and EC kids life that LR doesn’t want people to discuss on these sites via Skype sessions with her fans?

    So let me guess, LR mega media blitz is going to start on Monday because LR wants to desperately to compete with BG?

    So basically Leann is upset because BG is getting the sympathy and support of the media, something she still can’t do even after she befriended Maya A?

  90. Memphis says:

    ” Where do you people come from that think that Brandi handled herself so well on Housewives?”

    You didn’t think so I take it 🙂 Have you ever been to a party where people are deliberately leaving you out of the games and conversation, making rude comments to you while laughing about you like you’re not even in the room, and hiding your things while you’re doing nothing but trying to fit in with a group of people you don’t know?

    She handled herself WELL by 1)not getting up (cast and all) and kicking the living sh*t out of drugged up Kim and her sidekick bi@tch of a sister Kyle and 2) not breaking down in tears at being treated like that (like I probably would have..I cry when I get angry…then I kick ass)

    So yeah, she may not have been delicate and ladylike (I guess well see next episode) but she handled being treated the way she was treated with more dignity than I would have.

  91. LichiFruit says:

    @Memphis no doubt it was a difficult situation and Kim and Kyle were totally out of control. Reading your post made me realize that the thing I take issue with is that she put herself in that situation. Everyone knows what the housewives shows are like, a bunch of drugged out, self-centered, materialistic, bitchy, botoxed, overpriviledged women fighting with each other. In addition, it sounds like she knew that she was being cast as the villain, so she walked right into it. I just don’t think it’s a good career move. How many reality tv stars can you name who still work in entertainment in anything other than reality tv? It seems like a lot of people like her, and with her looks and personality I don’t understand why she would stoop to being on a show like that.

  92. why? says:


    Wow, not the “BG is the villian for being on RHOBH” campaign again? Don’t tell me that LR CMT movie is having some problems which LR and CMT are not willing to admit? So now LR CMT movie is having some major problems as a result of LR bad behaviors, so how will CMT spin it to make it look like LR CMT movie was a “success”? We saw the same BG is a villian for being on the RHOBH” posts when EC show was having problems. So it’s safe to say that LR CMT movie isn’t getting the support she wants everyone to believe.

    Once again, the evidence contradicts what you are saying. If people thought that RHOBH was a trainwreck or an embarassment, the ratings would have dropped significantly/by huge numbers each and every week RHOBH aired, you know like how the ratings did with EC show on NBC.

    BG twitter followers are now over 15,000, which once again contradicts what you are saying about the show being a trainwreck and embarrasment. Seriously, people who bought into Leann’s “BG is a *****” campaign are now TeamBrandi, so once again, trainwreck/embarassment? How?

    Any self respecting person wouldn’t have engaged with Kyle? Are you serious? So once again you are upset because BG didn’t sit back and take what was being dished to her? Or is someone upset because as BG has the public’s support, something that LR still can’t get even when she befriends people like Maya A?

    LR must have something really big planned for her next mega media blitz. Is LR going to annouce that she is pregnant to try to overshadow RHOBH on Monday?

  93. DianaK says:

    -Rita – Just to humor you, I’ll go with what your asking that if I were to raise Eddie, perhaps I could have instill in him family values, and what true wealth really is. I would remind him that he had been blessed with great family, a beautiful and loving wife of 13 years, two lovingly sweet little boys, great health and a blossoming start of career that brings him great joy! But, NO as the fool looked for riches and the shobiz life and chose to throw all away for a fling with a Chubby County singer (severe mental problems). The error will always be with Eddie and his thinking …he know right from wrong and got caught. But the truly sad thing is that he has nor will he ever see the value, and wealth that he already had with Brandi and their kids which makes me think that he has a self distructive issue or mental problems which he and Leann may share communality.
    Ps: I do apologize for the harsh words, Rita. You are a class act, smart, funny and as “Pagie” put it you have ” powers of observation and perception! Yes, I do concur 🙂

    Brin – I believe my statement was in regards to the difference between posting harmless gossip, bloging VS posting factual information which has far more negative impact on Brandi and her family.
    Try reading my post again but perhaps more slowly this time and if you get the same response to it, then ask Rita to read it to you, but if that fails too than please ask “Dogma” and “NoCharity” to draw pictures for you because if you still don’t get my point by then …then subtlety is not your forte.

    “Paige” – Yes, I do agree that Rita has supernatural powers of observation and perception” And I also agree that “Rita Rocks”

    “Karma”- Perhaps your name should be Dogma given the fact that Karma is the belief that deals with destiny, independent of external forces which means that nothing will come from all your your bitchin’ about Leann and her homebreaking ways as Karma will take care of her, independent of you “Miz Karma”. Since you are unable to represent your name appropriately, I shall name you “Dogma”

    *And in keeping with the whole name hypocrisy name game, we have “Charity”

    -Charity – Really I would expect more from someone with the moniker “Charity” …however, with your statement of “I will continue my crusade to hurt Leann and and Mr leann until we hear a real apoligize from the Grinch” Perhaps you should read my reply to your friend “Dogma” as it relates to you as fell. And since I can in no good conscience call you “Charity” given your “crusade to hurt Leann”, I shall dub you “NoCharity” an name more fitting of you wouldn’t you agree 🙂

    Oh and here’s some food for though ladies: “”””””” is the best Revenge”. This statement or variations of this statement seem rampant on this thread and many others (Demi & Ashton). But the true fact is that if someone wants revenge (or be it revenge by default as most likely in brandi’s case) wouldn’t it make that person “not so over” or “not so happy” so then to whom is this punitive curse of “Revenge” being brought to, and why because if the other pary is truly is happy she/he wouldnt give a flying fak about seeking revenge …perhaps a better statement would be “happiness is the best neutrality”

  94. brin says:

    Sorry for the multiple posts…the comments kept disappearing in moderation!

  95. charity says:

    Guess the rules have changed. probably just for leann, tho. out of respect for the bride, other women don’t wear white. not a big issue at all. Plus, those black shoes with the white dress, aahhh eekk this from the woman who wants to start her own stlye line. must be the stlye line of WHAT NOT TO WEAR

  96. Rita says:


    No need to apologize. You stated your case well and I addressed you directly because you did me. It’s part of the fun. I’ve never taken afront or aback to comments directed at me. I have skin as tough as leather, ooooo that reminds me, today is facial day. Be well.

  97. KatScorp says:

    Oh, Diana K – I just want to make sure I understand what you’re demanding. It’s okay with you if we state that in our opinions, Eddie Cibrian is a slimy, homewrecking, cheating skank… but you really, really, REALLY don’t want people to make public record of the facts that:

    – On Mason’s soccer days, Eddie will go as far as taking the boys out of the state, without telling Brandi; leaving her standing on the sports oval waiting endlessly for her son to arrive?

    – That Eddie would withhold his child support and alimony for weeks, not paying it until Brandi either got the courts involved or went to the press?

    – That Eddie broke the co-parenting aggreement on NUMEROUS occasions: i.e. he didn’t tell Brandi that Mason was in the emergency room until after they’d returned home.

    – That Eddie pled poverty to the courts despite earning a considerable allowance from his sugarmomma; whilst Eddie dragged his feet on the child support and even asked the courts to make Brandi pay HIM alimony, he was vacationing every few weeks, driving a new sports car and new motorcycles! Just because LeAnn called him her “boyfriend”, doesn’t NOT make him a whore.

    Are these the sort of facts you don’t want us to mention? That you don’t want us to make highly visable – and easily accessable – to a growing number of people curious about the new woman on that reality show? Fat chance of that happening babe 😉

  98. charity says:

    Diana K since we were once friends, I will tell you that it is perfectly fine for you to call me no charity. Makes no difference to me what anyone calls me/ I do agree that Eddie is the person who threw every thing wonderful that he had away for a quick roll in the hay, he just didn’t have the tools to know that he was dealing with an obsessive nut-case who would stalk him until he lost it all. He deserves to be with the nut. as for Leann, she is so delusional to think she can make excuses for her adulterous behavior and tell press that she is not sorry for the outcome. the only positive thing about her is the fact that I think she truly cares for Brandis kids. Hate to see what happens to kids if EC ever leaves her. sad for everyone. will continue to hope for Leanns demise and the total downfall of her career. Eddie never had much of one to begin with. so, I say, I do LIKE you and wish for you the very best Your former good friend until you went to the dark side ,total surprise when you started following Leann and tweeting her as best buds. no matter how upset I had gotten at some BBs< I WOULD NEVER HAVE BECOME A FRIEND TO LEANN RIMES. Take care and wish for you and your family the very best. nothing against you, No charity for lying sneaking, adulterous, manipulative people with a conscience to this very day.

  99. charity says:


  100. brin says:

    Ugh, I know it’s Sunday but people really should stop sermonizing/lecturing on a gossip site, makes them too smug and self-rightous. Total turnoff.

  101. Victoria says:

    @Rica said “As for Rimes, she’s still taunting Brandi. In one of the latest episodes, Brandi tweeted something about “red lipstick” and within an hour Rimes tweeted she would never wear red lipstick on stage….so Goopy.”

    That is just so wrong and yet so LeAnn. In the beginning I was kind of supportive of Leann because she did that article in People and owned up to the fact that what she did was wrong and that she hurt people in the process of her being selfish.

    But as soon as she started that Twitter beef with Brandi I was done. Like you’ve already homewrecked, and got the man to marry you, is that not enough? Leave the woman alone. I don’t Brandi is faultless in life in general, but to me what she went through was definitely more shameful and humiliating than the average celebrity divorce. And if she would have gotten ghetto nasty on her LeAnn I would have been like hell yeah. She’s definite more classy than the two.

    ETA. This is what this bitch has been retweeting int he last few hours:

    “I can choose to let it define me, confine me, refine me, outshine me, or I can choose to move forward and leave it behind me.
    12 hours ago

    “You can’t lose what you never had, you can’t keep what’s not yours and you can’t hold on to someone who doesn’t want to stay.”
    12 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    “If someone judges u, they are actually judging themselves inside & are trying to distract/deflect from their unhappiness.”

    Bitch please.

  102. Rita says:


    Such is the wisdom flowing from the rose colored snowglobe. I’ve no doubt that her words will be the next thing she eats……side of crow to go for table 3, please.

  103. Madison34 says:

    Brandi is unlikeable I don’t care that Kim and Kyle are mean. She says ridiculous things and who wears a wedge with crutches? Also she is new to the show, you can’t just barge in on people. You need to take it slow.

  104. Diana says:

    Leann is running out of cards to play: her album tanked … her “hubby’s” show flopped … “hubby” is looking so old … Leann is looking so skeletal … and Brandi is looking so spectacular. Leann has recently tried to cover up more when she’s photographed with her “bonus sons” and some of the stuff on her twitter sounds like new age sound bytes and psychobabble. But the only real card left for Leann to play (for the publicity she craves) is the pregnancy card. Maybe Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, and Oprah can team up to be godparents? Whatever. She’s tried all the other moves and has nowhere to go now but the delivery room.

  105. why? says:

    Diana K

    You think that people are getting revenge on EC and LR by commenting on their bad behavior? So basically what you are saying is that Leann is going to kick off her mega media blitz by staging pda airport or “EC loves me because he holds my hand and squeezes it 3” at LAX? Just think if LR laid low, closed that twitter account/blog, stopped Skyping with S2U, and stopped tipping off the paps, she wouldn’t be in a position where she had to have camp Leann come here to lecture people about being nice to LR. You can’t keep blaming the people who comment on LR and EC bad behavior.

    When you tell people to use the “facts” when they make statements about EC and LR or insist that people shouldn’t comment on LR and EC bad behavior, what you are really saying is that you want people to IGNORE EC and LR bad behavior. That simply isn’t going to happen.especially when everyone knows that LR is holding Skype sesssions with her “fans” to discuss BG and EC and their kids. EC and LR are wrong. When LR releases her pda/handholding airport photo-op today or on Monday she is going to get slammed. So she really should cancel it.

    When you say that BG and the kids get hurt when people call LR and EC out on their bad behavior based on the actions that LR and EC document via twitter/staged photo-ops, her Skype sessions with her “fans”, and blog, what you are really saying is that camp Leann is going to punish BG, hence the 10-15 “different” twitter accounts that keep popping up the more positive feedback BG gets and these “BG is a villian for being on RHOBH and everyone hates BG” posters that keep coming out of the woodwork.

    @Madison: Seriously, BG is unlikeable? How exactly are these posters coming up with that conclusion? Once again, the facts don’t support what these posters are saying. So does camp LR think that if they say “BG is an unlikeable” person or “just as bad as Kyle” under mutiple names that it will make it true? LR CMT movie must be on the verge of being canceled?

    Perhaps LR should take the time to close that twitter account and blog and lay low until next year.

  106. why? says:

    Leann has moved on? So then how come she continues to SWF BG each and everyday? Did you see LR lastest pictures of herself with EC other mistress, I mean her BFF? Why does it look familiar? Because LR is once again copying something she saw from BG twitpics. BG posts photos of herself with her friends and the very next week LR does the same?

    Leann HAS allowed IT(EC affairs with other women or her insecurity over the fact that EC may still have feelings for BG) to define her, confine her, refine her, and outshine her, which is precisely why LR and DB were on twitter trying to bait BG into a fight by using her own kids as pawns.

    Is LR serious? Did she forget how EC called her a speedbump after she exposed the affair to US Weekly to force EC to leave his marriage when she realized that EC wasn’t ever going to make that jump out of his marriage unless she did something to force him out of it? So LR is all too familiar about holding on to someone who doesn’t want to stay: need we remind her of the Don Julio, concerts to Adele, Cabo, Tahiti, Liz, her breast implants, her endless quest to morph into BG, shopping sprees, cars, jobs from NBC, and watches that she bestows on EC just to make him stay with her? Yes LR, how could she EVER lose EC to Liz or any of the women she attempts to pass off as her friends to hide the fact that they are EC sidepieces when she NEVER EVER had EC in the first place?

    Wait? Weren’t LR and DB judging BG just days ago? What was those things they were saying on twitter again? So according to LR own logic, she and DB did that to BG because they are judging themselves inside & are trying to distract/deflect from their unhappiness? Well there you go straight from the horses mouth, Leann is UNHAPPY in her marriage with EC, which is precisely why she does what she has been doing EVERY MONDAY when RHOBH airs.

  107. why? says:

    Diana K

    Perhaps the next time you Skype with Leann, you can instruct LR to:

    Close the twitter account

    Close the blog

    Stop tipping off the paps

    Stop SWF BG

    Stop trying to convince us that EC sidepieces are her BFFs (her tweets about Liz and now her BFF who is like her sister are so transparent, she is trying to hide EC affairs with those women)

    LAY LOW(this means no staged photo-ops until the end of 2012, even Heidi and Spencer realized that they needed to lay low because their constant attention seeking was doing more harm to their reps and careers)

    Stop the interviews/tweets/blog entries about BG kids and how happy she is because her affair with a married man landed her in those kids lives. This includes the preapproved questions that LR DMs about BG and EC kids that LR DMs to her “fans” to get the discussion about BG and EC kids rolling.

    Stop trying so hard to convince people that EC lovEs her, that EC picked her, isn’t cheating on her. If LR is content with EC(and EC is content with LR) and the fact that he “picked” her, then she needs to move on. EC didn’t pick LR, which is why LR sits on twitter tweeting things about how she “won” EC. So LR is going to forever be in a state where she has to PROVE EC love to herself until she acknowledges that her relationship is a sham.

    Stop encouraging her pr people or “fans” to trash BG on twitter and these sites. Does someone think that they can make the public dislike BG and stop watching the RHOBH by writing these “BG is the villian” posts?

    Stop having her “fans” make excuses for LR actions. Arguing that people are trying to hurt LR just because they comment on LR bad behavior on twitter. Trying to get people to stop calling out EC and LR by arguing that people are hurting BG and the kids.Or that people are criticizing LR and EC based on “lies” rather than FACTS.

    LR and EC are their own worst enemies. As long as LR and EC continue to attention seeking, the backlash is going to grow, especially after how DB and LR tried to bait BG into a twitter fight using her own kids.

    Since LR encourages her “fans”, staff members, and DB to go after BG and thinks that she can get people to stop watching BG by posting negative things about BG, then that means that LR isn’t “over it” or has “moved on” right?

  108. TwitterQuitter says:

    Earlier this morning Brandi tweeted that she would have liked a career in dermatology because she is skin obsessed. Hours later LR tweeted that she always wanted to be a dermatologist because she wanted to find a cure for psoriasis.

    This is why you no longer have fans, Le. When you keep doing stuff like this over and over it not only makes you look unstable, but it makes you look just plain mean. I’ve tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but that is the last straw. I’ve tried to remain your fan, but I can’t keep pretending along with you any more. I wish you would get the help you need, Le. Only you can turn this thing around.

  109. why? says:

    More words of wisedom from LR: “I’m always amazed at how negative people can be. When you covet what others have you miss out on the greatness of your life.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t LR covet another woman’s husband, kids, life, and tweets? So then once again by Leann Rimes’s own logic she missed out on the greatness of/in her life or is missing out on the greatness in her life when she coveted (isn’t that addressed by 4 of the 10 commandments?) another woman’s husband, kids, life, and tweets? And thus LR was being NEGATIVE. So is LR amazed by how negative she has become or can be? No wonder LR album failed so badly. LR coveted a married man and she missed out on greatness. EC coveted LR money and another man’s wife, so by LR logic that is why EC is missing out on greatness? And we heard it straight from the mouth of LR herself.

    Seriously, LR is trying to lecture someone on coveting when she slept with a married man? Who is advising LR?

  110. why? says:

    Diane K

    So just as I suspected your lecture about how people should be nice to LR was simply because LR was gearing up to release staged photo-ops of her and EC holding hands at LAX to one of her mouthpieces. LR released photos of her and EC at LAX to Dailymail and JJ today.

    So LR kicks off her mega media blitz with staged “EC loves me because he holds my hand and squeezes it 4 times” photo-op of her and EC at LAX. Wow, who didn’t see this one coming? How odd, now how did EC and LR manage to leave LAX without being seen by the paps? That is right because EC and LR called the paps. Seriously, they went a whole week without being spotted by the paps, which is quite odd since they are always claiming that the paps are following them.

    And once again LR is SWF BG. Interesting in BG exclusive interview with In Touch, BG is wearing a RED dress. So guess what LR was wearing at LAX? A RED skintight mini dress and she made sure that her mouthpiece mentioned how she was wearing red.

    So why did LR think that it was okay to set and stage this “EC loves me because he holds my hand at LAX” photo-op? Cue the backlash. LR should have just canceled this staged photo-op.

  111. why? says:

    Wow did you see the photo that LR posted of her and EC “dancing” at EC mistresses wedding, I mean LR BFF wedding? LR was down on the ground in a short dress with her legs opened wide and EC was down on the ground behind her. For a man who supposedly just had a major foot injury and surgery just a week ago, it’s awfully strange that EC would be down on the ground dancing with LR like that and of course position his hand so that the cameras get a good shot of his wedding band. So we can conclude that PBC and NBC made up the story about EC foot injury as a last minute attempt to save PBC. The story about EC injurying himself seemed odd because why would they have been filming on Tues when they already knew on Monday that they were canceling the show, because as many people pointed out NBC/PBC didn’t air any previews for the next show? What agreat way to deceive the public. The bad thing is that it all backfired because rather than having sympathy for EC everyone pointed out that it was EC Karma. Shame on NBC for cooking up a fake story about how EC was injured to try to save their show. A person who has stiches and who was injured by a steel door wouldn’t be on the ground like that.

    So this is how LR behaves at her BFF wedding? Sounds like LR was trying to make a statement. Seriously, so LR is telling her “BFF” that even though she is EC mistress, LR will always be EC sugarmama, I mean wife.

    Now why would LR post a photo like that on a public forum, especially since according to LR they consider EC kids for EVERY decision they make? Funny how LR posts a photo of her dancing with EC, just days after BG conversation on twitter about how BG likes to dance. LR makes is so obvious that se SWF BG.

    BG wears red dress for In Touch interview, LR shows up in red dress at LAX a week later wearing red dress.

    BG tweets about how she likes to dance. LR then posts twitpics of her and her so called injured hubby dancing.

    BG post twitpics of herself hanging out with her friends and hugging them. And guess who does the same exact same thing a week later.

    LR next staged photo-op will be at Nobu. Apparently EC, the very same man who sells out his own kids for some Don Julio, set up a surprise dinner at Nobu for her?

  112. DianaK says:

    To: “Why”
    1. You are confusing me with someone else. I do not have a twitter account, only FaceBook which I only use because uploading and sharing pictures is free.
    2. I completely agree with you on all that you said about Leann and Eddie.
    3. If you read my post you will see that I am in no way condoning or supporting Eddie or Leann. They are not good people and they know it. I was only saying that it is not wise to make public the family’s (Brandi and her boys and Eddie and his Hoes …sorry my bad, but it does rhyme!) private personal issues. As the boys grow older and use the Internet and read all these true facts about their father and mother it will only serve to their detriment.
    4. I believe your heart is in the right place and seeing all the unnecessary evil spewed at Brandi (a woman who had everything taken away from her and is constantly harassed by Eddie an Leann) is hard to dismiss, but Brandi has proven herself to be strong and resilient woman, where as the boys are and will continue to be in an impressional stage.

    To “Charity”
    I like you too but you have me confused with someone else as well. Take care and I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

    *Oh one more thing. To the person who stated that the only positive thing about Leann was that she was good to the boys …well, I don’t buy it. I think Leann is not only using them for publicity but also to hurt their mom also haranguing them for info on what happens during Brandi’s parental times (i.e what they do for fun, what she feeds them, what she wears, what she says to them). I also strongly believe that Leann is also a danger to the boys as she has proven herself to be mentally unstable. Perhaps Brandi can request a 730 eval for Leann …I would think it be necessary given most of the pictures are of just Leann and the boys. And yes this is all speculation on my part, but given the circumstances I believe Brandi would be justified to request and/or file motion to ex parte.

    *Ok and to prove that I like gossip as much as you ladies I will like to give Leann another nickname: “Mimic” From the movie with the similar name.

  113. brin says:

    Happy RHOBH Monday!!!
    I’m sure Leann will do something to get attention for herself today. Must suck for her to have to go the famewhore route.

  114. thetruthhurts says:

    I think LeAnn is pretty crazy and for sure insecure as the day is long, but did ya ever think she might now be doing the SWF shit to piss her “haters” off and not Brandi? It drives people crazy when she does it and she may just be laughing along. It doesn’t make her look good though, so she might want to try a better joke.

  115. why? says:


    1) That’s odd because I distincly remember you writing that statement about how criticizing EC and LR only ends up hurting BG and the kids. You said it several times to BG and to the people who were commmenting about LR and EC bad behavior using that twitter account you claim not to own.

    2)But we have heard this all before? You say that you agree with what say about EC and LR and that you are not a fan of LR, but then you go on to make excuse after excuse for LR bad behavior.

    Why is it that just before LR is gearing up to release a staged photo-op, someone shows up to lecture others on how they are either “obsessed” with LR or how they should be nice to LR?

    3)”As the boys grow older and use the Internet and read all these true facts about their father and mother it will only serve to their detriment.”

    Which was the very same thing you stated on twitter under that twitter account you claim not to have.

    4)So what you are really saying is that Leann is upset because BG has the support of the public?

    So let me guess, LR is going to release another staged photo-op to her mouthpieces? Just like you showed up lecturing people on being nice to LR because she was gearing up to stage a “EC loves me because he holds my hands as we walk through LAX” photo-op on Sunday? If another staged photo-op of LR pops up today or tomorrow, then it’s obvious why you are here.

    I love that your posts have suddenly taken on a huge change in tune AFTER everyone pointed out who you REALLY are and pointed out how you have personal Skype sessions with LR. Your last paragraph seems a little bit out of place, considering how you were lecturing us on how we should only stick to the facts about EC and LR.

  116. why? says:

    It appears that LR is 100% going to go through with her staged “happy family”/”devoted bonus mom” photo-op with EC kids. Which is going to be a very bad idea.

    So which one of LR mouthpieces will get the “candid” photos of LR and her props, I mean family, at the pumpkin patch? Now keep in mind that according to LR, they go to the pumpkin patch EVERY year, and yet we don’t see ANY photos of LR, EC, and EC kids there(LR will either post twitpics of her and EC at the pumpkin patch or have one of her mouthpieces talk about how she and EC were being lovey dovey at the pumpkin patch, but NEVER ANY photos), so the fact that there will be photos of LR and EC with the kids this year speaks volumes. It confirms what we have been saying all along that when EC and LR don’t want to be seen they know exactly how to avoid the paps. So EC and LR are calling the paps.

    LR released a statement to x17 about EC kids, so x17 might be the ones to post the first pumpkin patch photos. Or LR might call up the HWbabyscoop site, since she has been seen tweeting to someone from that site. If LR doesn’t use any of these sites first, then she will use her fav 4: People, Dailymail, JJ, HW Gossip site(Gossip girls).

    LR is still talking about hanging with her “friends”(aka EC mistresses, what a great way to hide the fact that EC is cheating on her, she just passes these people off as her friends and who would question that?) and EC kids. So we might get a “I am so loved by my friends and bonus sons” staged photo-op in addition to the pumpkin patch staged photo-op.

    The best thing about EC and LR Saga is that we get a front row seat to how the PR machine works.

    Since LR is still tweeting about EC kids and even confirming to the paps when and where they will meet up with her, EC, his parents, and EC and BG kids, we know that EC is cheating on LR. A man who would continually sell out his own kids isn’t going to be faithful to someone like LR. Not at all. Everytime LR tweets about those kids, she confirms that EC is cheating on her.

  117. brin says:

    Brandi is getting a ton of positive feedback since being on RHOBH. That will probably drive Leann to do even more desperate things to get attention.

  118. why? says:

    Leann has added another chapter to her mega media blitz today. She set up and staged a “EC loves me because we dine out at TT and go shopping for Halloween costumes” with one of her fav 5 mouthpieces. LR SWF of BG is getting out of hand. BG was wearing a black dress on Monday’s episode of RHOBH, and guess who showed up wearing all black today? Poor LR, you have to wonder, why does LR think that dressing like BG wil make EC love her? LR is even wearing her like BG is pictured in the above photo.

    LR has decided to dress up in a wedding dress and fake baby bump. Sounds like LR is trying to get people interested in her CMT movie by fueling pregnancy rumors, and I’m quite sure she picked the wedding dress because Life and Style article about how LR copied BG wedding dress, just like she picked the devil costumes for her and EC last year because Sunny H from Showbiz T made that comment about EC and LR were going to burn in ___ for their bad behavior.

  119. why? says:

    How predictable, it wouldn’t be a good day for LR without exploiting EC and BG kids. You know because as LR claims, EC and BG kids always come first. BG gets a lot of positive feedback from her appearance on RHOBH and LR tries to upstage it by setting up and staging “happy family” photos with EC and his kids. What did this cost EC? LR took EC shopping earlier in the day and then later on that day, EC allows LR to exploit his kids names and faces. Those poor kids.

    LR staged a “happy family” photo-op, inviting Dailymail to get “candid” photos of her, EC, and her parents as they dine out to eat as a family. Yeah sure LR, this “happy family” staged photo-op will for sure convince people that EC isn’t sleeping with Liz or the BFF she is passing off as he “sister”.

    How interesting that in this staged photo-op LR is wearing a VERY, VERY, VERY short white dress. What a great bonus mom. Always willing to expose herself to her stepsons. So EC thinks it SEXY that this ex-wife wears a short dress that exposes all of LR business to his sons? This is the man that Charisma wants to represent them?

    We know that this was set up by LR, once again LR had a wardrobe change, while EC was still wearing the same clothes from earler.

    And on top of that LR is using EC kids as walking billboards, she made sure to have Dailymail annouce what clothes the kids were wearing.

    Cue the backlash.

  120. why? says:

    Did we call it or what?

    Star/Radaronline mag released a negative story about BG; the only thing I predicted wrong was the day they would release it. How odd that this negative story about BG comes as LR is parading around LA on Monday and Tues with her “happy family” dressing and wearing her hair like BG.

    That was mighty bold of LR, go to STAR/Radaronline and have them post a negative story about BG and then release photos of herself gloating out and about LA with BG and EC kids to show BG that she can do whatever she wants to BG and get away with it.

    Camp Leann is going ballistic on other sites, I hate to say it, but I think it’s because LR is going to be playing the “Is she or is she not pregnant” campaign. LeannInc is going berserk, more than usual just like they did the week of LR wedding.

  121. SWF says:

    Brandi tweeted a pic of a necklace EC gave her. The swift SWF action will be hilarious…

  122. wobley says:

    She came to our clinic for treatment on her sprained ankle and she was very nice.