Duchess Kate sends a letter to a 9-year-old kid with cancer


A few weeks ago, Duchess Kate and Prince William opened up a children’s cancer unit at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. It was a big event, considering Kate’s royal duties have been overwhelmingly “light” and she hadn’t done a public event in more than a month. She looked very pretty in a cream dress and she and William unveiled a plaque and they met with some of the sick kids who would (sadly) be needing the new cancer ward. There were some photos of Kate looking engaged with the kids (you can see some here) and it gave people hope that Kate will be able to meet some of the expectations being thrust upon her to become the next “People’s Princess”. Personally, I thought William look more engaged and interested in the kids, and Kate, like always, was just following his lead.

Anyway, it seems that after the royal trip, Kate wrote a letter to one of the children she met, and the child’s father released the letter to the public. There’s a low-res image/copy below:


It’s interesting that the text is typed, right? Do you think Kate typed it up, or do you think it was actually written by someone else and Kate just signed it? I’m just saying – several royals write their own letters, in longhand. Princess Diana wrote in longhand. I’m just sayin’. Here’s more:

After visiting the children’s cancer unit at the Royal Marsden Hospital with Prince William last month, the Duchess of Cambridge has sent a heartfelt letter to a patient she met there.

Fabian Bate, 9, received a personal note – written on St. James Palace letterhead and dated Oct. 13 – from Kate on Friday, and posted it on his blog.

“I was so touched by your strength of character,” the Duchess writes. “I will keep my fingers crossed that your health goes from strength to strength.”

Writing she will keep the boy, who has leukemia, and his parents in her “thoughts and prayers,” Kate praises the work of the hospital and Fabian’s “belief and positive energy.”

“For us as a family it was a massive boost to know that we have someone at Kate’s level sharing our journey,” Fabian’s father, Darrell Bate, 49, tells PEOPLE. “The thought that someone in her position would take that personal interest is a real hope-builder.”

The letter arrived at the Bate household on Friday, just as Fabian returned home from an eight-day stay at the hospital. “It came special delivery with the Buckingham Palace postmark,” Darrell said. “We realized it wasn’t the average tax bill!”

Meeting Kate and receiving her letter was “a good distraction” for Fabian, his dad says. “This is something to talk about with our family and friends,” he says. “It’s a real morale booster and it was really quite personalized to him and he has something to cherish for years to come.”

Fabian, who was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2006, relapsed earlier this year. A test this week will determine whether he’ll be ready as early as December to receive a bone-marrow transplant from one of two sisters who’ve been found to be a perfect match.

“If [Kate] is going to take the trouble to follow our little family situation with everything else going on in the world, it makes Fabian feel special,” his father says. “It gives him a bit more fight to be honest.”

[From People]

It was nice of Kate to write to one of the kids (or order her press secretary to write up a letter for her to sign). I’ll stop being negative! It was a good thing, the end. I’m sure the kid appreciates it and his family will probably frame the letter.

In other Will & Kate news, Prime Minister David Cameron has a plot to, at long last, modernize one part of the monarchy. Cameron is proposing a change to rules of succession, so that if Will and Kate’s first born child is a daughter, that daughter will automatically take the throne after her father. As it stands now, if Kate’s firstborn was a girl, she would have to keep trying for a boy, and if it didn’t happen… then Prince Harry would be next in line to the throne…? Is that the way it works? I think, maybe. Anyway, the Queen is backing Cameron’s plan, and it’s pretty likely that it will go through. Which means… if Kate and Will have a girl and they name that girl Diana (you know they will), there will be a Queen Diana on the throne. For real.




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  1. Ponytail says:

    Why would Harry become King before William’s daughter became Queen ? That makes no sense – look at who’s on the throne now ! The only way the first-born daughter wouldn’t become Queen is if (as currently stands) the following offspring were male. The only way Harry would become King is if the people in front of him in line to the throne were removed (through death or abdication). In the same way the Queen’s father suddenly became King, though it’s rare that the second son becomes King.

  2. Flan says:

    Was hopeful for a moment, but the typed letter makes me sincerely doubt she wrote it herself.

    What disgusts me most about her is that she’s such a clingy. Like she has no ambitions or ideas of her own.

    The Queen has always worked hard. With Kate on the throne later, she would be vilified if she doesn’t step it up (a lot!).

  3. Flan says:

    As to the succession: Victoria went before her uncle Ernst August, who was still alive when she became Queen (he was her father’s younger brother).

    I think it’s elder son-younger son-elder daughter-younger daughter. Only when there are no more legitimate children, they will go back a generation.

    High time they would change that into elder child-younger child. Other monarchies have already done so and some of the UK’s most successful monarchs have been Queens.

  4. Kaiser says:

    Ah, so the way it stands now (without Cameron’s plan), that means that if Kate & Will have only daughters, the first-born daughter will already get the throne. But if a boy comes second, he’ll get the throne. Got it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just can’t get past the feeling that Waity is a phoney. Her people do the same thing as Jen Anniston’s do. Every week we get some tidbit to keep her in the headlines. I don’t beleive for a moment that she wrote that letter.

  6. gee says:

    Maybe it’s typed up because of her handwriting… the “Fabian” looks a smidge scribbly.

    I still love this bitch though.

  7. Acorn Paste says:

    IMO that letter is too impersonal and inappropriate for a 9-year old child. Whoever wrote this letter (because I’m pretty sure it’s not Kate) used big words which I don’t think someone their age would understand, unless they are incredibly smart and precocious.

  8. Nonny says:

    Seriously, she could have taken twenty minutes out of her day to hand write the letter. Also it reads extremely impersonal. It wouldnt have taken much effort to write a genuine, heartfelt note. This is a child with cancer for goodness sake. Or maybe her mani pedi was more important. Slightly disgusted.

  9. JulieM says:

    Kaiser: On the subject of female heirs. The answer to your question is no, Harry would not inherit the throne if Waity/Wills had only girls. The eldest girl would inherit from her father, William, just like the present Queen inherited. Harry would inherit if Waity/Wills had no children and he survived his brother.

    Oops Kaiser, it looks like several people have already answered you. I start writing and there’s one comment. I finish and there’s 8!

    And I do not think for a moment that Waity wrote that letter. What, she doesn’t have the time to hand write something?

  10. garvels says:

    I am really trying to like this girl,but come on… a form letter to a sick child is simply bad form.

    I hope she didn’t strain herself as she wrote her name in long hand.

  11. i.want.shoes says:

    The reason someone would handwrite a letter is so that it shows that you, yourself, have taken the time out of your busy schedule, to write the letter. It also adds a personal touch. Having someone write the letter cheapens the gesture. Let’s face it, she’s not that busy that she couldn’t take 15 minutes to hand write a letter.

    Besides, the fact that the “Dear..” wasn’t typed makes me feel like someone just wrote a generic to be sent out to a bunch of people and she just wrote in the names and signature.

  12. LichiFruit says:

    I’m with @gee. Why y’all gotta hate on Kate all the time? Do you really think she makes many decisions for herself anyway? The British monarchy is like the damn mafia, all orders come from above. She can’t even do something nice like write a cancer fighting kid a letter with you people jumping all over her! When was the last time someone in her position of celebrity did something like that? Even a -gasp- typewritten letter?

  13. Acorn Paste says:

    ‘I hope she didn’t strain herself as she wrote her name in long hand.’


  14. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Bony Bitch Kate took the time to send a form letter. How sweet and selfless.

    Bones does look very pretty in the cream, and it looks as if she’s taking a temporary reprieve from the super heavy lower lid eyeliner. So, bully for her. *sarcasm*

  15. JulieM says:

    LichiFruit: Diana was famous for her hand written notes. That’s one reason she was beloved and lazy Kate will never be. The common touch. Do you really think the Palace told Kate not to hand write a note to a child?

  16. A Bunch says:


    “Besides, the fact that the “Dear..” wasn’t typed makes me feel like someone just wrote a generic to be sent out to a bunch of people and she just wrote in the names and signature.”

    Unless she met “a bunch” of little girls at the same hospital that all have sisters, multiple, one of which is donating bone marrow, and no brothers, I don’t see how there would be “a bunch” of girls this “generic” letter applies to..

  17. francesca says:

    She does nothing, she gets ripped on. She does something, it’s not enough. I’m glad she is too busy living her royal life to read this site. I wish I were! ;-)

  18. Franny says:

    I don’t think they would name their first daughter Diana. I could see them giving her Diana as a middle name though.

  19. Acorn Paste says:

    A Bunch

    I think you missed i.want.shoes’ point, which is that the letter is incredibly impersonal and completely interchangeable. Imagine if there were some children also in Fabian’s position and also asked a letter from Kate. Would she just have her secretary type out a few letters and her – with great effort – writing ‘Dear Mary/Dear Adam/Dear Steven’ then signing her name at each end of the letter?

  20. SamiHami says:

    Yikes! So much jealousy here! It really doesn’t matter what Kate does or does not do-it will be the wrong thing. If she has a baby right away-it’ll be because she is a brood mare. If she waits awhile, she’s not fulfiling her duty. If she spends money on beautiful clothing, she’s being wasteful; if she continues “recycling” her outfits, she’s being cheap. And so on…

    Really-it’s not like she stole William from any of you; he wouldn’t have married one of you if only she weren’t in the picture, so you should really give the high school mentality a rest.

  21. Ashley says:

    Alot of posters here are missing the point. I bet the kid loves the letter. I bet the parents love the letter. I bet they couldnt care less whether it was hand written or not. I bet a lot of others would covet that letter. Its not everyday that someone gets a letter from the royal family.
    BTW Diana wasnt all that. The ‘common touch’ was part of her PR spin. She had a privileged life and was never part of the common masses. She milked her marriage for all it was worth and played the victim card at every turn. So for me its great to see that Kate is nothing like her, yet.

  22. Linnie says:

    This site really does attract bitches. I would bet the child was thrilled to get the letter and you can be damn sure will keep it for the rest of his life, which hopefully will be a long one considering he has cancer. Some of you freaks posting here need to step away from the computer for awhile and go visit a cancer ward yourselves. Maybe it would soften up your brittle hearts.

  23. Cheyenne says:

    What Ashley and Linnie said.

  24. Acorn Paste says:

    Using jealousy as an excuse is incredibly convenient, not to mention cliched and tripe. Try harder next time.

  25. Anne says:

    Considering Kate couldn’t even spell her own name, it might have been best for everyone that she had the wonders of computer spell-check on her side.

  26. whitedaisy says:

    Good for Kate. All of you that are so critical are being ridiculous. Seriously.
    Give her a break.

  27. badrockandroll says:

    I don’t understand half the comments here – we read a letter that talks about how Fabian has a blog, no brothers, only sisters, at least two of whom are older, and one of whom will be a marrow donor. All of these details, yet the letter is criticized as impersonal and interchangeable. What details should be in the letter to make it personal and one of a kind? And I don’t understand the spell her own name thing Anne – wanna explain?

  28. Flan says:

    @SamiHami: If you critize someone, it does not automatically mean you want ‘their man’. Suggesting that is pretty high school level itself. It’s not like every man complaining about a football player is only doing so because he wants to marry his wife.

    Lots of people are disappointed in William’s choice of a bride. Not because they wanted to wed him themselves, but because they had hoped for something better as a future queen than a woman who put her whole life on hold for years, doing nothing but waiting to be married.

  29. Darlene says:

    I love her. What a sweet note, typed or otherwise.

  30. Holly R says:

    Just a quick comment on the royal succession – the only way Harry (or his heirs) can ever become the monarch is if William doesn’t ever have ANY children (girls included). Theoretically William can also abdicate his right to the throne, as well as those of his children, in favour of Harry and his line. But even if William and Kate have only daughters, they would all stand in line for the throne and the eldest would become queen one day! After all, Elizabeth became queen because she was the elder of George VI’s two daughters (his only children).

  31. CG says:

    Doesn’t the queen have to approve all royal children’s names (at least, her offspring’s children)? I think I remember reading that somewhere, but I could be totally smoking crack. But if that’s right, you know there’s no way the queen would EVER approve Diana as a name for Will’s kid!

  32. kay says:

    I’ll be negative for you (and you know I love Kate)

    Would have taken 5 minutes for her to recopy it in her hand writing. Especially considering she can spend 4 HOURS getting her hair done.

    The child has cancer, take the time to write the darn note yourself.

  33. JulieM says:

    Diana may not have been “all that”, but she was head and shoulders more instinctive and warm than Kate the stick person will ever be. Did she manipulate the press and the public and the royal family, you bet. I guess marrying a man who did not love her added to her manipulative nature. But Diana had more in common with the “common masses” than Waity ever will. Titled or not.

    And please stop with that stupid jealousy line. Duchess Dolittle can have her Duke. No one else wanted him.

    Flan: Yes, exactly.

  34. Ashley says:

    Kate is married to William. She will be the future Queen. Deal with it. Your judgement of Kate does not change this fact. I suggest you get over your disappointment and move on.

  35. Ashley says:

    Forgot to mention that the Queen does not hand write her letters either so as to your comment about Kate having to step it up to be like her I would say that she already is following in her footsteps.
    I see you have already started with the vilification and shes not even Queen yet.

  36. Laurie M. says:

    Four sentences of a handwritten note mean more than 4 paragraphs of a typed letter. A short, personal written note would have been better….but at least it is something.

  37. The Original Mia says:

    I agree with everyone who said it would have meant more and seemed more personal if Duchess Dolittle had written the note herself. A note comprised and typed by her secretary just doesn’t have the same resonance. Nice gesture, flawed execution.

  38. Alexis says:

    The only issue I have with Kate is that she’s being a poor role model for young women by rocking an anorexic figure. I think she seems like a nice person, and she and William seem to have a good, genuine relationship.

    This is a nice thing to do. It will mean a lot to that kid, even it’s a form letter. This is exactly the type of thing she should be doing in her role, and I hope she does more of it (hopefully while eating more!) in the future.

  39. Obvious says:

    Wow. Even if she had a press secretary write it and she signed it it was still done. It meant something to that little boy and his family. case closed. can we go back to hating on people who may actually deserve it (or at least moreso)? I’m thinking the Kartrashians miss us.

  40. Ell says:

    This letter meant the world to Fabian and his family, he’s been through so much and still has a long road ahead. It doesn’t matter whether it was typed or handwritten. And on that subject, please remember Kate is new to all this, maybe she was advised to do it this way or perhaps she hasn’t got the best handwriting. The hate on here makes no sense, thankfully she’s generally liked and respected in her own country, where the monarcy reigns, so that’s all that matters.

    I can’t believe ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron is getting credit for changing the rules of succession. The order would’ve come from the Queen down to him, he just happens to have the power to push it through parliament.

  41. Jesse says:

    @Obvious +1
    I am sure that the little boy and his family appreciated the letter. Isnt that what its really about.
    Now lets all jump on a Linnocent post and vent there.

  42. Eleonor says:

    Maybe if she handwrote the letter the child wouldn’t be able to read it again and again, as I’m sure he has done. I think it was a nice gesture, she made a 9 years old boy with cancer happy it’s all that matter.

  43. LAK says:

    That boy is/was thrilled to have received the letter, so she did good.

    However, Kate did not write it. Her office team did. As for the personal details, it’s too long an explanation to go into for this blog, however, i would suggest you look up how a diplomatic corps works. A discreet team member, usually cropped out of the pictures/Video, who is official/unoffical assistant or lady-in-waiting/Equerry is taking notes throughout the visit or calls back later for the details.

    Should letters be required, a note is typed up, and presented for top and tail signature.

    Irrespective of Diana’s way of operating, it is drummed into you at every public school, to HAND WRITE any personal notes. And seeing as our dear Duchess went to one of the best, this is an EPIC FAIL on her part.

    Also @ponytail, second sons are actually very common in the history of Britain.

  44. ladybert62 says:

    Gave the posts just a quick read but I agree with Franny and Ashley

    (1) I dont think they will name a daughter Diana – it will be a middle name but not the first

    (2) And I dont think it was so awful to type the letter – she is still new to all this type of stuff – I bet next time it is handwritten – its the thought that counts.

  45. blonde on the dock says:

    Whether typed or hand written I’m sure that boy will cherish the letter.
    I really like this couple.

  46. kibbles says:

    Yeah, going to be negative for a moment and say that I doubt she wrote the letter.

    But it’s still cool that it lifted the spirits of this child and his family. It’s a gift that will be kept in the family forever.

  47. bluhare says:

    I like Kate, I think she’s doing a fabulous job for the most part.

    She promised the boy that she’d write a post on his blog, and wrote the letter instead. That is a lovely gesture on her part.

    HOWEVER, it looks like a form letter. Sorry. I bet she wishes she had hand written it now the kid’s family have released it to the world. She probably thought it would be private. At least now she’s learnt that doing something personal for someone doesn’t necessarily stay personal.

  48. anne_000 says:

    It looks like she spelled “Catherine” wrong. It looks like she wrote “Catheine” – without the “r.”

    Also, it looks like she spelled “Fabian” wrong too, but then maybe the “i” is mixed in with the “b.”

    She has incredibly bad handwriting. Maybe she should have asked her secretary to xerox up another copy so that she could sign the names properly.

    To the posters who criticize us for criticizing Kate, it’s not jealousy, it’s just acknowledging Kate’s laziness.

    Imo, for Kate to screw up her own name like that & especially Fabian’s, that just shows mental laziness, as well as her not deigning to write out the letter, but then maybe if she did, she’d misspell a whole lot of other words too, even though all she had to do was copy what her secretary (or whomever) wrote.

  49. Obvious says:

    You should see my signature I’m constantly adding or omitting letters in my name. It’s just the way it is. She gets a pass because she did something. It’s far more than LiLo has done or would do in Kate’s shoes.

    Can we go back to hating on LiLo? It’s more amusing because then we get the crack tweet denials. besides we’re gearing up for tomorrow when she will undoubtedly be sentenced to jail and be bailed out in 5 seconds flat and continue on her merry crackie way.

  50. chainsawbuzzkill says:

    She wrote it; it’s not written as well as a press secretary would write it.

  51. Heather M (Heather) says:

    I have atrocious handwriting, and I am sure it looks as if I leave out letters all the time. I honestly just can’t help it. To argue that her misspelling her own name means she didn’t write the letter seems counter intuitive, to me. Indeed, it strengthens my belief that she did write the letter but didn’t handwrite it b/c even when she merely signs her name it appears that she misspelled it! Also, recall that Diana lived in the time of typewriters and not this era of laptops. Perhaps today Diana would have typed her letters…or perhaps she was just blessed with better handwriting than Kate.

  52. SamiHami says:

    “Using jealousy as an excuse is incredibly convenient, not to mention cliched and tripe. Try harder next time.”

    Tripe? The stomach lining of a cow? How is my comment “tripe?” That just makes no sense at all.

    Oh, maybe you meant trite! Really, if you are going to attack another post, please at least use words you actually know.

    Try harder next time.

  53. badrockandroll says:

    Google search for a sample of Lady Diana’s handwriting – most North Americans will find it illegible.

  54. anne_000 says:

    All she had to do was write three words, and she screwed up two of them. That’s just mental laziness &/or indifference.

    Maybe she should just stick with writing “Kate,” but then again, she might forget to write the “t”……

  55. JulieM says:

    Her Majesty The Queen is Head of State who makes hundreds of appearances a year, despite being in her mid 80′s. Not to mention, she conducts matters of State 24/7. No rest or slacking; she cannot escape her responsibilities, even if she is “only” a constitutional monarch. If she doesn’t hand write notes, I’m willing to cut her some slack.

    Katie Kambridge does what exactly again? No comparison, sorry.

  56. shay kay says:

    I like Will and Kate and don’t want to jump on the criticize Kate bandwagon.
    She seems like a sweet enough rather private person who is trying her best to handle a new situation.Yeah, I’d like to see her have more duties and no doubt she has time for it but so far she and William have made good decisions for their relationship and public image so…there’s just not that must to criticize really.

  57. Snappyfish says:

    Catherine is being ruled by the Monarchy!! She can’t go running to the Queen & tell her what she intends to do. She is a subject & she is told what to do. Period!

    The letter was sweet, detailed & poignant. The family loved it & it meant a great deal to them. ENOUGH!!

    The way people are so snarky & mean to this v v lovely girl makes it seem as if she stole William from them. She didn’t. He’s hers. So all the jealousy in the world doesn’t change it. The worst is a lot of those who constantly rag on this girl compare her to Diana. Whose son stated hisbmother would have LOVED her!!

  58. Vanden says:

    Nah i doubt Kate wrote it out herself but it was still a kind gesture, she seems like a nice girl and she and William seem genuinely in love so more power to them.

    Its Pippa’s popularity i don’t get. Know one even cared until she wore that dress at the wedding. she looked good in her bridesmaid dress, so freaking what?

  59. UKHels says:

    I don’t dislike Kate at all but the note has clearly been written by a palace goon. Seriously who would write the following to a 9 year old:

    ‘despite the enormously demanding course of treatment you are undergoing’ and

    ‘this must be a troubling time for you’

    of course my opinion doesn’t matter to the boy (as it shouldn’t) although I do worry that the father thinks that someone ‘at Kate’s level’ taking an interest provides hope… I’m afraid it’s the people providing the excellent NHS care that are the ones doing that my friend

  60. Hyo says:

    Nice of her to write to the little boy.

    The letter was a nice gesture. At least Kate took the time to write her name and Fabian’s name by hand.

    In between her mani-pedi sessions, trips to the salon every week, and going shopping for more expensive, boring clothes 99% of the time, I’m sure her schedule was pretty tight, so it was a good thing that she even had the time to sign her name on the typed letter.

    Next up: she’ll pick her charities and start being more productive.

    Ha! Just kidding. Stay tune for 10 more years. Maybe she’ll have developed a good work ethic by then, as well as developing warmth and sincerity when dealing with “the great unwashed”.

    Also, why compare the Queen’s typed letter to Kate’s? First of all, the typed letters that the Queen’s secretary/office send to the people who wrote to the Queen are not really seen by the Queen herself. The Queen also didn’t promise anyone she’d write them a letter.

    Kate was the one who ‘took’ the initiative to write to the boy. See the difference? People write to the Queen, and then they get a response from her office. That’s no secret.

    Kate decided to write to Fabian, and then had someone else type up the letter for her when it wouldn’t have taken 20 minutes to write it by hand.

    I don’t believe that Kate is so controlled by the Palace that she can’t even write a letter by hand. Another BS excuse by Kate’s delusional fans to justify the girl’s lack of warmth and connection to others, as well has her laziness and lack of desire to commit to her new role.

    A 30-year old do-nothing with no ambition and no work ethic can’t even hand-write a letter to a sick boy, but she had the time to hand write a “Thank You” note to Wimbledon last summer? Yeah, she’s controlled by the Palace alright. She can write to big organizations personally, singing them praises left and right, and saying her thanks many times on a one-page, hand-written letter.

    But when it comes to a sick boy, the Palace is the one making the decisions for her and told Kate to type up the letter. Ridiculous.

    Some people will probably let Kate get away with murder, the way they’re just finding excuses for her every action.

  61. anne_000 says:

    How ridiculous to say that if one criticizes Kate, then one is “jealous.” That’s a reflection upon the critics of Kate’s critics. By that standard, then you critics are “jealous” of Kate’s critics.

  62. Corey says:

    if Kate and Will have a girl and they name that girl Diana (you know they will), there will be a Queen Diana on the throne. For real

    Not necessarily. Queen Elizabeth’s father was named Albert Frederick Arthur George, and became King George VI.

  63. Flan says:

    @Ashley. Lots of people don’t like Kate’s lack of ambition. Deal with it. Your judgement of us does not change this fact. I suggest you get over your disappointment and move on.

  64. NancyMan says:

    WOW, I thought girls in High School were mean!

  65. TinaWithPom says:

    It’s a nice letter. But it would have been even nicer had it been hand-written. Maybe it’s just palace protocol.

  66. cerulean says:

    Sorry but a typed letter to a sick child is in poor form. It doesn’t take much to write a letter.

    Can’t stand her and I am not jealous. I am so sick of people accusing others of being jealous when they don’t like someone. Really? So okay on that note then I guess I’m jealous of Madonna and the entire Palin family. Oh and I am just seething with envy over Donald Trump and Demi Moore.

    I don’t find Wills or his lifestyle particularly appealing because I find the whole idea of a monarchy in 2011 utterly useless. He is one the least sexiest men in England.

    That being said as useless as they are, I find her level of uselessness rather insulting.

  67. Victoria says:

    I am a bit supporter of Kate but I really feel that this is just lazy and I might have to start slowly reconsidering what others are saying about her character and lack of work ethic.

    It’s not as if she is doing a whole of things at the moment so how hard would it be for her to write that in her lovely script? You type business letters, you handwrite personal letters. I mean, come on. I have the worst chicken scratch in the world, but I will write a letter in a heart beat if it’s mean to be a matter of the heart.

    It was nice of her to write the letter, but I can’t help but feeling that it would have meant a lot more to young Fabian and his family if she actually took the time to write it herself.


  68. Bermuda Blues says:

    This letter was written TWO WEEKS after the visit to the hospital.

    Who would write an “it was nice meeting you” note two weeks later? You’d have forgotten by then. You’d write it the next day while it was fresh in your memory.


    Unless your secretary wrote this note for you. And you were in Wales until a recent charity party brought you back to London. Sitting in your office for 12 minutes before your salon appointment, your secretary had you sign a few quick letters, RSVP to a few parties, and go over your social schedule for the next few weeks.

    That’s exactly how this went down.

  69. Emily says:

    @UKHels, I thought that was weird, too. I mean, I’m not saying the kid’s an idiot, and I dislike when people talk down to kids, but that letter seems too advanced for a 9yo’s reading comprehension.

  70. cprincess says:

    It doesnt matter what she does its never going to be right for some of you…
    Shes spent the last few months being schooled in the ways of the Windsors and maybe if Diana had had that in the beginning there might have been less problems…
    While some of you apparently believe Diana was the second coming-she wasnt…
    She had an incredible way with people and looked amazing but she was manipulative,complex and knew exactly how to work things and considering how she grew up around the royal family how could she not know what she was getting into?
    Duchess Kate here is doing a great job, looks great- if a little skinny and most of all there is REAL chemistry between her and William….

  71. AcornPaste says:

    SamiHami –

    ‘Tripe? The stomach lining of a cow? How is my comment “tripe?” That just makes no sense at all.

    Oh, maybe you meant trite! Really, if you are going to attack another post, please at least use words you actually know.’

    Tut-tut. If you even bothered to search for the definition of tripe, you would know that there are two variations:
    1. lining of the stomach of a ruminant (especially a bovine) used as food
    2. nonsensical talk or writing (rubbish, silly) – just like your ‘jealousy’ excuse

    Try harder next time! While you’re at it, try to widen your vocabulary as well.

  72. gab says:

    I wonder what handwriting analysis would say about her writing?

  73. eternalcanadian says:

    William and Catherine would never stoop to saddle a child with such a ghost of a grandmother in naming a daughter Diana. I can see them using Diana as a second name, but not the first name.

    Catherine already has a heavy burden on her shoulders simply because of that darned ring. I don’t know what William was thinking but that was not a good thing using his dead mother’s engagement ring to propose to Catherine.

    If William tries to name his daughter Diana he’s seriously off his rocker and will just mess up the kid’s life. Just my opinion.

    As for PM Cameron, his idea of changing the succession law would be nuts at this point in time. Where would the the succession start? With the first child of William and Catherine? How does this affect the others in line of succession? Would the succession change be retroactive and bump Princess Anne to fourth place after Charles, William, and Harry? Can you imagine a Canadian sixth in line to the throne (Peter’s daughter Savannah since Peter would be fifth in line after his mother)?

    Anyway, it’s silly to be talking succession because any child of William and Catherine will be next in line to the throne and who cares if it is a boy or a girl? Harry will not become King Henry unless William and Catherine do not have any children or everyone dies in a tragic mess.

    Plus all of the countries part of the British Commonwealth (including Canada) would have to pass that succession law and re-write their constitutions regarding the monarchy in their country.

    Also when someone ascends the throne, like the Pope they sometimes change their name. Queen Elizabeth’s father changed his name from Albert to George when he became King. Charles and William can change their names if they want to avoid the bad karma of previous King Charles and King Williams.

  74. MoMo says:

    Hmmmm well it reads like something a member of the British royal family might write (formal, really polite, concerned without emotional involvement). I think she either had help writing it, or told someone the details of the visit while they wrote beside her at the computer so she could read it as they went. Lol, I’m going to believe that she was actually paying attention at the hospital, chose to write a letter of her own free will and then got consent from William to do so. In that case I give her an ‘A’ for effort and commitment. Maybe William helped her? Or at least Ok’d it before it was sent I bet.

    @gab- I have wondered that too about her handwriting, and about her speaking/demeanor/body language during the engagement interview with William. I sort of think that rather than being lazy, she might just be very self-conscious, shy, lacking in self-confidence and happy to have a dominant partner who makes all the decisions. I also think it’s interesting that she hasn’t been coached to work on her hand writing (still looks like her scrawled signature from the wedding program). Has anyone seen the part of the engagement interview right after the guy said ‘and we’re finished’ or ‘and we’re done’? She leaned her head really far backwards on the couch like it was a really stressful ordeal and she said something like ‘I am so bad at interviews’ and William said something like ‘no that was good’ or ‘that went well.’ I get the impression there is no real interest in her being trained or coached to have more professional confidence.

  75. MoMo says:

    cont- Like I think for someone who maybe has zero self-confidence and no non-geisha work skills she puts her best foot forward. The monarchy machine wants for her to put minimal feet forward (because they don’t want too much public adoration) and to focus more on being William’s wife- so its a good arrangement for all of them.

  76. Kar says:

    Nice touch, but more importantly- DID WAITY KATIE ACTUALLY MISSPELL HER OWN NAME??!??! Priceless!

  77. africanwoman says:

    rumour has it that William had a Kenyan girlfriend he loved and they have a child together so guys think twice when u say will’s 1st child .lmao

  78. stephanie says:

    She did not compose/type that herself. Even if we’re trying not to be negative.

    also I think they will name the daughter Diana.

    Cool that they will put a woman on the throne.

  79. You actually make it appear so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually one thing which I believe I would never understand. It sort of feels too complicated and very huge for me. I’m taking a look ahead on your next put up, I?ll attempt to get the hang of it!