Katie Holmes and Kate Bosworth in Paris

Katie Holmes and Kate Bosworth were photographed with ornery old fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld at his VIP party at Paris Fashion week on 10/6. Kate Bosworth is the perfect clothes rack, and Katie Holmes looks like she’s shrugged off the religious brainwashing in favor of the soothing balm of consumerism.

Katie was seen shopping for shoes and purses at Christian Louboutin earlier that day, and even looked at a frilly pink coat for little Suri. Speaking of little Suri, she hasn’t been seen outside the house at any point during her supposed six months on this earth. Nary a baby carriage, carrier or accessory has been photographed, and although we have that great spread in Vanity Fair it seems a bit thin considering there’s no candid evidence of the tyke apart from those creepy helicopter pictures that came out. Yes, I always mention this, but isn’t it a bit suspect? Work with me on this.

Katie is in Paris with Victoria Beckham, and has been seen out on the town with her in various fashion-forward outfits.

While Katie’s away there are soccer moms trying to get newly-chub Tom Cruise to play. X17 shows evidence of a blonde hottie flirting with Tom at one of Isabella’s soccer games and touching his arm.

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10 Responses to “Katie Holmes and Kate Bosworth in Paris”

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  1. lady garden says:

    WTF is she wearing? She looks like a bell

  2. brangelinaarethepitts says:

    Karl Lagerfeld gets funnier every year.
    I bet no-one’s even sure if he’s still alive

  3. manda says:

    umm what the hell did anyone notice how large that coat is? seriousy how big is the kid she is shopping for last time i saw pictuers of suri she wasnt a 2 yr old

  4. ER says:

    She has to make sure the coat is big enough to completely envelope Suri so no one can see her. Celebitchy, I’m with you. Why don’t we see Suri out in public, we sure see Tom and Katie enough. Is Suri in Paris with Katie? I can’t stand to leave my children over night, much less for several days to go out of the country. Call me a psycho mom, but I actually enjoy having my kids with me.

  5. ER says:

    ps…how tall is Katie? I keep seeing her with Victoria Beckham and now Kate Bosworth and KL and she looks like an amazon in every photo.

  6. Catherine says:

    Katie is about 5’10 or so.

  7. Alexi says:

    Can I tell you I LOVE THIS SIte!!!
    Glad that Katie’s new job is PRO SHOPPER….gotta spend that 25 million right? How anyone can spend a reported 300K USD for flowers at a wedding when that would feed X number of families (not to mind pay off my own damn mortgage) is BEYOND YOUR GAL PAL ALEXI TRULY.
    Has anyone read Dianetics? I think en route to the Canary Islands I will read it. Perhaps I can get some of that cash LOL

  8. elisha says:

    Woah! Look at the picture of her coming down the stairs! SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE A WAX FIGURE

  9. Nadine says:

    I think she’s pregnant again…

  10. Linz says:

    yeah that dress is sure to prevent any “baby #2” reports for that day.

    that is the ugliest dress ever. it looks like it should be on her 2 year old, suri.