Danny Masterson & Bijou Phillips marry in a Xenu-approved ceremony


After nearly a decade of dating, Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips have finally married each other in a ceremony set in the Irish countryside. The pair initially got engaged in March 2009, but work-related commitments kept them from setting aside the time to tie the knot. Well that, and the fact that they were scheduled to marry in April 2010 in Iceland, but the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano threw a little wrench into that well-crafted soiree. Perhaps the delay was all part of Xenu’s master plan, for the couple are very well-known as “devout Scientologists.” In particular, Bijou has been quite vocal about parroting the words of L. Ron Hubbard in the not-so-distant past:

It’s hard not to mention that both Masterson and Phillips are devout Scientologists. At one point, Phillips goes off on a long tangent about the dangers of psychiatrists medicating patients for depression or anxiety. “My grandparents didn’t take any pills and they were fine. Just buck up and get over it. Stop being such a f–king pansy,” she says, her bird-like voice taking on a deeper tone.

[From Paper Magazine]

Nice attitude, right? Bijou is very lucky that she’s never experienced the overwhelming depths of depression. God forbid she ever decides to have a child and experiences the hell of post-partum depression either. Of course, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, and even Scientologists deserve to have happy weddings too:

Danny Masterson and his girlfriend of eight years, Bijou Phillips, tied the knot Tuesday before an intimate group of family and friends in the Irish countryside, their rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

In a nod to Masterson’s Irish heritage, the couple had a formal wedding at a private castle, the picturesque setting of Tipperary serving as their backdrop, during a weeklong celebration.

Phillips, 31, wore a custom Zac Posen gown and Masterson, 35, donned Albert Hammond Jr. for Confederacy.

The groom’s brother Chris Masterson served as best man and guests included actors Ben Foster, Mike Pena and Ethan Suplee and acclaimed artist Gottfried Helnwein.

Masterson proposed to Phillips, his costar in several films, in March 2009.

[From People]

Despite the whole Scientology angle involving Bijou’s horrific stance on the wog world and the evils of psychiatry, she and Danny do appear to be quite devoted to each other. So here’s to sincerely wishing them a long and happy union together.


I do, however, find it interesting that Bijou is a smoker, since addictions are a big “no no” for the CO$. She should stop being such a pansy and just put down the cigarette.


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  1. Jen says:

    I give them 6 months…tops.

  2. Dibba says:

    Who the hell are these people?

  3. Erinn says:

    @Jen, they’ve lasted this long already, I can’t imagine marriage making that much of a difference that they’d end so abruptly.

  4. maggiegrace says:

    I’ve always thought she was the cutest thing.

  5. Hollowdoll says:

    So it’s bad to take meds for depression but being addicted to nicotine is okay?

  6. Delta Juliet says:

    Re: the depression medication v. cigarette addiction

    I love when people argue so strongly against something they know nothing about and then expect you to disregard their discrepancies.

  7. Kimbob says:

    It really makes me wonder why did the Higher Power above give people brains when they ignorantly refuse to use them. Seriously.

    I’m speaking, more specifically about Scientology/Scientologists/Basically ALL CULTS (& we can safely include KABALLAH into such).

    I am AMAZED at the number of people in this world who are more than willing to let themselves be “taken in” by such dribble that cults espouse. IT IS MIND-BLOWING, indeed!!!

  8. Praise St. Angie! says:

    Erinn – not to get too preachy here…but there have been a LOT of relationships that go BOOM within a short period of making them “official” (with a marriage).

    not to say this one will, but it does happen.

    that being said, I don’t wish ill on them, but I sure as hell won’t wish GOOD things on ANY $cientologist. F-ing cult.

  9. normades says:

    No Ashton or Wilmer at the wedding?

    I always liked Danny, too bad he’s in the COS.

    She really calmed down with him. She was Paris Hilton’s party girl side kick for a long time.

  10. Nev says:

    always thought they were a cool couple…what is this stance on scientology and no pills for depression/anxiety…anyone know how they expect people to help themselves?

  11. tripmom says:

    Erinn – it happened to Hank Azaria and Helen Hunt. They were together for like, a decade, got married and split up within a few months. Happens a lot actually.

  12. Pyewacket says:

    Not that I agree with her stance particularly or the CO$ at all, but the world is becoming too dependent on pills to make them feel better. I have nothing at all against psychiatry, but I feel meds are often things too easily given and obtained to “fix” a problem, when in fact, the meds often become the problem.

    As for her, I like her as an actress. Loved her in Bully.

  13. ladybert62 says:

    I have never understood the attraction of scientology – I have read up on it a little and its beliefs are truly strange and mind controlling.

    What is it that people find so interesting in it – it is a cult and like all cults does not allow questioning of its beliefs or its “ministers of the mind” (my words).

    Dont know who these people are but he looks better without the glasses and she looks better in the second picture but that neon fuschia dress has increased my headache – where are my migraine pills (which scientology would deny me!)

  14. k says:

    Travolta is a huge smoker. Leah Remini, Kirstie Alley, Dharma, Cruise (rumored) — all smokers, all CoS.

  15. SoCalGal in FL says:

    The relationship was probably getting stale after almost 8 years of commitment so they figured “maybe things will ‘freshen’ up if we get married”. Seldom works that way for celebs (or relatives of celebs in this case).
    Agree w the posters that pointed out ‘how come no meds and yet she’s seen here SMOKING A CIGARETTE?

  16. Melissa says:

    Re: no meds but smoking. I once worked with this dude who was Muslim and wouldn’t drink alcohol b/c it was banned by the Koran. Apparently the Koran does not ban illicit drugs, however, b/c he was always high on something (not just pot, either). I guess he followed the letter but not the spirit of the law? Too funny.

  17. di butler says:

    When your father is child-molesting, major druggie John Phillips, and your mother has so many issues she loses custody to him when you’re just 8, you either end up being a complete party mess like she used to be, or you turn into a nutty Scieno. The Hollywood way.

  18. Jen says:

    Big whoop. Helen Hunt and Hank Azaria were together for years, got married and POOF, separated within a year. And they were older and supposedly more mature (and much more sane- as in NOT in the COS).

  19. lease says:

    She’s beautiful.

    I understand what she’s getting at. Pills are given to people when they aren’t even suffering from depression. We could benefit from toughening up a little and not expecting a magic pill to make everything better with no effort on our part.

    Not the most articulate choice of words,though.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I have suffered from depression since childhood. I have been on medication since mid-2000’s and it has been an amazing help for me to carry on with my life, coping the way “normal” people do and not crumbling under the despair when the depression rolled in. Depression wrecked my life while I tried to just “buck up”. There is no way she can understand the emotional anguish that mental illness brings into people’s lives. She is a celebuspawn and not famous for anything else (bit acting parts aside) She can go to hell. What a twit!

  21. Lllllll says:

    I’ve always like Masterson since he was Hyde on ‘That 70’s Show’. It makes me sad that they are scientologists- I read up about scientology awhile ago and I guess it was really prevalent on that set. Too bad. Laura something-or-another (Donna) is one as well, I THINK.

    I kinda agreed with part of Bijou’s sentiments about prescription pharmaceuticals… she should have been more delicate about it, though.

    I think if a person legitimately needs them, by all means. I don’t think all prescriptions are bad.

    But there is a lot of unnecessary diagnoses out there that shouldn’t even exist- check out the latest edition of the DMS-V- and some people (of course I am not talking about the truly ill or depressed people, more like the ones who are in a slump) don’t really need the meds, and it may actually delay dealing with the root of the problem.

    I think going the other way, though, and saying “No one should ever take prescriptions” would be incredibly harmful. There is a line, and I do feel that the medical field has crossed it more than once, but just because of some shady dealings doesn’t mean we should throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    End Rant. 😉

  22. Violet says:

    She sounds like a self-righteous, insufferable bitch without any sense of compassion or understanding. Her career never really took off, so has she just been living off Danny all these years?

    I guess she didn’t get the memo that chainsmoking moochers should STFU if they have nothing nice to say.

  23. Rose says:

    Interesting sentiments considering her family is such a perfect storm of mental illness.

  24. jane16 says:

    Aww, my kid is going to be so disappointed about Danny being in the cult, he was one of his favorite actors.

    @ Rose, great comment.

    btw, Helen H & Hank split up cuz she found out he was fooling around on the side, with another actor.

  25. chuckufarley says:

    Hubbard once said “not smoking enough” Is what cause cancer.

    so puff away Bijou,you thetans will thank you

  26. heatberd says:

    So should those evil psychiatrists stop treating paranoid schizophrenics (David Miscavige) ? Imagine the world with non medicated, delusional people (David Miscavige). Ask Bijou if she is concerned about this.

  27. Kelly says:

    They were too busy with their careers to plan a wedding? Really? What careers as of late? And isn’t her family completely messed up for the most part? They may have benefitted from some medication.

  28. Anna says:

    She smokes and it’s okay because L Ron Hubbard smoked. He said that smoking actually prevents cancer.

    Since he’s the “Source” (i.e. origination of the church dogma, cannot be wrong), most Scientologists actually believe that smoking prevents cancer.

  29. jane16 says:

    God that cult is insane. I wish it would lose its “religious” standing and be taxed, actually I wish religions were taxed as well.

  30. orion70 says:

    Granted her grandparents are not a century back, but way to be naive about “back in the day”. I’ve equally heard lots of stories from “back in the day” of people committing suicide, self-medicating with alcohol, and generally being completely miserable in violent relationships and the like (or, on the flipside, were lessening their anger and anxiety by beating the crap out of their spouse or children).

    That, and the fact that people were often quietly shuffled off to an asylum, “visiting a relative somewhere” or just plainly never spoken of.

    I think her view of “did just fine” is skewed.

  31. Erinn says:

    @Praise St Angie and Tripmom
    I suppose. It just seems weird to think that, I guess. I guess the stress of getting married could bring out pre existing problems. Thanks for the kind corrections 🙂

  32. Jackie says:

    her ignorance and complete lack of knowledge about depression and anxiety are shameful.

    her father could have used some psychiatry and pills, then maybe he would have not been a raging heroin addict and child molester.

  33. imominous says:

    Smoking? L. Ron Hubbard, their college-dropout pulp fiction god, said “Not smoking enough causes cancer.”

    There’s a litter of butts out back of every Scientology establishment because they smoke like chimneys.

    Smoking cures cancer…who know?

  34. Jenn says:

    Her parents were notorious drug addicts and dealers, so I bet that’s why she has such a hardcore stance on any narcotics. She’s had a rough life; hope she’s found happiness.

  35. Katie says:

    Hey guys,

    If you want to help fight Scientology abuses and get some investigation going of all their crimes, please help by signing this petition to the White House at:
    You can sign anonymously, just need an email that they wouldn’t give out.

    Fight the powah, and Tom Cruise can’t fly!

  36. Emily says:

    @Elizabeth, I hope your meds continue to work for you. I was on anti-depressants for about a year, and I don’t think I would’ve made it through that year without them. It’s easy for someone who hasn’t gone through depression to tell people to just “buck up”, but it’s hard as hell to actually do that when you’re depressed. My housemate went off his meds for a month, and I was shocked at just how quickly his mood sunk. He’s back on them now, thankfully, but idiots like this bitch make me so mad when they talk about something they don’t know shit about.

  37. riri says:

    She is so beautiful with her curls and beautiful face.

    You need to understand that these kids were brainwashed.

    That’s what cults do- they exploite people who are vulnarble and have no strong support system.

    She comes from a broken home, if I am not mistaken. She was an easy target to be recuited by the COS.

  38. normades says:

    @Kelly: They are considered a hipster power couple in LA. They DJ, open restaurants etc…not acting so much per se.

    Danny is pretty straight laced and very open against drugs. He claims to have never even smoked a joint.

  39. Longtime Friend says:

    As a personal friend of both, I will just say here that Bij is working on her cigarette cessation. She and Danny will be together forever after living together for 8 solid years. They are devoted are committed to each other. Bij has evolved into a sweet, kind, generous solid citizen who strives every day to be the best friend she can be to her friends and the best partner to Danny. Having been a child model and actress, she continually brings her own money to their union and continues to work in acting. If you read John’s autobiography carefully, you will read that it was physically impossible for him to do what Mackenzie has charged him with doing during the era she claims. She’s just another heroin addicted liar and the proof is in his book. This couple has been devoted and faithful to each other and will be an example of excellence to all. Stay tuned.

  40. soulkitten says:

    Ashton wasn’t at the wedding but he was at the bachelor party in San Diego, cheating on his wife.

    I went to summer camp with bijou when she was 12-14. Even then she was the most messed up girl I knew. Major abandonment and lack of parenting issues. I’m happy to see she’s grown up so well. She’s a total wackadoodle and whatever but aren’t we all in some way? She looks healthy (yes she should quit smoking) & happy and stable. Good for you Bijou!