LeAnn Rimes talks body image, thinness: “I’m not a baby anymore!”


Last week, Brandi Glanville gave an exclusive interview to In Touch Weekly. Magically, this week, LeAnn Rimes gave an exclusive interview to Star Magazine, the trashiest of the trashy tabloids, IMO. Single White Female-ing, or is it just to “promote her album”? Who can say at this point? It doesn’t really matter, because all LeAnn talks about is her body and how much she loves her bony, emaciated frame. Here are some highlights:

LeAnn on her body: “I understand the public is used to seeing me with baby fat, but you have got to understand that I’m not a baby anymore… everyone has seen my every five-or10-pound weight loss or gain since I was 13. Now I’ve grown into a woman, and my body has changed.”

Her divorce did affect her weight: “When I went through a divorce and didn’t want to get out of bed for almost a year and a half, I gained 10 lbs.”

Since marrying Eddie: “I’m the happiest I’ve been. I’m healthy and taking great care of my body again.”

Her new workout: “It’s made my body] longer, leaner and less bulky.” She now exercises three or four times a week by doing Pilates, dancing or circuit training with light weights. “I also love boxing to get rid of stress and tone my entire body… but lately, I mainly work out when I can. Mostly that’s consisted of walking miles through airports and performing high-energy 90-minute shows every night while on tour!”

Her diet: “I start off my day with [nutritionist Kimberly Snyder’s] smoothies, and then I’m mostly vegetarian until dinner, when I eat fish, chicken or steak with salad and veggies. There’s nothing I deprive myself of, not even sugar. I eat everything I want in moderation.”

She mentions pregnancy: “My body will continually change with stress, contentment or whether I’m busy or not. Hopefully also one day when I’m pregnant!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

My favorite part is where she completely rewrites her own famewhoring, Eddie-stalking history – “When I went through a divorce and didn’t want to get out of bed for almost a year and a half, I gained 10 lbs.” A year and a half? I’m assuming she means the year and a half that passed right after everyone found out that she was screwing Eddie? And after we found out, she started calling the paps on herself constantly while she was running errands and flaunting her body and stalking Eddie incessantly? But poor LeAnn, she didn’t want to get out of bed! Poor baby. NO! SHE’S NOT A BABY ANYMORE.





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  1. Blankverse says:

    This is a totally visceral response – but all I can think/say is SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!

  2. Samigirl says:

    “Mostly that’s consisted of walking miles through airports and performing high-energy 90-minute shows every night while on tour!””

    Ahhh….the tour of county fairs that she’s been doing when she busts Adele’s lovely songs. That MUST be one hellova workout. However, she forgot her biggest workout of all…those THUMBS! Twitter must be her biggest workout-it’s the one thing she never stops doing!

  3. MollyB says:

    I remember seeing a picture of her jogging with her former husband a few years ago. She was wearing little running shorts and I remember thinking “Wow, she has a banging body. Who would have thought?”. At one point, she was trim, athletic and toned. Now she looks like an old bag of bones.

  4. fabgrrl says:

    She “gained 10 lbs” after her divorce? Really? Is that how much Eddie’s dong weighs?

  5. Brittney says:

    If I couldn’t get out of bed for a YEAR AND A HALF (not that that’s true at all), I would gain ten pounds ten times over. So would she.

  6. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Enough already! Yeh so what ur thin (anorexically so) stop harping on about it and making cr*p up.

    Honestly is she just this skinny so she can make headlines?!?!?

  7. Lisa says:


  8. sarah says:

    her shoulders are huge!

  9. anemoneblue says:

    My God, is there nothing else this bitch will talk about other than her weight? is this all she has to say? I know Hollywood is filled with self absorbed and body conscious people, but she is above and beyond anything else I have come accross. You know, LeAnn, the world does not revolve around you. Nobody cares about your bones sticking out. For chrissakes, get a hobby!

  10. brin says:

    No, you’re not a baby. You are a manipulative, nasty psycho.
    Kaiser…thanks for these inbred linebacker pics of Leann…lol!

  11. Jezi says:

    OMG she can’t stop with the lies. She’s always been that weight. She didn’t gain weight during her divorce. When you get older you actually gain weight not lose it because your metabolism slows down. She honestly thinks people are dumb. Secondly, she doesn’t dance in her shows, she sits on a stool. You don’t lose weight by standing around. Third,she doesn’t eat sugar. I do believe this was mentioned that she doesn’t allow sugar in the house. God she’s a twit.

  12. eileen says:

    Fabgrrl -Coffee LITERALY shot out of my nose when I read your reply! BRAVO!!! Lo frickin L!!!!

  13. Kimbob says:

    My GAWD…what a LIAR she is. So, I’m to believe the 1.5 yrs where she was screwing Eddie while going through her divorce she was depressed? Oh no you did-n’t girl…give me an effing break.

  14. Jules says:

    She needs to gain back that 10 lbs, fast.

  15. Franny says:

    Usually, growing into a woman means hips widen, boobs grow, you lose a bit of the fullness in your face.

    It doesn’t mean turning into an upside down triangle.

  16. Franny says:

    ALSO (sorry CB..caps): you stayed in bed for a 1.5 years after your divorce? The end of your marriage where YOU cheated?! No. you were off making kissy faces with Mr. Squints. No one feels bad for you.

  17. searching4grace says:

    Ha. My mistake. I thought she meant the year and half she spent in bed with another woman’s husband after she divorced the one she cheated on. She never said it was depression that kept her there. I’m with the first poster. I wish she would just shut up!

  18. surlymonkey says:

    She may say she is no longer a baby, but she most certainly is an infantile tw@t.

    She is such a pathological liar. Does she really buy her own stupid stories?

    We know she didn’t stay in bed except when she was backing up on Edster’s married dong.

    How do we know? Well, we SAW her stupid a** almost daily because she called her GSI pals to stand behind the fishy smelling dumpster every time she left the house and I ain’t just talking about the one between her emaciated thighs.

    We know she didn’t gain any weight during her divorce. The only thing she gained was the scorn of 95% of the public at large.

    I think I should be above such intense hating on a faux-lebrity. But d@mn, every time she opens her mouth, I want to get really stabby on her.

  19. Dibba says:

    Taking a nice long cruise down the river of De-Nile.

  20. monette says:

    I used to look at her bikini photos and think: Wow, she looks great, so toned and with killer abs. I used to appreciate her for embracing her pair shape and for not resulting to a boob job. I though she looked great and she was a confident, smart and happy woman. Than Eddie came along, now she is a stick with airbags. It’s like he sucked her brain out with his dong and left behind this pathetic excuse for a fame-whore.

  21. ob gyn says:

    Good luck getting pregnant.

  22. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    For MOST of her life her weight was average. This is not a natural weight for her and takes much more exercise than a couple days of pilates, boxing and light weights to maintain (particularly at 30). She’s destroying her metabolism, all in attempt to emulate her husbands ex.

  23. Zigggy says:

    That dress is so ugly. If you get a bandage dress you should get a different colour than actual bandages.

  24. gg says:

    Yep, she was in bed with Eddie for a year and a half. That’s why!!!

  25. Lady D says:

    Is it really true that the camera adds 10 pounds? 50 years ago when technology wasn’t as advanced it might have been true. I don’t know. But now, new cameras, high-def TV etc, does the camera still add 10 pounds, or was it a myth all along? Anybody know where that saying came from?

  26. Deliverer Of Deceit says:

    Is that Winston Churchill holding the door for her in photo 1?

    Brandi’s post was 1st today, then there’s one of LeAnn. SWF again. LeAnn is such a biatch.

  27. why? says:

    Didn’t STAR magazine also write a negative article about Brandi this week? And then Leann, being that she is very bright, turns around and gives an exclusive interview to STAR? Well that explains why STAR mag keeps going after BG. Leann Rimes is paying them.

    It sounds like Leann is trying VERY hard to fuel pregnancy rumors, which means she is pregnant. The harder she tries to push the “Is she or is she not” campaign, the media ignore her.

    Leann states that she is the happiest she has ever been since marrying EC? So how come the day after her wedding to EC, she was on twitter arguing with US Weekly? She just got married. Wouldn’t it have been more logical for her to be spending that time with her new husband rather than throwing twitter tantrums? If LR is so happy why is she constantly SWF BG, it’s gotten even worse since she married EC. Now what woman is going to walk around morphing herself into her boyfriend’s or husband’s ex? Happy women don’t do that.

    Funny that she would mention how she walks miles through airports since she is constantly calling the paps to get pda photos of her and EC at them.

  28. Stonegoddess says:

    We all knew that she was going to pay for an article bashing Brandi at the same time as paying for an article on herself. Just another transparent SWF of BG – again.

    Also, if Leanne couldn’t get out of bed for a year an a half it’s because she was under Eddie.

    We all saw pictures of her parading around with Eddie flaunting their affair to everyone. Why was she so depressed when she is the one that cheated and destroyed a family? Another attempt at UNDESERVED sympathy.

    This thing makes me want punch a wall, she is just a full on turbo biatch. Why she can’t just stop all of this when she apparently got what she wanted is beyond me.

    She is disgusting and ugly (inside and out).

  29. brin says:

    @Stonegoddess….that’s a good question…why can’t she stop? Could be she doesn’t want to stop cause she gets attention. Also could be that Eddie is egging her on.

  30. why? says:

    Leann has set up and staged a photo-op EVERDAY of this week.

    The chapters in LR lastest “I am more popular than BG” TRIPLE Mega media blitz include:

    Chap 1: “EC loves me because he holds my hand as we walk through LAX as I wear a red dress to SWF BG”

    Chap 2: “EC loves me because we dine out and go shopping as I attempt to fuel pregnancy rumors by tweeting about how I will be sporting a baby bump for Halloween”

    Chap 3: “We[EC, her parents, and EC and BG kids] are one big happy family because for the second time in ONE DAY I invite the Dailymail to get candid shots os us dinig out AGAIN as I SWF BG hairstyle and wear a nightgown”

    Chap 4: “EC loves me because we dine out and go shopping AGAIN the next day AFTER we already released photos of us dining out twice in one day just so that I can fuel pregnancy rumors by wearing a baggy shirt”

    Chap 5: “EC loves me because I look lovingly at him and we wear matching clothes as we walk through an airport in DC to once again use a charity event to promote my marriage to EC(because EC is cheating on me and I think that I can convince people he is being faithful by releasing pda moments at airports).

    And now Chap 7: “EC loves me because he is snuggling with me on my tour bus rather than staying in LA to take care of his sons”

    Guess what LR is using to justify this “I am more popular than BG” TRIPLE mega media blitz? The Stand Up For Kids organization. So we have seen LR and EC faces all these week because LR thinks that doing “good deeds” makes it okay to attention seek?

    I’m sure LR will use this same cause to release staged photos of her and EC at the pumpkin patch with his kids.

    Why won’t LR stop all the SWF or taunting of BG? Because LR didn’t get what she wanted. EC is cheating on her and apparently he is STILL pining over BG no matter what he says in interviews or does in these staged photo-ops with LR. LR actions towards BG=LR and EC marriage is in turmoil.

    It’s just a matter of how long it will take the media to catch up on what the public already knows. Seriously, I wonder if more media outlets started questioning if EC still has feelings for BG based solely on the fact that LR is working way too hard to look like BG, would LR SWF and taunting of BG stop?

    LR also continues with the taunting and SWF because her yes people(BFFs at NBC)keeps rewarding her for it. Hence the Maya A interview for Jan and her appearance on Regis and Kelly on Monday. What better way to encourage LR cycle of SWF and tuanting of BG by having someone like Maya A to be inspired by it.

  31. why? says:

    Just warning, camp Leann is using the names of people who post here to make comments on another site.

  32. Stonegoddess says:

    @why I have seen that before. I had to change my name that I used because this happened many times on JJ and Daily Mail. Comments to look like I was an LR supporter.

    How desperate do you have to be when you have your people hijack other people’s names to make comments.

    If she isn’t a baby anymore, she sure is acting like it. Pathetic.

  33. Jenn says:

    This woman is pathetic. You’re photographed sneaking around with someone’s husband WHILE YOU’RE MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE, and you can’t “get out of bed”? Well, not if Eddie’s in it. She’s too useless for words. She also tweeted nonstop about being with him on sets before her divorce. She wasn’t depressed or upset- there is PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE that she was with Eddie, holding hands, making out at innocent kids’ soccer games, beaming at the camera for all she was worth: “Look what I won!” I cannot believe someone is this reprehensible.

  34. Jezi says:

    @Why? Those who know who support Brandi, know that we wouldn’t switch on a dime to support the homewrecker. They are so desperate.

  35. Stonegoddess says:

    What I think is the most disgusting and pretty sad is that she actually beleives her own bullsh*t and thinks we’re all stupid.

    Does she really think that there is no way to disprove everything she says? There are pics everywhere of her flaunting the affair and then she tries come off like she was so devastated she couln’t get out of bed.


  36. brin says:

    Is she going to be in NY when Brandi is?
    (stalker alert.) I thought Eddie was taking the kids while Brandi was in NY.

  37. Jezi says:

    @brin Yes, she’s doing Regis and Kelly. Brandi will be doing the Today Show, Wendy Williams and Watch What Happens Live. To which I had the honor of an invite to view. I will be on the lookout for Leann stalking us. Although if she stands behind a pole I might not see her 😉

    And yes, Leann was bragging that they will have the boys for “most” of the week. So I’m assuming, “most” means not all of the week. Sad that Eddie, being unemployed, can’t spend his free time with his boys, but instead has to follow Leann to NYC. I would be surprised if he doesn’t accompany her.

  38. brin says:

    That’s awesome Jezi (that you will be at Watch What Happens)! Please tell Brandi she has lots of support! Be careful of Loco Rimes (funny how she is in NY the same day). I’ll be watching all of Brandi’s shows. Thanks for the info!
    Eddie is a sorry excuse for a father.

  39. Jezi says:

    Thanks brin. We were going to meet up for dinner but she thought it would be cool to go to the club house. I was keeping it on the DL but Brandi shouted it out on twitter so I figured she didn’t mind people knowing. I will let her know that she has a lot of support. Especially on the CB boards.

  40. brin says:

    @Jezi…that’s so cool, have fun!

  41. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I have to say this “EAT BITCH!” Okay now I feel much better:-)

  42. Nonny says:

    My fist wants to meet with her face!

  43. Jenn says:

    @Jezi- the pole comment=:)! I’m so glad that Brandi (whom I do not know and do not follow on Twitter as I don’t follow anyone on Twitter) has someone like you watching her back. Brandi seems cool and easygoing, but it can’t be easy to know that someone like LeAnn is one step behind, dying to carve your face off and wear it. But to see Wendy Williams and Brandi in the same room! That is one conversation I’m interested in hearing. I really do wonder: does LeAnn believe her own lies? Or think that others do? Doesn’t she KNOW that there are pictures of her everywhere, like when she turned up at the same basketball game as Eddie? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. She was so depressed she just had to ride around in the golf cart with a drink and her trophy in it?

  44. Jenn says:

    And it is just more of her narcissistic crap, always playing the victim card. As thesuperficial.com once wrote, it’s not like she was the one being wronged. She took what she wanted when she wanted it without regard for anyone, so why she keeps talking about how hard that time was for her and how stressed she was and how she knew she could conquer anything once she got through it- seriously?? She wasn’t depressed, she was sleeping with the guy she wanted to marry and not thinking of her actual husband at the time. Nor about the family she was destroying in search of her own desires. *That* is part of why people despise her- she is not only unapologetic, she sees herself as the one who came through a tough time.

  45. why? says:

    Not only is LeannInc using the names of other posters from this site, but now they are revisiting the old threads on the other site and using the names that they are finding in those old threads to make posts.

    That can only mean one thing.

    Leann must be gearing up to add another Chapter to her “I am more popular than BG” Triple mega media blitz.

    So what type of staged photo-op is LR gearing up for this time because her camp Leann Inc is out in full force like they were on Wednesday.

  46. Patricia says:

    What does she see when she looks in the mirror???
    If I was that god awful ugly I would never come out from under my bed.

  47. DrM says:

    I have to say that that dress is BAD. It probably cost the earth, it looks cheap and the colour is horrid. It is also too large on LR given her size and the fact it is supposed to be a ‘bandage’ dress…even with the tacky looking plastic embellished strap detail…

  48. Jennifer says:

    @ Patricia Delusional, dishonest, and narcissistic perfectly sum up Leann. She thinks she looks good but the reality is she’s an unattractive anorexic or bulimic.

  49. marisa says:

    until this bitch admits what we’ve all known so far, that she is FOS, I really don’t care what she has to say to “defend” herself.

  50. Baylor says:

    Color me surprised that we haven’t seen pumpkin patch pictures of LR with the kids. Maybe after this upcoming week. Neither has she gone on and on about how much she loves Halloween and all about getting costumes for the kids and for herself. Last year she wouldn’t shut up about it.

  51. AnnieB says:

    @Jezi…you forget, wewe DOES her patented horse trot, clomp and kick (think Elaine Benes) in 6 inch stilettos (she’s naturally tall too, yo) at her “shows”. You may be confused cause it looks more like a seizure.

    And WHY did Dean get a rumored 8 digit settlement (including gag order) to end the marriage quickly and quietly then? And he did end it quickly and quietly. Leann wanted to be single to pursue a married man “without getting a bad rep, for being married”. So why the “depression”? She was tickled pink that she was single, just needed to push with all her might to end his marriage. By ANY means necessary.

    @surlymonkey…Ha!! That IS the dictionary definition of Leann’s worn out cooter. “fishy smelling dumpster”

  52. why? says:

    Now Leann is SWF Adele and she has a youtube video circulating the internet now of it. It’s bad enough that she SWF BG, but why does she keep singing Adele’s songs? The bad part about it, is LR must not have seen Adele’s interview where she stated that she doesn’t like to hang around people who have done so much to alter their appearance(ie-breast implants and drastic weight changes) because these people are too obsessed with their outer selves.

    LR is in DC singing Adele’s songs for the Stand Up for Kids campaign, the very same campaign she is trying to use to promote her marriage to EC. That speaks volumes. That LR talent is based on whose coattails she is riding for the day. This week it was BG and her EC kids. And now it’s Adele?

    Does LR think that singing Adele’s songs will make people buy her album?

  53. surlymonkey says:

    @why – If you think about it, LeAnn’s whole career has been a copy of someone else.

    She got famous for Blue because people were hoping she would be like Patsy Cline.

    Her most successful albums were covers of gospel (before she came out as a wh*re) and Patsy’s actual songs.

    How Will I Live was a song that was GIVEN to Trisha Yearwood, but since LeAnn wanted it, she covered it, too.

    The song in Coyote Ugly? Popular because people associated Piper Perabo singing it. So much so that LeAnn’s paid for boyfriend Andrew Keegan dumped her for the real Piper!

    There is absolutely nothing compelling about her as an individual, personally or professionally.

    Maybe this is why she has always changed her personality and appearance to match which ever man she gloms on to……..

  54. Memphis says:

    She is such a LIAR.

  55. Lady D says:

    I caught the last 15 minutes of Coyote Ugly the other night. I find it hard to believe she would rather have this body than that one.

  56. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Ha ha! I love the baby comment. Sweety, baby fat falls off between like 16 and 20. You are like 30. You’ve not had babyfat for a while.

  57. why? says:

    Leann is a disgusting individual, so just like she used the tornado victims to promote her relationship with EC, LR used the Stand Up for Kids campaign to promote her marriage to EC.

    So now LR has had her mouthpieces release reports about how she and EC are celebrating their 6 month anniversary and how their marriage is going strong because they have lasted 6 months. What a joke. You know that a HW couple is having problems in their marriage when they have to pull a stunt like this.

    Yeap EC is cheating. So LR thinks that she can convince people that EC is in love with her(and isn’t sleeping with Liz) by putting out stories about how their love and marriage is going strong because it lasted 6 months?

    People are not stupid. EC wouldn’t still be with LR if it wasn’t for the Don Julio, Liz, watches, cars, expensive trips, getting him jobs on CSI/Chase/Playboy Club/Charisma.

    How funny that this 6 month annoucement comes AFTER we saw 2-3 staged photo-ops of LR taking EC on several shopping sprees this week. So once again LR had to bribe EC to stay with her.

  58. why? says:

    So those headlines should really read: Prior to celebrating their 6 month anniversary, LR takes Eddie Cibrian on 2-3 shopping trips just to ensure that they make it to their 6 month anniversary

    And we only know about the shopping trips because LR invited her mouthpieces Dailymail, x17, and JJ out with her and EC. LR expects people to believe that EC planned something special for their anniversary? Note to LR: EC doesn’t even care enough about his kids so much so that for some Don Julio he allows LR to exploit his kids on her blog, twitter, twitpics, interviews, and staged photo-ops. This is also the same man who went along with LR and NBC when they cooked up his fake injury(after those photos of EC down on the ground dancing with LR, we know that his injury was a lie) to attempt to save his show.

    No doubt LR will release the staged photos(at the expense of the Stand Up For Kids organization) of her and EC celebrating their 6 month anniversary and engaging in heavey pda while SWF BG because once again this constant attention seeking and SWF behavior is encouraged and rewarded by NBC and Maya Angelou.

  59. brin says:

    The Virgo (Leann’s) horoscope says “you will hit a speedbump”…lol, a speedbump hitting a speedbump!

  60. Stonegoddess says:

    Is this an example of her being so upset that she couldn’t get out of bed for a year and a half? Ya, in these pictures she certainly seems devastated!

    What a lying, delusion, ho bag c**t. I guess if you repeat the story enough times you start to believe it yourself; despite evidence to prove otherwise.


  61. why? says:

    Poor Leann, she can’t stand all the attention BG is getting, so what does she do?

    She has her mouthpieces put out more stories about how BG is being mean to LR and slamming LR for no reason at all(which is why LR deleted all the things she was writing on twitter about BG and her kids) and then LR had STAR/RADARONLINE and x17 write even more stories about her weight issues.

    But the good thing is that the public isn’t falling for the “BG is picking on LR for no reason at all” and many are calling the media out for trying to make LR look like the victim. It’s funny, DB and LR have been going after BG EVERY MONDAY, but the media ignores that. Why?
    Where was the media when LR road manager was calling BG horrible names? Which got so bad that a radio station called the road manager and LR out on it, but the media had nothing to say when this was going on.

    Who is advising LR? Her plans just keep backfiring.

  62. why? says:

    Remember when Life and Style reported on how EC was cheating on LR in Oct 2009 with SMJ?

    Wouldn’t this month be the two year anniversary of EC affair with SMJ? No wonder LR is in such a frenzy and sending her people to attack BG.

    Not only does LR have to deal with EC pining over BG, LR also has to deal with EC reminiscing on his affair with SMJ back in Oct of 2009.

  63. why? says:

    Leann is now trying to fix her failed career and image by going techno.

    Seriously if people didn’t buy Leann’s album when she was just a plain country singer, why then would they listen to her as a techno/back-up/voice over in someone else’s song?

    And what will this little career venture mean for EC kids? More overbearing “Look at MY happy, happy, happy family” tweets, blog entries, and staged photo-ops from LR of course.

    Well it looks like LR is doing whatever it takes to financially support EC and hide his affairs. First she wants to do fashion and now she is doing techno? Cabo/Tahiti here comes EC, at the expense of his kids of course.