Jessica Simpson’s big baby bump is on full display, allegedly she’s having a girl


I think Fame Pictures is really excited that they bought these candid photos of Jessica Simpson and her baby bump, so they went a little “red circle” happy. Yes, we understand! There’s a baby in there. And it appears to be a second-trimester baby, judging from the muddled bumpiness contained within the red circles.

As for whether Jessica is really pregnant… um, really? Are you still doubting it? All that remains to be seen is how and where she confirms the information. Last week, Page Six claimed that Papa Joe was trying to get Jessica an announcement and baby photo deal for the price of $500,000, likely with People Magazine. Last week, we did get a tip from a friend of a friend who saw Jessica in Palm Springs, doing a photo shoot at the Rancho Mirage Westin. Apparently, Jess was looking super-pregnant in person, and the photo shoot was probably for some magazine in which she might be announcing. So did she get paid?

Radar had some kind of “expert” chime in about the alleged baby announcement payout. Public relations “expert” Ronn Torossian tells Radar:

“The issue with Jessica Simpson maybe is that she simply hasn’t been ‘hot’ lately in terms of relevant, big celebrity occurrences,” President and CEO of 5WPR, Ronn Torossian, told in an exclusive interview.

“No big movie, hit album or A-list happening, and even though she’s an A-list celebrity…in this economy, media needs to know for $500,000 that something is a sure bet — and Simpson simply may not be seen as that today.”

Ronn revealed that it’s not out of the ordinary for a celebrity to sell baby photos and he doesn’t see the market for such slowing down at all.

“Celebrities are smart to try and control images which are released of their children… I don’t think anyone can fault the oft-pictured celebrity from wanting to benefit financially from this continued media frenzy around very personal matters,” Ronn said.

“And I am sure the celebrity baby payout will continue.”

[From Radar]

Yeah… whatever. I think she’s worth $500,000 if the deal is for the announcement, an exclusive interview and photo shoot, plus first dibs on the baby photos. I think $500K is a steal, even in this economy.

Also – for what it’s worth, In Touch reports that Jessica is telling friends that she’s knocked up with a baby girl. Sources tell the mag, “She’s telling people it’s like winning the lottery, twice. Jessica really wanted to find out the baby’s sex, she hates surprises. Jessica and her mom, Tina, are the most excited.” Eric is reportedly telling everyone that his daughter will be a “daddy’s girl”. Oh, and Jessica is already shopping for the baby.

By the way, don’t you just love how natural Jessica’s bump looks? Don’t you also love how it’s so much bigger than Beyonce’s?






Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Green_Eyes says:

    If it’s not real, at least he’s carrying it in the right area!

    Of course one can’t miss presumed baby bump goodness she’s wearing head to toe spandex as if to say “look here! Photo the bump & circle it red”!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Tell me she’s not loving all the attention? Trust me, the “Is she or isn’t she?” was a calculated move on her part…She needs to feel relevent again. And no I don’t think she deserves $500,000 for getting knocked up and announcing it to the world.

  3. Uto says:

    I think she’s going to be a great mom. Go Jess!

  4. Embee says:

    She looks beautiful. She is glowing.

  5. lem says:

    i’ve been waiting for you to cover this all morning!

  6. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    I would love to see celebrities just stop announcing pregnancies and selling photos once the baby is born. Just stay mute the entire time, even after the baby is born, as a way to say, “It’s none-ya-damn business!”

  7. mel says:

    Let’s wait n see when she does a sit down interview whether or not it collapses, lol. I truly believe she’s preggars though.

  8. CJW says:

    I need someone to tell me what purse that is she is carrying. I could care less about the bump.

  9. Schnauzers!!! says:

    I can just see her at a prenatal class…
    *waving hand frantically*
    “Ya’ll this has been bothering me since I found out I wasn’t having puppies……Are we REALLY supposed to throw the baby out with the bathwater or are they serious when they say “”Don’t””???”

    Ok, seriously, I don’t hate Jessica, I think she’s a beautiful girl and will have a gorgeous baby. Just pokin’ fun. 🙂

  10. dorothy says:

    No interest in this what-so-ever.

  11. S says:

    she has got to be 5 or 6 months along! 5 if she knows it’s a girl…I’m kind of impressed that she kept it under wraps for so long

  12. lola says:


    “I need someone to tell me what purse that is she is carrying. I could care less about the bump.”

    I know. Me too. Baby bumps I have seen. That purse, I have not.

    I wonder if that bag is part of her clothing line?

  13. gee says:

    I think she’s going to make a great mom! You can just tell.

  14. Sisi says:

    they actually put a circle around it…? Where else would a baby ‘bump’ be.

    I feel kinda insulted actually, does Fame Pictures think that readers are that dumb?

    Jess looks great

  15. CJW says:


    Nope, I have already checked. Not part of her line. Which means I probably can’t afford it. Boo!

  16. CJW says:


    Nope, I have already checked. Not part of her line. Which means I probably can’t afford it. Boo!

  17. MSat says:

    Can you imagine if she isn’t preggers, just put on some beer weight? Oh god. I’d be so embarrassed.

  18. jjrox says:

    Forget the bump and forget Jessica’s bag..I wanna know where her assistant’s bag is from.

  19. StephanieMarie says:

    I can just see her at a prenatal class…
    *waving hand frantically*
    “Ya’ll this has been bothering me since I found out I wasn’t having puppies……Are we REALLY supposed to throw the baby out with the bathwater or are they serious when they say “”Don’t””???”

    Ok, seriously, I don’t hate Jessica, I think she’s a beautiful girl and will have a gorgeous baby. Just pokin’ fun.
    BAHAHA, yes!!!
    Made me lolz

    I enjoy J.Simps also..

    Also, possible this is a publicity stunt?
    You can see the material doubled up on some of the photos (right under where her bra is)…Could it be a fake belly?

  20. bk says:

    Yeah, baby bump and everything, but look at her nose– is the tip different? Why is it turning up? Did she have a nose job while everyone is looking for her bump??

  21. Katie says:

    She’s “not relevant” doesn’t she have a fashion line that’s making millions?

  22. Tami says:

    Remember when she married Nick and such a big deal was made of her being a virgin? My how times have changed. Now she’s pregnant out of wedlock by a man who does nothing but follow her around like a lost puppy. I’m sorry but at this point in her life, her baby announcement isn’t worth 500 cents at least to me. I do wish her the best though.

  23. t says:

    I’m wondering if it could be a pr stunt too, StephanieMarie. Look at the pictures PopSugar has. The bump does not look like a pregnancy at all. It is lumpy and misshapen. It looks more like she is trying to pass off a beer belly freed from it’s spanx as a fetus.

  24. grisgrisny says:

    @StephanieMarie – I think the material you are seeing is a maternity belly band. You wear it under clothes to help support the belly.

  25. jc126 says:

    She is loving the attention, and yes, I can also see it just as her gaining weight and not really being pregnant. The bump does look weird, but it’s most likely real, or she would’ve corrected a phony story by NOW, right? I just don’t know.

  26. jamie says:

    I hope she’s having a boy. The thought of a mini Jessica Simpson tottering around is a little creepy. And annoying.

  27. really says:

    She looks so amazing!!!!!

  28. NM9005 says:

    There should be a “bump-off” between those two =D. No just kidding, they both deserve hapiness through pregnacy although I find Jessica’s attitude much more normal and relaxed than B’s.

  29. miss_bhaven says:

    I’m happy for her. I’ve always liked her and not sure why people always hated on her so much.

  30. Violet says:

    She looks great and, yeah — no question, she’s definitely pregnant. I’m a bit shocked that she hasn’t tied the knot yet; she seems traditional enough not to want to have a child out of wedlock.

  31. maggiegrace says:

    Those are pregnant boobs.

  32. BerMan says:

    Congratulations Jessica !

  33. Apple says:

    I bet she names it Daisy after her dead dog.

  34. sweetpea says:

    seriously people! i see NO bump whatsoever. it was nice of them to put red circles but come on! shes wearing black and a big jacket! you cannot see a bump AT ALL.

    I really hope that shes just gained a bit of weight and isnt preggers. the amount of press shes gotton over this is just ridiculous. people are saying they see a bump when cleary, there is no bump! not one that can be clearly defined anyways.

    and the stories that shes confirmed she preggers are ridiculus as well! never once in that article did she state that she was preggers, it came from a “source”.

    people are way too involved with celebrities. i love me some celebrity gossip but its all just good fun. half my amusement from it comes from reading the replies to stories and seeing how worked up everyone gets over people THEY DONT EVEN KNOW IN REAL LIFE!!!! its effin hilarious!

    like i said i hope jessica just gained a few pounds just cause (its ok to gain a few pounds poeple!) or maybe for a role (if shes trying to be an actress, unlikely) and if thats the case then shame on bloggers and mags for assuming shes preggers and making such a huge deal about this. the poor girl isnt even that famous anymore and here is almost the whole usa claiming shes preggers.

  35. Kim says:

    If her dad and/or her really did ask for $500,000 and they didnt plan on donating it all to charity then they are SICK!

    And if you dont think she is pregnant – the only thing could be she is wearing a prosthetic, which i HIGHLY doubt, because she has only gained a tremendous amount of weight in the belly – no where else. She is so OBVIOUSLY preggers.

  36. Shannon says:

    @Katie yes and her fashion line is surprisingly awesome. I have never been a fan of her music or her personality in general, but I have some of her shoes and a few shirts. They’re really cute and versatile. I especially like how forgiving the shirts are – they obviously had some actual input from Jessica regarding the silhouette in the designs because I’ve got some curves and they fit me much better than usual department store fare. They highlight the good parts, but they’re not skin-tight over the not-so-good parts. You can tell they didn’t use a size zero mannequin in the prototypes. I wish more designers would consider doing it, because what looks good on a size 0 or 2 does not always translate well to a size 10. Just because you make something bigger doesn’t mean it’s going to sit the same way, because the shape of the body is different and the things you want to accentuate are too. So for once, I’m happy to give Jessica some props. Even if she’s only minimally involved with the design, I don’t think she just slaps her name on things that look cute. At the very least, she tries everything on in her size and makes sure it flatters her body type, and therefore anyone else who isn’t skinny. My one qualm with the clothing is that the materials and sewing are not at the quality they should be – two of my shirts fell apart at the seams after several washes. I expect better from Macy’s. It’s certainly not the only brand cutting corners, but I won’t buy more clothes from the brand if they keep using such thin fabric and crappy sewing techniques.

  37. Original Tiffany says:

    Vince Camuto does all her designing. Ahh, moved to San Fran, been gone from CB for 2 WEEKS! It’s good to be back. Loving the cones my peeps!
    She is very preggo.

  38. Unbeweavable says:

    That’s a belly band she’s wearing! I wore one the whole time I was pregnant with Lil Unbeweavable. And it does look like she’s 5 or 6 months along.
    By the looks of her face and bag moved to the side instead of directly in front of her belly (like she’s been carrying her bag recently) I would say she loves the attention. She used to hide her face (no smile) and duck and run. Now she’s eating it up. Pun intended.

  39. Sassy says:

    Why oh why are black tights being worn on women who are so thick? Kardashians, all, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica? They should halt all sales of these things to anyone over 115 lbs and age thirteen.

  40. Lauren says:

    I guess a preggo, unmarried woman with greasy fake hair is considered gorgeous! j AND A are both slutty daddy’s girls. Puke.

  41. lol says:

    I think Jessica will make a wonderful mother.. So many more pics out there today that show even more for those that are still doubting.. She looks wonderful in many of them..

  42. Semper says:

    She’s either fat or she got Federline’d. Neither situation is one to be proud of.

  43. Henry says:

    I think she looks beautiful and will be a wonderful mother. That is one lucky baby.

  44. Victoria says:

    Well where I from you only wear tights if you ARE thick legged. Who the fuck wants to see chicken ass boyish twigs walking around with their knobby knees in tights. That I can’t deal with. I

  45. e.non says:

    hell yeah, bitch is loving the attention.

    ugh, two pregnant attention whores — each competing for the weekly covers of the gossips rags; the hour-by-hour gossip updates online.

    i may have to unplug until next year… lol

  46. just saying says:

    I have never understood the hate & ridicule for Jessica. She seems to be very loving & nurturing & compassionate & a very open heart.

    It just boggles my mind the trash talk.

    She is not the dumb blonde portrayed at all & her show was a reality show just as any other that was highly scripted.

    Im seeing a beautiful baby & a very lucky baby to have Jess for a mom. I happen to think ERIC is a stud & great looking guy whom many know very little about & as Jess just refuses to get caught up in the drama.

    Congrats Jess & ERIC

  47. truthful says:

    by the way….Jess was already chubby as heck when she got pregnant.

    keep it real, for once.

  48. Penguin says:

    @ Victoria: co sign. Love my black tights, I’m quite pale so they’re a godsend during the winter months.

  49. Ruffian9 says:

    If it is a girl, I hope she can keep daddy Simpson away. Dude gives me the creeps.

  50. Jaxx says:

    I don’t understand why the stars play games like this. They clearly want attention for every little thing in their lives or they wouldn’t put themselves out there. Then when they get pregnant they play games with the public instead of just announcing their pregnancy and allowing their fans to participate in their joy. It’s ridiculous.

    They want attention every minute then want to say “Not Your Business” over something that is going to be obvious to all. I can understand them withholding the info until the first three months have passed because of the danger of miscarriage but after that it’s just ten kinds of stupid.

  51. Fatkid says:

    People has a profile pic of the belly for those few who remain sceptical.,,20539477,00.html

  52. Aqua says:

    It’s time for her to come out and state the obvious.

  53. Hmmmm says:

    I wish her luck with her pregnancy but I think it’s ridiculous that these celebs basically sell their babies to the highest bidder. But, this is Jessica and Joe Simpson we are talking about so it’s no surprise they are selling. It’s all about the money to them. They just never seem to have enough.

    I feel sorry for Jessica for ending up with Eric who doesn’t even have enough self respect to get a job. He just looks like a paid escort following her all over the place.

  54. lol says:

    Is the band something that helps for support but also stretch marks? Im curious.. thanks