Duchess Kate isn’t allowed to work for a charity “close to her heart”: why?


The Daily Mail had one of the most ridiculous stories about Duchess Kate this weekend. Katie Nichol – the gossip columnist who always gets the good Duchess Kate scoop, so much so that I’m almost positive that Duchess Kate herself leaks information to Nichol – reports that the Duchess of Cambridge will definitely not be signing on as a goodwill ambassador for any United Nations program because Kate “has been told it is not appropriate for her to publicly support [a United Nations program] because of her close ties to the Queen – a head of state.”

Now, CB thinks there’s something to that rationale because the Queen likely has a big say in what Kate and Will get involved with. But the whole “a duchess from England can’t work with the UN because she’s a member of the royal family” makes absolutely no sense – go here to see an extensive list of all of the celebrities and members of many, many royal families who act as UN goodwill ambassadors. There are ACTUAL heads of state who act as goodwill ambassadors. A sampling of some royalty who work with the UN: Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak al Ketbi (United Arab Emirates), HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit (Norway), HM Queen Rania (Jordan), H.R.H. Princess Firyal of Jordan, H.R.H. the Grand Duchess María Teresa of Luxembourg, and H. R. H. Princess Lalla Meryem of Morocco. There are many, many more. But Duchess Kate can’t join them because…?

The Duchess of Cambridge’s dream of following in the footsteps of the late Princess Diana by becoming a charity figurehead has hit a stumbling block. Kate has been in secret discussions with a number of causes and will make an announcement in January about which ones she will be supporting.

But I can reveal she has been told she will not be allowed to publicly support one close to her heart.

Sources say Kate, 29, was keen to work with the Blue Heart Campaign, which raises awareness about human trafficking.

She is close friends with Lady Natasha Rufus Issacs and Lavinia Brennan, whose ethical fashion label Beulah has close links with Blue Heart. Natasha is also an old pal of Prince William’s and attended the Royal Wedding in April.

However, Blue Heart is affiliated with the United Nations, a neutral organisation. That means Kate has been told it is not appropriate for her to publicly support it because of her close ties to the Queen – a head of state.

‘Natasha and Lavinia spent two months working with human trafficking victims in India and when Kate heard their tales she was completely behind the project,’ says one source. ‘But because of UN protocol it was not deemed appropriate for her to be too visible within the campaign.’

But Kate has found other ways to support the cause.

At the 100 Women in Hedge Funds Gala at Clarence House last week Kate wore a scarlet Beulah gown.

And insiders say she asked her cake-maker brother James, 24, to bake cupcakes for a recent fashion show in aid of Blue Heart. The cakes were embossed with images of a Kate lookalike wearing a Beulah garment.

Meanwhile, Kate has been having training to perform solo charitable tasks on behalf of the Queen while she is busy with her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

[From The Mail]

Because why sign on to be a patroness of a charity when she could just wear a dress and smile? Hasn’t anyone told Kate that wearing a dress and smiling is one of the main parts of being a charity’s patroness? Ugh. Look, if you want to make the argument that the Queen is in charge of everything, knock yourself out. But I think that the Queen and her advisors are slightly perturbed by how lazy Kate is. When Kate signed on to her first charity (her husband’s charity), the questions about Kate’s ability to actually WORK had already been raised, and “sources” within the palace already seemed like they were tired of trying to make it sound like Kate is keeping busy with her “princess training.” I mean, Kate can’t even be bothered to hand-write a note to a kid with cancer. And now she’s blaming the Queen because Kate can’t be bothered to sign on a charity that means so much to her? This is worrying.





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  1. inthekitchen says:

    Um, yeah, sorry Waity. I don’t believe one word of this because if this charity was so dear to her heart, why wasn’t she supporting it for the past 10 years BEFORE she became the queen’s DiL? I call bullsh*t.

    And why on earth does she need to wait until January to announce her charities? She is pretty pathetic.

  2. aloe juice says:

    The royal family is pretty much a symbol at this point and I think she put in the work and time getting William to marry her. She’s pretty much fulfilled all the real requirements of a British princess by being thin, pretty, well-educated, from a decent family, and keeping herself out of trouble. All this nonsense in gossip rags is just nonsense. Like really, no one expects her to be another Diana. I don’t even think William wants to compare them which is why Kate is so slow to commit to charities. I think it’s still early days and let’s see what she does with her profile and influence once she’s settled into her role, has children, has matured?

  3. RocketMerry says:

    The Un takes MANY political decisions (interventions in whatever situation in whichever country ALWAYS are political and opportunistic). I can see why the Queen or even William would be against partnering with such an organization.
    After all, the Head of States that are affiliated with the UN have second (political) motives. Better to avoid a future queen the embarrassment of associating with an organization that does not behave accordingly to England’s international policy.

  4. gee says:

    Well said, RocketMerry.

  5. Petra says:

    So she raises awareness about human trafficking by shopping for clothes. It´s so Waity. It seems that the last eight years she was realy training for her future royal role.

  6. Gwen says:

    I think there’s a legitimate reason to assume that she’s simply lazy. She did very little while she waited for William. She does very little now. For a grown up that’s not very admirable IMO.

  7. SD_R_SR says:

    It still amazes me that Kate can manage to make a pencil skirt look shapeless. Yuck.

    As for Kate “working”… One doesn’t play waity for 10 years for the Prince if she has any desire to work.

  8. Ashley says:

    Just curious, how long was Diana a princess before she signed on to her first charities?

  9. INeedANap says:

    Even without that list of royals who are ambassadors for the UN, it doesn’t seem logical to me that there is a conflict of interest between the Queen and the UN. Isn’t the UK part of the organization? What’s the problem? What protocol? It doesn’t make sense on its own.

  10. INeedANap says:

    @ Rocket Merry
    That makes sense, thank you.
    How do other royals swing it though? I feel like other countries would have similar concerns. Not attacking, just generally curious.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I agree with inthekitchen. If she was truly interested in charitable work, she would have spent the last ten years doing it. And I’m sorry, wearing a dress to support a charity? Um Waity, really?

  12. SweetBambooShots says:

    People keep saying give her time, give her time, it’s still early for her….well she is 30. Is it considered early? I’d understand if she’s 19, but she’s twice that early age. She’s a mature lady, so stop giving her excuses. Keep eking that “it’s still too early in her marriage” bit and before you know it she’d be well on her 50, and all of her life would be spent on that excuse. Next it’d be about raising her children, then it’d be about grandchildren…problem is, we’re not having her on the pedestal for reality-tv of normal life.

  13. Anonymous says:

    What does a gold-digger do when she’s got the gold?

    Your move, Waity.

  14. Anne says:

    While many royals are UN goodwill ambassadors, if you look at the list none are from the British Royal Family. So the Queen very well could be against it. If she wasn’t I would think that either Princess Anne or Prince Charles would be part of it and they aren’t.

    I don’t know whether Kate is lazy or not. And in reality no one here really does. It should be obvious to everyone that everything she does or doesn’t do, is decided by the palace. If they wanted her to be doing more, she would be.

  15. JulieM says:

    Just some more Palace PR excuse making for the Duchess of Dolittle. They have a lazy one on their hands and a possible PR nightmare if Waity doesn’t start pitching in a little more. Why wait until January to announce patronages; good point inthekitchen.

    Why not show up to support a few more hospitals and schools and other worthy causes while she is making her patronage choices? I believe that she doesn’t really want to do any of it. She wanted to marry William and fade in to the background. While living in the lap of luxury, of course.

  16. theotheryael says:

    girlfriend has too much hair. she needs some layers and to chop off at least a few inches.

  17. jj says:

    kate needs to take a few lessons from queen rania. rania hasn’t really taken any huge missteps and the public loves her. she also seems genuinely involved with her charity work. omg i think im a rania stan… lol

  18. Kirsten says:

    I kind of hope that when Catherine becomes queen, things will start changing.

  19. Mare says:

    If Kate was this lazy woman who spent nine years to catch a prince and become a princess, wouldn’t it make sense that she takes a lot of job right away, enjoy the attention and show all those dresses and not to be holed up in some farm house away from the public eye for months?
    This article about her is as silly as always. If queen wanted her to do something, she would do it. Thinking that queen tells her to work and Kate just says “no, I don’t feel like it” is unbelievable. I can’t believe people actually think that’s the situation. She has plenty of time to work more and more. She and her husband are not next in the line to the throne like Diana and Charles were. There are rules to be followed, there’s a way things are done in the royal family. Why is that so hard to understand? Because than you couldn’t justify your dislike of this woman or what?

  20. Kelly says:


    I agree that if a cause was truly “dear to her heart,” she would have been working on it all along. Seems disingenuous, to say the least.

  21. Ashley 2 says:

    @ Rocket Merry excellent point.

    @inthekitchen you have to start sometime. Whats wrong with her starting now.

    @Mare good point. Charles will be King before William, so we should be more concerned with what charities Camilla supports and what work she is doing. After all she is married to the next King. Williams reign is along way off.

  22. RocketMerry says:

    As Anne said, none of the royals associated with the UN are from the British Royal Family, which clearly states a line of behavior. Furthermore, being a UN member does not mean agreeing with every step taken by the organization. The UN is a very carefully laid out plan of operations only meant to maintain a certain political balance. The countries must never be overpowered and there are constant frictions between the members as to what course of action to take based on each personal advantage.
    So if royals from other countries are in that list, you can bet there is some ulterior reason.
    Also, The UK is well known for trying to exercise as much power into the International politics with as little involvement possible.
    Concluding (in a sort of bitchy way), in such a delicate and intricate environment you would not want your just-acquired, naive, pretty princess smiling to the wrong people and saying the wrong things with a wrong voice inflection, would you?

  23. Flan says:

    Agree about Rania.

    Never would have thought William would have married such a lazy nobody a decade ago, but here we are. Always thought he would marry a diplomat or something like that.

  24. Heebeegeebee says:

    @Rocketmerry is bang on. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes than we are aware.

  25. Sasha says:

    Sorry that to hear that William married a woman that he loves and not one that met your expectations.
    May I recommend a cup of tea and a good lie down to help you get over your disappointment.

  26. kay says:

    what DOES Camilla do?

    besides have affairs, etc etc, and wear big hats?

  27. stephanie says:

    I think there are plenty of other worthwhile charities that kate could be patronising besides the UN. That she isn’t doing anything because HRH won’t let her is a poor excuse. I agree she’s probably not allowed to work with the UN, but seriously, is it plausible that she is not involved with any charities b/c her “very favorite one” is off limits? WTF.

    She is just too busy exercising, making sure all her meals have 100 cals, and combing her hair.

  28. S says:

    @Kay – Camilla actually does a lot. I follow the British Monarchy and Clarence House on twitter, and her and Charles are always out and about doing one thing or another and they rarely go together, she’s always out on her own. They just aren’t as glamorous as Will and Kate.

    Also, I think it’s pretty obvious what the situation is and I’m surprised nobody has picked up on it. William is a lot more like his father than anyone is happy to admit, and he doesn’t want a Diana. He wants a wife (just as he wanted a girlfriend) who will be at his beck and call, not have her own opinions, and do whatever he thinks is best, while she takes care of him and looks pretty. That’s all their relationship has been to this point, why would we expect it to change? I think HE’S the one holding her back.

  29. eny says:

    Well, we all think that William is Like male version of Diana. Afraid he is not. He may be team Aniston, and may prefer his wife at home rather than at some goodwill mission.

  30. El Kiddo says:

    She looks like Katie Robot Holmes in the second picture, no?

  31. JulieM says:

    S: ITA. Camilla, for all her faults, is out and about doing charity work and visiting hospitals, schools, etc. more than people think. Certainly a lot more activity than Kate at twice her age. Wait for the next wave of excuses from the Waity fan club.

    As for your second point, I think you could be right on that one too! William wants to be waited on and lazy Kate is willing to do that rather than pick a charity and get busy. Interesting marriage.

  32. jody q. says:

    I don’t even think she’s pretty, NEVER HAVE, she’s average at best and so is her sister, BOTH are highly overrated. Two wag-slags who made it on their backs if you ask me. and as far as being from a good family as someone put it…What? Her family is a bunch of socialclimbing phoney’s, with a Uncle caught on tape offering drugs to a reporter and offering to send young Brazillian girls directly to London doors. The Middleton’s are as phoney as pink-polka dot-elephants. Also how can Kate represent a charity that fights enslavement and human trafficing of women, when he Uncle was offering up women to London doors?
    Pr.William could have done so much better than this waste of space he married, who’s ageing quickly and built like a stick insect, but it’s been obvious for years that all William wanted was a “easy girl”(he knew he’d found just the easy woman he was looking for, when Kate modeled the see through-lingerie, after being around him a year and had not been able to get His attention) who would not bruise his fragile-wimp-ass-ego by making him actually have to “pursue her”, no what he wanted he got, “a lazy, easy woman who layed it out on a plate for the taking, who he could ignore, walk over, dump at will and she’d still be there waiting like a good doormat=Waity Katey Duchess of DoLittle.” Of course she’s going to do as little as possible as far as work, her entire being has consisted of working on Pr.William for 9years, being there totally for Pr.William. She has no interest in really being a hardworking royal. Kate reminds me of those a Goldigger who reached for the biggest pot of gold. This is a girl who wants the jetset. A hardworking, compassionate royal Duchess, I doubt she’ll ever be. She has never shown real compassion for anything except her pursuit of William and she has never been a hardworker, so the press needs to give that up. I think Katie Nicholl is upset that Kate Middleton(who Katie Nicholl helped score her big Prince, by badgering Pr.William non-stop in her articles for years) is not out posing for photos everyday for the papers. Pr.William is keeping Kate down at the Cottage too much for the synchophant press, because they want a new Diana, which Kate will NEVER be. She doesn’t have it.

  33. Wow says:

    I actually do see a point there.

    The Royal family is representing England.

    To work for the UN is to be non-partial, and not a political figure.

    Her main duty and role is to represent England, so she can’t be as free as Angelina Jolie in that sense.

  34. INeedANap says:

    @Rocket Merry
    Not sure if the “sort of bitchy way” was for me or not, but I have just started paying more attention to international politics (trying to be an informed citizen, normally I am a lost-in-my-lab engineer) so I appreciated the explanation!

  35. Ell says:

    @Mare – couldn’t have said it better myself. I think people don’t understand her role or that of the royal family – they have the same expectations of them as they do celebrities.

  36. mena says:

    But wait a second, the British Royal Family DOES have connections to the UN. It took all of 5 minutes on Google to find them.

    The Queen addressed the UN General Assembly in NYC just last year and 50 years prior when she was last in NYC.

    Princess Anne has been President of the Save The Children organization for over 40 years. That organization is super tight with the UN and has specifically enforced the UN’s guidelines for children’s rights for over 80 years.

    From that super quick search, the only Senior British Royals who didn’t immediately turn up with connections to the UN were Philip, Charles & Andrew. TBH, that’s probably a good thing since the Windsor Men are not the best diplomats in that family.

  37. hmmm says:

    Oh, piffle!

  38. Megan says:

    I think the palace is mostly tired of her not being pregnant yet since cranking out an heir is her real job.

  39. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    They probably don’t think she’s smart enough, and are afraid she’ll say something stupid that embarrasses the family. I get the feeling they (the royal family, including her husband) have a low opinion of her.

  40. layla says:

    “She is close friends with Lady Natasha Rufus Issacs and Lavinia Brennan, whose ethical fashion label Beulah has close links with Blue Heart”

    Close to her heart – or close to more clothes?

  41. The Original Mia says:

    I actually thought of Duchess Dolittle last night when reading about how Chris Evans went out of his way, while filming Captain America, to write a short note to a kid wishing him a happy birthday. He also had got the kid the Fantastic Four dvds, autographed them, took a picture of himself w/ the kid’s drawing. He had everything shipped priority overnight to the States for the kid’s birthday. That’s classy!

    Duchess Dolittle just wants to be Wills’ wife and nothing more. I wish the Palace or whoever would stop with the BS stories about her. It makes her look so much worse.

  42. mena says:

    If I were to guess, I would say the Head of a Monarchy should probably be careful about working too closely with & for the UN, but their families seem to have much more freedom.

    For example, Queen Rania of Jordan has done TONS of high-profile work with the UN, directly and with organizations strongly tied to the UN, but King Abdullah isn’t nearly as involved with the UN as she is. Same with Queen Silvia of Sweden. She has worked with them for years but King Carl, not so much.

    I can see why Queen Elizabeth should keep a distance, but that hasn’t stopped Princess Anne from enjoying a very long working relationship with Save the Children and the UN.

    So, in short, I ain’t buying Kate’s excuse – she can’t blame this one on the Queen.

  43. RocketMerry says:

    Eheh, no, the “in a sort of bitchy way” was in reference to the conclusion of my post: I felt bad about implying that Kate might not be politically smart enough to put her in delicate positions…=)

    @ Mena, true, but you’ll notice that however tight those organizations’ connections may be with the UN, none is a UN program. Also, I would guess that Princess Anne probably has a bit more understanding of the international background she is moving in to be allowed to do work in such a key place. Hmm, I should do some research on her, she seems to be in a rather powerful position…second child, female: probably brought up to be a diplomat. Man, the British Royal Family is FUN!

  44. Emily says:

    Kate always struck me as being rather vapid, so I would be very surprised/impressed if she took on a human trafficking charity. Even if she can’t be linked to the UN, there are still other UK charities that deal with this issue. Come on Waity! Prove me wrong! I suspect she’ll end up picking less controversial causes though. Stuff that involves posing with puppies and babies, or more likely stuff that involves showing up in a pretty dress and cutting ribbons.

    To be fair though, it IS possible that the royal family wants her to keep a low profile because of the awkward Charles/Camilla issue. There are already enough people who think that the crown should go straight to William without the whole “pretty pretty princess” factor added onto it.

  45. Denise says:

    Begs the question, what was she doing since graduation from college. She apparently waited to get married. What is she going to do now? Wait around to have a child? She does seem a tad uninspiring and lacking interest and energy. William is serious about his military work, as is Harry. She’d better get to doing something because the Queen does not tolerate lazy, mooching relatives.

  46. kay says:

    @ S- good to know! I guess because we don’t hear a lot about Camilla and Charles here, I cam to the wrong conclusion.

    You seem to be very knowledgeable about this topic, so I wonder… is there any time that Kate goes with Camilla and does “stuff”? That we don’t hear about, I mean?

    The whole form letter was just wrong, I don’t care if the family was happy or not.

    As a SAHM though, I need to say that if she is just wanting to have a baby and stay home and care for her family, that is a career. Perhaps not as noted and glamourous as other choices, but it is a choice just the same.

  47. lee says:

    after watching “the whistleblower” this weekend, i worry about the UN’s ability to prevent human trafficking. ugh.

  48. Reece says:

    @ theotheryael

    How do you think she got that ring? ;)

  49. texasmom says:

    I think the most precious thing about Diana to Wills was her commitment to the boys’ having as “normal” home lives as possible. And Kate carries that on, just by not being royal. I think the last thing Wills wants at home is another career royal and Kate can be his nice wife, mother to his kids etc. at home. Being royal means a normal job is practically impossible, but why should both members of a marriage have to have grueling, ultra-public careers?

  50. mena says:

    @ RockeyMerry Being an official UN program doesn’t appear to matter. Every other working royal out there works with or is an ambassador for UNICEF, arguably the UN’s most recognized & influential organization.

    Princess Diana was a longtime ambassador for UNICEF, Princess Anne still is. Money from Princess Beatrice’s Hat Auction went to UNICEF. If Anne & Beatrice can work with an official UN organization, there’s no excuse for Kate not to as well.

    Kate’s excuse for not working with the Blue Heart Campaign reeks of BS.

  51. Kellie says:

    This entire story is BS. In an attempt to inform the public that Kate is not lazy the RF has succeeded in writing another blurb that confirms she is. Why would they feel the need to tell us about a charity she cant work for because the royal family doesnt endorse it. If anything it makes her look silly for not doing her “royal” research ahead of time. Its like a teenager coming from average means dreaming of a BMW when they turn 16 only to be crushed when their parents cant afford to buy one. Kate and the royal PR system needs to stop peeing on our legs and telling us its raining. Try again and try harder.

  52. Tiffany says:

    I think that the excuses are coming because she was lazy on her parents dime and now that is not longer the case. Yeah, Katie knows she looks bad and to be honest I don’t think she cares what people outside the royal family thinks of her. Sure, she will go to ribbon cuttings, as long as she gets to wear something new.

  53. Sunny says:

    FYI to some folks but the BRF didn’t release a statement about Kate not being able to be involved with a charity associated with the UN it was a cheap article in the Daily Mail written by Katie Nicholl. Nicholl is hardly the most accurate British journalist, in fact the folks at TMZ get it right more often than she does. Before attacking the Duchess perhaps you should first question the validity of the story.

  54. queenie says:

    The Daily Mail article, is Katie Nicholl doing what she always has done concerning Kate Middleton for years, “making crap up as she goes along” and it’s so easy to google and see that the Queen went to the UN in 2010 and spoke, Princess Diana was Ambassador for UNICEF and Pss Anne has associated with the UN. Katie Nicholl is a hack with her nose so far up Kate Middleton’s butt it’s sad. Why doesn’t she just become Kate’s personal secretary and forget her news reporting job, because her column is now just a Middleton PR mouthpiece. I hate reading Katie Nicholl’s crappy news because the US Media then reports it as truth when all one has to do is GOOGLE to see that the Queen and other Royals have associated with the UN(and just last year Queen Elizabeth flew to NYC to speak to the US General Assembly) The article is hogwash and I hope Lady Natasha does not lower herself to dealing with lazy Kate Middletrash, because Kate is just a user looking to climb on this young woman’s Charity ,without doing any of the work.
    Prince William was rebelling when he took up with Kate and her tacky family and it will come back to bite him, when it all turns sour, which it will, because Kate does not want a lowkey Royal life, she did not sign on to this or wait 9yrs to be hidden away in the Countryside. Can’t stand her and tired of the Daily Mail trying to convince the world that she’s so beloved like Lovely Princess Diana was, when she isn’t.

  55. mena says:

    If Katie Nicholl really likes Kate Middleton, she’s not helping her with this article. IMO, this is another PR blunder for the Duchess of Cambridge, she’s stepping on toes left & right.

    Why should the UN & their Blue Heart Campaign be tied to this bad press, just because Kate is unable or unwilling to take on charity work?

    Why should Lady Nats, Princess Anne and every other working royal be made to look like they’re “being inappropriate” for working with the UN, just because Kate needs to save face?

    And WHY is Queen Elizabeth’s name being dragged, once again, into some lame drama, just because Kate needs an excuse?

    The only person coming out of this looking good is Prince Charles. Right now, compared to Wills & Kate, Charles & Camilla look downright dutiful & hardworking. Which makes me wonder if these PR blunders are truly stupid missteps or part of a bigger plan.

  56. S says:

    @Kay – the twitter accounts just announce and cover official engagements that the Royal family undertakes, so if Kate did anything privately, it wouldn’t be on there. Following them on twitter was rather enlightening to see how many engagements they actually do. Charles and Camilla, Anne and, surprisingly, Sophie of Wessex seem to be the busiest Royals. You wouldn’t know it, as they get little to no news coverage.

  57. Victoria says:

    Okay… my love is slowly beginning to dwindle for this chick. I was fine with the two year waiting thing. I mean, I know that she has to work for her jewels and everything since pretty soon they will be on the civil list (or are they already? they change shit so much now I can hardly keep up}) so I got it, but I felt like they were just trying to make sure she was trained well. But now that she bowing down it seems to the pressure to get off her ass, I nee for the BS to stop.

    Like someone said, if this was something was so close to her heart she would have done it. I’m willing to wait until Jan, but they should just stop making excuses and be honest.

  58. HannahF says:

    I’m still going with the theory that the Palace is dictating her moves. Although, if the inactivity goes on for much longer I may change my mind.

    There is one HUGE difference between Kate and all the other Royals mentioned above—from the UK and otherwise–when Kate does begin to make public appearances her every word, gesture, item of clothing and who knows what else will make worldwide news. At least in the beginning it will not be VERY anonymous. That is a reason to tread carefully.

  59. anne_000 says:

    It kinda sounds like she picked a charity she knew she wouldn’t get clearance on. Sneaky sneaky…. Now she can say “See? I tried, but they wouldn’t let me. I’m not lazy. It’s not my fault.”

  60. Hyo says:

    So it’s gonna take 2 more months for Kate to “deliberate” over her choices of charitable causes?

    Wow. She must be staying at home 24/7 poring over pamphlets trying to decide which organizations to support because she’s just THAT dedicated to her role.

    Except not really. She’s photographed almost every week doing some shopping around London, getting her nails done, and going to the hairdresser.

    Kate is just plain lazy. Her fans should just accept that and quit blaming everyone from the Queen to the Palace staff for restricting her role. If anything, I think the Palace is running out of excuses as to why Kate hasn’t decided on doing anything yet.

    Nothing is stopping Kate from visiting museums, schools, hospitals, etc. on her free time and not in an official capacity. So the question is, why hasn’t she done anything else aside from taking care of her appearance? It’s funny how she’s always caught spending money on her looks, but not one paparazzo can catch her doing anything else.

    See her history. Has she ever had any job that made use of her Univ. degree? She’s wasted an entire decade depending on her parents’ money and waiting for William to propose. Why would she suddenly be eager to jump into work now when she’s never done anything the past 10 years?

    Kate’s idea of “charity work” is to attend a party and just give money, not to actually meet people who struggle in order to learn what it’s truly like for them. That’s why she’s got no common touch.

    She’s never had any other ambition but be a glorified house/trophy wife to William.

    Her hyena smile is not for the public, it’s for her. She’s pleased about all the attention, but she only enjoys it when all she’s gotta do is dress up and look pretty, follow William around, and make puppy eyes at him.

  61. Kelly says:

    This girl is seriously useless. Why do they still even have a monarchy in Britain? I would be so mad if my taxes were going to her upkeep. So lame.

  62. Flan says:

    @Sasha, you do realize what kind of website this is, don’t you?

    Check the name, and if you don’t like it when people ‘bitch’, go hang out at a lalala hippie one.

    Also, your comment seems verrrry similar to another commenter who always starts crying whenever I say something negative about Kate.

    Many people don’t like Kate, with good reason, get over it.

  63. Lucky Charm says:

    I still say she’s lazy. She has not spent any time since graduating from university either working or affiliating herself with any charities. Basically she just waited eight years for him to put a ring on it. Her only goal was to be William’s wife, and she’s accomplished that. She didn’t want the “job” that came along with being a royal, she just wanted the perks and benefits.

  64. bettyrose says:

    For some reason, I enjoy watching Waity in action. She’s like a live action Disney princess: skinny, docile, too perfect for reality. Waity coverage is a great diversion from reality. For that reason, I’m disappointed that she isn’t doing more, so I can watch. But I’m starting to agree with all the comments about Wills just wanting her to produce heirs and be a low key housewife – not that I think she’ll cook, clean, help with homework, manage the family budget, etc. – but given her age and eating disorder – I think it’s wise for the firm to focus on getting her in the family way with as few distractions as possible.

  65. Emily says:

    I used to think Kate was similar to Anne Boleyn-both waited for the ring for so long. But even back in the freaking 1500s Anne managed to do more charitable work and weild more influence than Kate.

    @bettyrose, she’s totally like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White! Not the newer princesses who actually show some spunk.

  66. Flan says:


    Your Anne Boleyn comparison is spot on. That’s one reason I don’t like her. So many great and colorful women have gone before her as queen, and now we have… this.

  67. Sakota says:

    I think blaming the Queen is making the biggest possibe mistake. Kate isn’t just blaming a potentially domineering grandmother, but the Queen is her SOVEREIGN and Kate should not let Nichols blame HM and then go about mkaing the Queen out to be the latest villian and the latest person to blame for her idleness. NExt year is her Diamond Jubilee and it’s historical even for the Queen since it is rare that a Sovereign actually reaches such a point in his/her reign. So quite frankly this is picking a fight wtih the worst possible person. Does the Queen really need this, to be the latest in a long line of scapegoats to take the blame for Kate’s unwillingness to work?

  68. Sweetness says:

    Personally, I don’t understand why she should *have* to work. If she wanted to work, she would have married a regular dude. What’s the point of marrying a super rich guy if you can’t just enjoy life, wear pretty clothes, go to parties and do your own thing such as be a full time mom, which I’m sure she’s planning to do quite soon?

  69. iseepinkelefants says:

    jody q – spot on.

    Queenie – agreed. William may want that quite life but that’s not what Waity signed on for and I don’t think she’ll be quieted. Funny no one’s mentioned how she’s spending more and more time in London living in KP and shopping and getting her hair did. Good luck with that William. This one loves the spotlight.

  70. Acorn Paste says:

    61 Flan –

    I also noticed that about Sasha’s comment. It’s eerily similar to the person who also made a comment against you in the previous Waity article.

  71. eternalcanadian says:

    Time for Canada to get out of the British Commonwealth. I can’t believe my country spends millions and millions of dollars a year to have a Governor General plus ten lieutenant governors to sit around in fancy homes and look pretty as representatives of the royal family in Canada. Bleh.

  72. BELLA says:

    when will she announce a baby ? Twins would be great!!

  73. sweetbambooshots says:

    @sweetness, she’s not marrying a rich person. She is marrying a prince of a royal family, and with that title comes the duty. We don’t have royals on their pedestal to live quiet commonfolk lives, we have them to be the symbol of a nation and with that comes duty. And what richness? Compared to other wealthy families the BRF has peanuts. Stop dreaming that the royal families conquer everything in their countries- it’s passe. As I said, we have royals to represent us- we dont have them on that palace to playhouse. To be royal is more than being a mere elected president or MPs. If she couldn’t stomach the duty then she shouldn’t marry the family in the first place. Or maybe the couple should step off from the pedestal if they can’t stomach the duty together.

  74. sweetbambooshots says:

    Like I said, keep eking that “she is still early on her marriage” excuse. Keep eking the excuse and all her life would be just about that, and decades after I write this sentence I’d be among those who laugh when they wrrite her biography. It’d be all about her ‘waiting the right time’ her whole life.

  75. mena says:

    @ Sweetness, If Kate doesn’t want to do any charity work – and the royals & the media are OK with that – then they should stop with the ridiculous stories rationalizing her lack of work.

    Honestly, what good does it do to write about who Kate ISN’T working for?

    It should be what Kate IS doing, not what she ISN’T doing.

  76. shay kay says:

    If the Queen lives as long as her mother, and Prince Charles lives as long as his mother, than Prince
    William may look forward to coming to the throne in his seventies.
    That said he has made the right choice imo in making a career for himself in the Search and Rescue branch of the services.His public engagements, other than an occasional tour, are timed to coincide with his time off from his career.
    With that said, the British Royal Family has been accused of not giving Princess Diana proper training and support for her role as Princess of Wales.What I see is possibly some overcompensating to insure that they cannot be accused of the same with Kate.
    Also, given the eventual success of Princess Diana in the public arena and complete failure of her marriage, it’s likely that Prince William and the monarchy is placing the marriage before the role in these early days to avoid another divorce in the family.
    Finally, Prince Charles as heir to the throne is supposed to be the focus of attention and thus Camilla.I think the monarchy may well appreciate Will and Kate elevating the monarchy and helping to insure it’s continuance but the end game is still to have King Charles and Queen Camilla.
    I am very curious to see what charities Kate chooses and how much work she puts into them.I’m guessing her schedule will not be busier than her husbands in terms of engagements and he is not a full time working member of the firm.This may be in part to keep her from overshadowing him which is another situation the palace would wish to avoid.
    Having made this incredibly looooong post, I admit that I too hope that Kate will prove herself to be a worthy successor to Diana in terms of her willingness to work with charities.I’m withholding judgment until I see what she does next year.

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