17 yo Courtney Stodden and her 51 yo husband booted from pumpkin patch for PDA

Using the word “PDA” when it comes to Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison is wholly inadequate. I’m sure they were doing something so gross that observers would have preferred eating raw pumpkin guts to having to see them. After I wrote that, I saw the photos and it was just as bad as I assumed. Courtney is wearing the same white boots that the hookers in Berlin wear to stand out. (Really, the prostitutes in Berlin wear white stripper boots just like that. I can’t speak for hookers in other cities as I haven’t really noticed them.) On their own, those shoes can signify a working girl but paired with Daisy Dukes so short half of her ass cheeks are hanging out and a tied-up stomach-baring plaid shirt she just looks like a parody of one. Seventeen year-old Courtney is cartoonish and plastic looking in a way that doesn’t seem human, but when you see her kissing her old husband she looks somehow vulnerable and it’s just disturbing. Others agree with me and complained so much that Courtney and Doug were supposedly asked to leave the pumpkin patch. It wasn’t the same pumpkin patch where all the faux-celebrities go, it was another one with slightly higher standards. I’m sure that Courtney and Doug wanted to make sure only one photo agency got their “exclusive,” since they’re so famous and in-demand. This “kicked out of the pumpkin patch” story could be total bunk for publicity too.

‘Teen bride’ Courtney Stodden and husband Doug Hutchison were tossed from a pumpkin patch in the Santa Clarita Valley over the weekend, after fellow pumpkin prospectors complained the amorous May-December couple had behaved inappropriately at the family-geared venue.

Onlookers also complained that Courtney — wearing Daisy Dukes and a plaid shirt tied to show off her flat belly — was not dressed appropriately for the patch. After Courtney, 17, and Doug, 51, were 86’ed from the patch, they went to a nearby area where Courtney struck some sexy poses for the camera.

Courtney presumably referred to the incident on her Twitter page, writing: “Have a beautifully blessed Sunday! :) “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” John 7:24″

While Courtney’s parents have pledged their full support to their daughter’s marriage to The Green Mile star, the unlikely duo has raised some eyebrows since going public with their marriage.

[From Radar Online]

How would you explain that to your kid? Most kids wouldn’t realize that girl is just 17, so at least you wouldn’t have to field questions about why she’s kissing her dad. You’d probably try to hide their eyes, or divert them with something else. “Hey look at that pig all cute wallowing in the mud over there!”

Also I love how this girl quotes Bible verses. Do you think she went to church dressed like that?



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  1. brin says:

    She puts the trick in trick or treat.

  2. NM9005 says:

    Oh god, why? Unsee, UNSEE! That’s like the cheap slutty version of the Notebook! “Behind this teen, there’s a team of enablers pimping her out…” Now at a pumpking patch…

  3. gee says:

    LOL A+ @Brin!

    That main pic is horrible, I’m dying.

  4. dorothy says:

    There is sexy, then there’s just skanky slut behavior. This one falls in the latter category for sure!

    She is destined for porn.

  5. Erinn says:

    Oh dear god… this is just barf worthy. I love that his hairs even gotten more gray in the new photos…

    Dating people older than you is one thing, but that’s like when you’re 30 and they’re like 50. Not SEVENTEEN and 50.

    And the bible verse just makes it sooo much better.
    Girls taking Love Thy Neighbor a little too far…

  6. Kimbob says:

    Ugh! What up w/her LIPS??!! It’s like they have a life all of their own…apart from the rest of her body! These two are literally scrapin’ the bottom of the barrel.

    I’ve read somewhere that the reason this Doug dude is doing this w/Courtney & her family is because he’s broke….I believe that.

  7. Sisi says:

    *say something nice*


    I like her nailpolish @~@

  8. atorontogal says:

    wtf is with her mouth? It’s so sad this little girl is being treated this way regardless if this is what she wants. It is all kinds of wrong as is her mother and that sick perv of a husband Doug (I’ll probably never work in Hollywood again)Hutchinson.

  9. Belle Epoch says:

    HE is just gross. He’s pale and peculiar and wears ugly hats and creepy clothes. (He’s also old and gay, but so are a lot of people.) How is anyone supposed to be interested in him doing anything with anybody?

    SHE already looks like a porn star. The ginormous fake boobs and her butt hanging out of her tiny Daisy Dukes is not really standard October clothing.

    I don’t get what she is aiming for. Being the biggest tease in the country? Forever showing off her ASSetts but not actually doing a porno movie? How long does that interest anybody?

    Gross gross gross

  10. DorothyZbornak says:


  11. Kit says:

    I was thinking she’ll end up doing porn as well. If the reality tv thing doesn’t work, they’ll be counting the days until she’s 18. Those boots aren’t made for walking anywhere else but the red light district.

  12. Heather M (Heather) says:

    @Brin, hilarious!

  13. madpoe says:

    Are they sure he wasn’t trying to choke her to death and bury her in the pumpkin patch?

  14. Deja says:

    OMG she is disgusting!!! SHE CANT be 17!!!!

  15. OhMyMy says:

    Anna Nicole Smith 2.0. Ugh.

  16. Turd Fergussen says:

    Those two twats can get married, but gay people can’t. Right.

  17. brin says:

    @gee @Heather M…thanks…I should have actually put cheap trick!

  18. Kristen says:

    I just read this on the Daily Mail and laughed so hard I choked. Pure comedy.

  19. Praise St. Angie! says:

    when I see girls/women wearing “shorts” like that, all I can think is “OW, their poor chocha!!!”

    she’s gross, he’s grosser, and they both need to just go away. her to the porn world, and him to a cave.

  20. Samigirl says:

    I wouldn’t wear those shorts around my OWN child, let alone other people’s children! That’s terrible.

  21. Jane says:

    Why do you give these two any publicity at all?

  22. svetlana says:

    She totally looks 45, but I think I’ve heard enough gossip and seen some old videos to be convinced she’s actually 17.

    This child is so damaged. I think the marriage is completely for (ham-handed) PR, but it’s still sad and disgusting that the adults in her life are exploiting her so nakedly. She always seems sedated, too. It’s so, so messed up.

  23. Sara says:

    lol, the working girls in Hamburg wear boots like that too! My first thought was why is she wearing hooker boots? I hope those don’t somehow come back in style.

    She really does remind me of Anna Nicole Smith, only at least Anna Nicole had some kind of modeling-movie career. This poor girl is going straight into trashy reality television.

  24. madpoe says:

    OMFG – I just saw the pix of these two twits at the dailymail. wtf is wrong with these idjits!!

  25. Sillyone says:

    I don’t care what this broads mom says, there is no way this bitch is 17..I will say 17 in dog years, but that’s it.

  26. Memphis says:

    That’s one messed up girl. Trying to act sexy in a freakin’ pumpkin patch with children around. I guess her mom will say the women/mothers/children were all just jealous *rolls eyes*. They are delusional at the Lohan level.

    The best photo is the wedding picture…she has those horrid clear bra straps showing with her off the shoulder wedding gown! OMG! hilarious!

  27. Booboocita says:

    One more year, and the sex tape will be “leaked.” There will be much wringing of hands, interviews blaming the housekeeper or a day worker who wanted to use the restroom and ran off with their video camera, and appeals for “privacy at this difficult time” … and all the while, Doug and his baby prostitute will be raking in the payments under the table.

    I don’t think she’ll do straight porn for a while. The first step will be the Kim K. playbook: a leaked sex tape followed by a media barrage and another attempt at selling a reality show. In about five or six years (if that), when the sex tape runs out of steam and it’s no longer bringing in cash, Courtney will leave Doug, claim abuse or some such, and go on all the talk shows. Then she and Doug will reconcile, and there’ll be another attempt at a reality show in which they’ll peddle their vow renewals and attempts to make their marriage work.

    This crazy train has many, MANY cars.

  28. Cherry Rose says:

    I actually have a pair of boots like that, except mine are black and are lace-up. However, they only go on when I go to clubs or on Halloween, NOT for anything else (except maybe to wear in bed ;*).

    I’m surprised that Courtney didn’t get kicked out of the pumpkin patch for just wearing what she had on. I’m certainly no prude, but you don’t wear hooker clothes in a place that is primarily for children and families.

    If Courtney looks this bad at 17, what will she look like when she’s 21? O_o;

    And this is why I can’t stand the majority of Christians. In high-school, all the girls from church would wear the sluttiest clothes and be sleeping around, yet had the gall to tell me I’m going to hell because I dressed in all black and listened to metal. WTF!?!

  29. Sandra says:

    I don’t understand why she needs a bra at all – those fake melons can stand up on their own, LOLLL. Seriously tho – PLEASE stop putting them on this site. They are not worthy of publicity. Like the kardassians – but I seem to be in a minority with that opinion. Maybe they will go away – him to his closet and her to work the pole “for Jesus” of course – you know that’s her destiny.

  30. Madisyn says:

    What in the heck are we going to watch on their ‘reality show’? Her strutting and posing? Thats it. Theres NOTHING to see folks. NOTHING!

  31. Diane says:

    Gross, what idiot is taking their picture?

  32. kas says:

    Her lips…….Is she getting injections between her upper lip and nose? How does she have duck face yet thin-ish lips?

    I wish they’d go PDA in front of a Plastic Surgery Center so we could get some answers from passerby(s).

  33. kristipistol says:

    I think her comment about judging is hilarious. She puts forth this slut vibe and then wants us to think of her as an angel, gimme a break

  34. The pumpkin patch?!? Is nothing sacred,anymore? Poor Linus and Charlie Brown would have been scarred for life after all that mess…

  35. Jay says:

    Was she there as part of a class trip?

  36. Harley says:

    So, we’re still pretending she’s 17 and he’s not gay?

    Ok then.

  37. original kate says:

    the phrase “rode hard and put away wet” must have been invented for this ho.

  38. jamminatorr says:

    Listen – I look up gross stuff on the net. I think its funny. I have watched 2 girls 1 cup while laughing, “Glass ass” while laughing …. on and on.

    But this chick makes me feel so uncomfortable. I saw the pics on the DM and ugh, just, I feel so bad and embarrassed and sad for this girl. I want to shake her and tell her that 17 is not where life ends and that she should not let herself get exploited like this.

    But she’d prolly just tell me that I’m jealous and then go on being oblivious. Its just so sad. She has no future and her mom and ‘handler’ are ruining it even more.

  39. the original bellaluna says:

    Looking like a less-attractive, more cartoon-ish, version of Jessica Rabbit’s hick cousin, Ellie Mae. (And even Ellie Mae looks better than this mess.)

  40. TaylorB says:

    Dear Courtney,

    Whilst you are daintily, dancing about in your Candida inducing Daisy Dukes… you may want to lazily leaf through the nearest, sensual medical handbook, and lustily peruse the section and the beautiful benefits of the moist and slippery Monostat.

  41. arock says:

    @jamminator- did not know about glass ass. now i do.
    could have done without that…

  42. Cirque28 says:

    Why do the quasi-famous always go to the pumpkin patch to pose like people who are having fun at the pumpkin patch?

    Or, even worse… pose like people who are having sexy times at the pumpkin patch? (WTF?)

    This especially bothers me in a teenager. Did she ever have a life where people go to the beach to swim, to the mountains to hike, and to the pumpkin patch to find a f’ing pumpkin??

  43. jamminatorr says:

    @ arock: Sorry!! I really am sorry. I should have put a “do not search” clause in there.

    Although I DID group it in with “2 girls 1 cup” so that had to have given you some idea of the nature of the content.

  44. ShanKat says:

    I wonder if he has something going on with the creepy mother. He looks like zombie Corey Haim.

    The girl on The Soup does a better Courtney Stodden than Courtney Stodden.

  45. ellie66 says:


  46. gg says:

    ^^^^^ :lol: at TaylorB!

    Maybe they’re trying to be the next Coco and Ice-T?

  47. gab says:

    What will they do for Christmas? Visit Santa and sit on his face – hooker boots in the air – for the photo op?

    Go. Away.

  48. imabrat says:

    This alien like thing cannot be 17. Another fool quite content with making an ass of herself.

  49. LMS says:

    So gross and inappropriate. Shouldn’t she be in high school?

  50. palermo says:

    Is she on drugs, cause what is that thing she does with her mouth, it’s always twisted and teeth grinding? I always feel like we’re pedos looking at pictures of this underage girl, I’m sure this is illegal.

  51. Michelle says:

    Omg! The hookers in Berlin DO wear boots JUST LIKE THOSE!

  52. Dani says:

    That thing she does with her mouth is disturbing. Please make it stop.

  53. craigc says:

    They make Heidi and Spencer look classy!!!

  54. Deb says:

    Ugh, go away already! This bimbo’s quotation of the Bible makes me gag. She must have skipped over the parts of the Bible that encourage individuals to be modest in their dress. Only your husband should see that much skin.

  55. Spiffy says:

    Some sick dude must be tagging along to take those pictures. Poor guy. And why???

    I find the whole thing lovingly disturbing!

  56. anne_000 says:

    I really hate that thing she does with her mouth. She thinks it’s sexy, but it only makes her look insanely delusional. I hope her husband or her mother tells her to stop it.

  57. bondbabe says:

    Was there ever an explanation given as to why she isn’t in school? Really, I am curious to know. I’m sure she didn’t graduate early because she’s a genius. Is the explanation perhaps because she really graduated in 1987?

  58. Stubbylove says:

    That 1st pic of this stupid-bitch is fantastic.

  59. Nhi says:

    Her husband looks younger then she does :)

  60. Sara says:

    This girl always looks strung out, like she is taking scrips of some sort. Her eyes always look heavy and drowsy. If she is, she is surrounded by enablers.

  61. xxodettexx says:


  62. It is actually such a sad situation. The only reason a 17 year old would be so so sexual is if she was sexually abused as a child. I am sure that will be the next story to follow.

  63. jazz jazz says:

    I am convinced that she was sexually abused in her young teens and breeded by her parents to be a paedophile’s wet dream. The way she acts and dresses, is so obviously copied from porn stars, Playboy models, and strippers. NOBODY ACTS LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE! It is obvious that she was brainwashed and forced to watch porn and other forms of adult entertainment catered to heterosexual men, so she has this f–ked up idea of how a woman is supposed to act.


    She is disgusting and filthy, yet I can’t help feeling sorry for her.

  64. BerMan says:

    Seriously, they are nauseatingly disturbing.

  65. Syko says:

    Her shorts define “cooter cutter”.

  66. Callli Pygian says:

    In so many stills, the gummy worm lips and perma-stoner eyes she possesses inevitable make her look like a f&%ked -up tweaker.

  67. missanne says:

    omg tracy thats hilarious

  68. Kloops says:

    I totally agree; as soon as she turns 18 there will be a sex tape leaked.

    She was clearly abused and indoctrinated in the ways of porn. Her whole life has been manipulated to be this parody of a woman with the faint hope of being the next Kim Kardashian.

    I believe she’s also an addict.At her age there is no other way to explain her appearance.

  69. Anoni Mus says:

    The photographs at the pumpkin patch seem so…. staged. Even their so called PDA looks like those kisses from a porn movie: pure show.

    Sigh. The apocalypse is surely upon us.

  70. Isa says:

    Why do people have traffic cones as their gravatar?

  71. Alipop says:

    She is BEYOND gross….worse than Snooki. What the f is wrong with her MOUTH! And then she wear @ padded bras on top of each other? She’s the most washed-up 17 year-old I’ve ever seen. Imagin her at 30!

  72. the original bellaluna says:

    Isa – A little joke that stems from when we read that Linnocent said “Move that cone! I’M Lindsay Lohan!” (She wanted to be allowed to park in a no-parking” zone in front a night club.) :)

  73. dragonlady sakura says:

    She’s a sad girl and I pity her having such a disgusting pedo husband. I won’t be surprised if she ends up in porn when she turns 18.

  74. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @brin, and he puts the ICK in Trick or Treat!

    @the original Bella, awesome Roger Rabbit reference!

  75. LeeLoo says:

    I couldn’t agree more with jazz jazz and Kloops. Her being sexually abused is the only way I can even remotely justify her behavior. On that note, am I the only one who finds it curious that we always hear her mother making comments and never her dad? I always found that to be kind of fishy. Another fact that leads me to believe she was sexually abused is that most girls who have been abused or sexually active before they are finished with puberty tend to be “overdeveloped.” It may partially explain why she looks so old for her age (the other part explaining it is plastic surgery).

  76. Seal Team 6 says:

    Hutchison has had a decent career, including some really good reviews (Green Mile) and good ones (Lost). WTF is he suiciding what career he does have left and alienating his family? I really don’t get it, especially since it’s pretty common knowledge he’s gay.

    There really is such a thing as bad publicity.

  77. Seal Team 6 says:


    Most states let you drop out at 16 or 17, with parental permission or if you get married. I’m betting some states are even less. Plus, there’s homeschooling.

  78. arock says:

    @jamminatorr- its epic. dont worry, im oddly amused by stuff like that, high thresh hold for gross out factor and morbid curiosity.
    love it.

    but in agreement with you on the crotch bunny and skeezy McCloseted. shivers…

  79. koala says:

    Waste of oxygen, both of these assclowns.

  80. Ruffian9 says:

    She really is most unattractive (I’m jealous, obvs). I can’t for a minute imagine what is going on in her (drug addled?) head. It’s vile; every bit of this situation and everyone in it.

  81. wresa says:

    With that, this whole story just went from entertaining publicity stunt to watching a young girl being exploited. I thought she was older, but after seeing those gross pics I now think she’s between 17/18.

    I think this story has about 3-5 more “I can’t look away!” stories and then I’m not going to be able to look AT ALL.

  82. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I love the top picture. It’s sooo crazy! I want to feel sorry for her but damn she looks like she’s older than he is so … I just can’t believe she is 17.

  83. ShanKat says:

    No gay man would dress like that. The boots, the grungy t-shirt…the boots…

    Her Mom is taking these pics. Imagine the conversations they have, producing this subtle brilliance. “Spread your legs wider, Superstar!” “You got it, Mom!”

  84. Snowpea says:

    Has anyone seen that interview on YouTube where she’s totally out of it and keeps saying “Mmmmhmmm” and looks at Doug as if she wants to f&*k him right there?

    This girl is extremely messed up. Where are her parents? I find all this stuff so bizarre and as an Australian I can’t help thinking American culture is extremely strange, where young girls look like porn stars while throwing around biblical quotes.

    Why is there this strange dichotomy? On the one hand, people over there seem to really identify as Christians and God-fearing, and on the other, there is this awful hyper-sexualisation of young girls and porn culture that is just so sleazy. It doesn’t exist in Australia like it does there.

    It’s all very disturbing.

    Anyways, that girl is in a lot of trouble. A) She’s married to a guy almost forty years her senior B) She’s TOTALLY out of it on rack or pills or SOMETHING and C) she has somehow been given this idea along the way that her only currency is her sexuality and D) the media is gonna eat her alive.

    Only in America.

  85. Cat says:

    That is one hard looking 17 year old. Is she by chance part of the Lohan clan? Jesus. I’m 24 and look younger than that.

  86. bettyrose says:

    This is sexual abuse. I mean, it’s not because it’s a fake marriage, he’s gay, and no sex has occurred, but I’m so disgusted that the progressive state of California has a loop hole allowing sexual abuse of minors if you marry them.

  87. misstrishm says:

    She just creeps me out. She’s trying way too hard to be this hot Pam Anderson type but it’s not working.

  88. poodlemom says:

    Why hasn’t her plastic surgeon been arrested for operating on a 16-year-old girl???

  89. LuvHotGuyFri says:


    Someone needs to hose her off and put out that fire in those little pants.
    I understand being horny but this is desperation. Plus, she is a child!! Like others said, where are her parents? They married her off to a pedophile to try and make a buck off her, because that ALWAYS works out! (Lilo)
    She is just plain gross, but he is a sicko-what a pig.

  90. koko269 says:

    “Have a beautifully blessed Sunday! “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” John 7:24″

    OMFG.. Barf.

  91. jules says:

    chick was made For PORN, by PORN, via her Momager. She’s licking up the wrong tree-definitly has a future on PORN.

  92. Maggie May says:

    The pictures honestly made me want to cry. 17? Really? Where were her parents allowing her to evolve into that? It’s just wrong on every level.

  93. Lithe says:

    I still wonder about her mental capacity.

  94. mamakowalska says:

    Dirty HO HO HO!!! She makes Madonna look like Little Debbie!

  95. C.Lynn says:

    I think this girl was sexually abused as a child, and let’s face it, she’s being abused right now by her “husband” and her mother. This story is a complete tragedy. I hope one day she’s able to come to terms with what happened in her young life, and is able to tell the true story behind her childhood and her “marriage”. Then I hope Doug and her parents go to jail.

  96. atorontogal says:

    @ Snowpea….it’s not “Only in America”. That’s quite a narrow minded remark. Go read The Daily Mail. Look at child sex slavery in Thailand and Eastern Europe. If your country is so devoid of overt sexuality and are all pristine Christians, then good on ya, but I highly doubt it. So maybe think before you type such nonsense next time.

  97. Lllllll says:

    I imagine one of three scenarios to makes sense of this situation:

    1) She’s in her 20′s and this is purely a publicity stunt,
    2) She’s mentally incapacitated and/or on drugs and being taken advantage of, or
    3) She was abused as a child (and possibly on drugs) and is being taken advantage of.

    I’m going to hold out hope for scenario 1, because just about any way you look at this, Stodden is being exploited. :(

  98. Hawk says:

    I can’t wait for her cell phone pics to be magically “leaked” to the internet when this current round of attention getting bullshit fails.

  99. irishserra says:

    @atorontogal: I thought the same thing. Have these young girls never been told that they can be anything they want to; that they’re more than just pretty faces/bodies? That looks fade, so put more effort into your character by helping others and doing something grand that will contribute to the progress of the world? I fear for the tiny little girls these days who are so wrapped up in how they look and how they look to others. This is the outcome.

  100. irishserra says:

    Also, I’ve never EVER seen any video or heard audio of her. I’m too terrified to! I’m disgusted purely by what I’ve read about her, her mother and her husband, as well as the photos I’ve seen. I can’t even imagine how bad this all is in action. Ugh! *shudders*

  101. Victoria says:

    Ya’ll bitches are just jealous. Court Court is beautiful and ya’ll mad because you wish you were as young and cholita pretty as she is. And she copped her a Hollywood dude! Haters:-)

  102. D Potts says:

    If she is 17, don’t Child Pornography laws apply to everything she is doing and writing? I hope the watchdog groups are keeping notes.

  103. bondbabe says:

    IMHO, some of the problem we have in America with the oversexualization of younger girls is to blame on the images these young girls see and want to emulate (and boys also see these images, and then have that imprinted in their minds that this is how girls/women should look/act). The American populace allows this to happen all the while donning their Christian values armor. It’s quite the conundrum.

  104. Snowpea says:


    Who’s talking about child slavery? Who’s talking about the Daily Mail? You totally missed my point. Which, since you missed it I’ll happily reiterate:

    Only in America are young girls hyper-sexualised all the while pretending to be pillars of Christian society.

    We don’t have it in Australia. They don’t have it in the UK. Or any other first world country.

    No wonder America is so pilloried internationally for being this nation of seriously messed up values.

    Now you can go back to your flag-waving, soldier.

  105. bettyrose says:

    @Snowpea – Yep to what you said, and I’m here in the heart of that culture so I can sign off on how absolutely true those observations are. The thing is that the sin is being a “temptress” who’s in control of her own sexuality. Being a subservient oversexed “plaything” is okay.

  106. Carolyn says:

    To #99 in defense of Snowpea and as others have noted, Snowpea is correct. This would not happen here in Australia. If someone tried this nonsense they may get one photo in the media and it would run for a few days and that would be it. There wouldn’t be continued media or public interest and certainly not a reality show. The stupidity of how Courtney, Kim K etc become famous and get reality shows and the US promotion of it is all that Snowpea was referring to. There’s no connection with child slavery.

  107. irishserra says:

    @Snowpea, atorontogal, bettyrose & Carolyn: Your comments are all interesting. As I am also someone who is sitting here in the thick of it (the US), I often have wondered if the culture is the same in other Western countries and if the term “celebrity” means the same in other countries as well. I honestly hate that Courtney Stodden and those Kardashian girls, as well as other useless, worthless individuals have become iconic celebrities and role models for our children and am quite embarrassed that the general population lets it go on. We don’t even really have access to these shows in our home, we don’t buy the rag magazines and yet everyone in my home (myself and my children) knows who these people are. We just can’t escape it!

    I think it would be so awesome if the general American population would not give any credence to the garbage that the media serves us and just let it pass, but unfortunately, it’s just consumed voraciously and they ask for more.

    If the European and Australian attitudes genuinely do hamper the consumption of such entertainment, I’m impressed.

  108. irishserra says:

    Also, so I checked out the Youtube video Snowpea mentioned (Gee, thanks) and I am completely grossed out and embarrassed for this girl. I wish I could un-see and un-hear it all. Ugh!!

  109. TheEndIsHere says:

    LOL — a blind man can see right through that girl’s phony behavior..

    She’s such an awful actress … that she actually practices … during her interviews … in front of her husband (and the world) … how she will ‘FAKE her ORGASMS’ for later..

    She is the WORST ‘beard’ (ooops .. no wait … I meant … ‘bride’ … yeah .. that’s what I meant … ‘bride’ … lol) EVER.


    Also … does anyone else wonder if Courtney Stodden may secretly be … the ‘prom-nigh­t bathroom-stall’ baby of … late televangel­ist ‘Tammy Faye Baker’?.

    Come on … just admit it … they both look a lot alike –- especiall­y ‘around the eyes’. LOL.