Brad Pitt’s parents love spending time with Angelina & the kids


We don’t have the new photos of Angelina Jolie out and about in Budapest with her kids and with Brad’s parents – you can see them here, at Pop Sugar. Knox and Viv are the ones that stand out to me – Viv is obsessed with Mary Janes, isn’t she? And I swear that Knox grows more ginger by the day. He’s going to be a puffy-lipped Fassbender, mark my words. According to People Magazine, Bill and Jane Pitt accompanied Angelina and the kids to the Ujbuda Center, “a shopping and entertainment complex, where they visited the Elevenpark play center” – all in Budapest, Hungary. Brad and the family moved to Hungary weeks ago, when (I guess) the filming completed in Scotland and London. Still, the film shoot for World War Z is interminable, and that’s probably why Brad invited his parents to come visit.

I suppose I’m writing about photos we don’t have because once again, we’re seeing that Brad’s parents have no problem hanging out with their de facto daughter-in-law. Jane and Bill Pitt seem to like Angelina quite a bit, contrary to what the tabloids claim. They come to Brad’s premieres and happily pose with Angelina. They visit the family when Brad and Angelina are on set. They travel for the births of the grandchildren. So why all of the drama – STILL, to this day – about whether the Pitts care for Angelina?

Anyway, when is production on World War Z ever going to end? Granted, Angelina and Brad don’t have anything to promote until December, which is when Angelina’s In the Land of Blood and Honey comes out. And then maybe after that, an Oscar campaign or two? I’ve already said it – I think Brad deserves an Oscar nomination for Moneyball. I doubt Angelina will get nominated for Blood and Honey, though. Still, the publicity campaign for the film should be interesting. Here’s the trailer again, since you guys had so much fun arguing about it endlessly over the weekend:






Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN & Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Minx2 says:

    no,no.. they can’t love or even like her.. no way! They supposed to LOOOVE Jennifer and hate Angelina. And it doesn’t matter that she gave them beautiful grandchildren and makes their son happy..doesn’t matter! The Pitts love Jen and have secret meetings with her, so them seeing Angie doesn’t hurt Jen’s precious feelings. Don’t you know?
    LOL ;) ))

  2. Jasmina says:

    They are just AWESOME! Love the Jolie-Pitts!

  3. Sumodo1 says:

    Knox and Viv are dead ringers for the grandparents. He’s grandad all the way and she has her grandmother’s eyes. BTW, Shiloh is a hoot!

  4. gee says:

    This is such a funny story! She is their daughter in law and those are their grandchildren! LOL. Such a non issue.

  5. OriginalGracie says:

    Saw Moneyball last week and LOVED IT. Brad does deserve an Oscar nod. He was fantastic.

    Brad always chooses interesting films. The last movie I just loved him in was Inglorious Basterds.

    He is a gem in that he never typecasts himself and he’s always willing to take a chance. AND…..HE NEVER DOES A STUPID ROM-COM. Thank God for that.

  6. mln76 says:

    Yeah it’s just part of the immaturity of the media to manufacture a feud. It’s obvious there is no war with the in-laws but that doesn’t sell to the bitter women at hair salons and dentist offices reading Star and National Enquirer.

  7. smh says:

    Angelina looks beautiful… But Brad what is with that stache man come on…

  8. Denise says:

    well, you managed to work in a reference to Fassbender, when he has nothing to do with this story. The Fassbender fixation used to be cute, now it is just, yawn…..

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Jane and Bill Pitt seem to like Angelina quite a bit, contrary to what the tabloids claim.”


    Knox is such a serious little guy…still waters run deep and all that…he’s adorable.

    and it looks like Pax is a ham, like Shiloh.

  10. You don't say says:

    The stasche was for Basterds. What is kind of funny is that there are plenty pictures of Angelina with Brad’s parents and/or the children, but only one with her own father in the past year or so. Seems she gets along better with the inlaws than Voight. They spend a lot of time in Missouri as well when Brad is not flying them around the world to visit.

    And she went out with just her mother-in-law and some other friends and the kids (and one young friend) again today. What will the tabloids think!!!

  11. Leticia says:

    Mama Pitt is a very beautiful older lady.

  12. Cut the Cheese says:

    How do I get on the payroll? :)

  13. Franny says:

    I love seeing grandparents with grandchildren…

    probably because mine suck and refuse to talk to their grandchildren because they are crazy germans.

  14. ShanKat says:

    That’s the Grandparent Lotto!

  15. Rhiley says:

    Shi looks like her grandma. I wonder what they call their grandparents? Mee Mee and Pop Pop? Granny and Pappy? Grand Ma Ma and Grandfather? MeeMa and Pa?

  16. itten says:

    Probably they bought socks, the grandfather is carrying a bag of Calzedonia, italian chain store (good quality but not expensive at all) for stocking and socks.

  17. Victoria says:

    Beautiful as always

  18. lisa says:

    Actually Jon Voigh spends a lot of time with the family in LA.. I seen loads of tweet and accounts of him out for dinner with the family and that he goes to see them at there home.. I think it crazy to think that pictures are the only evidence. He seems to be quite close to them right now, when is a good thing. Children need all the love they can get.

    I think it is obvious that Brad’s family loves Angie. I don’t care how much you love the would be difficult to spend time with someone you don’t like. Angie is close to the whole family. And that shows that Brad’s family accepts his life and celebrated it.

  19. Barcelona says:

    It’s nice to see grandparents spending time with their grand kids.
    All of the Jolie-Pitt children, biological and adopted are absolutely gorgeus.
    I can see how Brad Pitt has such a nice bone structure, his parents are still good looking.
    Angelina has a stunningly beautiful face, not her body of course, but the face for sure.
    Sorry, but Aniston’s face, doesn’t even come close, not that it’s her fault.

  20. anne_000 says:

    I thought it was illegal to show the Pitts liking Angelina, because it might hurt Jennifer’s feelings. Maybe they’re faking it. Maybe the Pitts are only pretending to like Angelina for the sake of Brad & the grandkids. Anything, anything, just to assuage Jennifer’s & the JenHen’s feelings.

  21. blonde on the dock says:

    I saw Moneyball last week and liked it. It was good but not great. Brad did ok too. But Moneyball is not an Oscar worthy movie and he is no Colin Firth. Sorry! Just my opinion.

  22. smh says:

    @You don’t say: So these are pretty old photos? here I was wondering why Pitt would grow that stache again…

  23. Cheyenne says:

    OMG did anybody but the tabloid editors and the diehard jenhens think that the elder Pitts don’t like Angie? She gave them six beautiful grandchildren, three by birth and three by adoption.

    It’s especially important for the Pitts to make the most of their time with the grandchildren since they live at a distance. I can totally relate. My little grandson lives on the other side of the country and I cherish every minute I spend with him.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    @anne_000: Now, now. (ROFL! :lol: )

  25. Cherry Rose says:

    Why wouldn’t Brad’s parents like Angelina? She gives him the fulfilling life that he always wanted. For any parent, the only thing you want to see is that your child is happy in their life, and has found someone to share that happiness with.

    Not to mention they have six beautiful grandchildren to cherish and love. But, the tabloids think Angelina is evil incarnate and Jennifer is the sweet innocent angel (HAH!), so of course they say Brad’s parents don’t like her.

  26. SCREEEE says:

    I understand that the Bermuda Triangle sells magazines, but… what IS it with this fixation about Angie being some demon and Jen being the girl next door? (Whose next-door-neighbour ever looked like that?) I’m really starting to think it’s a hair colour thing. I mean, Angie was wild when she was younger, but now seems to be a stable mother and wife, whereas Aniston still parties and does whatever. Good girl what?!

  27. N.D. says:

    To be fair it’s been awhile since tabs posted that “Pitts hate Jolie” story. Like a year or more. The same goes for secret meetings with Jen btw. Are they/public getting tired of it maybe?

  28. Madrid says:

    I think all of them make a really beautiful family

  29. Cheyenne says:

    @N.D. I think even the diehard Jenhens finally realized what a load of crap it is. And of course, they hate Angie all the more for it. That evil beeyotch alienated the Pitts’ affections from poor Jennifer and she worked roots on Brad so he doesn’t want to text her any more. :roll:

  30. JoanCrawfordHangers says:

    I wonder if Brad’s father is attracted to Angelina? Gross, I know… but I’m guessing YES.

  31. Dibba says:

    I am sure the grandparents love all the kids. His parents are very conservative fundamentalists, so you have to wonder what they think of Angie and her past and what Angie thinks of them. good to put that stuff aside and let the kids and grandparents bond. I still think Angie will get tired/bored with Brad and move on.

  32. Emma says:

    @Smh, #23 … “@You don’t say: So these are pretty old photos? here I was wondering why Pitt would grow that stache again…”

    Yes, they’re older. The first and last two photos after the video (of Papa Pitt, Angie, Mama Pitt, and Brad) are from the 2008 “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” movie premiere in Los Angeles, December 8, 2008 (Angie looks happy … the twins were almost 5 months old at the time). The two photos sandwiched between of Bill Pitt with Knox and Jane Pitt with Viv look like they were taken in Venice, Italy while Angie was filming “The Tourist.” I didn’t even know the elder Pitts were there. It must have been an interesting time, because Jon Voight visited them in Venice as well.

    See? It wasn’t just Angie who liked to show the twins off on that balcony. :)

  33. Heine says:

    Of course the grandparents love their grandchildren, why shouldn’t they? And Jolie is the woman who adopted and birthed them so why would they have any issues with her?

    Slightly off-topic: You want people to stop bringing up Aniston in Jolie/Pitt threads Brange fans? Refrain from it yourselves. You’re keeping the triangle you so desperately want to die alive by even alluding to her.

  34. Toot says:

    Emma, I’m thinking Knox might have been asking to go look outside at the boats and that’s why he was always being brought to the balcony. :)

  35. Freya says:


    Nanna and Gramps?

  36. Freya says:


    LOL I bet he finds her attractive too, and agrees with his son.

  37. Leigh says:

    I can’t find the original link to the trailer for In the Land of Blood and Honey to post on there – but I don’t think it looks half bad..
    Just sayin’.

  38. Francesca says:

    Angie looks like she Botoxed her forehead. Well, it was bound to happen.

  39. anonymous says:

    Shiloh looks like Jane Pitt,now how that happened?

  40. Emma says:

    @Toot, #35 … “Emma, I’m thinking Knox might have been asking to go look outside at the boats and that’s why he was always being brought to the balcony. :)

    Agreed, but the haters never believed that, so I threw them a bone. :)

  41. Katherine says:

    When Shiloh was about a year old she looked a lot like Jane Pitt. Kids change who they take after from year to year. It’s a whole mixin’s of genes.

    Tomorrow there will be photos of Shiloh taken from another angle and she’ll look like someone else.

  42. Katherine says:

    “His parents are very conservative fundamentalists, so you have to wonder what they think of Angie and her past”

    They aren’t THAT kind of “conservative fundamentalists” at all. In fact they don’t seem conservative at all. They seem very progressive and have a son who has been “living in sin” (Yikes!) with women since he was young and has openly used drugs and is now openly an atheist. What must they think of HIM?

    Angie hasn’t done anything that their own son hasn’t done, wild exaggerations and silly tabloid gossip notwithstanding.

    I tend to think Brad’s parents see past the sensationalism and look at people for the good people they are and the good they do. I’ve never read or heard anyone who actually knows or has worked with Angelina to say anything except lovely things about her.

  43. Judy says:

    I think that they liked Jen and when the divorce happened they talked with Brad and found out what was really happening . I am sure that when they found out that AJ was giving Brad a child they totally loved the woman because this is what Brad wanted in the worst way. Kids before he was too old to enjoy them and play with them. I remember him saying that on TV almost verbatum he got teary eyed.. I hope Brad and Angie can keep it together and grown old together, That should piss the Jenhens off lol

  44. Venice says:

    So true Katherine. Great post

  45. Cheyenne says:

    @#15: I think I read where Angie referred to them as Grammy and Papa right after the twins were born. Maybe that’s what the children call them.

    @franny #13: I’m sorry about your grandparents. I hope they come to their senses and realize what they are missing before it’s too late. Being a grandparent is the best thing in the world. (Can you tell I’m a very proud and happy grandma?)

  46. Pat says:

    First – I am thinking that the writers of this blog sit down and read old tabloids on a regular basis. This story of Brad’s mom not liking Angie is like 6 years old. I haven’t seen much about it for several years. Move along people no story here.

    As for Angie and the mother-in-law I feel sorry for Angie. I personally don’t think that Brad’s mom is very nice. I agree hard-core conservative – Brad has basically said this. I think however that Angie does her best to accept them and allow them in their lives for the sake of the children.

  47. Cheyenne says:

    @Pat: What’s your problem with Jane Pitt, that you don’t think she’s “very nice”? Just curious.

    BTW, being a religious conservative doesn’t always translate into being a rigid political or social conservative.

  48. Hmmmm says:

    I think Knox looks just like Brad’s dad. So cute!

  49. sandy#1 says:

    lovely family, and extended family, all around.

  50. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Of course they love Angie. Why would’nt they? Their son does and their grandchildren do too.

    As much time as they continue to spend together, it seems everyone loves each other. They see Brad and the kids are all happy and what helped bring them to this happiness. No blame to pass on unless we are talking about something 6 or 7 years ago causing unhappiness of which Angie had no part of and Brad got out of. When he walked away, his family appeared to do the same and also parted ways. Divorce does that as in most cases. New life began that they also joined in on.

    Must be good to enjoy your latter years with joy and laughter of grandkids. The Pitt family are no fools to miss out on this, including his brother and sister’s family.

    Despite the tabs and fake authors spouting off about Angie being the evil one, the evidence speaks to the opposite. Their seems to be a genuine sweetness to her that is shared by those she comes in contact with, which would include his family. Seems to run quite smoothly as it is a constant vision on their sets. Senior Pitts are on board. The visits are frequent abroard and in Missouri, something we did not see in Brad’s past life if we are being honest.

    Angie is not going to keeps their kids away from family unless something warrants that. Life is to be enjoyed, and she seems to know how to do just that despite what is thrown at her unjustly. She and Brad are moving forward and the entire family is included. The past stays in the past after your lesson is learned so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Angie is a grown woman, who can take care of her grown man, her kids, her family and his. All are at peace and in a good place it seems.

  51. Moo Cow says:

    It is impossible for any decent human being to know Angelina Jolie for almsot 6 years and not love her.

  52. Pat says:

    I have nothing personaly against Jane. However, from Brad’s interviews it is obvious that his parents extreme views turned him against religion. There is no doubt that Jane is rigid. I do believe that although Angie does her best to get along with Jane it cannot be easy. Someone like Jane would not keep her mouth shut. For some reason I think that Jane would not be easy to live with and that Angie does not jump for joy with her visits.

  53. zara says:

    “His parents are very conservative fundamentalists, so you have to wonder what they think of Angie and her past and what Angie thinks of them”.

    @ Dibba, I wonder what they thought of their 26 year old son when he started dating and then living with a then 16 year old Juliette Lewis. I wonder how they explained THAT to their very conservative fundamentalists friends. I also wonder what they thought of their 40 plus year old son wasting his days stoned on the sofa. Surely they didn’t raise him to be like that.
    Angie is not the only one with a past. Hers just happens to be more public than some other holier than thou hypocrites.

  54. Mauibound says:

    I remember seeing pis of jane pitt out and about with JA well after the divorce. Maybe she like both women! Jennifer A was married to their son for quite a few years after all.

  55. Addie says:

    OMG I don’t get what the story is here.

    Brad’s parents got along really well with Jen and adored her (this is common knowledge)
    The relationship didn’t work out and they went their seperate ways.

    Now Angie is Brad’s lady and mother of his kids, they like her alot too.

    This is a great thing, they all got along, no drama here at all.

  56. Imelda says:

    Good for all concerned they are a close family – as we all know a bitchy mother can cause many a heartache for Grandparents if they dont get along.
    Kids need their grandparents almost as much as their parents.
    On a side note though how tight does Angies face look in some of those photos.
    I think she would look much better if she left it alone to be able to show more expresssion.

  57. lisa says:


    I don’t recall Brad ever saying his parents had “extreme religious” views. Brad has never ever said that. What he said in part was that he grew up in a religious family. Like many. He said that he didn’t agree with religion telling him how to live. Or that if you did this or that it was wrong. He said that he thought that religion spent a lot of time saying what you shouldn’t do or you go to hell. I grew up in a religious family and that is the same message I got. He said he family didn’t agree but they respected his right to do as he will. I think if his family had these “extreme views’ as you stated they would have broken ties with him. That is what you see EXTREMIST do. Not what you see Jane/Bill doing.

    Brad has talked about what a wonderful person his mother is. And Angie too has commented on how when she first met them she was nervous because she came with 2 small children Not sure about how they would be. But they embraced her and made her and her then children feel welcomed. When asked about being in LA.. Jane/Bill both proudly said they were there to see 6 beautiful grandchildren. I don’t know where your information about Brad’s mother is coming from. She was very close to Angie’s mother and visited her when she was ill in the hospital. She is a woman that has given much to her community, and has a Cancer Wing named after her which Brad/Angie have given money too. And Jane donated money in Angie’s mother memory to Cancer Foudation. There is also this great picture of Jane at The Mighty Heart premier snapping pictures of Angie on the RC like a fan girl. beaming.. hmmm doesn’t go with “difficult” to me

    The Pitts have traveled all over the world to spend time with their son and his family. That doesn’t sound like a woman that is “difficult” to be around

    When Angie was pregnant with the twins she talked about the Pitts were coming out to help if they needed it. which they did and stayed for several weeks.

    @moo cow.. there have been 2 times since the divorce over the last almost 7 years that Jane was seen with Aniston. The last time it happened she was in affect ambushed by the paps. It has not happened again.

  58. shay kay says:

    Probably Pitt’s parents don’t just see AJ or JA as just black and white cartoons but as fully rounded women who both have wonderful and horrible traits.
    Conceivably Mrs. Pitt came to love Angelina as a person after she got to know her but didn’t stop loving Jennifer just because the marriage didn’t work.Oh my that almost makes sense doesn’t it?

  59. Addie says:

    @Shay Kay: Thanks for making sense.

    Hard to do when people are hell bent on “choosing sides” and not being able to admire both Angie and Jen as the great women that they both are

  60. Julia says:


  61. nan says:

    I Love, Love, Love this whole family!!! Love Them!!!!

  62. Cheyenne says:

    @mauibound: The last time Jane Pitt was seen with Aniston was around 4 years ago when she was invited to Aniston’s house. It was a classic setup; the paparazzi were lurking in the bushes. They caught pics of Jane Pitt and Aniston leaving the house going separate ways. Aniston looked miserable and Jane Pitt looked like she would rather be anywhere else but there.


    @Pat: I don’t see Jane Pitt as rigid at all. She has her religious beliefs but I doubt she tries to force them onto anyone else. Angie and Brad are happy together although unmarried and she seems to be fine with that.

  63. Moo Cow says:

    I remember that Lisa!! June of 2007 when Brad & Angelina were in New York or headed back to Prague. I always thought Jennifer set that encounter up with the paparazzi and the photo in Chicago with Julie & Jane Pitt in 2005 was released “mysteriously” too!

  64. Pat says:

    @lisa “He said that he thought that religion spent a lot of time saying what you shouldn’t do or you go to hell”

    Exactly right. Religion is like that with “very conservative fundamentalists” – exteme religion. I also grew up in religion and never experenced that type of religion in my home. Being judgemental is not Christian. With that said, Brad’s parents were the ones that turned him against religion. People like this (and believe me I have seen them) can never just be happy with things. I am sure that she visits and wants to see the grandkids and Angie is trying so hard to create a family for her children that she never had so she puts up with it. However I can only imagine that she also sighs a sigh of relief when they leave. Personally I think that Jen was all to glad to get rid of her – ever wonder why they didn’t visit much – probably because Jen would not put up with it. But like I said Angie is trying to do the right thing for her children and I respect her for this.

  65. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:


    I fail to believe Angie has to put up with anyone or anything and that would include Brad and his parents.

    See, Jolie is not a prisoner. She has free will. Brad is not a dictator and forcing his parents on Jolie. Really, unbelievable. Why would they go along with it BTW.

    When will it be accepted that this family really could love each other or is it only 1 person out of the whole lot that seems unloveable?

    If Brad himself had to choose, I don’t think he would struggle long at all. He is a family man with extensions. His family would always come first. And guess what family I am referring to? The one that lives with him under one roof. Not the ones that comes to visit. He made his decision years ago at all cost, which he has stated many times. Everyone involved is clear and agrees. He can’t imagine his life without them. Angie and his kids rule as they should. His Mom and Dad don’t come before them. That is a Biblical principle he maintains (leave Mother and Father and get your cleave on).

    He is no child and can make his own decisions and not need approval, so why would he subject Angie and the kids to a cruel Mom? He would not and Jane is not. She seems thrilled to be in Angie’s company from all the pics I have seen on a frequent basis. The visits are way to close to believe anyone is uncomfortable. They seem every few months, not yearly. Be serious, AJ would have to be doing a lot of sighing if you are being for real. It’s not like an afternoon lunch as with the EX, but they spend weeks together. Even going out and about, which is NOT needed to see the kids. They will have years of life to live, just enjoy watching them.

  66. Bean says:

    I don’t know ’bout jane but if I was her,I wouldn’t tolerate someone who ‘befriends’ a crude racist child bully who speaks ill of my grandbabies all the time…
    The Jolie/Pitts make a beautiful family.

  67. Pat says:

    “I fail to believe Angie has to put up with anyone or anything and that would include Brad and his parents”

    I so disagree with this. I think that Angie puts up with alot for the sake of her children. Angie is desperate to have for her children what she never had. A stable home with parents and grandparents. I believe that she would sacrifice alot for this. All woman put up with stuff they don’t want for their children – Angie included. If she didn’t she would be selfish (which I don’t believe she is). Once a woman has children her wants and desires come second.

    Do you honestly believe that Angie would be friends with Gwen Stefani if it were not for her children. Gwen is empty headed and pathetic. Friends with other people who probably would love to gossip about Angie (and in not a good way). But for the sake of her children so they have playmates Angie goes over to visit. Same with Jane – she puts up with it because she is Brad’s mother. I am unsure why the Brad/Angie fans make it so important that Angie love this woman. I really believe that Jane is not a nice person at all. I also never said she was cruel – controlling and cold though. And I realize that Brad can do no wrong in your book – but in mine he is a selfish pathetic man. I really believe that Angie puts up with alot for the sake of her children.

    I did laugh at your “That is a Biblical principle he maintains (leave Mother and Father and get your cleave on).” You have obviously forgotten Brad does not believe in the Bible – probably you should not quote it in reference to him. That quote by the way is for marriage – Brad doesn’t believe in that either.

  68. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Angie, got those children with Brad as a choice, not by force. Nothing desperate at all. You are describing subjecting herslf and the kids to things, not putting up with. I don’t believe any good parent would sacrifice their happiness and peace of mind, just for family visits. Never.

    She would not have to put up with anything. She knows where the door is and he would still be their father and could take the kids to visit his folks by himself.

    Gwen and her could be friends for many reasons, the kids only being one. I don’t know if Gwen is empty headed, but Angie sure is not. She could have playdates with anyone not just Gwen. Again, not forced.

    Angie, apparently does not think Brad is selfish and pathetic and that’s all that matters. And certainly not keeping herself and the kids around the man you are describing. Let alone adding to the family with more kids.

    Now, my Biblical reference was NOT due to Brad believing, but to what he is doing. He may not even know what the Bible states, I was discussing it in relation to him not putting anyone above his family (Angie and kids), not that he was following doctrine. I should have made that clearer. His beliefs are not my issue, even non-religious people follow this relationship advice for family nucleus. They regard themselves as married (HIS MRS.) and I was not debating wheter he believes in marriage or not. His last statments where that they were discussing/re-thinking it, so there’s that.

    I just can not believe that Angie with her money and resources would allow any of what you paint to exist. Woman with No resources find their way out of such relationships kids and all. Angie would be no different. She is not a scared woman. She would tell Brad where to get off if it meant harming her kids well being. I give her that much credit.

    And until the Senior Pitts or Brad do something to warrant Angie, taking a different stand, I will believe she loves being where she is, doing what she is doing, with whom she chooses to do it with and as of right now that is Brad and his family and as a fan can accept her choice.

  69. Carolyn says:

    A nice article. They look like a normal family. It’s important for grandparents (if they’re good role models) to be part of the children’s lives. Brad n Ange seem happy together. And the kids look happy too.

  70. shay kay says:

    Post #69
    I agree with the first part of your post that mothers do make sacrifices to improve their children’s lives.Women(and men) also do make sacrifices to make their relationship work.Why do Angelina’s fans persist in thinking that compromising in some way make Angelina less than the super woman they make her out to be?The fact is that she is apparently doing what is necessary to hold her relationship/family together in a healthy way and that is an admirable quality.
    Show me someone that won’t compromise on anything and I’ll show you a marriage in trouble or at least a union involving at least one very unhappy partner.

  71. foozy says:

    knox is so cute! he looks like a cross between brad and angie!

  72. Kate says:

    Beautiful family. Vivienne looks like Jane pitt and Knox is all Angie

  73. lisa says:


    I think you need to stop drinking whatever you are drinking.

    Whatever Brad is Angie loves him and talks about how lucky she is to have him as he says of her.

    I will make my judgement on that. Brad left a relationship that was not working for him or giving him what he deeded. So did Angie. She has said loud and clear that she is not with this man for her children. that children bond you, but they can’t and should not hold a relationship together. She said that when asked about it in her Parade interview. YOU don’t have to be with a man or woman to be a parent.

    YOU have a very unfocused view of this woman and her live. Brad is not perfect and neither is Angie.. but I think they don’t particularly care.

    They have a great family. I guess some people don’t have that and can’t imagine it for someone else.


  74. Emma says:

    @Pat, #66 … “Exactly right. Religion is like that with “very conservative fundamentalists” – exteme religion. I also grew up in religion and never experenced that type of religion in my home. Being judgemental is not Christian. With that said, Brad’s parents were the ones that turned him against religion.”

    And …

    “Do you honestly believe that Angie would be friends with Gwen Stefani if it were not for her children. Gwen is empty headed and pathetic. Friends with other people who probably would love to gossip about Angie (and in not a good way). But for the sake of her children so they have playmates Angie goes over to visit.”


    Angie knows other couples with children. She doesn’t have to ‘suffer’ Gwen Stefani. She has other options. Matt Damon has children who were born the same year as Shiloh and the twins. The Jolie-Pitts have other friends with kids as well.