Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama are “back together”: bad idea?


Demi Lovato, best known as the Jennifer Aniston to Ashley Greene’s Angelina Jolie, still has serious man issues. A little backstory: right after Joe Jonas dumped Demi for Ashley Greene, Demi rebounded with Wilmer Valderrama. Wilmer was sort-of/kind-of Demi’s boyfriend when she went crazy and went for “rehab” for issues that probably extended beyond the eating disorder that her publicist admits to. When Demi got of rehab (and while she was still an out-patient), she began seeing Wilmer again. And then something happened (God knows what) and Demi started quietly boning Ryan Phillippe. Of course, Demi and Ryan went nowhere, but with those two men, we can establish a pattern, can’t we? Demi likes older douches, the kind of douches who “prey” on very young, inexperienced girls with emotional problems. Anyway, according to Life & Style, Demi has gone back to Wilmer. Oh, Demi.

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are giving love another go! Life & Style can exclusively reveal that on Oct. 22 the on-again, off-again couple were spotted getting hot and heavy at Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s house party in LA.

“They showed up together and made no effort to hide that they’re back together,” an eyewitness inside the party tells Life & Style. “They were stealing kisses throughout the night, holding hands and just seemed to enjoy being together.”

The “Skyscraper” singer, 19, and the 31-year-old former star of That ’70s Show, have broken up twice since they began dating in 2010, but this time they didn’t leave each other’s side all night. “Demi couldn’t seem happier about it!” the eyewitness tells Life & Style.

“They were dirty-dancing to the music, and when they were seated, Wilmer had his hands on Demi’s knee the entire time,” the eyewitness reveals. “He was being very boyfriend-like and affectionate.”

Demi famously dated Wilmer before her time in rehab to treat physical and emotional issues last November.

“Treatment was the best decision that I ever made, and it saved my life,” Demi says. “I feel a lot better, and I feel like now that I’m able to speak about it, I’m able to help younger girls with their issues they’re dealing with and that makes me feel like a role model.”

[From Life & Style]

Demi, we need to talk. Girl, look, I understand. I have also consistently liked older men, even when I was a teenager. It doesn’t have to be all Courtney Stodden, Sketchy Teenage Bride, nor do you have to limit yourself to the low-hanging fruit of these douchey “older men”. Honey, you’re 19 years old. If you’re so obsessed with going out with an older guy, give yourself an age limit – no more than 10 years older, how about that? No older than 29. And take the time and effort to find a dude who isn’t impregnating randoms (Ryan Phillippe) or some kind of a–hole who is obsessed with only sleeping with virgins (Wilmer). Find some nice guy who has gone to college or something. Date someone outside of the industry. And for the love of God, aim higher than Wilmer Valderrama.




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  1. kazoo says:

    why does he only date barely legal chicks? and why don’t more people call him out on it? he’s such a gross predator.

    and yeah, definitely bad idea.

    side note: i didn’t know this girl was a “singer” until she performed the national anthem at the world series last night. meh. she’s pretty forgetable.

  2. gee says:

    Demi!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! LESS MAKEUP!!!!!!!!!

    Also, completely agree with the older guy age limit. Older men are fun until you realize that usually, they fall into two categories: wants to be married guy and the wilmer/ryan guy. Now that I’m in my mid 20s, I’m sticking with guys closer to my age.

  3. The Truth Fairy says:

    He is so skeevy.

  4. Emily says:

    That top photo of him needs a warning. I scrolled down and felt like he was molesting me with his eyes. Way too sleazy.

  5. says:

    I’m sure somewhere under all that crap on her face she’s a pretty girl but seriously, take off some of the makeup and half of those extensions out. And stay away from WW.

  6. katspeakz says:

    Wilmer Valderrama just disturbs me. I won’t let my kids watch Handy Manny, he bothers me so much.

    Demi, you can do much, much better.

  7. Samigirl says:

    I actually dated a man who was 32 when I was 19. He genuinely was (and still is) a very, VERY nice guy. However, it wasn’t until a couple of years after we broke up that I realized…this was kind of wrong and creepy. I had self esteem issues, so getting hit on by a *MAN* helped make that better. If this grown up wanted me, then hot damn, maybe I was special. I roll my eyes at it now. I understand her train of thought, but I wish I could give her a couple more years to figure all this crap out. Poor girl.

    Personally, I would never date anyone that dated Lindsay Lohan.

  8. Quest says:

    Demi, please leave Handy Manny alone he is such a tool.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Is Wilmer actually working now? I haven’t seen him on anything and I don’t know what Handy Manny is (a kids’ show?). Maybe this is why he has so much time to be a perv. The whole thing makes me wish he has some kind of accident or scandal or something. Just get rid of him!

  10. RocketMerry says:

    Sounds like a bad idea. I know how hard it is to pull away from a guy who has had a lot of power on you, though, so I won’t cast stones. I just hope she can keep on a good track and figure things out.

  11. Jackson says:

    It’s always a bad idea to date a douche. And a skeevy one at that.

  12. meilamon says:

    @ Samigirl, exactly. I dated an older man as a teen too and at the time I thought it was exciting. Now at 32 it disgusts and weirds me out. WTH do you even have in common? It just feels like it is robbing the young person of their life-he’s had that chance, he needs to let her be young, and leave her alone.

  13. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I had no idea they were even dating…

  14. Lisa says:

    To each his own. If she wants to date him, let her date him. What do we care?

  15. serena says:

    Oh Demi, you can do much better.

  16. Julie says:

    Nobody much mentions that she probably went to rehab for more than what they are admitting to but it was no secret she used drugs quite a bit. No way you will convince me she is sober if she is hanging with this boy, unless he got sober and I just haven’t heard.

  17. Sara says:

    Lindsay 2.0. He is a duche

  18. Kimbob says:

    I think he’s seeing her to raise his profile. Yeah, he’s probably skeevy, but these two don’t look right together anyway. He’s using her, that’s all.

  19. kel says:

    I understand the whole age thing. She probably thinks younger guys are too flaky (Jonas) and feels more secure with someone older. Don’t know much about WV so don’t know why everyone here thinks he’s creepy. He was so funny in That 70s Show. Recently saw him in a Tom Hanks movie and he was really cute.

  20. Elvynn says:

    I didn’t know Life&Style always tell the thruth? *sarcasm*!
    Why do you believe this s***?
    She could be a quiet girl who has a nice boyfriend or doesn’t have one. We don’t know but we judge.
    I’m waiting for a picture or video. Until that, i don’t believe anything printing in these kind of mag.

  21. danielle says:

    I think everyone thinks he’s a tool because he dated Lyndsey Lohan before she turned 18 and dated Mandy Moore then said skeesy things about her on Howard Stern. I’m sure he’s done a couple other sketchy things too.

  22. Happy21 says:

    He is so gross! He was a douche before the word even became popular again.

    I like Demi Lovato and wish her nothing but the best but girl give your frickin’ head a shake! This man is not for you and will not be there for you the way you need him to be!!!

  23. Dani says:

    I don’t think Wilmer dates girls over the age of 22.

    He reminds me of Leo and George Clooney. He keeps getting older and his ladies keep getting younger.

  24. Jover says:

    Kazoo I’ve heard her sing live just teeny bopper stuff; she’s a disney product, I don’t see her going anywhere the cool kids, the young hipsters want nothing to do with disney product (after all, where are the jonas bros and Miley?); and are you telling me the World series can’t find better singers than a disney product.

  25. The Bobster says:

    Fez? What girl in her right mind would date Fez?

  26. BBB says:

    She’s not in her personal top physical condition so I’m a bit surprised that this douche is still with her. He seems very superficial and someone who likes to use young women when they’re hot and lack self-esteem. She’s not obese, but she has looked better and he really seemed like the type of guy who leaves them when they’re not at their peak.

  27. blue light says:

    Wilmer was 24 when he dated Linsay Lohan and she was 18. He was 21 when he dated Mandy Moore and she was 17. You have relationships at colleges and universities across the country with this same age differential. People in that age range are usually at similar places in their lives and make suitable companions for each other. Based upon what I’ve read here, college seniors shouldnt date freshman. Grad students I guess should only date other grad students. I really don’t understand why Wilmer Valderama is being referred to as “skeevy” or perverted. Would the same comments have been made if he were not latino. I understand some people have issues with his Howard Stern comments. However he chose to date those woman and they chose to date him. Its his choice to reveal whatever he chooses to reveal. Celebs who don’t want info revealed have people sign confidentiality agreements. As for Demi Lovato, shes 19. Wilmer is 12 yrs older. Its not like hes old enough to be her father. Being that Demi is 19 and has already been to rehab. I’m sure that shes not your average 19 yr old. No substance abuse or rehab trips have been reported about Wilmer. Nothing scandalous has been reported about Wilmer. George Clooney’s last three girlfriends have been at least 17 years younger than he is. Stacy Kiebler is 18 years younger. George is old enough to be the father of the girls that he dates. I dont here anybody calling him “skeevy”.

  28. poodlemom says:

    I think Wilmer is handsome and funny. He is producing music videos right now… like LMFAO’s new one “I’m Sexy and I know It” is his latest one, and it is hilarious! Demi could do a lot worse. She should stay away from guys like Ashton Kutcher!

  29. bel says:

    Isn’t it common knowledge that men who date girls who are in their teens/late teens have small penises?! Because the girls don’t have as much experience, so they don’t know any better?

  30. Barton Fink says:

    If she can’t handle the limited success she’s had, why does she keep beating her head against the wall like this? She’ll never be a big star, and she’ll always be in the third-rate category. C-list at best, an also-ran, and eventually a has-been before she’s even made it. C’mon, girl — find a real job.

  31. CloudSailor says:

    @Barton Fink
    I couldn’t agree more. I also saw her sing the US national anthem, and unfortuately, her vocal range was waaay under the level of what the anthem needed. There were a lot of false notes and shouting. She can only go as far as D list pop. I haven’t seen her act though, she may be better at that. (Jlo sucks at both, for example, and is still kind of A list)
    From what I understand she has very low self esteem, and dating guys like Ryan Philippe and WV will just make that worse for her. It may be bullshit, but I have a feeling that she has been used by older men for years. (really just thought to myself, not presenting it as fact)

  32. normades says:

    @Julie: Tots agree with you there. I think it’s way too soon to say that she’s “recovered”. If she’s dating him again that’s not a good sign. Codependent much?

  33. Lauren says:

    I guess DEMI has Wilmerdongaddiction. BIG hands, big feet..these myths are incorrect. I dated a man who was short,with small feet and hands..quiet spoken..and he was/is so BIG I ended up in the hospital..twice. He wanted to marry me, but i was afraid I would end up in a wheelchair. Demi and WV are both Spanish, so they have that commonality. LL looked radiant & healthy when she dated WV. Leave them alone. DEMI has the life experience of a 60 year old,cannot blame her for wanting an older man.

  34. Bess says:

    If Lindsay Lohan had “real” parents instead of enablers, Wilmer would need to register as a sex offender. This “man” preys on young girls with emotional issues. A woman his own age wouldn’t put up with his nonsense.

    I also think the women who agree to be George Clooney’s arm candy are stupid to even go there.

  35. blue light says:

    Lohan also dated Jared Leto in 2005. Leto is 15 years older than she is.
    She was also spotted with Brett Ratner in 2005. Ratner is 17 years older than Lohan.
    In 2006 she dated Ryan Adams. Adams is 12 years older. In 2007 she dated Jude Law who is 14 years older than Lohan. Should they all register as sex offenders too. Oh wait they don’t have brown skin. Im pretty sure that the age of consent in CA is 18. As for putting up with Wilmers “nonsense”. Hes attractive, rich and reportedly well endowed. That’s certainly the kind of nonsense I would be glad to put up with any day. It certainly beats a ugly, broke, small dick man any day. While we’re registering sex offenders who date 18 yr olds, somebody drag Madonnas 60 yr old ass down to the station. She dates one 18 yr old after another. I guess these guys must have emotional problems and shes preying on them. Ohh and no woman is going to turn down the opportunity to be on George Clooneys arm. How many times now has people mag voted him “Sexiest Man Alive”.

  36. luvsdemi says:

    demi get back with joe jonas you two are meant to be with each other not wilmer
    Wilmer you need to find a girl your own age not demi shes too young for you

  37. that_girl says:

    Blue Light, I would turn down the opportunity to be on George Clooney’s arm. I’m a straight female and his relationships never last. If you wanna be with me, you gotta put a ring on it eventually. I used to think Wilmer was cute, but that was back in 2004. I thought he and Lindsay were the cutest couple back then.

  38. rebecca says:

    Wilmer is a douche he is a player and a douche and a heartbreaker and a bad influence on Demi. Go back to Joe Jonas, he’s a better match for you, not this pig