Linnocent is posing for Playboy for “nearly” $1 million


When I’m writing endlessly about Linnocent and her insane crack shenanigans, you know I like to use “crack” as a verb, noun, adjective, and perhaps even an adverb (“she walked crackily”). Sometimes I’ll stop myself and wonder, “Gee, will people ever think I’m talking about Linnocent’s actual crack, as in her ‘vadge,’ as opposed to her all-encompassing crackhead status?” Do you ever make that mistake? Because I sometimes catch myself and think, “NO. I can’t say ‘crack’ here because it could be read in a way that is much too vulgar.” With that in mind, there’s some news about The Cracken’s crack, and I don’t care how vulgar that is. She’s posing for Playboy! And the crackhead is getting PAID too.

Lindsay Lohan is shooting nude photos for Playboy — TMZ has confirmed — and LiLo don’t strip for peanuts … the spread will earn her almost a million dollars!

Sources tell us the deal has been in the works for months, and that Lindsay balked at an initial $750K offer because she wanted … ONE MILLION dollars … to show the world what her momma gave her (apologies for the DiLo reference).

We’re told Hugh Hefner and Co. recently came back to Lindsay with an offer less than her asking price — but close enough for her to sign on the dotted line. No word yet on which issue Linds will be featured in … but it’s a good bet she’ll be on the cover.

Lindsay’s rep said, “I can neither confirm or deny at this time.” Playboy didn’t immediately respond to our email or phone call. 

According to sources, the shoot started over the weekend — which means Linds was juggling her court ordered morgue duties … with getting nekkid.

Sweet, sweet multi-tasking.

[From TMZ]

Am I alone in not thinking this is some huge deal? Linnocent has already shown her firecrotch in candids, and she’s already done several half-naked photo shoots (like the Marilyn one). I’m only surprised that she hasn’t posed for Playboy before this. Plus, that million-dollar payday will certainly help with her hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, plus her legal fees, plus her drug “expenses”. Basically, she’s already blown through that $1 million before it’s even in her hot little hands.

Oh, and here’s another interesting story – Linnocent just fired her manager Lou Taylor. Taylor also managed Britney Spears, and according to TMZ’s source (Dina), “Lindsay felt Taylor (who also manages Britney Spears) didn’t have the time to manage her and Lohan wanted someone who could put more effort into her…Lindsay felt her finances (which were Taylor’s responsibility) were beginning to slip through the cracks and word was getting back to her that her balances were not being handled in a timely manner … in part because Taylor is based in Tennessee.” Linnocent’s delusional rep, Steve Honig, told TMZ that “the split was amicable”. Is anyone else surprised that LL still had a manager? That’s the most shocking part. I also like how The Cracken is basically throwing Lou Taylor under the bus, and blaming him for her cracked-out financial mess. I wonder who Linnocent’s new manager is going to be? CoughcoughMotherCrackiecough. After all, it was probably Dina’s idea to get her daughter to pose for Playboy.





Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. WillyNilly says:

    It was inevitable. Next year will be a’feature’ followed by appearances at strip joints…then actual porn.

  2. WillyNilly says:

    ps. F*CKING EW. Who wants to see that??

  3. Quinn says:

    I’ll give her two million to remain clothed.

  4. logan says:

    And Daddy said she was starting to straighten out her life. Is this what he meant? Chaaaa Chingggg for the parents. Hope they have a large staff of photo shoppers and air brush folks. Next we will see her face is on the cover of Time for woman of the year.
    What a sad world we live in. 🙁

  5. WillyNilly says:

    LOL @ Quinn. Cheers to that!

  6. says:

    I am not surprised. You know, this will inevitably end in porn.

  7. blc says:

    does anyone even have any interest in seeing that? I am being serious. I don’t know of any guys that think she is still attractive

  8. Zay says:

    Not enough that when you Google LL, they show her FACE, her Teeeeffff, her cuts, her weave, her collapsing nose, her nips, her makeup…now we will google and see her vags and a$$ as well???


  9. Nancy C. says:

    so would i. if men are idiots enough to buy this trash, then she’s smart.

  10. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @WillyWilly I agree!

  11. atorontogal says:

    Daddy Lohan got popped for assault AGAIN! Baby Lohan and her shit stained face need to show the world her hoochie so she can support herself and her family. Mommy Lohan is selling a book exploiting Baby Lohan, and Ali (what the f*ck happened to her) Lohan is well she is just messed up! Aaah the saga of the Lohans….I love it!!!

  12. Quinnie88 says:

    Haha @Quinn my last name is Quinn !!
    Who the hell will pay for that issue?

  13. badrockandroll says:

    This is going to fuel her “I am just like marilyn” delusions even further.

  14. Rhonda Gething says:

    I just don’t believe that guys find all those freckles to be sexy. The duck lips, fake hair and crack teeth are also unattractive. WTF?

  15. Samigirl says:

    Christ on a cracker. Will it never end?

  16. Addie says:

    Well this seems like a very appropriate union.

    I just wish someone could handle her finances for her and get her out of debt.
    How can she she still goes on lavish shopping sprees?!?!

    I’m her age(25) and the only debt I have is paying off a home.
    I would have sleepless nights if I had as much debt as Linds and NO JOB.

  17. Seal Team 6 says:

    Three things:

    1. WHY would anyone pay her to see THAT? It’s been plastered all over the internet for years, and

    2. Serious actresses do NOT pose for skin mags, even Playboy. They give interviews, but they don’t pose.

    3. This should impress the Judge on November 2.

    oh, and a

    4. Thank God for airbrushing and Photoshop.

  18. someone says:

    oh dear god, maybe the rapture will come before her playboy spread hits stores? please god, take us before crackie does…

  19. yt says:

    If the source for the Playboy story is Dina, then I expect the amount offered by Playboy is much, much less than $1 million. Wait for the wonders of Photoshopping.

    Lou Taylor is the one with the great reputation so I suspect she dumped LL. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

  20. Marjalane says:

    It’ll be a full time gig for the air brusher- Just trying to make her appear clean will be a challenge. Also- are there really men who would actually WANT to see a naked Crackie? I thought Playboy was all about the unattainable fantasy woman. Lindsey can be had for ten bucks and an eightball.

  21. madpoe says:

    Cos posing for Playboy always leads to a stellar career! Just pour bleach in my eyes today please and kick me in the biscuits! going back to the fass/vig board!

  22. Seal Team 6 says:

    Serious Question: is this why she missed CS yesterday?

  23. Poison Ivy says:

    I’m about to gag and vomit…

    She looks so damn filthy even with her clothes on – I don’t wanna see her bussing it wide open!

    Reverse boner alert!

  24. aenflex says:

    @quinn – perfect!

  25. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Basically, she’s already blown through that $1 million before it’s even in her hot little hands.”

    for sure, but you know it won’t go to any of her creditors. just like that $90,000 that went to a new car instead of people she owes.

    Seal Team 6, that was my reaction too. Haven’t we all seen ALL of it already?!

    and so, her march toward the (inevitable) porn career take another step closer.

  26. Seal Team 6 says:

    KAISER —

    Lou Taylor is a woman, not a man. Every site is making this mistake, btw.

  27. atorontogal says:

    lmao@ kick me in the biscuits!! omg that just so made my morning! (I already poured bleach in my eyes having read the sister wives thread|) GAWD why am I such a gossip hound?? It’ll be the end of me I tell ya!

  28. dorothy says:

    Playboy has been going down the tubes for years…this move will be the death of that magazine.

  29. El Kiddo says:

    I’ve seen grannies who look much hotter than this crackwreck.

  30. Jackson says:

    I can hear Playboy firing up the computers already – let the photoshopping begin! I’m waiting to hear how ‘tasteful’ they will be.

  31. Addie says:

    I can almost put money on her pulling another Marilyn Monroe type shoot with this.

    To be honest, Linday is reaching Marilyn’s level of notariety, but for her she is famous for being an infamous wreck.

    Don’t think that bothers her though.

  32. dorothy says:

    If she let her teeth get that bad, imagine what the rest of her looks like…..Ewwwwwww

  33. Hautie says:

    Here is a legit question.

    Do men really want to see this meth head naked?

    First of all, her teeth are rotting. Have you ever looked at her hands in any of the current pictures. They are filthy. The girl has terrible hygiene habits. She looks like a crack head. Seriously.

    Is Playboy going to give her a hazmat bath before hand? Geez it would take them a week to clean Lohan up enough, to photograph her.

    Maybe, if anything positive can come from this, Playboy will dye her hair back to auburn.

  34. Sillyone says:

    Playboy is still around? Seriously with all the free porn internet sites who would pay to see naked women especially this filthy vile creature. Wonder if she will go back to red for the photo shoot?

    All I can say is whoever has the job of photoshopping good god it is going to take them forever plus they will probably gauge out their eyes in the process.

  35. eny says:

    Isn’t necrophilia prohibited in US?

  36. gee says:

    She’s gross, but I bet you that nearly 1 million they’ll make her look great. Playboy does that well.

  37. imabrat says:

    Ewwww…just look at that mess of scabby freckled flesh. She is just vulgar. I still think it can only be in the White Trash Edition.

  38. NeNe says:

    Why on earth would anybody pay that kind of money to see her naked? All we have to do is wait a while longer, and I’m pretty sure that we all could see her for free in porno movies.

  39. Justalark says:

    Whatever happened to the lovely, spunky redhead from The Parent Trap????

    The facts are these: Lindsay is a known drug addict addict, thief, and liar, and she now has a record and a horrible reputation. If she wants to find work and be insurable again, she has to cultivate a more healthy, wholesome, dependable image.

    Pay attention, Dina: As her mother, it is up to you to tell Lindsay that dying her hair an unflattering platinum blond and wearing pastel colored designer duds won’t whitewash her past. Likewise, posing for Playboy won’t transform her into a healthy, sexy, and appealing 25-year-old. This is a losing strategy, and Lindsay is sinking fast. Please offer her a hand and pull her from the quicksand before it is too late!

    This tragedy-in-slow-motion is becoming too painful to watch, even though it was interesting at first in a train wreck kind of way. Seeing Lindsay’s rapidly rotting teeth somehow symbolizes the wasting away of an once-promising, once-beautiful, once-talented young girl. SO SAD. If Satan and Hell do exist, then drugs must certainly be the devil’s favorite tool to snuff bright souls!

  40. NeNe says:

    “Lindsey can be had for ten bucks and an eightball.”

    @Marjalane: You just made coffee fly out of my nose.

  41. Diane says:


  42. Stubbylove says:

    Not like I ever read or see a Playboy but I swear to God if I even get a glimpse of that rided out, busted cooch I’ll blow chunks.

  43. Pyewacket says:

    One word- GROSS!

  44. cornucopia says:

    This will not be the huge seller Hefner thinks it will be nor will it reignite her career the way she hopes.

    This will be the “15 minutes of fame are up” issue.

    Her next Playboy shoot: An all-girl spread with Courtney Stodden.

    BTW, watch her and Playboy try to BS their way into claiming this is all about *empowerment*.

  45. Sara says:

    Will be interesting to see how many of these magazines actually sell.

  46. The Original Mia says:

    She’s shown us everything else. Seeing her hairless crack isn’t that big of a deal. Kinda surprised she was able to wrangle that much from Playboy, though.

    By the time the government gets their cut and she settles her attorney’s tab, she may have enough left to get her car washed.

  47. jermsmom says:

    Can you imagine all the no-pest strips they are going to need at that photoshoot to get rid of all the flies circling around her rotten coochie???

  48. logan says:

    Radar online called Michael Lohan a “showbiz patriarch”. Beat women around (I know innocent until proven guilty) and all of a sudden you are a patriarch. Tried to sneak out of the hospital, but was caught. Great mug shot. What the family wall of shame must look like!

  49. Susan says:

    Yuck. That is really all I can say about her “posing” for Playboy.

  50. cornucopia says:

    #46 & 47 – Tooo funny! Made me spill my coffee.

    They will need the Michelangelo of Photoshop that’s for sure.

  51. Shelly says:

    Playboy will retouch her photos until she resembles her old self. I think her doing this is a bad move. The joke out there already is that she is heading for porn. Now it appears she actually is. I somehow think she may not have posed if she wasn’t broke and cracked out of her mind. Years ago (when she was still really pretty and not so drugged out) she turned them down. This is just one more step in her downward shame spiral.

  52. Audrey says:

    Who even buys Playboy anymore? I just thought of something AWESOME! Maybe she’ll meet Hef, Hef “falls in love with her” and she’ll be the next Girl Next Door! 🙂

  53. Devon says:

    *wipes vomit from my keyboard* Ugh, no one *gags* wants *gags* to see *gag* that.

  54. Quest says:

    Why pay her to take her clothes off, she already shows us everything for free.

    It is probably a holloween spread, I’m hoping. Maybe she just realized that Hef is back on the market.

  55. logan says:

    So has crazy eyes done more than one day of CS? Haven’t seen anything more than that one day (the cupcake day).

  56. Green_Eyes says:

    must be the Playboy a halloween Edition..she won’t have to be prepped to look like a Corpse. Or maybe Hef will be on the Cover and he thinks she will make him look more vigorating standing next to her..

    Thank God for Airbrush and Photoshop or it would take Playboy a Millon Dollars in body makeup to cover up her skeezy skin.

  57. Kimbob says:

    I may eat my words, but this is probably the last “big deal” she’ll ever negotiate….unless she goes knocking on Hustler’s door after this Playboy shoot for even more raunchy photos.

    Yeah, read about her father. He’s such a sleaze, as well.

    Actually, I’m kind of numb hearing about this Playboy thing…aren’t they even AWARE of the recent pics of her? Or maybe the deal was sealed before the pics of her rotting teeth and dirty hands were photographed?

    Shame on Playboy. They’re at the losing end of this one. Like it’s already been pointed out that her bodyparts can already be found on the net, & all the dirty men trolling the net have already seen it. I just don’t see people showing up in droves to buy the “Lindsay Issue.”

  58. theaPie says:

    LOL @someone!

    My guess is, it will sell out huge, simply because of the car crash factor. Everyone wants to see a wreck, and boy is she big one.

  59. fabgrrl says:

    I’m actually a bit impressed. After all, this is Lohan, we are taking about. A Playboy spread is real, “honest”, high profile work. Sure, Playboy isn’t what it used to be, by far, but it still has famous and talented photographers, artists, writers and editors involved. For Lohan, this seems like a step up.

  60. Nina says:

    From what I read, she was shooting this spread (HA!) yesterday and today in Beverly Hills. What happened to that SOLEMN PROMISE that she was going to put in her hours at the morgue EVERY DAY between bailing out and her November 2nd court date? I mean, I am not surprised in the least; just pointing that out.

    On another random note, for some reason I was looking through her old twitter account last night (sevinnyne6126) and in addition to some vintage Linnocent-Sam Ronson dramaz, I found this picture she posted to her account:

    The future is NOW, Linnocent.

  61. Green_Eyes says:

    @Nina…LOL someone called her pout.. meth Mouth!

  62. Nev says:

    I wish Oprah or Madonna or that Jillian trainer would convince her to hang with them awhile so she can get healthy inside and out and re-discover herself again.

  63. Dani says:

    Make sure the photoshop software is up to date.

  64. Mandi says:

    Exactly! Who is going to want to see THAT?

  65. Splat says:

    Oh God! Are we sure this isn’t a Playboy special edition…You know like “Girls of the crack stroll” or “Ho of the Month”. A million bucks, please! More like a free fries coupon and some crack along with left over Gin they wrestled away from some wino in the alley behind the Playboy studios.

    That’s like her big whirl wind european “Lay for Pay” tour when word leaked out that she was getting 500k to do it, yeah I doubt that…no one every confirmed what she got and till I see a check, I wouldn’t buy that she got that either… and I sure wouldn’t buy Playboy paying Lil Miss Snortcake that either. I guess Dina just can’t get that bank from Men to Boink old Lindsay for Large cash like she used to.

    Man the Photoshop teams will be busy for months if this is true!

  66. fabchick says:

    Wtf. That money will be gone in 6 months. It will be spent on drugs and designer clothes. THIS is the reason why this girl will never get better. Everybody think its cute until she turns up somewhere dead, overdosed on drugs purchased with her playboy money. I just can’t feel sorry for her at all.

  67. Cathy says:

    I betcha that any pervert with an ounce of self respect will cancel their subscription to playboy after the cracken issue

  68. Sumodo1 says:

    Goes to show you how senile Hef is.

  69. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Smart move on her part. Her stock plummets everyday.

    Also, did I miss the CB post where Michael Blohan told Joan Velez Mitchell that Lindz was indeed smoking meth and crack? I saw this over at Jezebel.

    *waves @the traffic cone clique*

  70. Luise says:

    Can’t get over her blown up fat face.

  71. Poison Ivy says:

    They should just make sure to sterilise the whole Playboy-set after she left.

    The barely dressed girls that are photographed after her could catch up various disease easily. We don’t want a breakout.

  72. Bee says:

    We all knew it would come to this. Lilo’s busted face/lips, ashy nalgas, and saggy crack tetas. *vom* *feeling a little faint*

  73. brin says:

    Hugh Hefner must be losing his sight.

  74. Tierra says:

    Im with Quinn. You couldnt pay me to look at that thing. What has been seen can never be unseen.

    Playboy is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. I cant imagine anyone would buy this considering there are probably better looking hookers on any street corner.
    Their photoshop team is going to run out of pixels covering up all her nastiness. I cant imagine how hideous she looks underneath what little clothes she does wear…ewwwww.
    Im sure Dina will be promoting this proudly. Next issue will be Ali’s turn.

  75. newtsgal says:

    *Gavomits in mouth*

    I need some mental bleach NOW!!!!!!
    If the bitch doesn’t brush her teeth, just what do you think her whoha looks like!
    OHHHHHH the Agony!
    I would rather see a pic of ol’ Hefs dried up sausage than Lindsays stink box!!!!

  76. Lucky Charm says:

    Oh sweet Jesus! WHY is this idiot still getting hired and paid for stuff? This just reaffirms in her deluded mind that no matter what she does, she’s still “wanted” in the biz and gives her no incentive to clean up her act.

  77. smh says:

    my stomach turned… well lucky for those who still buy the magazine, this is happening at the age of extreme photoshop. anyway i thought playboy had better taste than that, at least the cover girls used to be classical beauties, fake or not. but she isn’t a beauty, never really was, and she’ll never look clean again, in any sense of the word. i guess it’s true that their sales dropped big time because this is rating move at best. and they figured if lindsay od’s they will do a special issue with a memorial and say these were the last poses she did with us… ugh disgusting.

  78. mamakowalska says:

    Oh My!!! Her stinky WHO WHO for all to see!!!!!!! What a delight for the world!!!

  79. Praise St. Angie! says:

    just read on DListed that she won’t be showing any nip or…uh…”crack”.

    don’t know exactly what the point of this is considering (as we’ve all said) you can see MORE of her in various pics already taken than you will in this pictorial.

  80. SkyNet says:

    Ewwww! I wouldn’t look that shit up if it was free online. She’s so stank. I wouldn’t even want to see her nasty junk. Ugh! I almost threw up my granola bar just thinking about it.

  81. Hugh Mungus says:

    What we’ve been waiting for … the official announcement of an end of a career.

  82. GiGi says:

    This is so exciting! She’ll be just like all those other A list actors who’ve posed for Playboy… um… you know.. ummm… Hmm. There haven’t been any? No Angelina Jolie? No Rachel Weiss?

    Maybe that’s why she fired her manager, lol!

  83. Rita says:

    If it’s true the photo shoot is being done at the morgue so she can fulfill her community service as well as get paid it will make Gaga’s meat dress look like Chanel.

  84. Thea says:

    What is this the crack edition for Playboy? I mean has Hugh Hefner sunk that low that he actually wants to use her. Jesus, it will take 6 months to photoshop and then an additional 6 months for the photo people to work through the trauma and have reattachment of their retinas. I mean, honestly, is this what we are stooping to with this one. Now she is a “model”.

  85. boo says:

    Lindsay Hustler is calling, and they don’t use photoshop, they will just let you be your natural crusty skanky self, with all the pimples on your ass and the cracken mouth. That is your future. Get help now.

  86. G says:

    I call BS on this number. 1 Mil? It’s just designed to make both those irrelavant has beens, Hef and Lilo look like they still have game.

    BTW, no one buys magazines anymore anyway and all those photos will be circulating for FREE forever. If she ever gets her act together, she may regret having cracked out photos out there.

    On the bright side, Playboy DOES know how to make a chick look fresh in a photo.

  87. sally says:

    The recent runaway bride fiasco was the final nail in the coffin for the Hefner mystique. Now every one can see him for what he has always been: a pathetic, dirty old man. It doesn’t surprise me that he has to rely on notorious losers like Lohan and Krazy Bensimmon for his magazine to keep any media relevance at all. These days, smart girls who want to take their clothes off for money get their own websites, and keep all the profit. Posing for Playboy is no longer a gutsy or fun stepping stone to fame. It is the kiss of death.

  88. TG says:

    @Kaiser – You aren’t the only one seeing crack even her publicist uses the word “beginning to slip through the cracks”. Too funny.

    And I just wish this girl would go back to red hair. There is nothing more tragic then people sporting the wrong haircolor.

  89. Madisyn says:

    Blohan does not command 1 million for stripping. Just like she did NOT get half a million for posing for a no-name German designer. This is Dina spin, as usual. NO ONE is paying that kind of cash for a washed up, has been, FORMER child actress.

    As I’ve seen no reports to indicate otherwise, I’m going to assume we didn’t bother showing up at the morgue today. Again.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. This twit will do the bare minimum of 16 hours of CS and not a second more.

  90. RobN says:

    For Playboy this isn’t about how many issues are sold; it’s about getting the Playboy name in the news. That million dollars has already bought them two million dollars worth of publicity.

  91. G says:

    Will she be doing her million dollar interview as well?

  92. original kate says:

    that is the back of a 70 year old woman.

  93. Madisyn says:


    Days of CS/Jail?/Hrs/Wkly?

    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total

  94. ladybert62 says:

    She just seems so dirty all the time – dirty hair, drity face, dirty hands – I will not, absolutely refuse to even consider how dirty other parts of her are – makes me shiver just to think of it – yuk.

    Would a man even buy this one with her as the playmate of the month – perhaps this signals an end (finally) to playboy! ha ha

  95. Happy21 says:

    The downfall of Playboy? I think so.

    They are going to go bankrupt from all the touch ups they are going to have to make to her face, body, arms, legs, especially teeth, hair. Ick.

    Are there really people out there that want to see this mess naked? Fucking disgusting. I’d rather see pretty much ANYONE naked myself.


  96. Frank says:

    Countdown to 2 years from now when she is in those films where 5 ginormous black dudes are stretching / ruining every orifice for average sized men!

  97. Redd says:

    Holly Madison needs to drive over to the mansion and slap the shit outta Hef for this.

  98. podzol says:

    @Frank : Errgh horrible mental images right now. But SO TRUE. I predict those parties à la Requiem for a Dream.

  99. newtsgal says:

    *Hey Madisyn*
    To finish up I’ll go with
    4/YES/32 total

  100. CallieTrichid says:

    Has she hit rock bottom yet? No? OK.

  101. teri says:

    The bottom of the barrel would be Casey Anthony.

  102. Kim says:

    I dont even want to see her dressed let alone naked! She ruined herself & her career and no thanks to mom & dad who are useless parents. If she had any decent career right now, which i believe she would if not such an enabled druggie with such horrendous parents, she would never be posing for Playboy. She obviously needs money badly.

  103. Kim says:


  104. Memphis says:

    Ewwww, NO! Not even on a dare would I want to see that coochie. Even on paper I’m pretty sure it’s contagious!

    And who does she think she’s kidding? No way in hell she’s getting a million to spread her foul self for Playboy.. She probably paid Hef to put her in! … And really, does she think that we wont know they photo-shopped the hell out of her to get rid of all the freckles, scabs, herpes sores, crack dirt, coke bloat and meth teeth? I mean, she knows we can see her in real life, right? But then again Crackie lives in a constant state of denial and delusion, so she may think we will actually see her as pretty.

  105. Tierra says:

    I think Dina added a of couple “0’s” just to make it seem she is worth that much.
    Its a known fact the Hef lets ppl inflate their pay to make it seem like they’re worth more.
    I dont even think PB even has 1M to pay anyone. that mag has been going down hill for yrs. who would pay for print when you can get naked bodies (most are 100% nicer than LL’s) anytime you want online for free? I think this whole thing is bogus. Dina claimed the same story a cpl yrs ago when LL was facing jail time. Look it up on TMZ.

  106. Firecracker says:

    Holy shit, that is so disgusting. Yuckyuckyuck.

  107. Maggs says:

    I predict that she will look fantastic in this photo shoot, it will sell out like wild and she may get an offer to do a bit part in a legit film.

    She is NOT a worthless human being and she is NOT beyond rehabilitation.

    There is an old saying:
    Don’t hate the addict, hate the addiction…

    Happy days to you all living the perfect life! 🙂

  108. Nev says:

    word Maggs…I agree….if I was her and reading this, I would kill myself maybe…too sad.

  109. the original bellaluna says:

    This is usually the “rookie move” of an ASPIRING actress/model, or the “career-extending move” of a fame-whore; it is NOT the career move of an well-established, highly-paid actress/model.

    Oh Clan of the Crackhead, your lies are showing again.

  110. sapphire says:

    Maggs, er, Innocent, er, Dina/Ali or Blohan herself, are you by any change hitting the pipe yourself?

    And in case you didn’t notice, no one this board is claiming perfection in thought, word or deed. Look that up.

  111. Madisyn says:


    “And really, does she think that we wont know they photo-shopped the hell out of her to get rid of all the freckles, scabs, herpes sores, crack dirt, coke bloat and meth teeth”?

    So true, too funny. LMAO


    That ‘Maggs’, thats a fvckin LOHAN, even Innocent isn’t that delusional, is she?


    Days of CS/Jail?/Hrs/Wkly?

    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total


    The last part of the bet is whether the judge said she had to do (not mandatory, but highly recommended) 16 hours TOTAL or 16 hours A WEEK by Nov 2nd. People are debating exactly what the judge said. Firecracker wanted an additional part to the bet. I know what I heard, others heard something else, thats why we threw up that last part of the bet. So now you have to decide, 16 TOTAL or 16 HOURS A WEEK or add nothing at all, its up to you.

  112. Belle Epoch says:

    Yay! Now she can pay for therapy!

  113. Jover says:

    Great comments all; I just don’t believe this chick is even on the map for most guys; Playboy has been in decline for at least 15 years; remember in the 70s playboy actually had interviews with GOre Vidal, Norman Mailer, Saul Bellow,etc.)and even in the early 90s Cindy Crawford and Elle Macpherson made appearances those days are long gone – even the Playboy Club was canceled – like the Rolling Stone Playboy is a once formidable pop culture icon that isn’t even part of today’s young gen sensibility.

  114. Maggs says:

    @ sapphire, er, uh, um…that’s a big fat “whatever” for you dear. While no one claims perfection there sure is an insane barrage of shit slinging.

    She is single handedly destroying her own life, but she is doing nothing to yours.

    I guess it just doesn’t make me feel better to be ignorant and judgmental. That is one sick one woman who simply cannot see her own worth. Sad.

    I don’t know for a fact, but I strongly suspect that you have no one in your life that you love who has an addiction problem.

    Give it enough time though. You will. I guarantee it. The circle of drug abusers grows larger daily while those of us who abstain, need to hope and pray for a damn cure. Because without a cure, it is never going to go away.

    Go ahead. Ask me how I know.

    And for what it is worth, I am not hitting the pipe.

    Madisyn: “That ‘Maggs’, thats a fvckin LOHAN, even Innocent isn’t that delusional, is she?”

    No. Not LOHAN. Just someone who hopes and hopes and hopes. I live in Pittsburgh. Not LA.

  115. the original bellaluna says:

    She’s definitely more Hustler than Playboy.

    *raises cracktini to All the Usual Suspects*

    WHEN (because we all know it’ll happen) these pix get “leaked” we’re going to need to refill the vodka vat AND the crack-snack-bar!

    ETA: I’m going to take Little Boy out to run around a bit before lunch, so I’ll BRB.

  116. bubbly says:

    LOL…”her finances were slipping under the “crack-s”…LOL…that’s the truth! all her money going down the drain on crack.

  117. The Bobster says:

    I’ve already seen all she has to offer and it ain’t pretty.

    With her old lady skin, all the airbrushing Playboy will have to do will make her look like a cartoon, like the Belinda Carlisle spread.

  118. The Bobster says:

    The bottom of the barrel would be Casey Anthony.


    Yet I could go for that possiblity more than Linnocent’s. Casey has a smoking hot body.

  119. Mich says:

    Oh my goodness! So much for “the public has me all wrong(!)” game. This girl is now down to 15 minutes of fame. Sad.

  120. Bess says:

    This is the move of someone who is desperate for money. Things must be worse than we thought.

  121. ladybert62 says:

    Oh a new poll!


  122. Original Tiffany says:

    OK, I was on vacation for 2 weeks and I am so lost on my cracken fix! How do I get my damn cone avatar? What’s this with the over/unders on the CS?
    I’ve missed so much, sob! The makeup in court is so fricking priceless.
    LL in Playboy? Scary shit right there. Her biscuits must be moldy, considering the rest of her.
    Will they have to pay the photoshop dude a mil for his work. Welcome me back in the crack fold ladies. Sniff, so left out! I was in SoCal drinking many Crackmosas. In fact, I gained 10 pounds drinking and eating…Katsuya, mom, mom in law, etc. Gawd! Now I have premiere this week and I am fat and have to party again. Poor, poor me.
    So happy to be living in CA again. Right in the Embarcadero in SF until Christmas-nice.
    Time for side trips to ride my horsies in North Fork near Mariposa:) Almost 2 years, yay!
    Maybe Cracken has a future career in makeup artistry? She does such a great job! Manicurist? Ho? Porn?
    Hahaha!!!!! Get me up to date my crack budddies!

  123. JD says:

    I haven’t read all of the responses here, so I hope I’m not repeating something.

    But am I the only one here getting a serious Dana Plato feeling from this story?

    I hope this girl can get her act together, but I think she will kill herself before that happens.

  124. Original Tiffany says:

    BTW, the bottom of the barrel is a three way involving LL, Casey Anthony and Courtney Stodden-oooo0o, let’s scrape the barrel and do a 4some with Stodden’s hubby involved.

    Now why did I make myself vomit this morning? Questions to ponder.

  125. OhMyMy says:

    @Original Tiffany: Girl you have a lot of catching up to do. Reminds me of that line from Kindergarten Cop: Kindergarten (Lindsay Lohan) is like the ocean…you can’t turn your back on it.

  126. the original bellaluna says:

    Okay, Original Tiff, have a cracktini and calm down! Just go clink (typo, and it stays) on the Linnocent or Lindsay Lohan links at the bottom of this story, and it’ll show you all you’ve missed.

    The current bet is Days of CS completed/Yes or No to will she be sentenced to jail/Hours to which was sentenced prior to returning to court on Nov 2. (There is some debate as to whether Judge said “16 TOTAL” or “16 per WEEK” [32] prior to Nov 2.)

  127. the original bellaluna says:

    Mich – I think her “15 minutes of fame” have long since been up: she’s now holding onto her last remaining minutes of notoriety. JMO.

  128. LeeLoo says:

    We need to start a petition asking Playboy NOT to publish pictures of The Cracken. It’s for the good of humanity, lest people everywhere may be forced to gouge their own eyes out. That is gross and disgusting and only proves that the only thing Linnocent is at this point is a crack whore. She’s going to need a good scrubbing down before the photo shoot. She looks so dirty all of the time. I already pity the prospective OSHA team that will be forced to douse her.

  129. newtsgal says:

    Sorry….I having a hard time reading and typing cuz of the bleach bath i had to give my brain & eyes……lol
    4/yes/ 16 -per week
    Cracktinis for everyone!

  130. Madisyn says:


    I just got your message, I’m there now. Or did I misinterpret? *clinking glasses*

    ladybert62, your in.


    Days of CS/Jail?/Hrs/Wkly?

    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    ladybert62 – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total

  131. HannahF says:

    Like all magazines, Playboy is struggling financially. I imagine they looked at the number of hits LL internet stories receive and the fact that mainstream media covers LL’s escapades and decided that it would thus make financial sense to shoot LL. I, however, do not think it is a wise choice. People follow Lindsay because she is a trainwreck and we can’t help gawking. In addition, she has been thumbing her nose at the legal system for so long that the public is now gleefully awaiting her comeuppance. I don’t see how any of that translates into magazine sales.

    From Lindsay’s point of view a Playboy pictorial is a much needed paycheck. In addition, there have been some actresses that have jump started flailing careers by posing. These women had been out of the public eye. Lindsay’s problem is perception (rude, drug addict, thief, unreliable, etc.) and not visibility. I think this will serve to further tarnish her reputation.

    Put me down for 2/yes/16 total. Although, I would not be surprised to see house arrest with EXTREMELY STRINGENT restrictions.

  132. Esperanza Spalding says:

    anybody else think she looks SKY HIGH in that first pic…

    Like WOW, how do you show up to court HIGH

  133. Flea says:

    She can show up to court high because she has a prescription for Adderall, an amphetamine. Adderall is often snorted for a high stronger than cocaine. I think her psychosis is from being high on Adderall all the time. I won’t get in to how I know this but let’s just say to experience it is to know it.

  134. Madisyn says:

    I hope Playboy didn’t pay this trick up front. The twit has a habit of taking money for services NOT rendered and NOT following through with what was verbally promised. I would think Playboy would have official CONTRACTS drawn up because this is Blohan were talkin about.

    If its true what one poster said and she’s not showing ‘crack’, then this inflated 1 million really is a bunch of bull shit. Dina sure is ‘earning’ her 15%.


    “I just don’t believe this chick is even on the map for most guys”.

    I agree. What demographic is Playboy going for here? She’s NOT beautiful in the Playboy way. Are they going for a “Faces of Meth” pictoral?

    Newtsgal, HannahF

    Your both in. HannahF, I disagree about house arrest. After the fiasco of the last one, I doubt the judge would allow it. Plus it was said that when the judge sentence Blohan to jail, she didn’t stipulate NO HOUSE ARREST, and if she had known thats what the Sheriffs were going to do, the judge would have stipulated ‘NO HOUSE ARREST’. Don’t expect the Judge to make the same mistake twice.


    Days of CS/Jail?/Hrs/Wkly?

    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    ladybert62 – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    HannahF – 2/Yes/16 Total
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes/16 wkly
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total

  135. Seal Team 6 says:


    Or shall I say WO? Yes, I shall.


    Actresses who have been in movies with Kamie Lee Curtis, Tina Fey, Rachel McAdams, Jane Fonda, even Mark Harmon or Lacey Chaubert(both professionals with a long careers and both nice people) do NOT pose in Playboy. Not in 2011. Not if they want to be considered a legit and respected actress.

    Of course, there are plenty of legit porn movie production companies, so she could garner a role with one of them.

  136. Seal Team 6 says:

    Oh,and Maggs? What you said to Sapphire? She certainly is affecting lives other than her own. She is a repeat offender who shows no remorse, and cannot be trusted to live in society because of her thievery, her drunk driving, etc.

    Oh, and many of us on the Lohan threads have — or have had — loved ones who are addicts.

    Methinks you are the self-righteous clueless one on here, not us. And, this is Celebitchy, not CNN.

    Last word to you, because I’m not in the mood today to play with those under the bridge.

  137. Semper says:

    Whoever airbrushes her photos is going to have their work cut out for them. So…many…freckles…

  138. HannahF says:

    I hear you Madisyn– that’s why I voted for jail. Also, Lee Baca did say he had a corner where he could stash Lindsay for at least 60 days. However, the overcrowding is really bad. The non-violent felons have been shipped from state prisons to county jails to comply with the US Supreme Court mandates regarding overcrowding. That means the county folks will be let out earlier or put on house arrest. Because Lindsay has so many VOP’s I think she will be put in the slammer. However, it would not be a complete shock if she received house arrest.

  139. the original bellaluna says:

    Mad – Yup. That’s what I meant. *clinks glasses* (Now, which thread was that again? I just got in from outside & back from lunch.)

    Word. If they pay her up-front (pun intended), they will end up like that “photo-shoot and interview” she was supposed to do in Miami. (You remember, the one that started the whole “move that…I’M Lindsay Conehan!” trend.)

    Although, I have to wonder if Lindsanity would have the unmitigated gall to pull that kind of cracknanigan on Hef and his Playboy empire. (It could be the true beginning of a downfall where NO ONE, not even start-ups, would agree to work with her.) *evil cackle*

    Also, why would anyone pay for what they’ve seen all over the internet for free? I can’t tell you how many vadge-flashes she’s done throughout the years.

  140. the original bellaluna says:

    Hannah F – I always wonder why Cali doesn’t ship ’em off to states that actually have the room to house them. But I guess that’s just me?

  141. Madisyn says:


    I’m there now and waiting for you. BRB


    Nothing ‘shocks’ me when it comes to this trick. So if she somehow cons her way to house arrest, I wouldn’t be surprised either.

  142. C.Lynn says:

    Something tells me the manager dumped Lilo, not the other way around.

  143. Camille says:

    Yep, a porno is next.

    The last we will hear of Lilo one day will be that she is stripping in some small town dirty strip club, where she also does ‘private jobs’ on the side, if you catch my drift.

  144. LeeLoo says:

    @HannahF I agree with you but I also think the judge may say that if house arrest is the sentence she has to do it at a psychiatric or rehabilitation facility. According to a friend of mine in Los Angeles that is the new way to deal with drug crimes is to make them do their time in rehab and if they do that they can force her to serve the full 18 months. I think they are doing something similar with Redmond O’Neill.

  145. Seal Team 6 says:

    By all reports, Lou Taylor is a devout Christian, and I think Linnocent’s appearing in a skin mag was the last straw for her, although rumors are she dropped our little Crackie quite a few months ago, specifically after the whole felony theft thing.

  146. Maggs says:

    @ Seal Team 6: I know you said u r done talking to those under the bridge but still, I have to ask…what the hell does “WO” mean? For real; I don’t know.

    If it a person who posts here, I am not them. And I am not trolling. I have been a long time lurker and only recently decided to post a thing or 2.

    Usually I read and laugh my ass off at the comments here.

    I guess I am just defensive about anyone who is an addict. I am definitely not self-righteous & clueless.

    I know first hand how the lifestyle of drug addict can and does destroy the lives of others.

    I am a living victim of an addict and still feel pain for the addict. Maybe I am soft.

    And I didn’t say she wasn’t hurting others, I said she wasn’t hurting Sapphire directly.

    But I am no troll.

  147. LeeLoo says:

    @Maggs WO stands for White Oprah. White Oprah=Dina Lohan.
    Maggs many people here, myself included, know what it is like to be an addict. Addiction sucks. We would all feel sympathy for Lindsay if she actually showed any sort of remorse or regret about her actions and if she stopped trying to shove herself in our faces. I doubt that there is a single poster here who can say that Lindsay has hurt or affected anyone here. But Lindsay is so narcissistic and so out of touch with reality, it’s appalling. There are many reasons for that, such as her upbringing but she’s a 25 year old woman who needs to quit acting like a child and take responsibility for herself. Lindsay has CHOSEN to make a mockery of herself so I don’t feel bad making a mockery and taking offense to her very presence in the tabloids.

    And Maggs, I know what you’ve gone through or are going through, my ex boyfriend was a violent narcissistic meth addict. I know what it’s like to deal with someone else’s addiction, you have to remind yourself that their addiction is not your fault or your problem no matter what they tell you. That’s the thing with Lindsay, we all wonder how long it will be until she’s hit total bottom. You may be in the same boat of wondering, but the thing is there is nothing you can do to make a person hit rock bottom. You yourself have to be able to walk away.

  148. Dawning Red says:

    Hot on the heels of the stunning announcement that Lindsay Lohan will appear in Playboy magazine comes this exclusive interview with the next most important person involved in the pictorial, Dr. Visine Whackett, who will be overseeing the crack team of pixallators and computer artists working on Lindseys shots for the upcoming pictorial.

    Dr. Whackett has a long list of achievements making him perfect for the job of turning a confirmed cum-soaked washed-up meth-head has-been into somthing that looks human. Having started work creating CGI aliens for Lucasfilms, he then went on to Doctor Who and moved on to doing work for Pixar before retiring. However, he does come out of retirement for special challenges , and making Lohan look human was a challenge no one could resist.

    “Of course, I’ve done work for Playboy before,” Visine admits, “In fact, several of the playmates over the past few years have been pure CGI. It all started after one of them died before the shoot. I recreated the girl on my laptop, inserted her image onto the sets, and no one ever knew!”

    Of course, making Lindsay look human presents many more challenges. “The teeth alone will take many man-hours by a ten-man team alone. Probably will take over a week, but the results should be fantastic!”

    “Erasing the varicose veins, bruises, and track marks will take perhaps a month, but no more a challenge than when I worked on the Iron Man movies, using CGI to make Gwenneth Paltrow mimic human emotions and affectations. I love my job!”

    However, this particular assignment has not been without its drawbacks. “Last week, she rammed her car into my van while high on cocaine, although all she would admit to was using sea jasper. The next thing I knew, several cubic zirconia I use for reference materials were gone! And don’t get me started on the smell. Like a mixture of meth and dead fish. Luckily, my contact with her was very small, although it did inspire me on my work for a zombie design I’m working on!”

    We commend Dr. Whackett on his work, and wish him well on future endeavors!

  149. ZenB!tch says:

    Gross as it sounds, I hope they don’t air brush her, this needs to have every freaky* freckle showing.

    *My back has as many freckles as hers does BUT they don’t look like that.

  150. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    If she does go to jail I’m going to have t-shirts made up that say “Release the Craken” with that SCREE picture of Blohan emerging from the ocean.

    @the original Bella, don’t you mean *evil CRACKle*

    @madisyn, I’m going to be different and say 2/No/16 week.

    *bottoms up ladies*
    *clinks glasses with @madisyn @the original Bella *

    **waiting on @ruby red**

  151. Firecracker says:

    Madisyn, Dawning, Hannah and Bellaluna, love your cones!

  152. Rolli says:

    She looks like an old lady in the last pic o.o

  153. dragonlady sakura says:

    Boring! We’ve already seen her freckled puss before, and for free, so this is a waste of good photoshop. Hef must be getting senile and/or desperate.

  154. Maggs says:

    @ LeeLoo: Thanks for the WO definition. I have for sure seen that here before but it just didn’t occur to me. And thank you for your other comments as well.

  155. Madisyn says:


    Green Eyes and Danielle have cones too.


    Your in. Loving the idea of T-shirts with ‘Release the Cracken’ but instead of the Screeee photo, I like the photo of her cracked out of her skull in the white dress, with the ‘eyebrow’ thing going on. Of course, any pic you use would work, as she looks awful in all of them. *clinking glasses, cheers*


    Days of CS/Jail?/Hrs/Wkly?

    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Morticians – 2/No/16 wkly
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    ladybert62 – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    HannahF – 2/Yes/16 Total
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes/16 wkly
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total

  156. skuddles says:

    Poison Ivy – reverse boner alert??? Holy crap that’s too funny! 😀

  157. Madisyn says:


    Firecracker and I are waiting for you. Hurry it up. BRB

  158. skuddles says:

    Well at least it will give her a break from hooking… for what, like a month? That’s about how long it should take for meth, Momma and manic shopping to suck the kitty dry.

  159. Mandy says:

    I’ve been in bed sick all day and this is what I wake up to! Joy of joys.

    You know what’s going to happen? LiLo’s Playboy photos are going to become the new Goatse. Or 2 Girls 1 Cup. There will be videos on YouTube of peoples’ reactions to seeing The Cracken in all its revolting glory.

  160. Lucky Charm says:

    3 days/yes/16 weekly

  161. Lady D says:

    Madisyn, for me thank you, 2/No/16 Total.
    Jover, in the 70’s I read Playboy for the articles and Hustler for the jokes.

  162. Auds says:

    Freckle overload.
    But I’d wager that she’d be airbrushed to porcelain perfection for Playboy, where everything is fake.
    Hugh Hefner has definitely lost his mind.

  163. cruiz2 says:

    Sharpie call. Connect the dots…naked!!!!

  164. Madisyn says:

    Ok, I just finished Michael K’s take on Blohan and Playboy. He says that E! is reporting NO nipplage and NO ‘fire crotch’ shots. So were suppose to believe they’re paying her $1 MILLION for what, freckled ass pics? BITCH, PLEASE! Dina, put the pipe down and step away from the computer. The sad part is people actually believe them. I for one, don’t believe it. This ‘one trick’ trick couldn’t command 20 bucks from a john behind the local T.G.I.Fridays. This twit and her idiotic mother always claim shit that never happens. ‘Inferno’, ‘Gotti’, ‘3 films Lindsay has in the works’. Not buyin it.

    Lucky Charm and Lady D, your in.


    Days of CS/Jail?/Hrs/Wkly?

    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Morticians – 2/No/16 wkly
    Lady D – 2/No/16 Total
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    ladybert62 – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    HannahF – 2/Yes/16 Total
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Lucky Charm – 3/Yes/16 wkly
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes/16 wkly
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total

  165. Dawning Red says:

    Put me down for 3/no/24/total.

    The judge would LOVE to throw Lyndzie in the slammer but she’s as much as said that jail isn’t an option given California’s current condition. I’m kind of thinking that that’s why Lyndzie went off to the Playboy shoot and is blowing off CS, because she’s thinking, what’s the worst that can happen?

  166. Bess says:

    White Oprah has been speaking to Rumor Fix again…. #1

    Michael Lohan is in hot water again after getting arrested on a domestic battery charge against on again and off again girlfriend Kate Major Tuesday in Florida.

    Michael’s ex-wife Dina Lohan is speaking to RumorFix exclusively about how she feels.

    “I’ve had an order of protection for years, and for my children as well. Anyone who would raise their hand to a woman is, to me, a coward. It’s wrong and I hope she [Kate] is OK.

    “I’ve been abused by him as well, I was very young. I’m very involved with domestic violence on a national level, that’s my charity, it’s close to my heart and Lindsay’s too. He needs help, and I hope no one gets hurt. This is the second fiancee he did this to in a matter of two years and he was incarcerated. I guess Dr. Drew didn’t help!”

    Dina’s advice to Kate: “Don’t go back, because God forbid next time it could be worse.”

    Dina and Michael have four children together: Lindsay, 25, Michael, 24, Ali, 17, and Cody, 15.

  167. Bess says:

    White Oprah speaks to Rumor Fix #2

    Lindsay’s rep tells RumorFix that he is unable to confirm that Lindsay will pose for Playboy, but her mother Dina tells RumorFix that Lindsay still has two days of shooting to go.

    “She’s been approached over the years several times and she opted not to but now she wants to. She’s older now and she’s done so many covers for so many magazines. She has two more days of shooting.”

    And the nude shots will be very tasteful: “She wouldn’t do it any other way. Lindsay is very creative, they’ll work it out,” says Dina.

  168. Madisyn says:


    There you are with the latest Lohan Lies. Well with ‘2 days of shooting’ for Playboy left to do, that takes care of NO CS for Wed. and Thurs. My 2 days of completed CS is looking less likely everyday day. The ‘pop’ sound you heard early this morning was WO opening a bottle champaign upon hearing the news of MiLo’s arrest.


    The last part of the bet is ONLY whether the Judge ‘recommended’ Blohan do 16 hours TOTAL of CS by Nov. 2nd OR 16 hours WEEKLY of CS by Nov. 2nd. There seems to be a descrepancy amongst us, so we added this part to the bet.

    I’ll add your 16 hours “total” or “weekly” when you give it to me.


    Days of CS/Jail?/Hrs/Wkly?

    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Morticians – 2/No/16 wkly
    Lady D – 2/No/16 Total
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    ladybert62 – 2/Yes/16 wkly
    HannahF – 2/Yes/16 Total
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Dawning Red – 3/No
    Lucky Charm – 3/Yes/16 wkly
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes/16 wkly
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total

  169. Mandy says:

    “Lindsay is very creative” = “Lindsey can make a crack pipe out of anything”

  170. Dawning Red says:

    “She’s been approached over the years several times and she opted not to but now she wants to.”

    TRANSLATION: Lyndzie needs the crack money.

    “She’s older now and she’s done so many covers for so many magazines.”

    TRANSLATION: Dina wants her daughter to get on the ball before she OD’s. And while her nipples are still above her knees.

    “She has two more days of shooting.”

    TRANSLATION: Dr. Visine, famed Digital Reconstructor of the Undead better show some hustle, those herpes sores ain’t gonna airbrush themselves away!

  171. crazycatlady says:

    Thanks for the LOLs, everyone.

    Let’s stop and think for a moment… Who’s more desperate, LL or Playboy?

  172. badrockandroll says:

    @ #148, Dawning Red:
    That is the funniest, best crafted comment I have read in ages – hats off!

  173. trtgfc17 says:

    Hey she could make a million by adding herself to the dead pool, and still lose!

  174. Bess says:

    Hey Madisyn,

    Let’s say this shoot keeps Linnocent away from the morgue until Friday. That would mean she’d only be able to complete one 8 hour day at the morgue this week. I think she’s be in violation of the judge’s order- 16 hours per week until the November 2nd hearing.

    Is this correct?

  175. Jon says:

    Starting to wonder if all these arrests were prearranged publicity stunts. Nothing going on with Lindsay, $10,000 bail! The latest “arrest” for probation violation earned her how much media attention. Bad publicity is good publicity when your body lights up a five star hotel.

  176. Madisyn says:


    First, it wasn’t an ‘order’. It was recommended to “mitigate a possible jail sentence”. Two, I believe the judge said 16 hours TOTAL by Nov. 2nd. Other disagree. You can see the debate on the betting above.

    If I’m wrong and its 16 hours WEEKLY, she’s fvcked. Last week she did 1 day, coming late last Thursday and getting sent away, so fail there. And this week, if she even bothers with Friday, then thats another fail.

    I can’t wait for Nov. 2nd, its going to be EPIC with the judge/prosecution questioning not only the therapist but also the probation officer. Then, of course, we’ll get to hear from whoever heads the DWC. I have a bad feeling, the head honcho at the Center is somehow going to sugarcoat Blohans behavior, especially if they’re going to take her back to complete her CS there. Fingers crossed my gut is off.

  177. LeeLoo says:

    Okay Madisyn after careful thought and consideration, I’m ready to jump into the pool.

    1/Yes/16 total

  178. Debsa says:

    I still think she needs help…

  179. Dawning Red says:

    Okay, and Madisyn I’ll go for 16 weekly. And I’m not so sure he’s gonna sugercoat Lyndzie’s behavior, considering she was late the first time, waaaay too early the second, and tried to bribe her way around with cupcakes and burgers. Pretty disruptive is what I think he’ll say about her, and he doesn’t seem the sugercoating type anyways. I hope I’m right.

    And thanks badrockandroll!

  180. Madisyn says:

    Dawning, you’re updated. LeeLoo, you’re all set.


    Days of CS/Jail?/Hrs/Wkly?

    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    LeeLoo – 1/Yes/16 Total
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Morticians – 2/No/16 Wkly
    Lady D – 2/No/16 Total
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    ladybert62 – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    HannahF – 2/Yes/16 Total
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Dawning Red – 3/No/16 Wkly
    Lucky Charm – 3/Yes/16 Wkly
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes/16 Wkly
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total

  181. Carolyn says:

    #87 (Sally?) got it right. Playboy ceased to be relevant ever since internet porn became what it is. Once Hef goes, the empire doesn’t have much to offer. He’s there only to project the nonsense fantasy of an old guy getting all the hot chicks. It’s his children who actually run the business. This is just a PR stunt. Wait for the PR opp for Hef to deny Lohan is doing it. Not commenting on the potential grossness of Lohan’s photo shoot – you all have said it far better than me! @Debsa Lohan does need help. She’s not willing to take it and no-one’s willing to help her. It’s really sad.

  182. TXCinderella says:

    I’m sure she will be on the cover. Playboy always features a high profile celeb on it’s December issue. Wonder if she will go full on beav or if it will be one of those carefully orchestrated pictorials where all the girly parts are covered.

  183. TXCinderella says:

    If Lindsay would work an 8 hour shift on Monday and Tuesday, she would have to rest of the week to do her European prostitution work.

  184. Ally says:

    she is going 2 use the money on drugs, clothes and other crap. I feel sorry 4 Lindsay. u were cute when u had the role for ‘Trapped’ or whatever it was called. Now look at you Lindsay. Your dad has already embarrassed you about your teeth and all. This isn’t the way to solve it Lindsay. Just think about it..

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