Chris Martin hangs up on interview after questions about wife Gwyneth Paltrow (update)

On Friday Coldplay performed on the Today Show to promote their new album, Mylo Xyloto. They were impressive and I considered covering that just for the music alone. At this point I’m not a huge Coldplay fan, but I loved their first album and I still have a soft spot for them. They’re talented, they make good music and they can give a hell of a performance. Well we’re into next week now and sure enough there’s a story about Chris Martin behaving like a dick during promotion. It’s well known that he hates to talk about his famous sanctimonious wife, he’s never done a red carpet with her and he once asked a female journalist what her favorite sexual position was when she asked him an innocuous question about whether he’d ever do a duet with Gywneth. Another time, he punched a guy in the chest for mentioning Gwyneth’s ex Brad Pitt. He could just hate to do interviews also, he once walked off a BBC interview when it took at turn he didn’t like. (Which didn’t have anything to do with Goop, supposedly.) It seems like Martin has been softening a little bit on his stance about talking about Gwyneth. In a recent CBS interview, he compared marrying Goop to “winning the lottery.” Well he’s not ready to talk about her much, though. He hung up on a radio interview when they asked him too many questions about her.

This news comes via Lainey Gossip and I had to listen to over 10 minutes of jockey chatter before I got to the heart of the story. I guess four people were on the air asking questions, and a lot of questions were about Gwyneth, since they figured Martin had opened the floodgates already with that CBS interview. Martin let out a sigh and hung up on them during the interview, which was not yet aired and wasn’t live. After he hung up, Martin called back and said that he didn’t object to any particular questions and that it was more about the fact that too many were coming at once. The interviewers thought it did have to do with Gwyneth, though.

There were no restrictions on what we can or cannot ask.

After the interview, we’re all sitting there and we’re shaking our heads after he hangs up on us. We’re all not sure what went wrong here… He calls back, gets his people on the phone…

I said “Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted that this next album is a masterpiece. I said ‘she sort of has to say that right?'”

He hung up, then he called back and asked to talk to him off the air.

He said “I’m just not used to that many people asking me that many questions so quickly. I just was uncomfortable.”

He never said “I didn’t want to talk about Gwyneth… I wasn’t comfortable with the interview,” is what he said.

He was trying to stress that he was overwhelmed by the questions.

He kept saying he wasn’t offended…

He then requested that we not run it. “You don’t have to play that.”

[From audio on The Bert Show]

So what’s going on with this dude? If he doesn’t want to talk about his wife, that should be specified up front. Given his history at freaking out over questions about her, most interviewers should kind of know not to bring it up. I’m not saying he had the right to hang up, just that it’s an obvious sore spot for him. He’s also really touchy. Couldn’t he have just said “one at a time please?”

I’m hoping they release the full interview tomorrow. I’d really like to hear it.

Update: Thanks to Sadie for letting me know the audio of the interview is up. It’s the second audio link on this page and it starts at the 11:00 mark. Chris at first says he’s “not very good at answering these questions,” then when the interviewer asked about Gwyneth tweeting that the album was a masterpiece, around 6:00 in, he lets out a sigh and hangs up. As another DJ mentions, Chris started getting pissy when Goop was mentioned. There weren’t too many questions coming at him per se, it was just too many questions about Gwyneth.



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  1. Anon73 says:

    i also caught the Today Show and thought they were great. and i would not say i am really a fan of the group or even their music style. i was surprised how good Martin was though, esp since he always previously struck me as a hipster twat.

  2. G says:

    Really. Get over yourself Chris Martin.

    Unfortunately I seriously doubt whether their there is a warm supportive husband in private life to counter his public petulance. This competent popular musician has a serious case of self absorbed extended adolecence.

  3. brin says:

    Wonder if he hangs up on Goop too.

  4. UKHels says:

    well I’d rather have my toenails pulled out than listen to Coldplay so I try and avoid him anyway

    no one really gives much of a toss about your relationship mate, it’s just weird for a husband not to talk about a wife

    isn’t it?

  5. Jayna says:

    The new album is just really fantastic, Just listened to it. All musicians are quirky, so never analyze them too much.

  6. Beth says:

    I like him. His interview with Stephen Colbert was funny and he seemed perfectly at ease. I think he’s adorable. And I love the new album. I’ve been listening to it nonstop. I could do without Rihanna, though.

  7. Kim says:

    Stupid – this is his WIFE for goodness sake. Celebs not married to other celebs are asked about their spouses also. They are lame w avoiding press etc. If they were happily married they wouldnt care i dont think. I get not wanting to be Just a celeb couple but her BFF’s Beyonce and Jayzee are and make it work. What is their hang up?!

  8. Happy21 says:

    Listening to Coldplay makes me want to jam sharp knives into my ears and Chris Martin comes across as an ass. Spoiled little shit. Who does he think he is. Oh I didn’t like that question. Click.


    Detest GOOP too. Match made in self righteous hell. Assholes!

  9. Fluffmatic says:

    I love how he just does and says what he feels, rather than being a publicist-controlled robot with canned answers. Look, if you were constantly asked questions as though a 3-year-old were tugging on your trousers at your shin, then you’d get aggravated too. I can’t imagine being hounded every day, being asked not only repetitive, intrusive questions but inane ones as well. He’s on air to promote his WORK. Does your local paper ring you up at your desk and ask you what your mate thought of the report you just typed up? Think about it.

  10. journey says:

    guy’s a musician. at least he isn’t trashing hotel rooms and having orgies like some musicians have done. if the guy doesn’t want to talk about his annoying wife more power to him. if he wants to hang up on a horde of motormouth journalists go for it. guy’s job is to make music not to be a meek mild sesame street character. besides, give the guy a break, he’s married to gwyneth, that would be enough to try anyone’s patience.

  11. madpoe says:

    lucky reporter. Chris should hang up on himself. Then again it is Goop I’d hang up on everyone married to her. *cLiCk*

  12. Leticia says:

    @Brin, hilarious!!

  13. G says:

    It’s not like his WORK is curing cancer. It’s pop music.

    A grown man can’t acknowledge his own wife? Does he think he’ll get cooties? Does he really use his his WORK to justify publicly snubbing his wife?

  14. lucy2 says:

    I like a lot of their music, but haven’t listened to the new one yet.
    If he’s so touchy about the questions, have the band’s publicist make it clear to the interviewers ahead of time. Hanging up like that just makes him look immature. Had it been a REALLY personal question, I’d understand, but that?

  15. Jennifer says:

    He seems like he has a real personality disorder. Like he never grew out of the “toddler who can’t correctly handle his emotions” phase.

  16. N.D. says:

    He’s weird like that, I get it. Not that I can relate but it’s their relatioship and they can handle it any way they want.

    Honestly, I find this overplayed surprise and grief over him checking out of interview because of GP questions more insuilting. By now everyone knows what his stance on this is and how his temper tends to get the better of him in these situations. Why first provoke him and then act all surprised and concerned? They went all sensationalistic and tabloid on him and he reacted and now they have this idiotic story to tell how he’s the one with issues. Assholes, if you ask me.

  17. Orange Cone says:

    Please. He and his music SUCK! and his wife!

  18. smh says:

    stupidity just reeks from his face. this is the same bloke who wanted to sue a tabloid for publishing photos of him surfing. i mean really? there was nothing wrong with those photos it was him looking happy and human for once. but oh noez it was ruining his non-existent deep musician cred, now how could he go on emulating thom yorke? surfing isn’t deep enough for his image! just like he is ashamed of being married to poop i mean goop barbie

  19. strawberrygirl says:

    I love Coldplay so much. His kids were front row at the Today show.

  20. Quest says:

    He shoved his foot into his mouth recently when he spoke about Goopy in an interview so I don’t think he wants to get his foot up his ass this time around – so do the next best thing – hang up.

  21. Talie says:

    I’m not even sure why he does these smaller interviews…it seems irrelevant at this point. People know the music, what good is the interview going to do? He should just stick to a few bigger outlets and that’s it. Also, you married a movie star…get over it!

  22. MK821 says:

    He’s a man-child with an ego that rivals Goop’s — and that’s saying something. I really liked Chris Martin and Coldplay in the early days but Martin very prematurely compared the band to U2 which is just preposterous.

    Get over yourselves Mr and Mrs Goop. Neither of you is all that.

  23. Annaloo says:

    The IRONY in all this: Their marriage, which they say they do not want to give over to the public, and how they do not want to be one of those “cheesy Hollywood couples on the red carpet”…

    The more they make drama over this, the more the BECOME what they don’t want to be! They draw more attention to it by behaving bafflingly stupid, and it gets caught on camera (or in this case, the radio)…they really think they’re outsmarting or outpacing everyone? The blankets on the head, the running away from the camera (or punching it), the separate exits and entrances

    It’s too late! We know about them. Gah, these two self-importants. Paltrow and Martin are both just friggin WEIRDOS.

  24. Rhiley says:

    He came across as really funny and humble on the Today Show and NPR’s weekend edition this week, but the hang up about not wanting to discuss his wife is really weird. He needs to learn to handle questions about Goopy better. I think she was in the audience for the Today Show performance. It looked like the camera panned over to her holding Apple. I could be wrong, though. I think Goopy really wants a public marriage, like Jay Z and Beyonce, or even Brad and Angie. If she could have a man stand beside her, praise her in public, and act like he is proud to be with her, it may soften her some, and make her seem a little more down to earth and a little less, well, Goopy. But aside from Brad calling her his “angel” at the Golden Globes (and then dumping her because she wanted an expensive over the top snooty Hamptons wedding)no man has ever really stood up for Goopy. Kinda sad.

  25. Sadie says:

    Celebitchy, they did put up the interview from yesterday and I think he’s totally in the wrong for this one. They weren’t even asking anything about his personal life, but referring to how She thinks Coldplay are geniuses.

    I really think it’s an ego thing with CM. I think he knows his wife is the more famous one, and although he says it doesn’t erk him it totally gets under his skin.

    I see the same behaviour from Beyonce’s sister Solange. Any time any interviewer even eludes to her more famous sister, she flips.

    Here the interview below. It the second audio piece on the article.

  26. bluhare says:

    I’m with the Coldplay haters, but why why why is Clocks one of the best convertible songs ever? Top down, nice day, zipping down freeway . . . you can’t beat it. That and U2’s Beautiful Day, and I’m not a big fan of theirs either.

  27. Elleh says:

    I think Chris Martin acts that way because he’s insecure. Like it or not, Gwyneth is a MUCH bigger star (and much wealthier star) than Chris Martin and I’m sure this bruises his delicate male ego.

    He doesn’t want to talk about Gwyneth not because he doesn’t want to talk about his wife, but because he wants to talk about himself.

  28. po says:

    I think this is their way to get people to pay attention to them. Both of their careers are fine ,but would they really get this much attention on sites if they walked down the street together and answered questions about each like other artists who have been together a . I don’t think so. This is part of their career now, trying to act mysterious.

  29. mln76 says:

    I think he’s just really immature and possibly jealous of the fact that Gwyneth is also famous. The faux emo-baby-man who cheats schtick isn’t attractive even if he is really talented.

  30. Rose says:

    I’m starting think that Chris Martin has Autism or something. He seems confused by basic social interactions. Also, Coldplay sucks.

  31. Dan says:

    He sucks. His music sucks. His wife sucks. Sucks to be so sucky…. xD

  32. G says:

    “If she could have a man stand beside her, praise her in public, and act like he is proud to be with her….”

    Sheesh, is this controversial behavior for a husband?

  33. Happy21 says:

    LMAO @31. (Dan?)

  34. Gal says:

    My theory is that Chris is in another relationship and the agreement is that he is not allowed to talk about Goopy. There is something very weird about a person who won’t discuss or even allow his partner to be mentioned. Also the hiding and running from photogs. He’s a weird one.

  35. JaneWonderfalls says:

    When he married Gwen, I never quite looked at him the same, Still love Cold Play but I can take or leave Chris Martin…

  36. Thea says:

    I assume he doesnt want to be asked about his wife since he really doesnt know a whole lot about her. I honestly do not see much of a relationship there, besides a couple of kids. He doesnt support her, want to be seen with her. That is BS. I dont like her, but heck he married her, least he can do is show up now and then.

  37. You don't say says:

    If he did not want to talk about her in any interviews, then he should not have talked about her on that TV show. You can’t have it both ways..OK to do it with this one, but not with that one.

    They just seem so odd to me. If it takes so mcuh effort to ignore your spouse, then acknowledge them and it won’t look so bizarre when you get asked about them.

  38. Miss S says:

    @27: You wrote:Like it or not, Gwyneth is a MUCH bigger star (and much wealthier star) than Chris Martin and I’m sure this bruises his delicate male ego.

    Hahahahahahaha, seriously??? Chris Martin writes Coldplay’s music, he’s far wealthier by now than Gwyneth! And he’ll always will be, with all the royalties rolling in. He’s quite famous in his own right, known all over the world, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Sure Gwyneth is a famous actress, but it’s not like she’s a huge moviestar at the moment in any way. I think they’re pretty well matched fame wise, but I’d put my money on Chris, not Gwyneth. He’s the one bringing in the big bucks in that household. GOOP or not.

  39. cerulean says:

    I think Gwenyth is more famous but he is richer. I just think there are whole blocks of society who would know an actress and not a musician. Like my mother and grandmother.

    Still, the continuation of this no Goop policiy is starting to get not only OLD but really pathological.

  40. Kitten says:

    When did he get hairplugs?

  41. bc says:

    Ugh…when will the both of them realize that their little “ban” on talking about/being photographed with each other only makes it worse?

  42. Jenny says:

    In that top photo he looks like Ben Affleck. Is that why she married him?

  43. Victoria says:

    Beyonce and Jay-Z cannot afford to be pissy with public because they aren’t a certain type of people to be able to get away with being rude. Especially Bey Bey who is now treading on muddy water. She always smiled and said she likes to keep things private. You know, until she had an album out or a move or a perfume. But she knew better than to try to get snarky with media because they would tear her down.

    Chris and Gwen feel that they can get away with it because they think they are oh so talented at what they do. Well, I grudgingly admit that they are. I do like Goopy as an actress and I always have. And I like Coldplay, but I just buy their shit for free.99 that way I’m not keeping them rich. So they can be as ignorant as they want to be.

  44. Kelly says:

    He’s a douche

  45. Auds says:

    I just think he is overrated and would never spend on a CD to contribute to his zillionaire slush fund; to me his music is like torture. Besides, it bugs me when people in the public eye have tantrums and behave badly. There is no excuse for it ,not when they rely on fan expenditure to make their millions.

  46. theaPie says:

    Really thinking he’s got some sort of Aspergers thing going. And (for the record) I love Cold Play.

  47. Kimbob says:

    Know what? He could just tell every interviewer UP FRONT to not ask those questions. He’s pissed because Gwyneth overshadows him. Chris & his band would probably not get as much attention as they do if it weren’t for his union w/Gwyneth…serious Chris, like it OR NOT!

    No, I’m not a Gwen fan. Oh, here’s another way to go….he could just have a “standard line” he gives every interviewer that brings her up. It goes like this: “Well yes, Gwyneth Paltrow is my wife, and I love her very much, but I’d like to keep my personal life and professional life separate. Therefore, I just want you to know, that being said, I will not address any more questions regarding my marriage, Gwyneth, or my children.”

    Am I a simpleton, or can’t it be just that easy? Am I naive? Please, can someone respond to this…i.e. the “proposed standard line” for Chris to tow in interviews.

    Personally, I think it could very well be that cut and dry…period. However, I must remember that Chris is a “delicate genius,” and needs to be treated w/due reverence…bwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  48. Boo says:

    In every picture, CM looks slow-witted. His open-mouthed DURR face just begs to be punched.

  49. Violet says:

    Chris Martin has been in the public eye for a long time now and marrying a celebrity certainly doesn’t help in terms of staying out of the spotlight, plus he was there to promote his latest album and he didn’t place any restrictions on the interview so hello? Of course, there are going to be questions about his wife.

    This is beyond ridiculous, they should just admit their marriage has been in name only for years.

  50. LuckyLilGem says:

    By now, it should be clear to the media that this couple wants their professional life not to be mixed with their personal life. They were talented, successful individuals before marrying. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep the “celebrity” of their spouse from interfering with the business of interviews and promotional touring.

    Wouldn’t you find it odd, if in the middle of a job interview someone starts asking about your spouse? Respect their boundaries!

  51. truthful says:

    I love his music, but he is always in a snit about something..

    I just don’t believe he is in to Goopy droopy like he tries to make us think..

    he probably sees her 2x a month at the most. He always gets a tude, yet he says its like winning the lottery, maybe he meant the PURSE.

  52. Erinn says:

    I’d be mad too if I had recently released an album, and the interviewers were more interested in hearing about my significant other. It’s not that he’s full of himself, it’s that it’s just kind of rude to not keep the interview ABOUT HIM focused on him. And hey, he may be full of himself, but I agree with him on this one.

  53. ladysal says:

    Rhiley, where did you hear that about BP? I’ve always heard that he dumped Goopy because she cheated on him?

  54. TXCinderella says:

    Wow Chris, that is a real mature way to handle a little pressure. You could have easily brushed off the questions about Gwyneth and refocused the conversation towards the reason you were there, to promote the new album. Hanging up just made you look like a spoiled jerk.

  55. Katniss says:

    MMMMMMMMmmmmm okay

    so i can see the argument from both sides of the fence on this one but Im leaning more toward Chris’ side.

    after listening to the actual interview i can say that

    In favor of Chris:

    The interviewers were friendly enough, but COMPLETE IDIOTS none the less,
    their attempt at a british accent had me double face palming and no doubt could be annoying/offensive to someone with an english accent. I’m not even english and I was embarrassed for them.

    Also, any person with a brain could hear/sense the difference in Chris’ tone when they mentioned Goopy. So he didnt specifically say that it was the questions about Goopeth that were bothering him? Its obvious it was.
    Reguardless of whether he set conditions for the interview beforehand or not..
    if you were interviewing someone who has a long and well known history of being uncomfortable with questions about his wife and kids WHY would you bombard him with several questions about his wife??

    Anyone could’ve sensed that it was bothering him when they asked him about her.
    and yet they kept going, even when it was plain to here he was uncomfortable with it.
    and NOT ONLY were they asking him questions about his wife, but INSIPID and unanswerable ones at that

    “she said this new album is your masterpiece but doesnt she have to say that?”

    what the HELL is he supposed to say to that??

    in defense of the interviewer
    Chris really needs to work on being consistent with not talking about Goop in interviews

    he also shouldve just flat out asked them to stop questioning him about his wife and made it clear that he wasnt going to discuss it instead of hanging up.

    Seemed to me like he just walked away from the whole interview since he was too overwheallmed to respond to it properly

    I think he realized hanging up was an impulsive mistake though. Which is why he called back and tried to explain himself. …which he didnt do very well…

    the interviewers were total morons for
    1 asking idiotic questions and practicing a fake british accent in the interview

    2 repeatedly asking him questions about gwyneth even after it was OBVIOUS it was bothering him and then wondering oh gee golly wiz, WHY EVER did he hang up on us?

    3 then not taking any responsibility whatsoever for pissing Chris off and instead just chalking it all up to him being in a bad mood or having a bad day while at the same time playing down their contributions to his reaction.

    Also would like to add Im sure he want to keep his private life and career separate so that he doesnt have to wonder if the success of his music is due to being part of a famous couple. as well as to not encourage the paps/media to hound them further,

    it does seem to be having the opposite affect tho…

    although for marrying an idiotic twat like gwyneth, i have little empathy for him in that reguard.

    musicians always seem so intelligent and deep until they make the shallow choices in women that they do.

    guess in the end a man wants the pretty dumb blonde who’ll compliment his ego and wont challenge his intellect or question him.

    good thing im Bi then…