Hillary Swank out jogging with a possible mate

Hillary Swank was spotted jogging with some guy. That may or may not mean that she’s dating him.

Here’s the recap on Hillary Swank and Chad Lowe:

  • They officially separated just after the New Year after eight years of marriage
  • On 3/3 it was reported that they got back together for the sake of their pets
  • At the end of March, In Touch, not known for its accuracy, said that they were going to renew their vows
  • Then a few days later, Us Weekly said that they were really over, according to some source
  • But then they were spotted massaging each other on a plane just last week.

    So now Hillary is photographed running with some new guy. The guy has to take his shirt off because it’s dirty or something, and they’re smiling at each other but not looking too intimate. They stand kind of far apart when they’re exchanging the towels, and they seem self conscious about it. He could be her trainer, but he doesn’t seem buff enough for the role. He’s probably just a friend.

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