The Duggars don’t let their kids watch regular TV or have any pets

Rob Shuter of HuffPo has a new interview with The Duggar Family to promote their reality show. This is probably not news to Duggar-loonies, but this family with 19 kids doesn’t let them watch any regular television or have pets at all. The television thing makes sense in a way since they’re devoutly religious and homeschool. They’re starring on a reality show on a trashy network, though. I mean TLC airs My Strange Addiction, Strange Sex and Toddlers and Tiaras. What do they think about those shows? The Duggar kids do get to watch wholesome old shows like “The Andy Griffith show” on DVD, though. Jim Bob explained that they don’t have pets because they were told by some doctor that they would be a distraction. They didn’t get any pets at the start of their marriage and their kids aren’t allowed to have any either.

Oh and Jim Bob heaped praise on Kirk Cameron, that former “Growing Pains” actor who believes evolution is a myth. Cameron is so self righteous he won’t kiss anyone on screen apart from his wife. I’m sure that explains his current lack of an acting career.

According to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting,” the secret to a successful marriage is pretty simple: ditch your TV and say no to pets.

“I grew up watching TV, but when we got married a doctor friend of ours encouraged us not to have a pet or a TV the first year of marriage. So we did that. For the first year we lived on love,” Jim Bob tells me. “And after that someone gave us a TV and for the first three weeks we were both glued to it. Communications dropped off, we weren’t talking as much and we couldn’t believe the content on TV we didn’t think was appropriate. This is detrimental to our marriage. We prayed about it and felt we had to pull it out of our house, which we did. And I would say that is one of the best things we have done for our family.”

The couple admits they do now have a television in the house — not to watch other reality shows, but to watch “wholesome” family programs on DVD.

“We do watch DVDs — ‘The Andy Griffith show,’” Jim Bob tells me. “We are very selective about what we watch. We actually don’t watch broadcast TV.”

And forget Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. Michelle’s favorite actor is Kirk Cameron because he refuses to kiss anyone but his wife.

“I really appreciate what he stands for. He says whenever he plays roles and whatever movie he will not kiss another woman besides his wife,” Michelle explains. “Whenever they have to do that they have figured it out that they will bring his wife in and he will kiss his wife and I’m so impressed. That’s one of my kids’ favorite actors.”

[From Huffington Post]

What are the Duggar kids even watching Kirk Cameron in, this Biblical Armageddon series called Left Behind? (Check out a trailer for the sequel here, the bad acting is hysterical and it looks violent.) As for the “no pets” rule, there are enough babies and toddlers for the children to care for, they don’t need a damn dog or cat. Every kid’s job is to look after another kid though that “buddy system” they have going. The youngest one is going to have it easy.



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  1. tapioca says:

    Slave-nannies don’t have free time for pets and TV! They care for the fruits of their parents’ obsessive-compulsive disorder or they get the hose again…

  2. Addie says:

    What is so wrong with this Kirk guy not believing in evolution?

    A lot of people don’t believe the theory of something being produced out of nothing but rather that life was created.

    I don’t get the pet thing either, if treated well, pets truley do become your 4 legged fur babies.

  3. Marjalane says:

    Seriously, will there ever be a “youngest” one?

  4. BNF says:

    This doesn’t really surprise me. There’s a part of my family just like this, they only have 11 kids though, and they got to meet the Duggars. Except my part of the family doesn’t get to watch any kind of news or television. It’s kind of sad really…

  5. Praise St. Angie! says:

    um…one of the main characters on The Andy Griffith Show was the town drunk who was most often in the jail cell at the sheriff’s office.

    pretty wholesome.

    and they won’t WATCH TLC, but they’ll sure as heck take a paycheck from those immoral hollywood types, huh?

    I f-ing hate it when super-religious folk get all preachy and righteous but show how hypocritical they are.

    EDIT: flourpot, you make a good point about the kids learning about the real world…I’m sure you know that Amish people do something like that. I can’t remember what they call it, but Amish youth are encouraged to go out and experience the “real world” so that they can decide, ON THEIR OWN, which lifestyle they want to lead. apparently, a large majority choose to go back to the Amish way of living.

  6. flourpot says:

    Keeping your children so sheltered is not wise. As much as you don’t want to believe it may happen, it’s probable that one out of their multiple kids is going to want to leave the religion/cult/whatever. Just for that alone, all of those children should be taught something, anything about the ‘real’ world.

    Of course, it’ll never happen. Parents are completely delusional, no matter how well they may ‘provide’ for the kids.

  7. dorothy says:

    No TV? That way the Dugger kids have know clue what child labor laws are. i.e. raising their parents constant onslaught of babies. Be a parent…raise your own children. Don’t rely on your older ones to do it for you.

  8. AlaskaJoey says:

    I think the TV thing is more about them not wanting the kids to be exposed to ideas and beliefs different from theirs, because they want to keep them trapped in this lifestyle of “Father Knows Best”. Hmm…I’m surprised they don’t watch that.

  9. texasmom says:

    Eh, TV is not required to live, and they DAMN sure don’t need any more mammals to look after. But there is something deeply weird about starring in a TV show while not being allowed to watch TV at all. Do they know the only other family on tv with anywhere near this many kids are the creepy, crawly Sister Wives gang?

    Re: evolution. I LOVE that so many folks here in Texas have trouble digesting evolution even as our economy is staked on an understanding of geological time!

  10. Cindy says:

    Tapioca hit the nail on the head. They have so many siblings to care for that any pet would wind up dead of malnutrition or neglect.

    Personally, I love my pets. I also love that there is more to my life than being a breeding cow – before anyone takes offense, that remark isn’t about all mothers, just the ones who spend 20 years of their lives pregnant and immediately hand the babies off to their other children.

  11. J says:

    I got the “no TV” suggestion when I got married too, and it was actually really excellent advice. We had a lot more sex.

    Which, obviously, they are also doing.

  12. velourazure says:

    i have an intense desire to shave that woman’s head.

  13. says:

    Well then, I think the parents should watch a little more tv and have a little less sex.

  14. Agnes says:

    Biting the hand that feeds you, eh? If people followed this guy’s advice and not have TVs, who would watch their show? No TV, no cash for you, Jim Bob. (And is making money off of something that allegedly makes people miserable – TV – very Christian of them? Doesn’t sound like it.) I hope their kids don’t follow into their footsteps. The world is overpopulated as is.

  15. fabgrrl says:

    Well, considering all their strangeness, this seems really tame. We don’t have cable television in my house, just DVDs. I don’t like the CR*P that is out there for kids, and the commercials for more CR*P to eat, buy, spend $ on. Not to say my son doesn’t get plenty of TV-time, at his grandparent’s house *sigh*. However, my son is still a little boy. Not letting tweens and teens watch TV, at least a little bit, does seem weird. Personally, I don’t want pets either. I remember whining and crying for a kitten when I was little, finally getting one, and then making my Mom do all the pet care I promised I would do. Maybe I’ll relent someday and get my kids a goldfish, but nothing bigger or more complicated.

  16. Your mama says:

    Pro God, Pro Choice & PRO Pets! :)

  17. Your mama says:

    @Agnes, good point!

  18. MollyB says:

    Why is this surprising? Most fundamental Christians don’t let their kids watch mainstream media. And the last thing a family this size needs is a pet.

  19. ladybert62 says:

    The kids cant watch television or have pets because the older ones have to spend all their time taking care of the younger ones – the parents are too busy making more babies.

    I find these two parents and their continuous breeding disgusting.

  20. kay says:

    I’m glad they don’t have pets.

    I too would like to shave her hair, it’s awful.

  21. wicki10023 says:

    Part of my family is fundamentalist Catholic and home-schools/ed their 9 kids; they prevented them from watching TV or listening to popular music, allowed no pets, prevented the girls from dating, wearing bras, or wearing anything that showed their body (clothes had to be one size too big). The extent of the emotional damage to these kids, especially the girls, is incomprehensible to most people who’ve never experienced it and is why I consider the Duggars (and Sister Wives) a cancer because they celebrate what is a way of repressing women from choosing or discovering their own path in life by religious edict. The damage from this upbringing is profound and lasting for girls especially —they are told early on their main role is having a family which inhibits any form of freedom of expression or creative endeavor. My nieces deal every day with the emotional damage this type of repression engenders. I despise fundamentalists like the Duggars and everything they stand for. I know the damage this type of upbringing causes.

  22. Stubbylove says:

    @velourazure – I couldn’t agree more – that hair must go.

  23. Suzy from Ontario says:

    A lot of those old “wholesome” tv shows like Andy Griffith are full of racism and other inappropriate stuff in today’s world (women being seen as subservient to their husbands and drunks being seen as funny). I grew up on those shows and love them in many ways but watching them now I can see things that do give me pause today. Of course they probably fit completely into the Duggar mindset because they believe women are subservient to men and aren’t really into the reality of the world or expecting their children to have careers in it or even really fit into it in any way.

    Like the oldest son, all the kids are expected to just live in their own little world surrounded only by others who believe like they do. They only socialize with people like themselves. The girls have to wear these old style bathing suits that cover them from head to toe. I mean, what are they so scared of? There’s a lot of room between skimpy inappropriate clothing and the stuff they wear. What are they so scared of? If they believe they are right in everything they are teaching their kids then why be so scared to let them experience stuff outside of those boundaries? Even the Amish allow their kids that opportunity and choice!

    People can teach their kids whatever they want, but I think it’s a disservice to omit what you don’t like or don’t want to believe or to lie to your kids about what is fact and what isn’t. Their kids believe that dinosaurs and people existed at the same time and other ridiculous stuff that they saw at the Creation Museum. They don’t have any education in REAL science, and frankly imo, that is child abuse. They can’t even read books that aren’t things like “Waiting for My Prince to Come” rather than real and wonderful classics. They don’t even know those books exist. What if their daughters wanted to go to university or have a real career? How can they make true decisions when everything they see and learn and hear is so controlled by their parents?

    I homeschooled my kids for a number of years and they were taught about all religions/beliefs and all science. I believe in teaching kids about other beliefs so that they can understand them. Ignorance breeds intolerance and hate.

    And the pets thing? Well, that’s just another weird belief of theirs imo. Pets are wonderful and teach children unconditional love, as well as responsibility.

  24. Suzy from Ontario says:

    AlaskaJoey – They probably do! Father Knows Best would be right up their alley.

    It also really bugs me that they say having kids is all about God’s choice and therefore they don’t utilize modern science (ie: birth control), yet when they last child was born prematurely they didn’t rely on God as to whether or not she survived, they rushed to the hospital and utilized all that science in order to save her life. Imagine if all those drs in the hospital were brought up like the Duggars…there would be no science like that to have saved her! Hmmm.

  25. lucy2 says:

    I can understand the pet thing, those kids already have enough chores to do.
    I also understand parents being strict with what their kids are allowed to watch, but nothing but Andy Griffith is kind of over the top, IMO. It’s also EXTREMELY hypocritical to ride a moral high horse and refuse TV for your kids, but put your family on a reality show and cash those checks.

  26. L says:

    For the evolution deniers…You know what else is a “theory”? Gravity. Heliocentric Theory which states that the sun is the center of our solar system. Cell Theory which states that all living things are composed of cells. Or Atomic theory- thatmatter is composed of atoms. Or Germ theory-that most diseases are caused by germs.

    These are scientific theories. Not the humanities definition of a theory which is just ideas. They aren’t testable by experiments with data unlike scientific theories.

    And no-this family shouldn’t have a dog. To many kids-no one would remember to walk them.

  27. irishserra says:

    @Marjalane: Ha ha, I think there will probably always be a younger one…

    @Suzy from Ontario: You’ve got a point. (Looney Tunes popped into my mind). Political correctness was never an issue back when those shows were around, although I have to say, I’m no fan of political correctness. But I think it’s silly to hold that show above others as example of moral fortitude when there are inappropriate veins that may subtly run through those shows as well (and sometimes not so subtle).

    I don’t get the pet comment. Is a pet any more distracting than 19 children?? I would think not.

    Also Addie, I’m with you. I just have a very difficult time swallowing the evolution theory.

  28. Dibba says:

    Yo, Breeder, get a new hairdo and get off TV.

  29. NancyMan says:

    It bothers me that he looks relatively normal and the wife has ‘crazy religious nut’ written all over her. I would have more respect for them and their beliefs if he looked as backwards as she. (or her) ???

  30. Cindy says:

    Even though I think the Duggars are insane, I actually don’t plan on letting my kids (if I have any) watch regular kids’ TV. Not for any conservative moral reason, but because 1) I’m cheap and Netflix has no toy or Burger King commercials. 2) I’m convinced Yo Gabba Gabba and its ilk are the weapons of mass destruction, designed to make our children dumb as dirt. Have you ever watched that bad acid trip? Even Sesame St. folks speak in complete sentences!

  31. flourpot says:

    @Angie – It’s Rumspringa. I used to live in PA and we’d see alot of this. Sometimes it would get out of control with the kids drinking or drugging and that happened because they weren’t taught anything about life outside the farm.

    Most Amish kids enjoy their time of liberty. Most will go right back into the religious fold. If they don’t, their parents have to exile them. Yikes.

    From what I’d learned from my time in PA, the kids were expected to go out and meet someone to marry and bring back into the fold.

    Good people – bit bizarre expectations.

  32. Rose says:

    Addie, that’s not evolution you’re describing, that’s abiogenesis. Learn the difference. The evidence for evolution is beyond doubt.

  33. Sandra says:

    My mother-in-law is thisclose to being a full on Bible thumper. It’s all very “Jesus, take the wheel!” in her house. Growing up, my husband and his brother were not allowed to watch anything that featured violence, swearing or – how’s this for weird? – general rudeness (the Simpsons, for example, was a big no-no, what with that beligerent smartass, Bart.) That, of course, didn’t stop them from watching all the sex, blood and drugs they could lay their eyes on when their mom wasn’t around!

    A number of years back a family member attempted to give her a copy of Erin Brockovitch for Christmas, with the provisio that, “Yeah, she’s a bit rough around the edges, but it’s a great – true! – story about someone doing good and saving lives.” Would she watch it? Heavens, no! Because that trampy, unwed mother SWORE while she was running around litigating the hell out of Big Chemical.

    Years later, however, she saw no problem with going to multiple, multiple showings of the Passion of the Christ. Three plus hours of torture and degredation is apparently all right, but an unwed mother with a potty mouth? Save me, Jeebus!

    All that to say I’m not at all surprised at the Kirk Cameron comment (and those Left Behind movies, which the MIL LOVES, are super violent and not appropriate for kids.)

    Whatever, man, obviously we come at life from different directions (I, for instance, am not interested in turning my vagina into a clown car.)

  34. Tastykakes says:

    Making your children raise your children is a horrible idea. I had to do that as the oldest kid of 5, and as a result I don’t want kids. No thanks, I’ve already raised some. I hope at least some of these kids make it out with their heads on straight. My bet’s on the girl in the red, far left in the top picture. Don’t know why, but in every picture I see she seems.. different from the others. Never seen the show, I won’t support it.

    Also, statistically speaking, wouldn’t at least one of them be gay? I wouldn’t wish that kind of oppression on anyone.

  35. Leanne says:

    I don’t see anything controversial, wrong, or shocking in this article.

    I agree with them about the TV. I never really realized how much better you can communicate with your family and spouse without a TV in the house. But we currently have two houses (living in one, renovating the other) and when we stay at the “new” house over the weekend we have no TV and I’ve found that my husband and I actually talk more – to each other and to our kids. When we’re at the “old” house, we’re gathered around the TV and may say a few words during commercials. Sad, but true.

    As for Kirk Cameron, I admire him for adhering to his faith in an industry that seems to make it difficult to do so and be successful. And he is successful. There are a lot worse role models these folks could have than him.

    And as for the pet, I like the advice about not having a pet or TV during the first year of marriage. Gives couples a lot more time to get to know each other, I think. Wish I’d gotten that advice way back when. :-/

  36. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I too agree with shaving that hair – they could have an episode where Michelle gets it shaved and donates the hair to make a wig for cancer patients. And they don’t have hairspray in the bible so JimBob shouldn’t be using this product.

  37. Leanne says:

    flourpot, I disagree that these kids are sheltered and not learning about real life.

    I guarantee you that these kids know a heck of a lot more about what it takes to run a household (cleaning, cooking, repairing, etc.) than my spoiled lazy kids did at their ages. LOL. And they probably know a darn bit more about child care than than my kids did at that age, too – and probably even more than I know(and I have 5 grown kids). :O)

    And just based on what I’ve seen of the show, they’ve traveled more than I and my family have, as well.

    I think these kids will be fine. They all seem well-adjusted, intelligent, respectful, and hard-working. That’s what we aim for when we raise kids, right?

  38. ladybert62 says:

    to @34 tastykakes – I had to do the same thing with my three younger sisters because my mother became ill – and I vowed never to have kids – and I kept that vow.

    I am a firm believer that when one is a child or young teenager and that one has to assume responsibility for raising others – that that is the best single method of birth control I have ever met!!

    In that situation, one does not romantize getting pregnant or having a baby because one has seen and experiened the reality of raising children!

  39. Leanne says:

    Agnes, I didn’t notice where Mr. Duggar told folks they shouldn’t have TVs in their homes. He only said that they chose not to have one in theirs (except for the one they watch DVDs on).

    Talking about a choice they made doesn’t automatically amount to telling folks that they shouldn’t have TVs. I mean, I choose not to have a dishwasher in my house because I don’t like them and would rather wash dishes by hand. But that doesn’t mean that I think everyone should throw out their dishwashers.

  40. xxodettexx says:

    i was going to reply to addie but L summed it up pretty well for me:

    “For the evolution deniers…You know what else is a “theory”? Gravity. Heliocentric Theory which states that the sun is the center of our solar system. Cell Theory which states that all living things are composed of cells. Or Atomic theory- thatmatter is composed of atoms. Or Germ theory-that most diseases are caused by germs.

    These are scientific theories. Not the humanities definition of a theory which is just ideas. They aren’t testable by experiments with data unlike scientific theories.”

    i mean, if your going to comment on SCIENTIFIC THEORIES then at least understand the definition of THEORY in a scientific platform… i mean, FFS, i hate evolution deniers complete ignorance on this! grr /rant

  41. Franny says:

    “What is so wrong with this Kirk guy not believing in evolution?

    A lot of people don’t believe the theory of something being produced out of nothing but rather that life was created.”

    Its called science. Which is based on facts.

    xoxo, a science degree holder

  42. jc126 says:

    Hate the Duggars. I’m VERY glad they don’t have pets, for an animal’s sake.
    It’s a shame they’re taught evolution is false.

  43. Dibba says:

    I bet he beats her.

  44. tracking says:

    Who needs pets when you already have a litter??

  45. Victoria says:

    I got rid of cable three years ago. Opened up room and the wallet and keeps the junk out of my kids eyes. I put a converter box and TV in their room which stays on PBS and Qubo and I exclusively watch all my shows online and on DVD when I decided to buy them.

    But they are hypocrites, and I like them enough. IT’s lie when Madonna says she didn’t let her kids watch television because it’s noise but she contributes in a big way to the noise. So it’s okay to corrupt other kids. RIght

  46. MSgirl says:

    Orthodox Jews are the same. One of my best friends from high school became Orthodox, and they are not allowed out of the enclave. The kids (all 13 of them) don’t even know my old friend has a a sister, because not only did she marry a non-Jew BUT he is black, and that’s “dangerous” for the kids to know.

  47. Pippa says:

    @Addie: um created out of nothing???? Seriously?? There’s a huge wealth of evidence and proof out there to support evolution – you just have to pick up a science book. Not believing in it because it contradicts some unprovable hypothesis you’ve concocted yourself is pretty much the equilavent of sticking your fingers in your ears and humming. Just voluntary ignorance. Pretty sure that’s why it annoys a lot of people.

  48. justsayin says:

    I am religious and I’m not going to go as far and say evolution is not real.. evolution is a theory truly but to get all preachy about it. I always have a problem with fundi Xtians so righteous in their thinking.. that they know best and that they have the copyright and sole ownership rights on G-d and religion.. pisses me off.. but then i think glad i am not their religion and glad i have a choice and i can believe what i know in my heart to be right for me.. and I don’t have to stan on a soap box to convince others.. jeez I am an observant and a scientist.. and neither interferes with my belief system.. jeepers!

  49. Jayna says:

    Pets are a beautiful part of life as a child. Watch Ol Yeller. The love between child and dog can be amazing.

  50. cmc says:

    @ Leanne

    Uhhh…you consider knowing how to raise children and cook/clean an EDUCATION? No. That isn’t. We’re all talking about knowing how the world works, and learning about different viewpoints and beliefs, and being a well-rounded member of society. But if you believe that knowing how to cook a hot meal and change a diaper is considered being educated, then there’s no point arguing with you.

  51. Stubbylove says:

    @L and @Mitch Buchanan Rocks: Rock On!

  52. elena says:

    @L: evolution and creation are theories (not proven so far), gravity, the heliocentric system, electromagnetic induction and son are laws (they have been proven by practical experiments and there have been laws to formulate them, which can be applied ). do not confuse two very different types of things. until we will be able to go back in time and see the world evolve, or until God will come from the heavens to confirm the idea of creation, both Evolutionism and Creationism are theories.
    they have also stated that they would let their children watch more TV if there were more “wholesome” shows on, which is actually not a bad idea considering all the s*it we see everyday.
    they have also stated that if any of their children (boys or girls) would want to go to college, they will pay for it and support them in any way and they have set aside a sum of money for each of their children potential college needs.

    you may not agree with their lifestyle, I don’t agree with everything they do myself, but the bottom line is that they are loving parents with relatively happy children, well educated, hard working, honest, responsible and intelligent, not selfish and pretty tolerant in my opinion.

    and to be honest I would rather have them as my neighbors rather than Kate (+8) or the Jersey Shore people or most of the others who have reality shows.

    maybe it’s best to live and let live and don’t watch them if you don’t like them.

  53. Dibba says:

    Aren’t these people living proof of evolution? They breed like apes and don’t partake in TV, sounds pretty homosapien to me.

  54. Rose says:

    Elena you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. Theory in scientific usuage does NOT mean guess. Creationism is NOT supported by science, evolution is. There is NO evidence for a diety so one ought not be slotted in wily-nily. I can’t believe people don’t understand that.

  55. Leanne says:

    cmc, I was responding to a poster who said that these kids don’t know anything about real life. Like it or not cooking, cleaning, keeping up a home, raising kids, etc. ARE very big parts of real life. A big problem in today’s society is that kids are so spoiled (sit on their butts playing video games all day) that they may be smart but they don’t know the first thing about how to run a household or how to help take care of other people. These kids are way ahead of many kids nowadays in that regard. The interpersonal relationship skills, patience, problem-solving skills, teamwork, etc., that must be practiced daily just in everyday life in a family this size (I can’t even imagine!) also will benefit these kids later in life as they deal with people in the real world.

    And these kids have also traveled more than many that I know, and than my kids did/have. So it’s not like they’re locked up somewhere and have never seen folks different than them or seen different places.

    Also, as I commented in my previous post, these kids are obviously intelligent, respectful, and hard-working. They have a strong family unit. And they seem happy and well-adjusted. If any kids had a good shot at being successful in this world, I think it’s them.

    I think a lot of folks hear that they are Christians – or worse *gasp* fundamentalist Christians – and just assume that they are stupid, backwards, and intolerant of others’ beliefs. Which is a bigoted attitude displaying the prejudices and intolerance of the ones making the assumptions, if you ask me.

    I think these kids will do just fine. They have as good a shot as any, and better than many, imo.

    • ruth says:

      i got a son who is 13 years who does not sit down who is on a go all time he play with his card and he help me to look after his father who is vey ill ok and he don’t get ever he want and he is a very good boy and he got a care heart and my son is not spoil

  56. texasmom says:

    Evolution is as reliable as any of the theories you consider “laws”, Elena. We see it all the time when people breed animals for certain traits and characteristics, the lessening effectiveness of antibiotics as bacteria evolve to be resistant to it, when species become extinct (which is happening at rates not scene since the end of Cretaceous). Natural selection goes on all the time, all around us, and those of us who have learned the basics of biological science see it proven true all around us on a daily basis (use of DNA evidence, inherited traits in our children, etc.) It is just as consistent, reliable, and present as that nutty gravity idea. By the way, gravity is so easy to observe but is actually less well-understood than evolution. We know it is there but we don’t have a great understanding of how/why it works.

  57. Rose says:

    Before anyone else says ‘oh evolution it’s *just* a theory’, this is what a scientific theory actually is-

  58. Leanne says:

    Right on, elena. Live and let live.

    I think that if religion was left out of this entirely, most everyone would agree that this is a loving, intelligent, hard-working, supportive, well-adjusted family.

  59. elena says:

    @Rose: I don’t believe I am wrong. Theory is a supposition supported more or less by facts ( from 0% to almost 100%). I agree that Creationism has no scientific basis but keep in mind that Evolution is still a theory, although the science supports it, but not completely. As any good scientist knows, a theory is confirmed when it can be created and recreated in a controlled environment, each time obtaining the same results, from which laws are deducted, thus transforming a “theory” in a “law”.

    And this is a definition of theory: ” The English word theory was derived from a technical term in Ancient Greek philosophy. The word theoria, θεωρία, meant “a looking at, viewing, beholding”, and referring to contemplation or speculation ( aka “a guess” about a certain situation, as opposed to action”.
    So all theories begin as speculations about something, and evolve to become laws. Hope I made my view understood, I have the impression that I wasn’t clear before.

  60. cmc says:

    @ Leanne

    Well, we agree on one thing: most kids these days are spoiled, entitled brats, and these particular children seem to be well-adjusted and well-behaved, and certainly have a leg up on others when it comes to running a household.

    BUT! I disagree that they are exposed to different beliefs, viewpoints, and basic, non-religious education. I also don’t believe they are allowed to step outside of very rigid gender roles, which is detrimental to both the boys and the girls. As another commenter stated, what happens if one of the girls wants to get educated and have a career of her own? God forbid she be anything but an obedient baby-machine! That’s my biggest issue with this family.
    I also disagree that if religion were left out, people would be okay with this family. There are 19 of those children, being raised basically in the dark of the rest of the world (and I don’t mean hidden, I mean not exposed to reality) and being taught to fulfill very specific roles instead of being allowed to choose their paths.

    However, I completely understand that there are worse environmnents to be raised in, and that (misguided as it seems to a lot of us) these parents are raising their kids this way because they think it’s best. It’s just really sad to me.

  61. elena says:

    @texasmom: I know a bit about biological science (I am a medical doctor) but there is a confusion between two slightly different things. the discussion will be too long, but we have deviated from the point, which was that they believe what they believe, you believe what you believe and so on, and the beautiful thing is that we are all entitled to our opinions and we have they joy to express them freely.

  62. Rose says:

    My argument, Elena, is when people appear to suggest evolution– which as you say is supported– is on equal footing with Creationism, which is a faith, and not supported by science in any way shape or form.

  63. Harper says:

    I really don’t get the surprise/disagreement about them not having pets. Like Celebitchy pointed out, they have more than enough dependent children to care for. No way could they give a pet the attention/care it deserves. I think that’s actually a responsible decision on their part.

  64. Novaraen says:

    I just can’t with this ridiculous excuse for a family. They make me sick.

  65. Leanne says:

    Rose, look up the “static universe theory,” the “expanding earth theory,” the “blank slate theory,” the “classic elemental theory,” or any number of other scientific theories that were once highly regarded and believed but have since been disproved.

  66. L says:

    @elena Actually the use of ‘laws’ in scientific language went away about 30-40 years ago. And again, you are misunderstanding what it is to be a SCIENTIFIC theory vs. a theory. They are different things with different standards of proof.

    Evolution is proven by the fossil records, experiments with cell production, and is one of the most well tested scientific theories ever. It’s a accepted science. Hell if the catholic church can get behind it, I don’t see the problem.

    Now if you want to argue that there’s a higher power pulling the strings behind the scenes have at it. The example I’ve always used is that it accepted that plants used photosynthesis to create sugars (science), if you want to believe that there is a higher power that helped design that system and makes the plants to that (religion) that you can. It doesn’t change the fact that photosynthesis happens in X way.

    That said, they and you and whatever are free to believe whatever you want. I just hate it when folks try to argue what they believe using poor definitions or incorrect ones.

  67. Rose says:

    Leanne, what have they do do with evolution exactly? Evidence and indeed understanding for Evolution is growing not receeding. A strawman argument if ever I saw one.
    And by the way, that is what is so great about science, if new evidence is found a theory can be altered. Unlike religion, which refuses to change, DESPITE evidence to the contrary.

  68. elena says:

    @L: all right, I understand what you are trying to say, but I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. for the record, I did not state to be a Creationist, I am actually an Evolutionist (by education and in virtue of my professional training), but again, there are terms that you use and which we don’t seem to agree on.
    and “laws” are still very much used in today’s scientific language, but there is no need to argue. I very much appreciated the discussions here and I am interested in all your opinions. besides a good debate never hurt anyone :)

  69. Pizzazz says:

    I can’t stand these people. You can’t have that many children and give each one the proper attention he or she deserves. Shame on them.

  70. Sara says:

    These people are just gross.

    My husband and I got a puppy 4 months after we got married and he was never ‘a distraction’. He was only adorable and funny and made us laugh and have a reason to go to the park on Sunday.

    Boo stupid religious people, of course they don’t have kittens or puppies.

  71. Leanne says:

    cmc, I think it’s probably true in most cases that children aren’t exposed to other beliefs to a great extent. Families living in large, diverse cities may have regular contact with folks of other religions or belief systems. But most folks living in a standard Hometown USA type environment are usually living among folks pretty much like themselves. I was not exposed to anyone of a different religion when I was growing up – and I went to public schools, participated in organized extracurricular activities, and socialized with folks in many ways. I just happened to live in a place where pretty much everyone was like me. But I don’t think that did me any harm.

    I don’t know what folks expect these parents to do – take their kids to mosques, or to synagogues, or to a buddhist temple, or to an atheist convention?

    And what reality are they being sheltered from? Do y’all think that they’re totally unaware that there are different religions and different beliefs out there? I don’t see that.

    And as for not receiving “non-religious education,” the Duggar kids are homeschooled and study math, English, foreign languages, typing, reading, science (yes, science), medicine, law, and music. Heck, the pre-teens are probably better educated than I am. And my kids went to public schools and never studied medicine or law.

    And as far as higher education and gender roles and the girls being forced to be baby-making machines, read this from the Duggars blog:

    “They [Jim & Michelle Duggar] encourage their children to gain different skills and experience various career potentials in order to figure out what they are truly passionate about. If that means pursuing a college education, then mom and dad are all for it, but their goal is for their kids to be driven by God’s plan for their lives instead of by what the world says is the norm.” It then lists several of the kids and their career goals (nursing, photography, etc.)

    I just really don’t why folks think the Duggars are doing such a bad job raising these kids. They’re raising their kids to be respectful, intelligent, responsible, hard-working, caring, NICE people.

  72. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    @Elena was no religion involved their home would not be tax free so Jimbob$ Michelle would have to work it for their cash.

  73. Deb says:

    @ Sandra. Of course, the violence in the Left Behind movies and The Passion is acceptable, because it scares people into the church pews.

  74. elena says:

    @Mitch Buchanan Rocks: I don’t know how what you said relates to what I’ve said in previous posts, but I agree- all churches should be taxed. but the parents work (or worked, but I believe JumBob is a business owner now), and if the State Laws permit them to do this, maybe it’s the State’s fault. I mean, wouldn’t we all take advantage of certain things if we could?in a legal manner?

  75. Deb says:

    @ Leanne, if you do a little research on the homeschool curriculum the Duggars use, Accelerated Christian Education, it has been widely criticized for relying on memory recall rather than critical thinking, presenting an inaccurate view of the world, consistently lower test scores when compared to public school students, and statements supporting questionable practices such as apartheid. So, no, these kids are probably not more educated than you.

  76. jasmine says:

    i dnt think we should get into a religious debate here. what ANY believer should know and actively practice is,love=acceptance=a non-judgmental attitude. some people dnt believe in teaching their children about the “real” world because some people dnt want their children to live in the “real” world. As a Christian,im caught between that rock and hard place myself. I live in the real world, and it sucks! i mean really,what are they missing exactly???sex,drugs,violence,hatred,ricism,poverty,crime? as long as those kids are happy,healthy and are there by choice and not force…God bless em!

  77. Bad Fairy says:

    The Left Behind books are the worst ever. Instead of describing an apocolypse, they use them as an anti abortion platform etc. It is truly right wing “Christian” rhetoric. I read the first one for grins and it actually made me angry as both a Christian and Sci fi fan.
    Oh and while Billy Ray may still have feathered hair, this woman is sporting a genuin mullet. I bet when she cuts the top she has the poodle’s ass thing on her forehead!

  78. jc126 says:

    So what if their kids are polite and well-mannered? I bet a lot of cult children are, like the kids in polygamist communities. Or the kids in the Catholic school I suffered through, who were polite and well-mannered on the surface, but pretty nasty secretly and out of view of authority figures. Plenty of people are polite who are also well-educated and allowed to consider different viewpoints in life.

    Hey, so where is that evidence for creationism, anyway? I’d love to see it. We all would, I’m sure.

  79. flourpot says:

    @cmc – thank you.
    @Leanna – You obviously have very strong opinions, you’ve commented many times on this one thread. You seem to have missed my general point. The kids are only allowed to have friends who are part of their religious group. No matter how much they travel and how much they see, they’ll never learn different viewpoints if they’re not allowed to talk to anyone who disagrees with their parents religion.

    The daughters are not given the choice of college. The older daughters are forced to take care of the younger siblings. Forced. They have to. It’s their chore. That’s a mother and fathers job. Babysitting? Sure – sometimes. Not a constant.

    As for Hometown USA folks, we have the internet! We can see what’s out in the world, different viewpoints, religions. These kids have a very extremely unbelievable sheltered little life and that’s what I don’t agree with. It’s unfair.

    I could care less about their religion. I’m more interested in their mind and it being a little more open.

  80. Leanne says:

    Deb, I was only joking about them being more educated than I am. But all that I’ve read and seen on the show itself indicates that they do, indeed, learn math, English, foreign languages, science, music, and the other things I listed. So if they also memorize Bible verses and things like that, what does it matter if they’re also learning the basics that they would learn if they were in public school?

  81. Leanne says:

    flourpot, a little research will show you that that you are wrong in that the girls are, indeed, allowed to go to college. Some are already taking college courses online or receiving training in a professional setting.

    You’re free to believe whatever you want to believe about them and how they’re raised. I just don’t agree. I think they’re being raised a lot like many of our ancestors were raised – lots of siblings to help take care of, responsibilities/chores around the home, being taught by parents or in smaller settings than big school system settings, and so forth. In fact, I think if more families were raised this way our society would benefit.

    And I sure as heck would rather have this family as my neighbor than some of the other folks that are on TV reality shows. It seems like today the raunchier, nastier, and more vulgar you are the more loved you are in society (i.e. Jersey Shore cast, Kardashians, and so forth). Folks seem to heap praise upon someone who drinks, screws around, curses, goes out in public half (or fully) naked, gets married and divorced multiple times, gets into frequent fights, etc. But depict a family that reads the Bible or dresses conservatively or has actual household responsibilities or is polite, etc., and the hate, insults, and ridicule begins. That scares me a whole lot more than anything the Duggars do or say.

  82. Jen says:

    “Cameron is so self righteous he won’t kiss anyone on screen apart from his wife.”

    I don’t see this as self-righteous. I see it as someone who takes their marriage vows very seriously, which they should. It’s really quite romantic, and while certainly not (even close) to the norm in Hollywood, I’d rather see someone being true to their convictions than embrace the idea that marriage is disposable.

  83. alibeebee says:

    evolution is still considered a theory in the scientific realm same as the theory of relativity etc etc .. it is yet to be fact but we all know this shizz is the real deal we see it everyday. and we as humans have interfered with the process of natural selection when it comes to homo sapiens.

  84. Cleo says:

    More accurately, there should be no on screen kissing pandering to a minority of the audience. Kirk Cameron kissing his wife is NONE of our business.

    Otherwise, I agree with the Duggars.

  85. Ron says:

    Well no wonder they can’t have pets. The older kids get a younger kid to treat like a dog. I hate everything about this family and to think they get 19 tax deductions.

  86. Jackie says:

    I used to watch TV all the time but the programing is so horrible now and has been for the last several years that I got rid of my cable and never watch it now. The only thing on is reality shows and cop dramas and I am interested in neither. The commercials are annoying and juvenile. I purchase the DVDs of the shows and movies I prefer and that is all I watch. Same goes for the music I listen to. Most of it is over 30 years old if not older! It has nothing to do with religion or anything except me getting tired of wasting my time on atrocious shows and music. I have read the gossips blogs such as this page for about 10 years now. It is getting to the point where I don’t even know who most of the people being reported on are or if I do it is only because of reading the blogs, never seeing them on TV or in movies. For instance, Snookie. Never watched New Jersey Shore ever, yet I know who she is. And quite frankly that disturbs me. The “immorality” of the younger generation is astounding. And I don’t consider myself a prude. I may have to quit reading the gossip blogs too becuase “stars” no longer exist and it is no fun reading about the losers that are considered stars today.

    And the Andy Griffith Show is one of the best programs ever made. Along with I Love Lucy, Leave It To Beaver, and Dick Van Dyke Show. At least you don’t have to worry about skanks and vulgar language and inappropriate sexual remarks. These show may be a little dated, but they are better than anything on TV today.

  87. Jenni says:

    @Wicki10023 ITA. Being raised in it I know exactly what you’re talking about. @NancyMan- that’s how it usually is. The men and boys get to pass off as normal, wearing normal clothes. The mothers and daughters dress different from normal society, usually dressed markedly different no matter the occasion or situation. @Leanne- The world is far more than running a household and caring for young children(which every new parent learns on the job). Traveling may open the eyes in some ways, yes. But their traveling (with ongoing extensive responsibilities to the family unit/siblings and “family Brand”/ aka needing to represent their Duggarness while traveling) doesn’t refute the fact the kids are deliberately sheltered, as are all children of fundamentalists. (Regardless the religion.) In fact most fundamentalist parents you spoke to would not argue the fact they deliberately shelter their children. They feel it is the correct thing to do – esp. when it comes to their daughters. They may argue that their sheltering is not that extreme, which is debatable. They may also argue that they are in fact preparing their kids for the world- also debatable. I was the 3rd of 11 kids and raised in the Quiverfull movement, fundamentalist Christianity. I know the drill. I know their curriculum, conferences, — the leaders of the movement(s)and subcultures within.Etc. Yes there are benefits and drawbacks. The largest drawback is the upbringing is largely about parents’ fears, projections, and control of children because of their own backgrounds, emotional proclivities, and especially, personal religious ideologies. Overt and covert control by the parents onto the children (mentally and otherwise) dictates everything in these families. It underlays the entire foundation of the family, and fear of estrangement from God’s will and family is the bottom line. Often these kids are extremely respectful, caring people in general, and yes that’s a huge positive in this world of inconsideration. You are often taught good Christian values of love and kindness. A big family gives you an insight into valuing others and considering everyone. A note: Even when the girls do go to college it is often “online” (so they do not get corrupted” by “the world”). Or at a Christian college. Or in other some controlled way such as an apprenticeship with a professional (usually a parental associate who is also conservative). Of course there are worse ways to be raised. But this type upbringing is image based in its own way. There is no time to develop strong relationships with all 19 of your kids or all 18 of your siblings. Also intellectal and artistic curiousity is discouraged in fundamentalist families. Children need their own experiences in varied situations and with many different types people including peers from varying backgrounds to make their own informed opinion of who they wish to be, and feel confident in moving through this world. But fundamentalists do not want their girls in particular to feel they can or should move freely in the world. They are ultimately to be under “protection” of either a father or husband their entire lives. This is what you will find if you look in to the ideologies of fundamentalists (of whatever religion). And generally this is not something they will apologize for either. It is believed to be right and most caring toward women/girls, who in their minds need protection etc.

  88. bluhare says:

    Thanks to whoever made the comment about the Duggars being hypocrites about TV for not allowing their children to watch it, but having their income depend on it.

    I suppose they get around that by saying they’re bringing light into the dark forest. I say it’s more like they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

    PS Thanks for the great discussion especially evolution/creation. WOnderful to see a hot topic handled with no insults.

  89. cerulean says:

    The whole family act like victims of a group labotomy procedure.

    Its not the beliefs about no TV. My child doesn’t watch it either. Its the brainwashing and thwarting of free will. These kids don’t get an opportunity to choose this extreme life for themselves or even question its validity.

    @bubbly propagating the white genes? Eva Braun is that you?

  90. Jenni says:

    @cerulean- You said it better than me with about a million less words. (Sheepish grin.) ITA with your succinct assertion. A certain generic niceness or passive happiness is a common thread in these type families. It fools everyone, “they’re so nice and happy!” well. Sure. But There’s no other option. They’ve been well trained. And there will be consequences if they show anything else. Fundamentalist parents are nothing if not focused on their brand and views being respresented well at all times. It is an emotional necessity for them. You don’t have 19 kids without believing your are absolutely holy and correct in doing so.

  91. Andy says:

    Wow. There are a lot of mean people on this board. We don’t watch most of the crap that’s on TV either. Jersey Shore? Please. There are a few good shows that we TIVO but between those and Netflix, we should can the Cable. I’ve seen the Duggars and they do have a dog so I don’t know what’s that about.
    One last thing: Evolution is a myth. Don’t hate, celebrate!

  92. Bad Fairy says:

    Anyone who writes more than two paragraphs in the comments anywhere needs to GET THEIR OWN BLOG!

  93. jazz fabulous says:

    mmmmm????? maybe I will stop watching TV and then maybe I will feel happier at home..

  94. Franny says:

    “And I’m glad an american family is still propagating the white genes, because pretty soon the majority is going to be black or brown and yellow.”

    does this mean what I think it means?!

    • ruth says:

      i have not got the time to watch tv because i am a carer for my husband who is very ill so i do every thing for him and i look after my son who is 13 years old and my son watch little tv beause he help me to look after his father and my mum who is 84 years old and i do all the house work and cooking

  95. JaneWonderfalls says:

    This is why they invented birth control, use it dammit! This is ridiculous to over populate the world! Assess!

  96. marge says:

    they should have kept the TV… they would’ve only had 2 or 3 kids…
    Same with pets… the good thing about them is that it draws the line on how much poop you’re willing to take in your household.

  97. NaomiCampbellsPhone says:

    I didn’t realise one of the 10 commandments was “Thou shalt always keep 80′s haircut”

  98. Kim says:

    They are terrible parents who pop out babies for the older siblings to raise. They dont have time for tv or pets because they are so busy taking care of the siblings their hideous parents MAKE them care for! These parents are AWFUL people!!!

  99. flourpot says:


    I don’t know if you’ll be interested in this – or if really this is the place to ask – sorry Celebitchy if it isn’t, feel free to delete away – there’s a website called and I would absolutely LOVE to see you do an iAMA (Ask Me Anything) about your experiences as a child in the Quiver movement. As would others, I have no doubt.

    and to whoever said no more than than a blurb or get your own blog… pa leese. I for one enjoy reading what these folks say. Bring on the multiple paragraphs.

  100. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    TV is from the devil and is bad. But keep cashing in on your own TV show. My god … hey stop reading the bible and read the dictionary. Look up hypocrisy. You’ll get a kick out of it. I don’t mind that they don’t watch tv, it is mostly a waste of time, but don’t be on a tv show. Also, be selective about what your kids watch but don’t shelter them .. they are going to encounter the real world eventually and be shell shocked.

  101. Lucky Charm says:

    The Duggar’s have had several pets. I think they meant that the first year of marriage they weren’t supposed to get one?

    I for one don’t see why it has to be either creationism or evolution, why not both? If I take a lump of clay to create something (vase, mug, etc.), it is constantly evolving through the process of what it starts out as (lump of clay) to what the end result is. It evolves as I create it, so I don’t see how is that any different from how people and animals are today? Who are we to say that it couldn’t have taken 1000 years to create something? After all, God’s timetable is completely different than ours, and one day to Him could be one million years to us.

    And the absolute hypocrisy, when they leave getting pregnant “up to God and what His will is” but depend on secular science to save their preemie daughter’s life. Really, you can’t have it both ways.

  102. jc126 says:

    I totally missed the “white genes” comment til others quoted it. What are the white genes, exactly, I ask the original poster of that? Personally I think the Duggar gene pool is pretty dopey, from what we’ve seen so far.

    WRT the hypocrisy of the Duggars being on TV while not watching it, want to bet that’s part of a worldview akin to “bleeding the beast”, which is what fundamentalist LDS polygamous families who collect welfare say they do? They don’t believe in gov’t, US society, etc., but they take the money with the justification that the money helps their supposedly “right in the eyes of god” activities. I bet the Duggars regard their TLC paychecks similarly. Let’s not forget they ARE quiverfull fanatics.

  103. Rose says:

    Lucky Charm, you are assuming there is a god to create a time table in the first place. There is NO evidence of this, nor does science support such thinking. That is why creation does not deserve the same consideration as evolution.

  104. Lucky Charm says:

    Rose: In order for evolution to work, something had to be the very first thing to exist. You can’t evolve into something else if you weren’t there in some form to begin with…which is the point I was trying to make – why does creation and evolution have to be mutually exclusive and not just two different steps of the same process?

  105. Maritza says:

    They are such a beautiful family, the kids are so well behaved and so cute. I think they have done a great job so far. Not watching TV keeps the kids well grounded besides who needs to watch all these stupid reality shows and violent TV shows anyhow?

  106. Ruffian9 says:

    “What is so wrong with this Kirk guy not believing in evolution?”

    Because it indicates a serious lack of critical thinking, that’s why.

    Thank you, Rose.

  107. Ruffian9 says:

    “@L: evolution and creation are theories (not proven so far),….until we will be able to go back in time and see the world evolve, or until God will come from the heavens to confirm the idea of creation, both Evolutionism and Creationism are theories”

    Um…no. Try again. Try irrefutable evidence. Try a science book, there’s lots out there.

  108. HannahF says:

    My problem with the Duggar’s is twofold. First, I find their statements that they rely upon God’s plan for them as to certain aspects of their lives to be hypocritical. They seem to ignore God’s plans via orthodontia, hair perms and neo natal care.

    Although I do watch occasionally, (Michelle’s qualude voice draws me in) it always breaks my heart to see the girls treated as second class citizens. The girls do the majority of the housework and childrearing while the boys play.
    On one episode Jim Bob mentioned the girls going to college and I thought that was great. I figured they’d go to a Christian school but at least they’d have some new experiences. But no, the girls are going to college online. In addition, he spoke about the entire family choosing their spouses. These girls really are servants.

    In terms of theology, parents can teach their kids whatever they like. As kids my parents sent us to Hebrew school three times a week to learn what THEY wanted us to know. They didn’t expect or demand that our public school do so. Teach science in school and religion at home. It’s not that hard. I learned Xmas carols in school extolling the virtues of Christ the Savior. At home/Hebrew school I learned that’s what some people believe–just not us.

  109. Ruffian9 says:

    “You can’t evolve into something else if you weren’t there in some form to begin with…”

    Lucky Charm…so…where did “God” come from?

    Sorry BC readers, this is a topic that incites me to endless rants. Sincere apologies.

  110. beebee says:

    Seriously? Are you just going to keep denying the facts after multiple people tell you you’re wrong? There is currently some debate in the scientific community to change the phrase “scientific theory” into “scientific law” just to shut all the stupid people up who use your argument.

  111. Mario says:

    So called Christians don’t want Gay/Lesbian couples to adopt children and yet they say nothing about psycho’s like the Duggar’s over-breeding and abusing/brain-washing children. Those so called parent’s belong in mental hospital.

  112. original kate says:

    of course they don’t have pets – who would take care of them? the girls are too busy taking care of the younger kids and michelle is too busy getting knocked up.

    these people need to go away.

  113. jferber says:

    Elena, You’re a medical doctor? Cool. Kudos to you for balancing a busy medical practice with arguing against evolution on gossip sites. For lack of a better word, this is. . . plausible. Good on you.

  114. elena says:

    @beebee: I did not have a problem with the facts (if you’ll read all my post you will see that I am an Evolutionist and a scientist myself) but I did have a problem with the terminology. And I am sure that when the scientific community will change the terminology I will get behind that. But at the present moment the terms are what they are and they should be used correctly.
    As far as your mention of multiple people not agreeing with what I’ve said, that’s not a problem, because the opinion of the majority is not always correct, and it’s ok to question things to find out more about one subject.
    What is not ok is to call people names simply because they don’t agree with you completely. But I’m sure we will all evolve and master the art of civilized debate sooner or later.

  115. Jag says:

    In the last picture there, only one of them is smiling. I think that says a lot.

    It’s good they don’t have pets, imo, but ITA with those who say they’re hypocrites for not watching t.v., yet are raking in the dough from one of the worst channels out there.

  116. Addie says:

    @ Andy said:One last thing: Evolution is a myth. Don’t hate, celebrate!

    Love it!!
    To quote a great song from the movie ‘Sound of Music’ – Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could.

    @Ruffian, Answer is:Those of us who believe in a creator believe He has always been around, He established and is the designer of time.

    Together with evolution science info out there, it is was also logical for me to read the Genesis account for a balanced view, that made more scense on how a planet fit just right for habitation came about.

    People can believe what they choose to, for me creation speaks for itself.

  117. LeeLoo says:

    What the Duggars are doing is, IMO, ecologically irresponsible. It’s because of people like them we have population control problems. Imagine if every one of their children had 19 children, their grandkids the same and so on. In 3 generations their descendents could populate an entire county, in 5 a state …and so on…that’s dangerous for the resources of this planet.

    But I can’t hate on the Duggars. As much as I do not agree with some of their values it’s nice to see a family that is rooted in their family and a strong value system. I would rather see Michelle Duggar pop out 20 more children than see many people today have one child.

    If intelligent design were true, then how come humans are inherently flawed in their design? I can name several things about human physiology that makes us flawed in our design.

    That being said, don’t you all think there is room for both evolution AND a supreme being of some sort? I believe in evolution but the idea of life on this planet being some random accident is disconcerting. I believe there was a supreme being that guided or is guiding evolution to happen.

  118. Rose says:

    Addie, you can quote all the songs you wish and believe what ever story from the bible you wish also, but let me say it again, abiogenesis, you’re mixing it up with evolution.
    The book of Genesis is a fable that fit with what was understood by people of that time, the bible is a collection of man written stories and filled with myths and legends, (Jonah and the whale? A global flood where ALL the animals are saved by an Ark?) some of the stories are borrowed from even older civilizations.
    It’s fine to read, but it’s not science and never will be and much of what was written is easily refuted. There’s nothing wrong with people having faith, some of the finest people I know are religious, but they also employ critical thinking.

  119. Annie_Grey says:

    Leeloo-f intelligent design were true, then how come humans are inherently flawed in their design? I can name several things about human physiology that makes us flawed in our design.-

    In the fall, many of the things that were perfectly designed “fell” in it’s quality. IE, there wouldn’t be labor pains in childbirth if Eve and Adam hadn’t eaten from the Tree of Knowledge, like they were told.

  120. Rose says:

    That’s just nonsense Annie Grey, like Eve being ‘made’ from Adam’s rib ( thus sharing the same DNA). Utter nonsense.

  121. Celebitchy says:

    When some idiot comes on a thread and says dumb racist sh*t, please do not repeat it, do not acknowledge them at all and just report the comment as abuse. It will be deleted and the person will get banned. If someone is ranting to themselves on the sidewalk, you sidestep them.

    Also, for every person who tries to get me to join their religion I just want to ask them to watch Nova and start recycling.

  122. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Well said CB. Still makes me sad to see all the comments about evolution being a “theory”. Sigh. You can believe in God and still accept that evolution exists. Don’t believe me? Give me some flies and two weeks and I’ll show you evolution. It’s a fact. I don’t even see why any of you choose to argue with these people. It’s like if they came here and said 2+2 = 7 and you attempted to explain the whole history of algebra to them to prove they are wrong. It’s pointless. Ignore and move on.

  123. Leanne says:

    LittleDeadGrrl, evolution IS a theory. That’s not rhetoric.

    Rose, I’ve been trying to figure out what has got you so wound up and determined to respond negatively to any mention of God or creationism. Folks say things all the time I don’t agree with, but I don’t think it’s ever made me as angry as you appear to be. It’s okay for folks to disagree on stuff. Happens every day.

    And, for the record, the Duggars have had pets and do currently have pets, I believe. The story said that they were advised not to have a pet or a TV during their first year of marriage. It wasn’t an order from God that dogs and TVs are evil, like some seem to believe.

    In summary, I just don’t have a problem with this family. But even those reality show families/individuals on TV that I do have a problem with because I don’t think they behave appropriately or responsibly, I still don’t get mad enough to rant about them online. Haven’t yet, at least. I may poke fun and give my opinion and talk about them, but I don’t have hate in my heart for them like some seem to have for the Duggar family.

    In closing, I do love the Celebitchy site. Most of the articles say exactly what I am thinking about many of the “celebrities” today. I do love the snark. :)

  124. Cmon says:

    In science, the word “theory” means something different than it does in “normal” life.

    To keep arguing that science doesn’t know what the word “theory” means doesn’t make science look dumb, or show that science doesn’t believe in something it calls a theory.

    Instead, the person making the argument is shown to be either ignorant or deliberately misleading.

  125. Rose says:

    I’m not angry at all Leanne, nor did I mention the Duggars in any of my posts. I’ve no problem with people having a particular faith, indeed I said so in an earlier post, but don’t conflate science with faith, they are not one and the same.

  126. Ruffian9 says:

    Great comments, Rose.

  127. Thank you for some other magnificent article. Where else may anyone get that kind of info in such an ideal means of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m on the search for such info.

  128. mommyof7 says:

    It’s funny most of these comments are judging the Duggers-including the article, and yeg the Duggers are just asked to show how they live their lives. They don’t tell everyone they should live this way, just that they choose too. Funny most of you call them self-righteous and yet you’re all be the judgmental ones.

  129. No TV? That way the Dugger kids have know clue what child labor laws are. i.e. raising their parents constant onslaught of babies. Be a parent…raise your own children. Don’t rely on your older ones to do it for you.