L&S: Bruce Willis is expecting a baby with his wife Emma Heming


This is interesting – it seems that Bruce Willis and his wife of three years, Emma Heming, are expecting their first child together. Bruce is 56 – Emma is 33 years old. I had actually been wondering why Bruce was keeping so quiet about Demi and Ashton (beyond the odd tabloid report that he’s going to kick Ashton’s ass), and this is probably the answer. Bruce has got his own stuff to concentrate on, and he’s starting a family with his second wife. That’s why he’s not all over this Demi stuff.

While Demi Moore struggles to keep her marriage to Ashton Kutcher together following reports that he’d had an affair, her ex-husband Bruce Willis and his wife are stronger than ever — with some big news on the way!

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that Bruce and his wife, Emma Heming, are expecting a child.

“Emma is showing!” an insider exclusively confirms to Life & Style. Bruce has three daughters with Demi — Rumer, 23, Scout, 20, and Tallulah, 17.

And while Demi, 48, has longed to give Ashton, 33, a baby since they got married in 2005 — and gushed about it as recently as January — she hasn’t been able to get pregnant.

“Emma is living Demi’s dream,” the insider adds. Bruce, 56, and Emma, 33, tied the knot in 2009. This will be the couple’s first child.

[From Life & Style]

Way to make it all about Demi, Life & Style! Can’t we just be happy for Emma and Bruce? Why does it have to be all about Demi? So, congrats to Emma and Bruce. Bruce always seemed like such a great dad to Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, so I’m sure he’s excited about this “late-in-life baby” (for him, for Emma it’s just a “baby”). Do you think Bruce is hoping for a boy this time? Probably.

PS… Jesus, Emma and Demi could be sisters, they look so much alike. Emma looks so much like Demi’s old face, before all of the tweaking.




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  1. Julia says:

    Congrats to them !

    I have my fingers crossed, hoping this one will NOT take after his daddy…

  2. mln76 says:

    Ok first off this is the definition of a low-key relationship. They attend events and red carpets but I always forget that Bruce got married LOL. Congrats to them. I still have a feeling he’s made an appointment to kick Ashton’s ass sometime after the baby pops out.

  3. Marjalane says:

    Brave woman. The Willis genepool has been known to produce some interesting chins.

  4. brin says:

    Congrats to them! So happy for Bruce Willis(and Emma)!

  5. N.D. says:

    She doesn’t look like Demi at all except being brunette maybe.

  6. velourazure says:

    oh no! more potato heads!

  7. fabgrrl says:

    Crikey! Is that woman eight feet tall? I never thought of Bruce Willis as a particularly short guy, is he?

  8. gee says:

    Love Bruce Willis. I would risk potato babies for that.

  9. Bite me says:

    I am lighting a candle for the baby. Oh dear

  10. Jezi says:

    Emma is gorgeous and an ultimate sweetheart. I’ve heard Bruce is a great guy. So congratulations to them both. I’m very happy for Emma.

  11. whome says:

    congrats, they look good and happy together!!!

  12. MJ says:

    You all talk like his kids are hideous troglodytes spawned from the depths of a cave. Congrats to them.

    Also, Bruce is still HOT.

  13. Rhiley says:

    She’s really cute.

  14. Julia says:

    @ Velourazure

    Extra voodoo may be needed to conspire the willis potato head curse.

    I am counting on you Emma. May your genes triumph, especially if it’s a girl !

  15. Leticia says:

    Jezi, you have great connections.

  16. BW says:

    1. Emma and Demi look nothing alike. Emma looks Asian and Demi is white. They both have brunette hair, and that’s about it.

    2. I don’t think she’s taller than Bruce. I think she’s wearing those awful horses hooves shoes with 6 inch heels. Her height varies from photo to photo. I can’t wait until those stupid platform shoes go out of style.

  17. Linnie says:

    No congrats from me. I have seen, first hand, what it’s like for children that have a father that is old enough to be their grandfather. It’s not good for the child, especially when the older parent begins to have health issues related to age. This is just selfish, on his part, and hers, since she knew his age, when she married him.

  18. Spiffy says:

    Is it me or is bruce hot as hell? Wow

  19. Jezi says:

    @Leticia LOL…nah!

    @Linnie He’s in his 50’s not his 80’s…geez! He’s very healthy and perfectly capable of being a father at his age. My godfather was his age when he had my godsisers and he’s almost 80 and probably could run circles around many younger men.

  20. kay says:

    I didn’t know he got married!!

    I love Bruce, so happy for him!

  21. ladybert62 says:

    Another giant woman! Mismatched couples – height wise – look awful to me.

    But she is lovely – she is Eurasian? She looks slightly asian.

  22. AZ says:

    Congratulations to them!
    Emma is beautiful 🙂
    and Bruce……. well, he’s HOT!

  23. jinni says:

    Bruce knows he’s wrong and his potato head genes are too strong. Hopefully this one is a boy, people are more forgiving towards an unfortunate looking man.

  24. Abby says:

    A baby at 56! By the time the kid is 9, Bruce will be collecting social security. Thank god his wife is only 33. At least one parent will have the energy to keep up with the kid.

  25. dorothy says:

    Demi must be pissed by this announcement, especially since she has been trying so long to get pregnant.

  26. Granger says:

    Rumer is 23. I think it would be so bizarre to have a baby brother or sister at that age! But maybe kind of fun.

  27. tracking says:

    She’s really lovely. But I’m offended by the “she’s living Demi’s dream” bit. Demi was married to Bruce for a long time and had three of his children. For good reasons she decided she didn’t want to live that particular “dream” anymore. Sheez.

  28. serena says:

    Congrats to boht! I really like Bruce, and I think that’s a great news for him and he deserve this happiness.

    As for Demi, this doesn’t concern her. She should just bear no hard feeling and be a good model.

  29. Tanguerita says:

    Are you kidding?they look NOTHING alike.They are both dark-haired, but that’s it.

  30. Jayna says:

    I remember how he was a playboy for a long time and then he fell in love with Emma. He said in an interview he hated to be apart from her and how she had brightened his life. They really seem a good couple. But funny how little is written about their 23 year age difference, but Demi gets talked about ad nauseum for her age difference which is smaller.

  31. Amy says:

    Good for them! He looks so happy with her, and she’s gorgeous.

  32. Jen34 says:

    Congrats to them. She is classically beautiful. Demi never came close to beautiful.

    I just hope he doesn’t forget his first family. Those girls still need a dad, even though they are older. He does seem like a great dad, and IIRC, he and Demi wanted a 4th child at some point. So, yay for him.

  33. taylor says:

    I’m with Linnie and Jayna: why is Bruce and Emma’s age difference okay, but Demi “should have known better” about Ashton’s (less dramatic) age difference? Also, while some people handle being on older parent really well (maturity and patience certainly help), he’s in his mid-50s. That’s beyond “older” parent to flat-out “old” parent.

    Having said that, I hope they’re all doing well.

  34. Embee says:

    Congrats! Happy for them. I had to laugh at her posture in those pictures. Like these two, my X and I were of similar height, but when I wore heels I used to do the “subtle” versions of slouching (from the shoulders, the hips! the neck!) to distract from my X’s height. It’s so uncomfortable, but not as bad as towering over him!

  35. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @jezi, Bruce used to frequent strip clubs and screw the dancers. I have it on good authority, since my SIL was one of the dancers and she has some pretty convincing pictures to go with the story. Of course, this was 14-15 years ago. However, he was the father of young children and still married to Demi so I think he’s a dog.

  36. normades says:

    I never realized how asian she looks. I looked on wikipedia and it said she was born in Malta, but that doesn’t explain the asian look.

    She’s very pretty.

  37. weeble says:

    I like this half of the whole Demi-Bruce family the best. So happy for them. Also she looks nothing like Demi….not even in the least…

  38. The Original Mia says:

    Congratulations to them!

    The age difference is greater than Demi & Ashton, but the big difference seems to be in the level of maturity of the spouses.

  39. Pyewacket says:

    Some rather stupid comments in this thread today.

  40. Julia says:

    @ 33 taylor

    I wrote about this and i think that people underestimate the difference between men and wome (physically and emotionally) and mainly the patriarcal cutlture we have been living in since day one.

    Women, girls, since men have been on Earth, have always been with older guys. i will say that the more in the past you go, the more you will see teens with men twice or three times older.

    I beleive it has first to do with a gynecological point of view. I beleive that for ages, as soon as a girl had her first period, she was considered adult and was married to a man twice her age who provide shelter and protection as she raised the children.

    This is very inbred in our culture from north to south, from west to east.

    As a consequence, young girls were raised differently, like having more responsability at a young age, using their inate nurturing quality.

    Babygirls, toddlers till this day think of having a baby and play mamas with their doll or their younger sibling. There are no equivalent with young boys: they stay child like longer while little girls have already an inclination towards that very mature matter : motherhood.

    This certainly has a huge impact and a significant effect on the way women mature emotionally sooner.

    The fact that our maternity period is shorter determine all of this and make it more acceptable for Bruce to date a younger woman since this has been the normal couple configuration for ages.

    Plus he has the option to be in par journey wise to his younger wife cause he can provide her with a child. Men unlike women can always do that again and create another family for their second, third wife and start it all over again.

    They can create the family unit in its configuration that was set for generation: wife + husband + children

    On the otherhand, Demi doesn’t have that option. When she married a twenty something, she deprived him of that and put him directly in a situation where he became the step father of three teens, barely younger than him while being catapulted at the same spot as his wife, journey wise.

    He didn’t have the chance to progress in his own speed in his journey in life.

    It’s always very tricky as a situation, hence those couples are more vulnerable than the other way around and are a rarity because it requires a sacrifiying something legitimate for the younger man.

    Hence women are perceived as cougars, because of that perception of taking something away from the young companion.

    You wiull notice that Cougar is barely used when the older woman give a child to her younger companion, putting him in par journey wise.

    Madonna with Guy, Halle with Gabriel were rarely called as siuch once they became mother from their younger companion/husband

    This type of couple configuration: older women/younger men is very recent in history and it will need generations to be more accepted by society though i don’t beleive there will ever be as much younger men with much older women than the contrary for all the reasons i have mentioned.

  41. maggiegrace says:

    She’s lovely. I think it’s weird when such young women marry such older men, and even squickier when they procreate. When they can, women will often marry for money and men will often marry for youth and beauty, so by conventional standards, they both married well. I gotta say, Bruce looks good. He has stayed trim, and doesn’t have much if any facial sagging.

  42. Jean says:

    The idea that men can sire healthy children at any age is a MYTH. After 40, both men’s and women’s chance of conceiving a child with a deformity or serious illness, everything from epilepsy to schizophrenia, increases dramatically. Why take that risk when they can adopt?

    And please don’t say, “They’ll love the child whatever happens,” because they won’t be the one living with the outcome of this decision- the child will. JUST ADOPT!!!

  43. Tiffany says:

    Pregancy announcement. I am sending out good vibes of health, safety and happiness to all.

  44. Jezi says:

    @MorticiansDoItDeader I’m not surprised though. I hope he’s matured since then.

    I really don’t understand some people’s comments. She obviously wants a baby with her husband, they’ve been married for awhile and are thrilled to be having this baby. Why can’t people just say congrats? It’s a blessing.

  45. Jean says:

    Here’s one article on the matter, if you would like to read it:http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303936704576400161673484394.html

    I realize some children aren’t planned, but if older people want to have children they need to do some serious reflecting.

  46. Julia says:

    Nobody said the contrary. It is only said that they still can provide children longer than women, even in their 60’s.

    And yes children may get difformed but still, most children are born perfectly healthy, even at that grand age. the thing is it’s more related to the egg’s age and the younger the woman is the less chances she has to have an unhealthy baby.

  47. Sara says:

    They’re cute together. Happy for them.

    I always wonder about women who marry men that are 20 years older than them. What do they see in it? My husband is the same age as me and now that I’m 30 I can’t see myself with someone who would be 50, no matter how hot or rich he was.

  48. Joanna says:

    He couldn’t find somebody his own age to play with?

  49. Ann says:

    He’s too old to be having kids. Birth defects in children increase with advanced age of the fathers. Also, a teenager is gonna have a 70 year old dad? And a very young adult is going to have to deal with an infirm/dying parent.

  50. skinanny says:

    Lets just hope its a boy!

  51. Julia says:

    # Sara

    I don’t know but i think for many women who married older guys, they looked for someone who seemed more experienced wether in terms of life experiences or in accomplishments.

    Older men may also tend to be more protective and more attentive to their young women needs because they know their rivals have youth to compete with them so they compensate by lavishing their younger wives and by being more caring and attentive to their needs.

  52. Khalesi says:

    My half siblings are young enough that I get confused for their mother ALL THE TIME. My dad (61) married a younger woman (29) and they now have 3 kids. So so weird. Hopefully, Bruce’s other tater tots will all get along with the new addition.

  53. LeeLoo says:

    I don’t agree with dramatic age differences in either direction. I feel sorry for that poor kid. He’ll be what — 25 when Bruce turns 80? I’m 27 and the idea of dating a guy 10 years older or younger sounds gross. My rule is +/- no more than 5 years. My boyfriend is just under 2 years older than me. I can’t see myself going any older, he’s already going to seem older next year when he turns 30!

    I think of the book written by Cary Grant’s daughter when I hear of these situations. Her dad was 62 when she was born and it was hard at times not to have the younger dad. He died when she was 20. That’s far too young of an age to lose a parent, IMO.

  54. Jean says:

    As someone who has two serious genetic illnesses can I just say, “Hey, maybe it’ll be OK,” is NOT okay. My life has been a living hell.

    The statistics say it all. We all make choices. The chance to bear children is your 20s-maybe early 40s. Suck it up and think of the child.

  55. blonde on the dock says:

    I agree with some of the other posters. He’s too old to be having children.

  56. valleymiss says:

    I’ve had a major hardcore crush on Bruce since the pilot episode of Moonlighting. Damn. Handsome, funny, in good shape…sorry, but I think he’s the cats pajamas! “Do bears bear? Do bees be?” Long live David Addison!

  57. ZenB!tch says:

    Can 48 year old women get pregnant? I’m not sure I could get pregnant anymore and I’m “only” 41.

  58. mln76 says:

    @ZenBitch a 48 yr old can get pregnant but it’s rare. I have a feeling that Demi tried and even with all her money the fertility treatments didn’t work. Just my own theory.

  59. bluhare says:

    @pyewacket: Wow, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    PS And I love your moniker!

  60. OMSS says:

    When did he remarry?

    Oh well, congrats to them!

  61. Kelly says:

    Please stop making fun of Willis’ three daughters and their “looks”….they are not ugly, and they seem to be lovely young women. Congrats to Bruce and Emma.

  62. BELLA says:

    A boy please be a boy!!!!!!! 2-5- 10 boys!!!!!!!!! a boy aboy a boy !!!!!

  63. BELLA says:

    BOY BOY BOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THINK BLUE THINK BLUE………………

  64. BELLA says:


  65. Tiffany S says:

    gosh she is beautiful!

    and kaiser i agree that life & style was wrong to make it about demi. “Emma is living Demi’s dream” like what, having a baby by Bruce? That happened three times! so ridiculous. something tells me emma couldn’t care less about the tabloids though, she’s never ever in them.

    and three years of marriage already! time flies! i’m happy for them 🙂

  66. Jayna says:

    @Kelly, nice post. It’s disturbing to see adult women trolling on gossip sites dissing young girls’ looks to the extreme done to Demi’s and Bruce’s daughters with demeaning terms like potato head posted. No wonder young teens and young women have issues regarding their looks. They should be proud of their daughters for many reasons. Rumur on Letterman was very gracious and sweet and well-spoken and had a very soft look.

  67. Violet says:

    Bruce is old enough to be a grandfather and he’s having a baby with someone young enough to be his daughter. He’s going to be in his mid-70s before the kid graduates high school. That’s just ridiculous.

    (And as some people have pointed out, the older the father, the higher the likelihood of genetic abnormalities.)

  68. smh says:

    @marjalane lol i died. regardless, congrats to them and his wife is a stunner. first time i saw her too

  69. Camille says:

    Emma is much prettier than Demi.
    Here’s hoping the baby only takes after its Mum this time!

  70. Quest says:

    How sweet, Bruce needs to have a boy. Congrats

  71. gg says:

    danger, danger – he does not have great genes …

  72. Dana M says:

    Emma is so gorgeous! Congrats to them!

  73. anne says:

    OMG please let these children look like their mother.

  74. Blue says:

    I don’t know why these magazines always have to compare exes. Heaven forbid people are just be living their lives and not in competition.

  75. palermo says:

    Well this ought to finish Demi off … I wonder if she regrets divorcing him now in light of all that has happened

  76. Ruffian9 says:

    Indeed, Pyewacket, some very weird comments here…Anyway, Emma is absolutely gorgeous.

  77. ??? says:

    @ Jezi godsisers?

  78. crtb says:

    Oh how nice, his kid can have play dates with his grandchildren.

  79. april says:

    If the baby is a boy it will look cute with Bruce’s chin.

  80. crazydaisy says:

    Bruce Willis is such an immature pig. He’s disgusting, I’m sorry.

  81. Kelly says:

    Looks like she’s posing with her dad

  82. Bec says:

    He is so creepy about women! He’s one of the worst! 23 years is a huge age difference. But older men always pay the price for being with a much younger woman: the men are endlessly paranoid that they are not enough for their younger companions and that their much younger wives or girlfriends are attracted to younger men. She will be around young dads with young children all the time– I’m sure it will make bruce jealous. And rightly so.
    My friend married a man 25 yrs older than her and now that he’s old and failing she’s just hitting her prime. She doesn’t stay home just to be with him so he’s home all the time by himself. And he knows she’s off enjoying life and it’s heartbreaking for him. He’s basically growing old alone. I say good for her but also what did he expect? This is the pain for many older men that marry younger women: their egos needed to be with someone younger but then their egos really get crushed as they grow old and the younger women don’t really need them and usually find the company of men their own age even if they stay married to the older man.

  83. Amanda says:

    I wonder what Rumer has to say about this?

  84. madpoe says:

    Happy Happy Joy Joy dance! Love Bruce – fingers cross the kid looks like Emma tho’ *see the other 3 kids*