Whoopi says Elisabeth Hasselbeck gets most death threats on The View

Things have obviously gotten very tense on The View in the last few weeks as we’ve gotten closer to the election. Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck have been at each other’s throats constantly, with things coming to a head last week both on stage and off.

Hasselbeck responded to all the criticism by campaigning for Sarah Palin over the weekend. According to Whoopi Goldberg, the outspoken Republican gets more death threats than any of the other women on the show. Wonder if that bothers her or if she considers it a complement?

ELISABETH Hasselbeck gets more death threats than anyone else on “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg revealed Monday night at Cooper Union. Whoopi – part of a panel discussion on Art and Educational Justice hosted by the Stella Adler Studio with Rosie Perez, Phylicia Rashad and Anna Deavere Smith – said of her conservative co-host: “Politically we could not be more opposite, but I respect her tremendously. Truth is, we could not have a dialogue without Elizabeth. It’s not that we have to agree, the important thing is that we have the conversation.”

[From Page Six]

While I don’t think I’ve ever once agreed with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, I do appreciate Whoopi’s point. You need to hear both sides to really think about the issues. The problem is that the way The View often goes about it is clearly to get ratings, up the drama, and thus up the gossip. So no one’s really paying attention to the issues so much as they’re paying attention to how pissed off they are.

Whoopi’s probably the most fair person on the show when it comes to politics. But I think this is another case of her assuming that her way of approaching things is everyone’s way of approaching things, and that’s not necessarily the case.

Here’s Whoopi Goldberg walking through Soho in August. Elisabeth is shown at the ceremony for Barbara Walters honoring her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in June 2007. Images thanks to Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. drm says:

    I wish Whoopi would quit the cigs, I think she’s great and they are not good for you..

  2. SeVen says:

    for good reason. Hasslecrack is the ” my way or the highway” type of bitch. I’m all for having a mixed group of people to get every point made and things like that but Hasslewhine just boo-hoos like a little child when people disagree with her. its pathetic and shes a pathetic excuse for a woman.

  3. Jess says:

    I don’t always agree with her, but I respect her having an opinion. I don’t think it’s ”my way or the highway”, she just doesn’t let people walk over her. She’s very outspoken. I hope she doesn’t leave the show. She makes it interesting having such a strong view. Still voting for Obama though!!!

  4. Ron says:

    Her problem is she only has one view. That of a rich white woman who has no thought of anyone other than those of her ilk. It’s no wonder she’s reviled. I always find conservative republicans the most repulsive people. They rant about horrible taxes and values. I wonder if Elizabeth flushes her toilet eveyday? Does she use tax funded infrastructure to rid her home of her own waste? Does she use paved streets? airports? We would not have any of these things without taxes. No one wants to pay big taxes, but we do, to enjoy our way of life. And for social issues, she is so far off the rocker. Abortion rights. I find abortion repulsive, however, I realize that regardless of my opionion, women will have abortions and they need to be done in a safe enviroment. The other things with the wingnut righties like Elizabeth, is they rant on and on about this issue, and after the unwanted child is born, they want nothing to do with the kid. Welfare! horrible! I, as an independent, truly hope that this election shows a sizemic shift in the way the country thinks and that they days of politics being hijacked by the religious right are over.

    But death threats, I don’t wish those upon anyone. Except maybe this bitch I work with 😉

  5. Kaiser says:

    I’ve never understood this need to “let’s hear both sides of this issue” – most of the time, it’s not an “issue” it’s only what is a fact and what is a lie. If someone comes on to talk about the Holocaust, do you have to give equal time to a Holocaust denier?

    Equal time is bullshit.

  6. Elle says:

    I must like my fellow posters agree with Whoopi on the fact that it’s important for Elizabeth to have her opinion, despite the fact that often time I do not agree with her. I think that a lot more people would respect her if she would change the delivery of her message. She does not have to be abusive or demeaning in order to show her support for the Republican Party. I really stopped listening to her when she was out on the campaign trail and she spoke so negatively about Michelle Obama and then praised Cindy McCain; however, a few days later she said that the wife of a presidential candidate should not be fair game but then again they should. This is ridiculous, she really needs to make up her mind about how she feels that campaigns should be run. If you’re going to be affiliated with politics then you should definitely know what you’re talking about instead of wavering every time you turn around.

  7. Blue says:

    I think Joy should get the most death threats, she is horrible! And they all treat Elizabeth like crap. She may be a whiner, but she at least has a different opinion, and instead of ever letting her talk, they interrupt, talk over, or go to commercial to her ALL THE TIME. And Joy is just a b!tch, get her off the show!

  8. JaundiceMachine says:

    I appreciate attempting to create a dialogue, but how many times can you beat a strawman down and still try to maintain neutrality?

    I disagree with everything Hasselbeck represents – including her modus operandi, but I still think that in order to have a healthy argument, you need to have both sides clearly represented.

    Hasselbeck may have some valid points, but no one will ever know because she chooses to whine and pout to get her views across. Sure, it makes for high entertainment value, but it undercuts the assumption of neutrality.

    In the spirit of debate, fire her ass and get someone who is articulated and eloquent to represent the conservative viewpoint. There has to be a couple qualified candidates . . .

  9. Suzy Sunshine says:

    Everyone hates Hasselcrack and rightfully so…she’s a mean-spirited hateful such and such. 👿

  10. lanette says:

    i don’t agree with some of what elisabeth says but i think it is good to hear both sides. i lost some respect for her when she dissed michelle obama at a republian event and then praised cindy mccain.
    i also can’t stand the fact that she won’t admit that Sarah Palin was a terrible pick for VP. Elisabeth admits nothing…..

  11. Codzilla says:

    Kaiser: Say what? I understand your point in terms of some fool who believes the Holocaust was fiction. But in regards to a debate between opposing political ideas, I think equal time is fair and necessary. Just because someone doesn’t share your beliefs line by line, does not mean they’re perpetuating lies, or too dense to see the light. It just means they see things differently.

  12. aspen says:

    LOL! There are more things to debate about than black/white factual issues like the Holocaust.

    Not every political issue is about genocide and someone lying about it.

    Let’s get some perspective for God’s sake!

    I’m one of those horrid conservative republicans you seem to so revile, but I’m neither a whiner nor a person who hates the very core of people who disagree with me, either. As a matter of fact, I was undecided about who to vote for in this election until late September.

    What I revile…is people who are too arrogant or foolish or both to CONSIDER the other viewpoints around them. People believe them and hold them for a reason. If you don’t even take an honest look about you now and then…you lose all sense of center and balance.

  13. RAN says:

    Yeah, I have to feel a bit sorry for little Lizzie here… she really doesn’t know how to argue diplomatically but then again, neither do the other (mean) women. However, I do agree she is entitled to her own opinion – just because other’s don’t agree with it, doesn’t diminish the validity.

  14. Feebee says:

    Elizabeth has admitted on different shows that she is in contact with the White House press office and she speaks to Sean Hannity in the morning(s?). So are they all her opinions or is she just getting the daily talking points explained to her??

  15. mojoman says:

    I dont watch the view anymore for several reasons:1) those women are like clucking hens talking on top one another, the points cant even relayed properly. 2)First time I listened to EH, I have the urge to take ibuprofen to ease the headache.

  16. Tina says:

    Now I see why the show is called “The View” instead of “Views.”

  17. Jeanne says:

    Let Whoopi have her cigs. How the hell she can stand being on that bitchfest they call “The View.” I’ve heard better discussions about current events and politics in Wal-Mart breakrooms. These broads don’t really represent the American public.

  18. snappyfish says:

    wait a second. Elisabeth has never once stated an opinion that wasn’t a repulican talking point. I have no idea if she has an opinion. She has spun the ‘Palin is an energy expert’ How? What does this woman know about energy.

    She is as much an energy expert as the king of saudi arabia is…they know how to spend the proceeds of oil and gas. An energy expert that is not.

    Just one example.

  19. kelly beckham says:

    cannot stand elizabeth~
    she is such a turn off for the show.
    now she can’t stop flexing.
    we get it.
    you work out~
    she adds nothing but the impluse to change the channel.
    i’m sure she stands in front of the mirror & pretends she is on live.
    here’s an idea…
    how about a real republican.
    i can hardly stand to watch her stupid.
    remarks & performed facial crap>
    lose her….