Barbra Streisand enraged that her dumb Bush skit tanked (update)

I am pretty liberal, but even I think this is dumb.

Barbra Streisand pissed everyone off at her recent NY concert by making them sit through a boring skit and duet she did with a Bush lookalike. When hecklers told her what they thought about paying big bucks to hear her sing and being forced to watch a contrived dialogue, she lost her cool and told them to f&$@ off:

Though most of the crowd offered polite applause during the slightly humorous routine, it had gone on a bit too long, especially for those who just wanted to hear Streisand sing like she had been doing for the past hour.

“Come on, be polite!” the well-known liberal implored during the sketch as she and “Bush” exchanged zingers. But one heckler wouldn’t let up. And finally, Streisand let him have it.

“Shut the (expletive) up!” Streisand bellowed, drawing wild applause. “Shut up if you can’t take a joke!”

Here’s a quick video of Barbra’s appearance with the Bush lookalike. The Bush guy says “I’ve got an iPod at home, it just says ‘Babs'” Uh, yeah, that’s really hip of you Barbra. This is just a clip and does not include Babs getting pissed off or talking at length with the guy, but there are chairs on the stage so they probably settled in afterwards for a thrilling heart to heart.

In contrast, I heard that Bruce Springsteen just used some quick sound bites of Bush talking about WMDs like he was psychic to justify the war. Madonna got heat for showing some visuals comparing Bush with Hitler, but at least she didn’t waste concert-goers time with a skit. And of course George Michael pulled out a giant blow up doll of Bush getting blown by an English Bulldog to mixed results.

There are cooler, more subtle ways to make your political opinions known, but Babs is just old and unaware of how to pull it off without looking like an idiot.

I couldn’t find the “f&$@ off” video on iFilm or YouTube yet. Once it hits the video sharing sites I’ll post it here.

Update: The guy who heckled Babs at her show may have been a “right wing plant,” but I still think it was dumb of her to respond and to do that played-out skit in the first place.

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  1. d. c. says:

    She’s a skank aiding and abetting the enemy.

  2. Kelley says:

    These people are being paid to entertain, this is no time to paste your political preferences on your audience. Unless they bought tickets to a political rally, I dont think they came there for it. This also goes for award shows and movie premiers, just because you are a celebrity does not mean you should get free air time, make a political endorsement ad and run it on tv if that is what you are after.

  3. asiya says:

    i really really really hate bush but she’s a singer who’s paid to sing and not to do some unfunny little sketch and waste her fans time!

  4. marines all the way says:

    Im a marine and even I can say, this war on terror is nothing but a way to, mislead, violate, discuise, and take advantage of the american people by using their pain of Sep 11 to hide someone’s and i’m nto saying who’s own agenda. This man has ruined our reputation as a nation, and has made life hell for american living overseas am dunsafe, if we were a hated nation before and were unsafe then, we are an even more hated nation now and even less safe than we ever were before.

    There are 50 times more troops in Iraq than there are in Afghanistan, why? We have torn a country apart and now there is a civil war in Iraq, there is no progress in Aghanistan, the troops are abandoned there, and teh real war is over there!

    I can see why the world sees us as stupid idots that are agorgant and ignorant, it’s one thing to elect a tyrant once, because you have no idea who he really is, and we hoped he would be better than his father, instead he violates our trust and our lives by sending us into a war with no justification, after a man and his countries oil, instead of going after the REAL man who was responable for all our loss. But to RE-elect him just so he could send more of us into Iraq, then wage a war against Lebanon which has nothing to do with terrorism at all, or had any standing in the sept 11th attacks, by supporting a Zionist state, who had planned the invasion for october but had to push the date up because of the missing soldiers, using that as a reason to INVADE, and kill over 1.500 people in less than a month 75% being children none above the age of 10 (I’m not anti sametic I happen to be Semetic)…well that made me question the IQ of my own country too.

    I just have one question, how do we throw out a president when he was getting it on with his secretary, but keep a president who has commmited war crimes against humanity?

  5. Celebitchy says:

    Right on, Marines, I completely agree with you. How is getting a blowjob then skirting the question even close to ordering an illegal war and faking the data to get there? So many troops and civilians have died. People in the US don’t even have healthcare and they are wasting billions of dollars in a war they were told by a team of military experts, including Bush Sr’s cabinet members, would fail.

  6. marines all the way says:

    I know, and look at how unsafe our schools have become, I mean come on this is just nutts 6 girls died because a man was angry at God?! What makes us different than people who CLAIM to kill in the name of God?

    The kidnappings, the drugs, the sex slaves, the human smuggling, the prositution, the gang wars and street shootings, the rapes, the child molesting. We have the beautiful white house but just TWO blocks away of it is the getto, and then hurricaine katrina happened which just threw apart of our nation back 20 years, and then poor medical coverage AND SO MUCH MORE.

    I mean come on, if this is America in a time of peace on the homeland, well I’d hate to see what it would look like in a time of war, and at this rate, we have more chances of breaking into a civil war than an attack from the enemy an ocean away, our enemies don’t even have to do anything anymore, we are doing the work for them and they are laughing in our faces and yet we still think we are the greatest nation in the world, what a load of crap, we are nothing more than a hypacritical, ignorant, agorgant country, lets face it the only we war america has waged and ever won is WW2, we lost Korea, we lost veitnam, we lost somalia, we lost kosavo, we lost Iraq one and two, we lost against Lebanon TWISE, and now we are losing against afghanistan….when is it going to be enough, huh? How many wars do we have to lose and wage before we realize…we are the most unsucessful military in the world and the only thing that keeps us in power is our nukes.

    Don’t get me started at how much our sountry is in dept too…

    this is just too much how did we get thsi way honestly…what happened?

  7. marines all the way says:

    Sorry for the typos people, my mind was working alot faster than my fingers lol.

  8. xiaoecho says:

    marines all the way….it did my heart good to read your posts. Bush and Co truly frighten me. Our government uncritically follows the States into any and every war they wage. If one uses the phrase ‘corparate facism’ they are accused of hysteria but the parallels are undeniable. The elites have become so unaccountable and so brazen that even people who normally wouldn’t give a toss are becoming outraged. The tide is turning slowly but I’m pessimistic.

    As for Streisand – Look what happens when someone tries to voice dissent? He is told to shut up and the majority applaud. I’m surprised they didn’t accuse him of being a terrorist

  9. Action says:

    Steisand should do what she does best and SING. Her acting is pathetic and to add political stances into a show were people are not paying (big bucks!) for that, is not giving the people what they paid for–her singing.

    Her divaness is annoying. I’m glad people boo’d her. Maybe she’ll cut it out of the next performance so that way she doesn’t need to drop the F-bomb on the next crowd.

    And no, I’m not pro-Bush either.

  10. Viv says:

    I would be PISSED if I paid GOOD MONEY to hear someone sing and instead was subjected to their tirade with crappy IPod jokes… and then get cursed at by some big nosed brat. That’s out of line. There’s no reason to use such foul language.

    That’s just BUllSHit.

  11. xiaoecho says:

    Viv, why do the 2 el’s in BUllSHit remind me of the twin towers?

  12. Viv says:

    Oh TOUCHE, Xiaoecho… I like the way you think.

  13. HateHypocrites says:

    Babs needs to just shut up and sing. She is nothing but a paid puppet.

    Remember her environmental campaign? Telling mainstream America to hang their laundry out to dry instead of using their dryers to save energy?? However, she lives in a 25,000 square foot home, drives a gas guzzler and flies on a private jet. Hmmmmm…..what a stupid b*tch.

  14. marines all the way says:

    Hey Celebitchy I have some pressing concerns to ask you, has anything I said now or inthe past been offsive to you or anyone on this board, has anyone reported me as an abuser or anything? I’m just curious,because if I am I apologise, I didn’t mean to cause any offence to anyone. I was just stateing my opinion.

  15. laura says:

    Dear Marines All the Way,

    You have more than earned the right to speak your mind freely, so please don’t worry about anyone you may (or may not) have offended. (I happen to be 100% in agreement!) My husband, too, is a proud Marine — he served his country for 4 years, just a year out of high school (and tells me “Once a Marine, always a Marine!”). With you, he’s in equally great company! Semper Fi and thanks!


  16. Viv says:

    Marines, I love your raw portrayal of the war from your POV and the emotion you display in your messages. It’s certainly not disagreeable with me. (Yeah, I know you were talking to Cele|bitchy, but I felt I had to throw in my 2 cents).

  17. HateHypocrites says:

    We are proud of our Marines! You rock!

    If you appreciate your freedom…..thank a soldier!

  18. marines all the way says:

    Thanks guys I just needed know I wasn’t hurting anybody.

  19. some guy says:

    I just want to know what history book you read which states that we lost the Korean war….or the war in Kosovo…or the first Iraq war…

    Something profound by howard zinn, no doubt…

    No offense to you and your service, but I call into question anyone who would openly state the the US lost the korean war. Do you not see in the news that there exists to seperate Korea’s, a north and a south? ANd that the north koreans, aided by communist china and russia, were the ones attempting to take over the south, but were thwarted by the government at large and the united states?

    And iraq 1? The purpose of that war was to remove saddam from the soverign nation of kuwait. which we did. in around 2 months.

    I’m sorry, but your serving aside, I call into question the credibility of someones opinion who is ignorant of such basic US history.

    Why did you join the marines, anyway?

  20. brangelinaarethepitts says:

    some guy…’Why did you join the Marines, anyway’

    Calling into question someones patriotism because they question their leaders actions or policy is unconscionable.
    It is a citizens DUTY to his fellow citizens to hold their elected representatives to account.
    THEY SERVE US remember. Not the other way around. Marines is actually behaving as a patriot should.

  21. Celebitchy says:

    Hey Marines,
    I am really honored that you contribute your comments to the site and you have only made me proud of what great readers I have. My mom told me she read your comments and was impressed by them. If I had a rating system or something you would get a lot of points, so don’t be concerned about offending anyone. Obviously most people agree with you.

  22. marines all the way says:

    Some guy,

    We lost Korea because there was no progress made, we are dealing with Korea again today, we lost Kosovo because it is still as bad as it was before, if not worse, and as for Iraq how can you called GW1 a victory when we left the Iraqi people to that mans mercy, do you know what happened to the army that pulled out of kuwait, do you know what Saddam did to them, he exicuted them. Then he terrorized his people for the failure, taking out all his fristrations on them. We failed because we only did half of the job, if we had gone all the way, the we should have, Iraq wouldn’t be in the Civil war it’s in today, we wouldn’t have lost so many soldiers, and we wouldn’t be having our military humiliated because of abu graib, jessica lynch, the contractors being dragged on the streets and then hung out on a bridge burnt, marines ( that group of men arent marines ) raping and shooting a 12 year old girls, the constant tension our soldiers live with everyday because we can’t go into a mess hall without hearing on the MIC IN COMING MOTAR INCOMING INCOMING. All of these things must be taken into account, and lets not forget, the arabs arent happy with our involvment anymore, that is our greatest failure, in order for a victory, we need the acceptance of that region, which we will never acheieve anymore, it’s gotten too bloody, its gotten too disorganised, the soldiers don’t know what they are fighting for, and they feel like their leader has forsakened them, we STILL have humvees that are in peices, we STILL pick up glass and metal from the streets to renforce out vehicles, we still carry weapons that jam more often than they fire, we still lose convoys and contractor trucks, the death toll is higher than I care to count, and all of us just want to go home, how can you call GW1 a victory when here we are in GW2?!

    How is this a victory, when the very military our leader had sent is broken? We are all so filled with frustration we’ve grown cold and just want to shoot the next thing that moves being woman or child we don’t care, we don’t know who we are fighting, so the idea is “lets just shoot em all, so we can f*cking go home!”

    A victory is when a conflict ends period. WW1 was a failure because we had WW2, but after that we won thats why you don’t see Nazi’s as rercuiters, because the conflict ended. The Gulf War was a failure before and now it’s a greater failure, we’ve lost far to many good people, and the Iraqi people have lost 20 times more, that victory isn’t even in the cards anymore, it’s gone, all we can do is pull out, but pride won’t let us, our vanity keeps us here, and it’s killing us.

    We know where the war is and we are losing it, we are focusing all our power and money on Iraq, we want to fight in it but we’re here…we’ve torn a country in two, and our country back home is in two as well because so many are against it now than ever before, yet they still send us here, they plan on keeping us here till 2010! It’s 2006…just 4 years into the war….and our death tool is 1000+, now we are staying till 2010…I’m sorry to tell you guys, but you guys are going to be seeing more of us come home in caskets and body bags (I’ve actually bought the casket I want to be burried in lol because theres just something inside me that says ” well…your going to come home dead either way” if I come home still breathing I’ll still be dead inside, there is no way I’m going to be the same person i was in 2003, there is just no way.)

    I joined the Marines so I could serve my country, and protect it, but how can I do that, when my focus is on something else, I should be in Afgahnistan, I should be hunting down the man who broke my countries heart, I should be fighting for TRUTH, and freedom, and JUSTICE, I should be feeling like an honorable person, but I am the exact oposite of it all. i amnot serving my country I am serving a man and his agenda’s, if I were serveing you, you wouldn’tbe living in fear you wouldnt have green days and red days, you would just have days. PERIOD.

    This is no war some guy, we don’t have a military we are fighting against, we are fighting against people that will wake up one morning and say ” hey I want to kill soldiers” and they go off and do it, it’s completely random, we have no idea who we are fighting, and that should be insentive enough to pull us out, but we’re still here, for the oil.

    Some guy, a victory isn’t about how long it took, it’s about making the results stick, we failed in the first gilf war because we are in the second, we failed korea because we are still DEALING with Korea, swallow your pride for once and open your eyes, it doesn’t matter what the history books say, we are here, now, I’m fighting this “war” and I am telling you, we’ve lost!

  23. marines all the way says:

    Heres a little fact for you SOME GUY

    Six hundred THOUSAND Iraqi’s have died since the war began in 2003 in just 4 years, thats a bigger body count than Saddam ever had when he was in power, the Iraqi people and this is known fact say that they want Saddam back and us out and I quote “lama Saddam, kaan ma’ana’ kina ahsan min hallah” which means When Saddam was with us we were better off than we are now.

    When I hear an Iraqi say this to me, it’s like sword in my heart, because I feel like I lost good friends and I probablly will die in this, for nothing.

  24. Kelley says:

    I think Bush was re-elected because of who he ran against. People would rather stick with the devil they know. I voted for Bush both times, but let me say this, I think the concept that the current person in office automatically gets the parties nomination is crap. Each and every year they should give both parties a choice in their candidates for each election. Likewise, if someone runs for office they should not be allowed to drop out of the race after a few primaries. You are either in or out. We got stuck with Bush, becuase 1/4 in to the primaries 2 repulican candidates were gone, and by the time the primaries made it here, there were only 2 choices. Thats bull.

    Marine, you are a good person. However, as much as you feel negatativly towards the Iraq situation, I know people who are in the service who have been deployed there who not only think that we should be there, but who are most likely going to be going back since they have decided to stay in the service. A co-workers son has only been home 4 months and just re-upped and will be heading back over soon. Not all servicemen think your way, just like not all Americans think the same.

  25. marines all the way says:


    I havent even been back home since 2003, I dont even remeber what grass smells like, and I never said everyone feels this way, but everyone I’m surrounded by are just as agriavted as me, I know, not everyone feels this way, I never claimed everyone did, I’m just so sick and tried of people trying to justify why we are here or saying it’s worth it. I deal with the locals every single day ( I speak arabic fleuently), I know how they see us and I can’t blaime them, here the british are the do gooders, I’ve lost 8 good friends here 4 of them had families one had just gotten married, there is no way I can look onto their childrens eyes and say they died for a cause, don’t ask me to, cause it’s not true. When I leave the service I’m gonna be one of those protesters holding up a sign of Bush saying WANTED:President George W.Bush for crimes against humanity or George Bush Sr. should have withdrawn.

    I respect you Kelley, and your opinion it’s an open board discussion I just want people to hear another point of veiw.

  26. Kelley says:

    You’ve been deployed for 3 years? I must confess, I had no idea that was going on.

  27. marines all the way says:

    Yeah, thats not the first time some one has said that, there is plenty people don’t know what goes on here.

  28. Celebitchy says:

    marines I have a cousin over there and he has lost several people in his unit. I don’t really keep in touch with him and I should. At least you have Internet access, and you sound like such a thoughtful person. It must be so tiresome for you and I hope you get out soon. The whole situation is a mess that we never should have gotten into, and one that should have been caught early on. There is so much information that the pre-war intelligence was a lie, that the war was not justified, that it’s not working now . So many people have died for no reason other than greed.

    I am one of those protestors and I have been for a while. I live in Europe now and I spend my time gossiping about celebrities because sadly it’s a hell of a lot easier than facing the truth about what’s happening in the world and what people like you and the Iraqis have to deal with on a daily basis.

    It’s so obviously wrong and flawed. Everyone I know in the states feels the same way about it.

  29. marines all the way says:

    I am honored to meet you Celeb, hearing someone like you, with your veiws regenerates my hope. I have to admit I do get terrified when I lay out my opinions out there like I have, but I just can’t just stay silent anymore. I guess it was because I met a young woman here, she helped open my eyes. This girl is incrediably cultured she’s lebanese american living in Kuwait for 9 years now, she had made a song about all of this called a diffrent scale, she had hoped to send it protests and raise money for war victims but with elections going on I’m not too happy in telling her it may not get to the people she wants it to reach, do you have any advice that I can send her? Or would you like to get ahold of her yourself? I would very much like you to hear her song, it breaks my heart knowing that this is a voice that no one may ever hear, if you would like to listen to it I would be happy to send it to you, just let me know how.

  30. Celebitchy says:

    Marines, I have heard protest singers at events and one of my favorites is Stephan Smith

    I have also heard Woodie Guthrie live and some other artists too.

    Let’s see, the best way for her to get her song out would be online. She should try to get a myspace as well as e-mail with the main protest groups and try to network.

    Your opinions are safe with me, but you may consider using an IP proxy to make sure you don’t get in trouble at any point. That masks your IP address so it cannot be traced back to your computer. There are many at
    and my favorite are and If I were you I would do this every time I surfed any kind of controversial site or made a comment.

    People will hear her voice if you put it online, believe me. If you try to set up a myspace for her with information and pictures, and network with other people online that would be the best way as I mentioned.

    You can also research a bit more through google and if you want I will send you some links. E-mail me at info -at-

  31. marines all the way says:

    Thanks alot Celeb thats actually very kind of you, much appreciated.

  32. Action says:

    Lordy, Lordy, I guess it’s anti-Bush/anti-war day here at Celebitchy. I’m not FOR the war or Bush, but if I wanted to read about politics I’d go some place else. I come here for the escapism gossip.

    Marines, thanks for serving our country. I appreciate it. Your opinion is valid as is everyone elses. So if you’re ‘sick’ of hearing how this war is justified, I guess they are probably ‘sick’ of hearing how it’s not. Just a thought.

  33. marines all the way says:

    Action, I’m going to pretend that was an opinion, and not an insult, to me, and to everyone else INCLUDING celeb, who has also shared her opinions. If anyone has the right to tell us what to say and where on this site it’s celebitchy and so far no one has had a problem, except you, if YOU are sick of hearing people say how the war isn’t justified, just say so okay? You don’t need to speak for anyone, because they can speak for themselves. Just a thought.

  34. Action says:

    Nope, I’m not sick of hearing how the war is not justified, because I don’t think it is justified. We went in under wrong pretenses and can’t get back out because we didn’t plan in advance and were too stupid to see the outcome before we went in. I’ve completely agreed with what you’ve said.

    However, I AM tired of the political talk. It’s boring and better suited for a different venue, not a celebrity bitching board. But now that I just added to the political talk (actually more war talk than political, but I’ll still call it that) it’s pot calling the kettle black.

    Happy now, marine? 🙂

    That said, I don’t see how what I said was at all in insult to you. I said you were entitled to your opinion and that it was valid. I just pointed out an obvious fact. You said you were tired of hearing how the war isn’t valid. Ok, that’s a fact. You can assume there are people just like you on the other side of the fence who are tired of hearing people say that the was isn’t valid. If that was insulting to you–then you are too easily insulted.

  35. marines all the way says:

    Then I apologise if I seem to have misunderstood your preious post, I assumed you were mocking the subject, which I AM very sensitive about, it’s not very often I find people I can talk to who have the same opinion as me, and are willing to voice it. It just happenes to have happen on here, and I come here alot, to get away from …all of this. I asked celebitchy if there was a problem with my choosing to discuss this subject here an dif I offended anyone, and I was told it was alright.

    This isn’t political or war talk, it’s discussing various veiws on what is happening to our world, I’ll assume you read my posts on all this, and peoples opinions are never boring, at least not to me. Weither it being about politics or talking about the latest soap opera, it’s never boring.

    I value all who share what they believe, it’s not something that should be taken for granted. I’m not saying you take anything for granted, I’m just saying you should be a little more understanding.

    I enjoy this site, because they have been so gracious and understanding and I love how balanced they are, this is about the only thing I enjoy over here, but if you want to ruin it for me, then go ahead. I’ll give up my alone time permanently and stay on duty.

    Dah forget it, I never should have opened my trap in the first place, it hurts it really does. But I’ll keep everything I’ve got inside like a good soldier.

    Bye guys, thank you so much for letting em rant Celeb, you have no idea how much it helped.

  36. Celebitchy says:

    Marines and everyone else, talk about whatever the hell you want. Celebrities and politics aren’t separate. This site is just starting to get popular and the comments are going to explode. That’s great and your comments only add to the site.

    The content is going to remain gossip-focused but people have talked about their personal lives a lot and about politics and war and anything else in the comments because it does relate to the content. I’m going to comment about politics too if someone brings it up because it’s an open discussion.

    I don’t really care what people talk about and it’s up to you guys. In one thread people were debating single parenthood.

    I do try to be understanding of everyone even though I rip on the celebrities and I know that some of you are not into hearing about politics, so I barely ever mention it – except when there’s a juicy bit of gossip that intersects politics and entertainment and this story and the one about Swarzenegger being a skeeve is another.

    Anyway it’s all talk and it’s all good.

    Marines don’t feel bad, people talk smack all the time. That’s what the Internet is for. People can be really rude too and that’s their issue, you don’t have to respond.

    I do agree that opinions are interesting and it’s great to hear everyones. You are serving the country and you deserve a lot of credit. You can talk here all you want and I love to hear what you have to say.

    I’m not going to tell people what to talk about, and I hope at some point there will be so much talk that I won’t be able to keep up.

  37. xiaoecho says:

    Celebitchy…I love the celeb/humanitarian, celeb/activist posts because they broaden the subject of fame, and it’s uses and abuses. your setup (with a separate box for every story) makes it easy to stay away from topics that bore you. The celeb/politics posts seem to get the most passionate responses and go beyond the superficiality of mere fame. Keep it up

  38. serving says:

    So called Marine.

    BS on serving in Iraq 3 years straight. Worst case is 1 year in and 1 year out. DWELL rules mandated by OSD will NOT allow what you are saying to happen. Makes me question your whole editorial. We also don’t all have your opinon (you are very much a minority).