Kristen Stewart on Glamour UK, “I’m kind of repulsed by jocks from anywhere”


Kristen Stewart covers the December issue of Glamour UK, all to promote Part I of Breaking Dawn. Most of the interview is Kristen discussing the film and there’s very little of her talking about subjects that are often tricky for her – like the paparazzi, or her education (and lack there of) or whether Sparkles is officially her boyfriend. Kristen still curses up a blue streak in this interview (just like her GQ UK piece), but this is one of the friendlier pieces I’ve ever read with Kristen – meaning she came across as open, not so twitchy, and like she’s a reasonably well-adjusted young woman. Here are some highlights from the interview:

The sex scenes had to be re-edited so there wouldn’t be an R-rating: “It was so weird, it didn’t even feel like we were doing a Twilight film. I was like, ‘Bella! What are you doing? Wow! What is happening here?!’ It was very surreal. We [originally] got rated R. They re-cut it.”

More on Breaking Dawn: “It doesn’t get more action-packed… [But] they definitely get more physical. Well, they get married. We totally have sex – finally!”

Sparkles on the sex scenes: “I’m looking forward to the pillow-biting scene. I thought that was so funny. Of all the random things too do, really? He bites the pillow.”

Working out to prepare for the sex scenes: “Usually we all make fun of Taylor for working out so often, and then suddenly me and Rob were like ‘S***’ and were running around the block while Taylor laughed at us.”

The wedding scene: “I had to be shrouded in secrecy the entire two days of filming. It was crazy… I was on full lockdown, as if I was wearing millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds. It was one of those moments you go, ‘This is something to remember,’ and you want to put yourself in the experience so that it doesn’t pass you by. It ended up being great for everyone, I think.”

Kristen on her relationship with Sparkles: “It’s funny when this question comes up, because I sort of feel like, I don’t really care! People can say whatever they want…. [The interest] is totally understandable, but when it’s personal to you, it’s like your life becomes a product and I’m repelled by that. I don’t like to give away gems that people are gonna be like. ‘Oh my God!’ So I’ll always just shrug it off — in fact, I always find it kind of funny, and not just with Rob.”

On how she’s not as nervous as she was in 2007: “That’s a fair assessment. I don’t think there was much behind it other than I was young, and expecting it, and trying way too hard to be ‘not fake’. When I was younger, I’d look around and see these people, even people I knew, start to do an interview and become a completely different person. I was always scared of being like that. Someone would [ask a question] and you could see my whole thought process on my face. It’s like, ‘Hide that s–t! What are you doing?'”

On whether she ever Googles herself: “Not any more, man. I do like to look at what I wear, though. It’s not like I put on a f–king dress and don’t care about it after.”

On whether she prefers American jocks or British lads: “Well, I’m kind of repulsed by jocks from anywhere, so I have to go with the lads.”

On comparing London life to the States: “In L.A. you have to be fairly selective about where you go, but I’m so fine here. It’s similar to New York, in that people are doing their own thing and they feel like they’re probably cooler than you, so I tend to be able to get around very easily. We have bars, clubs and restaurants [in the US], but here you go to the pub for the afternoon and you have lunch. In an American publication, that would seem like, ‘She’s hitting the bars in London!’ but it’s just a different mentality here.”

On Sparkles being the Sexiest Man In the World: “The first time Rob was the ‘sexiest man in the word’, a couple of years ago, it was the biggest joke in the world. We never stopped taking the piss and neither did he. [But] they’re all great guys and not … geez, now I sound like I’m generalizing about attractive men, but there’s something a little vain about working out every single day, whereas they’re the greatest guys and all kind of goofy. That’s why it’s so funny.”

[From ONTD & The Mail]

I imagine she does like it better in England – there are so rarely new photos of her, and she probably is able to keep a lower profile, for whatever reason. I also like her admission about how she used to try so hard to be “not fake” in interviews. I would argue that she’s still that girl, though, but she is improving. Oh, and “repulsed by jocks”? Repulsed? Seriously? That’s a sweeping generalization.





Glamour UK photos courtesy of ONTD.

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  1. Stubbylove says:

    She is getting more beautiful with age – she photographs well – the acting is another story.

  2. Astrid says:

    Odd poses are a turn off.

  3. Sweetpea says:

    Damn, major photoshop alert on that second pic… Her right thigh is the same size as her upper arm! Gross.
    EDIT @Stubbylove: ‘She is getting more beautiful with age’?? Seriously? She’s, what, 21?

  4. ladybert62 says:

    I dont know what they have done but she actually looks pretty in these pictures – usually I think she is plain looking.

    Dont like the clothes or the nail polish.

  5. lolaluvsu says:

    nice pics, but really? turned off by jocks? i could understand their (and i’m generalizing here) mentality might be a bit “low” but the bodies. Come on!

  6. Green_Eyes says:

    She looks quite stunning. Think she does get prettier as she ages… Agree she is a bit more relaxed in this interview..but still has a way to go…

  7. Dibba says:

    Would it kill her to smile? Is she hiding some nasty teeth?

  8. jermsmom says:

    I know it is popular to hate on her, but I actually kind of “get” her. She reminds me of my middle son in many ways – he’s a ham of a musician and really a people person but he tries so hard not to be fake that he can come across as a real jerk or ungrateful when he is far from it. All the “regular” filters are kind of gone in an interview and she just says what she is thinking AT THAT MOMENT…if that makes sense. I would much prefer to read her twitchy, uncomfortable, often rash generalizations of what she is thinking at the time of the interview than some other celebrity saying the “right” thing.

  9. NM9005 says:

    I totally get her take on keeping relationships to yourself. I don’t get all those celebs that blab about every little thing going on in their (love) life. Plus when you break up, you don’t have to face all that ‘haha told you so’ mentality of the people who never believed in the relationship anyway. And the never-ending questions about why you broke up. It blows up in their faces. If you don’t say that much about it, the interviewer will find it dificult to find an angle to ask questions.

  10. Quest says:

    Repulsed by jocks…oh yeah, I am repulsed by:

    hair grabbing
    tongue biting
    lip curling
    did I say eyerolling
    finger biting

    but, hey, that is just me. And I just wanna add that KStew maybe looking better but we should thank photoshop as Sweetpea stated. We should not compare KStew to fine aged wine

  11. lee says:

    to be fair, I probably would have said the exact same thing about being repulsed by jocks when I was her age and too cool for school.

    although, I am now married to a beautiful lady carpenter, so maybe that would explain my repulsion. ;p

  12. spinner says:

    She is a beautiful girl. I can understand her being guarded. She is growing into herself which will only improve with age.

  13. stelt says:

    I lkie her i know she get a lot of hate but we all know why?

  14. Cheat says:

    I feel like Ted “Twilight” Casablanca with this one. Seriously, I am surprised he does not have Twilight tattooed on his chest. Anyway, back in the day when the franchise first started filming, this actor was hooking up with this actress who played his sister. Well, what was not known at the time by that actress was that he was also hooking up with another of his sisters who we will call sister #2. Sister #1 disappeared from the picture at some point, but despite everything that has gone on with our actor and another actress from the movie, he keeps going back to sister #2. Apparently they got noise complaints last night in a European hotel because they were so loud in bed.

    Sparkly slept with Ashely greene wow He could do better.

  15. sassenach says:

    I wonder if they padded this interview. Kristen is obviously American and I have only ever heard British saying “Taking the piss.” In any case, she looks lovely but she try something different with her face when she has her next photoshoot. All of her pictures look the same.

  16. Rhiley says:

    Anything is better than Ashley Green.

  17. Victoria says:

    pretty photoshopping. for once i don’t want to slap her. a lot. work for our money bitch and just say yea or neigh about rpattz.

  18. NotEmo says:

    Same old same old. Nothing new or exciting from Ms. Stewart or about Ms. Stewart. All of her angst about not being fake is so very adolescent. As in line with a 13 year old. Glad to hear she is finally beginning to mature.

  19. Scarlet Vixen says:

    In the fist pic (the cover) it looks like she’s smelling her own armpit.

    With the right makeup artist and photoshopping literally ANYONE can look beautiful. And, she’s making the SAME FACE IN EVERY PICTURE. Ugh…I just can’t with this girl…

  20. Lila says:

    It does sound weird, to say she gets better with age, but I feel like people’s appearance can change from 18 to 21. She is beautiful, I like that she is obviously natural. Never really got why people went all gaga over Ashley Greene and her Michael Jackson nose, I always though Nikki Reed (without the hideous blond hair) and Kristen were way better looking. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’ve said it before, but I’m kind of over the Kristen Stewart hate. Lots of celebrities stick their foot in their mouths, but she is the one of the few that everyone always seems to call out. Rob Pattinson says all sort of weird stuff and curses a lot most of the time and yet is called “charming.” Seems kind of sexist. Justin Timberlake was high as a kite on Letterman and only Gawker mentioned it. Girl is only 21, too. She actually sounded pretty good in that interview, minus the jock comment, but it seems like every publication picks through and tries to find the one possibly offensive comment she makes and then puts it as a headline.

  21. Sim says:

    “To clear things up, there is a major difference between a jock and athletes. Jocks tend to abuse their popularity, while the athletes don’t really mind who they talk to or hang out with.”

    This according to Urban Dictionary.

    To me there has always been a difference between a jock and an athlete.

    Maybe for her it is the same thing.

    I do agree that this was one of her better interviews.

  22. Reece says:

    Less grating. Still. This is all stuff she’s said before. *snore* I do have to wonder if it is lack of a competent journalist or what.
    Her head does not look attached to her body in the cover shot. Her shoulder is huge! What did they do?
    I like that dress though. However, the black looks like Death of the Bride.

  23. Sarah says:

    I think it is possible to become prettier with age, even while you are still very young. It is easy to see that a person’s looks can mature as they enter young adulthood, and someone can go from being cute to beautiful.

  24. Angel says:

    Whatever. I am also repulsed by jocks, and yes that is a generalization. So what.

    She is so scatterbrained, though. It’s cute, but she should practice speaking in complete sentences in front of a mirror or something, at least for interviews. Sometimes it’s a little hard to follow.

    I’ve always found her very beautiful. If she were a few inches taller I think she could have been very successful as a model. (Just read that she is 5’6! She seems sooo much taller, which is odd since everyone is always screaming about her bad posture).

  25. T.C. says:

    She’s repulsed by jocks like she said because she’s not into working out. Considers working out on your body “vain”. That’s probably because she is naturally skinny. Most people have to work out to maintain a healthy weight. There is nothing vain about working out. It’s good for your health, your mind, and not everyone is born with good genes.

    But I will give the girl a break, she is young. When she gets over 30 she will need to start working out to maintain her weight. There will be no more talks about working out = vain or jocks are repulsive.

  26. ZenB!tch says:

    I hate jocks too. Their attitude kills anything else for me. There is nothing more repugnant than an LA Laker (yes, I live in LA).

  27. kara ann says:

    Her eye-rolling persona has always annoyed me. Reading the posts here on her lip-biting, eye-rolling persona has given me great laughs though! If she has matured, I guess I’ll stop reading about her because I find her boring. Lastly, because I dislike the “Twilight” so much, it is difficult not to get tired of her because of it. Maybe, she’ll turn out to be a good actress and I’ll like her. We’ll see.

  28. Camille says:

    She looks great in the photos and I liked the interview.

  29. Lindy says:

    You know, I really like her. Sorry, but I do. She is smart, witty, and seems like she has some actual depth and intellectual curiosity underneath all the surface stuff. And she is honestly just beautiful. (And I’m not a Twihard, loathe the books, have never and will never see the films, so it’s not like that’s my motivation). Also, I find jocks repulsive, too.

    And there’s a difference between and athlete and a jock. Roger Federer? Athlete. Tom Brady? Jock.

  30. Lila says:

    @ Lindy, I like her too for some reason. Maybe I like the underdogs, but like I said before it irritates me that most of the other twilight stars get away with stuff and yet she is always the punching bag.

  31. Kim says:

    Of course she is repulsed by jocks. She is a junk food eating, chain smoker who treats her pale ugly body like crap. Never seen a movie with her in it – never will. If shes in it certainly i dont want to see whatever piece of crap it is.

  32. Michelle says:

    I, too, am repulsed by jocks. Perhaps she was referring to a very specific type of athletic person. Perhaps not. I don’t know. But as far as what I find attractive, I really hate muscular men. I find it gross. I like someone a little more normal. If they work out, fine. I don’t care. But six packs and pecs, etc. I find it disgusting, visually. Not my thing. And there are a good number of women out there that would agree with me.

  33. katie says:

    im anti-jock as well. dated guys like that and they tend to be just as perfectionistic about their girlfriends bodies. rather date someone who doesnt expect their body to have women drool over them, and doesnt ask me when im gonna go on a diet. pass..

  34. Crimson & Clover says:

    @ Sassenach

    I doubt it’s padded. I had an Aussie boyfriend for 2 years and I picked up a whole new vocabulary from him.

    And re: photoshop, I think this is one of her least-shopped spreads all year. Airbrushed for sure (as is every photoshoot), but the shop is under control.

  35. Kay says:

    Dibba, show me a fashion mag with models smiling on every cover and every spread otherwise just shut up lol.

  36. Moonbeamz says:

    Damn this girl gets prettier every time I see her. I like her. If I were famous, I’d wanna be friends 🙂

  37. Angb says:

    Agree with her about the jocks comment, never found that type attractive either. Nice interview and pics.

  38. kikay says:

    This is what natural beauty means.The girl just can’t take bad pictures.I never seen silk looks good on anybody,but she sure pulls it off good,she could make a good model.

  39. jamie says:

    She’s just not likeable. I read quotes from her and it’s just whining and try-hard swearing. I think she’d be an absolute pill to be around.

  40. almond says:

    Very nice styling and photoshopping. She looks prettier than usual. The interview is better, too. Maybe she’s slowly maturing or something. It’s easy not to mean-girl her when she’s not spewing idiocy after idiocy.

  41. Micki says:

    …”because I sort of feel like” she doesn’t have much to say and articulation is beyond her

  42. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I think she meant people who ONLY work out, or work out all the time? I have no idea. She is very beautiful but the girl is so twitchy in interviews she takes away from most of her natural beauty.

  43. cris says:

    I love Kristen for their authenticity, for his undeniable talent, his rebellion by not accepting standards …. she is really smart and focused!
    It will be a great actress!
    Who will see live!