Linnocent claims her new veneers are just her old meth teeth, whitened


Linnocent just tweeted (or “Who Say’d”) the above photo with the message, “Thanks Dr. Dorfman for the zoom… My gums are so sore though!” Because Linnocent wants us to believe that her new, shiny, bright white teeth are the product of simply “Zoom” teeth whitening, I suppose. As opposed to getting some new crackie veneers put on now that she’s got Playboy firecrotch money burning a hole in her crack pocket, I suppose. After LL showed up at an event two weeks ago looking like this:


Many of us theorized that perhaps her old crack veneers were repossessed by some loan shark. Or perhaps they had just deteriorated through normal activities for LL: smoking crack, smoking meth, rubbing coke on her gums, drinking, gargling with Jack, smoking cigs, et cetera. Shortly after that cracked out appearance, however, LL began flashing some brighter teeth – she must have gone in for an emergency cleaning or something. Anyway, they looked better. And now she’s just gone ahead and gotten new veneers, only we’re not supposed to know that, we’re just supposed to think that those little methy corn teeth turned big and bright and white by magic.

Oh, and Us Weekly points out that Dr. Bill Dorfman, is “a high-profile, L.A-based dentist who’s worked with such stars as Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Anne Hathaway, Usher and Ozzy Osbourne.” LL also wants us to know that she sees The Dentist to the Stars.

LL is due back in court this week – on Wednesday! This is the hearing for sentencing, right? Because the judge found her in violation of her probation? I’m sure it will be a cracked-out extravaganza. Something to look forward to. Speaking of, here are some photos of Linnocent on morgue duty on Friday. She was waving to her sister Ali, who had come to visit her… at the morgue. This family.




Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. yt says:

    My goodness. Those teeth are so much whiter, straighter across the edges, and BIGGER. Bet they cost her some $$$.

    ETA: Maybe the dentist gave her free services for tweeting and other good stuff.

  2. Lucky Charm says:

    Three more days! I really hope that she gets the maximum sentence, to be served only IN JAIL.

  3. mew says:

    She could have bulimia too, like Amy, her face is similar way puffy plus the teeth.. of course, could be just drugs. eck.

  4. Paul Frehley says:

    Having her sister visit her at her community service just goes to prove that no one in this family knows any kind of boundaries. You don’t get visitors at court appointed community service.

    They all make me sick.

  5. Laurie M. says:

    The shape & size of her teeth have totally changed! It us undoubtedly veneers and NOT just a Zoom whitening.

  6. RocketMerry says:

    You know, to give her the benefit of the doubt I actually went and zoomed in (I know. *shudders*). I concur, those are veneers. Big, bright, shiny, whitey veneers.
    Since I was there (I know!)I gave a long hard look at her receding hairline and came to the conclusion that she’s not vapid and clueless from drugs but from actual hair bleach. It MUST have seeped in by now.
    Also, and lastly, being still zoomed in (I KNOW!), the can on the counter looks like Orangeade or something. So why does the liquid in the glass look bubble-less and deep yellow?

  7. Annie says:

    As someone who has veneers I’ll be willing to bet that’s a temporary grill/flipper, not veneers. Here’s the thing – although the veneers themselves only take one or two visits, you cannot just suddenly run out and get veneers if you have active decay and/or gum disease, both of which Lindsay was showing sure signs of. No dentist would just throw them over unhealthy teeth and gums because it would be potentially dangerous to the person’s health celeb or not. When I got mine my dentist didn’t think my gums were healthy enough and made me prep with regular pro cleanings for six months prior. And believe me, my dental hygeine has always been much, much better than Lohan’s. If someone is an active drug addict or active bulimic they are simply not a candidate for cosmetic work such as veneers. If they are in recovery the dentist would monitor them for a while first until the deterioration had stabilized. And any dentist would be able to tell Lindsay’s lifestyle habits whatever lies she spins. All she would have had done is a clean, a few fillings and gotten some new snap on teeth.

  8. Hugh Mungus says:

    What an accomplishment!! She walks around like a happy freaking idiot while the world laughs at her.

  9. SCREEEE says:

    Lindsay stared in disbelief at her Twitter feed, then got distracted by the glorious reflection in the mirror she had taped to her second-hand laptop. Then of course the mirror made her think of sea jasper, so she poured a small cup’s worth onto her desk and snorted like it was going out of fashion.

    Eventually she came back to her Twitter feed, and she felt some of the joy from her jasper buzz wear off. What was WRONG with the world?! Hadn’t she just TOLD these people she’d only gotten her teeth whitened?! Why were they trusting their jealous, hater EYES over *HER* word? Unbelievable. Everyone knows the truth is whatever you decide it is – hadn’t these people even been homeschooled? That was, like, the MAIN lesson!! She decided then and there that something had to be done about the poor education in this country. “POOTIE!” she sexily screamed, “GET ME THE PRESIDENT ON THE PHONE, I HAVE TO-” Then she broke off, distracted by the intense beauty she could see in the mirror.

  10. Shannon says:

    @mew I think it might be a combination of drugs and bulimia and smoking tobacco. The speed at which her teeth became so fugged up makes me think this. Meth and crack take time to make teeth that bad. I guess it’s hard to know though, given her veneer situation. She could have been hiding the slow and steady progress of decay caused by the drugs with the veneers. Stupid bitch needs to realize that if she keeps treating her real teeth so badly, there won’t be anything to attach the veneers to eventually. And getting them removed and put back on so often probably isn’t good for the teeth – don’t most veneers require that the teeth get shaved down a bit so people don’t end up looking like Mr. Dink from Doug?

    Also, who is that nurse person? Is she LL’s morgue minder, to make sure she doesn’t slip into a room and try to smoke the formaldehyde?

  11. Blue says:

    This chick wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and poured her a drink. Those are brand spanking new teeth. Her relationship with her sister is weird. She doesn’t go anywhere without her. I feel so sorry for Ali. Poor kid, she’s been seeing and knowing way too much for way too long.

  12. thinkaboutit says:

    I thought that was Leann Rimes. It’s a completely new smile, don’t try that Zoom crap with us, honey, we have access to the BEFORES, not just the after!

  13. Original Tiffany says:

    Thank God the Cracken covered her crack teefs! They were so gross to look at, never mind the gunk and plaque, way to use a toothbrush, Crackie!

    They call her yuckmouth, cuz she don’t brush, how about a little kiss?

    Please tell me I am not the only one who remembers that on TV as a kid?

    Also, it’s Sunday! Time for a Crackgate party!

  14. Madisyn says:

    Karen and Aqua, your in.


    Days of CS/Jail?/16 hrs Total or Wkly?

    bellaluna – To Be Announced
    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    LeeLoo – 1/Yes/16 Total
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Sillyone – 2/No/16 Wkly
    Morticians – 2/No/16 Wkly
    Lady D – 2/No/16 Total
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    ladybert62 – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    Seal Team – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    HannahF – 2/Yes/16 Total
    Cathy – 2/Yes/16 Total
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Dawning Red – 3/No/16 Wkly
    Lucky Charm – 3/Yes/16 Wkly
    Aqua – 3/Yes/16 Wkly
    Bess – 4/No/16 Wkly
    Original Tiffany – 4/Yes/16 Wkly
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes/16 Wkly
    Karen – 5/Yes/16 Wkly
    Nina – 6/No/16 Total
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total

  15. logan says:

    This twit must look through rose tinted glasses 24/7. Here’s hoping the judge is as blind as Lindsay thinks we all are. Nice chiclets.

  16. Kloops says:

    Awesome. Sticking to the script exactly. So transparent. Narcissist or moron or both? Both.

  17. Kasey says:

    LMOL! I’m thoroughly amused at the possibility that she thinks she so cleverly fooled us with that explanation!

  18. Jackson says:

    Who does this idiot think she’s fooling? No one, bitch. And I assume the lady in yellow works at the morgue? She looks to be enjoying herself a little too much with her famous community service pupil. Is this smug crackhead ever going to get what she deserves? Doubtful.

  19. Calli Pygian says:

    I wonder how long Cracken McMethMouth’s veneers will hold up under the chemical onslaught of her meth-tastic lifestyle.

    So delusional, it’s becoming funny.

  20. Poison Ivy says:

    Just bleached? C’mon who do U think ya foolin’?!

    Her rotten teeth reminded me of something and I finally figured out what:

  21. Criss says:

    She is still a beautiful woman with a lot of growing up to do. She obviously has problems, look at the man that calls himself her father. What has she done to any of you negative people out there, you would rather spend your tax dollars on locking her up like an animal. Why can’t you want good for her instead of all the bad stuff. She hasn’t hurt anyone but herself, and now with the her teeth she looks beautiful, I just hope she put away the ashtray. I hope none of you have the nerve to actually call yourselves real Christians, because you certainly are NOT acting like it! Someone should tell her to stop exposing herself so much, there are too many mean haters in the world.

  22. birdie says:


  23. yt says:

    I never call myself a Christian, and I don’t mind making fun of mean-spirited, self-centered adults who continuously do stupid things, especially if they are criminals, e.g., Lindsay.

  24. Hellen says:

    “I hope none of you have the nerve to actually call yourselves real Christians”

    Nope, we’re all pagan jellus mean bitch/h8trs. Nice to see you here, Innocent – did Dr. Dorfman give you a ZOOM on your user name?

  25. Anna says:

    LOOOL what a little liar. Honestly, I think her biggest problem is being a compulsive liar.

  26. dorothy says:

    @Paul… Having your sister watch you pose for Playboy doesn’t say much about her either. She truly doesn’t get how very far she’s fallen. Why would you want your sister to witness such a low point in your life?

  27. Maritza says:

    A beautiful smile makes all the difference, veneers or not I say at least she put her Playboy money to a good use. Now if only she would go back to being a redhead.

  28. Nilber says:

    @thinkaboutit- I thought the same thing! They must have the same dentist. Much improvement but I don’t think that it will last if she doesn’t clean up her act. I still feel sorry for her. I am blessed to have great parents that raised me right and she hasn’t. It isn’t the best excuse since I know plenty of people who have lived through much worse and came out stronger for it. I am holding out hope for her little siblings but I am not holding my breath.

  29. Camille says:

    Well the teeth look good.

    And that’s all I’ve got for this Trick.

  30. Seal Team 6 says:

    She still has rotting meth teeth under the veneers, and a little Googling shows that the veneers won’t stand up long to meth or crack smoking.

  31. Blue says:

    Just because people aren’t encouraging her behaviour doesn’t mean they are haters. This girl is a liar, thief, drug addict, probable alcoholic and more. She has been going on down a path of destruction for years and the reason why she has refused to get help is because she has people in her life encouraging her. People haven’t been “hating on her” enough or else she would cut this shit out. Yes she has shit parents but it’s not an excuse for her ongoing wreckless behaviour. She either has to get clean or die. She can’t keep on her path.

  32. Seal Team 6 says:


    I hope you see the irony of standing in judgement of people who calling out The Cracken on her illegal and immoral antics.

    Methinks you don’t get the whole “Christian Thing” either.

  33. atorontogal says:

    @Criss….not everyone on the planet is Christian! Stupid comment #1. She leaves herself wide open to nasty comments because a)they rapidly come out of her own mouth b)she is self centered and believes she is entighteled. She treats people horribly. So yes, yes we can be snarky and mean. What’s your excuse.

  34. Seal Team 6 says:


    me too

  35. kas says:

    Now let’s discuss that hairline. ‘Cause that is all sorts of incorrect.

  36. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I don’t care what she twated, those are brand new teeth.

    @Criss, I refer to myself as a heathen, so I’m in the clear to Blohan Bash ;)

    Maybe I’ll start my own church “clan of the Craken.” we can smoke crack and go on spiritual journeys, hustle johns, blame everyone else for our problems and shoplift pretty things (and earn tax exempt status)! Who else is in?

  37. Faye says:

    I just love the trio of pics at the bottom of Lindsay with the lady in scrubs. At first they’re all like “Oh look something happy” Smiles! Then in the last one it’s like something horrible happened. Maybe someone ran over a squirrel or something and they’re staring aghast in horror.

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    I hope they sand-blasted her off before the PB shoot.

    And WTF is with THAT HAIR?!? Did she clean out a Party City fright wig section?

    As for the teeth: my teeth are not in good shape (I have a congenital birth-anomaly, so dental insurance wouldn’t cover it) and a prescription med for Fibromyalgia (before they had actual meds to treat it) made it all the worse.

    She didn’t just “pop in” for a whitening treatment. She’s got some temporaries until the real deal comes in and gets installed.

    Ah-ah-ah, Morticians: it’s Clan of the Crackbear (or Crackhead). Don’t want to get sued like E*trade! ;)

  39. Sillyone says:

    Whooaaa!! What is up with the hairline in the top pic?? OMG that goes past the middle of her noggin! And that forehead holy mother and Joseph! I have never seen a forehead to big in my life.

    Just throwing it out there I am not a Christian, I’m a bitch..(That’s a religion right? If not, it should be.)

  40. The Original Mia says:

    Gurl, please. Those are new teeth.

    @Madisyn…put me down for 5/No/40hrs wkly

  41. logan says:

    @Faye, or maybe they were told to shut the damn door and get back to work. I see CS is a hardship.

  42. Sumodo1 says:

    Playboy must use hairstylists on crack. Because, that is one crack-y weave! She pulls her hair back, and voila!

  43. Memphis says:

    OH PU-LEEZE…We all know you’re hiding your meth teeth behind new veneers so stop with the “Zoom” lies.

  44. xmarine says:

    anyone check the corpses at the morgue for missing teeth?

  45. skinanny says:

    zoom does not change the shape of the teeth!!

  46. Joe's Mom says:

    That’s what she wore to clean toilets at the morgue?

  47. Bubbling says:

    ummm. does she have fivehaed or receding hair line? honest question

  48. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    She did not pay for those teeth. No effing way. She crack hustled her way to a new smile. I’m sure she gave the dentist a beej and said she would tweet about how wonderful the guy is and he went for it.

  49. newtsgal says:

    ZOOM is a cleaner/whitener it does not change the shape or size….i.e. bitch your teefs look like Chicklets!
    I totally agree with you guys that say they are not vaneers, I think they are flippers like Charlie Sheen wears.
    Now if she would fix that busted weave and go back to her natural color.
    Stop calling the paps, take some acting classes, stay home once in a while and maybe movie type people would give her a shot at something, but my gut tells me she has burnt too many bridges.
    *waves to everybody*

  50. Madisyn says:

    The Original Mia

    The last part of the bet is did the judge say she needs to complete 16 hours TOTAL or 16 hours WEEKLY, thats it, can’t be anything else.


    Days of CS/Jail?/16 hrs Total or Wkly?

    bellaluna – To Be Announced
    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    LeeLoo – 1/Yes/16 Total
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    Sillyone – 2/No/16 Wkly
    Morticians – 2/No/16 Wkly
    Lady D – 2/No/16 Total
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    ladybert62 – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    Seal Team – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    HannahF – 2/Yes/16 Total
    Cathy – 2/Yes/16 Total
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Dawning Red – 3/No/16 Wkly
    Lucky Charm – 3/Yes/16 Wkly
    Aqua – 3/Yes/16 Wkly
    Bess – 4/No/16 Wkly
    Original Tiffany – 4/Yes/16 Wkly
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes/16 Wkly
    karen – 5/Yes/16 Wkly
    Original Mia – 5/No/?
    Nina – 6/No/16 Total
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total


    You know where were at. Right now. BRB

    P.S. RumorFix is reporting they have to do the Playboy shoot all over again. HA! Like we didn’t all see that one coming.

  51. LeeLoo says:

    She had the composites put in 3 days after the rot teeth pictures. Remember those photos 2 Sundsays ago (before her court date) where we noticed her teeth looked whiter and different? I am forced to agree with Manic Pixie Dream Girl in that Crackie crack hustled her way to a new smile.

  52. theaPie says:

    Yup. Veneers. Her real teeth were seriously eroding. Looks much better. But lies beneath is still cracked to all hell. Literally.

    And her cheek injection bruises are much better.

    I think she has always had a high hairline. Anyone?

  53. beanie says:

    Yeah..she probably has temps…see here.
    She will probably do the full veneers when her gums and teeth are at the condition to do so. But anything looks better than the way they looked before at this point.

  54. MDawg says:

    Did anyone else notice the booze and cigarettes on the nightstand? haha

  55. Dominique says:

    She’s messed up her “look”. The odd shape of her old teeth were signature. She was born with those teeth and she’s had them since she started out. Shame she didn’t take care of them. I think this is the dawn of a new crack era.

  56. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @the original Bella, oh pardon! “Clan of the Crackbear,” where crack is our rock.

  57. katyalia says:

    @ thinkaboutit: I thought it was LeAnn as well. Two skeleton faces with oversized veneers in a pod.

  58. Veronica says:

    Those are definately veneers… Shape is different. Veneers typically have a period where the gums are sore afterwardsbecause you have to work slightly below the level of the gums to achieve the best looking veneer. Typically dental labs take one to two weeks to fabricate the permanent veneers during which time you wear temporary veneers. They can look good if done well, and I think that is what she had before when her teeth looked different. NOw she has the permanent ones. Cavities, staining, all that can be taken care of before the veneers are placed. Teeth that are really broken down will require a bit of a buildup underneath with white filling material before placement. Pipe using addicts do sooo much damage to their teeth its incredible and yes the damage is done in a matter of a very short time frame. I work in a hospital dental setting and we see many addicts with teeth such as her old ones… Although there are many with much much worse and the only solution is extraction of them all. Its a slippery slope Lindsey, cosmetic work is only a temporary fix when the habit continues.

  59. Caz1310 says:

    Oh I didn’t realise her teef were that gross! Can’t unsee that! Did she get the new ones after Playboy LOL?

  60. AquaticMusings says:

    I think that when she had the nasty photo of her crack teeth before maybe she was getting ready to have the veneers placed? So her teeth were kind of shaped and shaved? Because it seriously looks like (in second pic) that her teeth have been filed down…gross still.

    Then again why in the world wouldn’t she do this earlier, like before her Playboy shoot? Oh yeah, I remember. Playboy is trashy and no one cares.

  61. Zigggy says:

    @Dominique- totally, soon there will be nothing natural left of her.
    Remember how cute she was with red hair… and her normal face?? Tis a shame.

  62. CP says:

    Look at that disgusting ashtray, completely filled with cig butts.

  63. Michelle says:

    lol. “little methy corn teeth”
    Love it!

  64. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I wonder what she’s going as for Halloween?

  65. LeeLoo says:

    When it comes to LiLo TrollyDolly, yes.

    For the simple reason that this stupid girl doesn’t know when to quit. Yes she has serious emotional problems, none of us will deny that. However, instead of getting help she CHOOSES to make a mockery of herself for the world to see. She’s a 25 y/o woman, she is past the point of being able to use her childhood and parents as an excuse for anything.

    Like yourself, I would love to make sense of why Lindsay is the way she is. I may one day look back on these posts and regret having judged Lindsay so harshly but she refuses to help herself after she’s been given so many chances to turn her life around. The way I see it, she chooses to live in a world of delusion and all of us are merely here calling her on her BS. If Lindsay came out today and was honest about getting a veneer job, I think most of us would have been a tiny bit nicer. However, instead she spewed on of her delusional lies about having only gotten a ZOOM! job. Give me a break, it’s a lie and we all know it. If LL were honest and humble, I think most of us would be far more sympathetic to her plight. Instead she treats people like crap, lies about herself and has CHOSEN to be a delusional mess just like both of her parents; when she could have risen about all of that. Nope, I don’t feel sorry for her one bit.

    By the way, what’s with the sunglasses? Is she trying to hide dialated pupils? I think so…

  66. wunder says:

    Those are new veneers!

    Look at the old pic to see where her teeth were ragged and had a small gap in front. The new veneers are covering up that mess.

  67. the original bellaluna says:

    sillyone – It’s called “a FIVE-head!” (You know, bigger than a “four”-head.)

    And while “bitch” may not be a religion, it DOES have its perks: when asked by a colleague what I had printed under my name on my business card, I replied “QBIC.” (Queen Bitch In Charge.) ;) And that, my lovelies, is ME.

  68. MsM says:

    I used to love this chick… when she was 17 or something. Sad…

  69. Elizabeth says:

    I assume she got some money or free services for advertising the dentist on her Twitter. Such bulls**t – “look at me – I’m a celebrity – buy products that I use!”. Do I have to shop at her meth dealer too?

  70. constance says:

    haha i love lindsey threads. Here’s my guess. I’ll go worse-case-scenario

    Constance 1/ NO/ 16 Total

    I don’t believe in California and I don’t believe Lindsey is going to in trouble. I WISH it because I think she needs to get a reality check. However I know her family and friends are too busy making money off her looking like hell to care about her.

  71. ladybert62 says:

    to Criss: I am not a christian and I do not feel compelled to love everyone just because they can breathe – I do not believe in unconditional love. So I will continue to say what I honestly think about Ms. Crack Mess.

  72. The Original Mia says:

    @Madisyn 40 hrs

  73. The Bobster says:

    She actually looks good. Too bad she had it done after her Playboy “spread”.

  74. Bess says:

    Nice to see that Linnocent is worried about her court date on Wednesday. She went to the Halloween party at the Playboy mansion on Saturday night.

  75. Zay says:

    Those are for sure SnapOn teeth, because her gums were not healthy enough for veneers to start with….they do look good now, but no amount of good teeth is gonna save the Crackie from herself

  76. Madisyn says:

    Original Mia

    Angel, what is 40 hrs? The judge said, 16 “Total” or 16 “Weekly”.


    1/No/16 Total? We know she’s done 3 days of morgue duty, so I don’t know why you would guess 1. But OK, I’ll put you down.


    Days of CS/Jail?/16 hrs Total or Wkly?

    bellaluna – To Be Announced
    Firecracker – 1/Yes/16 Wkly
    LeeLoo – 1/Yes/16 Total
    Diane – 1/YES
    MacScore – 1/Yes
    constance – 1/No/16 Total
    Sillyone – 2/No/16 Wkly
    Morticians – 2/No/16 Wkly
    Lady D – 2/No/16 Total
    Green Eyes – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    ladybert62 – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    Seal Team – 2/Yes/16 Wkly
    HannahF – 2/Yes/16 Total
    Cathy – 2/Yes/16 Total
    WTF – 3/YES/16 Total
    Dawning Red – 3/No/16 Wkly
    Lucky Charm – 3/Yes/16 Wkly
    Aqua – 3/Yes/16 Wkly
    Bess – 4/No/16 Wkly
    Original Tiffany – 4/Yes/16 Wkly
    Newtsgal – 4/Yes/16 Wkly
    karen – 5/Yes/16 Wkly
    Original Mia – 5/No/?
    Nina – 6/No/16 Total
    Madisyn – 2/Yes/16 Total

  77. the original bellaluna says:

    OK, Mad, I’m ready. Here’s my bet:

    3 days/HOPEFULLY YES!/16 weekly

  78. constance says:

    Sorry, I just sat down again.

    That was meant to be a 3.

    I apologise. I need a whiskey. mondays…

  79. gg says:

    So she does a Marilyn Special on her makeup to do community work at a morgue?
    Every day is play day at the Crackhouse!

    Put me in for they let her off free as a bird again with no time served.

  80. cruiz2 says:

    More than a good scrubbing!!! I don’t know what see had done
    but they are NOT the same old crackie teeth at all.

  81. Genevieve says:

    She is such a liar. Those are veneers & it’s beyond obvious. Geez, can she not even tell the truth about her stupid teeth!?!?