Elisabetta Canalis: Clooney was a father figure who brought out my feminine side


These are some new photos of Elisabetta Canalis at the GQ Germany “Man of the Year” awards, where she was the escort of Roberto Cavalli. She’s wearing Cavalli too. She looks pretty good, but it’s all kind of meh. She always looks kind of drag queeny to me. Plus, she just looks overly-thrilled to be on a red carpet, getting her photo taken.

Anyway, I think Eli has played her post-breakup, post-Clooney career rather poorly. I understand that she wants to be famous in America, but the way to do that is not through Dancing With the Stars and the odd monthly confessional interview. If I was running Eli’s PR since the beginning, I would have encouraged her to do a big tell-all interview shortly after her split with George Clooney, and I would have encouraged her to give it to the highest profile American publication she could find. Perhaps Vanity Fair wouldn’t have taken her, but she could have gotten a profile in Allure or Marie Claire, and definitely Us Weekly. Instead, Eli seems content to give increasingly strange and damaged-seeming interviews to Italian publications, and her “revelations” about her relationship with Clooney seem increasingly clingy and sad. Here’s the latest:

Bacio and tell?

Elisabetta Canalis, the Italian TV personality who dated George Clooney for two years until their split last June, offers some surprising details about their relationship in Questo Amore (This Love), a new book by Italian journalist Bruno Vespa.

Praising the Oscar winner, 50, as “the person who valued my feminine side the most” and “also one of the best people I have met from a charitable point of view,” Canalis, 33, went on to say, “he has been a special for me, and very important, just as a father would be.”

Asked by Vespa to elaborate, she said, “between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship. I was unable to clarify this up ’til now.”

As for their breakup, Canalis – who competed on Dancing with the Stars earlier this season, denies reports that Clooney’s long-held aversion to marriage was an issue.

“George and I never spoke of marriage nor of having kids,” she says. “I don’t put limits to the possibility of having them, but neither George nor I had ever envisaged having kids together. The end of the relationship was not caused by a marriage issue, but instead by our personal needs.”

Although Clooney has since moved on with another Dancing alum, Stacy Keibler, Canalis has only kind words for him.

“George is a real gentleman even in his private life,” she says. “I was very much respected both as a woman and partner.”

[From People]

Skipping over the “father” stuff briefly, the part that caught my eye initially was that Clooney was “the person who valued my feminine side the most”??? I hope that’s a weird translation, because it makes Elisabetta sound like a total drag queen. Now, going back to the father stuff – that’s the most convoluted way of calling her ex an old fart. Which Clooney is, granted. He is an old fart, and his girls always stay the same age, and yes, at some point it does become more of a father-daughter type relationship. Some people think that’s sick or gross, but… whatever. I understand it.

Still, I don’t believe Eli when she claims that marriage and kids never came up. She wanted to get married. She said so in that now infamous interview, right before Clooney dumped her.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Rita says:

    Granted, one can become famous in America without an ounce of talent but Eli doesn’t seem to have that. Perhaps she can make a pilot tv show called “Keeping up with the Cannolis”.

  2. Hautie says:

    “Now, going back to the father stuff – that’s the most convoluted way of calling her ex an old fart.”


    Well that is a nice way of calling him the old fart. And now, that old fart, is dating someone in her 20′s.

    I bet he is thrilled with being called Daddy by the ex.

  3. Jazmin says:

    Even her hands look macho! Ugh..!

  4. brin says:

    Is Eli GQ’s pick for”Man of the Year”?

  5. TG says:

    Good, I was hoping you would cover this. I have always liked Clooney and I still do but I do wonder if that father daughter thing was a hint that he is gay. I wouldn’t care if he is but it would be nice to know that there is a smart guy out there who does not want to get married or have children and not just running around with women as beards esp. since we are always railing on these stupid celebs who don’t know how to use birth control (ex ryan phillipe).

  6. Rhiley says:

    I thought the last picture was of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

  7. Eleonor says:

    Maybe she couldn’t make a tell all interview because daddy Clooney paid her to keep her mouth shut. Eli would have never refused to pose for some American photoshoot, unless she’s got money.

  8. LindyLou says:

    Holy crap! Her hands look HUGE in the 3rd photo. It almost looks like they photoshopped giant man hands onto her arms…wow!

  9. Turtle Dove says:

    George is going to be annoyed by the “father-daughter” comment. How nonsexual of a comment can you get? Eli castrated him with 10 words. Gorgeous George is an “old fart”. Georgie fancies himself a playboy and likes to come off as man on the prowl. Now we know he’s prowling for a snuggle and a little prune juice.

  10. Nanea says:

    Apparently GC didn’t pay her enough, or the contract isn’t that well drafted, or Eli is just stupid, or all of the above.

    Her interview didn’t make just GC look stupid, but herself as well, and it seems she won’t go away quietly, unlike Sarah Larson, who was in VF while she was still with GC.

    I’m really waiting for GC to damage himself/his desperate campaign for an Oscar nomination with all this – Eli, Keibler, etc etc

  11. Messenger says:

    She is probably incensed at the mess that is keibler and had to strike him where she thought it would hurt him most. Nobody really cares what this person says and (I use the term loosely) thinks. If you look at these pictures objectively, she is unattractive and tattooed wreckage. She had better cling to cavalli like a lifeline, because he is her only meal ticket after this self-destructiveness.

  12. NM9005 says:

    “the person who valued my feminine side the most”

    It sounds like she has more than the stereotypical female qualities and does more than being pretty or cutesy. We saw her motorbiking with Clooney and she’s very sportive so maybe Clooney got the best of both worlds but still appreciated her feminine side the most?

    And I think her face looks fine. It is long but that doesn’t make me want to say it’s a horse-face or looks like drag queen. She’s doesn’t have a generic face, which is good.

  13. Hanna says:

    As feminine as her name sounds, she still gives me the dragqueen vibe aswell. She looks very masculine to me…

  14. Jayna says:

    Then why did she say in her pre-dumped interview she was living the fairytale and would never be with a man with no possibility of children. He dumped her after. I believe something gets lost in the translation with her. So the father daughter thing I don’t know if she meant as a diss.

  15. S says:

    Makeup and styling dont do it for her.
    She really looks masculine, her dress isnt flattering, almost no makeup.

  16. lastword says:

    fade back into the wood work, bitch

  17. Wildone says:

    All I can say is she is a fame/attention whore who still using her famous ex name to get media attention, I just wish her manly self would go away.

  18. Auds says:

    It makes me laugh when I read the polite aftermath [Clooney as her 'father figure'. Is she for friggin real?], all of which convinces me that George bats for the other team. Each ‘girlfriend’ signs on for a designated time period, and signs a confidentiality agreement, and serves her time. A little like what Tom Cruises wives do or have done.
    He’ll end up doing a Rock Hudson or Cliff Richard. Come out when he is a geriatric.

  19. CC says:

    yawn, same old. Clooney is no prize but this is all about getting attention.

  20. Commenter2 says:

    How are more people not commenting on those hands!?! Seriously, they are like baseballs mitts. I didn’t think she was a man until just now….

  21. RocketMerry says:

    Her dress is gorgeous!

    She is one of those women who look manly in some way. Therefore she’s attractive, but in an odd way.
    Then again, she goes on and makes it worse: with a long, hard bone structure she cannot pull off “sickly thin”. She’d look more feminine and soft with more flesh.

  22. luls says:

    I dont think its an insult, what she’s trying to say about the nature of their relationship. My bf and i have a similar relationship and were only 5 years apart. Being older and wiser, he has the ‘caregiver’ role in our relationship. This is very normal and common. I imagine this role is more pronounced between people with an even greater age gap (like George & Eli)

    Sorry, but it doesnt sound at all like she was ‘his beard’.

    Her words were lost in translation again.

  23. Jenny says:

    I am sure George is furious about this. He has been slowly rolling SK out to everyone, with uneven results. Now he is being called a father figure, which he really looks like with SK. He should have quietly dumped Canalis, then done all the Award season stuff with his parents. Then Canalis would probably have kept her mouth shut. She did not like being dumped and then replaced so fast and so she hit Clooney where it hurts most…his masculinity.

  24. Diane says:

    Wow. Way to bite the hand that got you all this attention in the first place. Reeks of sour grapes. The more she makes herself a public figure, the more I understand why Clooney got rid of her. She’s a celebriwhore.

  25. bettyrose says:

    I’ve never been much of a Clooney fan, even when he was young and still reasonably attractive (and by that I mean pre-ER. He aged early and fast). However, I respect that he’s very up front about his lack of interest in marriage & kids. Now I’m rethinking the pervy old codger label I’ve always given him. Maybe he pursues barely legal women because they don’t complain about ticking clocks.

  26. Pizzazz says:

    I don’t like her but that’s exactly what he deserves for dating somebody nearly two decades younger. Idiot.

  27. Jayna says:

    Bettyrose, you consider barely legal in their early thirties? LOL I had a child and career and divorce by 30.

  28. Peachy says:

    And somewhere in Lake Como, George “Papa” Clooney, waved his cane around wildly, pushed away the spoonful of applesause Manny the poolboy was trying to feed him, popped in his dentures, made a Miracle Ear apt, called his manicurist, pedicurist, stylist, makeup artist, agent, and publicist (Their combined powers also known as Beard Patrol), and after being helped up on a step stool, yelled at Stacy “Its GO Time!”

  29. CindyBman says:

    I don’t know if Clooney is gay or not and I don’t care (in that I would support his movies or acting either way).

    I think her comment as George as a father figure was a dig — I think Eli knew about all the gay rumors — what a great way to keep those swirling around!

    I mean she gets him on every front with her comment:
    - he’s too old and more like a father
    - they didn’t have much sex, because he was too much like a father
    - or, they didn’t have any sex because he’s gay

    George will be pissed and I hate to see what magical media storm he will create to have her destroyed. (harsh word but it’s Sunday and my brain is still sleeping in!)

  30. Bubulle says:

    GC must be kicking himself for dating her, she won’t just go away unlike the others.

  31. bagladey says:

    I love that dress but arm tattoos and evening wear don’t mix. Why does everything she says seem so cryptic? Like she’d like to say things but can’t: “The person who valued my feminine side the most”. Huh? “Between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship. I was unable to clarify this up ’til now.” What? Does that mean they didn’t have sex or that she is a prostitute who was paid to have sex with “uncle” for two years? What does that statement mean? I’m sure George will be glad to hear all of that.

  32. Thea says:

    Her/his hands kill me. That is a man. I will go to my grave with the fact that is a man. And she just basically started more rumors about George and his sexuality.

  33. lily says:

    Elisabetta was definitely George’s beard. This was her way of outing him on the down low.

    Ironically, I actually believed that George might be straight (well bisexual at the very least) up until he started dating Elisabetta…I’m sorry but she looks just like a man in the face, there’s just no way around that. The other beards/girlfriends before her actually looked pretty feminine but this one looks sooooo hard in the face and coked out that she practically screamed ‘beard’ to me.

  34. Lucy says:

    I knew it! George isn’t just a member of the secret gay club for men…he’s the president!!

  35. TerryLea says:

    Who shacks up with their father?
    How demented and sick is that?

  36. wunder says:

    Brought out her ‘feminine side’? She’s very manly, so does this mean that George paid for his/her transgender operation?

    A ‘father figure’??? She is 16 yrs younger than George, so he’d have to have been a teen dad to be her ‘father’.
    Now I get why he dumped her–the bitch is too delusional.

  37. LucyOriginal says:

    It’s really sad that last girlfriends change their lives around to suit his and they praise him during all the midia attention. They get comfortable in the girlfriend of _____ position, start making demands and when the relationship ends and they realize they will not be the new “Annette Benning”, they change their behavior again.

    I do think she said that to call him old, but in a respectful way, lol. She is just trying to hurt his DIVO, i meant to say most eligible bachelor, ego.

    ps: Methinks that while the past girlfriend of _______ keeps saying these kind of comments about him, the current girlfriend of ____ will stick around longer than we all anticipated.

  38. Kloops says:

    My lord those hands.

    Sounds like her lawyer and publicist went through her contract and carefully crafted what she can say without breeching it. For the most part it’s pretty benign but she gets a few shots in there while trying to save face and act like she’s cool with everything.

  39. Denise says:

    Damn; she does so look like a man in drag. Her hands are huge.

  40. the original bellaluna says:

    She’s just…I can’t.

  41. minnie says:

    She has a great body. she can’t control the size of her hands, and maybe she has practied sports up to the point her hands don’t look so “feminine”.
    She is no better or worse than other non-actresses clooney has dated.

  42. Intercontinential says:

    Hi Gossip Friends, We’ve been having a discussion about the above and were reminded of a blind item we saw a few weeks ago and couldn’t put together! Have a good week friends. :-)
    Blind Item – any clues???
    There’s an old saying 2’s company; 3’s a crowd, right? This A list actor who is a notorious womaniser and cheater needs to learn the value of that phrase! The A lister, was until early summer, dating a European Hottie. Though the relationship was always under scrutiny the details were kept private. The European Hottie was aware the A Lister had, on more than a dozen occasions, cheated on her during their relationship but could never prove it. He used his notorious charm to divert the accusations. She caught him red handed last fall when she turned up unexpected at an event. The European Hottie tried to call it a day with the A lister – he wasn’t for letting go. He took her on a nice holiday. After the holiday the European Hottie had not changed her mind. She wanted out and a public statement. The A lister refused. Meanwhile the Z list diva the A lister had met previously had made sure he had her number. This was a pre calculated move on her part. This Z list diva had been planning to snare the A lister for years – she just needed the opportunity to get near him! They met up again over the Christmas period. Within weeks the Z list diva was playing out her plans. She stopped taking her contraception and was talking accidental pregnancy, marriage, big houses, foreign travel and her own personal career. She is not particularly interested in acting or modelling but would take them up if the chances occurred. She has her own career regime agenda! Knowing about the split the Z list diva grew jealously impatient for the pending announcement. Unable to wait any longer she made her own announcement – while the A lister and European Hottie were still publicly together! She began a pressure campaign on the A lister to announce the split. Meanwhile the European Hottie was also pressuring for the announcement. Still not on the horizon and unable to convince the A lister she did the only thing she could think of to force his hand. It worked. The Z list diva, becoming more jealous she was still not in the spotlight with the A lister was at this time, with help, declaring a campaign of hatred via internet sites on the European Hottie. The fact that the European Hottie was still receiving attention while the Z list diva wasn’t intensified the hate campaign. The Z list diva began to tell the paps where she would be in order to get recognition for being with the A lister, who for his part had still not publicly recognised her! Thus ensued a series of desperate publicity stunts by the Z list diva. One that involved the A lister’s denial in defence of the European hottie – an action not forseen by the Z list diva. There followed a series of embarrassing public appearances in which the A lister has mocked the Z list diva. The Z list diva is now not as confident in her plans as she previously was and is desperately trying to win him over. She didn’t think the womanising A lister would see through her! He has and is planning a nice surprise for her! One she will barely recover herself from! Who are the trio?

  43. LucyOriginal says:

    @38: Eli-George – Cracy (z list?!). Ha!

    Very difficult to figure it out…if we had not seen how George looked upset with Eli in the Christmas vaca to Cabo, while Z list “star” was hanging out with George’s friend Cindy in Cabo at the same time, hmmm…

  44. Alexis says:

    I’m probably going to get shade cast at me, but Clooney doesn’t date girls that are super-inappropriately young. I mean, he never seems to go below 30. (This is probably a strategic choice because 20-somethings are too much drama, and would probably garner him negative press.) He does, however, seem to find the most immature and silly early 30-somethings. But let’s be honest — these women are far from children.

  45. Violet says:

    George Clooney is always crystal clear from the start that he’s not interested in marriage and babies, and seems to treat the woman in his life with generosity and respect. From all accounts, George was really good to her.

    It’s really meanspirited of Elisabetta to bash him like this, simply because he broke up with her when she publicly pushed for a commitment.

    It’s also really stupid of her. George has a lot of friends in high places, who he probably would’ve encouraged to help her careerwise even though they’re no longer a couple, but she’s burning those bridges big time.

    All that aside, George would be wise to start dating 40-somethings who are past childbearing age, so he can avoid this kind of drama.

  46. miss_bhaven says:

    She looks like she is standing on stilts in the first picture….

  47. Got it says:

    That’s hilarious ! Kaiser is right she is far more interesting than Clooney’s current fembot . What a dig ! She also said he was cold and controlling . Talk about castrating your ex . Daddy , LOL . So Keibler is his new daughter ? I almost spit out my morning coffee when I read this . I think Eli is awsome ! She just said what everybody was thinking . Thank you for making me laugh .

  48. Im No Fan of BS says:

    Perhaps this will be the incentive Mr. Clooney needs to give the stanman a sharp no the next time he presents his portfolio of bimbos de jour.

  49. Bubulle says:

    @violet I guess the reason he never dates 40 something women is because he’s very attached to his womanizer status, and it’s probably better for his ego to think he’s still appealing to young women. He’s a certified egomaniac.

  50. bettyrose says:

    @ Jayna: LOL! No. I meant this new younger woman. Clearly he’s learned that women in their 30s are starting to think about settling down, so he’s going younger. Maybe she’s older than I thought, but he’s looked like a “papa” type to me for so long that by comparison his lady friends seem very young.

  51. NM9005 says:

    @Peachy: Yes, that is good. You made my day =)!

  52. Bad Fairy says:

    Why is anyone still talking about this chick?

  53. Violet says:


    I don’t think George is an egomaniac. He has a good sense of humor about himself and treats the woman in his life with considerable respect.

    I’m guessing he gravitates to women in their 30s because they don’t have wrinkles or cellulite yet, but do have some life experience under their belts, which makes them more interesting to spend time with. By that age, women are usually more confident about themselves and their bodies. Also, they’re in their sexual prime and that’s no doubt a big turn-on for George.

  54. lrm says:

    she says these things in interviews just for the interview, people! it’s just whatever the magazine wants to sell as a spiel-
    like the shape, etc mags-these celebs and their ‘diet and w orkouts’ that they feature…the articles are already written, and they just airbrush a willing celeb to the cover and attach her name to the quotes.
    in this case, they wanted to mention the marriage thing;
    i personally dont even think they had a real relationship-you guys are personalizing it all way too much w/these particular two people.
    she just wants PR and he just wants to maintain his image. that is all it has ever been with these two…a contractual agreement…

  55. annachristoff says:

    A woman in her forties can be in her “chidbearing years”–thank you very much–and can be absolutely beautiful as well. At 41, I have the skin and body of a model in her twenties. Not wishing to be obnoxious, just a fact. And quite frankly, it is the “younger people” who look out of shape these days.

  56. Intercontinental says:

    @43 Oh my! Really – we missed that!! No wonder we couldn’t piece it together properly. Thanks! We’re clearly not getting the info you guys are….hhmm!! We though GC had gone to South Sudan!

  57. Bubulle says:

    @violet You can be an egomaniac and treat people with respect and have a good sense of humour, you know.

    Think about it, why does he never date women that are professionally accomplished, only wannabe models or waitresses.

  58. Hautie says:

    I have mention this before… but I have long suspect that Clooney made sure he can’t have children. (vasectomy)

    He is not dumb enough to think these girls will stay on birth control.

    But I also suspect he does not tell them this little fact. To see which ones will play the “oops! I’m late!” with him.

    I am a firm believer that Sarah Larson played that little game and got dismissed over it.

  59. moon says:

    liaaaaar,she said she wanted to have kids with him she was flashing fake ring for the cameras with him she said he was better than plastic surgery and she now say she was like his daughter only because he dumped her so many other women knows clooney so his image is save but i think she ruined her career in Hollywood ,no one want’s to hire a bitch LOL

  60. moon says:

    elisabetta shut the f*** up cause u look older than 33 clooney these days looks tired but he actually look younger than 50 and have class and great friendship with everybody that u will never have hahahaha.oh and u look like unattractive woman .

  61. NM9005 says:

    Clooney dates 30 something mediocre softcore waitresses because:

    – They are dependent on him for his money and fame. Thus he knows he’s always in control. He remains that control by giving them little bits of exposure, providing them with clothing and jewellery just to keep them happy but then they go and ruin it because they always want more. Thinking they can trick him into marriage because they provide him (sexual) pleasure. Exit the girlfriend and start all over.
    - They are not too young so he can’t be viewed als Hugh Hefner 2.0
    - Their looks are good/mediocro so they do not outshine the actor Clooney. He ain’t going to be an A-list couple with another actress like his good friend Brad because he can’t have the upperhand then. He will have to compromise and listen to her needs and I don’t think he likes that. He always has his women in tight control, he’s the star, not the woman.
    - Clooney’s success started in his 30′s, he’s smart enough through his own intelligence and life experience that these chicks are not with him because he’s soooo hot (well, he is to a certain extent but that’s not the main reason for those chicks). So he knows not to dabble in marriage and children because so many before him were stupid and arrogant and lost 50% of their estate. Not with Clever Controlling Clooney.
    - All in all, he treats these women fair and I think he’s good to them. They know exactly what’s up. So did Canalis. I don’t blame her for thinking she could push him into marriage. She accomplished more than her predecessors! She could talk in public, many times! She got cocky. Exit Ely. And I do think he grew fond of her but like I said: He ain’t stupid. Shut it down before the sucessors think they can pull that stunt too.

  62. Bubulle says:

    @hautie This is what Laney implied in one of her BI.

  63. Original Bee says:

    @AUDS I completely agree with you. I think each of George’s girls signs a contract stipulating that she get a certain amount of exposure and in return Georgie gets a nicely groomed beard to carry around for a few months. At least George’s girls know the score. Poor Rock Hudson’s studio approved wife didn’t know he was gay when she married him. George’s tell all interview at 75 is going to be epic.

  64. Lady_Luck says:

    She just seems like a repulsively vacuous and self-absorbed person to me. She drips of self-obsession and vanity. Whilst I cannot find any endearing qualities in this vapid creature, I do find it a sad state of affairs that in this day and age, thanks to the likes of Clooney, that ‘marriage’ has become a dirty word.

  65. kazoo says:

    i love that dress.

    see, this is why i don’t like arm tattoos. because when you wear something nice, the tattoos just look so out of place.

  66. You don't say says:

    I also think he has been “fixed”. Too many of these other guys, Law, Del Toro, Farrell have kids with folks they sleep with once and Clooney has none? I don’t think he would chance it, so he took care of himself.

    I still think he is very insecure and only chooses women who are less in stature, stand quietly at his side and look at him with mooney eyes and make him feel like “the man”. He could never handle a strong woman who is on his level as he would not be the star and he needs to be “the star”. A bit like Cruise, who chose a quiet, lesser actress he can “present” to the public like his doll.

  67. Cheyenne says:

    What kazoo said. Gorgeous dress, ruined by tattoos. I don’t like tattoos anywhere.

  68. kibbles says:

    I’m surprised that she became so big in Italy where I thought they valued women who were feminine, soft and curvy. I see Monica Bellucci or Sophia Loren being the embodiment of what is considered Italian beauty. Elisabetta Canalis doesn’t have the “it” factor to propel her any farther than this in the USA. I see her going back to Italy to host a tv show or continue modeling.

  69. lisa says:

    Wow.. not a fan but why is it when other women spout off about their relationships it fine; regardless of how long it was. They are allowed to vent or scream their pain years later. She has been pretty silent about things. But she is not suppose to talk because it’s George Clooney and she has to shut up because she was not good enough to begin with. Hell he picked her. What does that say about him.

    Seriously. Just because George wears a suit and looks good doesn’t mean he can’t be a douche or an asshole. He has this made up reputation of being this suave guy.. OLD HOLLYWOOD, but looking at his life closely shows that he is far far from that. And why do people think he is so smart. .because he talks a good game or because his father was a journalist or because he came from a famous family.

    The greatest trick is to pull the wool over the eyes of the onlooker. George has been doing this for years. He is a pro at the PR game. I notice that all his women are the ones being trashed. Why is that… OH because women are the dominate viewers on gossip sites.


  70. ShanKat says:

    We need a weekly blind item post.

  71. guest says:

    It is less about the age for me then the way George parades these girls around in public and then tells the public that his private life is off limits. Once he brings these girls, like Stacy, Eli and Sarah on to the red carpet then his private life is no longer private but becomes public and subject for mockery. I am not quite sure why he is attracted to these women or if it is a publicity stunt, but he looks ridiculous. If the relationships were important to him and to them then he should not take them to premieres and etc, he has a whole entourage of people that can go with him. There are plenty of actors who do not take their spouses or significant others down the red carpet and who live a very private life. The red carpet is part of the public job.

  72. april says:

    I dated men that were 7 years older than me for a long time. I can relate to the father-daughter comment as well. I was looking for approval from someone older that I didn’t get from my own father. I think that’s what she means. She probably has figured this out with a therapist.

  73. kate says:

    u made a complete fool of yourself elisabetta speaking like that,
    miss canalis u hurt yourself not clooney !

  74. riri says:

    I thought that was her way to say there was no sex and she was his beard.

  75. stella says:

    Love the dress. Tattoos look cheap. Ms. Canalis had a serving of humble pie dished out by Dancing With The Stars. Enough is enough. Clooney’s game is over.

  76. Lea says:

    My uncle is a lot older than my aunt and their relationship also has a paternal dynamic. She’s likes it – it makes her feel safe & secure, and he likes playing the protective guiding role. Conversely, a friend of mine whose mother is 14 years older than her father has told me that there is definitely a mother-son aspect to their relationship.

    I don’t find this interview surprising at all. This dynamic works for a lot of people & is pretty common in couples that are far apart in age.

  77. Lea says:

    My uncle is a lot older than my aunt and their relationship also has a paternal dynamic. She’s likes it – it makes her feel safe & secure, and he likes playing the protective guiding role. Conversely, a friend of mine whose mother is 14 years older than her father has told me that there is definitely a mother-son aspect to their relationship.

    I don’t find this interview surprising at all. This dynamic works for a lot of people & is pretty common in couples that are far apart in age.

  78. TG says:

    @Hautie – Oh my gosh you are so smart. I love your theory. I too have always figured Clooney is one of the only smart men in Hollywood (if not the world) and gotten a vasectomy to keep gold diggers and clingers at bay, but darn I never thought about him keeping it a secret from the women he is with so he can see who is trying to bs him. Wow, that is really good.

  79. Gelina Whiddon says:

    BettyRose you wrote “Maybe he pursues barely legal women because they don’t complain about ticking clocks.” These alledged famewhores/publicity contract girlfriends are far, far away from being 18-21 years old, which would make them barely legal. Both of these women look like women in their mid-thirties with a man in his late 40′s to early 50′s. If they were 21 years old and looked 16 years old then we would have a father/daughter issue to discuss.

  80. Deltona lakes says:

    Judging by the women both Leo di and Clooney date shows alot about their character. Leo dates no one older than 23 mostly models. There seems to be expiration date at 25 years old. And George mostly dates waitresses and bar maids.
    Eli meant what she said as a dig .. When she said “she was unable to clarify her relationship until now” like there was a statue of limitation.
    I think Eli was the smart one who’s not going away quietly like the others.
    I have much more respect for Brad Pitt he wasn’t intimated by a smart, beautiful, successful woman who could eclipse his popularity.

  81. Gelina Whiddon says:

    Intercontinential…No way!

  82. Got it says:

    I’m still laughing at how sick Hollywood is . This woman totally cracks me up . Maybe the translation was wrong ? Needless to say she just killed any sex appeal that Clooney had publicly ( that is unless someone has a father fetish ) . From now on people will refer to Clooney’s girlfriends as his ” New Daughters ” . What a slam ! She is not only slamming him but , everyone he’s dated ( including herself ) . Can’t wait for the rebuttal .

  83. Tazina says:

    In the second picture her hands look a perfectly normal size. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them. I like her a lot better than Clooney. And her comments are hilarious. Good – I hope he’s seething. He always calls the shots in relationships so here’s a little something back at him.

  84. Got it says:

    Is ” Adopt a hoe ” one of George Clooney’s charity’s ? Helping famewhores and talentless beautys wold wide . Just kidding . You got to laugh it’s some pretty sick s..t ! Now elizabetta you’ve been a verry bad little girl . Now bend over daddy’s knee …. Oh god this is funny as hell . From now on when I see Clooney and a girlfriend I will have images of him cutting off her allowance and sending her to her room . To each their own .

  85. the original bellaluna says:

    God, can’t she just shut up and go away already?

  86. jane16 says:

    Hilarious post and great thread as usual, well done, people! Little Lizzie really got him good with this one. As the kids on That 70′s Show would say, “Burn!!!”

    @ Intercontinental, no offense, but it sounds like your blind item was written by Canalis’ pr people. I couldn’t help noticing there is no link or reference to who published the blind. Where did you find it?

  87. Aqua says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m renovating my bathroom and the smell of paint primer has finally gotten to my head but because this interview way done in Italian then translated into English.I believe that some of what she was saying or trying to say may have been misinterpreted.Their is nothing in what she has said I find surprising or I think is meant to be disrespectful.If it is Clooney will probable just let it roll off his back.

  88. Playlist says:

    “between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship. I was unable to clarify this up ’til now.”

    Father-daughter relationship to me says there was no sex – he was more of a mentor and protector. She can imply that George is gay without saying it directly. She can always cover herself later by saying “that’s not what I meant”, even though it was. Elisabetta does get points for finding her way around a gag contract. Whether she is taking a jab at George, or fishing for more hush money remains to be seen.

    Truth be told, using the language barrier excuse means she can insult George in many ways, then get away with it by blaming it on misinterpretation.

    @ Original Bee – “George’s tell all interview at 75 is going to be epic”
    At 50 George’s life is becoming an open book, whether he wants it or not. He built a PR image that is turning out to be far removed from the real man. Thanks to the Internet, blogs, twitter, and camera phones, celebrities cannot hide their lives like before. The years of phony PR cover-ups are becoming a thing of the past. We won’t have to wait until he is 75 to discover the real GC.

  89. Ann says:

    Clooney is at that age (and has been for a while) where a younger woman makes him look older.

  90. Victoria says:

    Elisabetta was definitely George’s beard. This was her way of outing him on the down low.

    Ironically, I actually believed that George might be straight (well bisexual at the very least) up until he started dating Elisabetta…I’m sorry but she looks just like a man in the face, there’s just no way around that. The other beards/girlfriends before her actually looked pretty feminine but this one looks sooooo hard in the face and coked out that she practically screamed ‘beard’ to me.


  91. truthful says:

    sounds like she is calling GC gay to me–like he had NO intesrest in her sexually.

    and I thought she meant Marriage and Children–never came up because GC was not having it. she may have mentioned it BUT GC, nope.

    have Hef’s tramps called him this???
    cause he is slowly climbing on them w/Viagra in his veins.

    GC not so much–this chick is bitter, its a soft like jab at GC.

    she is pathetic

  92. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    She looks like an anorexic dude. It’s sad she got dumped, but in all fairness, she’s dating George Clooney aka THE ETERNAL BACHELOR!!

  93. NM9005 says:

    George is at least bisexual:


    Cuba = Damon = gay, Chocolate = Clooney = well gay/bisexual I guess…

    Two different megastars, two different preferences, but in the end, the act is the same.

    The first is a happy father, settled down and reformed, bankable and respected at the same time… a major player. Which is why it’s so important that he keeps his Cuban male lover hidden away to be enjoyed when he’s not on location. It might seem risqué, having his secret stashed so close to home and his official partner, but he’s hot and horny, and it’s not like he’s not living in a freestyling environment, although I have to tell you, this one really, really surprised me. He plays it so well. And in the end, if it wasn’t such a fraud, it totally wouldn’t matter. He is the nicest, nicest person. Kind and considerate and generous… makes me sad he’s forced to live a lie.

    The other is much less attached, but just as heterosexually pressured, perhaps even more so. While he’s best known for his female pursuits, and so many females need to believe it that way, it would seem that women are not his only pleasures. When he decides he has a yearning for the other sex however, his flavour is decidedly darker. Sweet chocolate is what they call it? Yes. Black men are his weakness. On occasion, his hankering for it can get him into trouble. He was recently captivated by a fine black man working security at an event who was, unfortunately, not a homosexual. Apparently our star doesn’t have a very sophisticated gaydar because he hit up the wrong dude who did not appreciate the attention, even coming from such a powerful and coveted celebrity. He almost had his ass kicked. His people had to intervene, placate the man, pay off the man… although if he did end up getting the beat-down, he probably would have liked it. Because word is, as time goes on, he’s leaning towards picking a side. Like playing exclusively for the boys team.

    Yes it’s been revealed, 4 or 5 times for each blind.

    Oh and Elisabetta likes black men, makes you wonder if she helped him hook up with one…

  94. LucyOriginal says:

    @ Intercontinental: I agree with jane16. I mentioned something about their trip to Cabo last year and I posted the links. please, post the link of the blind item you mentioned to back up your comment, thanks.

  95. Agnes says:

    @brin – exactly what i thought. haha!

  96. newtsgal says:

    Now if he just has that surgery and gets some nice boy clothes maybe just maybe……nay!…..It’s still ugly as hell!

  97. podzol says:

    You gotta hand it to the woman, she knows how to make a cryptic enough message to make us pause and ask what’s the double entendre about Clooney here.

  98. Lindsey says:

    Is it just me, or does she have *Seinfeld ref.* Man Hands?

  99. Freya says:

    Now daddy is spending time with his other daughter!

  100. Tammy says:

    I honestly done see why this is all getting so complicated when it’s actually pretty simple: H-e didn’t want h-e-r. Either sooner or later if you really care, but that’s basically it.
    That doesn’t mean George is gay, bi, straight, or even an alien. It just means that He. Didn’t. Want. Her.
    Maybe he’s actually got standards. Admittedly since it’s Elisabetta that’s a pretty low bar, but still…

    And really, what is she? 3 years old?..Why isn’t she on a harness?..

  101. Oh Please says:

    I think Lizabetta has an intersesting face- much more attractive than bland Stacey Keibler!!

  102. Intercontinental says:

    @ jane16 & Lucy: when we can’t work a blind item out we copy it onto a word page and keep going at them until we do – kind of like the times crossword!? Unfortunately we don’t include links be cause it’s just for fun – note to do this in future! We came across this item a few weeks ago through clicking on different links within links – if you know what we mean? Some of the guys are on line trying to retrace our steps but in all honesty it could be anywhere! Sorry! 

  103. JulieM says:

    NM9005 way back @61- Yes, exactly. George is a control freak and must be in the driver’s seat of every relationship. Hence all the Z listers.

    And to all the vasectomy believers, yes. There is no way he would not have a half dozen little cloonettes running around if he were not snipped. Someone would have tripped him up by now.

  104. WhiteNoise says:

    @Intercontinental – Busted! Come on, admit it, you made it up. If it were actually a blind item, it would be on one of the BI sites and you know it. ;)

  105. Elm says:

    Those hands …. cannot be for real – can they?

    This translation of the interview is a bit softer


    Agree with Kaiser, Eli appears over-thrilled to be back on the Red Carpet ..
    for what reason is she famous again? Oh yeah, dating the perennial womaniser – she seems to want to be back in that scene again … will her game-plan work and will he take her back? Tenacity worked for Kate …

    The father/daughter imagery sucks … I can only see him with little girls all dressed up to go to the prom now

  106. MaryBr says:

    I loved all the comments and I couldn’t hold my self…
    yeah!!! she look like a drag,…definetelly…. and I think she wants to piss him off…. she must know his Achilles heel… and…voilá…she did it!!!! poor grandpa!!!it’s hard be dumped!!!!

  107. Intercontinental says:

    @whitenoise: my, that’s quite a personal accusation! Also what’s a BI site?
    Let us explain, – we are a group of healthcare professionals with intensive and emotive jobs. We divert from the daily traumas to the gossip sites as a means of release. The sites keep us amused, laughing, gossiping and thinking about other stuff than the daily toil. We are quite amused to think you could believe anyone of us have the skills to be a writer – believe us, we
    Our initial reason for the post is as it says we are struggling. We don’t believe that it’s the obvious trio! That’s just too easy! Blind items are not supposed to be easy, right? We were expecting for a no that’s wrong have you thought/tried this/that. Obviously from our discussion now that’s not what has happened!
    We are actually veering towards Europe on this one. There are many actors here who can and do play this games just as well, if not better than the obvious ones. They are just not as famous!
    Oh well, back to the grindstone…
    Have a good week. 

  108. ladybert62 says:

    I simply cannot think of her as female after that series of pictures you ran a month or so ago – “she” is so obviously a “he”.

    Her comments are weird -= Clooney was a father figure (OK I can sorta see that) and he (father figure) made her feminine side come out (That is creepy).

    Wish this she/he would go away.

  109. psu says:

    the best part of the story is, after all these comments she will finally disappear from the public for good

  110. nyc says:

    Canalis is so unattractive, if she would gain at least 20 pounds, she would look more feminine and less hard in the face and body.
    Just like Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker, the skin/bone/vein look makes them look older and less feminine.

    I don’t understand why some people are going after Clooney.
    At least he is honest.
    I heard him say for years that he will never get married or have children.
    I think it’s much better than getting married and cheating, like Tiger Woods, Jesse James or Brad Pitt.
    His girlfriends are not young love struck teenage girls who don’t KNOW what they are getting themselves into, they are around 30.
    They enjoy the benefits of dating Clooney, who is better looking guy today than when he was young.
    He is wealthy, successful and seems nice.
    Whatever the deal is between these women and Clooney, they certainly seem to have a great time travelling the world, going to events, being dressed by well known designers in expensive clothes and jewellery.
    We would have never heard of Canalis without being Clooney’s girlfriend.
    She is bitter, because she couldn’t make himm settle down with marriage, kids and a nice 50/50 divorce deal.
    He is no dummy, he had vasectomy probably years ago.

  111. G says:

    Geez, he has made himself sooo clear on the marriage issue. He’s not doing it.

    Her comments make her sound bitter, honestly.

  112. Liz says:

    Let me give the Italian outlook on Elisabetta’s feelings. She likes having sex with black guys. But when it comes to love…she’s still a little girl in love with her father. Once, half jokingly, she confessed that she proposed many times to the author-producer of the program who launched her, a white-haired guy older than Clooney. Unfortunately he was married and faithful to his wife!

  113. Liz says:

    Many of you give for granted that she is banking or should bank on anything she does or say. Not at all, and too bad if you consider her a fool for that. I think Italian and American mentality is quite different.

  114. Liz says:

    Cavalli is a fashion designer just like Valentino. They like being escorted by Claudia Schiffer or Naomi Campbell but that has nothing to do with dating!
    Canalis who is doing tv commercials in Germany was invited to present him with the award he was given! READ!

  115. Meanchick says:

    THAT is officially the creepiest, eeewy-ist thing she could have said. Pack it in sister.

  116. Liz says:

    All your comments on Elisabetta being a tranny are quite ridiculous. I’m Italian and I personally don’t find your American stereotyped barbie dolls as “beautiful” as you make them out to be!

  117. nyc says:

    @ Liz :

    Please read my comment above before making such sweeping and offensive comments!
    Why are trying to make it into American against Italian thing?
    Can’t we just state our opinions without attacking whole countries and their people.
    By the way, I’m Canadian!
    And I’m sorry, but she is a manly looking woman
    in my opinion.

  118. LucyOriginal says:

    I never liked Canalis, but let’s be honest. This woman was pretty (and curvy) before she dated him. Once she started losing weight, then she started looking very old and with “strong” features. I would also suggest to her to get her hair back to the color it used to be, she was prettier with darker hair.

    ps: she dresses better than Cracy and carries herself better too. Argh, can’t believe I just made a nice comment about her. I blame GC for that, lol.

  119. littleflower says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t find Canalis attractive.
    She is skin and bones like so many celebs. They somehow believe that being painfully skinny is actually pretty.
    I think that a slim female body with some feminine curves is much nicer.
    Also her face wouldn’t have such hard lines and she would look younger, if she would gain 15 kilograms at least.
    Curvy doesn’t mean fat, just curvy!!!!!

  120. ZenB!tch says:

    Clooney has always reminded me of my dad even though technically he is “my age” (8 years older). He’s always looked older and until recently dressed older. My dad is Mad Men era and Clooney always seemed more like a younger (but not that much) version of my dad than a peer.

  121. Ali says:

    you gotta handle it to a woman but elisabetta is not like that she still have a lot to learn to hurt anybody but herself , i can’t imagine any one saw them together in the media field or fans or not fans of clooney would believe that they looked like a father and daughter “she went to the beach together , she kissed him many times in public ,she was jealous when other women talked to him and she said when they were together she wanted to marry and be mother !” so in the other hand she let people now see she is closed minded and nasty somehow .no body listening to you elisabetta but everyone pointing at you and saying that’s the moron .clooney u r great man hope someday you will be happy with decent woman

  122. Got it says:

    Ali , if any of us knew him we would not be bashing him . I was reading the huffington post comments and a couple of his friends were defending him . What this one woman said made sense . He goes for these women because he dose not get terribly attached . He works all the time and dose not have time to devote to a relationship . Upon reading her posts I felt horrible for bashing him . He sounds like a nice person . Los Angeles is a man’s town . If you have a couple of bucks in your pocket , fame or good looks women throw themselves at you . He is all 3 wealthy , famous and good looking . These women are beautiful and hungry . How could he trust anyone ? If hes going to find love it won’t be in LA . These women are visious and attack each other . They will do or say anything in order to get a man’s money . It’s all about material gain . Since he’s said he will never marry , he’s set himself as some prize . Also men in Los Angeles are spoiled . If one women gives them crap there is 50 others that won’t . I have had some horrible things happen to me . This has been an escape for me . I was just blowing off steam . I kind of hate men right now . I figure this won’t hurt anyone … I doubt he would read any of this garbage anyway and if he dose none of this crap is about him . You have to admit that was one sick and clever statement she made . He must have really hurt her to stick it to him like that . There are women in pain who read this and take her side . He no longer symbolizes the man that all women want . He now is looked upon as a preditor that steals womens hearts and throws away their remains once he’s done with their body’s . We just blindly form opinions based on our own life experience and react .

  123. Blake says:

    @Got it- George is not innocent. You get what you pay for. These “friends” are the same yokels who go around and attack. George is as much of a jerk as a nice person. He is getting a karmic blow. I do not like Elisabetta, but she is letting him have it. A real woman is not going to give up her life like the scummy women he picks. It will get worse before it gets better for Clooney. He along with his “friends” are so judgemental where women are concerned. Now maybe they keep their big mouths shut and tread lightly for a change.

  124. Ali says:

    @blake the one who is getting a karmic blow is elisabetta remember when she said his fans are jealous now she sound jealous .

    George is not innocent. is true but he is better player than elisabetta and he won not elisabetta , i never saw clooney hurt by elisabetta or anyone ,the thing that elisabetta wants to make it all about her but it’s not working and the most now think she is creepy but him is classy at least he leave them in peace not saying anything hurt them .he is real player she is just big mouth .i hope he meets strong woman like him and she can change his playing ways .

  125. Elm says:

    @ Got It – I loved all your posts – am still laughing- don’t stop/apologise – you are as funny as Kaiser!

  126. foozy says:

    now that’s some desperate chick…

  127. Liz says:

    I have read part of Elisabetta’s interview about GC, and I found nothing in it short of complimentary to him. Obviously, language barriers are not the worst barriers!
    Today I was watching “Up in the Air” and I realised that the smooth solitary character portrayed by GC resembles him so much! Good for him that in true life he has his pals to fall back onto.

  128. jake says:

    unattractive chick clooney is the sexy one he is more hotter than elisabetta!
    she looks so jealous and desperate he dumped her !

  129. Blake says:

    Someone said a while back that the women George is involved with are attacked, but nothing is said about George. It takes two. George picked her. Canalis is in the spotlight BECAUSE OF GEORGE. Neither one of them are the “winner”. Just two piss poor losers. George consistently pick these loony women present one included. Have it occurred to you guys, that Canalis talking might be a diversion assisted by Clooney. Why? It takes pressure off from the latest dipwad arrangement. Kiebler will be just as bad if not worse when she gets the royal dumping. What are you guys going to do then? Sing Canalis’ praises, and continue on about George being a victim? Get real.

  130. StanleyPark says:

    @ Blake :

    Nobody is a victim here.
    Whatever is the arrangment between Clooney and his girlfriends, they both benefit different ways.
    He gets companionship and sex, the women are travelling the world in designer clothes in private jets, attending fun events and parties.
    He is not dating teenage girls, but adult women and he has been saying for years that he is not getting married or have kids.
    They know what they are getting themselves into! He is honest and not ating like Tiger Woods or Jesses James.

  131. Blake says:

    He may not be Jesse James or Tiger Woods, but still his actions do not put women in a positive light. Yes they agree, but these women are akin to scraping the bottom of the barrel. They lack class and devoid of most intelligence. It portrays him like a control freak. It still not a positive view. The best solution is doing all of us a favor-drop out of sight, and mind. It is so easy to put a label on Canalis as bitter, but really come on, he looks like a old codger with his choices. Not the sexiest man alive. He looks dry, and constipated next to Kiebler. Not trying to insult, but who is being realistic here? was George and their idiots raised in a pig trough?

  132. kili says:

    @ Blake:

    It’s not Clooney’s job to put positive light on anybody.
    Canalis was 30 years old when she started dating Clooney not a love struck teenage girl.
    She enjoyed the benefits of being associated with him and all the perks that go with it.
    Canalis is not happy now, because she couldn’t make him to marry her and get a nice 50/50 divorce deal after a couple of kids in a few years.
    He has every right to live his life as he wishes, as long as he is not breaking any laws. He is not obliged to marry or have children. It’s a personal choice for all man and women.
    The last thing we need in this world is another married person cheating or another divorce.
    Don’t we have plenty of both???

  133. Blake says:

    You are missing my point. Apparently for some reason George is looked at like he is holier than thou. Like attracts like. George is just as if not more trashy like these women. No what we have is a unch of skanky, no talent women who gets career boost because they are sleeping their way to where they want to go.
    There are plenty of manwhores in the world, but are they parading around their paid goods like George? George has a right showing his paid help, and we have a right to call him on it. He is as low class as they are. Difference between him and marriedmen is that they got enough common sense to hide their gutter trash, and not try to sanitize it, and pass it off for something it is not. The last thing we need in this world, is more johns flashing their paid bed warmers. Keep it in the brothel where it belongs Clooney!

  134. kili says:

    Clooney is a bachelor who doesn’t want to settle down and he has the right to do that.
    I don’t care who he sleeps with as long as they are both willing and without force and not under age.
    I respect his upfront honesty about marriage and kids.
    It’s not for everybody and after he had one divorce, he seems to have realized that it’s not for him.
    I like that a lot more than cheating and lying to get by in life.
    There is NOTHING common sense about cheating as a married man.
    It comes out one day and innocent people and sometimes children get hurt in the process.
    Families are broken apart.
    Good for Clooney for not being pressured by society and the likes of Canalis into something that he can’t handle.

  135. Blake says:

    You guys are evading the real issue. The real issue is him parading his paid help around with the same script. Of course you are going to divert from that and steer it to about married men cheating. We are NOT talking about a married men. We are talking about a. Man who has a need to try to clean up trashy women. If he did not see anything wrong with that then why did he instruct Kiebler to stop wearing her usual trash? Because even he knows it is screwed. Stick to the REAL TOPIC and that is George choice of gutter trash. We already clarified his stance on marriage. That argument has played. He like his choices are just as skanky. Of course you can’t say because you will be fired.

  136. jake says:

    i just want to say after i saw elisabetta father LOL she is liar he is nothing like george clooney maybe she was asking him to adopt her so she could stay at george clooney heaven lol ! forget elisabetta she is old news .she is another victim of GC

  137. Blake says:

    Than what is Stacy? She is a somewhat milder, but still variation. Canalis is not a victim. She is making sure she sticks around for awhile. This remark stuck because she knows George has issues with age and maturity.

    I see more people laughing at him more so than her. If she is a victim, than he is the village for signing her and Kiebler to arrangement agreements. She accomplished what she wanted- attention, and show how ridiculous George has become. So really who is the one who got laughed at the most? If Elisabetta is a liar, then what is George? He shares a bigger share of the nonsense because he does this over and over and over again.

  138. Shawn says:

    @Blake “If he did not see anything wrong with that then why did he instruct Kiebler to stop wearing her usual trash?”
    What are you talking about? The last dress she wore was trashy. Besides, how is she supposed to line up new Johns if she doesn’t advertise? LOL.

  139. Blake says:

    Rip this one apart….


    Dancing With The Stars is over. She needs to line up another job. In other words, he’s playing agent for both Canalis and Keibler these days, in addition to bankrolling their lifestyles, all while worrying that Canalis won’t keep her mouth shut. And all of it could have been avoided if he’d only just be ok with going alone to a f-cking awards show. God, why can’t you just bring your mom???

  140. Neva says:

    Anyway, at least this one can dress appropriately, tatoos and manly or not.
    Unlike the current squeeze who is a hopeless fashion disaster.

  141. Rudolf says:

    I find really mean that someone is dragging her father in this story.
    He is a respected surgeon, head of a hospital surgery department, his career in not based on looks but on competence and experience and he has nothing to do with his daughter career.
    George is the one who made big money and success by presenting himself as the ultimate womanizer. He is the one who must keep himself in a good shape. And to be honest I bet that in 15 years he will look older than Eli’s father.
    BTW, as far as I can see, there’s no evidence he is particularly classy or smart or brilliant or talented as an actor.
    For me her father deserves much more respect than crappy George.

  142. Elm says:

    Blake – loved your posts – got me thinking – Clooney has had to clean up the public personae for the last 3 gf’s (porn videos, questionable pics etc) … and the girls are getting younger but are still of legal age … maybe that is the way he is … and the fan-base just has to accept that – both parties get something out of it or they would not engage in this repetition

    Kudos to Canalis for ‘outing’ him one way or another … never thought I would have a good thing to say about her … this girl has got a taste of the limelight and is not going away … but he took a risk messing up in his own backyard – they still have to face the music with the Berlusconi case / bunga parties

    Clooney’s image is of the smart, suave man about town is dipping slowly but surely

  143. babe says:

    oh my god another victim angery that george clooney dumped her when that man will settle down poor elisabetta ,that dress need curves and that girl elisabetta canalis dosen’t actually have waist so why every thing against her .but elisabetta is creepy to say clooney is like dad despite she let him sleep with her she sound jealous !it’s clear she is lying after i saw elisabetta real dad pic he can be george clooney father he is so older than george clooney .clooney at least not a father to girl whoring her self for fame ! kudos MR Clooney .

  144. babe says:

    omg look at this

    that’s not father -daughter thing LOL ,another SL she feels she is victim and she try to hurt him but she hurt herself .the dress need woman with waist not good looking on elisabetta her body isn’t fit

  145. Liz says:

    You’re not much of a psychologist, are you? :)
    You don’t have to be her daddy’s lookalike to act as a father figure to a girl!

  146. Blake says:

    @Elm- You are welcome. I just didn’t see the point on solely bashing Canalis. They both are guilty parties. Well George has the bigger part in all this. People do not want to face the core issue-HE started all this garbage by initiating the relationship, and paying for their lifestyles, etc. Etc. Etc. Canalis would not had this much “power” if George did put it all in action. Bashing her, just brings out the obvious on George. If she is low class, and disgusting-What does that make George, especially since he has been picking these women for awhile? Elm, it is hopeless, and pathetic to get it through some of these posters heads. Just is.

  147. Elm says:

    @Babe #146
    You had to show those hands again did you? They are bigger than Clooney’s butt!

    @Blake #148
    Hmmm, a lot of wasted potential in Clooney then … as he could use his *star* power for more worthwhile projects – ah well, its been somewhat amusing posting fun at both/all three of them … now its really time for me to stop posting to this site for a while and get back to reality!

    Really do enjoy the CB posts

  148. oh says:

    elisabetta is gross to call her ex man like her father he dumped her and he is a middle age man not old she need help he‘outing’her with his silent being classy and for being nice gentleman she sound hurt victim that he left her for another hot girl i agree she is old to be GC daughter .when clooney would stop making victims of those grown up girls .he must stop doing that .

  149. jake says:

    @liz u are a fool i was saying he is not the same age her father is way older so she can’t be George daughter u don’t see Justin Biber or Zac effron fathers , not thing u see every day and bettween george and elisabetta 17 years so when she was one year old he was 17 years old teen kid not grown up man she is pathetic to show her pain after he dumped her everyone know that she hurt he went with stacy keibler now and try to call him bad things oh she is the victim not george clooney .

  150. ll says:

    elisabetta is tacky tacky tacky money can’t buy you everything is true and elisabetta can’t buy morals or brain or class with money she made uncovering her body trashy too

  151. Liz says:

    Me a fool? Not fool enough to offend you back! :)

  152. jake says:

    ok i am sorry but i hope you understood my point ,have a good day !

  153. ali says:

    that elisabetta canalis bit*h not young enough to be George’s daughter she is over 30 not 20 and he is hardly 50 ,some women go mad and jealous of their ex ,so nasty elisabetta canalis stinks .