Maggie Gyllenhaal in Rome: busted, unflattering or lovely?


Here are some photos of Maggie Gyllenhaal at the Rome Film Festival, where she’s promoting Hysteria. The Hysteria photo call pics are where she’s wearing that hideous black and turquoise Dries van Noten sheet dress, and the premiere photos are where she’s looking matronly in a cream gown. If I have to choose, I guess I’d pick the matronly look, but just barely. She’s aged herself terribly with that hairstyle and makeup… that being said, the hair and makeup look good (for a 40-something lady). But the real problem with the cream gown is that it makes her boobs look saggy, and it just doesn’t flatter her body. She needs more support for her girls, and maybe something more structured overall.

Hysteria is Maggie’s film about the invention of the vibrator. Because ladies used to be diagnosed with “hysteria” when really they just needed a good orgasm. Previously, when discussing the film, Maggie said, “By the time I finished the movie I’d been sent 15 vibrators by different people in London with vibrator stores. It was a pleasant surprise. So I have this incredible collection, and I actually use one or two of them. I lend them to my friends, and they’ll take them for six months at a time.” Yes, she lends out vibrators. Whatever happened to, “Here, I’m gifting you this vibrator. No, I don’t want it back”???

PS… it just occurred to me as I was looking through the photos again… do you think Maggie is knocked up? She has a little bit of a bump happening…or is the white dress just THAT unflattering?






Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. mamaT says:

    looks bumpish, doesnt it?

  2. bc says:

    Needs, at the very least, pasties, if not a strapless bra

  3. brin says:

    She usually wears unflattering clothes. That striped thing is horrible.

  4. Kaboom says:

    Do not want.

  5. ToastedSkin says:

    She looks fine, maybe a bit bumpy but I think that’s just the dress.

  6. StephanieMarie says:

    Totally looks bumpish!!
    I thought that when I saw the previous pics of her in the sheet-dress..
    With all the baby bump-whoring happening right now she probably wants to keep it low profile.

  7. Jenny says:

    She needs to work on her posture. She just looks frumpy in both dresses. That blue thing is grotesque and her stance just as odd. Shoes–bad.

  8. Nanea says:

    I’d say bump, too.

    And investing in a bra wouldn’t have broken her bank.

  9. Lady D says:

    Sooo busted, but I have never been a fan of hers. I find her irritating.

  10. keri says:

    I think the sheet dress is a little interesting, at least it provokes some kind of reaction. That drab white mess is something we’ve all seen. Does anyone else see nipple in the white dress?

  11. ShanKat says:

    Mumsy and nipply at once is bad times.

  12. dr.bombay says:

    Why is she not wearing some sort of boob coverage? It looks like my weekend t-shirt on bra-less Sunday!

    The second dress looks like a painting on the wall in my dentist’s office. Ugh.

  13. jen says:

    Preggers, for sure.

  14. Pyewacket says:

    Is she knocked up?

    She also needs to learn about nipple petals. Seriously, her stylist couldn’t have given her a pair for the event?

  15. Vanden says:

    I think she looked lovely, but i guess i’m alone on that one!

  16. jc126 says:

    My goodness. She REALLY looks pregnant; I would bet she is. She seems like the private type not to announce a pregnancy, though I know she announced the first kid eventually.
    If she’s not pregnant, I’ll eat my hat.

  17. SoCalGal in FL says:

    She has a grandma face so she may as well dress like one??

  18. palermo says:

    Horrible. Why come out with those saggy boobs and nipples showing? I don’t want to sound harsh, but she really has a pig nose, her face is very unattractive.

  19. KLO says:


    The white dress is lovely, but WHY wear it without a bra?

    Women who insist on not wearing a bra as often as possible irk me to no end.

    I’ve had some traumatic experiences, pardon me.

  20. Jackie says:

    gotta be preggers. love her work, but her style has always been nasty.

  21. says:

    Fug. All of it.

  22. Minky says:

    I’m going to go with preggers. And I agree with everyone who has already said she needs a bra. As for the style, I’m neutral. The cream dress is meh, but then Maggie has always done whatever she wants with mixed results.

  23. Wildone says:

    I’m going to say not pregnant just a funk angel that makes her look like she has a stomach.

  24. Violet says:

    Yikes, she couldn’t have picked a more unflattering outfit without looking through Christina Aguilera’s closet.

    She has a great figure, but is definitely too busty to go without a bra. And that does look a baby bump, but it’s hard to tell in that outfit.

  25. Marianne says:

    I think she desperately needs a bra…them boobs are saggy. But otherwise it was lovely. (Close-up shots aside).

  26. bagladey says:

    What’s the point that she’s always trying to make to us? Is there some issue about not having been one of the pretty, fashionable girls? Does she think of herself as an eccentric or so smart that she spurns being even slightly fashionable or current? She always seems to be trying so hard to say something with her plain and frumpy.

  27. Gwen says:

    I’m not a fan of bumpwatching but I think she could be pregnant. She needs a new bra either way.

  28. cassius. says:

    pregnant women show in the face, too. i say pregnant for sure!

  29. Melissa says:

    She is so obviously pregnant to me. I thought it as soon as I saw her in the green and black striped number, and now again with the white dress. And yeah, I can see her nipple in that white dress.

    She also seems to be arching her back to draw speculation about the bump. She totally irks me.

  30. You don't say says:

    Even if she is pregnant and hormonal, that is still no excuse to not wear a bra in a sheer dress or wear a butt ugly dress and tacky shoes.

  31. Rose says:

    Yah, preggo for sures

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Both dresses suck really. Even if she is pregnant, surely there are better dresses to hide it. Too bad because she is pretty and has a good figure. Now dress like it, honey.

  33. Cait says:

    I really think she’s adorable. She has such a serene smile. THat said, she still needs to wear a bra.

  34. Blue says:

    First thing I said when I saw the picture was “is she pregnant?” and like everyone else said she needs a bra. I don’t understand it, just because you have small breasts doesn’t mean you can go bra-less. Small tits sag too.

  35. minnie says:

    I think he never wears bras… and she needs them, obviously she thinks otherwise. Also, she has terrible posture.
    I like her white dress, I would’ve thought these high end dresses would have buit in bras or something

  36. SEF says:

    Looks as pregnant as can be.

  37. thinkaboutit says:

    Soo unattractive, this one. I don’t get it, I seriously could not sit through one of her films and look at that hangdog face for 90minutes!

  38. Scout says:

    I’m looking at the white dress and thinking – well, here it does look pretty bad. But on the right body, with the right undergarmets, on someone with some color to their skin – it could look nice. Like on Heidi Klum – perhaps. There are no words for that other mess. And I agree – she needs to work on her posture!

  39. TG says:

    I love Maggie!! She looks lovely to me and I agree she does look a bit pregnant. I hope so that will be awesome for her. I love watching her in movies I find her fascinating. And I think she will make a very beautiful older lady one day I can see her willowy frame in her 50′s and 60′s being the envy of all.

    I think all of us have our favorites and no matter what they wear we are still going to love them and she is one of them for me.

  40. Bec says:

    AWFUL! and definiitely pregnant!
    But that’s no excuse. The cream-colored dress is HIDEOUS! and the HAIR? OMG! who are these stylists? Can you believe she paid people to do this to her?

  41. StopKiddingYourself says:

    Pregnant? Maybe not. Her face ALWAYS looks like that.

  42. Maritza says:

    She does look pregnant but that is no excuse for her not to wear a bra.

  43. NM9005 says:

    The white dress is gorgeous! She could have used something to support the chichis though. Love her being so confident to do without some support on the other hand. She had a baby, so the puppies ain’t that firm anymore. She shows reality. The Dries van Noten dress is horrendous. The shoes too.

    As for the bump, *sigh* I’m not even…dead…just please. That’s not gossip. It’s scrutinizing a woman. She has a little bump happening: ate too much, her posure, not wearing spanx, easily gains weight there, white doesn’t slim, the cut of the dress period, upset stomach…whatever but nooo it’s always bump = baby. Just…shoot me. Is that gossip nowadays “let’s analyze a women’s abdomen, whiii”? What’s the obsession I wonder? Is there one week that goes by without women suspected to be pregnant? Even if she is, it’s her business and she will make an announcement when it fits her.

  44. Lilly says:

    that story about lending the vibrators to friends was actually about handbags, but the media changed it to vibrators.

    I dont mind the dresses. Maggie is known for her unique since of style. I’ve been wadering if shes been pregnant since the got milk ad.

  45. lucy2 says:

    The gown is pretty, but I agree she needs some support underneath! I think it might just be the way she’s standing, causing the bump, but who knows.
    I like her as an actress, but don’t care for her style.

  46. Auds says:

    I don’t find her remotely elegant or attractive or cute. Her body structure and terrible posture contravenes most dress cuts. You can dress her in the most expensive gown and she’d still look like a cleaning woman, and there are cleaning women with more grace than her.

  47. Sumodo1 says:

    This isn’t the first time we’ve scolded her for bra-lessness. Bumpy+tits hanging low= get a stylist!

  48. retyah says:

    She has one of the most unfortunate looking faces, yet she is still a successful actress. Defying odds with that one.

    Just wondering, does anything think she is attractive?

  49. Claire78 says:

    I do think she could be. I am pregnant too and looking at her boobs makes me think of mine. Heavy feeling. I love her, she is cute.

  50. NM9005 says:

    Yes, I find her very attractive. We are used to very generic faces so when one person pops out, we label it “unfortunate” because Hollywood bombards us with conventional beauty.
    Also, photos can deceive. Not everybody looks good on a photo =).

    Mery Streep was called ugly in Italian during an audition in her young days. Smart and authentic as she is/was, she replied back…in Italian. Tilda, bursts of talent yet is said to be “ugly” when applying Hollywood standards to describe her.
    Barbra Streisand, they told her to fix her nose…
    I can go on and on but my point is, beauty is worth nothing when you have their talent. Their talent makes them so beautiful for me (physically and mentally) and they are amazing because they did “defy the odds”. They don’t need Hollywood standards because their talent and intelligence will be honored and recognized forever and those pretty faces (Biel, Alba, Lively…) wish they could trade their looks to have 10% of their talent/career. Beauty fades eventually…

  51. podzol says:

    Ooh Maggie is pregnant! Best of luck for baby #2 with Sarsgaard.

  52. kazoo says:

    she never wears bras…i think shes only like 31 but has the boobs of a 50 year old.

    shes a good actress though.

    eta: oops, just checked imdb and shes 34. still. she has bad boobs but seems to like it.

  53. AcornPaste says:

    The back of the dress is lovely.

    But please, Maggie, wear a bra for your girlies!

  54. lmo says:

    I didn’t think she was pretty the first time I saw her but she has grown on me ever since and I think she’s gorgeous. I also think that both dresses work on her with her unique fashion sense. I do wish she would wear a bra but she obviously has reasons why she likes swinging free. I’d like to think that for her, it’s that she doesn’t want to fit the mold of the typical starlet but that may be wishful thinking.

  55. JON LOVEN says:

    That face could only turn on PORKY PIG, it doesnt matter what she wears, its like putting LIPSTICK ON A PIG, same with troll gaga .

  56. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I think she looks lovely in the first gown but the dress on the 2nd pic is not flattering at all. It looks a bit frumpy.

  57. sauvage says:

    I actually love her in both dresses.

  58. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    Maggie is neither a classic Hollywood beauty nor a cookie cutout Romcom heroine, but she has a fascinating face and has done some excellent work IMO. I find her refreshing.

  59. mary simon says:

    both busted. She has an old lady face.

  60. Stubbylove says:

    I love the idea for the film. Thought she looked nice in 1st pic and then saw the full-on teet in the 2nd – how can you NOT know that would come out in pics on the red carpet? I like Maggie – but I can totally see how she can irriate people.

  61. truthful says:

    I LOVE her acting and have been a longtime fan for yrs, however, she never wears a bra–never.

    this is just her, I guess.
    she’s about comfort only.

    I have learned to accept it now, smdh.

  62. ema82m says:

    Def think she’s up the duff…she never does wear a bra thou!

  63. mike says:

    Man her nose job is looking whacked!