Tori Spelling talks about losing baby weight

As a child of the 90s, I can remember when Tori Spelling was all over 90210, and we didn’t have the Internet (and weren’t skilled at reading television credits) so we completely missed the fact that she was cast for being the 90210 creator Aaron Spelling’s daughter.

Now Tori Spelling is all grown up, and I’m finding it slightly confusing to see sweet, virginal Donna with fake boobs and a couple of kids, and 90210 on the TV again. Turns out she’s just like the rest of us, she isn’t a fictional character, and is finding it hard to lose the baby weight.

“I would look at pictures of myself and compare them to Jessica Alba, who had her baby two days before me,” Tori, 35, tells In Touch.

“I’d see photos of her two months after and go, ‘Look at her!’” But rather than give up, Tori says she developed a healthier attitude, passing on fad diets and hot Hollywood trainers and enlisting the help of her husband of two-and-a-half years, Dean McDermott, their 19-month-old son, Liam, and Stella. Together, they cook healthy meals and stay as active as possible.

“The best way to lose weight is to make it a family affair,” she explains. “It has changed my life.” “I’m embracing the fact that it’s a struggle for me to drop the pounds,” Tori reveals.

“It’s easier now because I’m not as focused on it.” Her advice to other moms trying to lose weight? “Take your time,” says Tori, with Stella. “If you get obsessed, you’ll miss out on great moments with your children.”

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I really appreciate that she’s said this. I had my baby at the same time as Milla Jovovich, sort of. We went into labor on the same day, but she then proceeded to take another week to pop that kiddie out, so I beat her at something. What I didn’t beat her at was losing the baby weight, and she was about 8 times bigger than me during pregnancy. I remember seeing pictures of her looking slim and model-ish, and I was having the worst day ever, and just eating a block of chocolate to feel better. Which obviously made me feel like a big fat loser.

I feel much better knowing that Tori Spelling feels like a big fat loser too. Even if she actually looks pretty darn good to me.

Tori Spelling is shown out at the pumpkin patch with her family on 10/11/08. Credit: BAC/WENN

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  1. sandy says:

    tori’s 35
    jessica alba is 26
    duh, they are going to lose weight very differently- their rates of metabolism are not the same.
    but they both get the same tummy tuck so in that aspect they are similar.

  2. Tlchottea says:

    I really wonder if she is as down to earth as she trys to come off on her show. She grew up rich and just seems like she’d have a chef cooking those “healthy meals” and by “active” does she mean – personal trainer comes to my house everyday and we work out for like three hours a day.

  3. Yourself says:

    Why does she even bother. Would less people watch her show if she was a kilo heavier? Alba has admitted to having a trainer and working hard to lose the baby weight. The only celeb who has impressed me is Gwen Stephanie, you can see that she is not obsessed with losing the baby fat in the shortest time possible.

    Advice to those who want to lose weight, STARVE! It is not simple but is as risky to your health as being fat if not more. Simply don’t eat. Believe me , it works. Every time I put on kilos I don’t need, I eat nothing for 2 days. It is difficult but worth it. Especially when I see my flat stomach after the ordeal.

  4. vdantev says:

    Now if she could just lose some of that arrogance and sense of privilege.

  5. ff says:

    Duh, no one should be comparing themselves to Jessica Alba it’s just asking for trouble.

    Not to mention didn’t Alba hit the gym practically every day of her pregnancy at least four months into it?

  6. mojoman says:

    “Even if she actually looks pretty darn good to me”.. yeah, she looks pretty good from the WAIST down. I dont know who her Plastic Surgeon is but she should get a refund 8O

  7. aleach says:

    i cant stand it when celebs talk about how they lost the baby weight. they always have personal trainers, chefs, etc etc.
    im 23 and had my son a yr ago and am STILL heavier than what i weighed before him. of course, before i got preg. i was about 110 so….haha. but i dont have a trainer that shows up at my house everyday or someone to write out my meal plan and cook for me, so its a little harder to lose it.
    i really did expect to be back to my pre-baby size 2 mos after having him, because all the celebs are! ugh, i hate them haha

  8. Cheeky Monkey says:

    Starve yourself? Worst.Advice.Ever. And most likely, unsustainable.

    Every woman who has just had a baby should have their thyroid levels checked. Pregnancy plays havic with your hormones, particularly your thyroid. Hypothyroidism is a completely understated epidemic. It takes a very sharp MD or better, a naturopath, to identify and help regulate your thyroid levels. Hypothyroidism can affect your ability to lose weight after having a baby, and can cause post-partum depression.

  9. Cinderella says:

    Absolutely, Cheeky Monkey. I think more women are becoming aware of the important role the thyroid plays in our overall well-being.

  10. dr.grrl says:

    an acupuncturist would also suffice. we have great protocols for all phases of childbirth from pre-conception to post delivery.

    we also have a huge pharmacopoeia of natural plants,etc to help rebuild a woman after childbirth.

    besides, medically any loss or gain of weight over 10lbs/month can be viewed as a pathology and not a good thing! (of course if you are under medical supervision, this is a whole separate issue)

  11. Codzilla says:

    Yourself: Odd how you praise Gwen STEFANI for not obsessing over her weight in your first paragraph, and then literally encourage us to starve ourselves in the next. :roll:

  12. Jeanne says:

    No matter how much weight Tori loses she’ll still have that big, mannish face.

  13. Kelly says:

    Well for one thing Jessica is 26 & Tori is 35 & number two that was Jessicas first Toris second

  14. Alexa says:

    I’ve always thought Tori looks exceptionally good soon after birthing each of her babies. ???? Glad I live where I’m not completely surrounded by human Barbie dolls (northern New England).

  15. suze says:

    Tory should focus on losing that 200 lb fame whore Dean McDermitt who left his first wife, son and newly adopted infant daughter to play celebrity baby daddy.

  16. Appesat says:

    Such a usefule blogwow !!!!