Enquirer: Julia Roberts panics over weight gain, turns into an exercise fiend


So far, Julia Roberts has been able to keep the fact that she’s playing the Evil Queen from her kids, but that certainly doesn’t mean that she didn’t acquire some, uh, baggage while on the set of her as-yet-untitled “Snow White” movie. Presumably, Julia’s metabolism has caught up with her as she’s progressed into her 40s, which means that she’s no longer able to stay rail thin without effort. How tragic. Allegedly and according to The Enquirer, Julia’s pissed off about this weight gain because it makes her look really bad next to her hardbodied husband, Danny Moder. Here he is looking pretty good while competing in the Malibu Triathlon:



Desperate to maintain her “Pretty Woman” figure after a recent weight gain, Julia Roberts has turned into a workout maniac, say pals.

The fiery redhead, who turned 44 on Oct. 28, is furious at herself for piling on 10 pounds while filming her role as the Evil Queen in the as-yet-untitled new “Snow White” movie.

And the mom of three is determined to trim down by pounding the pavement with pals. In fact, Julia was recently spotted looking winded after jogging with a companion near her Los Angeles home.

Her goal, say insiders, is to get as lean and mean as her six pack-sporting spouse, cameraman Danny Moder.

“Julia saw the photos of herself in the beach in Hawaii this past August and thought she looked pretty good in a bikini,” said an insider, “But standing next to Danny, with his taught stomach and muscular arms, she seemed completely out of shape in comparison.

“She told him, ‘It’s not fair that you get to look as good as you do without even trying, but I have to bust my ass just to lose a couple of pounds!’ After that, Julia was absolutely determined to look almost as toned was her hubby.”

According to the source, Julia’s biggest problem in her battle of the bulge is that she tends to eat whatever she wants when she’s working. And that’s exactly what happened while making “Snow White” in Montreal.

This isn’t the first time Julia has gained weight on a film set. The 5-foot-9 actress normall weighs between 125 and 130 pounds but balooned to nearly 150 by the time she’d finished filming “Eat Pray Love” on location in Italy in 2009. “In the scene with the pizza, we started shooting at eight in the morning and by 8:45 I’d eaten eight or 10 pieces of pizza,” she told a reporter.

But now she’s running like a madwoman and doing yoga three times a week to get back in fighting form.

Still, the sources says Julia has insisted to pals that she’s not weight-obsessed “like some people in Hollywood.” “I’ll never be a stick figure,” she admitted. “But I want to give Danny a run for his money!”

[From Enquirer, print edition, November 14, 2011]

So is this story true? It’s not farfetched to believe that Julia gained a few pounds on her movie sets in recent years. Certainly, the lure of the everpresent crafts services table would be irresistable for most people, and eating pizza as a requirement for the job, well, that’s tough competition for an aging metabolsm. She probably does feel like a slouch next to her triathlete spouse, but Danny certainly works for his physique, and it never hurts anyone’s health to be in better shape. If that’s the inspiration that Julia needs to start working out, then she’ll be better for it in the long run. Maybe she’ll even get a serotonin rush or two and stop being so bitchy to her overweight sister too. Julia was photographed wearing compression pants on 9/14 although that could just be due to poor circulation, but it might also be a sign that she’s now obsessed with working out to the point of wearing them underneath her regular pants.




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  1. brin says:

    Yeah, all these bitches who stole hot married men have to work their asses off to keep them….right Leann?

  2. erin says:

    …what are compression pants?? they sound terrifying

  3. Eve says:

    But I don’t think she was ever rail thin. I remember watching Pretty Woman and thinking that her face and neck belonged to a skinny woman, but her upper arms looked quite chubby (I’m referring to the scenes where you can see Roberts herself, not her double with the perfect body Shelley Michelle).

    She also never seemed to be toned…like, she has managed to look thin but only through dieting, not dieting + exercising.

  4. Britt Mezher says:

    The person who wrote the article for The Enquirer spelled ‘taut’ wrong.

    That is all.

  5. Dorothy#1 says:

    What is up with Danny Moder’s hair??

  6. Ann says:

    She looks fine. Enough with the weight shaming for women.

  7. carrie says:

    her “compression” socks are weird

    if it’s true, she had 3 kids so she hasn’t more the same body,she’s forty and something,she hasn’t more the same metabolism but her husband forgot to be ugly

  8. irishserra says:

    @Eve: I had similar thoughts.

    Picking up the weights is the way to go, especially after 30. I’m definitely not toned, but trying to get there. I find I can progress so much more when I pick up weights a few days a week, no matter how many miles I walk or jog, or how much I eat/don’t eat.

  9. theotheryael says:

    and yet everyone fails to mention that at 5’9″, being 125 is kinda underweight, is it not? wouldn’t 150 lbs be a little more healthy for her height?

    i mean, i’m 5’4″ almost, and i weigh just over 130. if i was 5 inches taller, i’d look hella skinny.

  10. sapphire says:

    “piled on” 10lbs? Puh-leese.

  11. Hautie says:

    I agree Julia was never really rail thin. She has always had a pear shape body. With skinny legs.

    But with time she has started carry weight in her ass/upper legs. It sucks. But it is what happens when we got old. 🙂

  12. Franny says:

    “It’s not fair that you get to look as good as you do without even trying, but I have to bust my ass just to lose a couple of pounds!”

    except the man is obviously working out (triathalons aren’t exactly easy)

  13. Rhiley says:

    I like the “ballooned to 150″ line. Actually, most women who are 5’9” look fantastic at 150 and is an ideal weight for their taller frames. There is no “balloon” about it. About women like Julia, we in the South say, “She isn’t fat. She just has big bones.” Seriously, though, I am not a huge fan of Julia Roberts, but I think she has aged very well and she has a really lovely, feminine figure. She has certainly aged better that Madonna, and I prefer her body to Goopy’s any day.

  14. Jess says:

    She was very curvy in Mystic Pizza. And I agree – 125 for 5’9″ is too skinny, but Hollywood is crazy that way.

  15. Sycophantsallaroundme says:

    Ooooh she looks dumpy.

  16. autumndaze says:

    She is absolutely weight-obsessed as this article states with the facts: PILED on TEN pounds?

    The real story is when is Hollywood going to notice that no one wants to see her in a movie any more?

  17. wunder says:

    10 lbs? lol!
    That’s the LEAST of her probs.

  18. Pamela says:

    Totally agree with comment #12. If her husband is fit enough to do triathalons—he IS working hard for his body. WTF??

  19. theaPie says:

    She’s tall, but she’s tiny boned and that makes a huge difference in your ideal weight, so to say 150 at her height is fine is not necessarily true for her build. Because she is carrying a bit too much now IMO.

    If she is doing yoga, that will build muscle, especially in her arms. I think yoga and jogging are a great combo for losing weight or staying lean.

  20. Lantana says:

    I work out every single day. A lot (2 to 3 hours, every day). I really like movement and exercise, which is my primary motivation. However I eat basically healthy so that I have the size and energy to do the movement. My husband has a sedentary job, eats Pop Tarts and Fritos (a lot), not to mention butter and bacon by the pound, has never exercised a day in his life, and his pants size hasn’t changed in 30 years (and it’s a 32W). If I eat ice cream 2 days in a row I gain a pound. A man’s metabolism is just different. It’s apples and oranges to compare men and women, regardless of how “hard” someone does or doesn’t exercise.

  21. Rhiley says:

    I actually think she weighs more than 150, more like 157 to 163. I think her ideal weight is probably between 140 and 150. I really doubt she has ever maintained 125 to 130 at any point in her life longer than a few months.

  22. Esmom says:

    I think the contrast between her and her hubby is more noticeable now because she is aging normally and he’s one of those freakishly youthful looking guys (although I don’t know what’s up with the hair dye!). I get a Kevin Bacon vibe from him, who also has barely aged.

  23. Tracy says:

    Karma for how she has treated her overweight sister? Probably.

  24. Melissa says:

    I think she looks good, and at the very least, she looks fine. What’s with her husband’s hair in the triathlon shots? It has way too much volume.

  25. islandwalker says:

    It’s called peri-menopause people, she about the right age. Happens to the best of us. Hormones change, the middle thickens. Most lose it again after menopaue hits. ( I did anyway but there were 7 years of chubby where no exercise helps.) Her husband always reminds me of Kato Kalin (sp?)

  26. blondie says:

    I’ve got to say the “ballooned to 150″ line is a joke. I’m 5’9” and 150 and there is no way I could be considered close to overweight. If I was between 120 and 130, my doctor would be telling me to eat.

  27. Fatkid says:

    5’9″ & 150 = a “real people” size 6 (or KK 0?).

    I’ve been 125 @ 5’9″, but I think 140-150 is a more attractive weight range. Especially for a woman in her 40’s (no need for Demi look alikes or SJP crazy arms). I ditto the support of running/yoga, I do both and they complement ech other well.

  28. Lisa says:

    First of all, the Enquirer staff needs to learn the difference between “taught” and “taut”. Seriously.

    Second, Roberts’ character in Eat Pray Love was supposed to gain weight during the Italy (i.e., “Eat”) part of the trip, so if Roberts hadn’t gained weight, it would have been an even lamer movie than it already was.

  29. Lisa says:

    Also, she’s not wearing “compression” anything. She’s got that tape on her leg that volleyball players and other athletes wear to help with injuries/muscle strains.

    It’s called Kinesio tape. http://www.kinesiotaping.com/

  30. velourazure says:

    one doesn’t “balloon to 150” unless they are 4’3

  31. sarah talks says:

    Julia looks like Taylor Armstrong in the last pic.
    Do they have the same plastic surgeon?

  32. Bobby the K says:

    Never understood her appeal.

  33. Amanda_74 says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember her in “Mystic Pizza”? She had a weight problem back then. *Correction* she was probably a normal weight, but definitely not in shape and heavier than her “Pretty Woman” days.

  34. Marna says:

    I’m 6 feet tall and 138 and I can understand feeling heavy at 150. I don’t have to work very hard to stay this size and if I was 150 I think I would feel uncomfortable in my own skin. It’s very much an individual thing. HOWEVER that being said, I also don’t expect myself to be all ripped and hard bodied next to the fit guy that I’m dating. I mean, I’m a chick, I’m supposed to have flesh and not muscle striations. I’m not a JR fan but seriously, cut yourself a break sister.

  35. bitca says:

    So another actor’s been hit by mid-40s weight gain. Metabolism change can be a nasty surprise. Excess weight doesn’t just melt away like it used to—& if you do a starve/over-workout number—chances are, it’s going to come back.

    Wasn’t til a serious weight gain hit at 45 that I adopted a healthy diet & exercise regime. Took 2 YEARS to go from a tight 6 to comfy size 2. A slow pace, but had never worked out or paid attention to eating habits, & wanted mind & body to get the message, “this is how it’s gonna be from now on—so deal.” Nice to be fit at 48, but a bit more discipline in my 20s might have averted a year+ of nearly being bisected by my jeans 😉

  36. Kim says:

    In reality (not Hollyweird) 5’9″ 150 pds would not be fat, it would be normal or even on thin side. at 5’9″ 125 would be sickly thin!

  37. Carolyn says:

    Hehe “overweight”? I think she looks great.

  38. Snowangel says:

    Forget her hubby’s thinning hair, what about the thin-whats-between-his-legs. Wet suit and jeans, nothing is there ! Empty. Zippo zilch. Wouldn’t have made it past the first date for me. Doesn’t matter how good his pecs or abs are, FAIL.

  39. Anonny says:

    She either is not 5’9″ or does not weigh 125-130. I’m guessing the latter is a lie.

  40. crazycatlady says:

    What the heck are compression pants? I’m wondering if I need some.

    Honestly though, weight aside, I’ve always marveled at how ageless Julia looks, in the face that is. How does someone appear line-less, with none of the obvious outward signs of “tampering!” My envy is palpable.

  41. NM9005 says:

    That’s what you get for cheating, snatching married men and then cheating on them too AND being an overall bitch thinking she’s better that the rest. Well whadyaknow Julia, you’re a human being too =).
    Ugh, I can’t stand her…

  42. wat says:

    julia is a hot babe

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  44. eljeran says:

    NO WAY is Julia 5’9″ and 125 pds. that would make her nearly anorexic looking and the bitch has big hips a big ass and a muffin top. So sick of people lying about their weight.