Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor & Joel McHale were hanging out together


Yesterday, I was frustrated because there were several good stories hanging around, but we didn’t have access to those particular photo agencies. In particular, it’s always painful when we don’t have whatever new Michael Fassbender photos, as he is my immortal beloved, and the major agencies don’t always care about getting good pics of him. Two nights ago, Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire had a screening at the AFI Fest. Haywire’s lead, Gina Carano, was there, as was Soderbergh, Michael Fassbender and Ewan McGregor (Ewan and Fassie have supporting parts in the film) – you can see photos here and here. I’m just adding some screen caps from the video. Joel McHale was basically the host/interviewer of the screening, and he got to ask questions afterwards. There’s video of the event, at least. My stomach flipped when Michael leaned in to whisper something to Gina. SLUT. *deep breath*

I like when Fassie is a gentleman and tries to give his mic to that crazy woman, only to pull it away from her midway through her crazy rant. Classic.

So here you go. Please stop sending me emails about this because it makes me want to unsheath my slut dagger and thrust it into my own Fassie-loving heart. Trust that I have a Fassie Google Alert (I don’t really, I just Google him excessively). Trust that I’m on top of all things Fassie, and that if I’m not writing about him, it’s because I’m sad that we don’t have access to the photos. But if you (SLUTS) do have an interesting Fassie story, like you got a chance to meet him or you “accidentally” saw the Fassdong in person, you can email at kaiser@celebitchy.com or tweet me at KaiseratCB.


Here are some screen caps from the video.







Photos courtesy of Fame, WENN & video screen caps.

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27 Responses to “Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor & Joel McHale were hanging out together”

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  1. AcornPaste says:

    Ditch the turtleneck!

  2. brin says:

    Wowee….that’s a good group.
    Watch out for Gina, Kaiser, she’s an MMA fighter (can probably handle shanks and daggers with ease).

  3. Beee says:

    McHale, Fassbender and Ewan McGregor, wow… I wouldn’t know where to look (and drool). They must be the three most crush-worthy, stalkable guys ever. Today is a good day, sir, good day indeed

  4. AZ says:

    I just died. Perfection.

    I’d take Ewan though :)
    He looks younger than Fassbender. The guy is 40 years old! Viggo Mortensen must’ve told him where he found the Fountain of Youth :D

  5. honeychurch says:

    Ewan & Fass totally need to play brothers in a film. Same grin. Same hot gingerness.

  6. anon33 says:

    WOW. This just made my morning.

  7. Nanea says:

    Fassie and EMc in one post! *swoons*

  8. iseepinkelefants says:

    Hmm maybe Joel can get a guest appearance out of them. I think they’d be funny on the Soup.

  9. Jen34 says:


    Seriously, Ewan and the Fassdong together. That will keep me going all day.

  10. danny says:

    Brett Easton Ellis, the author of “American Psycho” tweeted this about Michael. LMAO



  11. Jules says:

    Ewan and Fass in the same room, I wouldn’t be able to breathe.

  12. phlyfiremama says:

    I love Joel McHale! The 3 of them together…MEOW!!!!

  13. Reece says:

    Ewan and Joel…le sigh.
    I leave the Fassbender to you other ladies.

  14. I Choose Me says:

    That was a great interview. Love the questions Joel asked, he’s awesome. And so seeing Ewan & Fassbender together made by morning.

  15. Khalesi says:

    Ewan, so swoon-worthy, at any age

  16. emmabee says:

    i keep seeing speculations gina will be the next angelina. that makes me miss badass angie. mf made a joke about enjoying fighting girls. that just makes me long for a fassbender/asskicking jolie movie. they would be SO HOT. so intense.

    i saw shame earlier and serious movie critique aside, damn, fassbender has a perfect body and his haunted face is emblazoned into my mind.

  17. Gelina Whiddon says:

    Michael Fassbender is as sexy as hell (i.e. looks, voice, personality…) and he is an extraordinary actor too!!!

  18. zoomie says:

    NOOOO…. Acorn paste, his turtleneck looks good on him!

  19. UKHels says:

    I’ve totally been turned over to the Fass-side

    he really does it for me

  20. Gelinda Whiddon says:

    AcornPaste: Each to his own, but I think he looks great in that black turtleneck!

  21. elisa says:

    I have a pic with Joel McHale from a few months back…and I’m going to a screening of Shame tomorrow where Fassbender is supposed to be at, I’ll try to take pics and report back! (I say “supposed to” because a friend went to a screening Monday where he was supposed to be at, but he wasn’t. So we’ll see…)

  22. mia girl says:

    This trio is amazing, but Ewan in particular – I once had a dream with him that I dont ever think I can shake. If only dreams would come true…

  23. MadMadgeThePartyVadge says:

    McHale, McGregor, and Fassbender. Not to be lude, but the only problem with this fantasy running through my head is deciding who goes where…

  24. Deej says:

    one of my best mates is the spitting image of the Fassdong (shorter and less gingery but uncanny non the less). He too is an absolute hit with the ladies and yeah he is Irish :)

  25. MuhreeuhMaria says:

    Being in a McGregor, Fassy, and McHale sandwich? = Perfect fantasy ;D Lalalalalove these guys!

  26. Susie (Kaiser's #1 Slut) says:

    I very happily and fortunately was at this Secret Screening of HAYWIRE at the AFI fest. Big surprise when Joel Mchale introduced EM and MF. Obi Wan and Magneto! What’s not to love.

    Last night I finally saw SHAME at a screening. It was – AMAZING and exceeded all my expections. Fassy in the house for another Q&A. My 2nd one in 3 days. Be still my heart…!

    Tonight, I may ditch the premiere and just attend the party. And if I don’t meet the Fassdong tonight, I probably will at a more intimate screening later in the week :-)

    Sometimes it’s good to live in LA!

  27. Andy says:

    The noise I made when I read the title of this story was not human. I just want to watch them grin at each other all day….