Is Mariah Yeater telling the truth or is she a whack job out for money and attention?

I’ve said up until now that I find Mariah Yeater’s story that Justin Bieber is the father of her baby believable. This was based on the allegations in the press, the assertions of her lawyers, and the first half of her interview with The Insider, which aired Monday. On Monday’s interview, Yeater detailed her alleged hookup with Bieber, and claimed she had additional evidence that would come out at trial. She was crying and she appeared genuinely nervous and upset. However truth expert Eyes for Lies analyzed Yeater’s story and behavior in that interview and came to the conclusion that she’s not telling the truth. One of the “tells,” according to Eyes, was the lack of detail in Yeater’s story, the fact that she acted uncertain, and her inappropriate affect. What’s more is that in the second half of the interview, aired yesterday (a clip of which is available above), Yeater was even more hesitant and was searching for answers to what should be simple questions if her story is true.

Eyes pointed out that Yeater never stated in that first interview that she tried to contact Bieber’s people first. When she was asked directly about this, (at :50 in the video above) she was very cagey. She was asked “When you tried to contact Justin’s people, what was their reaction?

She scrunched up her face and said “No contact. I didn’t. Nothing. I heard nothing.”

She didn’t what? If someone asked you that question, and you had tried and tried to tell someone that you had their baby, wouldn’t you say something like “They didn’t get back to me and we sent them three letters and called them over ten times?” Like that’s something you would definitely know and be frustrated about.

Then she was asked “When you left the Staples center, what did you say to your mom? What did you tell her?” Yeater waited a few seconds before saying “I told her everything.” Well, where was her mom when she was screwing Justin Bieber in the bathroom? That’s a detail she left out of her story.

When she was asked what her mom thought about this story, she couldn’t even give an answer.

At about 1:30 into the video, she was asked about a paternity suit she filed against her ex boyfriend, John Terranova, last year. I don’t think that the paternity suit detail is accurate per se, I just think that John’s grandmother said Yeater accused John of being the father. We also know Yeater was arrested after confronting Terranova over paternity and allegedly slapping him. Instead of denying that story, Yeater just said “no comment” at first and later “OK,” like “OK,” I did it and I can’t deny it. It was very strange. Then she covered her face with her hand.

When she was asked about what other things might be dug up about her past during the course of this lawsuit, she gave a rambling and weak response. “No one’s past should matter on a future situation or… anything of that matter. I’ve seen, I’ve heard other celebrities’ problem, whatever. It scares me because I’ve seen nothing yet. People can be ruthless.”

Given Bieber’s glib response to this, I initially thought that he was just blowing this woman off. Now that I’ve seen her full interview, she seems like a whack job who is making this story up. We’ll see, though. If she is lying, I hope Bieber’s people sue her for every dime she made doing interviews and selling baby photos.

Oh and props to The Insider people for editing this interview and releasing it in two parts to make her seem credible at first.


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  1. Waldemar says:


  2. Bite me says:

    Cray cray… But at least she among some money off this to tale her of her bebe

  3. Kirsten says:

    We can all have opinions in the matter, but really only the DNA evidence matters.

  4. says:

    She might just be really nervous being on national television and having all of this attention on her all of a sudden OR she started out with a little lie that snowballed into this Worldwide scandal that has set her up for civil liability. Guess we’ll have to wait for the paternity test to know for sure.

  5. Jo says:

    I am still on the fence.

  6. Quest says:

    Sooner or later we will all know the truth.

  7. fabgrrl says:

    Yeah, this whole thing stinks. No one’s past should matter on a future situation or… anything of that matter What?

    But I don’t think suing her (if the allegations are untrue) is going to do much good. And it’s not like Bieber needs the money. Who would really suffer? the baby. Maybe if they settled on condition that all her interview $ go into a trust for the kid.

  8. Annie says:

    I really think someone whackadoo enough to try go famewhoring with a lie that’s obviously going to cause such a negative backlash only deserves pity. Who in their right mind would court this sort of attention? If she made this all up for attention she’s really only hurting herself so I don’t see any reason to hate.

    That is of course, if she IS lying. I still hold by my opinion that Justin’s camp is acting in a way that indicates they’re mighty worried. Time will tell.

    I do find the “famewhore shaming” rather disturbing. If anyone who speaks out about a person in a position of power is instantly slammed by society as being an attention seeker…that’s a remarkably good security blanket for rich and powerful people to do as they please, don’t you think?

  9. Anna says:

    She could be a total whack job, generally embellishing the truth and her complicity in pursuing him to get pregnant and sue him for child support, a fame whore and nutcase. The baby may not even be his. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t f-ck her, backstage, in a toilet.

  10. bettyrose says:

    When they say “accused” her boyfriend of being the father, could it be that she was starting to show and people *assumed* her boyfriend was the father and she kind of just agreed? It’s also possible the she genuinely wasn’t sure which one was the daddy.
    But if this is a complete lie, that’s pretty nutty.

  11. missie says:

    Her lawyers stated that they “wanted to settle out of court”. Everybody was looking to make an accusation and then collect on Bieber’s desire not to have any bad publicity. They figured they’d just take the cash and run. Instead…the Biebs is going to teach them a lesson, do the DNA test, and expose her as a crazy loon. I do believe this kind of thing happens with him, though….just not this girl.

  12. judyjudy says:

    Regardless of the paternity resultd, I’d like to send this girl a check for taking the spotlight off that stupid Kardashian trash.

  13. Jackson says:

    Yeah, she’s probably cray-cray but I still want it to be true.

  14. Jessica says:

    Im with judyjudy on this!

  15. meilamon says:

    I am glad you are coming around! She is a huge liar, and I am so embarrassed for her that she just said in that interview that no doubt, he is the father. It’s a delusion I thought only existed on Maury.
    Justin will sue her because he needs to ensure protection from having to face this kind of circus again. This woman needs to face some sort of punishment when this is all said and done, but she will get off on the “he said she said” sex taking place and she had good faith to believe he could have been the father. It sucks and isn’t fair to Bieber, no matter how you feel about him.

  16. theaPie says:

    Yeah, I kinda figured his lawyers wouldn’t be so aggressive if they thought she had a leg to stand on.

  17. Lol says:

    i actually checked yesterday had eyes done anything on her yet. Love that site.

  18. LeeLoo says:

    Total lying whack job. If her story were credible, she’d have gone into way more detail about having sex with Bieber at the Staples Center. She would have at least gone into depth regarding her emotions about the experience.

    I’m no Bieber fan but it’s pretty obvious we’re dealing with a crazy famewhore girl. I mean she has crazy eyes! This is Keanu Reeves in 2009 all over again. The only person I feel sorry for is her poor baby. Baby is still young enough to be put up for adoption. This girl is too crazy to be called a parent.

  19. normades says:

    If it was his they would have paid her off a long time ago.

    I hope he sues BIG and that this doesn’t become a common ploy for famehos seeking attention and $$$.

  20. irishserra says:

    Where is her mother? She’s obviously not capable of handling this situation on her own.

    I can’t imagine that someone would make up such an elaborate story and go through all of this for attention, knowing it could easily be credited or discredited. But then stranger things have happened, I suppose.

  21. fabgrrl says:

    Anna: But that doesn’t mean he didn’t f-ck her, backstage, in a toilet.

    So what? Who cares? I’m fully willing to believe that Bieber hooks up with randoms, and I don’t think it is a big deal.

  22. Violet says:

    I think she’s a whack job.

  23. Emme says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could think this could possibly be credible to start with? If she really believes this is true I suspect she was completely high and had sex with a stranger who told her he was Justin. Ultimately, however, I think she was just hoping for money out of this — but you can’t lie and get away with it. I hope she gets what she deserves, one way or the other.

  24. Holly:) says:

    I really want to believe that she is telling the truth, but I have to agree with this the writer of this article and say that she did not include enough detail in telling what happened.
    I want it to be true.

  25. badrockandroll says:

    ITA with your statement.
    I will go one step further in my rant against the POS who represented this poor girl.
    I hope that the caveats in their statements do not protect them against professional censure. They let this girl hang out to dry on this tv show (after they got their percentage of her appearance fee no doubt). The interviewer totally softballed her, and never went for the killer questions that she could expect in a court (ie, “you said that you told your mother everytning, what exactly did you say to her?”; “Dealing with something less formal than an actual paternity suit, did you ever tell anyone else that you believed him to be the father of your baby?”; there are countless other questions that she would be required to answer with something other than a “no comment” in a court.)
    Lawyers who encourage persons who are not entirely competent with frivolous, slanderous actions such as this should never be allowed to practice law again.

  26. Ghia says:

    Regardless if this woman is crazy or not, I want her allegations to be true. This will teach that man-child Justin some responsibilities. This will definitely dampen his ego and lose some of his hard-core tweeny fanbase. Its very plausible that a 16 year old could father a child when he’s fooling around after his gigs. He is indeed stupid if he didn’t use protection.

    Besides, even if she’s after money and fame no person will drag herself, her child and family with this humiliation when its very possible that she can be sued for defamation and lose everything due to a counter suit. People around her know that- her lawyers know that.

    Anyway, I agree with JudyJudy, at least it took attention off from that Kartrashian. Geez… I will take any news just to replace the Kardashian in every fucking article.

  27. llori says:

    I believe her lol But I’ll tell you what I dont believe… Body language experts and eye… readers. Her lawyers probly told her not to give out certain information, so she’s probly hesitant about answering alot of those questions. It doesn’t mean she’s lying

  28. boo says:

    Let us once again thank the Kartrashians, this is what young women think will make them money. Have tawdry sex with someone and then you get publicity. See, it works for the K’s why can’t I do it? this is why I hope these stupid reality shows stop, if we don’t watch, they will go away, this is my mantra.

  29. Joe's Mom says:

    15 years ago I would have had an impossible time believing someone would lie to my face, not to mention making up a story that was a complete and utter and very believable fabrication. But I’ve seen it with my own astonished eyes with my daughter’s friends. You don’t want to believe that people can lie and make up stories and just go on like normal, but maybe things get out of hand and they lie to cover their butts, or maybe they just want to hurt someone, or maybe it’s just for the drama and attention, but they do it!

  30. Kara Ann says:

    You know she (at this point) is just some random person with a random accusation. I’m not going to watch her and search for clues about her veracity. If she turns out to be telling the truth, I still don’t know why I would/should be interested in her.
    I don’t like Beiber AT ALL. I don’t doubt he’s hooking up with groupies. I don’t know that any of this makes him a “bad guy”. If the baby is his and he takes responsibility, as he should, then that’s really all I expect of him.
    This is such a non-story to me. I mean c’mon teenage boy has unprotected sex with willing stranger who then gets pregant? Am I supposed to be shocked? Saddened, yes. Shocked? No.

  31. hazeldazel says:

    I hope it’s true, it would be sooooo funny! Please please please be true! As Lainey says, it would be Great for gossip. Can you imagine?

  32. OhMyMy says:

    The DNA test results will have the final say. Hey, maybe it will be a break for Justin after all…the results will be on file and he won’t have to take another one!

    As others have said previously I don’t get why a 19 yo would be that big of a JB fan???? If she was that close to the stage at the concert wouldn’t those tickets be uber expensive and almost possible to get?? Did she take her mom with her to the concert? I hope they have ticket stubs or credit card receipts for the tickets.

  33. Janice says:

    I dont’t know,…..she seems so sure. Time will tell. Or she might be nuts.

  34. tapioca says:

    @Annie: “I do find the “famewhore shaming” rather disturbing.”

    There’s a pretty huge difference between going to JB’s management and saying, “I believe Justin Bieber is the father of my child and I’m asking for a DNA test or I’ll go public” and selling your story to Star magazine FIRST. The “30 seconds on a bathroom shelf” & “I’m going to f**k the s**t out of you” details are irrelevant to the paternity of her child, but they have made it a far bigger story. And yeah, I would have refused to do a TV interview until the DNA test result came back. The mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s child is still anonymous, so it can be done quietly!

  35. Anna says:

    Nothing wrong with casual sex–until you go on interview after interview saying you should be in love, and maintain a bubble gum virgin pop image that makes his 100 million dollar franchise worth what it is…and not using a condom is even more irresponsible. Even if the kid isn’t his, the fact that he didn’t use a condom and she is pregnant is enough.

  36. Iggles says:

    @ Anna:
    “Even if the kid isn’t his, the fact that he didn’t use a condom and she is pregnant is enough.”

    Um, you do realize if the kid isn’t his then it’s possible he’s NOT having random unprotected sex with groupies..

    Sheesh, just because someone makes an accusation doesn’t mean it’s true! Plenty of teachers – both men and women have had their careers destroyed due to a student’s false accusation.

    We want to believe someone wouldn’t make up something so devastating. In most cases people are telling the truth but not in ALL cases..

  37. says:

    Maybe she isn’t giving details because her attorneys told her not to?

  38. MariPily says:

    I just don’t see why she would do this to herself. Go up against high powered lawyers and a wealthy young man who doesn’t want to lose his career. For fame? What kind of fame are you going to get by being labeled a cheap groupie/baby mama? And it was my understanding that she filed a claim in court, which the tabloids then discovered, not that she approached any tabloids first. I tend to believe her because so much is at stake if she is lying.

    I also agree with Llori about the body language analysts and eye readers not being all that accurate in trying to decipher if she is lying. I was in a deposition once for a lawsuit I filed, and my lawyer coached me to be deliberately evasive if I was asked certain questions by the lawyers for the other party. I know I must have come off as flaky and a liar, but I just didn’t know how to answer questions “evasively” so I stuttered a lot, and my answers didn’t make much sense. I suspect that may be what was happening to this young woman, trying to answer questions that her lawyers have deemed sensitive.

    Well, we’ll see what happens with the DNA test.

  39. Lucinda says:

    The problem is that the sex with Bieber story is believable even if it’s totally false. He’s a horny teen. Of course he’s going to screw the random fan (even if he really isn’t). We don’t know but we don’t have trouble believing it could be true.

    For Bieber’s camp, they have to come at her and come at her hard or every loon out there is going to start accusing him of fathering their child. And if you throw enough stuff at him, eventually people will start believing it, EVEN IF IT ISN’T TRUE. So they have to make an example out of her and discourage anyone else from even thinking about lying.

    People have commented on how this has made him a little more “butch” but the truth is he’s a brand and this will hurt his brand if there is any shred of truth to it so they have to disprove it aggressively.

  40. Sadie says:

    I’m confused by the thing where she said they laid down to have sex .
    Now, where exactly do you lie down to have sex in a toilet?
    The counter with sinks and faucets? Ouch.

    The floor? Disgusting beyond belief.

    That statement alone seems so wrong.

  41. Anna says:

    @Iggles: you misunderstood me–I didn’t mean that that was evidence enough. My first post said that the fact that she is crazy doesn’t mean he didn’t f-ck her. I’m saying it’s believable he did even if it turns out that the kid is her ex boyfriend’s. And IF it’s true that he had unprotected sex with a groupie, then he is a douchebag, EVEN if he didn’t get her pregnant.

  42. Sunny says:

    I don’t believe for a second some site can deduce “truth” from watching a clip of a girl trying to make a case against a major celebrity while being asked such personal questions. I agree with several people that are blaming her representation – technically, she must be very, very careful about what she says (whether it’s true or not), and her lawyers should have instructed her to not answer certain questions, or have pre-approved the interview questions beforehand. She seems very much like people I’ve worked with who are called to be on the witness stand in court, or interviewed by detectives – it’s massive confusion, being overwhelmed, and knowing every word that comes out of your mouth can be twisted and possibly used against you. If you look at politicians or other celebs being accused of something or in some kind of legal turmoil they always appear with a lawyer who does most of the talking. I doubt she has a publicist or team that is helping to prep her for what she’ll be expected to answer, it seems as though she’s “winging it” though the whole thing and not sure of what she should or shouldn’t say. You’d think if she were telling the truth it wouldn’t be a big deal, but you can bet Justin’s team is dying for her to say one word they can pounce on. Who knows if he’s the father, but I can say this story is not unbelievable and this girl has much more to lose than gain by a complete fabrication.

  43. Rachel says:

    She’s either mentally unstable, looking for money, or telling the truth. If Justin Bieber is the dad, I’m going to be disgusted with him- not for getting a girl pregnant (well, that too) – but lying about it and essentially being a bully just because he’s famous.

  44. G says:

    ~Just selling her story to the press is an invitation to be made into hash.

    ~Bieber’s lawyers are not threatening to sue because they need money. They are firmly sending the message to any other wack-a-doodle who tries to make a payday out of their client that they play hardball with crazy famewhores.

    ~The only reason a person would go public without a DNA test is publicity.

    Just want to add that if Bieber is the father, he has the means to both take care of this child and keep this quiet without this mess and he and his representation surely would have.

    Unfortunately this is a sad mixed up young women who has made herself tabloid fodder and I fear is pretty unprepared to deal with it.

  45. Iggles says:

    G – I agree with you. This could have all be done outside of the public eye, like what happened with Cristiano Ronaldo. If you believe DNA is gonna back you up, go straight to the lawyers and leave the tabloids out of it. When they become involved, it’s a circus and why would anyone want to put their child through that?

    Think of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lovechild. The mother stayed on the books for over tens years because dealing with him (and getting paid directly) was a much cushier route.

    People go to the court of public opinion when either A) they know they can’t prove their allegations in court so they go for tabloid profit or B) the celebrity’s team isn’t cooperative so they have more to gain from going public.

  46. skuddles says:

    Perhaps she is a wack job who also happens to be telling the truth? After all, she’s claiming she was picked up at a concert via roadie, spent a couple minutes with the Biebs and then boffed him in the john – hardly stable behavior. It will be quite interesting to see what the dna test reveals… providing of course it’s handled on the up and up.

  47. Turtle Dove says:

    Thank you CB. This girl IS a nut and she’s LYING. She’s a social media me-me-me famewhore. I think the whole thing got out of hand, but she did try to shake him down for some quick cash.

    Ummm…. if her mom was there. Why haven’t we heard from her? There’s some odd radio silence there.

    fabgrrl – he HAS to sue when the truth comes out to deter future nuts like this byotch.

    meilamon – TRUTH. I agree.

    badrockandroll – They said TWICE that they filed in “good faith.” They didn’t say that for no reason. They are giving themselves an out and this lying idiot will be left to hang on her own.

  48. Ashley says:

    I am leaning towards believing her.

    I mean, if she was bluffing, and wanted to make a quick buck by talking to the tabloids, wouldn’t she have backed down if she knew he wasn’t the father, and that he was going to sue her when it was proven?
    I mean, she’s not just claiming they had sex (which can remain a mystery), she’s claiming a BABY was born because they had sex. The DNA test will give scientific evidence.

  49. Madison says:

    Whack job making up a story, she needs help from a mental health doctor, that poor baby of hers.

  50. fabgrrl says:

    Oh, totally, I agree that his team should sue (if the claims are false) and make an example. But I just worry that the one who would suffer from financial hardship is Baby Trystan. I was saying that it would be great if they could sue *her* for all the $$ she makes from her interviews but then ensure that the $$ goes to the *kid*. Otherwise it can be played as Bieber taking $$ from a poor child.

  51. normades says:

    What I find most disturbing is that she doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about the welfare of the child. Instead of trying to protect her baby from the media she pimps him out.

    This is why I believe it’s not Beiber’s. She could have quietly gotten a big check under the table. But since she has nadda at least this scam has gotten her temporary money and fame.

  52. Seal Team 6 says:

    A couple of posters upthread beat me to it: body language readers and eye experts (wtf) are not scientists, and there testimony is rarely admitted to court. There’s a reason for that: people react in different ways to different things. Age, background, health problems, stress, education, etc. all play a part. Elizabeth Smart’s father was called creepy and too calm, Jaycee Duguard’s stepdad was targeted as being her killer because of his reaction to his disappearance, so much so that her mother divorced him. There’s even the West Memphis 3 and Amanda Knox. Conversely, many sociopaths come across as calm, articulate, and innocent.

    I have a friend who, because of an eye problem she is embarrassed about, rarely looks people dead in the eye. She would be labeled a liar by most body language experts.

    And, as other have said, her attorneys may have asked her to hold back certain “evidence keys.” Why give out all the plaintiff info in an interview? It isn’t a court of law or a deposition, which is where evasiveness DOES mean something.

    She could be a liar, she may not be, but the “expert” analysis of this interview means nothing. The DNA test is what will prove all of this, and until then, the media and Bieb’s people and fans will rake this chick over the coals. Happens all the time. Hell, Linnocent did it with the jewelry shop owners, and swayed alot of opinions with the public because of that.

    And, why is it a bad thing they tried to settle out of court? A quiet DNA test, and a quiet child support agreement if the results were positive, instead of this three ring circus. It’s actually a good thing when parties try to handle civil matters without going to court.

  53. Seal Team 6 says:


    Yeah, I’ve thought that, too: that she’s telling the truth AND is a bit emotionally unstable.

  54. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Phew. I was losing respect for you, CB. How do I KNOW this woman is lying? Is it b/c I’m an attorney and am jaded? No idea, but any reasoning as to any of her actions is so absurd.

    Let’s see, she’s just nervous? No, most people are nervous on TV, yet they still give off an, “I’m telling the truth,” vibe when they are, indeed, telling the truth.

    She would never be dumb enough to do this if she were lying-HUH?! Au contraire. She is LYING which proves how mentally unstable she is. If this is your argument you are applying reason to an irrational person! Yes, it’s irrational to risk getting in trouble and looking stupid by lying about someone impregnating you, just like it was stupid and irrational for Kim Kardashian to get married to a guy she had doubts about only to divorce days later. But, guess what? Some people are idiots. Some people want attention. Some people want fame. Some people want to get back at ex-boyfriends. Some people are impulsive and don’t think things through. In short, some people don’t think like YOU, so don’t pretend they do.

    Um, she s telling the truth b/c Beibers people are attacking her credibility-? That one made me laugh. They are acting that way b/c she’s LYING.

    I could go on and on…

  55. autumndaze says:

    My suspicion is that Justin is not the father and she knows it. However, the additional evidence in the possession of her attorneys might well be some of his semen on a piece of her clothing.
    Not the father, but hitting the fan strange– that’s my call.

  56. judyjudy says:

    It is also very possible that Beiber has lied to his people about this. He’s a cocky 17 year old boy. I doubt he’s gone to his mother/manager and said “yes, I knocked up a groupie in the bathroom. Help me cover it up”

  57. hillbilly in the corner says:

    I think that she stepped into something thats grown a lot bigger then she every imagined it would… And I deagree with those who say body language can not tell you a thing….any mother worth her salt can tell you it does and any teacher will tell you it does….of which I am both over 45 yrs expereince in both fields.LOL…she was lieing in that interview on the insider and was deliberately being evasive..the getting up and running out crying was sorry typical of someone who can’t handle the heat of the questioning…that they wanted to settle out of court tells you they don’t have any real proof…and yes the DNA will show the truth but I firmly believe it won’t be Justins baby..because his lawyers are really to call her and her lawyers buff so publicly and loudly….she doesn’t care for the welfare of her child either or she wouldn’t be showing him off in public like she is …I don’t believe she knows who the baby’s daddy is because she has had sex with mutiple men…..

  58. Callumna says:

    She said she’s seen this happen to … wait for it “other celebrities.”

    Sue her and the lawyers Biebs. And outlets shouldn’t be running with crazy random people’s allegations.

    Fame vampire.

  59. N.D. says:

    @judyjudy He might have lied but according to her story there were team Bieber people involved, so it’s not difficult to verify. Since they’ve agreed to DNA test I think they’ve investigated this and are sure the results will be negative.

  60. Linda says:

    Why is she during this interview wearing a wedding ring/band? Just look at her left hand.

  61. Flipper says:

    Each time she was asked a question on an entertainment show, she would just burst into tears and leave the set. What about “Can the friends who were with you back up your story” would make you burst into tears . . . unless your friends couldn’t/wouldn’t?

  62. Jordan says:

    Anything is possible, the DNA test will prove once and for all. It’s also possible that she banged a roadie, didn’t know his name and decided to shake down Beiber for the cash.

  63. DetRiotgirl says:

    I’m still marginally on the fence with this, and am in total agreeance with everyone calling BS on the accuracy of “body language experts”.

    However, I happened to see Justin’s denial of this story from when he was on the Today show and I have to say; he looked way too calm about the whole thing for me to immediately think he’s lying. I know he’s a performer, and is probably better than the average person at putting on an effective front. But, nothing about his demeanor looked guilty. In fact, he almost looked amused by the whole thing.

    As I said, I don’t believe in reading body language as an ultimate sign of truth though. It could be that, in his mind, the story is amusing because he’s simply too big and important for something like having backstage sex with a groupie to come back and bite him in the a**.

    So, I don’t know. I’d like this story to be true, only for the amazing gossip related fall out. But, I’ll admit, it’s not looking good for it at the moment.

  64. ruby says:

    DNA test already !

    It’s getting hard to even guess who is lying and who is not.

  65. Erinn says:

    I can’t believe the amount of people wanting this to be true just because they don’t like Justin. Do I like him? No. Do I wish teen pregnancy on him? Hell no.

    He’s 17. By the sounds he’s a lot more responsible than a lot of the boys I knew when I was 17. He has a job that demands a lot of time and effort on his part. Maybe he’s a douche bag, but the fact is that he’s a teenaged boy. He makes mistakes, and I don’t think he should be damned just because people don’t like him. Yeah, he can come off as a brat, but still. I’m sure most of you weren’t SUPER responsible at 17. I know that at 17 the biggest responsibility I had was just to go to high school and get decent marks to go to college.

    I really don’t believe this girl. There’s just something shifty about her. And her story just seems so vague. If it were me, I’d be including more details.

    I think as far as performers go, he’s pretty straight laced. As far as stage parents go, his seems to have a decent head on her shoulders.

  66. april says:

    I hope it’s not true that Justin is the father. However, if he is, the guilty usually unknowingly do not cover their tracks well enough like they think they do. I hope the best for all involved. That baby is adorable. I hope Mariah finds out who her baby’s father is.

  67. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Erinn, I agree! He works his little butt off, which I can respect, and I know zero about him in a “fan” sense, so my views are totally objective.

    I think she is crazy and a drama queen, and she did not think this through and now it has spiraled out of control, and she is beyond being able to say, “Whoops, I’m busted! Forget it!” so she is half heartedly sticking to her (vague) story.

    This isn’t a criminal case where her lawyers are telling her not to say things. She is not saying things (“no comment”) because she is in too deep and she is trying to retain some sort of control over a situation that is getting not so nice for her. She wants the rush of people believing her but
    not the consequences of people calling her out on her bs.

  68. G says:

    In any bona fide legal case, criminal or civil, people do not talk outside of court.

  69. Heather M (Heather) says:

    G, I’m a lawyer.

  70. Adrien says:

    I don’t even know why the press even bothered to cover this and take this seriously. Sure she went as far as demanding for a paternity making us think “what if?”. But really? That will be the natural step when you make claims like that.

  71. G says:

    Ok,Heather. So would you like to see a client making contradictory and vague public statements about a civil suit in public?

  72. Elena says:

    She looks nuts!
    I pray it ain’t true.
    Why? ‘Cause I’d like Selena to be the mother of Bieber’s children.:):):)

  73. Lisa says:

    I will NEVER understand why people lie about something that can be proven. Obviously one of them is lying. More than likely the girl is the one lying. (I hope I’m wrong) If this story is true then don’t you think the other girls who were picked to go backstage would have said something by now?

  74. crtb says:

    Why do people want this to be true? Nothing positive can come from JB being the father. If he is the father, I hope he sues for full custody. This girl accussed three different men of being the father. She doesn’t sound like great mother material to me. There is a short window in the month when you can get pregnant. How many people did she have sex with?

  75. okeydokey says:

    One of the “tells,” according to Eyes, was the lack of detail in Yeater’s story

    Actually, lack of detail is often a sign that someone ISN’T lying. Too much detail is a sign of lying. That said, not sure if she’s lying, but something isn’t kosher with her tale.

  76. neema says:

    Either way, she should see jail time.

  77. Eden says:

    If she is telling the truth, why haven’t any of her family or friends come out to support her? If I knew someone that had sex w/ a celebrity they would have told everyone after it happened!!! I know I would!

    I would also like to mention if Justin is the father, his people know this could ruin his career & their gravy train would be over. So is it possible that a DNA test would be rigged in order for them to continue making millions? Hollywood covers up sex scandals, drug addictions, etc all the time. Just saying.

  78. jane16 says:

    I don’t believe her. Wish I could, cuz I really don’t like the spoiled, arrogant Beeber, and I’ve heard a lot of unflattering stories about him.

    LOL! @ judyjudy

  79. april says:

    Eden: I believe it was her grandfather that did come out and defend her and said he believed her story. I haven’t heard of any others.

  80. Theresa says:

    From the moment the details according to this woman were released I laughed and scoffed at the allegations. That anyone has taken this mentally unstable woman seriously goes to show just how caught up in the fantasy of “rock stars” everyone is. You want to know why I don’t believe a word she is saying???

    Imagine a concert, JB is performing as usual, and at the end, you expect him to remember let alone spend any time explaining to security guards to go into the crowd and find this rather ungainly plain young woman and usher her through the masses backstage where he hopes to maneuver amongst managers, parents and stagehands to get her alone?? ANd you believe he succeeded in this totally, utterly mundane tryst??? And no witnesses have come forward as of yet to confirm that this woman was ever in the company of JB or even attended a JB concert… Folks, it’s obvious that you want this young man to be taken down several peg notches, but believing this wacky story is not going to accomplish it. Don’t buy his CDs, do not attend his concerts and stop wishing him ill. Move on with your lives, your incessant bashing accomplishes nothing.

  81. marybeth18 says:

    This is seeming more and more like the Keanu Reeves paternity suit. Remember that? Some wacko 40-something woman filed a law suit against Keanu Reeves claiming that he was the father of her 3 adult children (which he would have conceived in his very late teens/early 20s) and suing him for millions in back child support. It was thrown out of court, I think, because she was insane.
    This has just a little bit more plausibility to it, but it seems more and more like a crazy, desperate young woman who is making up a big lie.

  82. L says:

    So no way !! How anyone can even think it is true is stunning … This chick is a whack job being counseled by even bigger whack jobs !!

    Ridiculous !!

  83. Madisyn says:

    I cannot get past the Mischa Barton doppleganger thing goin on. If you told me this person’s last name was ‘Barton’, I would have no problem believing THAT at all.

  84. WOM says:

    I don’t have any strong opinion about the veracity of Yeater’s claim. But I do want to add my voice to the chorus of people calling bullshit on this Eyes for Lies hokum. I’m also surprised at the number of people — here and on other sites — who think it’s implausible for Justin Bieber to have casual sex with a groupie.

  85. Isa says:

    I can’t make up my mind as to what I believe! Seriously, you guys are good! Great points!
    I think I will lean towards her being a liar.

  86. Addie says:

    I’m starting to doubt her story somewhat, but am leaning towards (hoping) it being true.

    @Madisyn: If she is lying, she should have rather claimed to be Mischa Barton’s long lost sister, people would have belived her without a DNA test being done 🙂

  87. 365tc says:

    She is delusional and a complete liar.

  88. pato says:

    I am sure it´s not his. first, because he agreed to take the dna test, and second because my gaydar is usually right. so, no ssex with her.

  89. Teeter says:

    i think when she said there was no contact, she meant she made attempts but no success.. therefore “Nothing” was her response. Anyways, even if she is lying about having sex with JB, she could still have tried to contact them with her ‘lies’. Her attorney even said ‘they’ tried to contact JB camp. You think the attorney is lying too then?

  90. connie says:

    I work for my father who owns a small business & must agree with the handful of other people that say, people LIE, even when it can be disproven, regardless of how they may look & despite consequence. I see it from my customers to employees with false worker comp claims. She’s doing an awful lot of backpeddling from the confident “I can prove my story” to the crying outbursts. I have to disagree with posters saying she was instructed to be evasive, she’s a young confused woman (regardless of paternity) I highly doubt she is purposely diffusing the situation by not answering questions.

    One thing that has surprised me is that I have yet to see anyone bring up the possibility that this woman made this claim hoping to have JB and his camp pay to shut her up. Not neccessarily famewhoring, but a “why the f-not?” mentality of what’s the worst that could happen? I think she thought going to the tabs would get her a quick buck. because UNFORTUNATELY it’s easier and cheaper to settle (with a payoff) in this country than to take liars and thieves to court regardless of right/wrong when one of the parties is in a significantly different income range/level. (False workers comp claim has me all riled up obvs, rant over)