Mariah Yeater, Bieber’s accuser, cries and leaves interview

Mariah Yeater interview starts at 2:30 in. She addresses the other paternity claims at 13:00

There are so many nightly entertainment news programs in America. Last night’s Inside Edition had video footage of Mariah Yeater, the 20 year-old who has filed a paternity claim against Justin Bieber. The video was just of Mariah feeding the baby boy she says is Bieber’s, three month old Trystan, a bottle. I assume that she was paid for the video. She also did an interview with The Insider, which was probably willing to pay her more than Inside Edition, and they’re airing it in two parts, the first of which was on yesterday. (And is above.)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s story, I found Yeater credible and somewhat sympathetic in the clip I saw. She clearly stated her case, and said she was in possession of additional evidence that was back up her claim that her baby was fathered by Justin Bieber. This interview comes after news came out that Yeater first accused another man, an ex boyfriend, of being the father. She got into a physical altercation with her ex after she confronted him over paternity, and was arrested in December of last year for allegedly smacking him. (Britain’s The Mirror used unconfirmed sources to claim that Yeater accused yet another man, a guy they call “Steve,” of fathering the baby. Given the source, it’s just as likely that The Mirror made all that up. Until people are willing to go on the record with that story, I don’t believe it. )

I had the chance to watch the full first part of Yeater’s interview, that’s above, and I think that she’s telling the truth. Sure she’s getting paid, but that doesn’t mean she’s lying about having sex with Bieber. In the interview, Yeater says “everyone has a past” when asked about the previous paternity claims, and answers “no comment” when asked directly about her ex. She later says about her ex “That’s all he is, some boy.” She gets frustrated when asked if the other young women who were backstage with Bieber can verify that she was there the night she claims he got her pregnant. It’s hard to tell whether she’s frustrated because her story is made up, or whether she’s frustrated because she knows that Bieber’s lawyers are going to rake her over the coals.

In part two airing tonight, Yeater cries and walks off when they show her the footage of Bieber denying ever meeting her. You can watch a preview of that below. I think she’s just overwhelmed and realizes that this is going to be an incredibly hard struggle. Does she even know that baby is Bieber’s though, does she just suspect it, or did she concoct this whole story for cash? If she did make it up, she’s either a pretty decent actress or a complete nut job.

Preview of Part Two


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  1. autumndaze says:

    Ugh! This will not end well…

  2. Tierra says:

    I really cant wait to hear the results of this. Im too old to be into the Beibs but I really have my doubts about this. On the other hand, Im sure he’s not the innocent thing his handler’s make him out to be.

  3. theaPie says:

    I find it hard to believe that Justin’s lawyers would go after her so hard if they had any reason to believe Justin is the father. After all, a simple DNA test is all it will take to prove paternity.

  4. NancyMan says:

    Welcome to the harsh, unrelenting glare of fame whoring!

  5. carrie says:

    in France in 90′s, there is a woman who is accused Yves Montand(a famous actor)to be the father of her daughter and there was a long trial and it lasted even after Montand’s death.
    The kid looks alike so much Yves Montand,her mother was so credible,they disinter Montand’s corpse for DNA and finally after 18 years of juridical fights,it’s OFFICIAL Montand is NOT the biological father
    so wait&see
    PS:remember Stallone/Dickinson trial also

  6. Ari says:

    God, I hope this is true. I don’t know why but its too juicy to say the least.

  7. Lisa says:

    I believe her. I get the impression that she’s crying out of frustration. Even if the baby isn’t Bieber’s, I believe she had an intimate encounter with him (trying not to use the S word since I’m at work).

  8. celine says:

    ahhhh well bitches, i hope it’s true. just for the great gossip that’ll come out of it, u know.

  9. normades says:

    Her story is so full of holes:

    “She was picked out from a crowd of girls”…where are the other girls to back her statement? Who was she at the concert with?

    “He was a virgin and didn’t want to use a condom”…Um, I think if the Beibs wanted to loose it he could have had it anyway he wanted and not with some random chick.

    They did it “on some shelf type thing”…seriously, where’s the picture of this bathroom? What kind of shelf would be low enough and stable enough to have sex on in a toilet?

    Maybe I’ll end up eating my hat (god knows it’s happened before on this site), but I think this is all fan fiction on her part. Even if the kid is not his, I doubt they ever met, let alone had sex.

  10. normades says:

    @carrie: I know that story. How embarrassing. That poor girl belived it all her life. Weird thing tho, I think she does look like Yves Montand.

  11. badrockandroll says:

    Ok, it would be delicious if this girl’s story is true, but she appears anything but credible in this interview.
    Her inappropriate giggles, her refusal to answer questions that she had to know were going to be asked, her covering her face with her hands are all the classic tells of a liar. No one dragged her on the show, and if they paid her for the interview, they should get some of their money back because of all the “no comments”.
    But more importantly, where is the security gueard? Where are the other girls? No way Bieber’s people could have bought them all off in such a short period of time. And her secret evidence – we’re not going to go the MJ spotted dick route I hope! I honestly belive that she thought that she could extort a bit of money, and never thought that Bieber would fight back with the DNA test, and she is totally panicking now.
    But what really riled me was her comment that everyone has a past – I’m twice her age and mine doesn’t include doubts about paternity and battery charges.If that’s slut shaming, so be it, but unless this girl improves her story and her performance a hundredfold, it will only get worse for her.

  12. Leslie says:

    Does anyone else find it hilarious that she named the poor kid “Trystan”? Tryst? Really? LMAO

  13. Tuppiv says:

    I think she’s got a credible story. I actually feel pretty bad for this girl. Reading about this on TMZ pisses me off because whoever does their writeups is trying sooo hard to paint her in a bad light.

  14. Annie says:

    I find it hard to believe that Justin’s lawyers would go after her so hard if they had any reason to believe Justin is the father. After all, a simple DNA test is all it will take to prove paternity.

    Au contraire. If there were no chance this was true I’d expect the opposite of all this legal blustering and threatening and multiple denial interviews. It takes only a few minutes to give a DNA sample, it could have been done quietly the day after this story broke. If you were accused of fathering a child when you knew the notion was ridiculous wouldn’t you just take the test as fast as possible and laugh it off?
    They might be trying to scare her so much she’ll “admit” to lying before the test ever gets done, even if her story is true. A lot of people will “confess” to something they didn’t do with enough pressure applied. She says herself she thinks the father is probably Justin but could also be someone else so she’s got to be nervous about the test. Now, I have no idea if Justin is the father, but I do think that for these lawyers to put their names to this case there is at least some hard evidence that these two had sex.

  15. normades says:

    sex: no
    baby: no
    Crazy fameho: yes

    And she is one hard looking 20-year old.

  16. drawbackwards says:

    Can we say personality disorder?

    Oh a side note, Mischa Barton could totally take on this role for a Lifetime movie of the week.

  17. Kit says:

    She must have known Bieber’s people would want a DNA test done, there’s no way money would just be handed over, you don’t have to be clever to know that. So either she’s totally delusional or they hooked up.
    She might really not know who the daddy is, how many of these fangirls, boyfriend or not, would say no to that kid?
    And I don’t get the no condom bit, same with other celebs hooking up randomly…apart from pregnancy, there’s STD’s. It’s just disgusting.

  18. HotPockets says:

    So, this sounds incredibly insensitive, but I hope it is Bieber’s baby, so the Bieber fever will come to a crashing halt and all his fans will disappear. I doubt it will end his career completely, but at least his good, little boy image will be tarnished.

    On another note, I wasn’t aware that a 28 year old lesbian impersonating a child singer could get someone pregnant?

  19. BellaLuna says:

    Justin is the father of my baby too. Did I mention my baby was a cat? Yeah but hes totally the father.

  20. Jane says:

    @Annie: They only got the lawsuit on Friday. He’s out of the country for two weeks then he’s taking the test. Why would he immediately take the test if there wasn’t a possibility of him being the father. Especially since he says he’s never met the girl. He and his team probably thought it was would just fade away because it was a crazy story. But everyone seems obessed with it and his credability is being called into question.

    Is he not supposed to give mutliple denial interviews when someone he doesn’t know accusing him of fathering their child? And for the record there were only 2 denials weren’t there? His team’s official denial and his interview on Today or whatever it was. And if anyone says she has too much to lose, it’s not like no one has ever done this before. Just look at the woman who accused Kenau Reaves in 2009

  21. fabgrrl says:

    I wish this would just go away. I mean, the matter should be dealt with privately, whether Bieber is the father or not. There is a BABY involved here. A totally innocent person. Everyone seems to forget that. If Bieber is the father, the kid is an albatross around his neck. If Bieber isn’t the father, the kid has a whackadoodle, famewhoring mother who is willing to use him as a paycheck. Poor little guy loses either way.

  22. normades says:

    Actualy, I think this is GOOD for Beiber’s career. It destroys the “little boy” reputation and maintains his “masculinity” (I know, hahahaha).

    I never commented on Beibser posts before and now I’m all over this. Yes, his stake has gone up.

  23. Alexis says:

    She looks like Tina Fey with lighter hair. Tina’s hair color would suit her well.

    Also, she also looks like she’s in her late twenties, but I don’t think it’s because of hard living. Some people just age quicker. *shrugs*

    Also, no need to discredit her. Let’s just do the DNA test. I think the Biebs’ people don’t want to make the concession that he has sex in bathrooms, but we’re talking about a young pop star here. Even if these two never had sex, trying to get everyone to believe that the Biebs would never have sex with a random is a losing battle, and they more they fight it the sketchier he looks.

  24. NM9005 says:

    If she’s lying, it’s pretty plausible she could have a personality disorder.

    It doesn’t matter to guess by just watching interviews. The paternity test will determine the truth. And if she just had sex with him but the baby isn’t his, tough luck for her. Maybe now she will think twice about her actions before she deals with men and conceives a fatherless child. She can do whatever she wants, if she wants an active sex life, none of my business but don’t go on TV claiming a celeb is the dad when you don’t really know who the dad is. You’re not in a shop picking out some goods. This is a child’s life we’re talking about. Think twice before you fuck around than you won’t have these issues. Her life would be so much easier if she uses that mass in her head called BRAINS.

  25. JoanCrawfordHangers says:

    Justin Bieber is The Insider’s BREAD AND BUTTER. This interview was cut for shock value… and the tease for tonight’s part 2, shameless.

  26. Jordan says:

    I don’t believe her. “Everyone has a past” is not an explanation as to why she accused someone who is ‘just some boy’ to be the father. I also read somewhere that she is on public assistance…so she has an arrest record, her immediate family is no where to be seen to support her apparently, and she is a single mother…desperation is a big motivator and maybe she is that good of a con artist that she can fool her lawyers and media. I guess we’ll see when the results come back.

  27. drawbackwards says:

    BellaLuna- HAAAAA! I just sent my husband a text saying our dog is Justin’s. And the proof is in the pudding.

  28. Quest says:

    I think she got a boning from the Biebmister…this is not gonna end well for anyone including the baby involved.

  29. Annie says:

    @Jane – they tried to settle this privately before Friday. He’s already had ample opportunity to take the test, if he really wanted to. If this girl really is just cockaloopy and Justin knows for a fact he can’t possibly be the father, then he and his team are handling this very badly and it shouldn’t have been allowed to get this far.

  30. Enny says:

    His lawyers going after her hard doesn’t mean Bieber knows he’s the dad, or knows he had sex with her. Bieber is counter-suing her. Digging up dirt on Yeater is part of his strategy for the counter-suit.

  31. Whothefiis says:

    Whats sad is there are only two possible outcomes for this child:

    “my dad is Justin Bieber and I was conceived in a bathroom stall”


    “my mom is bathsh!t crazy, and I will never know who my father is”

  32. G says:

    Seriously, I can’t imagine what this “court case” would consist of besides a DNA test?

    All the drama, crying and details etc. don’t amount to a hill of beans without the DNA. That will happen when it’s scheduled. Before that this is the worst kind of gossip. (I’m well aware of how insane that sounds in this context.)

    For the record, I don’ find her and this approach particularly believable. The countersuit is a pretty strong mesage to potential copy cats, I think, to forget about it.

  33. Seal Team 6 says:

    I tend to believe her, and one of the reasons IS how Bieb’s people are raking her over the coals.

    A paternity test would tell if he was or wasn’t the father, and the results would only take about three days. I think he and his people are trying to either scare her away or broker a deal, which is why they’re stalling and attacking.

  34. says:

    I’m going to point at the Bieb and LMAO if the paternity test comes back positive.

  35. Seal Team 6 says:


    Exactly. The blustering and stalling is lending credence to her account, whether or not it is true. I lean toward believing her.

    And, a “shelf thing” could be a credenza or something.

  36. MarenGermany says:

    my take on all of this:
    Justin is spoilt and bratty.
    I never bought his image. He is such a little bitch in my opinion.
    And (independent from that) one has to be pretty naive to think he is not banging backstage.
    he will f**k your wife, your girlfriend, your daughter and your mother just because he can.
    That is just my personal take on justin bieber.
    and I have the feeling, that all of this is about to be revealed to people (and especially teens) who are still buying into his act.
    his team is running batshit crazy right now because it might be true, cause they know what happens backstage.
    this is why they started a very harsh smear campaign against this young woman, she gets harrassed by them, she is made to look like an idiot and that is why she started crying.
    I am not saying, this baby is necessarily justin´s but there is a high possibility from all the groupies he f**ked. didnt you guys see how he said “never met that woman”, didnt you see that disgusting little smirk in the corner of his mouth as if he was thinking “yeah, of course I wouldnt remember ever groupie I banged”.

    so, long story short, this is just my opinion, but it makes total sense to me. I dont believe she is lying, and I am just really sick about the way certain websites make her look like, because justins team is really strong in manipulating this whole scandal. I feel sorry for her.
    The paternity test will clarify, and like I said, I cant say if he is the father (I´m not a DNA-test), but I would really wish for her to have the last laugh about this.

    and I dont even care about Justin Bieber. I think I never listened to a single song of him, so it is really just that I realized how scared his people must be to make her look that bad, you know.

    that was long, sorry for that.

  37. Zigggy says:

    I don’t know if it happened or not, but I’d think that Justin would want to know if he has a son out in the world- it’s obviously not the best circumstances but it would still be his first born son.

  38. aenflex says:

    She must have looked pretty easy, had a real good pair of f me eyes that night, because there HAD to be girls hotter than her at the Beiber show…

  39. judyjudy says:

    I think folks give Bieber way too much credit. I feel bad for this girl.

  40. Linnie says:

    She is lying. “He said he wanted to fuck me and this and that.” “The proof is in the pudding.” WTF does that mean? Her eyes are shifting all over the place, she covers her mouth. She says a security guard was looking for girls to bring back stage to meet JB. She is anything but a typical Bieber fan. They are 14, giggly and barely post adolescent. I couldn’t care less about Justin Bieber but this girl is lying. She even called her own statements allegations. What an ass. And that poor baby.

  41. G says:

    Well time will tell. If his legal team has an aggressive strategy to manage wack-a-doodles, I would call that, them doing their job.

  42. Jane says:

    I don’t even know why some of you are still calling for a DNA test you’ve clearly made your minds up and even if the test is negative and he denies for the rest of his existance that he knows her you’ll still think that either is team meddled with the results of teh DNA test or that him and Mariah had sex

  43. serena says:

    I’m not a fan of Bieber, actually I can’t stand him, but I think this girl is just a major famewhore.

  44. badrockandroll says:

    Gad, I forgot the other crazy thing in the interview: she says that her mother was at the concert with her. Where did she park her mom while the dirty deed was being done? And where’s her mother now? I’m no Bieber fan, but I was a David Cassidy fan ( andtoday is Leif Garrett’s birthday too). Bieber is no better and no worse than all the other teenybopper idols that have come and gone in thirty seconds, I mean over the years.

  45. Whothefiis says:

    Here’s a body language analysis of Mariah, with some very good points:

    When she’s talking about her and Bieber talking, she says “me and him” and the gesture she makes with her hands–there’s a large space between them. If they had been intimate, her hands would gesture closer together or clasped.
    Verry interesting.

  46. MissyA says:

    I totally thought that was Mischa Barton accusing Biebs of a ba-bah in the header picture.

    The thing is – of course this girl is a famewhore! She voluntarily admitted to the world that she “had sex” with an international pop star whose balls haven’t even dropped yet.

    But the fact that she’s a raving famewhore doesn’t necessarily negate the fact that LesBieber could be a daddy. Sure her character is suspect, but that doesn’t mean the truth is mutually exclusive.

  47. Whothefiis says:

    What I find funny is, I’m a horrible liar. I can’t get away with even a tiny fib. I am so obvious.
    And when I watch her stumble over her words and fidget around, it reminds me of me trying to lie. LOL

    So I’m actually doubting this chick is legit.

    But the question is: what kind of a payout can you get from a lie? He has no reason to try and pay you to go away, if what you’re saying is just false.

    She’s obviously delusional then? Who knows.

  48. Annie says:

    A paternity test would tell if he was or wasn’t the father, and the results would only take about three days. I think he and his people are trying to either scare her away or broker a deal, which is why they’re stalling and attacking.


    This. That’s the main reason I tend to believe Mariah over Justin – her claim is so ridiculously fast and easy to falsify, it’s not as if she’s claiming something that would take some long line of witnesses or big forensic investigation. If there were no truth in it, there really was no need for this ever to get out since Mariah’s side tried first to settle out of the public domain, to no avail. Justin could SO easily have nipped this in the bud before it blew up. I think there are two possibilities.

    1)This girl is crazy as a crayfish and Justin needs to fire his managers.

    2)Like Seal Team said, it’s true and they are biding their time, using a little psyche-warfare 101, hoping the girl will either break down and back off or failing that will agree to a payoff deal.

  49. Maritza says:

    I prefer to wait for the results of the paternity test, I really can’t tell if she is lying! Anything is possible…

  50. Rita says:


    I don’t think the Biebs stake has gone up. I don’t follow him but I get the feeling that in the mind of many young ladies he’s something of a male Taylor Swift and the thought that he picked out some random fameho from the audience and relieved himself in her during a 30 second tryst in a bathroom stall is a little off-putting to his starry-eyed fans.

    IMO, if she’s preg with his kid, he’s SOL.

    btw, your gravatar intimidates me but I love it. Something, Betty Davis-esque about it.

  51. Annie says:

    Her body language is hard to read. She could be lying, or could just be very nervous. If people were being SO skeptical of your claims you might start to wonder if you really did dream it all up and give off ambiguous body language.

  52. fabgrrl says:

    My additional $0.02: As for the “delayed” DNA test, the thing is, anyone can claim that a man is a baby’s father. * Did you know that Johnny Depp fathered my child? He totally did. Where is my $? I want to get paid for an interview.* Sure, it’s not that hard to take one, I guess, but I think Bieber’s team was afraid, with reason, that this could start a trend. As much as it pains me to say it, celebrities are people too, and it is not okay for others to f*ck with their lives, out of greed or out of crazy. You all remember the Keanu Reeves paternity drama? That accuser was clearly delusional, and yet Keanu had to take the DNA test. Fair? no.

    Again, this should be handled PRIVATELY. For those saying, well, she wasn’t getting a response from Bieber, BS! If she has a case, a court could have ordered Bieber to take a DNA test and no news outlet needs to know. She certainly didn’t need to reveal her name, give TV interviews, or show pictures of the baby. This has famewhore written all over it.

  53. normades says:

    @Rita: Hi *waves*.

    Normades=Norma Desmond (Sunset Blvd.). That’s who’s in the pic, and yeah, she’s scary!

    @Jane: Yeah, I think it’s awful that even if the DNA proves he’s not the father people will still forever think he hit it. He needs to sue and sue big if this is false.

  54. the original bellaluna says:

    WTF with the one ugly toxic green nail? Did she not realise she was being filmed? (HA!)

    Either it’s true and Beiber’s Bullies are trying to get her to accept some $$$ and SFTU and go away, or she’s one of those “don’t-know-who-the-baby-daddy-is, so-I’ll-just-keep-throwing-names-out-there-until-something-sticks” chicks.

    Stellar foundation for the little boy, either way.

  55. Madison says:

    She’s not very credible as more time goes by. Girls got problems. It’s a shitty thing some women do accusing a man to be the father of the baby when you know he’s not.

  56. Annie says:

    This really isn’t comparable to the Keanu Reeves paternity case – that woman was OBVIOUSLY cray-cray. She was claiming that Keanu literally hypnotized her into thinking he was her husband for years and fathered several of her children. That Justin Beiber had a brief encounter with a groupie, while it goes against the image projected to the public, is well within the realms of possibility.

  57. Joe's Mom says:

    From all the demands celebs make prior to a concert, (ie. J-Lo and everything draped in white and white candles of a certain brand, and white flowers, certain food, etc.) I think JB could have had access to a better place than a bathroom to screw some groupie. And the no condom thing . . . Now, her MOTHER WAS THERE?
    Does JB have a decoy-stand-in for some reason that could have taken advantage of the situation and pretended he was the real deal?
    Also, I think if it was JB’s kid, he and his Mom would want to know and want to take care of it, or take custody of it even. JMHO from what little I’ve seen of JB and his Mother.
    Maybe I’m just naive.

  58. april says:

    I don’t believe her story anymore. Justin Beiber was only 16. It would be different if he was several years older you could see where this may have happened. I think he was way too young to have behaved this way. I do believe he was pretty closely guarded with an adult at all times when he was in the Staples Center. Why wouldn’t an adult be with a 16 year old who is a mega star in a huge place like that?

    I think you have to use some logic with your emotions in figuring this out.

  59. Allison says:

    I don’t know if I believe her…if she’s just nervous or stressed or even hurt that he’s denying it… Or just lying. She may have found herself caught in a lie that grew bigger than she expected, or she might be scare of how big this is because she isn’t fully sure that he is the father. I do kind of think the baby looks like him, but that could just be the power of suggestion as I am looking for it…

  60. KsGirl says:

    Yesterday there were some reports that a high-profile lawyer had jumped onto this woman’s legal team. Was that true? Anyone know?

    This woman’s affect in the interview seems off-ish to me. The thing is, there’s a number of possible reasons for this. She’s lying. She’s telling the truth but nervous. She’s been coached to within an inch of her life by her lawyers and is afraid of slipping up and saying something she’s been told not to. Being in front of a camera. etc. etc. etc.

    Also, Eyes For Lies? Why does this snake oil saleswoman keep getting linked to, here? I’ve always been surprised anyone takes that site seriously, it doesn’t seem any better than those “body language experts” the tabs get in to weave whole novellas based on a single still photo. And this has nothing to do with Bieber’s innocence or not, that blog just bothers me. :)

  61. Turtle Dove says:

    Those pauses in her responses are big indicators that she’s stretching the truth. A person who is telling the truth would have an instant response.

    She’s seeking fame. “He needed to know about the baby and so did everyone else.” Famewhore. Attention glutton. Child of me-me-me social media.

  62. Jane says:

    She looks like Mischa Barton in that pic.

  63. CK says:

    Cosign with #15. I’m a paralegal, from what I’ve seen, its very common to attack the other side to try and get them to back off when you know you have a losing case. It’s all about posturing. If they were 100% sure this was BS they’d do the test and be done with it. How many times has a celebrity threatened to sue and then didn’t?

    That being said, she could also be crazy, but I kind of doubt it. I think they had sex and her accusing the other guy(s) was her process of elimination. She’s obviously not the brightest crayon in the box.

  64. Daysma says:

    Here’s what bothers me- and everyone is overlooking. She’s what 20? So last year, she was 19 having sex with a 16 year old- which unless the law has changed, is statutory rape. That’s openly admitting you’re breaking a law right there, and no one has said a word about that.

  65. Auds says:

    I’d be totally floored if the DNA tests came back positive.
    What would the Biebster do? Cry?

  66. katie says:

    she slapped a dude in the face who prob deserved it. shes not a criminal. these days you can be beat the shit out of someone who bullied you for 5 years and you’re a criminal. and why would she file a paternity suit and expect to just get paid off? she had to of at the very least slept with him if she thought she could get paid. ive been asked back stage in the same exact way she was asked, and i didnt go. pick apart her story all you want. the dna report will prove if hes the father of the baby or not and thats whats important.

  67. Pizzazz says:

    I can’t understand how anyone can believe this woman especially after watching that! The more I see, the more I’m certain she’s a liar. And what do you want to bet her so called evidence that she’s provided is just her mother claiming she was there when the security guards approached her and that she talked to her afterwards and noted her demeanor or some other crap that’s hardly a smoking gun. Pathetic. If it were true and she had an ounce of integrity she wouldn’t be doing this.

  68. Shy says:

    I kind of don’t understand her behavior. She sits there crying, acting like it’s some big tragedy happened to her. She acts like she was being raped or beaten by Bieber. So ridiculous and stupid.

    Let’s assume that it is true for a second… Like gurl – if that is true then you had sex with you idol, boy that you adore… And then you become pregnant by his baby. By the man you love. And the boy was borne. And now every day you can look in his eyes and see your beloved Justin Bieber…. And then she sits in interview and acts like it’s some big tragedy that she is ashamed of. Like she was raped or beaten.

    I don’t understand her idiotic behavior. Imagine that some twihard would have child from Pattinson… She would be happy to death with her little Edward. She would cry from happiness. She would proudly present her mini-Edward in interview.

    I really hope that it is not Bieber’s baby and that his team will sue her for millions.

  69. Shay says:

    Ok i can kind of understand if you believed her before this interview. I dont understand how ANYONE can believe her after this. If the story was true then one of thoes girls in the room could support her claim. The things people do for money is crazy. And i dont blame Justins lawyers for going after her on this. She slandering his name if its not true. I mean yes this is what comes with fame. This is why i dont praise any stars. Because at the end of the day they put their pants on the same way i do. Why are people so surprise tha tshe might be lying. People do things like this all the time. Come On WAKE UP lol

  70. Anguishedcorn says:

    Maybe JB honestly doesn’t remember if he had sex with her or not; thus the delay tactics.

  71. Erinn says:

    The guy DIDN’T deserve to get attacked. She ran to his house telling him he was going to be a father. He denies it and she attacks him. I feel like you’re the kind of person who thinks all guys are scum and dogs. ALSO if she’s sooo sure it’s Beiber’s kid, why did she tell him that it was his baby?

    @Daysma it was mentioned in the other posts about this, if you wanted to go check them, you’d see it.

    Now, I’m no expert with genetics or anything, or when babies eyes change color. But that baby has quite light eyes, and Justin has brown eyes. Brown eyes are dominant genes, and USUALLY override the recessive blue eyes. I’d think that the baby would have at least DARKER blue eyes if it was Justin’s, which would then change to brown with the melanin production. This baby looks like it will have light eyes though.

  72. Crystalline says:

    I cosign the earlier comment that was questioning why everyone keeps citing Eyes for Lies and these body language “experts”. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, the research on deception says there are no set cues meaning you cannot tell who is or isn’t lieing. You just can’t, there is no person who has been identified as an expert, and it won’t ever happen. She could be acting this way because she is lieing, yes, but also because of stress, the situation, discomfort, etc, there is no way to know why.

    That said, I find the story plausible. Just because a bodyguard or people with him, who he pays might I note, claim he didn’t doesn’t mean he didn’t sleep with her. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t sleeping with groupies quite frankly, he is a spoiled brat who has previously stated he wants to be a young father. If his handlers allow him to go on these vacations with Gomez, what is keeping him from the much more easily accessible option of groupies?

  73. Adrien says:

    This issue still up.
    Oh she looks, uh, clean…and British. When you listen to her, she sounds credible. Crazy and lunatic, but still credible.
    Most famous popstars hire a bunch of dopplegangers while on tour to confuse fans who mob them. Maybe Mariah got duped by a look-alike with backstage pass. “Hey, I’m Justin Beiber, wanna eff for 30 seconds?”

  74. crtb says:

    This girl has no idea who the baby’s daddy is. First, she says it’s her boyfriend’s. Then she tells another guys it’s his. Now it’s Justin Beiber’s. Why is she so sure it is JB’s baby now when before she was so sure it was someone else’s?

  75. Dana M says:

    JB has money. Who’s to say that he pays someone off for their DNA sample?!

  76. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I don’t think the Bieb’s is denying that he slept with her, but I don’t think he believes he’s the father. There were reports that she claimed her ex-boyfriend was her child’s father but later after DNA testing it proved he wasn’t so before I jump to quick to say yay or nay, I’ll just wait for the DNA results. And no I do not feel sorry for her, you make your bed you have to “lie” in it.

  77. NM9005 says:

    “A person who is telling the truth would have an instant response. ”

    It’s a cultural and personal opinion. In Japan and China they love it when people think about their answer(s) and have “long” thoughtful pauses. It tells them you care about your answer and not trying to vomit words because you don’t care and want to get it over with. They don’t like fast talkers. In Italy they use a lot of obvious body language, does that make them want to divert your attention away from what they’re saying?
    Or in court, when people are saying “she/he is lying because he doesn’t speak fast enough”. You try and tell a story 3, 10 times and tell it exactly the same way you did it the first time. Impossible. Especially when you’re under a lot of pressure.

    It’s too general to say she’s a liar based on her speech pattern or body language. Not everybody conforms, you just have to be yourself. In whatever she is going to speak, people are going to say something else anyway.

    I love the guessing though, is she lying or isn’t she? For the sake of bitchy gossip, I hope she is being truthful. Also, it would expose Bieber real personality. Celebs getting caught on their naughty behaviour…

  78. anon says:

    @Shy – in her shoes, I would feel betrayed by Bieber(if this is true). I think she has every right to seem a bit violated and upset. She slept with a guy and now he’s being enough of a douche to deny ever even meeting her. That’s just plain embarrassing.

    Maybe Bieber is delaying it 2 weeks to avoid a scandal that might affect christmas cd sales.

  79. cc says:

    A. She gives me Casey Anthony vibes. Casey had an incredibly detailed explanation for EVERYTHING and it all turned out to be a web of lies.

    B. The baby will grow up and learn about all this and probably have real issues related to the after-effects of this whole media circus and likely be tortured by his peers for many many years. So if she’s making this up (which I’m not saying that she is), then she is HEARTLESS.

    C. Satutory rape? Couldn’t she get jail time and have to register as a sex offender if she can prove she had sex with him? (maybe that’s the big lawsuit his lawyers are planning? a civil case to go along with her criminal stat charges?). I’m not sure of the age of consent in Cali, so maybe not.

    D. You think maybe she grabbed one of his used condoms from the trash somewhere right after he got it on with someone else? Creepy and gross, but that sh*t happens to the rich and famous.

  80. Callumna says:

    Honestly, if this were a late night comedy fest of jokes I’d see it. It’s funny thinking of Bangs as a dad. But shame on supposed journalists for running on this as a factual thing.

    We have ways of telling if kids belong to people beyond thinking a stranger “looks” credible. And this one is not credible by the events.

    She’s on her second paternity accusation with the first one not being true. So she’s been wrong with this particular baby. She doesn’t know who this particular baby’s dad is or this wouldn’t be her second try. Show your proof BEFORE we publicly vilify the one we know is relatively harmless and not an insane stalker kook. Not after.

  81. Andie B says:

    @HotPockets..I nearly snorted coffee through my nose reading your last comment..jeez that’s funny.
    I feel the girl is older than 20..I also feel she’s as mad as a snake.I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about JB, as I’m nearly 40, but this little story has got me pondering. I honestly don’t know if it’s his or not..the child does look a little bit like him,but then I think of the Yves Montand story..hmmmm.

  82. anony says:

    Yeah, I’m sorry, but he has his choice of any one of the cute little teens that swarm all over him and he’s going to pick her?? Doubt it.

  83. Addie says:

    Just let the girl take a lie detector test. That will tell a lot before the DNA results come back.

    If positive-She could genuinly believe it happened and it didn’t, or she could be telling the truth all along.

  84. Jane says:

    @JaneWonderfalls: Bieber has denied that he’s even met her…so no sex. Also the other two guys were not cleared with a DNA test. The ex bf said that it was impossible because they hadn’t seen each other in at least a month.

    Also who wants to bet that her proof if just a photoshopped image of her and the biebs?

  85. Flan says:

    I dont even like Justin Bieber but I hope it’s not his.

    Really hate these kind of useless bitches who get themselves pregnant at such an age.

  86. kbond says:

    @Erinn: Regarding the baby’s light eyes, and that darker eyes are dominant. Yes, that’s the basic theory, BUT I have 2 daughters who are walking exceptions to it. I have brown eyes, brown hair, same as everyone in my family for 3 generations, both sides. My husband’s family all have blue eyes for 3 generations except 2 with hazel eyes. Our daughters? One has eyes that went from blue to gray to hazel over a period of 4 years, and the other is blue heading to gray. So there’s no guarantee. At all. Ain’t genetics fun?

  87. Seal Team 6 says:

    @Janewonderfalls –

    The Bieb has said he has never met her.

  88. fabgrrl says:

    anon: in her shoes, I would feel betrayed by Bieber(if this is true). I think she has every right to seem a bit violated and upset. She slept with a guy and now he’s being enough of a douche

    Dude! You do not hook up with a stranger for bathroom sex and then act like he should respect or remember or care about you.

  89. DestinY JOhnson says:


  90. myTbean says:

    Even if she were telling the truth – DNA might not prove it. People have yet to embrace the reality of chimerism.

    The most famous cases of chimerism to date are the linked cases of Lydia Fairchild and Karen Keegan.

    Look them up if you’re curious… and once informed, reconsider the validity of DNA evidence, especially if it’s presented as the exclusive method of proving innocence or guilt.

  91. DW says:

    Sorry, she isn’t attractive enough to get tagged by any celebrity, even the teenie Bieber boy.

  92. Vesper says:

    Just because this girl slept with two guys and doesn’t know who the father is, doesn’t make her a famewhore by trying to get comfirmation re. paternity. She allegedly tried to do so with the other guy first. Perhaps he has recently taken a dna test which turned out to be negative and that is the reason why she is so confident this baby is Justin’s. I do remember reading that recently a high profile lawyer took on her case so there must be something credible in this girl’s story.

    If it were so easy to tell whether someone is lying simply by viewing a short interview I question why the police bother with long interrogations, why they don’t solve more crimes, more quickly and why juries need to deliberate for any length of time.

    I’m assuming once this goes to court, a judge will err on the side of caution and order a dna test. The burden of proof is probably set very low considering the importance of proving paternity. Any other details, or witnesses should be kept private until the court case, and the lack of which shouldn’t be viewed as proof that she is lying.

    I agree with the above comments, I think Justin and his team are hoping to scare her into backing down. She is a single girl, on social assistance, and has limited funds for a laywer especially if things are drawn out. On top of that, who would want the details of a one night stand released to the public? The girl is likely horrified that this had to come to light. She knows how she is being portrayed, and it’s not surprising she is struggling thru the interview. Justin could have kept things private and taken care of this matter quickly if he had just done the dna test. His team is not worried about setting a precident, all they care about is protecting their client.

    Obviously this girl wants money…child support, but just like any other woman who gets pregnant by some guy she deserves it, even if that guy happens to be a high profile singer, and a spoiled brat who is used to getting his own way.

  93. Matt says:

    ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS!? Look at this crap! Shes obviously lying! You people have got to be the biggest morons on earth!

    She couldn’t answer simple questions, and she just kept crying to get away. No eye contact, covering her face, and dodging questions are all signs of dishonesty.

    The interviewer even asked her is any o the other girls coudl substantiate her story, and she started crying.

    If you believe this imbecile, you’re an even bigger fool than she is.