Mariah Carey said something exquisitely bitchy about Kim Kardashian


Here are some new photos of Mariah Carey at the big Jenny Craig news conference and photo call officially making her the latest face of “Jenny” (Jenny Craig’s new trademarked name, I guess). Don’t get me wrong, she looks GREAT. She’s lost weight, she got a blow out, and I’m guessing she’s double or triple-Spanx-ing it, and that’s why the dress seems a little baggy in the waist. Plus, she’s sucking it in. Bless her. I love Mariah. Even when she’s doing a press conference for a weight loss program, she’s still going to Spanx it up and suck it in. Here are some gems from the press conference:

When she was heavy, she always covered up: “I had a towel on in the tub. I’m not lying, I promise you! You think I would let Nick see me looking rancid like that?”

She didn’t want to know how much weight she gained while pregnant: “I didn’t want to know, because why would I want to feel that bad? I know it was a number that I never want to see again.”

Bones: “I had, like, no bones for a while. It’s important to me to feel my bones!”

Eating while pregnant: Carey says she cooked hearty Italian meals and “soul food” throughout her pregnancy, and admitted that it’s easy to overeat when you’re eating for two – or in her case, three. “Maybe the portions weren’t what they should’ve been,” she said. “Even as a pregnant woman you kind of have control over it, but you don’t feel like it when you’re pregnant.”

She’s not petite: “I’m also 5’9” and I’m not a petite girl.”

Not-so-veiled comments about Kim Kardashian: “I’m a real person, I’m not going to put on a fake face for Hollywood. Sometimes [Nick and I] make each other mad, that’s why we aren’t divorced after four months. I’m sorry, I’m just saying.”

Obviously: “You know, I had a situation in the past where I was controlled, and I was really young, and it affected the way I trusted people. I had no team, besides my dog and my cat. Me and Nick we always joke, I’m an Aries, I need so much attention!”

[From Us Weekly and People Mag]

Us Weekly claims that after Mariah made the crack about a four-month marriage, there were “audible gasps” in the auditorium, and that’s why Mariah gave a half-hearted non-apology. I think her point is valid – a lot of people thought Mariah and Nick wouldn’t last (I certainly didn’t think they would), and a lot of people thought they would be divorcing within a year. But they stuck with it, and now they seem so, so strong, right? And maybe it’s because they give each other what they need, and they’re not afraid to be “real” with each other. Mariah really is a diva who needs constant attention and she’ll totally be a bitch too. And Nick handles her, and they complete each other. Why not hold them up as an example of a marriage that works?

Oh, and here’s that Jenny commercial. Don’t you get it? She’s in a COCOON, people. She’s a butterfly. A newly slender butterfly, ripping her way through the cocoon of water retention.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Kiki says:

    You just have to love Mariah’s insanity. There’s no one else like her.

  2. brin says:

    I’m not a big Mariah fan, but for that comment annd her weight loss I applaud her.

  3. Cherry says:

    I don’t think that comment was particularly bitchy. She’s right. And really, she could have said a lot more bitchy stuff about Kim K.

  4. Katie says:

    I have never been a huge fan on Mariah’s but I give her major kudos for always being herself. I think she’s an ego maniac, but she’s honest! She’s growing on me.

  5. freddiie says:

    I was expecting something more interesting – very misleading and disappointing headline.

  6. Jayna says:

    I think she was mad at Nick in the Barbara Walters’ interview and is too much of a diva to hide it. She is full of herself, but she never hides that. I don’t think she meant a dig at Kim K because she seemed shocked by the laughter. Kim K probably isn’t big enough to even be recognized by Mariah.

  7. Samigirl says:

    Good for her. There is not 1 marriage in the world that is perfect. It’s difficult, sometimes frustrating, and you have to work at it, and at the end of the day,it’s totally worth it. Kim K gives marriage a bad name.

  8. erika says:

    she looks great. and there is something true about her

  9. Pyewacket says:

    Since when is the truth being “bitchy”?

  10. RocketMerry says:

    Oooooh, she’s an Aries! I like Aries people, and I like Mariah, but she’s totally so not a stereotype-Aries.

  11. Ms. Candy says:

    Kim K gives a lot of things a bad name…

    I applaud Mariah for what she has done with herself including with her marriage.
    She kept it simple but real

  12. mln76 says:

    I’m a bit baffled at how little candor it takes to shock people. Kim is a fake person it’s not even an insult it’s just true. Oh and Mariah gave Kim and extra month or so she didn’t even have the character for a 4 month marriage.

  13. ShanKat says:

    I love her ridiculous much.


    Her shoes are terrible and her dress looks cheap. It’s a great color, though.

  14. Courtney says:

    @samigirl I totally agree with you Ms Kardashian does give marriage a bad name so Mariah had right to throw shade at her for it. there are plenty of marriages in hollywood that last for decades an example is Denzel and Pauletta Washington have been Married 29 years in 2012 or Jeffery Hayden and Eva Marie Saint have been married 60 years as of October 28th 2011. a real committed marriage takes work and compromise which some people don’t know how to do

  15. flourpot says:

    I’m an Aries… ?? What the heck does that have to do with anything? Didn’t we debunk astrology when, you know, science came along? 😛

  16. munachimso says:

    Nothing wrong wif her comments + dat colour works better on her dan angie + i need 2 get dat jenny craig workout routine!!!

  17. Launicaangelina says:

    @Cherry – I agree. Not a bitchy comment; just the truth. Her comment could’ve been referring to several marriages in Hollywood – not just Kim’s.

  18. Agnes says:

    Mariah and Nick make me almost as happy as Coco and Ice T. Got to love them as a couple. 🙂

  19. bea says:

    How ’bout what she said about her ex-husband? “…I was controlled” Awesome – he seems like a real creep (Matolla)- didn’t he just marry another young singer he represents?

    That dress looks cheap, is too short and the shoes seem like a totally random choice. But her weight loss looks great.

    Her taste in clothing is too ‘young’ for her……..

  20. INeedANap says:

    Please don’t tell me that the Kardashian name has become sacrosanct. For pete’s sake, they should have laughed at her statement not gasped!

  21. Nick says:

    I guess she is that broke diva from blind gossip. She is selling her crap in hsn and now is spokeperson for jenny craig. Let’s face it that’s so not A-list. There’s no more glitter in the air only unpaid bills.

  22. Stacy says:

    Those shoes are awfully 1997.

  23. the original bellaluna says:

    You got me with “exquisitely bitchy.” Anything with that, I’m there! (Also, hilariously bitchy. Which this is not, by the way.)

  24. CaramelKiss says:

    Why does it look like she picked up that whole outfit at Forever 21? Luv U ‘Riah but er um, time to get a new stylist gurl. You get a pass with busting out two babies, but puhlease DO NOT EVER wear this ensemble again. That. Is. All. :-). Oh, Ew. LOL.

  25. Pyewacket says:

    @Nick- You obviously have NO idea how much m,oney is to be made from home shopping channels. A-List designers now peddle their wares on them. It is the number one shopping destination of a majority of Americans, and anyone who wouldn’t want to make millions off of HSN and QVC is nuts. Major cosmetic companies sell on them, A-List chefs, singers. Is Beyonce broke? NO, but her mother sells their clothing on HSN. Is Wolfgang Puck broke? No and he shills on HSN or QVC.

    Anyone with a brain knows home shopping is where REAL money is made. Do a little research and you might be shocked at who sells on the channels and the money that is made.

    Mariah is not broke, and she is still very much A-List.

  26. Pseudoangie says:

    @ Stacy: My thoughts exactly! 90s shoes, 90s dress

  27. Maritza says:

    She struck gold when she met Nick Cannon because no man on earth would put up with her diva attitude. He’s a really nice guy and she is lucky to have him. Their babies are so adorable.

  28. Judy says:

    Those shoes w/ that dress are SO WRONG. She’s lost weight, but those shoes ADD weight and give the illusion she’s heavier than she is. With all that money, one would think she’d know how to dress. Not liking that excuse for a dress, either.

  29. maggiegrace says:

    Mariah’s tummy has lipo written all over it.

  30. NotaBitterBetty says:

    Why does she always refer back to her ex-hubby and marriage? I get it was a dreadful time for her but it feels like she is forever talking about it or referencing it in some way. For someone who is so past it and has moved on, she should act like it and dismiss the dbag completely!

  31. Julia says:

    Mariah is something else.

    I love that Diva !
    @ Nick

    Unlike many of her colleagues Mariah has been written all of her songs since she was 18 and his the author of 95% of her songs. She is the second best female seller of all time after Madonna and ten years ago, she weighs around 300 millions of dollars.

    She gets yearly fees for her songs as the author of them and keeps on getting richer without needing to put other songs if she doesn’t want to versus whitney who as a singer but no writer became poor when she stops singing since she is only an interpretor and only authors whose songs belong to them are the one who receive a yearly fees for them.

    Mariah is set for life and is among the richest entertainer…always was.

  32. Zigggy says:

    She most likely got the c-section/tummy tuck combo.

  33. bros says:

    oh man, her shoes are so Payless 1997. god those are ugly.

    other than that she looks great!

  34. Gem says:

    Mariah’s shade is much more hilarious when you remember that Nick Cannon and Kim K used to date. So I’m pretty sure that was a dig at her.

  35. NeNe says:

    There isn’t anything bitchy or wrong with her comment. I wish she would have taken it to another level, but that is just me and my pure hatred for K.K.

  36. Kimble says:

    She has soooo had an abdominoplasty and lipo. I think you can see her knickers in one of the pix and I don’t see spanx at all!!!

  37. Julia says:

    Nick Cannon dated Christina Millian and Victoria Secret Model Seleta Ebanks.

    I never heard about him dating Kim Kardashian.

  38. GlitterSha says:

    @ Gem- I was JUST going to comment about that! I think a lot of people don’t realize that either. KK was tripping over herself to sleep with/date Nick Cannon at one point (after Ray J?) but I believe he shot her down, or didn’t take her seriously in the end (he has a successful career with Nickolodean, she has a sex tape). there was a Scathing interview yesterday on z100 w/ her ex publicist spilling ALL of KK’s dirt-even about the whole Nick thing here:

  39. francesca says:

    She is 5’9″??? This is blowing my mind.

  40. Tierra says:


    Is that the same publicist that is writing a tell-all book about them?
    I cant play the video at work.
    I would be real curious about the book if it can take these worthless, plastic freaks off the Tv and news sites.

  41. lucy2 says:

    She should have gone further and called her an outright plastic face!

  42. Jojo says:

    “the cocoon of water retention” good one, Kaiser.

  43. mln76 says:

    @GlitterSha thanks for the link…that’s some juicy stuff.

  44. SEF says:

    C/mon, NONE of us thought they would last. I think THAT’s what she’s talking about . . . as if she’d give KK the time of day!

    Her personality cracks me up. . . yes she’s ridiculous but she knows it and revels in it. As for the new figure, yes gorgeous, but I agree with the lipo theory.

  45. Kloops says:

    She’s a nut bar, but it works for her. Don’t ever change, you ridiculous diva

  46. Deltona lakes says:

    I saw her in person. She’s tall and she wears 4-5 inch shoes which makes over 6 ft. She said when people meet her the first time they can’t believe she’s so tall.

  47. coley says:

    It’s true Niok and KK dated pre Reggie Bush.

    Nick broke it off cause he couldn’t get serious w/ a pornstar…

  48. Mario says:

    She’s still chunky.

  49. TG says:

    She shouldn’t be publicly knocking someone else’s short marriage until she has made it to the 15 year mark (or more) herself. And I think Nick will get tired of her eventually. You can only take being emasculated for so long before the gloss wears off and the fog before his eyes clears.

  50. the original bellaluna says:

    GlitterSha – THANK YOU for that link! I’m listening to it now. (A fame-whore is a fame-whore is a fame-whore.) *side-eyes KK*

    I think Mariah looks great. For her. She’s just…herself. And good for her!

  51. Melinda says:

    Her dress is a bit ill fitting, and the shoes are terrible. I’m just glad she isn’t in a dress 3 sizes too small though!

  52. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Patrick Duffy has been married a really long time as well to a woman 10 years his senior.

  53. MW says:

    @mln76 – I agree with you. I don’t think people are easily shocked, they just like to act “fake” shocked so they can point fingers and bitch about everything that comes out of anybody’s mouth and make it “fake controversial”, so they can feel superiorly superior – and then they move on to attack someone else. And usually they have all the facts wrong. Read a few other sites’ stories about this. A few people are actually missing the point and bashing Mariah for saying this, because she’s “been married before”. KK’s mess and controversy (whether or not MC was even referring to KK with her remark) is nothing to do with divorce, per se. It’s about the reasons she “married” and profited from it, and then how she discarded her husband and decided to divorce so quickly when that money-making venture was over, and now is trying to keep for herself every dime they earned during that short but profitable marriage. Anyway, I like Mariah and Nick and I think Mariah looks great!

  54. bluhare says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’m starting to like her. Somebody, quick tell me she hired nannies after she said they were going to do everything themselves! SOmeone tell me she dumped her dogs! Help!!!

  55. Lisa says:

    I don’t think what she said was the least bit bitchy. I think it’s AWEsome.

  56. Lucinda says:

    I’ve really come to love Mariah. She’s crazy talented and is just crazy but owns it. She’s a diva in every sense. As for her mentioning her previous marriage, that’s the kind of thing that overshadows everything for the rest of your life. Those scars remain so an occasional reference is not out of line imo. I hope she and Nick last. I really do.

  57. Kim says:

    I find it sad she didnt even feel comfortable naked around her own husband. She had twins for goodness sake – its not like she just got fat. But as someone who has had a baby i think she meant more of you have little control over your body and seeing yourself like that is hard esp when preggers first time.

  58. Snowpea says:

    That outfit is HIDEOUS!

    If you’re a curvaceous woman always emphasise the waist! That hideous polyester number is all saggy and clings in the wrong places…BUT THOSE SHOES! They look like they’re fake suede $19 heels from Kmart.

    Wrong x 1000!

  59. elina says:

    its not bitchy. its honest. i love me some mariah!

  60. Carolyn says:

    I’m beginning to like Mariah and Nick too 🙂

  61. Jennifer says:

    I think Mariah is a character, in a good way. She’s kind of adorable. And so is her family.

  62. Daneen :) says:

    Mariah looks great here. It’s amazing how much better she looks when she dresses appropriately for her size and age – instead of sqeezing herself into unflattering, hoochie dresses.

  63. Emma says:

    Maybe she, nick and the twins can become the new family and face of E!..esp when everyone in American, along with that network, are done with the Ks.

  64. Falliblehuman says:

    Women are other women’s worst enemies when it comes to weight. Thanks for essentially saying overweight people look rancid, Mariah. Way to go. Right up there with Kirstie Alley’s healthy self-image.

  65. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @ Katie I have to agree with you, I liked some of her songs and even think she has and awesome voice but I never was into Mariah that much but she is actually starting to seem like an okay person, I think maybe she had to get through that funk in the past now she still seems a bit obnoxious and self centered but she more mature and seems comfortable in her own skin. I hope the best for her Nick and the babies. It’s to many families breaking apart because they are too lazy to make things work if possible.

  66. Katija says:

    I have always found Mariah insufferable – however, I LOVED her attitude about marriage in the Barbara Walters interview. Usually when celebrities talk about marriage, they’re all like, “Oh, god, our love is like an ocean filled with puppies and rainbows.” I wanted to hug Mariah when she was like, “Yeah, he pissed me off sometimes. He’s a man. Whatever, we’re happy.”

  67. Katija says:

    I have always found Mariah insufferable – however, I LOVED her attitude about marriage in the Barbara Walters interview. Usually when celebrities talk about marriage, they’re all like, “Oh, god, our love is like an ocean filled with puppies and rainbows.” I wanted to hug Mariah when she was like, “Yeah, he pisses me off sometimes. He’s a man. Whatever, we’re happy.”

  68. Shoe_lover says:

    I dont believe for a second that Mariah evens knows who skanky KK is. KK is doesn’t realise it but she is at the bottom of the Hollywood food chain

  69. Catherine says:

    She looks great but those shoes look so damn cheap.

  70. van says:

    #38 Glittersha Kim K is not the first that has dirt and won’t be the last thats for sure.Celebs believe in keeping their dirt secret thats for sure. Listened to the interview and got to say this guy will totally be blacklisted and never work again in Hollywood.

  71. anonymoose says:

    too bad those shoes add 25 pounds! she needs slinky strappy silver sandals with heels! oy.

  72. okeydokey says:

    I like Mariah. Not a fan of her music, but she’s a riot. And she’s done a lot for the the Fresh Air Fund, which is near and dear to me.

  73. mln76 says:

    @van difference Kim is not a celebrity with any actual talent except image. This isn’t a woman who has a few Oscars or Emmys on her shelf who has also created an image to support her career this is a woman who is all about creating a persona-a sex tape, a fake marriage in order to push herself into the arena with ‘real’ celebrities. Unfortunately idiotic people in the mainstream choose to treat her the same as actual movie stars, television stars etc.

  74. DarkEmpress says:

    Ok, I love her even more now! I wish it were even more bitchy!

  75. Anne de Vries says:

    Oh delightful, packaged self-hate. ‘rancid’? The diet industry depends on you hating yourself.

  76. Lee says:

    “I had a towel on in the tub. I’m not lying, I promise you! You think I would let Nick see me looking rancid like that?”

    She thought pregnancy made her look “rancid” so she hid her body from her husband? Good grief, this is one of the saddest quotes I’ve ever read. I wonder if the audience gasped when she said it – it’s way more shocking than the Kim K. comment.

  77. hebrokemyheart says:


  78. Gigohead says:

    Mariah is allowed to be who she is. She’s earned her stripes. That’s a nice gab at Kim!! Serves her right!

  79. Callumna says:

    I think a diva and a clinger-fawner are a match made in heaven. These two work for me. She likes the attention, he is with Mariah Freakin Carey, someone almost too good for him but he knows it and appreciates it and it’s so cute. This kind of couple works in real life too if neither is a jack ass.

    Plus they’re both pretty real at their cores and got famous on talent and work.

  80. Isa says:

    I’m beginning to like her. I don’t think she needed to appologize. She may be a little crazy and a diva but one thing is for sure she is talented.
    And she looks great! I know what she means about having no bones. Especially my feet! I couldn’t see the bones in my feet and after I had my babies I’d stare at them in amazement. When I was pregnant they looked so puffy, like when you blow up a rubber glove except it’s a foot and not a hand.
    Also, maybe she meant her postpartum body? I hated my husband seeing me naked while I was pregnant and after. It didn’t matter what he said, I felt gross and unattractive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m amazed my body did what it did. I’m grateful for my children. I am even lucky in terms of my postpartum body, but I still felt gross. I have an extra 10 lbs now too and I hate it. But, I do not lose weight while breastfeeding, it sticks around until I stop so it’s gonna be there for a while!

  81. mew says:

    I was staring at her pictures, her face for so long trying to figure out what’s wrong… and then I realized it: this girl has natural THIN lips!!! OMG, I really give it to Mariah that she hasn’t gone with the trend of making the blowfish lips as everyone has these days. It’s ridiculous.

  82. really says:

    Mariah looks effing FANTASTIC!