Justin Bieber doesn’t give his grandparents a dime; his grandma works in a factory

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber probably isn’t the father of random accuser Mariah Yeater’s four month-old baby. DNA will tell of course, but Yeater isn’t looking credible at all. That doesn’t mean the kid is above criticism or controversy of course. The 17 year-old Canadian pop star is a multi millionaire who regularly blows money on bling and is said to have spent over a million bucks on his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, who is rich in her own right. It’s too bad, then, that Bieber isn’t helping out his paternal grandparents, who helped raise him as a baby and are still working hard in their mid fifties to try and make ends meet. Justin’s grandmother, 54 year-old Kathy Bieber, works an $18 an hour factory job in her native Canada. It’s not just an average job, Justin’s grandmother hauls 50 pound bags of powder in a room that’s kept at a temperature of about 102 degrees. It sounds really awful actually.

These are the parents of Justin’s biological father, who has remarried and has two additional children. Justin is supposedly in contact with his dad, but he obviously hasn’t thought much about his grandparents on that side. His mother had him at 18 and his maternal grandparents often travel with them and help his mother out.

Here’s more about Justin’s paternal grandparents, from The Enquirer:

Sources tell the Enquirer that [Justin] hasn’t given one thin dime to his struggling grandparents George and Kathy Bieber, who lovingly cared for him as a baby.

George – the biological father of Justin’s dad Jeremy – has been out of work for months with a back injury, which his wife Kathy, 54, works like a dog at a sweltering factory job, insiders say.

“Kathy works hard to make ends meet, and she and George are hurt that Justin hasn’t offered them any financial assistance,” a family friend told The Enquirer.

For the past 20 years, Kathy has worked at Stackpole Carrier Systems, a metal components manufacturer in Justin’s Canadian hometown of Stratford, Ontario. She starts her eight-hour shift at 7 a.m. and earns about $18 an hour.

“Kathy has the filthiest, hottest and most physically demanding job in the factory,” the source divulged. “She spends a large part of her days lifting 50-pound bags of raw powder, and then dumping the powder into a large mixer.

“The factory has 15 furnaces going at full blast, so the room where Kathy works normally maintains a temperature of around 102 degrees….”

Justin’s grandparents… live in a small wood frame home worth less than $120,000…

“With George out of work, they struggle to pay the bills and put food on the table,” noted the source.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, November 21, 2011]

If this is true that Bieb’s grandma is still working a grueling factory job like this, why do they have a 54 year-old woman hauling 50 pound bags after 20 years of service? It doesn’t make sense to me. You would think they would have promoted her to a less physically demanding job.

We’ve talked before about whether rich and famous celebrities should be responsible for taking care of their relatives, most notably with the whole “Madonna’s brother is homeless” debacle. I’m sure there are plenty of people clamoring for a piece of them, as we’ve seen from this probably phony paternity claim on Bieber. When it comes to grandparents who are struggling like this, a tiny amount of Bieber’s fortune would make their lives much easier. This kid just spent $25k on a watch for his girlfriend. It’s hard to tell, though, if Bieber’s grandparents would use the money wisely or if they’d blow it and keep expecting more. It’s always tricky lending money to friends and relatives even if you can more than afford it.


Justin Bieber



Here’s Bieber out with Selena in Paris on 11/9/11. Credit: Fame Pictures. Bieber is shown alone a Christmas tree lighting in London on 11/7/11. Credit: PRPhotos.

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  1. Flipper says:

    I’ve never understood why wealthy/famous people are expected to support everyone in their family.

  2. mln76 says:

    I don’t think there is a responsibility there. Were the paternal grandparents really supportive after the father left the household??? If not then they have no right to complain.

  3. Kim says:

    I’ll try not to judge too harshly because it is hard to tell with stories like this, but the vibe I get from this kid is he’s his own biggest fan and serious contender for douche-of-the-future.

  4. Eleonor says:

    In the third pictures his jeans, it looks like he’s wearing a diaper!

  5. Rita says:

    This sounds like a very over blown tab story. He’s getting really bad press lately and that seems to be a PR pattern with celebs. Maybe the tabs feel it’s time to bring him down several notches or his own people put this stuff out so he can eventually respond positively to it. Strange way to go through life.

  6. Amandahugandkiss says:

    I don’t give a crap about this kid, but I have to make the point that you can’t assume the poverty of the grandparents has anything to do with Bieber being an a**hole.

    While I was lucky enough to have one set of AMAZING grandparents, I was also unfortunate to have one set who were EVIL INCARNATE. They were raging, abusive, cruel alcoholics who set out to destroy the lives of my mother and her siblings, as well as all the grandkids (except their few favourites of course).

    If I was the richest person in the world, I still would have never given them a dime.

    You never know what goes on in families is all I am saying.

  7. fabgrrl says:

    I hate having to defend this kid — but is not fair! He is still 17, right? Still not in charge of his own money. Sure, he “buys” stuff,but I think he has an allowance.

    I don’t think kids should EVER have to be burdened emotionally or, in this case, financially, by the situations that ADULT relatives find themselves in. It is not fair at all to lay that on a kid. And yes, he is a kid. Furthermore, his Mother can’t just take his money and give it to his garndparents, because it isn’t really hers to spend. It is Justin’s $ to do what he feels like when he is an adult.

  8. N.D. says:

    Since his father left him right away I suspect his relationship with that side of the family could be close to non-existent.

  9. Lala says:

    The future Leif Garret

  10. Callumna says:

    I don’t even like the kid, also non gay she males are odd. Let’s just admit that.

    But for crissake what’s with witch hunting a harmless dancin’ fool?

    This is ugly media time. Really, really pathetic. I see absolutely no reason for their insane witch hunt. These rags deserve blow back and no sales.

  11. elina says:

    I completely agree. It seems to me that if he were close to them, he would probably help them out. But it’s apparent that he is not.

  12. Turtle Dove says:

    I call BS on this. A woman in Canada would not be expected to carry more than 35-40 lbs, not 50. There are very strict labor laws in Canada. Let’s put this in perspective also…. this is Canada, not a third world country. $18 for a labor job is good, especially when you don’t pay medical on top of that.

    AS WELL, he’s the CHILD; he is not responsible for supporting adults, especially those he had little contact with growing up. Don’t forget that JB’s dad (the son to these grandparents) jumped back into the picture when he got famous. (I call parasite on that one…. f*cker probably paid no child support)

    There are a few reasons to dislike the kid (arrogant, smarmy, wanna-be-rapper, etc.) but this pat. test and the grandparent thing – no.

  13. NM9005 says:

    This article describes the situation but not how those people feel. So they didn’t ask or interview them to give their opinion on the situation. somebody when it’s about money. And that “source” doesn’t represent the grandparents imo. Who knows who that shady source is and considering how long she is doing that heavy job, it’s weird that NOW, during the paternity scrutiny somebody is attacking him for something new. Please.

    Here in the UK older people refuse to fill in papers to receive benefits. Because they are proud, they don’t want money from the state even though they worked hard for it when they were young.
    Who knows Bieber’s grandparents are too proud to accept money? My grandma would NEVER in whatever circumstance accept money from somebody else, not even family. Old people think differently about these kind of issues. It’s a different generation and mindset…

    Maybe they don’t want to burden their grandson with their issues and don’t expect a 17-year old to support them no matter how difficult their situation is??? Maybe he did give them money and they were angry because they did not ask for help. Who the fuck knows, it’s easy to point fingers and shame him.

  14. You don't say says:

    Oh, so when the child that their son abandoned becomes a success, they now expect to be taken care of (of course, this is from the NE, so who knows if this is true). Maybe they should have raised a better son, then they would have a relationship with the kid and probably would have been taken care of without going to the tabloids.

    Yes, this kid is now a serious tabloid target now. I guess the usual suspects are no longer the draws they used to be. He is seen as fresh meat.

  15. MariPily says:

    I’m skeptical too. He may not have a relationship with them. They may not want his money. Even the salary the grandma is making sounds off. Factories don’t usually pay more than minimum wage, unless you’re a supervisor or foreman, which would then mean you wouldn’t be the one doing any of the heavy work.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Bieber’s father Jeremy supposedly left the kid’s mother to raise him alone and only came back after the money started coming in. So maybe JB’s not that close to the other grandparents or maybe they just didn’t do that much in his life. its hard to tell if this story has any teeth to it.

    @ Lala
    The future Leif Garrett. So true. They all think the money will never end. Too bad he’s blowing it all now, cruising around in his Bentley brigade with his fair weather friends. Too bad that at 17, he’s too young to understand the limited shelf life of a teeny bopper career. Too bad he’s surrounded with the kind of people that don’t care if this happens to him because they’ll move on to the next one.

  17. MW says:

    @fabgrrl: You’re probably right. Luckily, much of his $ probably is tied up in a trust till he reaches adulthood. This also says the grandparents were “there for him as a baby”. Where were they after that? His Mom raised him as a single parent in low-income housing. Maybe that has everything to do with it.

  18. hatuh says:

    I love Leif Garrett.

  19. april says:

    The Enquirer said the paternal grandparents helped raise him when he was a baby. It would seem strange that he wouldn’t help them out to some extent if they needed it especially due to illness. There must be more to the story.

  20. RocketMerry says:

    Meh. My guess is he really does sleep around and f+ck randoms after his shows. He just does not seem like a very sweet, innocent boy from the interviews I’ve seen, more like a douche-bag-in-the-making trying to come across as “nice”. Which is cool, you know, showbiz and all that. I just don’t buy it.
    So, about this story… it’s unfair to judge not knowing the situation, but I’m not so keen on men and almost-men letting their grandparents rot (and/or dismissing them, and/or misbehaving with them and/or…).

  21. ladybert62 says:

    This is different from Madonna’s useless brother – he is able to work and support himself – he just doesnt want to.

    Creepy Bieber’s grandparents helped raise him; he does owe them some gratitude which could very easily be expressed in money every month – the amount is up to him but he is spending it like a drunken sailor on shore leave. It would not kill this brat to send them a couple of hundred or even thousand every month.

  22. Tuppiv says:

    Oh, bullshit.
    I know hardly anything about this kid, other than the fact that his voices annoys the hell out of me, but he has no obligation to these people. They took care of him as a baby? Well how about when he was in preschool? Elementary? Junior high? Beginning high school? Beginning his career? He is 17 (right?) now, helping his mom out 15+ years ago is not a reason for him to give them money now.
    Shame on the Enquirer for even running this story, shame on those grandparents trying to guilt him into giving them money to retire on.

    This just hits a nerve with me, because I have family who claim to know me, who I met maybe once as a child, who think I owe them something now. Obviously not on nearly as large a scale as JB, but it still pisses me off.

  23. leetruth says:

    He is just a kid. Give him a break.

  24. DetRiotgirl says:

    I would also like to put a quick word of defense for Bieber. My understanding of his situation is that his dad ran out on his mom and left them to live off of donations from the local food bank. I remember him mentioning how great it was to give back to said food bank during the interview on the Today show where he said he’d never met Mariah Yeater.

    I tend to think he doesn’t have much of a relationship with his father’s side of the family. There’s a strong possibility that he’s not even aware of where his grandmother works. So, I can’t fault him for not jumping to take care of that side of the family.

    I had an ex a few years back with a total dead beat dad. His dad ran off on him when he was a baby and then completely ignored my ex’s existence until he grew up and moved to New York City. Suddenly his dad wanted a relationship with his son. But, by “wanting a relationship” I mean he would show up in the city, demanding a place to crash for the night and then asking his son to take him out to dinner. He took complete advantage of a young man that worked two jobs and went to school full time, with no financial help from anyone.

    Then his dad would skip out on any commitments that didn’t involve him getting free food or booze. The really sad thing is, I could tell how badly my ex wanted to get along with his dad. It was such an emotionally abusive situation. Call me harsh or uncaring, but I truly believe some relatives don’t deserve the help.

  25. little_grrl_lost says:

    on behalf of Canada, sorry for foisting this self indulgent, talentless and ungenerous little shit on the world. Course, the US did dump the likes of Jersey Shore and the Kartrashians on the rest of us…so maybe we’re even?

  26. Franny says:

    I think there’s a pretty big difference between supporting your drug addicted brother, and helping out your family. The grandparents should “expect” Justin to help, but being a good person means helping out where you can. Even 1% of Justin’s fortune would mean that his grandmother could have a job that doesn’t put her at such risk.

    asshole move.

  27. Snowpea says:

    I think this dude’s fifteen minutes is almost up.

  28. whatev says:

    His grandma is 54?

  29. Andrea says:

    I live in Canada. $18 an hour is good pay in a place like Stratford where you can buy a home for under $200. Also, remember, no one is paying for health care here. It’s also likely that her employer provides her with health / dental insurance so she and her husband can get prescription drugs and go to the dentist. Not a bad deal. Also, the bulk of his money would be held in trust until his 18th or 21st birthday. This is really a non-story.

  30. Lauren says:

    I am Canadian and reside near Stratford. $18.00 an hour in a factory sounds accurate. We had Ford and Sterling Truck Plants until recently..average wage was 30 – 32 dollars per hour. If you worked overtime..double time. $60.00 an hour. These factories have since relocated to Mexico, where the workers earn $2.00 to $4.00 per hour with no Unions. Grandma B’s factory might be the next to relocate to Mexico for slave labour & wages. JB is being ungrateful if this is true.

  31. Snowangel says:

    Just because they are grandparents does not mean they aren’t a**holes.My in-laws are incredibly greedy and evil people. His grandparents probably baby sat Justin once as a baby, and are stretching it to this. Poor Justin, everyone wants a piece of this kid.

  32. anne_000 says:

    If these celebs decide to give money to their relatives, they should do it as a gift & not expect to micromanage how the receivers are going to spend it. Otherwise, it’s not a gift anymore, but a salary or obligation.

    I don’t know what happened between Justin/his mother & the paternal grandparents, but with 2 working adults (now only 1) & the only thing they can afford after decades of work is a house worth less than $120k, I’m going to guess they didn’t have a whole lot of money themselves to hand out to Bieber & his mother.

  33. Raz says:

    I can’t stand this kid! You’d think because he didn’t come from an advantaged family that he wouod be humble, but nope. He is the snottiest most selfish brat in Hollywood and his fame is going to die as soon as he is an adult and will non longer have teenage groupies as he will be old and gross to them! I can’t wait for that day!
    It’s not about supporting them forever, it’s about wanting them to be comfortable. If I had millions I sure as hell would make sure my family who were struggling at least had their house paid off.
    He could easily just give them 100k to pay off the house and that wouod do wonders! Without them he may have been shipped off to an adoption agency and never have found fame! They helped him become who he is today, the least he can do is shell out probably not even 1% of his fortune for his poor grand parents!
    He spends hundreds of thousands on stupid self absorbed stuff like a bat mobile car and diamond chains..he is the biggest dooche I CAN’T WAIT FOR HIM TO BECOME A WASHED UP DRUGGO NOBODY !!! The child star phase will run it’s course……

  34. sarah says:

    $18/hr isn’t a bad paying job. I took care of a family of 4 on $16/hr before so taking care of 2 on $18/hr, I don’t feel sorry for them. Also a “less than $120,000 home” still isn’t bad. I was looking at houses in the $70k to $80 range when I was looking to buy. Bottom line is not everyone has millions but we do just fine. They aren’t struggling.

  35. Bonfire Beach says:

    This will make me sound like a total bitch but if I was in the position where I had his millions I wouldn’t give my family a dime. ESPECIALLY my paternal side.

  36. Lee says:

    So what? I hate these “Celebrity Doesn’t Give Relatives Money; Relatives Forced to Work in Coal Mine” stories.

    We have no idea what went on between them. Maybe they didn’t get along. Maybe grandma is a jerk.

    And quite frankly – these “sources” talking to the National Enquirer about Bieber are most likely his grandparents and/or people representing them. That they are essentially trying to publicly shame him into giving them money tells you a lot about the dynamics in that family, and none of it’s good. And it suggests a certain feeling of entitlement to money they did not earn, which doesn’t reflect well on them, IMO.

    And of course, we have no idea how much of the grandparents’ story is true – they certainly have an interest in making themselves sound as tragic as possible.

    But worst of all, these people have made me defend Justin Bieber. And that is truly unforgivable.

  37. gee says:

    A, 18$ an hour is over 30,000 a year, B, why sould he be obligated to care for his estranged family? He’s a child, it’s not his fault they are estranged. They obviously left him.

  38. Dhavy says:

    I really don’t care about this kid, IMO he probably thinks he’s the “SHIT” with his bubblegum music but from personal experience, my father’s sister did not bother picking up the phone to call me or my siblings to let us know he passed away and we found out from another relative outside the country….enough said

  39. LeeLoo says:

    The way Justin Bieber blows his money he’s going to be broke before long. However, I don’t feel he is obligated to give money to his grandparents. They have a job and work so why is he obligated to help them at all? I think celebrities really need to be careful about giving handouts to family members. Because those family members don’t see it as a gift they continue to expect more. Especially when those relatives come out of the blue with a story like this.

  40. bored says:

    So basically they are normal people working everyday jobs. I suspect the lifting is being exagerated. I guess it would be nice if he helped nan and pop out but we don’t know all of the backstory. Who knows what the relationship is like.

  41. Bella Bella says:

    “If this is true that Bieb’s grandma is still working a grueling factory job like this, why do they have a 54 year-old woman hauling 50 pound bags after 20 years of service? It doesn’t make sense to me. You would think they would have promoted her to a less physically demanding job.”

    You’re kidding, right?
    Feigning shock, right?

    Welcome to America.

  42. Mari says:

    @davy you also should be in touch in regards of the health of your loved ones.

    My elder father fell and broke his hip and died a few months later. All that time his side of the family was in touch. When he died, we were so full of grief that we told the majority of people, but forgot some of them, we thought that the word would spread, and in some cases it didn’t. We were sorry that 2 of his children of his first marriage did not know about it, but they also could have called more often. It is complicated.
    In jb case i would say that he should give them a money gift, after all itbis disgusting how muh money these talentless artists make. I findfunny that many here are almost insulting the grandparents when there is not proof of that. Very easily his mother could have been keeping the kid away from that side of the family… It happens in divorces a lot, what are the grandparents going to do?

  43. Jaime says:

    I agree, he is not obligated to give his grandparents money, but that still doesn’t mean that he is doing the right thing.

    It is not as if his mind combined with passion, dedication and incredibly hard work brought him to where he is today – he is 17 for goodness sake! Passion, dedication, and incredibly hard work take a little more than his 15 minutes to come about – come on Bieb’s! Do the right thing – share the wealth!

  44. JaneWonderfalls says:

    People have to understand not all people want to be supportive, $18 hour is not bad money especially in this economy, I know they are in Canada, but at the same time, maybe he was never close or it could be bad blood. It has to be a reason if this is true. But I don’t think just because he is rich he is obligated to just take care of everybody, look at MC Hammer he tried to take care of his entire family, friends and etc and he ended up bankrupt so I won’t judge him on this, not yet!

  45. jamminatorr says:

    Ontario Health and Safety (OSHA) rules and the Ministry of Labour are very fanatical about workplace safety/quality in Ontario. I know, I am in a industry that deals with this stuff. She might work in a factory but the details are most likely grossly over exaggerated. Also, a ~150K home in Stratford is a decent house, most likely 2000-1500 sq. feet two bed, depending on the area.

    I work about 20 mins away from Stratford and I have had just about enough of this dink. Its not enough that we hear about him internationally but the local papers love his mug.

    OH and BTW – If his grandad is out with a bad back from work he is most likely collecting disability benefits.

  46. Sillyone says:

    You are obligated to take care of your children, you are obligated to pay taxes, you are obligated to die at sometime. There is no obligation on giving parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles or a third cousins dog anything. There are some people who think they are “owed” just for being them or for the privilege of knowing them such crap.

  47. MiaFree says:

    If it were not for his grandparents, he would not exist. Brothers, sisters, cousins, etc., do not matter when it comes to who put you on this planet. Because his grandparents gave life to his parents, he is alive today. To me, he owes them for that fact alone.

  48. jamminatorr says:

    Little search found this:

    Nith Valley Construction did reno’s on the Stackpole Facility in 2006 and won awards for it. I doubt the facility is as hot and terrible as sold. Story is 75% Bull. (the other 25% is about beaver not giving the money)

  49. Jaxx says:

    My grandparents were so good to me when I was growing up that if I had any money whatsoever I would lavish it on them. Same goes for my daughter. That’s one of the biggest reasons I would enjoy megabucks, to spend it on those I love. My daughter is the same way, if she hit big, she would be one of those buying a house for mommy, because she loves me. But, that is the key word. These are people I love and who love me.

    Who knows the situation with this kid’s family. Coming from Canada I would very much expect they’d be too proud. But if they are truly hurting and he hasn’t offered then I suspect hard feelings somewhere.

    When kids turn their back on the family that raised them there is always a story there. And it usually isn’t pretty.

  50. Jennifer says:

    Not sure the Beiber situation, can’t judge, but everyone has been, or will be, in need at some point in their lives. I really feel for older people who have little family support in times of need. Without family all they have left after that is the state…which is a dire situation when the state loves you more than your family does. Few old persons living only or largely off the state does well. They go without and are in a constant state of stress.

  51. newtsgal says:

    I wish this KID would finally hit puberty and just go away!

  52. crazycatlady says:

    These are tricky dilemmas. Oh, the poor rich folk! But seriously, I think if you have or have had a good relationship with immediate family (and I think grandparents, though not technically “immediate,” qualify), I think it’s morally right to help them out if you can. I think this is especially true if you’re raking in so much dough that you can spend it on frivolous crap like watches, cars, necklaces, and fancy hotel rooms. Personally, if I had enough, I’d feel much better as a human being using my $ to help others rather than blow it.

    But then again, he is a kid. So unless he is getting good guidance as to how to use his money, he’s going to choose to blow it instead. And that’s sad.

  53. Sue says:

    As usual, we don’t get the whole story. He isn’t obligated to help out his grandparents but if they helped to raise him, it would be a thoughtful gesture on his part. The other side of this may be that they are horrible people who have been hounding him for money – perhaps he has already given them money and they blew it. It’s so easy to pick on this kid. BTW I am NOT a fan.

  54. GirlyGIrl says:

    My uncle in Stratford ON coached Bieber in hockey before he became “the bieb” and still refers to him as an “entitled little prick”.

    If you’re waiting for Bieber to ever do the right thing (he says) you’ll wait forever.

  55. GirlyGIrl says:


    “Coming from Canada I would very much expect they’d be too proud.”

    What the hell is this supposed to mean?

  56. lucy2 says:

    Totally depends on what sort of relationship they’ve had with him over the years.

  57. GirlyGIrl says:

    Ask people in Stratford ON, you’ll hear a lot of nastiness about the bieb

  58. anonymous says:

    His mother give bith to him at 18, and apparently his gran-parents had to help raise him, a girl that age don’t know know anything about caring for a young baby, charity starts at home. By the way his music is terrible who listens to his bubble gum crap I don’t know! Many of the stars is rolling in huge wealth whhile their relatives are rotting away in poverty. They send a check to various charities don’t they? Relatives don’t have to know where the money came from. To let your own flesh and blood live like that is a sin.

  59. Carolyn says:

    #34 (Rita? Sorry can’t see your name). Well said. Cosign with everyone at their irritation with Bieber. I hear the Bieber clock ticking away….he’s not going to make the transition from child to adult star well. His fanbase won’t grow with him and adults will see him forever as a teenybopper. Geez even Snooki has apparently saved her money. I would like him if he was humble and appreciative that he was saved from YouTube hell. There are tons of talented people singing and playing instruments on YouTube that are equally if not more talented. And they’ll never get a chance like Bieber. I still think Selena is a beard for him. LOL at the Leif Garret references…”everybody’s going surfin’ surfin’ USA”

  60. anon33 says:

    I am happy that a lot of commenters here seem to have never had problems with their family. However, that is not everyone’s experience and we would all do well to remember that.

    For example, I got married two weeks ago. My cousin was a bridesmaid. My family and I have done EVERYTHING for her. She lived with us at various periods when her parents were on drugs, I went with her and supported her for two of her three abortions in HS-all kinds of stuff like that, I coudl go on FOR DAYS. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding and paid 400 for an ugly a88 navy dress that I was never able to wear again. I have bought her kid countless gifts and loaned her money when she needed it. My parents have loaned her money and in fact had to loan her money to buy her bridesmaid dress.

    Guess what? SHE DIDN’T SHOW TO MY WEDDING. Just didn’t show. At 10:30 that night her brother (who attended my wedding) told me she said she had blacked out the night before. Even though she was at the reharsal dinner the night before and assured me she wasnt going out afterwards.

    So she ditched my wedding. Completely. It’s been two weeks now and she has not spoken to me, my mother, my grandmother or grandfather-no one. Needless to say, she hasn’t apologized.

    So, yeah, some people aren’t so lucky with family. Sorry this was so long but soemtimes family are just a88holes and there is nothing you can do about it!!!

  61. Harper says:

    Wow, okay, this is hella embarrassing. I live like thirty minutes away from Stratford, I must go there at least once a month (more during Festival season), and I had no idea the Bieb was from there. I just assumed he was from TO. Haha, I’m so not up on things.

  62. normades says:

    Did they get paid for the article? Bet the Beibs ain’t gonna give them any money now.

    He was raised by his mum and what sounds like her parents, not these people.

    Why am I defending him???

  63. KC says:

    I do not normally talk smack about underage children, but this douche is such a tool, I can’t not do it. I have never heard a song of his or anything, but all these stories about what he does with SG and his 30-second tryst, etc…. He seems like a whiny, wannabe thug- he is EXACTLY like a younger version of super-tool Justin Timberlake

  64. Trek Girl says:

    He’s 17; give the guy a break.

    For the commenters that constantly say, “I don’t get the appeal. I’ll be so happy when he’s gone.”, I don’t think you’re his target audience. Dislike him all you want, but just get it into your head that his career isn’t about you guys, and his music isn’t really geared towards you, so it really doesn’t matter if you like it or not. You guys had your teen heart-throbs, and I know that they were just as cheesy as Beiber is said to be, so stop acting as if he is the first young, male singer, that can hit high notes, that girls go crazy over. HE’S NOT THAT BAD!

  65. Jaxx says:

    @GirlyGirl–I certainly meant no insult. I am friends with about six Canadians so I shouldn’t speak for all Canadians but every single one I know is hard working, resourceful, and yes, too proud to take anything from anyone. And if any six of them were offered money by their grandchildren it would be battlestations before they took it. So I was extrapolating from that. I fail to see what was so objectionable about the statement, or why you are riding the high horse. There is nothing wrong with being proud.

  66. Cheyenne says:

    Who is this twerp?

  67. Catherine says:

    People with money are not obligated to take care of their entire extended family.
    But still, I cannot stand this kid.

  68. RobN says:

    She’s 54, not 94. Fully able to take care of herself and not some feeble old woman bent over with a cane.

    Since none of us know the inside story of their family, thank god, then why do people even try to judge the situation?

  69. GirlyGIrl says:

    @Jaxx dahling, I never thought it was an insult I just wondered what the hell you meant.

    In Canada the phrase “what the hell” is used a lot (my family esp) and it really signifies confusion not irritation.

    I have a chinese friend who has made her own phrase of “What’s the hell about that” which I also now will make use of.

    In Canada we can swear, we have more than 2 political parties, we can see the occasional nipple on TV (without it causing society to implode), simple possession of pot is not a crime and, as far as I know, our Government health care has not sent us straight to the gates of hell. Also we have actual banking regulations with teeth.

    Maybe we should be proud, I mean What the hell eh?

  70. GirlyGIrl says:

    Speaking of Stratford, I remember driving through that town many many times and this factory was on the main street for years…

    always made me giggle


    (this is not photoshopped, it stands for Fischer AG a european bearing company)

  71. Seal Team 6 says:

    I’m of two minds about. I know they helped raise him, and if he is still on good terms with them, it wouldn’t hurt to maybe pay off their mortgage or something. If he hasn’t seen them since he was a baby, then whatever.

    I still think he is the baby daddy, btw.

  72. Adrien says:

    Yes, yes, he does have a moral obligation. Especially when you go out there helping some charities…blah…blah…sales of albums goes to blah-blah foundation and then grampy dies lonely and poor and suddenly you thought, well, I should’ve done something about it.

  73. Amanda says:

    What’s the point of having all that money if you can’t help and care for people that you love and that love you? I don’t know his history with his grandparents or if they are good people or whatever. But, money of the kind he is making is a gift, and it would probably feel pretty awesome to be able to help family members in that way. I wish I had that ability!

  74. Jaxx says:

    @GirlyGirl–Oh yeah, you’re Canadian! Right on Canada!

  75. L says:

    What IS it with your negative obsession with this kid?

    He is a typically nice Canadian kid like millions of others.

    The Enquirer as a reputable source?


  76. newtsgal says:

    Damn! I always thought that you should earn your own money and take care of yourself and live within your own means…….but after reading this I’m going to call all of my kin-folk tonight, to find out which ones make more money and inform them that they should start giving me some of their money so that my husband won’t have to work his 12 hr shift tonight.

  77. Zigggy says:

    $18 an hour is a decent wage in Canada- I doubt she’s really lifting 50 pound bags. And it sounds bad when you think about a little old grandma working in a factory, but she’s only 54 and if she’s been smart with her money hopefully she can retire within the next decade…. if she can’t, it’s not his responsibility.

  78. newtsgal says:

    Oh…..my cousin married Ronnie Milsaps cousin….you reckon I could give him a call for a hand out?

  79. Criss says:

    Yes, Justin is probably only allowed to spend what his people deem and petition the court as necessary to continue his life style. And remember there is always 3 sides to every story , theirs, his, and the truth. The truth might be that they may have been around when he was born, but turned out to be rotten grandparents that don’t deserve to even call him their grandson. Who knows. The reason why we have the child labor laws is so kids like Justin don’t allow greedy relatives to blow all of their hard earned cash. And if they sold their story to The Enquirer, that speaks for their character and they don’t deserve a dime. It’s his money and he seems like a nice reasonable guy, if he’s holding out, there must be a reason.

  80. Kimbob says:

    Dayum!!! After reading @GirlyGIrl’s last post…I wanna move to Canada!! No shit!!!

    I kinda like Canada’s neutrality. America’s manifest destiny sucks, really.

  81. Shy says:

    Oh another one. I love all those stories: “Hello tabloids. I’m relative to celebrity and of course I’m very poor. And can you believe that that rich bastard is not buying me house and car and doesn’t give me money”…

    I don’t like to take sides because WE DON’T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY. As always there are short stories and they always come from that relative. I wan’t to know the whole story – why did that happened, did they call that celebrity and ask for the money, what kind of relationship did they had with that celebrity before he/she become famous. There is always back story that we don’t know.

    And then we always find it out not from those tabloids. No, we find out this from the fans in the comments. Like with Madonna’s brother. Tabloid made it look all black and white. Evil Madonna, poor brother. And then we learn that he is probably addict and she tried to help him before.

    And what bothers me with Bieber story is – why do they keep mention word “biological”. We know what “biological” means – parents gave birth to child and then gave it away for adoption or were such bad parents that government took away those kids.

    And here we are. In the comments people write that his dad left him when he was little and he probably didn’t have any contact with those people. And they did not help him and his mother when he was little. I’m not a Bieber fan and I didn’t know his family story.

  82. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    If I had his money I’d have tried to give my grandparents a million or so. Enough to keep them comfortable for the rest of their lives. Now MY grandparents barely accept the money I do send them which is NOT a million so who knows. Maybe his grandparents don’t want his money. Not everyone wants a handout and they may like their lives the way they are. I wouldn’t judge him on this cause I don’t know the whole story. I do judge him on how much money he blows on shit. Kid, the gravy train runs out faster than you think … save your money

  83. Jordan says:

    So, um, we’re taking the Enquirer as fact now, huh? This sounds like a tab that is jealous that Star magazine got the fake Yeater baby story.

  84. DarkEmpress says:

    The grandparents probably did help him when he was a baby and their son his father was still with the mother. After that when they were living off food from the food bank in low income housing, probably not so much. I hate when horrible relatives come out the woodwork like termites.

  85. Mi says:

    For people saying his paternal grandparents are being greedy. rom what I understand they haven’t asked for anything. All this information about them comes from a “source” so I think people should take it with a pince of salt and stop hating the grandparents.

  86. DreamyK says:

    Random thought:

    Where does he keep all those Supra sneakers? Does he wear them once then give them to other people? And the hats? Does he just wear them once and throw them out?

    Also: I do not understand why girls find girly boys attractive. Is it because he looks so much like them they feel he is non-threatening or remind them of their besties? Nasty and weird. Who wants to have sex with someone who is more femme than them..besides butch gays?

  87. Andie B says:

    I don’t like him, but he’s just 17 and possibly not in control of his fortune at this point. Maybe his Grandparents have made bad financial decisions and that is why they are poor now. He does come across like a little shit. I just hope he’s not living under a bridge in 10 years time.

  88. Zoe says:

    It’s National Enquirer, of course it’s not true. Secondly, since when do grandkids support their grandparents?! Just because Beiber became a success, doesn’t mean he has to take care of everyone in his family. Isn’t he under 18?!

  89. Kloops says:

    To be fair, who knows what the back story is here, or if this is even a credible story, but personally, if I had Bieber money I’d support my family. Possibly with limitations, (they wouldn’t get an unlimited cc or anything), but they’d be taken care of and wouldn’t have to work to survive.

  90. Jules says:

    WTH? $25,000 for a watch.
    There is nothing that you can do to a watch to make it worth that much money.
    If I was one of the adults in this kid’s life I think we would have a conversation about a fool and his money.

  91. Lucretias says:

    well, i can appreciate not always loving your relatives, but honestly if you can spend $1 million on a girlfriend. You can throw some money in a trust to people who raised you as a baby even if only to avoid tabloid rag publicity. What’s that saiying? charity begins at home.

  92. Addie says:

    What worries me about this story is that if he is not willing to atleast give his granparents a once off payment, just to say yes I donate, but charity does begin at home, with family.
    (Mind you, he spends a lot of cash on Selina and who knows if she will be around in a year or two)

    So if the kid turns out to be his, will he be willing to pay to make sure the boy is well taken care of, or will he be stingy with his money, and drag it out in court then only pay the bare minimum.

  93. wunder says:

    Not all 17 yr olds are the same: Some care about thier grandparents and some dont give a damn.

  94. iseepinkelefants says:

    So after reading a few comments I guess I’ll have to side with the little lezzie. Raised him when he was young means what exactly? If his mother had to go to a food bank to feed him and lived in low income housing, they did a piss poor job.

    My mother and father divorced when I was 1. My paternal grandparents took over care for my father, meaning on the alternating weekends I was to go to my father, my grandparents took me. They also paid my father’s child support, took me back to school shopping, paid for my private school, took me prom dress shopping, etc, basically whenever I needed something they would try to give it to me. When I was 13 I stopped going to their house every other weekend but would still try to visit at least once a week and my grandmother always made sure I ate well and gave me spending money, because well that’s what grandparents do (well those that have grandparents like that in their lives).

    Now if they were still alive and I made as much as this little brat I would help my grandparents out (though they were financially fine and made money off their real estate holdings, medical bills hit them hard and depleted everything they had).

    Judging from the comments though it doesn’t sound like this turd had that kind of grandparents. It sounds like his father left and his grandparents left his mother to really raise him all on her own. Luckily my mum did not experience that, but if she had I would probably be like this kid and cut them out of my life too.

    People always want you when they think you have something to give them.

    As for $18/hr, free healthcare and a home under $120,000 (here in Texas that wouldn’t be bad) sounds better than most Americans have. That’s nothing to scoff at.

    Funny how they didn’t help out when he was younger, probably even turned their backs on him but now that he has a bit of coin they’re the ones sticking their hands out. No, those kind of people don’t get any sympathy from me.

  95. Peace says:

    Per Madonna’s brother. Sometimes you need hand no matter if the choices you made are your fault.I hardly thin giving him a roof over his head and some food money is a crime for a multi millionaire sister.
    I suppose those who oppose think the government should do it.
    Perhaps this young man could set up a small fund for his grandparents.
    It boggles my mind that people feel family is so unimportant and one has a responsibility to know one but oneself.
    So I guess you all are not fans of wealth redistribution.Something tells me you are all for that.

  96. Me says:

    “why do they have a 54 year-old woman hauling 50 pound bags after 20 years of service” Because that is how reality is. That is working life for people. I worked in a place with people older than that carrying heavier things and working their fingers to the bone constantly. You don’t get a break from life because you are old. It would be nice if you did, but you don’t.

  97. Wow says:

    Justin is shown with his grandma all the time. No old lady wants to carry around heavy bags. Even young people find that hard. Many people who do jobs like that end up in physical theropy because of how it hurts their bodies – even if they are young. Also even children have giving spirits and know right from wrong. If their grandma needed money a good kid would give them a dollar and think it’s a million. People need to wake up and stop making excuses for him because you think he’s cute.

  98. Erinn says:

    Shit, 18 bucks an hour is a lot more than my mother makes, and she works damn hard with a lot of arthritis plaguing her And she’s 53. 18 an hour is probably more than I’ll be making after finishing college too. AND in NS we’re paying %15 tax for HST. 18 bucks an hour is a lot better than what a LOT of people in my hometown make. PLUS, they’re living just the two of them from what I understand- no kids to support. I don’t feel sorry for the woman.

  99. Bopa says:

    He doesn’t owe them anything especially if he has no direct connection with them. $18 bucks an hour in most cities be in Canada or the US is a good amount of income especially since she’s working 8 hour shifts.

  100. jdok says:

    Every time I look at Justin all I see is the cross dressed Hilary Swank from Boys Don’t Cry… It’s uncanny really Hahaha

  101. Meanchick says:

    I wouldn’t describe ANYONE working for $18/hr as ‘struggling.’ Especially in Canada, where healthcare is free. His dad and his paternal grandparents want to be in his life NOW? No surprise there, but it’s not his responsibility to pay their bills. Do they think shaming him in the media will work?

  102. Andrea says:

    he might be just a kid but if it were not for his grandparents he would not be where he is now. and if they are trying that hard to make ends meet then i think he should help them out. he could give them the money as a donation and then he can write it off if the money means that much to him. and it would also show the kids that are “in love with him” some moral fiber. i think its time for him to grow up!

  103. Erinn says:

    They SHOULDN’T be struggling though. They’re not supporting children. They’re getting free healthcare, and they’re living in their own home. What are they spending their money on that they have a hard time feeding themselves?

    He’s not responsible for taking care of them. It’s not like they’re 80 year olds and are incapable of doing anything about their situation. Again, 18/hr is pretty decent. It doesn’t sound like they did much for him either.

    A child, or grandchild, is not responsible for the life choices their parents or grandparents made. My grandparents have done a lot for me growing up, and if I had money like Justin I’d probably give them a lot of things. But they probably wouldn’t want to take it. And the difference is, these are the people that made sure I always had the things I needed when money was tight for my parents. Hell, they even got me braces when I was self conscious about my smile. When my parents went through a period of separation they made sure to stay prominent in my life.

    My grandmother is now 84, and my grandfather is a 90 year old WWII vet, and they STILL do everything they can for me. By the sounds Justin wasn’t as lucky as I was in the paternal grandparent lottery.

  104. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Another voice from someone who is from this part of Southern Ontario and has spent a good deal of time in Stratford. Stratford isn’t exactly the place where dreams go to die, it’s a really nice place and if you make $18.00/hr, you’ll have more than enough funds to get a whole metric fucktonne of Stratford Festival tickets–or Stratford Summer Music Festival tickets. Imagine Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls except with may more handmade ice cream, swans, places to get anything remotely-baby related bronzed and vintage toy shops. Where else could I have got hold of that Curious George Jack-In-The-Box. It is a sweet safe town where each church is more lavishly stainglassed than the last and if that doesn’t tickle your fantasy, try one of the myriad inexpensive bakeries or bed and breakfasts on a street named after some Shakespeare character. it’s not a smoking hold in the ground, it’s where all your professors live because it’s nice, inexpensive and the only town in which you can visit one of my old music teachers who has a cockatoo named Queen Elizabeth. Just so we’re not discussing what that wage means here, it’s a good one–in fact, if you can get a factory job it’s considered a good gig, as you get a truly decent wage for honest work. If you can manage the work, it does have its benefits.


    Xenu knows that I’m not this kid’s biographer, but just by means of being in BieberLandVille, you come across people and stories, and if any of the stories are true (including one trickled down to me via my sister), the paternal side had absolutely no interest in this kid until he hit it big. His father went to Winnepeg (which isn’t even in the same province for those of you less familiar with our geography, and seeing as how big Canada is, the ‘next province over’ is still a huge distance), and for ages there wasn’t any relationship between son and father. It was his mother and maternal grandparents who did the lion’s share of the–everything, and through my sister I learned that his paternal uncle was also a ghost until the money train came in, now his cubicle is absolutely busting over with pictures of the nephew.

    I may habour a bias, as the paternal side of my family…geez, the best thing I ever got from them was being disowned after my *ahem* father had a minor, minor tiff over my other sister’s upcoming nuptuals. Good thing I have no money, else, I’d hear from him once every ten years or so again, bitching about the dinner I hadn’t made for him (I wasn’t expecting him that decade), or bumping into me in the street in my adopted Toronto and asking why I (between the ages of fourteen and almost 26 at the time) had decided to gain ‘all that fat for’. Have to give him points for consistency, he didn’t say ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’.


    Who knows? I really don’t know what I would do in his position. I’m pretty sure I would give him something (the rest never bothered to meet us, so I wouldn’t have to feel bad about not giving them a thin dime, I don’t know what they even look like! I guess I guess I don’t know their names, addresses, or whether they are, in fact, alive…anyway). I’d probably toss a few ‘leave me alone and shutup’ fins his way, but that would be out of social conditioning, not personal conviction. Hell, he’s stolen money from me, not the other way around, so I’d like grumble something stupid about ‘fellowship’ and consider it be my ‘Screwing Off Bonus’. Happily, I have nothing to reccommend me and anyone who could benefit from me financially is currently dead. Handwritten correspondence had to be enough, I’m not Catherine di Medici, but neither were they.


    When he gets to make those decisions, they’ll see where they stand, maybe they’re not as actively evil as my easily identifiable paternal side, but the main thrust here is that her wage, location, provincial work safety standards and type of work all add up to ‘thriving’. They’re doing better than a lot of people on this thread, perhaps, me, at least.

  105. DDD Cups of Justice says:

    There are some unanswered questions here. If Justin’s grandparents didn’t support him (emotionally or financially) after his dad left, I don’t see why he should obligated to take care of them. Plus who knows exactly what their lifestyle really is? That’s just my personal opinion though. Although I am not filthy rich, if I were I would not support my dad’s parents either. They are both horrible with money (and they make GOOD money for two retired folks…although I guess you can’t say my grandmother is retired because she hasn’t worked a day in her life). In addition, when my dad, the sole breadwinner/insurance source in our family, up and quit his job randomly and moved out all mid-life crisis-like, it was my grandmother who gave him money to put a deposit down on the house he moved into and his side of the family supported him and didn’t do one thing for my mother or their grandchildren who were left behind. So *shrug*.

  106. Stratford Resident says:

    I grew up in Stratford, been here all my life. I went to school with Justin’s parents. Its a small town, we know everyone’s business and both sides are faker then a $3 dollar bill. Lies all around…(just a few points) Patty was 16 not 18 when she had him. Both parents were druggies, bullies in school. The grandma make more then $18 an hour and has a nice place in Mitchell. She only married into the family when Justin was three. Being a small town with this article mentioning where she works. It could likely result in her being fired as I bet the company doesn’t want this publicity…. Any way I can sum it up by saying they are all a bunch of douche bags and no amount of money or PR will change that.

  107. juel says:

    Justin bieber l were to marry you were to see your contert yes and l were to go your pratty and l have justin bieber poster, justin bieber book, and justin bieber my world 2.0 CD, justin bieber never say never CD.

  108. kyym says:

    live in Justins community in Ontario and when his grandma heard that our little girl was fighting cancer she sent things to our daughter emailed us to see how she was doing, I doubt very much that Justin has not offered to help, they are proud and most likely won’t accept his help. You can’t judge someone that you don’t even know. You all want to think they are bad because you are enviouse of his wealth and talent, but that green monster is not a great thing to have, be happy that helps, like the money he gave just last week to save a home for pregnant teens. He can’t be to bad, bet he has done more then anyone on here would do if they won the lottery, I know his family has made my little girls happy