Kris Humphries threatening to expose Kim Kardashian’s butt as a padded fake

Of all the stories about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ impending divorce and fake show wedding, this one is probably my favorite. It’s just hysterical, and I really hope it’s true. Supposedly Kris Humphries has some kind of “evidence” that Kim Kardashian uses padded panties to make her ass look big, and is threatening to expose her butt as a fraud. I’ve never really thought about padded underwear, as it wouldn’t occur to me to try and give myself a bubble butt. There are real products with silicone padding that do just that. (You learn all sorts of useless things while gossiping about celebrities.) Anyway Kris hasn’t exposed much dirt on Kim so far, probably because he’s still hoping for a decent cut of the wedding profits, but what could he say that we don’t already know about her? We already know that she’s narcissistic, superficial, useless and petty. Real evidence that she’s lying about that trademark ass that she keeps insisting is all natural would go far to discredit her, not that she’s got much credibility left at this point. Here’s more:


Kim Kardashian’s big booty is a big, fat fake, sources say – and her estranged hubby Kris Humphries is threatening to expose the truth.

The reality TV sexpot insists her bubble butt is all natural and even displayed an x-ray of what she claimed was her backside on her show to use as proof.

But some insiders claim the curvy 31-year-old beauty uses butt pads and say Kris filmed a video that proves his estranged wife’s prized posterior is phony!

Kris remarked to pals that, while he loves Kim’s shapely butt, it’s not the same as what you see on the red carpet or TV.

“Kris told his buddies that it takes a lot of work for Kim to make her bottom look as good as it does,” says a source. “He revealed all her secrets – how she uses ‘booty pads,’ Spanx and other things to enhance it. When she takes off the Spanx, the pads and everything else, it’s not the same.

“He knows what the real thing looks like – because he’s reported it on his cell phone camera!…

“Despite what Kim said on her show, I think she has definitely had fat injections in her butt,” the source said.

“Kim would never call it a Brazilian butt-lift, but that’s essentially what it was…”

Even before they split, Kris taunted [Kim] about her weight, sources say. At 5-foot-3, Kim claims to weigh 115 pounds, but Kris told pals that she’s closer to 130.

“Kris would pat Kim’s bottom and say, ‘You sure have a lot of junk in your trunk,’” divulged a close source.

“The Kris actually began calling Kim fat! He said the undersides of her arms were flabby and she was getting a pooch in her belly. Kim was furious!”

The first source added: “Kim is all about creating illusion. Having Kris spill the beans about how she really maintains her world-famous butt would be devastating to her.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, November 21, 2011]

Even if Kim Kardashian isn’t using those butt enhancers, (although she probably is) I do think she had a Brazilian Butt lift. (Link potentially NSFW.) The procedure involves fat transfer to the butt and wouldn’t be detectable on an x-ray like the one she did of her ass for publicity. (Like everything she does.) Oh I hope Kris is in possession of video revealing that Kim pads her ass, I really do.

A couple of days ago Kaiser reported on the story that Kris H. was refusing to sign the divorce papers and was pressuring Kim to return the actual wedding gifts, not just make a tax-deductible donation to a charity in lieu of returning gifts. That report was from Life & Style, which had Kris’ dad on the record talking about how his son was blind-sided by the divorce filing. An unnamed “source” told L&S that Kris was refusing to sign the divorce papers, and it sounded like that came from Kris’ dad too, but that he didn’t want to be blamed for leaking that news.

Well Kardashian mouthpiece E! denied that report and claimed that a source told them “It is not true that Kris is not going to sign the divorce papers…. He doesn’t want a war. He’s laying low.” You know that Kim just assumes she’s going to get her way, as usual. I hope that Kris really does hold out and that he contests the divorce and puts her through the wringer.

Meanwhile In Touch is reporting that The Kardashians are at war among themselves over this divorce, which is surely threatening their easy money stream. Supposedly Khloe and Kim got into a big blowup while they were doing publicity in Australia. In Touch claims that “The family has split into two camps since the divorce – Kim and her mom versus the rest of the family, who are really angry at her.” Evil Beet has more on this if you’re interested, but you get the point. The Kardashian’s big fake house of cards is collapsing all around them and they’re screaming and clawing while trying to hold onto what they believe is rightfully theirs. Only it’s all an illusion, down to Kim’s giant trademark ass.






These photos are from 7/10/10, and they’re the same ones The Enquirer used to illustrate this story. The pictures of Kim looking especially plastic are from 11/3/11. Credit:

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  1. anne says:

    Hope it all does come out – hate hate hate these people

    • Alisa says:

      If you hate them, why are you looking at stuff about them. Or in this case you’re looking at photos of Kim. You need to get a life you hater–you know what, I order to actually hate do someone you must love them.

    • confused says:

      I don’t quite understand the logic.. If you dislike the K’s that much, why not just stay out of their business then? Easy as that.. Peace out.

    • lucas says:

      All jealous chicks..

      • kjj says:

        The last person I would be jealous of is Kim Kardashian. Who in the world wants to make their butt look BIGGER? I have spent my whole life trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle,weight and health. I am not envious of a woman with a fat butt,fake hair and so much makeup on that she looks like a clown.

    • (... Someone) says:

      I used to think i hated their family but after i watched their show i began to sarta kinda like them. My friends all think their retards and spend their money watefully,I kinda agree but their actually not that bad. Now i’m getting curious if hr butts real. -.- Its amazing what their family tv show can do to you!

    • tam says:

      If she says LIKE one more time and talks nasaly I swear ill puke. They need to go away.

  2. brin says:

    Yeah, the K klan are all big fat fake asses!

    • Nadia says:

      Omg what I’s wrong with you ppl make me sick why do you losers care so much about her ass first ppl say my ass I’s fake coz i have a rely big ass small up body it’s called been wog going to the gym it piss me off when ppl say my ass I’s fake and who cares what she wears i can see why she left him how mean I’s that saying you’r fat what kind off guy talks to a girl like that he wilf poor girl i feel so so sorry for kim wish her the best her ass Is real get over it that I’s it. very sexy girl proud to be wog xxx she had no work done get over it

      • James says:

        Kris is right, she is stupid and fake…Her butt is nasty, too big, thew gorgeous sexy guys dont prefer girls like kim, trust me…

      • kjj says:

        What language are you writing in? if that’s English,you must have flunked it in school. Pathetic,if this is what we have to look forward to;the decline of Western civilization.starting with our language.

    • She inject fat from her liposuction into her derriere! what a sick sick depraved witch!

  3. bee says:

    Is this the best the National Enquirer could come up with? Her butt is fake, but it is not because she wears butt pads. Kim had fat injected into her butt, this is a known fact.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Her ass looks gross to me.

    • llisa says:

      That’s ’cause clearly you’re a white anorexic. Paris Hilton is HOT to you right? EW! NASTY….

      • flgrrl12 says:

        What does being “white” have to do with it? Ur ignorance is disgusting..grow up. Newsflash dear, I’m white & I have a big behind(..I think kim is gorgeous & if u don’t know her how can u judge her?)

  5. fabgrrl says:

    Given all the horrifying things this woman and her family have done, and continue to do, wearing padded undies seems like no big deal. Is that really any different than a padded bra?

  6. Firecracker says:

    Stick a fork in that ass, it’s done.

  7. Celebitchy says:

    @Firecracker – I wish I’d thought of that!

  8. OhMyMy says:

    Cracking up at this story. It reminded me of that Laverne & Shirley episode where Shirley mail ordered a “Hubba Hubba Heinie”. Too funny.

    Man I hope this story about Kim is true.

  9. Criss says:

    I don’t believe her butt is fake, it’s too big and I don’t think anyone would want a butt that big. I’m sure Kim would rather have a smaller one and wouldn’t pad it. Plus you can’t fake all the cellulite.

    • Cara says:

      I wish I looked like that! Her body is amazing.. natural beautiful. ALL WOMEN HAVE CELLULITE OVER AGE 19, you BULIMIC DUMB ASS! You know you WISH you could be 1/4 as naturally beautiful as she. I JUST HATE JEALOUS PEOPLE WHO CAN’T Admit when someone is beautiful. If she’s not gorgeous then WHO THE HELL IS??? START BEING HONEST WITH YOURSELF, IT’S LIBERATING!

      • kjj says:

        “naturally beautiful”? You are being sarcastic,right? If you take away her fake breasts,fake hair,fake eyelashes and enough makeup to star her in Barnum & Bailey’s show,I would LOVE to see her “natural” beauty. Have you ever seen her?

  10. tmbg says:

    I think you guys need to start referring to her as Zippy the Pinhead in every post from now on. Her head is way out of proportion with her body!

  11. Pizzazz says:

    Nothing surprises me with that trashy bitch but why on earth would you want a big, fat, ugly ass like hers??

    • milton says:


      • kjj says:

        Perhaps if you start accusing people of being a criminal,you should at least know how to spell the term. It’s “pedophile”. Does ANYONE here know how to spell or speak anymore?

      • natalia says:

        First off I’d just like to throw out a few things, there is nothing wrong with being gay, just because a man is attracted to a woman with a flat chest or butt doesn’t mean he’s a pedophile (and some girls naturally have the skinny body type in case you didn’t know) and just because someone doesn’t think she’s hot doesn’t make them evil or a criminal or anything, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and just because you think she’s gorgeous doesn’t mean every single living being has to think so too. To be honest I’m here because I’m bored and just was curious, why are you here? Just from the title of the article I’m sure you could tell it wasn’t going to be in Kim’s favor? I’ll admit I don’t see the need for rudeness but this girl has had some work done without a doubt, now will saying this make me a “pathetic, jealous, hater”? I don’t think so but you probably will, also if you decide to go on another rampage I’d suggest to not using all capital letters, which alongside spelling mistakes just make you look really unintelligent.

  12. MellaYella says:

    Before and after kim

    People butt don’t grow.

    I always knew it was fake. It doesn’t look real, I think it’s in jections not padding
    I know people with real butts like that. It doesn’t grow over night. If you can’t read my link, just google her yourself. All the way fake and goofy looking

  13. rosa says:

    we’ve seen her in bikini………

    • Estrella Hernandez says:

      People if you want a fake butt like kimmy eat healthy exercise and inject your butt. I did it and it looks great like hers. My husband loves my butt

      • kjj says:

        When in the world did it become fashionable to be FAT? I don’t care where they inject it. There is something sick about doing it. The LAST thing I want is a bigger butt. She looks like a freak,almost like every other —-woman.They all have big butts. What is that all about?

  14. Marjalane says:

    I don’t even care if the story is true, I chose to believe it and hope that everyone else will too. Live by the fake sword, die by the fake sword. or something like that.

  15. Belle Epoch says:

    It really is comical that a family of useless greedy self-involved no-talent famewhores could be undone by a padded ass. Everything else – no problem. Taj Mahal underwear – game over!

    • mike says:

      Jealous?? She made money outta nothin. You’re just jealous ’cause you’re sittin home, on your computer, BROKE!! You’re helping her get richer by watching. Honestly, if you were given the opportunity to be rich solely from your looks, you wouldn’t take it?? LIAR!! STOP HATIN!!

      • CEIGE says:

        Dude, she didn’t get rich from nothing. Her mom married Bruce Jenner. That’s one of the big reasons she is in the place she is.

  16. NM9005 says:

    “Kris told his buddies that it takes a lot of work for Kim to make her bottom look as good as it does,” says a source. “He revealed all her secrets – how she uses ‘booty pads,’ Spanx and other things to enhance it. When she takes off the Spanx, the pads and everything else, it’s not the same.”

    And then the quotes about his remarks on her weight and “flappy arms”? Please, he’s still a dumb douchebag who was also in for the money and publicity ride. He is as superficial as she is. They were a perfect match. Don’t go on whining and try to act like you’re a victim! Diverting to derogatory comments on her body says enough about the reason why he wanted to be with her too. Of course it’s mostly an illusion.

    How many celebs are using padding, go for cosmetic surgery, spanx (hello Beyonce, Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie!!!). I bet their partners are not spilling the beans on that because they actually care about their women that goes beyond the superficiality of looks and know that a lot of it is for the image. Ugh, I’m sick of this Kardashian Krap.

  17. Rada says:

    are you kidding me?! what’s so special about that ass? my ass looks exactly like that now that i’m 20-30 lbs overweight. if her legs were skinny and her ass looked like that i would understand why validity of her ass was being questioned. but c’mon people. she’s got extras all over.

  18. Jenn12 says:

    I hate the Kardashians and they’re getting what they deserve. However, as someone’s who about the same as Kris is saying Kim is- 5’3 and 130- I did not know that was considered fat. Not skinny, but obese!? Anyway, apart from that nastiness and the fact that Kris Humphries is a douchebag who is another example of using females’ appearances against them, I am not at all sorry for this pathetic clan.

  19. Jenn12 says:

    *someone who’s* stupid spellcheck

  20. palermo says:

    If it were just butt pads it wouldn’t look like it does in bikinis or her nude shots. I totally believe she has had tons of fat injections though, cause we’ve all seen her former flat butt. She is fake from hair extensions on down.

  21. MellaYella says:

    @NM9005 What has Beyonce done besides her nose? He body is all the way real. Very common body for black women. Facts

    Palermo is right. She is all fake nothing real on her.

  22. wunder says:

    Why in the world does KK actually want a HUGE ass? Did she trademark her butt or apply for its own zipcode???

  23. Pyewacket says:

    I don’t know why anyone would go out of their way to have an ass like hers.

  24. blc says:

    maybe she was 115 before the fat injections into her ass? B/c she sure as hell isn’t 115 now.
    Nice link @MellaYella – that’s enough for me. The sad thing is that back before she was famous for being a porn star she was very pretty.

  25. ladybert62 says:

    Spider eyes! spider eyes! oh now I have to rub my head with sandpaper to try and remove the memory of those spider eyes!!

  26. Cirque28 says:

    If you would be devastated by being seen with your real butt, you need a very long break from the spotlight.

  27. Belle Epoch says:

    Wunder – CRACKING UP. Ass gets its own mail. And postmaster LOL!

  28. overit says:

    November 11th, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    I don’t believe her butt is fake, it’s too big and I don’t think anyone would want a butt that big. I’m sure Kim would rather have a smaller one and wouldn’t pad it. Plus you can’t fake all the cellulite.

    I’m assuming you have never looked at King Magazine or any urban skin mags. There are tons of women with huge asses on display and tons of dudes that are into it. Google “Tahiry-King Magazine” or “Buffy the Body” and you’ll see what I mean. Kim’s target for hubby material is Black men and the bigger the better for some of them.

    Anther example: Nicki Minaj. She wasn’t born with that monstrosity behind her. She had her butt done once she signed on with Lil Wayne, because they wanted to fashion her into one of these Hip-Hop video vixen body types.

    As for the cellulite, when you get fat injections, if you already have cellulite, it doesn’t go away with the fat injections. It’ll still be there.

  29. Heatheradair says:

    Okay, everything HEINOUS about the entire Klan aside, Lurch is pretty much a d*ck to pick on the girl’s tummy or arms or ANYTHING. Last we checked, he was *sort of* her husband, not her personal trainer.

    Geez. I know she parades her *size 4* Faberge ass around like she’s got an insurance policy on it, but any girl (except, maybe XTina) is gonna be sensitive about puttin on some pounds — don’t point it out, Douche.

  30. lucy2 says:

    Of course it’s fake – what on her isn’t? I think this moron would eat radioactive waste if she thought it could keep her famous.

  31. jane16 says:

    Fake doesn’t begin to describe it. I’ve stood right next to her. She wears so much makeup, enough for 4 or 5 normal women, and so much hair product, perfume, etc, that you feel like you’re standing in a toxic haze, the smell from all these chemicals is overpowering. If someone lit a match near her, I’m afraid it would be like 3 mile island. Also, I doubt if she’s 5’3″, probably 5’2″. and she def weighs more than 115. They all look shorter and heavier in real life, except Khloe is very tall and big boned. They used to be nice to people in their orbit, but now they’ve copped the total “we’re bitchen, we’re celebrities” attitude.

  32. MellaYella says:

    I’m black and don’t understand why you would want a butt that out of proportion

  33. GiGi says:

    Well, until I looked at those Brazilian Butt Lift Before/Afters I really though Kim’s was real and that she just carried her weight there. I gain first and lose last in my bust and I thought maybe her booty was the same.

    But(t)! Her rear is the exact shape attained with the Brazilian Butt Lift! I think she had one, for sure!

  34. paola says:

    I’m sorry but i don’t get it..why on earth a woman would want to enlarge her ass??? i run 10k every day to keep it small and toned! i really don’t see the point of doing that!

  35. cmc says:

    It’s not like she’s skinny with a butt like that. She’s always been curvy, all over. And now that she’s gained SO much weight, the rest of her body has started to catch up to her. I don’t think it’s fake.

  36. Cherry Rose says:

    @overit – I was going to reply to Criss, but you already beat me to it.

    And yes, Kim definitely got the Brazilian Butt Lift. Notice that no one else in the family has a big ass like Kim does. Not to mention when she was hanging out with Paris Hilton, her ass was nowhere near the size it is now.

    And yes, I do think that for when Kim does events where she knows she’ll be photographed, she does enhance her ass with padding.

    Kris Humphries might be a douche, but he’s definitely better than any of the Kardashians. Just the fact that Kim and her mother are trying to make Kris the bad guy and Kim is the victim makes me side with him instantly.

    Especially because greedy Kim is trying to lock him out of obtaining any of the wedding presents or money made off their sham wedding.

    As for the Kardashian/Jenner family fighting, that’s definitely BS. They were all in this scam of a wedding. They all knew that they did this wedding just for the profits and so Kim could get a 4 hr two part special on E! and rake in the dough.

  37. Julia says:

    That new trend of big butt is getting out of hand in the US.

    It first started with big boobs (3 % of women in the US have breast enlargement), then it went to the lips craze, and now the big bootey.

    It always gets out of hand.

    I remember 20 years ago, the first trend of plastic surgery for butt were butt lifting and shaping, mainly in Brasil, to make it rounder not necessary bigger.

    Now with jennifer Lopez and mainly Kim Kardashian’s new butt, there is a new trend of oversizing the butt, just like they are oversizing the boobs and the lips.

    It seems many women in the US who use plastic surgeries like to go overboard to become a charicature of an animation character like those oversexualized hentay.

  38. F5 says:

    @jane16 (31) fascinating post..:D

  39. BerMan says:

    Buy the Kardashian Butt Pads, it’ll make you feel and look just like Kim. Empty and alone, but you’ll get a lot of attention. If you buy now you’ll even get a free makeup scraper to remove 7 layers of makeup just like Kim wears. Buy now items are limited.

  40. Sumodo1 says:

    @jane16 I love your post!

  41. lol says:

    I also like the rumour that Kris is refusing to sign divorce papers.. I don’t blame him if they screwed him out of some money this is how he gets it back.. Pay me out or I don’t sign for years.. he already said he wants the marriage to work..

  42. Annie says:

    Deffo either fake/or enhanced. Her ass has always been BIG but it used to be more just big and wide not like a round ball in profile…she basically had an ass like Khloe’s ie a regular white woman’s big butt as opposed to the freakish cube shaped thing she has now. Flat ass vs round ass is to do with spine and pelvis bone structure (can’t be changed) and fat distribution (only changeable with lipo)… I reckon she got the brazillian butt lift plus wears double spanx.

    Trust me, I got genetically handed a “big” yet flat azz and no amount of weight gain or exercises will turn it into something like Kim’s.

  43. Julie says:

    They can always be reps for the Hello Kitty line. Meow, meow…..

  44. Dawn says:

    Sorry but Kris Humphries IS NOT the douche here, that belongs on the entire clan called Kardashian. He should never have married her, he should never have even started dating her, but he did and now he needs to NOT divorce her, but have the wedding annulled. And he needs to call all of them out 100% on everything that is fake and phony about them. If she thinks that Reggie Bush is coming back to her I think she is in for yet another rude awakening. In fact I think she has turned into a butt of the joke in the black athlete world, who wants to do her after everyone else who’s been there? Not anyone who has a crumb of common sense.

  45. Kit says:

    I want a Kris Humpthingy tell all for christmas – Thank you Santa!

  46. Lady D says:

    Has anyone seen the pic of Demi Moore on Radar? Holy scary skinny face Batman.

  47. overit says:

    The big butt craze is only a “new trend” for White America.

    Urban/ethnic cultures have always celebrated round, ample backsides. Iris Chacon a Puerto Rican/Latin icon/sex symbol form the 70′s was famous for her big ass.

    Its only in the past decade or so since more minorities have become a prominent force in the industry has the big butt been more accepted. When a Black or Latina women asks you if her butt looks bigger, she wants the answer to be yes.

    However I do agree the craze has taken a turn for the exaggerated. It’s out of control. Just like in the ’80′s when ZZZ boobs were this rage, a 52″ ass ridiculousness is running rampant since the introduction and ease of access to get fat injections. Every hip hop model is running to get these in order to compete in their market.

    Why? I don’t know. A nice round plump ass is nice, with a nice waist ratio, but an overinflated, bulky saggy mess that is created by these injections, in NOT cute.

  48. INeedANap says:

    To all of you ladies wonder why the heck KK would want to make her butt bigger —

    Some of us ladies like big booties. Maybe it’s to get a black or latino man (or a brotha-esque asian or white dude), or because we just like luscious bubble butts. I think bubble booties are feminine and sexy, and I don’t find small, athletic behinds attractive. I gotta be honest, I am confused by women who want to make their butt smaller!

    After 12 years of ballet, I was so happy to grow out a butt! What you think is ugly some of us think is beautiful.

    KK sucks no matter what though.

  49. Eileen says:

    A news source on twitter reported that Kim charges cosmetic companies $600K just to wear their lip gloss on her show….are you effing kidding me? This person totally disgusts me. She might be rolling in the dough-but she is failing at life BIGTIME!

  50. Rita says:

    This is sooo disappointing. I thought her ass was the only real thing about her. Is nothing sacred?

  51. Lee says:

    Oh my God. I’m crushed, you guys. I mean -if you can’t believe in Kim Kardashian’s ass, what can you believe in?

  52. Jayna says:

    Phuleeeze. They have tons of bikini shots on her.

  53. paola says:


    i’m italian, maybe we have different standards, but i’m a runner, i like athletics body shapes and i never found a man who liked big behinds. maybe i’ve been unlucky in the past but luckily now my british boyfriends love me when i am slim as much as when i’m a bit chunkier.. :) it happens all the time, yo-yo is a part of me!

  54. NM9005 says:

    @MellaYella: I was talking about Spanx. And Beyonce is tweaked in her face, fo sho’. And don’t even get me started on the bazillions of weaves she wore throughout the years, or do you think that’s her real hair? I am well aware that her body is all natural (granted, she works hard for it) but the face and the hair? Nu-uh…

    My point was that every celeb goes to some extent to cover up their flaws, no matter how small. KK is not an exception but with her it’s just too jacked up and obvious. It’s a shame because her Original Face was truly gorgeous.

  55. Quest says:

    I wish Kris Humps does a “tell all book” like Mama Kris, entitled:

    “How I Survived 72 days of Kardashian Hell and Back”


    “Big Ass Lies – a tell all book of surviving everything Kardashian”

  56. Am Ugly&I hate says:

    We have seen Kim Kardashian naked & on Bikinis. I’m not a fan of the kardashian but seriously this story holds no water! In as much as I would love Kim to be made fun of but I must admit that Kim is beautiful-no argument! I am one of the people that was so elated that Kim dumped this giraffe Kris. I believe in marriage & ’till death do us part thing’ but Kris is extremely childish & a douche bag. Without Kim, who would have known him? Kris is no Kim’s match. Who talks about his wife or girlfriend like that? What has physical appearance got to do with marriage & relationship? Men who talk about their women like this are hopeless & extremely insecure. Is he all that??? Kris should look at his ugly sister before talking craps about others. I’m so so angry about this fool right now! Say whatever but respect that intimacy that once kept you as couples. Gosh!!!

  57. F5 says:

    Has it hit the iceberg yet? -_-

  58. Cathy says:

    @lee lmao

  59. fabgrrl says:

    I think that a big, high, round, muscular butt looks great! especially with a tiny waist. That is totally different from a flabby, saggy, fat @ss. I think Kim’s butt looks, okay. I don’t doubt that she has a naturally big butt, and it shows in bikini pictures. I also think she probably pads it out in clothes, but again, how is that different than a padded bra? Last time I went bra shopping there were just as many “lined” bras as unlined. It seems pretty mainstream.

  60. ShanKat says:

    I guess this is why Kim rushed out to wherever he lives to see him…negotiations.

    I hope KHump gets some really juicy revenge. Like better than this.

  61. valleymiss says:

    Haha…I love all the negative stories coming out about KK. I think her fans truly are turning on her. Guess we’ll have to rename her Kim Backlashian. ;-)

  62. Lizzie says:

    Has anybody on here listened to the interview her former publicist did, where he basically confirms she is a total fake and her famewhoredom was what pushed Reggie away? I haven’t listened to all of it, but it certainly sounds like everything, including her padded butt, is fake about her.

  63. MellaYella says:

    @NM9005 Kim kardashian hair, face, body skin everything is fake on her. Most of Hollywood wears fake hair. Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox. People like to think its just black women. Beyonce can shave her head and be beautiful. She has always been natural beautiful. Kim and Kourtney all them wear weave.
    Truth is Beyonce has always be beautiful
    She looks no different. Did she get plastic at that age? No lol!
    Here goes another shot of Kims fake butt lol

    • LATIN FIRE says:

      Beyonce has breast implants you can see the scars in her arm pits they can do the implants passing them through the arm pits,before she went solo she was pretty flat chested,she has had her nose narrowed and nose tip also augmented, She also had liposuction.She wears lots of weaves and wigs she Is not a natural beauty but still very attractive,I have seen many prettier women who had nothing done and are not in show business,the media use all this hype telling the public how attractive these show business people are truth is most of them without makeup and good camera men are just plain Janes.

  64. newtsgal says:

    Why why why….would anyone want a fake big ass like hers?

  65. Justalark says:

    SHOUT OUT @Quest: A Kris Humhries tell-all book titled “Big Ass Lies…” Love it!!!

    PUBLIC QUESTION: Where do you buy dress pants, jeans, underwear, etc. when your butt is so disproportionally, enormously large? Does everything have to be custom made or fitted?

    PERSONAL OBSERVATION: I have never watched the Kardashians’ reality show, so I am unable to compare and contrast the sisters’ behinds, but I do watch DWTS, and I’ve noticed that their brother, Rob, has a naturally large butt (but not in the “freakishly large” category like Kim’s).

  66. pink says:

    i dont thinks its true… you can easily look her bikini photos and yo can se the skin rigth there.. about the brazilian thing i dont know…

  67. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    Can you please stop giving this phony celebrity narcissist and con-artist attention! What does she do besides blow black men on camera and post a million pictures of herself posing for her fan on twitter.

  68. danielle says:

    I like a bubble butt on a guy, or a girl for that matter. A natural bubble butt looks good and I wish I had one instead of my never ending back! But I am confused about how out of proportion KK’s butt is compared to the rest of her body. The thought that someone would want that seems odd.

  69. Am Ugly&I hate says:

    @Valleymiss; I totally disagree with you. Kim fans will catch grenades for her sakes. People who are talking this craps had always been jealous of kim & were never her fans. My anger is that Kris Humphries has a fat & ugly sister who is not in anyway a match for Kim. I hate when beer parlour guys say trash about women! I am beginning to love the kardashian because of these false stories about them. I’m gonna buy most of their products now! Shoot me all but I swear! Now all I can see are people trying to sound perfect in the name of hate! People who could not stand beauty & success. I wear padded bra but sure Kim has a butt to die for!!!

  70. Alix says:

    But we’ve seen her in a bikini millions of times — hard to pad those. I really hope he doesn’t get screwed over in the divorce; hopefully his lawyers negotiated a prenup that wasn’t *totally* in Kim’s favor.

  71. Usedtoitall says:

    @Ugly&;I hate
    Khole? Is that you?.. lmfao!
    Kim’s nothing but a ride that most people have already been on. She’s not that pretty, I just want to phuck her that’s all lmfao! That’s what my boy Reggie did
    No one takes her serious.That’s why she had to buy a husband

  72. NM9005 says:


    I’m not checking out your links, it’s bad enough that I read stupid articles about the KK family on CB. I don’t need to know more beside that.
    You don’t need to convince me she’s fake, I know that but I also know she used to be pretty and I’m not talking of five years ago. She was a gorgeous child.

    People don’t like to think that since it’s obvious. I have black hair too (because I’m 50% African) and when I grew up I barely saw black people with their natural hair and I’m sure white people see that too. It’s more obvious than with white people. That doesn’t mean white people don’t do it of course, I know but it is more obvious when African people do it.

    And B would never shave her hair, haha, she’s way too vain for that! Now she can thrive on her looks but when her age is going to catch up on her looks, there is going to be more tweaking.

  73. Am Ugly&I hate says:

    @Usedtoitall: she bought the husband & dumped him on d trash where he belongs. I’m so happy about that!!! She is just 30years. Atleast you know the name of her boyfriend but some of us couldn’t even see anybody to phuck us! Kim is pretty, I like as some of us lie to ourselves. Whatever! I am not a kardashian fan but all these stupid reports are senseless.

  74. INeedANap says:

    @paola, the reason you have never met a man who liked big behinds may have something to do with the fact that your boyfriends are british (no hate there — everyone is entitled to have sexy rumpus with any consenting adult they want. less kim kardashian, more sexy rumpus).

    go find a sexy Argentinian or a sweet Ghanian, they’re whistling a different tune ::sigh::

  75. Kimberly says:

    Age is not treating Kim well.

    Wow I really hope that she pads her butt because she’s looking gross in that jumpsuit.

    I know she’s aging, and isn’t as cute as she used to be, but DAMN! Her once cute ass, just looks like any other unemployed fat ass that ate one too many potato chips. . .

  76. Eleonor says:

    I want to see Kris on Ophra announcing Kim is not a size zero.

  77. lolas says:

    I have a similar ass, and I’m not saying that as a compliment to me…(or her); just saying that some girls are pretty curvy and it can get a bit out of proportion. I wouldn’t put it past her to get work done if possible, but a) I don’t think her ass is so great and b) why???

  78. jensational says:

    @OhMyMy – You just made me laugh out loud!!! I forgot about shirley’s Hubba Hubba Hiney, LMAO! Too funny

  79. ronnie1213 says:

    Anyone check out that butt lift link? I’m hispanic and currently a little on the heavier side, well anyways I’m top heavy and even when I was thinner I wanted a rounder tush. Lunges could not get it high enough! It just looks so good (the before and afters are not at all KK style).

    When I get back to my slim days and I have the money I might do it. Just to get it shapely, its a bit flat naturally and it makes me sad.

    I do think its a culture thing with the tushes, not a bad thing. Variety is great!

  80. imabrat says:

    Oh my! First her scruples, then her ass; EXPOSED. Her day of glory is over.

  81. truthful says:

    her butt IS fake and there is a website that talks about stars w/their before and after those that doubt her butt is fake, just remember there are plenty of armenian women that are curvy w/rather flat bums and wider hips.
    SHE’S FAKE–everywhere yall–let it go!

    she has a bum butt its no where NEAR as large as she portrays it to be.

    Kris go for the payoff!! but remember she lies just like her mama.

    This was a lovely post, I think I’ll make it a dirty martini now.


    everyone have a good weekend

  82. Mia says:

    REAL ASS – could b real. if i could iwould upload up a pic of my niece’s but all would c that such an as could b real. when i c kim in a bikini it’s like looking at my niece. we’re white people – not black, brazillian etc. my niece’s arrear is as hard as kim’s look on the pics (u won’t pinch her on the but, its too firm) so allow me to settle this once an for all:

  83. Mia says:

    REAL ASSES – could b real. if i could iwould upload up a pic of my niece’s but all would c that such an as could b real. when i c kim in a bikini it’s like looking at my niece. we’re white people – not black, brazillian etc. my niece’s arrear is as hard as kim’s look on the pics (u won’t pinch her on the but, its too firm) so allow me to settle this once an for all:

  84. truthful says:


    Well Kim’s must have grown overnight because when she was hanging in Paris’s shadow–she had a average behind..

    there are pics on line of her, with NO donk-

  85. bagladey says:

    November 11th, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    Stick a fork in that ass, it’s done.

    LMAO, that’s brilliant.

  86. Kim says:

    Everyone knows her butt is fake and she has a ton of cellulite for a girl her age.

  87. kwanitaka says:

    Yesterday were stories about Columbians, especially teenagers, all getting butt injections – a new injectible is being used in Europe & South America but not allowed here…yet.

  88. Jover says:

    Comments are too good; i practically spit my coffee out reading lucy2 and kimberly’s; but does anyone know if Sears is having second thoughts about this unholy “marriage” to the rapidly deflating Lardassians?

  89. Twez says:

    Do butt pads have cellulite dimples? I’d believe plastic surgery or fat injections before I’d believe padding.

  90. cherylk says:

    Mom is a lying sack of … I live by Nicole Brown’s family..they are so pissed at Kris for writing about Nicole’s death in her new book.Her sister Denise calls Kris Jenner..PATHETIC..all money grubbing opportunists..Boycott.

  91. d says:

    or the kardash family could be “fighting” as in not. wouldn’t put it past them.

  92. LipStickGirl says:

    Stick a fork in it Kim…you are done!
    Nobody give a chochochoo about you and your siblings…YOU ARE DONE AND SO IS YOUR CRAZY FAMILY…YAHOO!!!!!!
    GET A REAL JOB Jac^ A#$!!!!!

  93. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I think this is stupid and false. I believe that if he wanted to out Kim about things her “ass” would be the least of the scrap he can exposed about Kim. Plus I think that nothing can be exposed negatively about Kim that the public does not already know or suspect. This entire wedding sham takes the cake.

  94. Cassie says:

    Am I the only one who’s not buying that she weighs 115 pounds? I’m 5’6”, but I did the math; the equivalent weight for my height would be 123. I weigh 125, and I can tell you, I look a great deal thinner than Kim. Not to say that I’m tiny, or that she’s big, but I do not think she weighs 115!

    • Alisa says:

      I’m 5’5, and I weigh 126 and that’s because I’m thin. I know for a fact she does not weigh 115.

  95. bluejeanblues says:

    why do the women in this family always have damn straws in their mouths? Their teeth must be terrible. Freaking mouth-breathers…

  96. The Count says:

    When she wore that green/yellow outfit in Dubai, I checked out her butt closely. It seemed to me to be sagging a bit towards her calves. it looked disgusting to me (BIBLE). Is everyone caught up in the hype? Is it the”Emperor’s New Clothing” Syndrome? Why is this skank looked upon as one of the world’s great beauties? Some spin-doctor has done a great feat of spinning.

  97. Carolyn says:

    Maintain the rage people. Don’t buy their products. Don’t watch their show. Their morals have always been suspect right from when Robert Kardashian DEFENDED OJ Simpson when his wife was friends with Nicole. Mind-blowing. Everyone knows they lie. Khloe and Kourtney must be furious that the krap is being reflected on them too.

  98. ab says:

    I cannot handle anymore words being spelled with a “k”… It is terrible. I work at an elemetary school and it is hard enough to get them to stop singing rap songs and immitating nicki minaj (sp). And oh my gosh, the dance moves… shudder. No more Kar dash Klan and stupidity please, am starting to get a dent in my forehead from face palming… I agree, I would miss the Soup and maybe Fashion Police, but damn E! channel! I think Joel Mchale sums it up, “famous for having a big ass and a sex tape.” ewww. Also, I am 31, same age as Kim and miles away from her in maturity, it amazes.

  99. samab says:

    how smart can be a woman to make herself look deformed?sorry but it is what it is.She looks really bad.As it’s obvious it’s not padded,because of the bikini shot from the back,it is also obvious from her pics from the past she has done something more permanent because no matter how much you might exercise there is no way you get that monstruous thing.You can make it more round and muscular or higher but not four times bigger!!!

  100. MW says:

    @Appel: Geez, that’s a gross photo – sticking that butt out for the camera. Who’d want a butt like that on purpose? As @Dawn said, yep, he should be the one filing an annulment on the grounds of fraud, which is a legal ground in CA. But, she’s already filed first for divorce. He can’t prevent their divorce in CA but he can sure file a Response and contest every point she’s asking for in her paperwork. He should get a lawyer and just make a nuisance of himself, as well as sue her for that one-sided pre-nup. She played him out of sheer greed, then dumped him. The only way he can hurt her is monitarily and I hope he goes for it. At least it’ll give her something to worry about besides how she looks!

  101. Jane says:

    Kim does not have an attractive ass. I prefer Britney’s when she was still at her prime or that KK look alike Melissa Molinara’s.

  102. London Lady says:

    sorry, but now he doesnt get to live off the money AND hang out with girls in nightclubs he wants to destroy Kim’s source of fame? I’m choosing not to believe this b/c it would be beyond immature, just plain vindictive.

  103. the original bellaluna says:

    You might be able to fake the ass, but you can’t fake the cellulite. (So THERE! Nyah!) *sticks out tongue*

  104. paola says:


    ahahah!! i think this one is the good one so i don’t want to say i’m going for an argentinian right now, but in case i’ll just do some research if i’ll ever need it :P

  105. NM9005 says:

    Whether it’s hate or adoration, Kim still gets a lot of comments on whatever is going on in her life. Even a debate about her ass is getting a lot of attention. She ain’t going nowhere. Paris used to get a lot of bad press too and people only got sick of her AFTER the audiences found a new target: the Kardashians. I mean, if getting a sextape out in the public means you can get famous, there is no more “bad press” after that. You can’t go any lower than that so this is mild and it keeps her in the spotlight. She is working on that film and laying relatively low and we are still talking so do we really want to get rid of her??? Maybe when that Stodden chick gets her show, the Kardashians’ will be forgotten or ignored but I doubt it. Plus, many people don’t folllow blogs but read magazines where the asses of those “celebs” are being kissed and believe her thus pity her now. I know a few people who love her to bits, sadly enough…

  106. dahlia1947 says:

    Thanx MellaYella. Weaves and a fake butts. The pic of Kim is around the time she started hanging out with Paris.

    You can tell by how she’s posing that she wanted to be famous very badly. She has a look of desperation!! Now I got to read about her mom cheating on their dad! Khloe’s hair is naturally blond and she has very light eyes. Something’s fishy around here…

  107. Katie says:

    It’s cute how she thinks anyone would believe she only weighs 115 lbs!

  108. Llllll says:

    Why would she lie about her weight? Her body looks good. I wouldn’t care what the arbitrary number was, I’d be like “Look at me! Rawr!”

    I did not notice the big-booty phase in America. I mean, I see a lot of them but I didn’t realize it was a fad anymore than having no bum is. That’s fascinating.

    I’m glad women are starting to embrace their bodies more, and accept other shapes besides painfully thin as sexy. I just hope they don’t go to all out extremes, and realize that they are desirable the way they are.

    It’s one thing to workout, or have one or two plastic surgeries to accentuate or fix something, but trying to fit in a mold is another thing completely.

  109. IrishEyes says:

    I will say this, I have absolutely no tush, and I have ALWAYS wanted one! LOL That said, on a petite frame, any kind of weight gain can look significant depending on where it is naturally (or unnaturally) distributed.

  110. crazycatlady says:

    Arrrrgh. The Great KK Fake Butt Debate. It plagues me to no end.

    I doubt the padded panty story. Because we’ve seen pics of her in a bikini and her butt is still huge.

    That whole x-ray business didn’t play with me. Because if you have something that is the size of your whole butt in there and it’s filled with saline, of course nothing is going to show up! It’s all clear liquid!

  111. crazycatlady says:

    Thanks, @MellaYella, for the before/after link. The phony pony is even bigger now, and funnier looking.

    I call saline. I don’t think it’s fat because she’d be too worried about it dimpling (that’s what cellulite is – fat squishing between skins cells).

  112. KAPUT says:

    who is the real father of Khloe?
    she definitely does not have those Robert Kardashian wolf-man genes like the two other fug sisters have. Their mother, Kris had an affair(s)….even in family pics, she always stands next to the two younger daughers with Bruce, and looks more like them.

    the whole family is a bunch of KREEPY, KLASSLESS KUNTS.

  113. skeptical says:

    interesting linked pics provided.. i call butt implants or butt surgery of some sort. looking at
    i see an impossibly non-wrinkled butt, and if that butt were real, wouldn’t it show a few folds like her back does near her arm? A bit of cellulite near the bottom of her bottom? Woudln’t that be natural? And also… a butt that big would sag a bit more, dontcha think? It’s defying gravity the same way boob implants do.
    Many thanks to who posted that link… i think that’s kim’s real butt. she’s got implants or something now.

  114. ... says:

    SALINE IMPLANTS SHOW IN AN X-RAY PEOPLE! As the proud owner of salt tatas, I can tell you that it shows up as a round,white, blurry mass on x-ray. I have had my chest sonogrammed and x-rayed several times and always blushed/giggled at them. C’ mon- common sense! She obviously killed two birds by having lipo, then having the surgeon inject a few hundred cc’s of said fat into her bum. Its called a “brazilian butt lift”. Its realistic, undetectable and, as she is already thick, she won’t need anything but spanx to squish her fat arse in.

  115. AZ says:

    @KAPUT: ahahaa what do you mean with wolfman genes?

  116. crtb says:

    She may have had surgery which I believe but I doubt she wears pads.

  117. Belle Epoch says:

    @KAPUT The evil mother talks about her affair in her money-grubbing book. She calls the guy “Ryan” but who knows. There are photos online of Khloe being naturally blonde as a kid – the mother makes her dye her hair black to look like the others. It would be pretty embarrassing to be the illegitimate third child who is blonde and twice the size of the others – and to get outed by your own mother, who has no concept of shame.

  118. Gone with the Wind says:

    Don’t believe it.

    Could we please have a KARDASHIAN FREE ZONE DAY, November 27,2011… mark your calendar…boycott E! tv channel.

  119. Bleu- says:

    Hey Bee, learn the difference between FACTS and OPINIONS!

    Nothing about this Kim K. slut and her “fake ass” is “fact” dearheart because FACTS learn no room for possibilities for 1 and for 2 facts can typically be substanciated by science. Typically. So it isnt a “known fact” she had fat injected into her rump, its a rumor that she did. Or, one can go as far as to say “probability”. I dont care one way or the other because Im bout so sick of this bitch and her horrible mother being on every channel, internet site, magazine when in line, etc etc etc. But, I would milk it too if I could…soo……its whatever. She needs to milk it as much as she can, the hoe aint got but another 4 maybe 5 yrs left to do so. Being in the vanity dept is all she knows. Fuck em and feed em beans…..all of em.

    P.S. Have you no idea what injected fat ends up looking like? lmao. Its so funny that people say that. It is NEVER even or smooth for large areas like that. IF anything, she wears padded panties of some sort or she may have had some kind of prostetic piece added.

    It aint like Kims ass is all that big anyways. Whats the big deal? Heck, alot of pictures Ive seen it looks sort of like a flat pancake, lumpy and cheesy. It aint nuttn nice.

    Sistas been having big rumps for yrs!! And I mean actually “big”! Big and actually round! Rotund! Circumfrance!


  120. Bleu- says:

    oops….I mean “facts LEAVE (not learn) no room for possibilities.

    Nobody out here knows for a “fact” jack shit about this skunt Kim.

  121. Darl says:

    Seriously guys!!!…dat butt is not big at all..Here in Africa, some ladies are born with unbelievably large butts and boobs i get freked out wen u guys try 2 investigate a relatively medium butt….mtcheeewww…I jst love that the KK world is getting exposed!!

  122. dee says:

    They are fat injections FOR SURE!! but doesn’t anyone see how Kris Humphries talks to her and treats her? He’s def not the victim here. He’s a real ahole if you ask me. She shouldnt have married him if he talks to her that way and verbally abuses her. He even got loud with her family in the show. He’s a slob and wouldnt make an effort to clean or do anything on the show. She def got married for the $$ if he talked to her that way and treated her that way Idano how she or any woman would be able to tolerate all that verbal abuse. He’s just too young and she’s just stuck in that lifestyle

  123. Mila says:

    Omg this is way too trivial.

  124. coco says:

    The problem that Kim has is that she thought that her fans really liked her and that they would be loyal no matter what; the poor thing thought she was loved. What she failed to see coming was that 1) the country’s mood has become very dark with Occupy movements springing up everywhere (but I doubt they pay attention to news or read so they missed that) and 2) most of the country sees her as a sort of joke anyway and watches just because they are hooked on reality shows. It doesn’t mean that when she divorced Kris they’d feel sorry for her and moved by her plight and wish her well and follow along and wring their hands over every little divorce proceeding. Elizabeth Taylor didn’t even get that sort of love. I hope this means the end of this classless money grubbing family….except I do like Khloe and Lamar. They seem OK but, really, nobody needs to live their lives on tv for as long as this bunch has. The absolute worst one is the mother.

  125. tommy says:

    everybody needs to stop hating on them just because they re rich and good looking. kim you the best!

  126. Cranky Old Batt says:

    You mean a woman would make her butt look like that ON PURPOSE?!?!?!?!?!?

    Ok, it would be kind of hilarious if it were true.

  127. Bellagrl34 says:

    You can tell she is wearing butt pads come on,sorry but in the bikini pics it just looks wide and flat,there is no muscle there on her booty.Keep working out Kim.I work out and I have a perfect booty,maybe I should be famous LOL!

  128. Chanice says:

    This is no suprise to black folks. We all knew her butt wasn’t real…just like we know Jolie’s lips aren’t real…or J-Lo. It’s upsetting that black women never get props for our full lips, fuller booty’s,and thin waist. Yet, when a caucasian or non-black female pays to get these attributes…the media and everyone else makes a huge stir. Like seriously…give it up!!

  129. Mike says:

    Obviously you all haven’t seen her ass in a bikini! If you had you would know that ass is all real! She just has some serious haters out there…all females of course, that can’t handle it when another woman looks better than them! Just sit back on your couch and keep drinking your haterade cause I’m sure she’s not worried about you as much as you’re worried about her. The more you all talk about her the more famous she gets so keep on talking. She’s laughing all the way to the bank!

  130. Sheldon says:

    I love everything about Kim kardashian! I think her ass is real. So what if she has a few extra pounds?! Some guys don’t need a twig. They want a curvy woman and I’m not talking about fat either. I love her so much I got a girlfriend that looks just like her. Mmm so sexy.

  131. Jasmine says:

    I don’t think it matters if she got fat injections or used butt pads or spanks. What about people who use padded bras. People need to stop hating on Kim. A LOT of people get fake boobs and ass, if it makes them feel better then so what. Obviously your jealous cause people who weren’t jealous wouldn’t hate on her, they would just blow her off. If you don’t like Kim then don’t watch her show or pick up any magazines that she’s in, your only bothering yourself, and making her more famous. And you may not like fat asses but a lot of other people do.

    Team Kim Kardashian! :D

  132. el barto says:

    I’d reck that a$$

  133. bekah says:

    no way her butt is natrual shes fake from head to toe

  134. fin&pat says:

    A friend of mine owns a store that she has shopped in often in Palm Springs –he has told me her butt is a fake as her marriage

  135. fin&pat says:

    Kim is a uneducated– money hungry– slut, who thinks she is fooling the American public

  136. ariana says:

    I don’t at all understand the obsession with Kim’s butt. IF ANOTHER woman had it you all, men and women, would be calling that woman THICK! But since Kim has it, it’s gorgeous?? what gives?? The american public sure is DUMB!!

  137. becky says:

    you people are stupid . if her butt is fake oh welm her problem . dont hate cusz your ass cant look as good as hers

  138. whitney says:

    toaly got a huge but it is just descusting

  139. myopinion says:

    This article had me ROTFLMAO! Hahaha ok so I guess she wears butt pad panties and swimsuits too. Ahahaha you can clearly tell that is her butt, cause in swimsuits it’s the same wideness and the same roundness. Here look at the evidence look at this girl name Blac Chyna butt and compare it to Kim K. It’s a known fact that Chyna cakes aren’t real. So compare it. Lol

  140. Tessa Peake says:

    I’m obliged for the post. Amazing.

  141. Bule candy says:

    Does kim’s butt wobble?

  142. NYCdancer says:

    ughh some of you guys are so stupied!
    honestly i think kim kardashian is beautiful, even before she had all that work done. now kim’s ass is fake, point blank!!. of course she’s gonna prove to you by doing an x-ray and thats cause there’s no implant in there!!! she had her butt augmented from injections!! c’mon people it’s 2012, getting work done is nothing now a days. also, kim’s body aint nothing special. I myself and all the girls that i know have just as nice of a body or better than kim’s, its called working out, breast implants, and yes BUTT INJECTIONS!!!!
    as much as i lost respect for kim after pulling that phony ass wedding, you gotta give it to her…she’s knows how to keep her pockets full.

  143. Anonymous says:

    Yes… Her ass is not real.. It difinetely wasn’t always the size it is. But are we all going to die? Is the World going to end? No.. Lots of celebrity do things to enhance themselves & some don’t admit to it.. Like cough Kim Kardashian & Coco. But Whatever makes them happy right.. I guess.. We don’t have to live with them or sleep with them, so it’s not our problem. And no disrespect to black women but not certain attributes are not only
    For black women.. Such as full
    Lips, big butt, and curvy shapes. I have seen women of all diff ethnicities who do have these attributes without any plastic surgery. Angelina jolie’s lips are real.. She has always had big lips.. She is Czech & French and I have seen women from these countries with big lips. Angelina Jolie did get breast implants though. And J.Lo butt is real.. It’s always been big & no way could she afford plastic surgery when she first started out because she was broke. And J.Lo butt has been big for a long time except once she started losing weight it sort of got a little smaller. Anyways– I don’t like how people make this a race thing. I know Black women do usually have fuller lips and are curvy but not every black woman has a big butt & not every white woman or Asian woman has flat lips.. All features can apply to every race and there are always women that are exception to these ‘normal characteristics’ and they don’t PAY for it. In the case of Kim Kardashians butt.. I would not say that she is the exception to this, though.

  144. oh god says:

    oh god..its obvious her ass is fake..why else would her ass look huge in some pictures and small in others? i wish i could attach this pic of her and kourtney i saw today, they were photographed on 11/1/12 in london for their line release, and she has NO ASS in her gray tight skinny jeans NONE actually..i kept thinking am i seeing this right? would she step out like that?…i have seen pics like that in the past but i am now even more convinced