Connor Cruise feels neglected by Tom, is rebelling against Scientology


It’s always interesting when children raised inside of Scientology start to kick the cage a little bit. Of course, we’re talking here about 16-year-old Connor Cruise (son of the unhinged, lift-wearing midget known as “Tom”), for whom the plight certainly isn’t nearly as desperate as the young ladies who founded the Ex-Scientology Kids website. Still, Connor is pretty high profile as far as the CO$ is concerned, so it came as quite a surprise when he showed up on 10/26 at the TeenNick HALO Awards wearing a blatant symbol of Christianity around his neck. Let’s take a closer look at that Jesus emblem:


Let’s not completely jump the gun here though, for Scientologists are technically allowed to celebrate holidays like Christmas, according to Juliette Lewis. Still, their version of the holiday is much like X-Mas in that it’s pretty secular and largely revolves around the materialistic, gift-giving aspect of the season. So in contrast, is it a big deal what Connor is doing here? I tend to think it’s something worth acknowledging; and while this could merely be a passive-aggressive statement against the cult, he must have known that people would pay attention to a known Scientologist who is walking the red carpet with a Jesus necklace on.

This much celebrated demonstration of sentience on Connor’s part dovetails nicely with a story from this week’s In Touch that Connor is “losing his religion” and also has felt (for quite some time) that he doesn’t get enough attention from his parents:

Most kids spend their childhood under their parents’ thumbs — it kind of goes with the territory. But a family friend says that Tom has been unusually strict, and that Connor is finally getting sick of it. “He’s starting to rebel against his father and the other components in their life, maybe even Scientology,” the friend says. Connor was raised in Tom’s controversial religion, but he has recently been seen wearing Christian symbols, like crosses and a Jesus pendant. “He wants to be independent,” the friend says, “but Tom doesn’t want to give up control over his son.”

From the outside, Connor Cruise looks like one of the luckiest kids on the planet: His parents and stepparents are world-famous entertainers and — materially, at least — he wants for nothing. But the truth is tragically more complicated. As a source close to him tells In Touch, “Connor has always had a difficult relationship with his parents, and it has definitely affected him. He has broken down crying about it.”

The 16-year-old (as well as his sister, Isabella, 18) was adopted by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman when he was a newborn. And he has long strugged with insecurity about his place in the family. “When he was young,” the source says, “Tom was always off doing his thing, working like a mandman. He traveled all the time, and was totally focused on his career. When he came home, he didn’t always have much left to give.” While Tom’s rep unsurprisingly denies the story, as a result, the source claims Tom, 49, and Connor’s relationship became strange and cold. “Tom is a very difficult man to get to know on a deep level. It’s almost like he treats Connor like a business associate rather than a son.”

Unfortuantely, Connor’s relationship with Nicole isn’t any better. “She wasn’t the best mom to him and Isabella,” the source says. His parents divorced in 2001, when Connor was just 6. And though, for a time, Nicole made an effort to stay involved in her kids’ lives, she had a miscarriage after Tom started the divorce proceedings, and it was hard for her to cope. “She forgot so many things, like school pickups and projects; she was a wreck, and probably had trouble giving them the affection they needed from her,” the source says.

Eventually, Nicole moved back to Australia. The source thinks Connor had been dealing with abandonment issues as a result o being adopted, and it was possibly the worst thing that could have happened. Until, that is, his half-siblings were born and he saw how differently their lives are from his.

On one hand, yes, Suri — Tom’s daughter with Katie Holmes — has a strange, sheltered life. But her parents also unabashedly lavish the 5-year-old with attention, fancy family trips and essentially whateve her heart desires materially. And Connor has had to watch jealously from the wings as his icy father grows warmer and warmer to his half-sister. “Connor loves Suri,” the source says. “But he also thinks she gets a lot more of Tom’s time and attention than they ever got.” The same goes for Nicole’s daughters with her husband, Keith Urban.

Now, the family friend says, “Connor is at a crossroads in his life. He’s been pushing for more freedom — he wants to drive a car and date whomever he chooses.” And this could spark a major war at home with his control-freak dad, who’s so notoriously stubborn about his beliefs. But ultimately, Connor’s move to separate himself from the family could be a good thing. And ironically, it may just be the best way to finally get Tom’s attention.

[From In Touch, print edition, November 21, 2011]

This is really a sad story, but I believe it completely. After all, the poor kid went though a divorce, which culminated with having his mother ripped away from him and declared a suppressive person. Now, a robot named Katie exists in Nicole’s place. As for his father, Tom’s always been a workaholic and still even follows up a long day on the set of an action movie with 10 hours of singing and dancing in preparation for the next film.

Meanwhile, Connor still attends the Delphian School (which, interestingly enough, is located on grounds that were once scouted for use as a penitentiary) in Sheridan, Oregon. As such, he has been immersed in L. Ron Hubbord’s Study Tech since, well, before he could even read. So Connor has spent his childhood in boarding school and has been raised by the cult although, at times, Tom and Katie made a few photo ops with him as recently as 2009. It’s just not enough though:



Meanwhile, Connor’s 18-year-old sister, Isabella, was also reportedly pondering giving up Xenu last year in exchange for rekindling her contact with mom Nicole Kidman. However, this plan was quickly scrapped when Katie enticed Isabella by making her an apprentice for the busted Holmes-Yang fashion line. Problem solved. For now.

I can completely empathize how Connor must feel while watching Tom from the sidelines, since he seems so much more joyous in public with Suri than he ever has before. There’s no way in hell that Suri will one day get shipped off to Delphian. Hell, Katie can’t even manage to attend fashion week in NYC without pulling Suri out of school. Although most Scientology children her age are on the brink of a demanding upbringing, things will be different for Suri. And I think that Connor realizes that.



Photos courtesy of Fame and WENN

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  1. MellaYella says:

    I think that’s his real son. They look a like.

  2. Seal Team 6 says:

    Nicole wanted a relationship with her kids, but Tommy Boy made sure that didn’t happen.

  3. Jenn12 says:

    Not sure I buy this; have no interest/ respect for Scientology, but Tom has always been photographed with the kids and at their soccer games, etc. Nicole is their mother, for all intents and purposes, and has *rights* to them. She just doesn’t seem to want them. She makes weird, cold declarations about them, is literally never seen with them (hasn’t been photographed with them in YEARS) and talks about her daughters with her current husband as though they’re her only kids. If Tom was that controlling, he’d have made Connor take that necklace off.

  4. Bite me says:

    Just sad

  5. Raphaele says:

    Thats Sad For Connor… but he surely look like tom.. smh.. something is NOT right!

  6. Criss says:

    He always looks pretty damn happy to me.

  7. Pyewacket says:

    I do not understand why people always bitch about Nicole being aloof to those kids?! She said they CHOSE to stay with Tom, and I am sure Tom and his cult were very adamant that Nicole have as little to do with them as possible. Those kids could be with her now, and she has said they are always welcome to live with her, and hopes one day they will spend more time with her.
    Kidman is not the villan here, Cruise’s cult is.

    As for Connor, he is growing up to be a nice looking young man.

  8. Jackie says:

    those two kids seem to have been left behind by their parents for the new families.

    tom and nicole only ever talk about their ‘new’ kids in the press. connor and isabel are only talked about if a specific question is asked about them.

    so sad.

  9. Cathy says:

    I only liked him in one movie, Interview with a Vampire, and actually I liked Brad Pitts character better.

  10. Marjalane says:

    I’ve always thought Tom Cruise was a worthless addition to humanity, but this article really makes me hate Nicole Kidman. She gave up her children in order to not be humiliated by whatever the cult had on her. She could have retained custody if she wasn’t so invested in her own reputation.

    • Desidarius says:

      She would have had a helluva fight on her hands. Scientology is powerful.

    • Lori says:

      I think Nicole had to get herself back together after escaping that cult. I am sure she was extremely depressed living such a weird life with that little twerp Tom Cruise.

  11. lucy2 says:

    I feel for him and his sister. Their adoptions seem to have been arranged by CoS, probably to help sell the idea of how wonderful and “normal” Tom is, rather than a real parent/child relationship.
    If they’re looking to break out of CoS, good luck to them.

  12. missy says:

    I just saw photos of Connor spending Halloween with Katie and Suri in Pittsburgh. I would assume he was in town to visit his father who is filming a movie there. People should not believe all the crap they read. I hate it when tabloids talk about kids.

  13. JPX says:

    The are raising Suri to be a self-involved, spoiled monster who will one day walk the Earth with an undeserved sense of entitlement.

  14. Kasey says:

    This IS sad. I hope its not true but its so believable……I wish Connor and his mum could at least reconcile 10-16 are some crucial years in life to deal with divorce, separation from a parent, remarriage and a new sibling without all the other issues that I imagine come with being the adopted, black son of Tom Cruise (I’m not making it about race, if it were anyone else it’d be a different story than Cruise-Kidman and the dynamics of raising a llittle black boy in America in the situation/environment they’ve created).

    On another note, this right here is why I may be one of the few people that believe TomKat are for real and Suri is Tom’s biological child (or at least HE thinks she is).

    -Oh! And Connor looks kinda like Bruno Mars. And maybe I should add that I consider and call myself a black person in case people think I’m being racist.

  15. missy says:

    Here are the pics of Connor in Pittsburgh.

    Also, Suri is photographed with Katie a lot, but I honestly see more photos of Tom spending one on one time with Connor than Suri. So, I don’t buy he “neglects” Connor and favors Suri.

  16. valleymiss says:

    @jenn12: I think Nicole signed off on any “rights” to her kids due to leaving scientology. I’m sure it was in Tom and Nicole’s original marriage contract that once their contract ended, he would have legal rights. When Nicole married Tom she was young and naive and wanted to be a star…I dont think she really considered the whole “once you divorce me, if you leave Scientology you’ll be declared an SP and you wont see your kids again” thing. Tom probably had it worked out so that if they divorced and she stayed in Scientology, she could see the kids, but if she left Sci, this was her “punishment.” After all, Nicole leaving the religion was a total slap in the face to Tom. He was I’m sure VERY embarrassed and concerned about the public’s perception of Sci and how does it look when your ex ditches the “religion,” after spending 10 years “studying” it?

  17. irishserra says:

    @MellaYella: I agree. 100%

  18. Enny says:

    I think Tom and Scientology absolutely prevented Nicole from having any relationship with her kids, and I also think that Connor wearing Jesus and crosses around his neck is directed at Nicole, who is Catholic. I wouldn’t be surprised if both Connor and Isabella gravitate more toward Nicole as they reach adulthood and start cutting those ties with their father.

  19. Dawn says:

    I think that there must be a kernel of truth to this story, but it is probably over dramatized here. I do know that both of these kids were baptized Catholic. Nicole told that story on Oprah. And I know that Nicole says she has open door policy for both Cruise kids they are welcome anytime anywhere. Or so she says. It appears that Tom adores all his children equally. At least I hope so.

  20. ladybert62 says:

    and suri is going to milk her relationship with mom and dad for all that she can!

  21. Devon says:

    When someone leaves Scientology, it is really difficult for them to stay in contact with family members who are still with the cult. Scientology declares the person who has left a “suppressor” and members are basically not allowed to have any contact with them lest they too be labelled a “suppressor.” They call it “disconnecting” from the SP and members are almost blackmailed and forced into not speaking with their relative.

    Nicole left, if she was ever really apart of the church, when Tom and her divorced. Tom, most likely, told Isabella and Connor that they were not allowed to speak with their mum and if they did they would be disowned and disconnected. It’s so messed up to do that to a kid. I think Nicole puts on a good face about it all, saying that the kids wanted to stay with Tom but in reality she, and the kids, had no choice in the matter. Scientology is so fucked up and should be illegal. I hope the kids get out of it before it’s too late.

  22. Vanden says:

    Poor kid, doesn’t surprise me. For some reason it reminds me of all the pics of K-Fed with his children with Britney Spears, you’d have thought he had 2 kids, not 4.
    Seriously, how many people forget that Connor and Isabelle exist

  23. spinner says:

    And they know this how?? sniff, sniff….bullshit.

  24. marion says:

    I find it interesting that an article about how marginalized Connor feels has Suri’s face on the mags cover-making it seem that the article about is about her when its really about Connor.

  25. Jenn says:

    Apparently they are not being “raised” by Tom but by his sister, who is their home schooling teacher and they live with her.

    The whole situation is sad in that neither of the parents is raising the adopted children at all. Nicole has her two (and maybe is being kept away by the Scinetology nuts) and Tom has Suri. The other two get occasional photo ops.

  26. Seal Team 6 says:


    That is basically exactly what happened. CoS destroys people. Paul Haig has lost contact with almost all of his family because of leaving CoS. “Inside Scientology” and certain other publications really show what happened to Kidman. I’m hoping her kids realize this one day.

  27. Zimmer says:

    Nice-looking kid. I can only imagine what will be revealed in the future.

  28. Javagirl1 says:

    @jenn12 I totally agree.

    I don’t care who my ex was involved with or what they had on me. Nothing would keep me out of my child’s life.

  29. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I agree with Mellayella, Connor does look a lot like Tom.

  30. Deb says:

    Scientologists claim you can practice the religion you grew up with, but for the most part, that claim is just BS to rope people in. They don’t tell you that their rules state that you are forbidden to engage in any practices relating to another religion with out approval of three church elders. I bet they don’t hand those permissions out left and right.

  31. Lee says:

    I think Tina Fey said it best back when she was doing news on Saturday Night Live:

    “Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman say their split is amicable, and they want everyone to know that after the divorce is final, their two adopted children will be returned to the prop department at Universal Studios.”

  32. mk says:

    Jenn12: I totally agree with you. Tom is the one raising his kids even before Katie came along. People who complain that their ex spouses keep them away from their kids are just using that as an excuse to bail out on their kids. You have the court systems and law behind you, especially so for mothers. This kid probably is using the jesus necklace like an accessory as many do including madonna.

  33. Cherry Rose says:

    I’m with everyone who says that it’s not Nicole’s choice that she doesn’t see Conner and Isabella. That would be the Co$’s doing. They don’t want their members to have any outside influences that might cause their members to question the cult and want to leave.

    So I wouldn’t be suprised if the Co$ tells lies about Nicole to Conner and Isabella, and that’s she’s a horrible woman, etc.

    I hope that Conner is able to get out.

    @MK – If Nicole tried to fight for custody of Conner and Isabella, the Co$ would have targeted her by going through her mail, spying on her, and poking through her trash to find any bit of incriminating evidence to use against her. Not to mention they audit their members and have them confess things, even if what they’re confessing is not true, so if in the event the person tries to leave, they can use these “confessions” as a way to blackmail the person into staying.

  34. kieslwoski says:

    Ugh, this is just so sad, although we are totally speculationg (as most of the time) this whole family just seems wierd and damaged.

  35. Jayna says:

    Tom is a lot of things, but bad parent he is not. He and Connor have always seemed extremely close. Lay off kids for gossip.

  36. Jenn12 says:

    @mk @javagirl1 That’s totally how I feel. No one on this earth could keep me away from my kids, and Kidman IS their legal parent. Blackmail couldn’t keep me away- I blame her for abandoning them. Suri is the spitting image of Tom Cruise and Connor looks sort of like him. There’s a lot more here than meets the eye. However, I believe Tom adores his kids- all 3 of them.

  37. Rhiley says:

    He is a total cutie and could probably get work in the business if he wanted, and without his father’s help. He looks like a cross between Jayden Smith and Justin Bieber. And I also agree that Nicole could have done more, could do more, if she wants to. She could go to Oregon and visit with him or have him come stay in Nashville. She did abandon those children and that is sad. I hope he believes in himself and can create a good life for himself because his parents are pretty worthless.

  38. Eleonor says:

    I’ve read some stories about people trying to get out of scientology (some of them also died) and I can’t blame Nicole Kidman if she is an estranged mother for Connor and Isabella (the kids choose to stay with Tom..but I bet they were brainwashed), we can’t know what happened. I really believe this story, and I hope Connor and Isabella will be strong enough to escape from Tom and all the scientolocrazyness.

  39. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Okay I feel like a DBag whenever I bring this up, but I dated a guy who was “famous” and a household name, and I TOTALLY know what they mean about Tom being hard to get close to. That totally made me 100% believe this story. My experience was so similar because these people have essentially grown up as famous and it turns them into… Well, I always used to say, “you know how Michael Jackson is so weird?” and it’s true, but they are weird in a less obvious way (and, boy, I could write a reallllly interesting tell all book!). They are always
    thinking about what story you could leak and are paranoid, even with those they are closest to (my ex actually confiscated
    my camera in NY after an argument!). Nobody is ever truly intimate and close to them, and you often feel that they are saying something fake and image boosting to you, just in case you leak it to the press. My ex was even like that with his mother!

    I used to feel so lonely because there was only a certain amount of closeness that was possible, thus I can relate to what this poor kid is going through. But he has it much worse b/c it’s compounded with adoption, which in and of itself can lead to major issues. Add to that the Suri element of, “oh, look, a natural born child!”…I think this is not the last we hear of Connor in the gossip mags. I suspect he is going to have some public rebelling in the future…

  40. Snowangel says:

    Boy Tom and Conner certainly look alike. Particularly the ears (I always look at ears!). I wonder if Tom fooled around on Nicole, and they got the baby. Which would mean he wasn’t really adopted, per se.

  41. Leni says:

    When one has more control one gets to pick where the children go and with whom-that is true of any court system in the US or probably any where else.
    Whether this is true about Connor or not-and I hope like heck it is-Tom had the whole Scientology money behind him. He got to choose-simple. As for the mother not getting to see them-look at all the fathers who don’t get to see their children. It is very naive to assume that parents aways have equal power after a divorce. Tom has always had more power since he joined Scientology.
    Good luck Conner and Isabella.

  42. valleymiss says:

    I think (just an opinion) that it’s not cool to say that NK abandoned her kids in favor of saving her public image (I.e, Sci giving up the results of her auditing sessions).

    Many times in divorces, parents have to deal with parental alientation. As in, 1 parents talks smack about the other so that the kid doesn’t want to spend time with the parent.

    What Co$ does is take it to a whole ‘nother level. So the kids have been told that anyone who hates Sci, or is in it and then leaves, is an Suppressive Person. So who knows if Connor and Isabella have even *wanted* to spend time with NK? You have that SP stuff drilled into your head long enough, and you turn against your own mom. It’s not their fault -they’re kids.

    I think NK probably figured that fighting Co$ would be a losing battle, and that she should just put the word out that her door is always open. What she’s really saying is much more symbolic: “If you’re ready to believe I’m not a suppressive person or bad person, please come to Nashville.” She can’t force those kids to do anything. Connor and Isabella might come around, or they might not. But NK forcing herself into their lives is only going to make them run the other way.

    I have a feeling both kids will rebel against Sci and come around to their mom eventually. But I think the way NK has played it is smart. This is an organization that has no problems brainwashing, killing, bribing, intimidating, phonetapping, dumpster diving, to eff with people. Why should NK bother going up against all that, when her kids *at this point* don’t want to see her anyway? NK is better off playing it cool and waiting for her kids to come to their own conclusions.

  43. lisa says:

    Conner is a gorgeous kid..

    and regarding is parents. The only thing that I have been sad about is that Tom seemed to have taken the older kids away. And Nicole really just gave up. She spoke in so many interviews about the birth of Sunday Rose as if that was her only child. I know the Conner and Bella are older but I don’t recall seeing them with the parents as much as we see Suri.

    I’m sure they are both loved, but it must be hard on them to see Suri portrayed as the ONLY child. But really how much do we know.

    and to an earlier poster.. YES I see Tom in Conner.. there is a resemblance.

  44. fabgrrl says:

    @mk: I totally, totally disagree. When it comes to a divorce, you can’t just look at the legality. Sure, Nicole had legal rights, but that is only a small part of it. Do you know what a vindictive parent can do to their children to turn them away from the other parent? Parental Alienation, look it up. It is horrifying what some people do to their kids unwittingly, and sometimes wittingly, to enact revenge on their ex-spouse. And what can the other parent do? Fight fire with fire? That f*s the kids up even more, and it give the other parent fuel. Sometimes parents walk away, using the not-unreasonable idea that if they aren’t part of the picture, the abusive (yes, abusive) parent will think they have “won’ and won’t emotionally damage the kid further. Honestly, I think Nicole probably did the best she could. Declare her love, and let the kids know that she will be there with open arms when they can get away from Tom.

  45. MollyB says:

    I hear people say a lot that nothing would keep them from their kids and I can understand that. But I think what is overlooked is how COS has turned the kids AGAINST her. I mean, they are teenagers. At a certain point, perhaps legally Kidman could have forced them into a car to spend time with her but given they see her a “suppresive” person, they probably would have been hostile or outright ignore her. She could exercise her legal right to make them physically in the same room as her but she can’t force them to love her or listen to her or want to be with, especially after all the lies COS must have told them about what kind of person she is and how spending time with her would destroy them.

  46. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    MellaYella I completely agreed. I’ve noticed they share a LOT of features and in some photographs it’s startling how much they resemble each other, especially in the jar area. In that pic above of them both smiling sort of from the side their smiles are very similar, their noses, their jawlines. I think it IS his son. Feel bad for him having to put up with all the Scientology stuff and excessive controlling that goes on with that.

  47. Girl says:

    So sad. But I’ve always gotten the impression that the older two Cruise kids were treated like accessories rather than actual people.

  48. valleymiss says:

    Fabgrrl, you took the words right outta my mouth. ;-) good post. Btw, I wanted to add, I absolutely agree that Connor is very good looking and could go into acting. Love the dimples!

  49. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    I wonder what would’ve happened if Nicole, who I also feel abandoned these kids, had gone on the offensive and contacted newspapers and magazines and implied that Scientology might be pressuring her to abandon her kids and that she wanted to go for custody but was scared of what the Scientologists might try to do to her, etc. She could’ve gotten a lot of public and media support on her side. I can only think that they must have some pretty damaging stuff on her that she doesn’t want public for her to have backed off to the degree that she did. Still, if it’d be me I would’ve fought them for my kids, no matter what. Let them throw dirt. Nothing’s more important than my kids!

  50. Cerulean says:

    It’s called Parental Alienation. Remember how Alec Baldwin said Kim was doing it? Does not excuse his ugly phone message but it can be a horrible abuse of the child. Tom is a controlling freak nutjob so I believe it.

    I think he’s actually related to Tom. But not his. He’s supposedly sterile. Not to mention the sexuality thing. His ex wife Mimi Rogers said it was like being married to a monk.

  51. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    -MollyB, I agree that they’ve turned the kids against Nicole, but I don’t think the kids felt that way at the time that she and Tom split. If she’d gone to court THEN and showed the court how damaging Co$ was to kids and that she could provide a better environment she might’ve at least stood a chance. By walking away she’s let the Scientologists brainwash her kids about her anyways and her abandoning them (in their minds) probably made whatever they said even more believeable.

  52. The Original Mia says:

    I feel for the Cruise kids and hope they are able to forge their own lives, separate from Tom’s COS influence.

    I think it’s rather ironic that a story about Connor actually shows that he has more of a relationship with Tom, Katie & Suri than his older sister, Isabella. We rarely see her and the last time she was even mentioned was that ridiculous story about her working for Holmes-Yang.

  53. snappy81 says:

    ….or maybe Connor is just wearing this Jesus necklace as “fashion” and isn’t trying to make any statement at all???

  54. mln76 says:

    I believe Nicole chose her career over her children. That for whatever reasons she believed she would have been blacklisted if she fought for the kids. That Tom gave her an A-list career before she flubbed it up and campaigned her for an Oscar. The Kidman-Cruise split is epically interesting. Here are just a few of my questions.
    1. Is Tom really Connor and Isabella’s (or even Suri’s) biological dad?
    2 . Did Nicole really miscarry (or was that a lie made up to make TC seem a heartbreaker)and if so who was the father.
    3. Is Nicole allowed any contact with the kids? Is she interested in any contact?

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I live to read Isabella’s memoir.

  55. Eleonor says:

    If Nicole went to court, and made her “war against scientolocrazyness” public, what the Scientolocrazy could have done to her kids?

  56. leetruth says:

    This is why I love Angie and Brad; their kids are always together and cared for. Like Tina Fey said, Cruise and Kidman have treated Conner and Isabella like props.

  57. Cerulean says:

    What I read was that the miscarriage was a reason for the divorce because she was cheating on him with Lenny Kravitz. He’s sterile so the baby could not be his. I think Nicole wanted out and kind of made an out for herself.
    My working theory is that his actor cousin donated the sperm for Suri. She looks a lot like him.

  58. Violet says:

    As others have pointed out, the CoS is ruthless about forcing their members to cut ties with so-called “suppressors.” Add to that Tom’s considerable power and wealth, and I don’t think Nicole ever stood a chance of being part of her older children’s lives.

    I have no doubt Nicole loves Connor and Isabella deeply, and would welcome them with open arms if they ever reached out to her.

  59. Lee says:

    I’m starting to see the Tom-Connor resemblance as well. Wow. But that would be so….bizarre, in light of how he’s been presented as an adopted child.

    Which reminds me – Tom Cruise is so. freaking. WEIRD. My fellow old people who were born in the 70s/80s – remember when Tom was the all-American golden boy #1 male star in the world? He seemed totally normal back then, right?

    Then…he jumped on that couch, dissed depressed pregnant women, & it all went haywire. I’d blame Scientology, but the same thing happened to Mel Gibson, another major 1980s heartthrob! Of all the 1980s heartthrobs, only Patrick Swayze managed to age gracefully and without publicly embarrassing himself.

    God rest your sexy soul Patrick, for not retroactively sullying my teenage sexual fantasies. RIP.

  60. missy says:

    Well to be fair leetruth, there’s a big age gap between Tom and Nicole’s older children and their younger ones. I think it’s natural that the younger children will be with their parents more, while their teenage/young adult children are busy with their own lives. Brad and Angelina’s children are all still young and relatively close in age. It’s not really a fair comparision.

  61. Jenn says:

    From above: So, she was cheating with Kravitz and would have had to explain a child of color (which would have been really, really interesting discussion) while he was cheating with Cruz and he apparently (from some of the discussion above)already fathered a child of color, who was brought into the house as “adopted”. Gossip is sometimes more amusing than it has the right to be.

    I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors in any relationship, but their’s was bordering on creepy. He just dumps her out of the blue, takes the children and moves on. It is nice to see couples or singles who don’t treat their adopted children like props or third class citizens. Hope these two turn out OK.

  62. Kara Ann says:

    I am NOT defending Tom Cruise but I do think he loves is children, all of them. Also, it isn’t unusual for 16 year olds to rebel against whatever their family status quo is so I tend to believe this. Having said those two things, I do believe that Tom loves/is beholden to/is so wrapped up in (whichever) Scientology so much that he would choose that over anyone. Also, I believe that he is an manic overbearing control freak. That’s what makes Connor’s typical teenaged rebellion into something dangerous to the father/son relationship. I really feel for this boy. BTW, he’s a real cutie in the top pic.

    Lastly, those saying that Kidman backed off because of COS and because her children have been brainwashed against her are, I believe, correct. I hope that Connor and Isabella eventually break away from Tom’s control enough to, at least, give their Mom a fighting chance to be part of their lives. Of course, that would mean denouncing their Scientology beliefs. There’s no way around it. If you don’t believe that then read up on the COS.

  63. S says:

    Please, there ist no similarity between Tom and Connor. Tom Cruise is a dumb, controlling narcissist, he is only interested in his kids, when it suits him aka for pr reasons. I totally believe this story and my hope is that connor and isabella will get away one day.

  64. Turtle Dove says:

    I don’t enjoy seeing little Suri pimped for the paps, but I don’t think that Connor and Isabella were completely ignored. Tom goes to their functions and he has a different career than other regular people, so I cut him some slack. That said, busy, working parents can have kids that are or feel neglected too, so… regardless I hope all the kids are happy.

    As for Nicole, I strongly think that she had no choice in her diminished capacity as a parent. Xenu is militant about who’s in and who’s out, and Nicole was definitely out. I think in years to come that we’ll hear a lot about what went on in that household.

    Edit – I agree with all the OPs who say that Connor looks like Tom. The resemblance is uncanny. He’s a handsome young man.

  65. theaPie says:

    He looks good in a Jesus necklace. Run for your life Conner!

  66. Jayna says:

    @Cerulean, not true. She started seeing Lenny Kravitz like a year after they broke up. Tom isn’t sterile. She miscarried early in their marriage and said so in an interview. I have a feeling she was cheating at the end. I thought the baby was her Moulin Rouge costar or at least her affair was. But just me guessing. I think it was in the divorce papers she miscarried Tom’s child. He never denied it. Maybe a DNA proved it. We will never know.

  67. morgane says:

    If it’s true and Connor feels this way I feel really sorry for Isabella.

    Connor always look happy when he’s photographed with Tom and they hang out together but we rarely see Isabella with them ( I think that the last time was april) and when we get to see her she doesn’t look happy.

  68. valleymiss says:

    I didn’t think she got with Lenny till after the Tom split? I read somewhere that NK actually had an affair and was pregnant with Ewan MacGregor’s kid. I’ll tell you this much: Ewan and Nicole oozed sexual chemistry in Moulin Rouge, and if you watch any of the behind the scenes “making of” clips, they have a natural rapport and chemistry and seemed to have a bit of a crush on each other.

  69. mln76 says:

    @cerulean I’ve seen it rumored that the child was Ewan Magregor’s. On the other hand Ted C who I think is as unreliable as all get out claims there never was a miscarriage but that Tom wanted that story out there so that people would believe he is virile. I find it odd that Connor looks soooooo much like Tom. I’ve read that he specifically inseminated a COS woman so that Nicole would have no legal ties to the children once a divorce happened. Still as I write these rumors I have to say I don’t know what to believe. It sounds like its straight out of a sci-fi story.

  70. Cerulean says:


    Yeah I thought the whole divorce was weird too. The timing was right before the 10 year mark where she would have gotten more money. It’s weird the kids don’t see her.
    I’ve brushed up against CO$ and believe me when I tell you that anyone outside of that cult is considered suspicious and unimportant. Family means nothing if you aren’t one of them. I ran away from them as fast I could. It was a work situation and they had some very strange and disturbing paranoid ideas about other people.

    So I can believe TC can cut people out of his life very easily and never look back. That threat hangs over his children’s head everyday.
    Nicole is a cold fish at best. But in this she was helpless.

  71. Jayna says:

    @Cerulean, not true. She started seeing Lenny Kravitz like a year after they broke up. Tom isn’t sterile. She miscarried early in their marriage and said so in an interview. I have a feeling she was cheating at the end. I thought the baby was her Moulin Rouge costar or at least her affair was. But just me guessing. I think it was in the divorce papers she miscarried Tom’s child. He never denied it. Maybe a DNA proved it was Tom’s. We will never know.

  72. Lisa says:


    Could you put up an early picture of Tom, circa “Risky Business” or even better…”Taps”…

    Because, all jokes aside…Connor looks more like Tom than Suri do!!!

  73. emma says:

    Connor looks so much like Tom. He has to be his biological father.

  74. the original bellaluna says:

    I feel so, so very badly for Connor and Isabella.

    I tend to think there’s more truth to this story than not, and any “religion” which tears apart the mother/child bond is hideous.

  75. Original Tiffany says:

    For those of you who have any feelings against Kidman, I suggest you read up on CO$. They will have one aim only-to absolutely destroy you, they will expose every last secret you have, they will sue and sue and sue, use every dollar and power of their cult to crush you.
    I speak with family knowledge. You are not allowed to see your family members except for a monitored once a year meeting. They are raised in a very sterile, harsh environment, not very much affection ever seen. Robots. My Grandfather left, was hunted down, and now we never and he never is allowed to see his kids. They are threatened to be declared SP themselves of they associate with a declared SP. You all have no idea the force they hold over every facet of your life.
    Blame the farce and cult that is CO$, who raise kids as small adults, don’t offer love on the regular, are raised in the most bizarre of circumstances. I can’t even begin to make it sound as bad as it actually is.

  76. irishserra says:

    Nicole could have tried to fight legally, but you’re forgetting that Hollywood is Hollywood. Period. That includes the authorities and everyone associated with them because the film industry funds every aspect of the system.

    Just look at Lindsay Lohan. There isn’t another municipality in this country that would continually let her get away with the things she does. Fighting in court in Hollywood against a Hollywood entity is futile and Nicole knew that. It’s a very different kind of beast from the rest of the country. I don’t think people really get that.

  77. sally says:

    Tom Cruise is such a little douche. Everything he does is suspect and fake and I have no problem believing every word of this story. He has Napoleonic Syndrome, and will do ANYTHING to stay in control of a situation. He hates Nicole for having the courage to leave him, and he will do anything to hurt her. Hopefully those kids will grow up to see the truth about their dad.

  78. BlackMamba says:

    The only reason Nicole didn`t fight for those kids is because they are adopted, can you imagine her doing the same thing to precious Sunday Rose? I don’t think so.

  79. Alix says:

    I think Connor and Isabella got a raw deal from both their parents. I hope they grab their trust funds, runaway from Xenu and fill their lives with people who will love and value them. And tell both Tom and Nicole to suck it.

  80. Roma says:

    For those who think Connor looks like Tom; I am told often that I look “so much” like my mother though I am adopted as well. It just happens as people spend years together they begin to mimic mannerisms.

  81. gg says:

    It’s well-known that the cult of $chiloontology disconnects families. Nicole did not stand an iota of a chance to continue a full relationship with her adopted kids. Don’t blame her for the insanity – not her fault.

  82. sassenach says:

    You people give NK too much credit. So much of their divorce settlement was leaked, that everyone knew what was going. Nicole was awarded 100 million dollars, joint custody and the deed to their Australian compound which was worth 20 million dollars. They BOTH were unfaithful. Cruise was desperately after Penelope Cruz while they were working on Vanilla Sky and Kidman had an affair with Ewan McGregor on the set of Mulan Rouge.

    Nicole sees the children just not that often. Connor has always been clingy with Nicole esp when he was younger. I feel bad for him. He is dad is crazy and his mother doesn’t fight enough for him.

  83. RocketMerry says:

    @jenn12 and all those who say “no way I’d leave the kids behind”.
    True, a mother always should feel that way, and Nicole probably did. But remember, the Co$ is a horrible cult that uses, amidst other techniques, brainwashing and a repetitive (although mild) form of conscious hypnosis/electroshock (that auditing thing they do: electric waves come through your body while you “confess” yourself, and not just things you did but also things you thought of doing and ultimately things they suggest you might have done/thought. In the end they convince you of having done or thought things you never did, it must be horrible not even knowing what is real and what is not).
    They use everything they can to convince those who stay in the Co$ that they want to stay and that those who leave are monsters that must never be contacted again. Kids who grow up like that, good luck having them understand that they can trust their mother who is leaving Co$ to take care of them. God knows what they might have said to her before she left for good.
    I truly hope they are getting back in touch with reality and maybe they’ll escape the cult. I suspect Nicole would be delighted to have them back with her.

  84. mln76 says:

    @ Roma I specifically see facial features that look like Tom. The shape of his ears, eyes and face. I’m not talking about gestures.

  85. kristipistol says:

    Does the “Jesus” look cross-eyed to anyone else?

  86. valleymiss says:

    BlackMamba, I find your comment fairly offensive. You said that NK didn’t fight for her kids because they’re adopted, and said that she *would* fight for Sunday Rose because SR isn’t adopted.

    If Keith Urban was a Sci and made her sign paperwork giving up her parental rights, then I think NK would be forced to give up on Sunday Rose the same way she’s had to give up on Connor and Isabella. Adoption, biological birth…this has nothing to do with that, and has everything to do with the horrible, violent, brainwashing cult known as Scientology.

    I predict that Connor and Isabella, if they ever break free of Co$, will run straight to NK. Isabella is over 18 now and she can do what she wants, legally. But if she’s been brainwashed to think that NK is evil, why would she?

    I find it offensive to say NK hasn’t fought as hard because she’s not biologically related to Connor and Isabella.

  87. okeydokey says:

    I wonder what would’ve happened if Nicole, who I also feel abandoned these kids, had gone on the offensive and contacted newspapers and magazines and implied that Scientology might be pressuring her to abandon her kids and that she wanted to go for custody but was scared of what the Scientologists might try to do to her, etc.


    She’d probably have died a strange and mysterious death.

  88. Blue says:

    I’ve seen a documentary about COS and have read stories about it and what they do to people. There are too many stories about them ripping apart families. Spouses and children of former Scientologists saying how horrible that person is while the “church” plays innocent, like they had no hand in it at all. I would like to believe that the story isn’t true but I barely see Tom with any of his children, Katie is always out with Suri, with Isabella tagging behind looking like a helper and not a member of the family. I’m sure they probably threatened NK, during the divorce and had lots of “proof and witnesses” that she was unfit to be left alone with the children. Everyone has a breaking point where they just walk away because they can’t do it anymore and she was going through a lot at that time as well. I don’t think she doesn’t love her kids and probably thinks about them all the time and wants them. I believe she gushes about her 2 young ones because she wants to be the mother to them that she hasn’t been able to to Connor and Isabella.

  89. Jayna says:

    Nicole had half custody. From what I remember it was three months full custody for each so they could do movies and make their movies during the time they didn’t have them. For a few years she raved about being with the kids. Bit I began to see her making more and more movies. She has said on recent interviews she worked all the time to lose herself in the characters. Tom’s house was filled with his sister and her children. As they got older and Nicole moved to Nashville I believe they grew distant. She should have had a home in California and lived there part time to keep close to the kids. She didn’t. Only recently did she say she was going to buy a home in Cali. I love Nicole but feel she gave up on those kids and didn’t create a nurturing home for them. She seemed lost in her depression until Keith.

  90. Devon says:

    sassenach: Just because legally Nicole has joint custody, it doesn’t mean that Scientology isn’t a factor here. Read up on the cult. It’s so sad.

  91. pumpkindoc says:

    I agree with the first poster that Connor is Tom’s biological child. He looks SO much like him, especially around the eyes.

  92. Cindy says:

    Well, considering they borderline stalked Parker and Stone (and their friends) for making a joke about Scientology and Tom Cruise, what do you think they would have done to someone who tried to take his kids away and expose his secrets/tarnish his boy-next-door image?

    I would not be surprised if they threatened to somehow sanction or harm those kids if Nicole didn’t back off. Not like they go to a regular school where it would get reported.

  93. sassenach says:

    @ Devon. I am aware of Scientology. My dumb ass cousin is a scientologist and barely speaks to us. She went to Cali to pursue acting and the rest if history.

    What I also know is this. No matter what she said on those auditing tapes or what that ridiculous cult threatened her with, she is still at fault. She is a visible celebrity and has the platform to expose just as much about Tom as he could supposedly have exposed about her. She could have come out guns blazing and WITH public support if Tom was supposedly keeping the kids from her but he wasn’t. She took the hundred million and peaced out. She should have tried harder when they were younger and more impressionable but now they are almost adults and risk them leaving her lives forever if she tried to get them away from the cult.

  94. taxi says:

    Nicole may have had “joint custody”, but how old were the kids when she moved to Australia? Tom may have made it very difficulr for them to visit her there. It’s a long way & nobody goes for a weekend. They could only have gone during school breaks & Tom could have prevented that in many ways. Not necessarily because he wanted to be with them but to keep them from seeing Nicole.

    I think both Tom & Nic neglected the kids after the divorce.

  95. Alexis says:

    Maybe these kids want to keep a low profile, though, I don’t think they envy Suri as long as Tom and Katie really care for them.

    Connor does look a lot like Tom, more so than Suri. Tom’s a weird and controlling kind of guy so I wouldn’t rule out anything (cos-style impregnation, having some kid with a pleb and wanting full rights to him without having to deal with the mom, whatever else). But I also think @Cerulean makes an interesting suggestion: maybe Connor is the child of a relative of Tom’s that he’s adopted. That happens sometimes in families…

  96. mln76 says:

    Look I get that everyone wants to paint Nicole as a sympathetic figure because no one wants to believe she’s that cold but I believe she’d rather have the money the Oscar and her freedom then her kids and no career. Just my opinion.

  97. bagladey says:

    @MellaYella I have ALWAYS said that. Their resemblance is too strong to ignore.

  98. Alexis says:

    Oh, in my earlier post i mean Nicole, not Katie.

  99. Jayna says:

    I have said for several years he looks so much like Tom. I guess it’s just happenstance. Connor is very handsome. Dad is helping him pursue his acting career. It will be interesting to see if he has talent.

  100. 2 Mainstream says:

    Yes how high and mighty we are with our worship of materialism and self indulgence. Hey while we’re at it can we do anything about those Hollywood nut jobs who attend those dubious 12 Step Meetings?

  101. Seal Team 6 says:


    Exactly. NK would have disappeared, or would have been found in her car dead from “suicide.”

  102. Shy says:

    I believe it. Even if the story is false because it’s In Touch I still think that this is close to truth.

    Imagine how is it for Connor and Isabella. They know they were adopted. Their “mom” Nicole basically abandoned them. Who knows she probably shows up once in 2-3 months. I don’t think I ever saw her picture with Connor. Maybe 3 random times with Isabella. And Tom works all the time and is away from home a lot.

    And then shows up Suri and Sunday Rose. And Connor and Isabella have to witness how Tom and Nicole adore and love their biological kids. How they spent all the time with them. Specially Nicole. She acts like it the firt time she became mom when Sunday Rose was born. It’s heartbreaking.

  103. Violet says:


    I agree. Connor’s resemblance to Tom is so strong that his biological father is probably a relative of Tom’s.

    As for Suri, I’m convinced that she’s actually Chris Klein’s child.

  104. Bopa says:

    None of us really know what happened but we can look at the history of the church. I wouldn’t be surprised if CO$ has some dirty secrets about Kidman and her family. To protect herself and them she probably decided to step away. Also there’s the fact that if she went to court Tom has his own deep pocket of funds and if that were some how depleted the CO$ would throw money in and have their own lawyers work pro-bono for Tom.

  105. TG says:

    @Cherry Rose – Yes, but what kind of confession could keep you from your child? I would think only murder, spying against the US and major embezzlement could keep my mouth shut and if you falsely confessed to murder in an audit session wouldn’t it be easy for the authorities to figure that one out? So I would rather be penniless and fight tooth and nail for my kids then walk away a victim. I wouldn’t go down with out a fight and even then I would never give up my rights to my child.

  106. 2 Mainstream says:

    So let me get this straight; Nicole doesn’t see her kids because the church would destroy her or her family if she insisted on having custody of them? Or, as some of you have asserted, they would just have her whacked.

    Where’s your evidence?

  107. hammer says:

    To sassenach: “Kidman had an affair with Ewan McGregor on the set of Mulan Rouge.”

    So the married Ewan McGregor had an affair with Nicole Kidman? Really? So why doesn’t anyone holler about what a cheating dirtbag he is?

  108. TG says:

    I want to amend my previous comment. I still say no auditing session could keep me from my child, but I do understand parental alienation and brainwashing. So given the cult they are part of and tommy boy it is believable that they would see her as a bad person.

  109. Snowangel says:

    Not only do they look alike, similar features, Connor actually looks shorter than TC. That means he is like 5 feet tall ?

  110. daisyfly says:

    Anyone who has any dealings with the Co$ knows that when you leave the church, you leave behind everyone who stays. That includes family. Nicole Kidman left the church and is now considered persona non grata. She is a danger to the hivemind of the church and therefore isn’t really allowed near her children. Since they chose to be with their father instead of her, she has no choice but to let them stay. She can’t force them to see her and doing so would reinforce the church’s saying that she’s a suppressive person (SP). This is the same fate that awaits Katie if she leaves, which is probably why she won’t.

    As for Connor…he’s Tom’s son. No one looking at that boy’s face can say any different.

  111. sharylmj says:

    I feel sorry for Conner and Bella, they are lost in this story. Their parents split up and made new lives with new kids. It must be really hard for them to feel connected. Suri is such a spoiled brat and their mom has moved on and is so happy with her new family. I bet they spend more time with her than any of us really know. I hope so.

  112. sharylmj says:

    PS… I AGREE that Conner is Tom’s biological son.. you can’t deny it

  113. Lee says:

    @ hammer – Because Ewan is a man. A man several of us would like to ride like a pony. Only women and ugly men are cheating dirtbags/cheating dirtbag enablers. You must be new here.

  114. Lee says:

    @ hammer – Because Ewan is a man. A man several of us would like to ride like a pony. Only women and ugly men are cheating dirtbags/cheating dirtbag enablers. You must be new here.

  115. Mari says:

    Ok, crazy theory here. I think, back in the day when they tried for children and nothing happened, Nicole and Tom went for adoption. They got baby Bella. Now, thinking that he couldnot sperminate ANYBODY he had an affair with some chick and BAM! Connor was born. So he convinces Nicole to go for other baby and that’s how they ‘adopted’ baby Connor. Now move ahead some years, and guess what? She founds out Tommy fooled around and had a baby boy, all hell broke loose, Tom got super duper pissed about being caught and dumps Nicole. As a result of this whirlwind situation, Nicole loses a pregnancy that was un noticed till that moment. Because had they known she was pregnant, Tom would had never ever filed for divorce.

    All this because, YES, Connor has a very much visible resemblance to Tom Cruise.

  116. Relli says:

    Ok I never noticed the resemblance until now, also I think Suri is Chris Klein’s child although she heavily favors Katie. Wasn’t there a blind not that long ago about a blist actress and alist actor having and affair and her handing over the child to him and his wife. Let’s see according to simulator Connor was born in january 1995 in what movies was he filming around then … Interview with a vampire & mission impossible 1…hmm I wonder if that’s where the mother may be?!?!?

  117. Rose says:

    In touch is a total rag, I wouldn’t believe a thing they type, and Connor looks NOTHING like Tom Cruise.

  118. MW says:

    I feel bad for the two oldest kids, too. Tom was probably way more concerned with getting his way and possessing the kids, rather than doing what was right for them. Wonder what he had over Nicole to keep her away? Having Suri in the picture might have been a blessing and actually opened his eyes to how differently he was treated and how he feels about that, and got him asking questions a lot earlier than he would have. I hope if Connor is now questioning how things really were, and why, that he has someone honest and truly on his side that he can talk to and make sense of his life with. Someone who can help him find some answers so he doesn’t end up as a bitter, hateful adult.

  119. Carolyn says:

    Ron L Hubbard and the freaks who currently run CoS have a lot to answer for. I wish Connor and Isabella well and hope they grow up to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted people. I don’t care about spoilt princess Suri.

  120. Jenn says:

    He can’t be sterile AND have a biological child. I happen to look more like my aunt than her own daughter, so, it could be another relative of his.

    But to be honest, I hate stories when the child is featured, no matter who the celebrity parent may be. He did not pick to be in this somewhat odd situation and he did not choose his rather “different” family and father. Feel free to write about Tom, Nicole, Katie and their oddness, but leave the kids alone.

  121. Seal Team 6 says:

    We must also remember that many CoSers believe that Suri is the literal rebirth of LRH.

  122. normades says:

    I’m all for conspiracy theories, but I doubt Conner is Tom’s biological son. He is a good looking kid tho.

    I don’t understand why they adopted them in the first place, as both parents seemed too absorbed in their careers to have given them the love they needed.

    The CoS raised them and the CoS will probably keep them. But it would be awesome if he could break away. Run Conner, Run!

  123. mamakowalska says:

    I know 1st hand how it is to watch the child from the new marriage be treated so much differently than the ones from the failed old marriage. Poor kid I feel for him. I hope he finds his way through trying to figure out that LIFE IS NOT FAIR, and YOU HAVE TO FIND YOUR OWN WORLD!!!

  124. TG says:

    And you notice how Katie is always out in front of her step-kids? And usually she has bella holding her purse or her other crap. Even when they are running she makes sure she is in front of Conner. But, Suri is always out front and center.

  125. LeeLoo says:

    My dad adopted me when he was married to my mom (step-parent adoption but I know of no other father) and I get told I look like him all the time and that we have the same eyes. There’s no way I am his natural daughter but I think when you are a young child you pick up on the same facial expressions and the same type of mannerisms that are used.

    I doubt Connor is Tom’s natural child. It doesn’t fit. But I think everyone is right when it comes to the CO$. If Nicole had fought for the kids they would have had a bunch of “witnesses” come forth and say horrible things about Nicole. If Nicole had tried to expose CO$ they would have had her “commit suicide” or have a “car accident” or something like that. There may be no evidence but everything we’ve found out through ex-member testimony in the last decade leads me to believe that something like that would have happened.

    I hope Scientology’s days are numbered. This church is being exposed for what it is, a cult. Eventually the U.S. government is going to go snooping around and begin asking questions – if they haven’t already. Then these people are going to get shut down.

  126. Jaded says:

    I have a feeling Connor and Isabella are offspring from Sea Org scientologists who aren’t supposed to marry or have children. I also believe that Nicole Kidman’s past involvement with Scientology means she’s been “audited” and there are probably some incriminating tapes stored away that would be unleashed if she spoke openly about how Tom dumped her (because she moved away from CoS). This is why he seems to have more parental control over Connor and Isabella and has tried to keep Nicole’s influence on them minimal as she would be the voice of reason about why they shouldn’t let themselves be totally taken over by CoS. Tom’s very high up in the organization and could ruin her if he chose.

  127. Alexa says:

    I’d LOVE to adopt Connor (and Isabella)! I totally believe that Connor feels neglected, and I would too if in his shoes. Gosh – I’d love to be his family right now. Love you Connor! Be Strong!

  128. Carolyn says:

    Nicole ex-boyfriend (an Aus actor) did an interview years ago commenting that he was with her when she started working on Days of Thunder and was gutted to find out through the media that she was dating Tom Cruise. Put that with McGregor’s reputation and the chemistry he had with Nicole and I am certain they had an affair whilst making Moulin Rouge. Everyone forgets about Mimi Rogers. She has NEVER commented on Tom. Doesn’t that strike you as weird?

  129. therese' says:

    I don’t feel sorry for any of them.

  130. Llllll says:

    I honestly did not know Tom Cruise had children other than the one with Katie Holmes. Crazy.

    Reading about celebrity’s kids makes me feel guilty, like we’re peeking into something we shouldn’t see. This particular story wasn’t so bad and did not attack the children. Still, I think minors should be off-limits for the most part, especially considering how speculative these articles really are.

    But… this is a gossip site, so I get it. And the reason I like Celebitchy is because it’s no where NEAR what I read in the line at the grocery store. They only go after adults who know better, and actually offer practical advice to some of those idiots.

  131. ViloDeMenus says:

    Tom’s sterile, at one time in the 80′s admitted it and Mimi Rodgers gave several interviews stating he was unable to have children of his own. I am wondering why he’s going to The Delphian School in Oregon when there is a campus in Glendale California near his home. Why is he at boarding school?

    Having it all doesn’t mean you have much in the Cruise household does it?

    • The Other Katherine says:

      I don’t remember these interviews with Mimi Rogers, but I certainly can believe she said that. Nevertheless, assisted reproductive technology (ART) has come a LOOOONNNG way since the ’80s. These days, they can inject a single sperm directly into an egg (intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI), which enables fertilization in cases where sperm motility is poor or there is a low count of viable sperm. I don’t think ICSI was in widespread use until the late ’90s.

      I totally buy that Suri is Tom’s biological child, conceived via ART, and that for a variety of reasons he and Nicole never had a successful pregnancy via ART. (For example, a mother may have repeated pregnancy loss with one partner due to immune system rejection of the fetus, and not with a different partner. There are lots of reasons for pregnancy loss or implantation failure, and many of them are poorly understood.)

  132. Cerulean says:

    Yes, he did admit it. Back when he seemed relatively normal. Suri looks exactly like his actor cousin who is also a CO$ member.
    I can totally buy that Nicole lied about the miscarriage early on to make him seem virile. Didnt she fake her own pregnancy? Thing is in CO$ they condone lying to anyone outside of the church. TC is obsessed with his image to the point of insanity.
    About her and Lenny, I heard they had a fling then resumed it later. But Ewan? I could see that too.
    All supposition of course. All hearsay of course.

  133. ADS says:

    @126 I agree. It’s one of the reasons SHE still has a career and in some quarters highly regarded for her talent. I think if she didn’t do what she was told she would of been destroyed. Not literally of course. Well, who knows? Lol.

  134. Meanchick says:

    Connor is doing what ALL teens do; rebel. He is wearing the necklace because he thinks it is cool, no big underlying conspiracy here. BUT, what’s up with all of this blanket and carrying crap with Suri? I swear. Do we really need anymore spoiled, talentless Hollywood brats with an over-exaggerated sense of entitlement? Put the creepy little stepford kid down and let her walk! The Wooby? Get rid of it.

  135. Andie B says:

    #107 – Apparently Ewan and his wife have an open marriage, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he did have a fling with Nicole. He has been linked with several attractive young actresses in the past. When I looked at the photo of Connor wearing the Jesus necklace it suddenly struck me that he DOES look like TC. The first time I have ever thought that. Then I scrolled down and see a lot of others think that too. Interesting.

  136. wunder says:

    Connor is totally cute!!!

  137. Seal Team 6 says:


    Mimi Rogers and her father were hard-core, “in-deep” elite CoSers. Mimi recruited Tommy, but was then kicked out of CoS because Tom Cruise was a rising star. Mimi has said very little about Tom Cruise, because she isn’t stupid, and knows what would have happened to her if she did.

  138. missy says:

    If Mimi is scared of Tom, then why would she publicly take a jab at his sexuality? Remember her comments about him wanting to “preserve his instrument”?

  139. mln76 says:

    From what I remember there was a huge scandal back in the eighties when Mimi R insinuated that Tom was impotent and not packing much heat ala Canalis only 10x nastier this was the origin of the gay rumors surrounding Tom. And from what I remember she was blacklisted for a while and went from a working if not huge actress to being marginalized until the early 90′s when she started doing TV work. I personally believe Tom is gay so I don’t think Tom would care about fidelity in marriage just discretion.

  140. Crimson & Clover says:

    I don’t think it’s so much that CO$ had anything on Nicole so much as the kids chose Tom during the divorce. I mean, I think they were pretty much emotionally blackmailed by Cruise and CO$, but I do think the separation is because the kids chose to stay with their dad. People have posted some links to information on Scientology; read the parts about “suppressive persons” and “disconnecting” and tell me that doesn’t sound like the Kidman/Cruise kids’ situation. In my fantasy assumption of events, Tom probably told them that Nicole was an SP and if they didn’t disconnect from her, *he* would disconnect from *them* and made it sound like they’d lose everything. And Nicole told them they could do what they want and her home would always be there for them. So they stayed with ultimatum-issuing dad, thinking that they’d be able to work out seeing mom, only to find out she’d been pretty well removed from their lives.

    Nicole never joined Scientology. It was a well-known sticking point in their marriage and with CO$ by the time they divorced a decade ago (OMG, a decade already!). I really think the only thing CO$ could do to hurt her at that time was take her kids away, and they accomplished that. It’s sad to me that now the kids seem to realizing they were put into an unfair and untenable situation and made a choice that has had a very negative effect on everyone involved, but if they try and reconnect with mom, they’re going to lose dad. It sucks that they can’t have both parents (and half-siblings) in their lives.

    But yeah, I blame CO$ entirely.

  141. amo says:

    You reckon Juliette Lewis was talking about a secular Christmas? In tat interview she specifically said she was a Christian:

  142. Seal Team 6 says:

    That is the only time she took a jab, and it — they — destroyed her career, tossed her out of CoS, and declared her and her entire family SPs.

  143. iseepinkelefants says:

    Are we also forgetting that Connor and Isbella were shipped off to live with Tom’s sister? Instead of letting Nicole have them he placed them in his sister’s care instead.

    Then this midget parades his ugly (poor thing has Tom’s nose) annoying bio kid all over the place. Little Suri gets everything and poor Isablla gets relegated to being the brats nanny. Talk about fucked up.

    If Isabella and Connor break away yes they may get cut off but screw that blackmail Kidman. She has more than enough money.

    Both of those idiots screwed up two kids that were already on a hard path emotionally (being adopted). Then both clearly shower their bio kids with more love.

    Just because financially they’re more well off than others doesn’t mean their childhood was any better. I’m sure they’d trade all that money and fame for a life where they had even one parent sit down and have dinner with every night, bothering them about doing their homework and insisting they check it and gripping them into cleaning their rooms. Sometimes nothing beats the mundane.

  144. iseepinkelefants says:

    Oh and who knows how much of a normal life these kids can have after getting their education in a Scientology school. I doubt they could ever achieve a university education or if any uni would even accept them. I cannot imagine they learned much of anything or, truth for that matter, in Scientology schools.

    Cruise and Kidman (and yes I blame her for letting Scientology blackmail her. She’s obviously a bad mother for not fighting harder for those kids) screwed these kids over for sure.

  145. Annie_Grey says:

    Vilo-Yeah, but Toms a big liar. You never know with the guy.

  146. harfang says:

    As a practicing Jew who celebrates X-Mas with genuine pleasure (my dad’s a very sane Christian), I think I’d have to agree that wearing recognizable imagery of Jesus himself, especially a thorny version, steps into actual Christianity or dabbling/experimenting therein. (Despite the thorns I find that Jesus pretty interesting to look at, albeit too idolatrous to wear with my upbringing. Neat design.)

    And a not-so-little child shall lead them into the blazing light of reality. You can’t just mess up your kid wantonly. …At least we can hope it will cause a bit of a wake-up for Tommy Boy.

  147. Lily says:

    Connor has got to be Tom’s biological child…I can’t wait until someone does a real tell-all on Tom, he’s got sooo many secrets (or rather open secrets) it seems

  148. Bambi says:

    Where there’s smoke there’s fire. . .

  149. wunder says:

    He’s into Jesus pendants. . .Such a ‘rebel’!

  150. Amanda says:

    Good for him.

  151. Kim says:

    This is what happens, more often than not, when people adopt or have kids then remarry and have kids with new spouse. The “original” children are forgotten and more attention is focused on the new kids.

    I hope to lessen the burden on Isabella and Conner, and not because of the dirt the church has on her, Nicole stepped aside because of what scientology tells the kids about someone who leaves. They would make it really hard on the kids to have a relationship with her after leaving the church.

    BUT if she was just afraid of the dirt the church had on her shame on her. Nothing is more important than your children REGARDLESS of what the scary church would have leaked to the press about her.

    Tom also should have been encouraging Isabella & Conners relationship with their mother Nicole and not trying to replace her with Katie as he totally did. I think he is largely at fault for why Nicole didnt/doesnt have much of a relationship with them.

  152. laurielou2 says:

    I feel total sympathy for the kid. After all, no one chooses his parents–adoptive or otherwise. Hoping Tom’s karma will catch up with him in 5, 4, 3….

  153. skeptical says:

    Co$ was definitely involved in keeping NK away from the kids. Please see what others have said regarding disconnection, children in scientology, and auditing.
    kids are considered adults in small bodies and are encouraged to spy on their parents for the “church”.

    The scientology “confession” is not at all like the Roman Catholic one. In scientology you are looking at the person you confess to, and everything you say is being written down, and you are holding onto the E-meter, which is basically a primitive polygraph machine that sends low levels of electricity through you, which in some people will produce feelings of euphoria.
    You written confessions are collected in a folder, clearly named as yours, and kept by “church” officials and shared with those above you. Information goes up, never down.

    So I’d like to suggest another version of what might have happened.
    The Co$ officials got involved when Tom said “Nicole’s divorcing me” and they had a meeting with the kids where the kids were told by their religious leaders that Mom was now a bad person. Various things from Nicole’s folder might even have been told to sway the kids and other people who used to be Nicole’s friends.
    And since Daddy was right there nodding along.. the kids took it and “chose” to stay with dad and the cult.

    Nicole may have had the law technically on her side… but if the kids were saying that they didn’t want to visit her then what else could she do?

  154. annieok says:

    I don’t for one second believe that Nicole abandoned the children. When our government still categorized Scientology as a cult rather than the religion it is now considered, the group was known for continuously suing people who worked for the government as individuals (since you can’t sue the government) as a means of harrassment, particularly anyone who made a comment about the group in the press. Nearly every government in the world still considers them a cult but the US relented, giving them even more millions in revenue every year granted so-called “religions”. There is no way that an individual could sustain a fight against a rich and powerful organization like this for any length of time because they win by bringing one suit after another until they wear someone down both emotionally and financially. I’m sure they had all their ducks in a row, legally speaking, when Tom married Nicole and that one of the conditions was that any children would be brought up in scientology. The children would have been indoctrinated to the point where they wouldn’t think of living with the parent who had left their religion. Nicole could have fought but it’s almost certain that it would have involved dragging the children through court for a number of years and completely upending their lives. And yes, they would drum up anything they could to cast her in the most negative light possible. It’s rare for anyone to make any negative comment about Cruise because they are immediately slapped with a law suit, so whatever the truth is it won’t be known for many decades. From what I can see Tom shed wives like so much underwear with hardly a glance back while Nicole was a basket case, lost a baby, and seemed to really care for Tom. For Tom it was almost 10 years at which point he would have had to give her a larger settlement in an eventual divorce, so he ditched her shortly before that date. I doubt there are too many people out there colder than this guy.