Is The Kardashian empire krumbling? Their boycott petition has 100k signatures.

Among all the latest Kardashian stories there’s been one major theme, and that is that the general public, not just the heavy gossip consumers like us, are sick of these bitches, particularly Kim, and are ready to see them go away permanently. We’ve all been saying this for some time, but it took a while for the tide to turn and it really has. Last night’s Entertainment Tonight asked if the Kardashian empire was crumbling, and it definitely seems to be. There are several petitions to take their shows off their air, the most active of which has over 100,000 signatures and an accompanying website, The website is an amusing parody and brief commentary on the Karadashians, although the brands to boycott section is incomplete. That’s probably because it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the crap these people have slapped their name on.

Well advertisers are worried and wary of the Kardashians, according to ET, as is E!’s parent company, Comcast. ET claimed last night that they had a source that confirmed that “Comcast is concerned about the Kardashian franchise.” A journalist for Hollywood Reporter, Leslie Bruce, really summed things up during ET’s segment. She said “The Kardashian brand relies solely on it’s authenticity, and viewers really believing that they have a window into their life. Without that really what do the Kardashians have?

What’s more is that the Kardashian sisters have a new book out called Dollhouse. It’s very thinly veiled fiction about their lives, with three sisters called Kamille, Kassidy, and Kyle who live in L.A. with their controlling mom and her new husband, a former professional baseball player. Their rich dad died a few years prior and now they’re hustling to keep up their luxurious lifestyle. The existence of this book just brings home how fake this family is and how much krap they’re trying to sell us without possessing any talent or a intelligence.

If you do a google news search on Kardashian, all the top results are about the petition to take them off their air. There’s also news that Kim ditched her best friend, Brittny Gastineau, shortly after she got married. Brittny’s mom told Radar that Brittny was concerned about Kim jumping into her marriage with Kris Humphries too fast. After Kim got married, she shut Brittny out. She also seems to have shut her husband out, and to have simultaneously slammed the door on all the easy money she was making. Narcissists aren’t very good at maintaining relationships after all.

Here are Kourtney and Khloe promoting their new book in New Jersey yesterday. Look at how orange Kourtney’s face is! And her pantsuit is ridiculous. Kim was a no show.




Photo credit: WENN and Fame

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  1. brin says:

    How can you not be sick of them…they’re everywhere. I hope all their shows/endorsements get canceled.

  2. toto says:

    can someone please tell me why suddenly people made petitions and boycott , what was the point everything turned upside down on them ? her call for divorce ?

    just want to follow up with this story :) thx

    • MARIO says:

      The Kardashian’s mock the constitution of marriage for the almighty dollar. Who knew making a sex tape can make you wealthy beyond belief. She is the epitome of negative influence to our youth, upholding moraless values and company’s and sponsors are condoning and promoting that message.

      Ryan Seacrest produces the Kardashian shows, he and her Sponsors such as Sears, Kohls, Macy’s and Skechers to name a few need to be boycotted for endorsing a Greedy Soul-less Porn Star.

      • Myrna E. Schaaf says:

        I totally agree with your comment. I want the low life kardashians. Off the air and all endorsements on the trash. Lamar,Scott,Brucenad Kris can do much better the the trashes they are with!!! Child Welfare Service should take Mason away and place him with a decent family. I lowered myself today and watched the nene season. What filth,perversion, some sort of porn, they had a naked rasta yoga instructor, yes totally naked,l Khourtney had to utter generials, ass,butt&tits out of her filthy mouth, she threatened to kick Scott in his balls, and he said he will kick her in the crotch!
        I believe Mason was in ear shot. We need to boycott Sears,as well as E! They ware shoving this filth, pornon us, we pay good money for cable, we don’t want filth and porn. They are not celeberties, they are weeds sprouting up out of the garbage dump heap. Let us bring them dam nasty,filthy,perverted low life kardashians, take Mason away from them, give him to a normal home, a true Christian home.

      • Myrna E. Schaaf says:

        Ryan secrets is a FILTH BAG, I say get rid of them,and boycott every store associated with names, boycott E! too, E! is the same low life scumas them nasty kardashians, you are what you reap and sow, people who buy their merchandise is just as low!!!filth bag Kim didn’t see anything wrong having a nude yoga instructor..If you can get Bollywood, watch their movies, they are family friendly, the girls are so exotic, they are 100 times better looking than the kardashian females. The nastiest one-Klohe was exiting a car into a building, some idiot yelled”we love you Klohe”‘ the trash wasn’t really responsive!!!.

  3. Marjalane says:

    These girls have the most Gawdawful fashion sense! Kourtney always looks like a secretary from the 70′s. There is no way that someone, (anyone! please!) wouldn’t mention to her that her foundation seems to be “off”. Can you imagine what it looks like in daylight? Egads.

    • MARIO says:

      The Kardashian’s new clothing line for SEARS is taste-less. Instead of Sears promoting talented young clothing designers, they promoted a greedy moraless Porn Star. Something needs to be said about that! Boycott Sears!

      • Myrna E. Schaaf says:


  4. Leigh says:

    It’s about time, their 15minutes was up 10 minutes in…

  5. bee says:

    Of course Kim was not at the book signing. Kim has cancelled all her appearances except for her New Years Eve hosting gig in Vegas. Kourtney and Khloe finished both book signings and hauled ass back to Los Angeles.

  6. Girl says:

    How sad that my first reaction to that header pic was that on the left was her raised leg. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was. They really do need to go away. I do not understand the fascination with them or the fact that they have fans. Who are those people?

  7. searching4grace says:

    I’ve watched 1 or 2 episodes but I’m grateful to have never gotten sucked into their hemisphere. Their brand is not for me. I’m glad for the petition and happy to have been the “You are signer #108642″ on the petition as of 9:16 a.m. EST.

  8. bros says:

    god these cows are SO GROSS LOOKING. they seriously remind me of Dresella and Anastasia from the disney cartoon of cinderella.

  9. normades says:

    I don’t understand why she’s getting a divorce, the whole thing was fake anyway, couldn’t she have just kept the charade going?

  10. Abs says:

    People need to get a life. Nobody forces you to watch their shows, click on their articles or buy their products. Dedicate your time to other important matters. I would never wish failure on anybody. Bad karma. Unless they are racist, sexist, abusers, etc…

  11. bee says:

    Does it have to be 1 million signatures of more? I do not envision E! Networks getting rid of their shows. The Kardashian shows (all of them) bring in huge ratings for the E! network.

  12. Emma says:

    This book sounds like a group autobiography, only with the names and sport of their stepfather modified. Disgusting.

  13. Thanks for the feature… the brands to boycott is now up, but we always are looking for credible submissions.

    The marriage has been the last straw for many of us, and evidence of the crying wolf “excuses” for the last few incidents have all also been staged.

    Please read the intro – Tells you why Americans have had enough.

    With today’s economy , and so many starving children its shameful enough to have a wedding like kim. But to have that marriage last 72 days, be based on profit and not love, is so tasteless that it has woken a giant.

  14. Addie says:

    @Girl: I have family members who are not really into celeb gossip, but watch and like the Kardashians, they are convinced that this is really their lives and that the media is out to distroy them just to get headlines.

    I kind of understand though, if you follow a show from the start, you assume you are growing with these “characters” and have seen them in their best and worst times.

    I don’t follow anything Kardashashian (except on Celebithchy) so I see right through em.

  15. J O'C says:

    I just signed that petition. I hope it really does help to make this family GO AWAY.

    Except Chloe. Chloe can stay.

  16. Quest says:

    I love the cartoon version of Kim it is sooooo life like….LMAO

    These bitches need to learn how to actual earn a salary like the average joe and milk the economy for their fake ass “Kardashian brand”

  17. Julie says:

    Just signed and posted on Fbook. Feel I’ve done my civic duty this a.m. even more so than showing up the polls to vote and showing up for jury duty :)

  18. Diane says:

    More than happy to sign. (#109161)

  19. Lee says:

    Nothing is crumbling. People don’t bother to get involved with boycott campaigns, sign petitions, write angry blog comments, or otherwise loudly call attention to the fact that they are soooo over a celebrity if they are, in fact, over that celebrity.

    The truth is that people who hate a celebrity are often indistinguishable from that celebrity’s fans in that both groups can’t stop gleefully devouring every outrage s/he dishes out.

    All this negative publicity will only help their ratings – people who have never watched will tune in out of curiosity & haters will keep tracking Kim’s every move.

    It is a fact of human nature that many of us cannot & do not want to stop gawking at/gossiping about/self-righteously shaking our heads at that which we say we hate. Anyone who has ventured into a Jolie/Aniston post on this site should know this.

    Face it guys, we’re stuck with them forever.

  20. Kelly says:

    @Lee – well said, well said. I’m becoming convinced that after the nuclear war, there will be only cockroaches and Kardashians left, they’re that tenacious.

    On the other hand, I used to believe that about Paris Hilton, but she’s no longer ubiquitous or relevant. Thank God!

  21. Redheadwriter says:

    I’m number 109,482. If I could sign more than once, I would do it all day long!

  22. Dusty says:

    There should be an outcry too, about Rob Kardashian’s continued appearance on DWTS. He is the male version of Bristol Palin – kept on the show by votes, not talent.

  23. Nanz says:

    Paris Hilton was photographed recently with orphans in Kenya. The Kards. make her look like a saint, comparatively speaking. Who would have thought? I can’t believe I’m typing this. THis doesn’t mean Paris needs to come back to the spotlight! I’m just noting how the tables have turned.

  24. Cathy says:

    Never watched their shows or bought their crap, but I think I’ll go sign that petition anyway because I can’t stand them

  25. dorothy says:

    That family is pathetic. I signed the petition and have encouraged everyone I know to do the same.

  26. MSat says:

    **Dances** Oh, Happy Day! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. Welcome to the hate train, Rest of America. We’ve been here for quite some time.

  27. kibbles says:

    I’m glad that Paris Hilton is out of the spotlight and Nicole Richie is now focused on family, but I agree that those two were nowhere as bad as the Kardashian clan. The entire family will do anything for money and attention. The haters might bring a lot of attention on the family but it might not be the attention that sponsors want. All it takes are a few major sponsors to cut ties and then the rest may follow. It happened to Tiger Woods. I believe the same can happen to Kim Kardashian and her family. The public and the entertainment biz are fickle, especially for reality stars with no talent or reason for being famous besides taking off their clothes and leaking a sex tape.

  28. SF says:

    Sarah Palin. Check.

    Paris Hilton. Check.

    Kate Gosselin. Check.

    Kardashians. Next.

  29. Justalark says:

    @ Dusty: I respectfully disagree!

    I can’t stand the Kardashian women, and I was prepared to dislike Rob on DWTS just on principle, but he has totally won me over! He has developed into a great dancer, and he could honestly hold his own with either of the remaining finalists (which could not be said of either Kelly Osborne or Bristol Palin).

    Rob has earned a college degree from USC, and he is enthusiastic, genuine, hard-working, non-whining, and self-deprecating–the polar opposite of his obnoxious and phony sisters! If anything, I pity the poor boy for having to put up with their embarrassing shenanigans! GO, ROB, GO!

  30. LittleFATMe says:

    WAIT – PLEASE. I don’t care if all of them go, but I like Kloe & Lamar, can they stay. I like Rob living with them – he’s a classic sitcom brother! Can we please save them?

  31. Lacey says:

    AWESOME. It’s like Christmas came early!

  32. Kasey says:

    I’m of an opinion leaning towards what #19 said. This petition signing is just keeping them one of the most talked about things of late. E!/Seacrest know that their dedicated dolls are plenteous, gullible and not going anywhere. They also know this buzz and publicity is drawing new curious people who want to get the whole picture for themselves or watch them crash and burn.

    Pockets need to be lightened for anything to happen. Whoever supports E!/Seacrest (advertisers?) need to experience loss and pull out for them to pull their shows. Do enough people care enough to make that happen? I’m not so sure Kris’ kash kow will be the one to bring down the empire. In any event, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kris already has a golden egg laying goose back-up plan up her sleeve. I told a friend recently that the Kardashian klan strikes me as the kind that does not go out except by fasting and praying.

  33. Calli P says:

    Oh, wow. They both look like men in the middle picture.

    Never watched the show, but their ubiquitousness really annoys me.

    Off to sign.

  34. jasmine says:

    I have signed several of these petitions! Its time to get the CRAP out of our programming. The real housewives needs to go too. and to tell the truth i also refuse to read any articles about that young girl that married the 55 yr old man. i really wish you would stop running stories on her. i read this site everyday and am tempted to not read this site anymore as well because of the continued attention brought to her through the stories ran about her!

  35. Gypsy says:

    I need some help and advice????

    What is so special about these girls, that people would abandon their family bonding time, their own life to watch and follow?
    Are their lives so pathetic that they need to watch a fake family to feel better about themselves?

    A few years down the road they’ll be old and the only thing on their resume will be, “I watched the Kardashian family faithfully”.
    Even though I don’t remember my family members names, I know the names of all the Kardashian clan…I’m so proud.

  36. only1shmoo says:

    Why waste your time on a petition when you could just ignore her? Also, why did no one think to do the same for Paris Hilton, eh? I’ve got a big eyeroll reserved for anyone who thinks P.H.’s display of her more philanthropic side is actually sincere; please, that woman used to mock people who work for a living and go to third world countries with LV suitcases, she just needs a new tactic to get more publicity, and she knows that being a slutty narcissist it too passé.

  37. gg says:

    I have never even surfed past their show(s?) so I don’t even know what they sound like, but every damn day I see them in online bloids and wonder what the fascination with them is.

    Anyway, who is the genius that thought up Kourtney and Kim’s orange makeup with the raccoon white concealer and Raggedy Ann round bright red blush? YUCK.

  38. donnamae54 says:

    Who in the world annointed these ugly trolls to do anything? This is just too much! THEY HAVE GOT TO GO!! I have not for one second tuned in to they show, why would someone use their God given time on earth to people who have absolutely nothing valuable to add to their lives but to grab their money. Money the love of it is the root of all evil, that and only that is this family only goal. Nothing is sacred not even the holy matrimony of marraige which by law is denied to some people.

  39. Jenny says:

    Kill them all with fire. However the sad thing is there is some attention whore who only wait for big chance to be next paris, kim, ….

  40. Chereth Cutestory says:

    The only thing that will destroy the Kardashian empire is our complete and utter indifference. If we ignore them completely and treat them if they don’t exist, they will go away. The boycott – though well meaning – only serves to generate more controversy, which means ratings and sales for the Kardashians.

    Indifference is our best weapon.

  41. Jay says:

    How does a petition get a show cancelled? It’s no different to the industry than the “Harry Potter is the work of Satan” lobby groups. All that matters is how many are watching. If 2,000,000 are watching, say (making that up I have no idea how many watch) do they really care if 100,000 who aren’t watching just don’t care or whether they actively hate it? These people are not the audience, by definition. Maybe if it were a list of former fans that jumped ship they might take notice, but to judge that I’d guess they’re only likely to pay attention to ratings.

  42. Lynne says:

    There should be a petition to boycott The E channel as well. As long as the k klan krap shows provide E profits, they aren’t going to take them off the sir.

  43. oh dear says:

    petitions are cute but the only way these bitches are going away is when ppl
    - unfollow them on twitter
    - stop buying their shit
    - stop watching their shows
    - stop buying magazines with them on the cover
    - stop clickin on articles about them (oops)
    - stop searching them on google

    just basically STOP giving them what they want: attention and money.

  44. Blue says:

    I still can’t figure out how and why they’ve been around for so long. They have no actual talent to sustain them. No one stays in the spot light forever. They will go away sooner or later (hopefully sooner) because their act is going to get old. They aren’t really good at anything except selling themselves. Someone or something else is going to come and take their place.

  45. theaPie says:

    Just signed it. That felt good.

  46. MellaYella says:

    I signed a couple days ago. I’m just ready for them to go

  47. Christine says:

    God please let the signatures close in and exceed 1 mil.
    Though, the only way the execs at E take notice is if ad agencies were on board too. At this point, unlikely. But petition is a good start.

  48. Ron says:

    I think they have jumped the shark with the wedding debacle. 3 years ago Paris Hilton was everywhere and now shes around but people have lost interest. The same thing is happening to Kim now. And people really do hate her mother.

  49. Ari says:

    #113 something or other (i forgot) I wrote BEGONE lol

  50. laylajane says:

    It would be soooo jacked up if she is behind the petitions and getting money that way as well.. I’m on the petition #116 something about get the famewhore, tacky family off tv forever.

    But it would not surprise me at all.Who is buy her stuff and watching the show. I naturally boycott anything I know has them on it. Except gossip, Kaiser are you being paid by the Kardashian’s too???

    I LOVE your site, I would hate to boycott you too:-(

  51. kiki says:

    Petitions are of no use, quite the opposite, garnering them more attention.

    So I’m not signing. I’ll “sign” by not watching their programs, not watching anything Seacrest-related at all (this is tough as I am an old school American Idol fan), not buying their products or magazines (never did and won’t start now). The most I’ll do is keep up with the story here at CB, gotta witness their downfall 3rd hand at least!

    But I’m a Rob fan on DWTS. He really has improved so much from the beginning that he totally deserves to be in the finals. He conducts himself very graciously in interviews too, without any of the fakey-whineyness of the sisters.

  52. wunder says:

    Kartrashians are the 1%.

    They have made a ton of $$$ and have become more and more arrogant and ‘entitled’ over time. They think they’re Royality and we can all go ‘eat cake’. . .

    But the jokes on them becuz the 99% can kick them out if enough people sign the petition.

    So don’t delay, sign today!:)

  53. anemoneblue says:

    I signed it. It’s not a matter of wishing anyone harm, they are everywhere!! You go to a grocery store check out line, they are there, E! is practically monopolized by them, almost every entertainment media channel or site has them on constantly! Please disappear!

  54. Charlottean says:

    Petitions definitely are a powerful tool…advertising money is a HUGE deal and sponsors aren’t likely to continue to attach their name to a brand they can clearly see hundreds of thousands of people hate and will continue to boycott.

  55. Euphorima says:


    Let me know when they have two million signatures….100 or 200 signatures…..nothing to gloat about! The world has a population of 7 Billion reportedly.

  56. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    One does have the option of simply not consuming their wares, but that would work too well, huh? Do as your sensibilities dictate but don’t get yourself confused with Jesus in the process, especially since all you’re doing is feeding the franchise a redemption arc impetus. This is what the network/family wants: attention. They should be thanking you for your contribution to the sustenance of the dynasty. They’re one stupid family and if they’re single-handedly tearing apart all of your venerated institutions, they couldn’t have all that stable in the first place. Kim Kardashian does not have the power to sully my ideas about the value or sanctity of marriage. I suppose I just don’t see why a Peasants’ Revolt is in order when changing the channel would do more for the cause and take up less of your family time.

  57. the original bellaluna says:

    Gawd, Kourtney looks like krap!

    @ Oh Dear – OK, I think I’m good, since I do not Tweet; have never bought their krap; do not watch their shows (any of them); refuse to buy a magazine with them on the cover (and carry it further by refusing to visit tabs’ homepages when they’re on the cover); don’t Google them EVER. Oh, and signed that petition (or one of them) a few days ago.

    I only follow their stuff on CB. (oops) :)

  58. Masque says:


    Keep Khloe, ditch the rest.

  59. ol cranky says:

    The Kardashian brand relies solely on it’s authenticity. . .”

    really? their viewers/fans think they’re authentic? smh

  60. Lukie says:

    But can I keep Khloe, Lamar and Rob?

  61. hebrokemyheart says:

    wayy tooo much makeup kourtney! her face is so waxy. and the cartoon quote is dead on. kim needs to go, she has NO personality.and how can somebody with so much constantly be seeking more more more $. It’s honestly disgusting! all the blessings she has and to say everyday its not enough! she is such a damn pig it honestly makes me sick. when i look around and see how many people are suffering it’s not even funny. what a loser.

  62. Penguin says:

    Khloe, Lamar, Bruce, rob and the baby can stay.

  63. Firecracker says:


    Kourtney looks like she got cheek implants.

    “Advertisers are worried”. GOOD!

  64. anonymoose says:

    Not sure what took so long for the backlash to come for these insipid losers. The day they stop making money will be joyous since they have contributed nothing of value to society; they should not profit.

    How long has Kourtney looked like a burned baked potato?

  65. truthful says:

    yes, I got a few friends to sign, their greediness and need for attention needs to go!!!

    I signed the petition to show E, that I want a change in my programming–we are paying for programming and stations now.

    we are tired of them being crammed down our throat!!

    We want them gone!!!

    I’d like to see REAL celebrities w/some kind of talent on E, NOT this trivial, crap–LIES a bunch of LIES..

    you can tell who the few fans are in this post, good luck!


  66. anonymoose says:

    The name “Kardashian” has always sounded like an disease. Plague be gone!

  67. anonymoose says:

    While we’re at it: how ’bout Ryan Seacrest take a looooooong vacay somewhere and think about what he has wrought. When he is ready to repent, and provide entertainment that does not annoy the h*ll out of humankind, we will consider giving him the opportunity. Petition, anyone?

  68. Madisyn says:

    “There should be a petition to boycott The E channel as well. As long as the k klan krap shows provide E profits, they aren’t going to take them off the air”.

    Thats right, as long as the ‘KLAN PROVIDE PROFITS’, its not going anywhere. No, we don’t need to boycott or dismantle the entire network to make the Kuntra$ians disappear. I will NOT stop watching the Soup because of those idiotic trolls.

    If you despise Two and a Half Men, for instance, and everyone called for a boycott, do you think CBS will cancel their entire primetime line-up? Of course not. They’re not goning to cancel The Good Wife, Amazing Race, Survivor, or Unforgettable just because ‘everyone’ hates Two and a Half Men. Get real.

    I will contintue to tape my Soup every Friday, as always. I will also continue to IGNORE all things Kuntra$ian, except for this site, of course.

    Mornin belle, Firercracker. Cracktini?

  69. Carolyn says:

    Thanks for the boycott kim link. Proud to be signee 121,632. E may not cancel the show…it would be more damaging for the Kartrashians if their product sales drastically decline/endorsements are cancelled. Hit them hard here people. Maintain the rage.

  70. Firecracker says:

    Hi Madisyn *waves*

    Yes, Cracktini, please! Or maybe a Trashtini is more appropriate on this one.

    Btw, my neighborhood Lowes has orange cones for sale. 3 sizes. Not too spendy either, you can get a small one for $8.97.

  71. wunder says:

    The Kartrashians need a wake up call and the petition WILL matter to them becuz they need a public 99% to hawk thier crap to. . .

    So they, thier producers, marketing agents, publicists, et al, WILL see this!

    100,000+ petitioners are NOT ‘a drop’ in the ocean. To the Kartrashians, that represents 100,000+ folks they CANT sell thier crap to anymore. . . And $ALE$ are what matter most to the ‘brand’!

  72. iseepinkelefants says:

    I don’t mean to rain on the parade but that petition only has 111,000 signatures, compare that to the population of the US (330m) or the number of people who watch (3m?), that’s not alot. It’s going to take way more signatures (did anyone factor in E!’s overseas market? You do realize that they play this stupid show globally).

    I guess we’ll just have to wait for the premiere numbers and my guess is that they’re going to exceed the regular viewship or be about the same since most people love a car wreck and they will no doubt be watching to pinpoint her fake behavior and watch her marriage crumble.

    Unfortunately, accroding to a Radar story (bottom of this page) it made it seem like she helped edit it so she looks like a victim and he looks like more of an ass. Her stupid fans will call for sympathy and they’ll never really go away.

    I mean look how long it took for us to get rid of Parasite Hilton (and she’s still around terrorizing us by trying to stay relevant).

  73. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Don’t get me wrong but I have never been a fan or even watched anything involving these twits,but as someone stated 100,000 people out of millions is nothing. I was a bit happy to hear about the backlash but I think it’s going to far now. All people have to do if they hate the show is just stop watching, signing a petition versus low ratings is nothing. I also think people should be focusing on their government, healthcare, living wage, etc. How about more and more people protest that not the fuking KKK, they are not worth that much energy.

  74. sandy#1 says:

    i wrote last week i would never post on this disgusting family, it was my first and last time, but a few days ago i read somewhere that they had this petition and i signed it, asap, that is all i wanted to say, I’m outta here for good.

  75. dahlia1947 says:

    I say Kim and her mom should get out of the spotlight. the rest are ok. Although I’m kind of iffy on kourtney since the story about Premo maybe being her kid’s dad.

    I hope the jenner girls don’t go the same route as Kim did. I bet Paris is having a really good laugh somewhere !

  76. MerryHappy says:

    This is the only kardasian post I’ve allowed myself to post on. I signed it. I live in portland. Currently there is a huge protest going on (occupy portland) and they show kardashian news on local chanel news., its disgusting how degenerated society and the media has become. When important things are happening but these people make LOCAL news?!

  77. Cerulean says:

    I am so glad people are waking up. Hopefully this marks the beginning of the end of talentless famewhoring people becoming rich and famous.

    I think the phony marriage did them in. Using an expensive wedding for publicity and faking a commitment was just more than the general public could swallow. No one likes being played and manipulated like they did to their following.

  78. Cerulean says:

    I am so glad people are waking up. Hopefully this marks the beginning of the end of talentless famewhoring people becoming rich and famous.

    I think the phony marriage did them in. Using an expensive wedding for publicity and faking a commitment was just more than the general public could swallow. No one likes being played and manipulated like they did to their following.

  79. the original bellaluna says:

    Madisyn, Firecracker, how about a botoxtini in honour of these trash-heap-hos?

    For those who don’t know, the petition to “Take Out the Trashians” is circulating in 17 countries, if I’m not mistaken.

  80. Firecracker says:

    Merryhappy, hi! I live in Portland too. It took one of our customers over an hour to get here, when normally it’s a 25 minute commute. Major traffic problem.

  81. Madisyn says:


    I think a KUNTini would also be in order here. *Cheers*

    Love the ‘cones’ for a little under $9 bucks at Lowes. I’ll grab belle and head over there and pick up some for the next crack tailgate, which should be what, Dec. 12th? It is just me or are you too going through crananigan withdrawls?

  82. Kloops says:

    Unless viewers and consumers stop feeding them, the Kardashian monster will continue to thrive. I know that even by posting here I am feeding it. I wish I could say I’d never post again, but that would be a lie. The most I can say is that I won’t watch or buy but I wasnt their target demo to begin with. But hell will freeze over before I allow my daughter to watch them, or the next generation of them.

  83. Madisyn says:


    As usual, your comment didn’t post when mine did, so of course, I didn’t see yours. Are you up for a ride to Lowes, bring your ‘KUNTini’, I’ll drive. As for the ‘botoxtini’, nah, I’m 43 and still don’t need it. . . yet. Thats whats so ludicrous about these wastrels, getting botox 10, 15, even 20 years earlier that you actually need it. It ruins your looks and like I keep saying on the Blohan posts, ‘you CAN’T REVERSE the aging process’. Once you start that shit, you can’t stop!

    Rut roh, Demi just filed for divorce, its on tmz live. Good for her!

  84. Firecracker says:


    I’m 46 and I don’t need botox either. I’m definitely going thru Liho withdrawals, I was hoping there’d be a post so I could talk about my cone news! They are very orange.

    Hi Bellaluna ~waving~

  85. Christine says:

    And those two; Kourtney and Khloe are not 100% sisters. It gets more obvious the older they get.
    Robert Kardashian Senior at 5’8″ ( not tall for a man) and Kris Jenner at 5’6″
    ( average for woman).

    Then, you got Khloe aka Sasquatch.

  86. KC says:

    I signed like four days ago, and I was only 3640! Moving fast!

    BUT, I have to admite- I too like Chloe and Lamar and Rob- everyone else sucks at like. But that last pic of Kim looks great and life-like- she’s looking better than she has in a long time :)

  87. the original bellaluna says:

    *waving to Firecracker & Mad* Yeah, I’m going through crackanigan withdrawals too. I just can’t believe all’s silent on the Cracken front for so-o-o-o long! I mean, she has to be doing SOMETHING other than CS, right? It’s not in her DNA to NOT PARTY. Unless……
    ….rehab anyone? (And I don’t need botox yet, either, at 41!)

    Mad, I’m there for the trip to Lowe’s for the cones for the next crack tailgate. At least we’ll have Thanksgiving (which I’m hosting this year [in Podunk Nowhere] instead of going to my parents’ for the first time in, oh, FOREVER) to distract us.

    And Firecracker, thanks for the (cone) tip!

  88. Bobby the K says:

    Even if people tune in out of curiosity regarding all the bad press, they will just as quickley agree, and tune back out.

  89. Firecracker says:

    Madisyn and Bellaluna,

    I saw the cones at the end of an aisle…they really do have them, and in 3 sizes! I immediately thought of Liho.

    Yeehaw, missbhaven, 22,601 have signed since #7 searchforgrace posted their number!

    Even if it doesn’t do anything, it sure is fun to watch.

  90. Kim says:

    Their shows will not bring the ratings they used to to E/Comcast. People bought into the wedding (how i dont know but they did) and they feel betrayed and are pissed & OVER the whole family. Their brands, shows etc will fail and eventually fall into obscurity.

    Im sure E is scrambling to try and save the shows but they are about money & ratings of which these shows wont get so they will be dumped from E.

  91. Daniel says:

    I just signed it! It’s up to 132,000 now!

  92. Gone with the Wind says:


    NOVEMBER 27, 2011

    Mark your calendars…Boycott E Channel

  93. Bea says:

    I agree with a few other who posted that the only thing that will make these people go away is ignoring them. I remember when Paris Hilton was everywhere and it annoyed the crap out of me. But only when people stopped caring so much for her, she got a bit off radar. The petition will only garner them more notoriety.

  94. NM9005 says:

    Somebody said it: petitions are of no use. It just garners more attention. Plus, 100000 signatures is nothing. Just ask people not to watch their programmes, buy their shit, blog and read about them. Ignoring is the key, not putting effort in tracking down all things bad about her and putting up a website =D.
    I’ve only watched their show once (and that was because a boyfriend of my friend thinks they’re hot and cool) and I had no interest in them, however their every move was well reported and splashed over every blog I visited! And it still is. People and their pretend that “they don’t care”. Please, every article is well discussed and people know everything about her (even when they don’t follow the show). It’s everywhere. That last picture says it all, the Kardashians aren’t to blame but the people who took interest in them and made them relevant: Seacrest (learnt that here) and the public.

  95. atorontogal says:

    There’s a very sad story in the DM about how Jonathan Jaxson was crucified by this woman and her attorney. He was so bullied he thought his only way out was suicide! Luckily he is ok at this time but still what a horrible family!!!

  96. wunder says:

    Dont be discouraged by the noise from Team Kartrashian who will tell you that 100,000+ petitioners are ‘nothing’.

    They are just trying to make the signatures stop becuz they have something to gain from the ‘brand’.

    Keep signing and dont give up!!!

  97. OhMyMy says:

    I can’t stand their shows won’t watch them and don’t buy their stuff. I saw some of the petitions but I won’t sign just cause I don’t care enough about them to risk giving out my information.

    I tried to get to the boycottkim site but my virus software is blocking it as potentially dangerous. I just wanted to see the list of sponsors. Oh well.

    Since the Lindsay crew are on here going thru crack withdrawals and talking orange cones…I found a knitting pattern online the other day for an orange cone cat toy. I made one for my cat so she can play “move that cone”.

  98. Charlottean says:

    Their 15 minutes is just about up

  99. annie says:

    What in the hell happened to kourtneys face?!That doesnt even look like her

  100. Genevieve says:

    This is the beginning of the end of the Kardashians! And I hope it’s the same for all reality tv idiots, like the Jersey Shore & Housewives & the rest of them. Being famous for absolutely nothing. I want this family to go the way of Paris Hilton, we never hear anything about her anymore & that’s they way I like it! Let’s get them off our tv & out of our lives!

  101. Callumna says:

    They are heinous. If we’re going to be subjected to celebs, and we are when they take over our perfectly good E channels and ruin them, we really do need a voting out mechanism.

    And term limits. Waiting for them to fade out was like trying to outlive dictators.

    I like this new approach.

  102. NM9005 says:

    USA population: 312,620,000
    Petitioners: 100000

    There are as many people out there who love the Kardashians. And another thing, not only the Kardashians get rich but companies too. Their marketing products are succesful. Since America is a corporation driven country, it benefits a lot of people. So either you ignore or not but a petition has a too meager result to be of any impact.

    It’s easier anyway to just ignore them. Why put in effort to ignore something? That’s very highschool: “Omg, I’m totally going to ignore my ex so he will notice how hard I’m ignoring him and he will totally want me back because you know, I’m totally ignoring him. He must notice that…no?”

    If people have to try so hard, there must be something contrived and wrong about it.

  103. Bambi says:

    Orange you glad you’re not a Kardashian?

  104. lc rime says:

    I believe in the “IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT LOOK “policy. I dont watch their shows and dont pay attention to them cause I dont care. Boycotting these people is outwardly hateful and I dont think people should be treated in such a manor. Unless their like the Bitch at my work (wink) anyway.. I can choose not to pay attention and I think that’s fair?

  105. sammib says:

    They are tired, sad and phoney. But y’all put them on that pedestal. Fact is people watch. They get bored, just like they got bored of say, Cheers. And that’s what’s happening now. They wouldn’t be everywhere if people didn’t want them to be. And for the last 4 or so years they did.

  106. laura says:

    i hope part of the boycott is to make sure not to watch their tv shows, and actively finding those who watch it and convince them not to

  107. laura says:

    *******not watching the show even if they’re hungover and it’s 11am and they’re the “only thing on” and wouldn’t it be ironic to watch it and enjoy (making fun of) it.

  108. Madisyn says:


    KUNTini? I hope thats enough to keep my comments related to the post.

    “Since the Lindsay crew are on here going thru crack withdrawals and talking orange cones…I found a knitting pattern online the other day for an orange cone cat toy. I made one for my cat so she can play “move that cone””.


    Did you really go out and get a ‘cone’ pattern? You didn’t? Did you? I swear if that twit doesn’t do something, ANYTHING for CB to put up a story, I’m going to email CB and request an ‘open post’ just so us ‘LINATICS’ can get ‘a fix’. I’m just glad I’m not the only loser here. At least the four of us are in good company.

  109. Lulu says:

    Enough is enough!! No more Kardashians please

    Lets spread the word guys

  110. PNWperson says:

    ” . . .viewers really believing that they have a window into their life. Without that really what do the Kardashians have?”

    what do they have? exactly the same bullshit as before. NO TALENT AND TACKY ASS CLOTHES.

    I mean seriously how stupid were their viewers for them to think any of it was not staged? Oh that’s right they were teenage girls ! duh.

  111. OhMyMy says:

    @Madisyn: great site for knitting and crocheting stuff. No, I didn’t go buy anything to make the orange cone. It was free.

  112. Madisyn says:


    My grandmother crocheted beautiful afghans and doilies that we STILL have. Bess and I are meeting tonight to chat, a ‘fix’ is an absolute must. 7:30 PST, 10:30 EST. You in?

  113. Amalia says:

    Since she was mentioned, I just want to remind all of you that Sarah Palin is smarter than you.

  114. OhMyMy says:

    @Madisyn: Sure. See you in chat tonite

  115. MerryHappy says:

    @firecracker I know its insane! And then I see her and lurch and their divorce on katu and its like….. Where are our priorities?!

  116. Jess says:

    OH no… They look AWFUL! I’m so sick of their annoying botox faces!

  117. sallythesnoop says:

    @Lee, give that speech to Paris Hilton who thought it would never end.

    lol the words looked cute on screen though.

  118. guest says:

    why boycott? just don’t watch!

  119. Eileen says:

    No More Kardashian
    You are signer #157350

  120. skeptical says:

    since others have mentioned the crackhead withdrawal… you know i never got to see the day blohan wore the white dress to court and got reamed.
    is it anywhere out there in full? I’ve only seen snippets.

  121. Ranga says:

    What is up with Kourtney’s face? Besides the orange, it looks weird.

  122. blipette says:

    And all these entries here just confirm for the producers that they need to keep running this “idiot” show. All the attention (they dont see a difference in negative or positive) means there is a demand.
    All I can say is: 19 million for a wedding, when people are starving, children dying around the world in poverty, jobs going away for average families, homes being lost and homelessness for seniors who have worked all their life, but with meager retirment cant afford apts. CAN WE GET REAL FOR A MINUTE.

  123. MARIO says:

    The Kardashian’s mock the constitution of marriage for the almighty dollar. Who knew making a sex tape can make you wealthy beyond belief. She is the epitome of negative influence to our youth, upholding moraless values and company’s and sponsors are condoning and promoting that message.

    Ryan Seacrest produces the Kardashian shows, he and her Sponsors such as Sears, Kohls, Macy’s and Skechers to name a few need to be boycotted to endorse a Greedy Soul-less Porn Star.

  124. Rose says:

    I just signed the petition. It’s over 168,000 now. These girls are poor role models. For that reason, I want the show and everything associated with it to go away.

  125. teri says says:

    Have never watched show, not interested in what they promote or slap their name on. Just sick n tired of their mugs on multiple magazines you can’t seem to avoid while in line @ the grocery store. They all need a reality check! This is my 1st time posting. Happy to say I’ve joined the ranks with all the other petition signers.

  126. Sarah says:

    The only way to get these people off the air is to stop spending money in stores which support any of their brands. People should not go to places where they hang out and most importantly, people need to stop watching E. Do this and I am sure these stores and TV channels will get the message. When the money starts drying up so will this family’s need for attention.

  127. Machoman says:

    You know what? Iam sure that atleast 99%of the 100,000 people who signed in that petition are going to come back and read more about her life. They constantly say she should not deserve attention from media and yet they spend sizable amount of their attention and hate towards her everyday. Its really simple.If you don’t like her show, why do you watch it?For example for me, I don’t like shows like WWE,TNA.I didn’t go and signed a petition telling to remove these shows.

    Also don’t give that lame,unverified “She affects the younger society” excuse.You can give that excuse to almost anything.

    Iam also sure E! is not going to scrap this program just because a minority group of people doesn’t like their program.