The Jolie-Pitts only have two day nannies, not six, they claim

Angelina and the kids in New Orleans on 10/6/08. Credit: Bauergriffinonline
If I had a family half as large as the Jolie-Pitts, and was just 1/20th as rich (I did the math and that would leave my family with 11 million dollars), I would easily employ one nanny for each child, maybe two. As many of you pointed out in the comments, Heidi Klum and Seal have one nanny for each of their three children, so if Brad and Angelina have six nannies what’s the big deal? The only problem is that the six nanny story isn’t true, and the couple uses just two nannies who don’t even stay overnight to watch their half dozen children:

It was widely reported Wednesday that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have six to eight nannies working for them to help take care of their adorable brood of six. But when momlogic asked Jolie’s rep, he told us that the story is untrue! Jolie’s rep Oren Segal tells momlogic that the family only employs two part-time nannies and they do not live on the property.


Either way, Brad and Angelina have happy well adjusted kids and are helping raise awareness of good causes and international adoption by donating their time to charity and bringing orphans into their home. Who would begrudge them six nannies? They can have 12 for all I care.

Angelina told Hello! Magazine in a super long interview published earlier this month that the family is enjoying their stay in Berlin and that there are plenty of family-friendly places to go. She said that her children have been making friends with the children of architects that Brad knows in Germany, and that Shiloh even had a playdate, in which she quickly picked up the German word for no, “Nein”.

Brad and Angelina are involved with their kids and clearly cherish their family, which Angelina described as “big, loud,” and “busy” to Hello. They plan their work schedules so that one of them is always available for their kids. You often see one of them bringing one or more of their children on business trips and on movie sets. The famous couple probably doesn’t have a lot of nannies because that would keep them from missing some of the special moments in their children’s lives. They wanted a big family, and they’re enjoying it.

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  1. photo jojo says:

    If I had 1/20th the money, and 1/3 the kids — I’d have a whole staff of people to do all the mundane crap like cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc so I could BE with my kids and do fun stuff with them instead of running errands and washing clothes. I was a SAHM with no paid help for 11 years and I would have MUCH rather had household staff than nannies.

  2. jb says:

    Why do these kids and Suri Cruise look like orphans?? all that money and their parents dress them so bad! Shiloh’s outfit looks like a little boy and her and Suri always have uncombed looking hair!!!

  3. daisy424 says:

    Enjoyable write up CB, thanks.
    My kids are bi-lingual also, German & English. We taught them young.

    The Jolie/Pitt kids look like they are comfortable in their clothes. Like any of the kids in my neighborhood.

    Ethel Kennedy once said that the reason they have the domestic help was so they could spend more quality time with their kids.
    I see nothing wrong with how many nannies, etc. they employ.

  4. Kolby says:

    jb – Suri Cruise wears dresses and shoes that cost hundreds of dollars. I think it’s healthy for the Jolie-Pitt kids to wear normal playclothes and hand-me-downs. It teaches them to share and to value what they have.

  5. geronimo says:

    What does an orphan look like? Oliver Twist?

    They’re dressed like kids. Gorgeous adorable little kids who’re allowed to be kids. And who gives a crap if their hair is messy – they’re not show ponies. 🙄

  6. L says:

    I think all those strings hanging off the overalls Pax is wearing and dragging along the ground like that is ridiculous and likely to make him trip. Not to mention it looks sloppy and careless.

    Regarding them having a nanny for each kid or not, I don’t care either way, it’s their life! But I think that saying “Heidi and Seal do it too so what’s the big deal?” is lame to point out. If someone regards it as negative or excessive, does pointing out Heidi and Seal to do it make it less so? No. Who cares.

  7. popo says:

    Yeah and the kids look after themselves when mom and dad go to all the events they attend. Tell me you don’t honestly believe they have 2 nannies? Angie is not looking after 2 twins and 4 toddlers at night alone. She would have looked exhausted . And she doesn’t. I believe they have six. No nanny is going to look after six kids alone. And the second on get the night shift.

  8. okay... says:

    Seriously, who gives a flying f? I am SO sick of hearing about this family, and before someone says “then why do you click on the thread”…..I clicked on purely to say, could we please, PLEASE, go a week without a story on them? Is that too much to ask or is there going to be some breaking story about what kind of toilet paper they use-

  9. RAN says:

    Who cares if they have 6 nannies, or even half a dozen 8) I think the part that makes this such a big deal though, is the insinuation that these two can raise 6 kids all on their own – they’re such “fantastic parents” – so “hand’s on”. When in reality, they have help, they need help – as they should with that many little ones to care for. It’s not a failure to admit the help, so they should just quit making excuses and spinning false stories. Admit the help, loud and proud, and move on.

  10. WTF?!?! says:

    “Brad and Angelina have happy well adjusted kids”

    How do we know that? Because there are a few pictures of various combinations of the children out with mom, or because AJ said so in a carefully prepared interview?
    I’m not saying they’re maladjusted, but their lifestyle doesn’t bode stability,however much money they have to make their nomadic existence comfortable.

  11. Syko says:

    okay…, some of us like seeing pictures about the family. Again, if you don’t like it, don’t click on it. It can’t be bothering you that much to scroll past the headline to something that does interest you. I’ve scrolled right past several today. Painless.

    Look at that Ms. Z, wearing her signature pink and smiling while she plots new ways to take over the galaxy!

    And I think Pax is one of the cutest little boys ever. Love his little overalls.

  12. Bodhi says:

    Of course AJ isn’t looking after all six by herself, she has Brad. They clearly want to be as hands on as possible.

  13. Kaiser says:

    @Syko – Zahara Pink (TM)

    I still think they probably have like 6 people helping, TOTAL. Two nannies, two tutors, a nurse, maybe an assistant.

    They need all the help they can get – look at Princess Z, already plotting her world domination. That takes staff work, y’all!

  14. Judy says:

    I love it when the green eyed monster comes out and we have to hear how perfect mothers they were LOL or are. I ownder if AJ has time to sit on the computer with 6 kids? Doubt it..I am sure they hav e help with household things cleaning ect..and a few nannies and why not? They do not dress their kids like prince and princess thank God they are rasining them to be normal kids.

  15. Linda says:

    OMG…for someone who claims that she doesn’t have a publicist and claims that she doesn’t care what is said about her and that she doesn’t follow the gossip about her- Angelina jumps to defend herself and makes sure to set the “facts” straight – got to uphold that saintly image.

    More lies, more propaganda out of Brangelina…

  16. Granger says:

    To the person who said Brad and Angelina would look exhausted if they really were looking after six kids by themselves at night… Think about this logically. When it comes to the mundane daily tasks that take up so much of a “regular” parent’s time, B & A have very little to think about. It’s not like they’re up until midnight every night folding the laundry, making lunches for the next day, paying bills, and cleaning toilets. Also, if they have even one nanny who comes over every morning, Angelina can head over to the spa for a massage and facial, or take a nap when the mood strikes. So even if they’re up three times a night with one child or another, their lifestyle is such that it allows them more rest and relaxation than the rest of us poor slobs. Hence the reason Angelina never looks exhausted. That, and the fact that she’s unbelievably blessed in the genetic department, of course. 😆

  17. Val says:

    I was raised by a nanny…I did not meet my younger sister until she was 3 years old. My parents traveled a lot and ending getting pregnant with my sister and settled in the states. I was still abroad in school and they wanted me to finish and come after.

    My sister and I are very close, it is ridiculous! Its like we are twins, I know exactly when she is having a day.

    We are both very well adjusted. We also had help at home just to do the mundane stuff. But yet we are very close to our parents.

    I dont see the big deal,I think because of that we are well adjusted and very loving humanbeings!

    So what is all the talk for. Only those who are not used to a certain lifestyle of privelige cannot comprehend that idea.

    It is the best of both worlds to give your child the ability to travel outside the box.

    I have been to Africa, Europe, West Indies, all over and it makes me more tolerable and willing to accept others for who they are and not where they come from or the color of their skin.

    If you have the resources to raise your childre in such a way, believe me then you are giving them the best kind of up close education there is.

    If I am blessed with children I will do the same for them. To travel the world, to have the best education, to learn different languages…this is what the world is about.

  18. pamela says:

    Angie hAS ALWAYS acknowledged that they have help, and has on nunmerous occasions said how lucky they are for that they can afford to, and how she admires mothers who do it all by themselves. She has recently said that because Brad and her were getting “loopy”, they now have someone who sleeps over a few nights a week, and on those nights they are able to catch up on their sleep.

    But what else is new? When it comes to Angie, everything is dissected to the nth degree. 🙄

  19. pamela says:

    Val, you seemed to have enjoyed a wonderful childhood. In Angie’s recent Today Show interview, she said they wanted to raise their children to be able to feel at home wherever in the world they happen to be. Sounds like a very healthy way of thinking to me.

  20. Yourself says:

    Please give a break. Celebitchy, you like apologising for this couple buit even logically it is not possible for them not to have nannies during the night with all that money. They would be dead by now. The problem is that they lie about it in order to apear like picture perfect couples. Even when you look in the background you can see some nannies in the pictures. It is OK to have them. Just don’t lie about it.

  21. Mpea says:

    I can’t wait for the Brangelina bust-up! Gonna be a good one. They are such wastes of space.

  22. california angel says:

    I remember wearing the most ridiculous clothes when I was a child because I was allowed to choose my own clothing. I still have a problem coordinating anything…lol. Those kids are so cute, they could be wearing sheets and no one would care.

  23. Tina says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the way Angie’s kids dress. I have two young children and they dress in hand-me-downs and assorted, mismatched clothes because they like to. As long as the clothes are weather-appropriate and clean, my husband and I are not going to hamper our kids’ creativity.

  24. susan says:

    If you believe this I will sell you some ocean front property in Arizona. Lets see in the last two weeks Angie was in New York promoting a movie, flew to a third world country, then flew to New York, then LA to present Clint with an award. Brad was filming and flew to LA this week. Who exactly is looking after the children? If they only have two nannies who do not stay overnight what exactly happens when Brad works 14 hour days on set and Angie is not home? Does it matter if they have six nannies? No – no one really cares. What matters is that again these two continue to lie about their life to keep up their image. It is the constant lying that bothers me. Why is this necessary? Seriously these two need to start ignoring the press and responding to every little statement made and start telling the truth.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    Mpea: Why do you want a couple with six children to break up? Do you think Brad is going to run back to Jennifer if they do split up? Ain’t gonna happen.

  26. Anne says:

    Mpea, why on earth would you want a family with six children 7 and younger including 3.5 month old twins to dissolve? Those kids need both their parents. How can you wish unhappiness on 2 (actually 8 counting the kids)people who have caused you no harm? 2 People who help others on a regular basis because they have good hearts and the ability to do so. Angelina just recently said they have nite time help now for a few nites a week as they were going loopy trying to meet all the needs of the kids with just their 2 day time nannies and their work and all. Please tell me you were just kidding. If not you need to examine your inner being and find out why you are so miserable that you wish the same on others you do not even know.

  27. HallieB says:

    Cheyenne, why would anyone still be thinking that Jen wants Brad anymore or that Brad wants Jen anymore? Both have long since moved on with their lives as you said. It is almost 2009, soon to be 4 years, and anyone still thinking this way needs therapy in my opinion. OMG, what is wrong with Mpea is she is of this belief.

  28. pamela says:

    Anne, to these people way of thinking, if they break-up, then Jen is somehow “vindicated”. Nevermind this is a family with children. You would think there has never ever been a Hollywood divorce before this. I honestly dont know how some of these people live their lives, when they carry around so much anger and need for revenge for someone else’s divorce. And the funniest thing is, the perceived “victim” could buy and sell them a few hundred times over.

  29. lulu says:

    Beautiful pictures angie looks so happy with the kids, i have the same exact dress it looks beautiful on her.

  30. Yourself says:

    Very good points Susan. If this was any other couple celebitchy would have pointed out what you just pointed out. Somehow, for Brangelina, we are all expected to suspend reason and just go with the flow.

    I would never wish a family with six children to split up. But if another woman came along and said she fell in love and run away with Mr Pitt too while his baby momma was away, I would not cry me a river. After sll, if he did it to his wife, he will do it to you.

    I don’t see these two breaking up soon though. Angelina would run off and adopt a child as soon as Brad tried to run. So he is in it with his balls tightly squeezed till the children are teenagers and they starting raising hell. Then the novelty of the whole baby collection will wear off. Brad Pitt will wake up, aged, broke with no career. Angelina will milk it for all its worth.

    Will the world hold a concert in the memory of Angelina Jolie the humantarian post humus? I doubt. Few people really buy into this farce.

  31. Di says:

    I don’t believe Angelina Jolie about much of anything anymore. I think her humanitarian work is fantastic, but I think this family is headed for disaster when these kids become teens.

    She pretends to be laid back, but she is more obsessed with appearing like the perfect mother than anybody in Hollywood. These two have full careers and six kids. They mudy have more than two nannies. Also, like many celebrities, they use the bodyguards to babysit. Otherwise, poor little Maddox is raising his brothers and sisters.

    Also, these kids never look happy. Little Zahara always looks miserable unless she’s with Brad, and they don’t dress her as nicely as the other kids, and they never do her hair. It’s one thing to let kids be kids; it’s another to literally treat your one black child like an orphan.

  32. popo says:

    I am so sure the nannies pack up and leave at sundown. I mean they are never near anything. In France what do the nannies do ? Drive to the town and get a room at the Inn. I am sure the chateau is big enough for the nannies to find a place to sleep.Someone saw the whole entourage in Germany and spoke about it.Because it was such a circus. Whomever talked about it must not have known you never speak about the truth with these two. Shame on them. ANd whomever said because Angie doesn’t wash cloths and cook. Add take care of her children in the middle of the night to your list. And Picks and chooses which ones to dress up and take out for the photo opp. Hey I am sure they play games together from time to time and watch a movie. But the ever present nannies takes over when one is unhappy. They never have to deal with them. Can you imagine. That is the only reason she wants to adopt so soon after twins. Think about it. If you had to deal with newborn twins would you be mentioning adopting. No way. The nannies do all the hard work and she swoops in ans plays mother earth. It is all an act.

  33. Kaiser says:

    You know what’s funny? None of the people who complain about Angie spending a week promoting her film are the people who ever say a word about Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman or Gwen Stefani. Do you think Angelina’s the only woman who just gave birth to not spend every waking moment, every breath with her children? 🙄

  34. popo says:

    Don’t complain about them because they aren’t pretending they do it all.

  35. Ann says:

    The difference between Jessica, Nicole and Gwen is that they don’t lie about the help they have. Angie sets herself up by trying so hard to create this perfect image. No one cares that she uses nannies, or is off promoting movies. All of hollywood does this. What is pathetic is that they lie about it. If Jessica or Gwen said in multiple interviews that no one says overnight and they have very little help and then flew all over and it was obvious that they had loads of I would be on her too. The ones you mentioned kaiser don’t go on and on about how they are the perfect parents. Angie can do whatever she wants that is her business but she will get flack because she lies so much.

  36. Kaiser says:

    Well, it deserves to be said again. YIKES.

    Ann – when have Gwen, Jessica or Nicole been asked?

  37. sioux says:

    im sorry, i always read all the comments on this site, i just dont get it…. on which planet do u people live??? seriously

  38. lilith says:

    sweet kids! they are lucky to have such wonderful parents- makes my heart happy to see the joy in their little faces!

  39. lilith says:

    comment to ” sioux “….
    you read all the comments but have no opinion… but take the time to write such nonsense? what grade did you finish? eight?

  40. nita Molla says:

    angie looks dirty,kids look unbathed and very badly dressed,this is the result when you have so many children,you don’t have enough of you to spread,they all have thier own personality,not to mention thier culture and language.and nannies yes she has them but i assure you not young and around when brad is in town.and that is why she cannot trust anyone because she does’nt trust herself.

  41. val says:

    Oh guys, no one said she does not have help. She has admitted it several times that they were going loopy at night trying to deal with all of the demands of the kids so they hired help a few times a night to get some rest.

    What the heck is wrong with that! Just because some of you cannot afford that kind of lifestyle does not mean you should be so judgemental on those that can. It seems that as long as it relates to Angie, it is wrong!

    This should not be an issue, so what if she were to have 10 nannies she has 6 children and plans for more.

    How will these children be so unruly when they will have the best education that money can buy, the best tutors, etc. etc. Pleaseeeeeee!

    Most of these crazy kids are from regular everyday folks who so called “raised them on their own.”

    Get a grip guys!
    I am sure if the tables were turned around you would not know what to do with yourselves!!!!!!!!