Chloe Moretz in Dolce & Gabbana at premiere: too mature & too beige?

I’ve been talking about Chloe Moretz more than I’d like as of late. The girl is 14 years old. She’s been everywhere lately, all because she’s in promotional mode for her new film, Hugo. Should I be giving Chloe a pass in general because of her age? Or is she up for discussion because she wants to be up for discussion? I’ve read interviews with Chloe – it’s not that she’s precocious. Hailee Steinfeld is precocious, Kiernan Shipka is precocious. They still act like kids, all giggly and young. But with Chloe, it really is like she’s a 30-something actress, stuck in the body of a 14-year-old.

So these are photos of last night’s premiere of Hugo 3D, the Marty Scorsese film that Chloe appears in. Chloe wore this Dolce & Gabbana dress that I LOATHE. This beigey color is just wrong on her, the bodice looks too tight, the full skirt is princessy, but the fit seems wrong and everything overwhelms her – she’s being overwhelmed by beige tulle. Plus, Chloe is petite. She’s a short girl, and this is not the right dress for short girls. It makes her look squat, and she’s not – she’s just a small, short 14-year-old girl who should be wearing something from the juniors department.

I’m also including photos of Ben Kingsley because I love him and Sasha Baron Cohen because he looks nice and I think it’s interesting that he did this event alone. Where’s Isla?

Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. normades says:

    Her duck lips really bother me. Is she getting fillers at her age???

    • T.C. says:

      Well her father is a plastic surgeon but I think those lips are natural. What is inappropriate is the 20 pounds of white face powder packed on her face making her look like some 40 year old Japanese prostitute. She is only 14 years old, she does not need makeup. Taking a very pretty little girl and making her look old and ugly now that’s a crime. I don’t want this girl growing up to be one of the Hollywood trainwreck girls. Please someone step in and help her just enjoy being her age.

  2. marybeth18 says:

    She makes me really uncomfortable- I think she’s actually toned it down for this red carpet, because usually she is doing a sexy Lea Michele imitation, with a come-hither look that is really, really wrong when you consider that the photographers are all adult men.

    I much prefer Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld, who look stylish and pretty and still like young teens.

    • Incredulous says:

      Well, she is 14 so she’s probably experimenting with adult behaviour, trying to figure things out. In her case, it would be far more documented than most teenagers.

    • Anna says:

      I’m with you, she creeps me the eff out.

    • cjane says:

      One of the things that I find unsettling is the seeming interest of some of her adult male “colleagues.” Has the same kind of wtf as when Warren Beatty was obsessed with Molly Ringwald in the early 80’s.

      I tell ya, Corey Haim’s words have been ringing in my ears lately. And it’s not pleasant at all.

  3. LeManda says:

    Really? I think she looks nice and young.

    • whome says:

      i love this gir she is super talented i think she looks cute in her outfit… not over done!

    • JaneWonderfalls says:

      I think she’s a doll, I liked her ever since I first saw her in that Lori Petty movie “The Poker House” which was loosely based on Lori Petty’s real life struggles. I think her outfit is quit fitting and she looks young and sophisticated without looking to mature. I don’t understand some of these comments about her creeping people out. Really creeping you out…

    • Romilda says:

      I love that oufit. She’s so stylish and not to mature!!!!!

  4. Kristin says:

    Isla’s in Australia filming the trainwreck version of Gatsby.

  5. Kaboom says:

    She had those lips at age 12 so I’d guess they happen to be natural. And I agree on the disturbing nature of how she acts off camera, it’s quite creepy.

  6. says:

    Fug dress. It looks like she tried to spice it up a bit with some colourful shoes but it’s a FAIL.

  7. SayWHAT says:

    I’m in love with this dress so much, I could marry it.

  8. Sisi says:

    I like her nailpolish…

  9. layla says:

    Funny. From the neck down, I think Chloe wears fun fashion forward age appropriate clothes. Interesting choices that don’t always work but at 14 you can take those fun kind of risks.

    Now having said that…. her attitude and demeanour are a WHOLE OTHER ball of wax that needs some SERIOUS checking.

  10. Twez says:

    If that dress isn’t appropriate for a 14yo, then I wonder what would be?

    • Trek Girl says:


      I don’t understand how this dress, as poofy, cute, and modest as it is (it doesn’t show cleavage and it goes past the knees), can be seen as inappropriate for a 14 year old, or even someone younger.

      Sometimes I think the commenters on here that constantly think that the young female stars are dressing inappropriately, no matter what they seem to wear, have sexual issues of their own. I know that sounds harsh, but I can’t find a better way to put it right now.

      I think she looks beautiful. She has a unique personality, and her clothes reflect that.

      • Cam says:

        If you’ve haven’t noticed, many who comment on fashion and gossip sites can be quite harsh. In Moretz’ case, most don’t even know who she is but they don’t like some of her poses and outfits. That leads them to compare her to Lohan in their eternal quest to find the next Lindsay to yack about. The junk they have thrown out the last week is so defamatory and so antithetical to reality it’s mind-boggling. At this rate, they’ll have her committing war crimes before Christmas.

      • Trek Girl says:

        @Cam: I can’t reply to your comment for some reason, so I’m replying to my own. I hope you can see it.

        You’re right. They come up with all sorts of scandalous stuff to say about these young ladies (Chloe, Dakota, Elle, and others) when, usually, there is absolutely nothing, except some blind items, that suggests that they are doing anything wrong. It’s also really unnerving that so much of what they do, wear, and the pictures they take are seen as sexual or inappropriate when oftentimes there isn’t anything sexual or inappropriate about them. I really wonder what they are thinking and how they come to these conclusions, because sometimes they just aren’t rational.

        Chloe is not your run-of-the-mill 14 year old, and just because she doesn’t do what these people think she should be doing, even though they have no idea what her career, school, and personal life involve, she is automatically on Lohan-watch.

  11. GoodCapon says:

    She is only 14??!

  12. NM9005 says:

    When I saw Kick-Ass I was both impressed and shocked (the theme is dubious for me but Moretz’ acting was top notch) but then Lainey wrote how she was excited about Moretz until she interviewed her. Sounded like she went through the Hollywood machine pretty fast. Very rehearsed and too mature. Plus all the blinds that are presumably about her. Bad news. Plus the fact that she says she wants to stay in the business as long as possible (by branching out as a producer) is worrysome to say the least. Get some life experience out that business. Try some college, find a hobby outside acting…Don’t end up like Lohan please.

    Sacha is a hot piece of talented ass! Love him.

    • Camille says:

      Blind items? Got any links? 🙂

    • Cam says:

      You believe unsubstantiated rumors about nameless people?

      The only thing Moretz has in common with Lohan is they are both female.

      • NM9005 says:

        Uhm, isn’t this site mostly about gossip and rumours anyway? So if you don’t like speculation, then this isn’t the place for you. There have been said much worser things about other people (people who I like) and I have to eat that too.

        Lainey interviewing her and telling how she carries herself are not rumours. That girl thinks she is is an adult if she can pose, dress and pout on a red carpet like a veteran actress and her answers for a 14-year old are already generic and rehearsed. So yeah, I believe the rumours of Moretz, there’s been many whispers about her (smoke and fire) so shoot me for hoping she won’t become a Lohan 2.0.

      • Cam says:

        I don’t frequent this site, but that isn’t relevant. No, I can’t say I’m a fan of unfounded gossip, but it’s worse when you are smearing a 14-year-old. Why that doesn’t seem to register is beyond me. But as you have noted, you seem to want to believe things about her that, incidentally, aren’t even being alleged by the the gossip sites themselves but rather by commentators who wouldn’t know the girl if they fell over her. I certainly can’t stop you if that is your desire.

      • NM9005 says:

        “but it’s worse when you are smearing a 14-year-old”

        Did I write those blinds? No.
        I just think she tries to be way more adult than she is by acting and dressing the part and I’m hoping it’s not true that those blinds are about her. I didn’t call her names or anything. Nobody thought of Lohan she would turn out like that and it did. I’m not going to pretend that I’m not “worried” even though I don’t know her.

        You’re not a fan of unfounded gossip yet you visit a gossip site to defend somebody you don’t know either. What’s the difference between what I do? I too write my opinion as do you. We just happen to clash. But by all means, go ahead and defend her. I’ll be following the gossip as usual and hope she won’t end up like Lohan. Nobody wishes her to end up like that.

        Side note: the changes of her growing up normal are pretty much shattered when you enter a dirty world like Hollywood. Rarely does somebody come out of that without some emotional scars.

      • Cam says:

        I didn’t blame you for the blinds, but your first post made it sound like you believe what people in the comments are throwing out there.

        As for being on this site, I found this article as part of a search.

        And with all due respect, I do know quite a bit about her. I am a fan of her both as an actress and as a human being. That may sound strange to you, but if you followed her as closely as I do, it wouldn’t. For instance, I know that she has committed to college. She wants to study history and go to school while she works like Natalie Portman did. (Since you brought the subject of college up earlier)

      • NM9005 says:

        I think blinds can hold some truth but that doesn’t mean I hope them to be true. I don’t know her personally but the rumours are there and persistent. It could be anybody (like Fanning, Steinfeld…) yet they pinpoint Moretz so it does worry me (and definitely coming from more respectful bloggers) but I don’t wish it’s her or any young person for that matter.

        You have every right to come to blog sites and write your opinion but other people have theirs too and you just have to deal with that (I know I have my fair share of defending my favs =) ). It doesn’t mean we wish evil upon them.

        I loved her in Kick-ass and would like to see more of her because she is talented but that doesn’t mean I can’t guess or gossip about her. Anyway, I hope you’re right about the college thing (and your positive outlook), just because it would be good to change the scenery a bit and taste a bit what a normal world is =).

      • Cam says:

        “but the rumours are there and persistent. It could be anybody (like Fanning, Steinfeld…) yet they pinpoint Moretz so it does worry me (and definitely coming from more respectful bloggers)”

        Unless I missed something, none of the “respectful bloggers” are naming Moretz. It’s the commentariat that throw her name out, seemingly because they take umbrage with her outfits or posing style. The fact that many of them only know of her from some edgy movie roles probably doesn’t help either.

        As I said, I can’t stop gossip, but when people are calling her a racist among other idiotic nonsense, don’t be surprised if someone calls BS on it.

  13. Lol says:

    Theres something about her thats very Joan Cusack-ish. Look at Sasha Baron Cohens socks 😀

  14. ShanKat says:

    The dress is pretty fabulous, but I agree that it’s too voluminous in the skirt for such a tiny girl.

    It would be amazing on someone taller.

    The makeup and hair are great. So is that polish.

  15. thinkaboutit says:

    Wow that dress is ugly and makes her bottom half look enormous. It doesn’t fit, and it’s also the same color as her skin.

  16. BeeCee says:

    I absolutely love Chloe! She was fantastic in “Let me in”. Yes I agree that the dress isn’t great for her but I find her maturity quite nice. You have now idea how annoyed I get by those crazy youngsters…..and I’m only 24…

  17. Ruby Red Lips says:

    There is a blind item about an up and coming teenager who is either drinking or on something…rumoured to be Chloe.

    I sincerely hope not but from the comments above it may very well be her, the blind also made comparisons to Linnocent & we all know how well she turned out!!

    • Cam says:

      You shouldn’t believe everything you read. Or in this case, things that are speculated on by bored commentators looking for “exciting” gossip.

  18. silken_floss says:

    The color of the dresses washes her out, but otherwise than that it looks nice and age appropriate to me

  19. Yea says:

    There something very blake lively/ Lindsey Lohan (2004) about this chick. It erks me out.

  20. Niolle says:

    Does anyone else get a Meg Ryan vibe from the second pic? I think it’s the squint and puffy, pouty lip snarl.

  21. Fran says:

    She looks like princess Charlene!

  22. Flora says:

    I like the dress on her. It’s almost age appropriate. With a shorter hemline it would have been even better.
    Now, those heels are an entirely different matter. They are way too high for a girl her age. I honestly don’t understand why she’s constantly dressed like jailbait. I find it a bit disturbing.

  23. Happy21 says:

    I think she’s great and I think the dress is perfect for a 14 year old. The colour is awful but the style is perfect.

  24. lee says:

    This may actually be the most age appropriate I’ve seen her look in a while. It’s not the greatest dress, and it does kind of wash her out, but she looks cute.

    Way more appropriate than here:

    or here:

    • layla says:

      ok. after seeing those pics I’m adding “most of the time” in front of my “From the neck down, I think Chloe wears fun fashion forward age appropriate clothes”

  25. Guesty says:

    Moretz is the odds-on favorite for a blind item about a very young, barely a teen actress who uses racial slurs when she gets drunk. I don’t care how young she is; she makes awful duckface for a professional, and I think she’s going to get a chin reduction and implants before long.

    Indeed, I know I’m going to hell.

    • Cam says:

      There’s a better chance that Rush Limbaugh will vote for Barack Obama next year than there is that that garbage is about Chloe Moretz. As I told someone above, you shouldn’t believe things bantered about by people who are looking for the next Lohan to gossip about.

      • Blue says:

        Why are you getting so worked up about everything that is being said about this girl? Some people believe the blinds others don’t. Personally I think half of them are made up to go along with whatever scandal is going on.

      • Cam says:

        Why? Because she is a sweet kid who doesn’t deserve it. “Kid” being the keyword. If she were 20, it would still be defamatory but not quite as disgusting. And it appears a lot of people believe it as it gets spread from one site to another like wildfire.

  26. Stubbylove says:

    Her makeup and hair styling are gorgeous in the 2nd pic. Ditto on the dress – too much and wrong color.

  27. Gabrielle says:

    I actually had tickets to this event last night. This dress looked pinker, cuter and sweeter in person. Also when they were introducing the film, they were thanking Chloe for her involvement in Scorsese’s old film restoration initiative. I was like, “Are they talking about that little kid?” I think she acts likes she’s wise beyond her years. She’s talented. The movie was great! Go see it!

    • Trek Girl says:

      Thank you for telling us about your personal experience at this event. I love comments like these lol.

      I wish I could have seen her in person when she was wearing this dress. I love the dress in the pictures, but I bet I would love it even more in person.

  28. Criss says:

    She looks like she has filler injections on her lips.

    • Trek Girl says:

      She has naturally full lips.

    • jay says:

      not everyone is born with pencil thin lips. She has done numerous movies through her chilhood and her lips have always been full.

      I tend to give her somewhat of a pass becaue she is only a young teenager (everyone is a mess at 13-14) and she is in a tough business. So I think perhaps that Chloe tries to not be too kiddy or act her age so she doesn’t get pigeonholed like every other child star. Especially now with the Fanning girls, Hailee, Kiernan, and Saiorse Ronan, there is a lot of competition.

  29. SueAnn says:

    I ADORE this girl! I hope she has the best career possible. She is such a talent. WTG girl!

  30. Stacy Dresden says:

    I have to say it drives me kind of crazy to hear the continual pushing of college on young actors. I realize this may be an unpopular viewpoint, but college isn’t for
    everyone. There is a lot of virtue in real-life experience, and if acting/directing is Ms Moretz’s true passion, why is it that she needs push that aside to obtain a BA??

    I think she’s a fabulous actress.

  31. Blue says:

    I like the dress, wish it was another colour though. I love the shoes!!!!

  32. Trek Girl says:

    I completely agree.

    Most of the people that push college on these people act as if college is the be-all and end-all of life, as if there isn’t any other way for someone to learn about themself, learn about the world, and/or get an education.
    It’s as if they have such a limited understanding of all of the different avenues of life and ways to meet ones goal that all they can come up with about how to have a good life is, “Uh, well go to college. It’s solves EVERYTHING – didn’t you know? It’s the only way to truly be educated.”

    Chloe says she wants to act and direct. She’s acting now and because she’s already around the directors and in the business, she’ll get to know it pretty well; why exactly does she need to go to college for it? She’s in the business already! She can if she wants to, but she doesn’t need to.

    • NM9005 says:

      I’m one of those people that pushes college. It comes from a personal experience. What I want in life in regards to job perspectives and future goals, demands a degree. I work in a part-time shitty job to support myself and this for the next 5 years. Nobody wants you in this economy if you don’t have experience and a degree to back that up. When you’re 18 you think the world lies at your feet (reinforced by the people you know in school and the general inspirational talks of people who never took risks in life) but then quickly you realize it the other way around and you have to compromise in order to fulfill your dreams. I believe in traveling and life experience, I have plenty but will that get me a job? You think a trip around the world matters on your CV? Yeah, maybe if you worked in between but that’s just wishful thinking. You think that with evening classes you are ahead of people with a college degree? Wishful thinking. The times that you could just enter a job without skills and got training over the job are long over. I am a polyglot with volunteering experience, trained as an admin worker and work experience. I work in a bloody kitchen now. Awesome, and all because I too had this idealistic way of thinking that you can make it as long as you have dreams and work hard for it. Don’t make me laugh. A lot of people out there have lost their way because they’re disillusioned. I’m one of the lucky ones. Even the ones with a degree are working as waiters so what with all those that don’t have a degree? They certainly won’t be working in offices or have jobs that pay more than the minimun.

      In a different lifetime (and in other impoverished countries) people were happy if they had to change to educate themselves and that they could prove their intelligence and dedication with a piece of paper. Now? Oh, go ahead and dream and everything will be ok. Don’t push yourself and don’t challenge yourself intellectual, if you have dreams you can be everything what you want to be.
      In Africa children are jumping in the air if they can get an education because it’s the only thing they have sometimes but in the West? Ungratefulness is rife.
      Education used to be a good thing, now people avoid it and then complain when they’re 30 because life didn’t turn out how they dreamt it would. What a surprise.
      I don’t like studying, I have the attention span of a fly but I know after those 5 years I’m free because I took that challenge and didn’t hope my dreams would magically come through by just having fun and doing whatever I wanted to do.

      The reason why people push college upon young actors is because that industry chews you up and spits you out. They only know one thing: making films staying visible and receiving too much money for it and then when the fame or good parts fade away, they try to clasp it with both hands and making fool of themselves (Lohan comes to mind, all those one hit wonders, rappers who lost their fortunes because they’re dumbasses…). At least Watson is smart enough to secure a future for her if the fame would fade away. College can you learn a lot about life too (making real valuable friendship, educating yourself on your favorite topic, becoming an adult with like-minded people, appreciating the rewards you get for hard work). Acting is just studying words, give it personality and hitting your marks. So what exactly does it teach one? And the traveling? Yes, doing interviews and being public property is so much fun. Beyonce said herself she travels around the world but never sees what goes around her because she is so busy. Britney lost her damn mind, Lovato also had her share of issues. If that’s a better learning school than college, than I’m Matt LeBlanc.

      EDIT: This is a long comment but it always shocks me when people seem to advocate against college because that “isn’t for everyone”. If you have a normal IQ and dreams in life, then college should be a part of that since we can’t ignore the economic crisis. Closing our eyes for this shitty mess and opting out for education is easy in the beginning until you have to drag your ass to a fastfoodrestaurant and work hard for not much money. Traveling and “life experience” can only take you so far peeps…=)

      • Trek Girl says:

        You have written so much that I cannot address it all, so I will address what stuck out to me. I will try to explain my position which, based on what you wrote, isn’t as different from your opinion as you think.

        I do not “advocate against college”. I wrote that I do not think college, specifically the four-year traditional college, is the “be-all and end-all” of education. There are many different types of schooling and training that aren’t spoken about when secondary or higher education is brought up. These types of education can be a much better fit for people for whom the traditional college is not wanted or needed. These careers can provide stability, have longevity, are in demand, and sometimes have very desirable advantages.

        I do not have the idealistic views that you seem to think I have. I don’t know how to address this, so that’s all I’ll write about it.

        Education is very important to me. There are many different forms of it, and I acknowledge them. Again, I really don’t know how to respond to you on this subject, so that’s all I’ll write about that.

        At the end of your post you said, “Britney lost her damn mind, Lovato also had her share of issues.” The breakdowns that Britney went through and the issues Demi Lovato had go on in college all the time. Drug use, addiction, over-dose, alcohol poisoning, sexual assault, rape, date rape, harassment, abuse, mental breakdowns, porn, stalking, death, etc., all happen in college AND Hollywood. College isn’t any better than Hollywood when it comes to destructive behaviours and forces.

        You said the industry “chews you and up and spits you out”, and that is very true, but Chloe said that she also wants to be a director. Learning about and training for different careers in one field is a great way to provide back-up work should the first thing you choose fall through or have a time-limit, and it can be a great way to make transitions in life, especially when it comes to acting. This is what Chloe wants to do; she’s thinking ahead, and that’s good. I said that she can go to college if she wants to, but she doesn’t need to. I’m not wrong.

        You made so many assumptions about what I think, and you are so wrong about all of them that it’s hilarious; I don’t know what to say to you about them, so I won’t say anything.

        We don’t agree on everything, and we don’t need to.

        I don’t like talking to you, so if you reply to “Trek Girl” in the future, just remember that I will not write anything back. This is it.

    • NM9005 says:

      I can’t be bothered that you don’t like to reply to me. This is a blog and opinions will be divided. Since there is a “reply” button now, I will use it even though you won’t reply to me then.

      Hollywood experience and college life are far more different. That’s all I am saying…

      I was actually talking in general when talking about “advocating against college”:

      “when people seem to advocate”

      so it seemed that way (not saying you are anti-college or whatever) and I addressed you because you wrote things I often times hear when talking to others about it. It was just a starting point not an accusation since you have a right to voice your opinion the way you want it.

  33. Ranga says:

    It looks like a fun princess dress a young girl would have fun wearing.

  34. Kristin says:

    lol I think “Cam” is our new “Linnocent.”

    • Ruby Red Lips says:

      After re-reading all of Cam’s responses to this thread I am a little disturbed that Cam is such an ardent fan and follower of a 14 year old – esp as Cam’s comments make her sound much older than 14…

      • Cam says:

        You’re not re-reading very closely then. I’ve specifically said I’m defending a kid against scurrilous attacks. It seems far more disturbing to me that presumed adults show no discretion in heaping slanderous nonsense on a 14-year-old based on nothing.

        And if you’re trying to suggest something sexual then you should be ashamed.

  35. Jilli says:

    Wow! 14 these days looks a lot different from when I was 14….and that wasn’t that long ago!

  36. Shy says:

    I used to like her. Until I saw her carpet appearances. She is like stuck between Lea Michelle and Lindsay Lohan.

  37. Alipop says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chloe! She has been in ALL types of movies, and just gets better. Have you seen her in the video “Our Deal”? And she AMAZED me in Let Me In. Girl is going places. I think she is beyond qorgeous. I have a girl-crush on her, and I’m straight!

  38. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Cam, I cant reply directly so hope u read this.

    Anything sexual didnt even cross my mind – thats a whole other ball game that is really going below the mark

    All I’m saying is that u seem very determined in your views and it may be viewed as a little extreme by some. She is a 14 year old girl in hollywierd and sure she will be tempted to experiment, but as I said previously I sincerely hope the blinds and rumours aren’t about Chloe!

    I feel your reaction is OTT…that is all I am saying to you, nothing more sinister, anything else is all coming from you.

  39. She looks fine to me, actually.

  40. Lotr Dork says:

    I think it’s age appropriate.and in her defense I wore A LOT more provocative clothing than that.

  41. Moviemeister says:

    Chloe is a very talented young actress with an awesome personality. Her family are doing a great job with her apart from letting her get so involved with all the fashion fakery freaks. When not acting she should be kicking back with her friends, not hanging out with these aliens.