Madonna & A-Rod take separate helicopters to secret tryst at Seinfelds’

Madonna and A-Rod met for quite the secret tryst, according to Page Six. The two helicoptered – separately – to Madge’s good friends Jerry and Jessica Seinfelds’ place for some alone time recently. Why the separate helicopters? Well because nothing says, “We’re not doing anything wrong” like two choppers loudly landing at the same location half an hour apart. Clearly Madge places a great importance on the appearance of propriety.

IT was like a scene out of a James Bond movie last week, as Madonna and Alex Rodriguez secretly jetted off in two private helicopters for a quick and cozy rendezvous in the Hamptons, Page Six has learned. Instead of booking a motel room, the two headed straight to Jerry Seinfeld’s waterfront mansion, where they relaxed in luxury for several hours.

“The Seinfelds have been friends with Madonna for years. They’re neighbors on the West Side, so it’s really no surprise,” said an insider. “And Jerry and [wife] Jessica go to her concerts whenever she’s in town.” Our spies say the clandestine East End meeting between soon-to-be-divorced Madge and freshly single A-Rod occurred on Oct. 21. A chopper carrying the Yankee slugger was seen landing in East Hampton, where he was picked up in a white Porsche 911 matching the description of Jessica’s car.

Less than 40 minutes later, another helicopter that took off from Chelsea Piers with Madonna aboard landed at the same airstrip. “A dark SUV and Jerry in another Porsche both pulled up and picked up Madonna and they headed back to Jerry’s place,” a witness told us. “When they arrived at the Seinfeld home, Madonna poked her head out the window and could be clearly seen.”

It’s not known what the Bronx Bomber, 33, and the Material Mom, 50 – who insist they are just friends – did during their stay at Seinfeld’s 12-acre spread. “About four hours later, the dark SUV left the house and took them all back to the airport. Madonna and the Seinfelds could clearly be seen getting out and piling into the copter that had taken Madonna there in the first place. They left together,” our witness said. “Several minutes later, the helicopter that carried A-Rod also left.”

[From Page Six]

I love the line about “It’s not known what [they] did during their stay.” Yeah I don’t want to visualize it either, but I’m guessing I could probably come up with a few generic basics if push came to shove. What would be even more horrifying is if Page Six did know what Madonna and Alex did during their stay.

A-Rod is clearly incredibly into Madonna. I don’t totally understand it… or even slightly understand it, to be honest. But he’s showering her with gifts. Star says he’s given her a 22-karat-gold bracelet that says bashert, which is Yiddish for “meant to be.” In Touch calls him the “Anti-Guy” pointing out that he’s also bought Madge a Louis Vuitton purse, a pink cocktail ring worth $2,600 and a $8,500 chunky gold necklace. Since it seems like nearly every detail of their lives is already known; they might as well step out publicly together at this point.

Here’s Alex Rodriguez leaving the Reebok Gym in New York City the day after his tryst with Madonna. Photographer: Ray Filmano. Images thanks to WENN. Header of Madonna leaving Kabbalah on October 1st. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. RAN says:

    I don’t get what he sees in her either. But then again, I don’t get what the world sees in HIM. He’s not hot, odd looking facial features, and far too cocky for his own good. Nothing special

  2. Kaiser says:

    “It’s not known what [they] did during their stay.”

    Drank $50 Kabballah water by moonlight?

  3. gg says:

    Wonder why the woman likes dressing like a teenaged hood rat.

  4. Ana' says says:

    😀 I don’t think a teenaged hoodrat would be caught dead in that outfit! LOL! And ya know, I’d luv to have buff arms but Madge’s guns totally scare me.

  5. feedmeplz says:

    Good God! Her arms look like they’re going to crush the kids hand! 😯

  6. Lisa says:

    What is the appeal with him? They both are disgusting.

  7. devilgirl says:

    Obviously the tryst wasn’t so secret if they took a helicopter to the Seinfeld’s. Kind of a contradiction. If they wanted to keep it low key, drive to a Super 8 in a mini van from Enterprise leasing. Helicopter, Seinfeld’s. Pretentious, wasteful, indulgent swine is what they are.

  8. Jaclyn says:

    I had no idea they were friends, good for them.

  9. mif says:

    I can’t wait until their first public appearance together…I hope they are booed and hissed at for the homewreckers they both are.

  10. daisy424 says:

    Agree Devilgirl, wasteful.

  11. vdantev says:

    Miss Heroin Arms 2008, Ladies and Gentlemen- give her a hand !!

  12. Jackie says:

    I used to love her so much back in the day, but she’s starting to kinda act like Michael Jackson, getting more bizarre as she ages. Maybe A-Rod has a fetish for the creepy looking muscular type. Her arms look so gross. I guess she pays her trainer lots of money to not say enough is enough.

  13. Upskt Celebs says:

    So the next question is: how much does it cost to get a 50,000 square foot mansion dry cleaned, steam cleaned and you name it-cleaned. no, just kidding. I hope they are both happy. Everyone deserves to be with someone they love.

  14. mif says:

    I think every time the Guy-side leaks some embarassing info about Her Nuttiness, her side leaks something to suggest her and A-Rod are getting it on, just to further hurt Guy. This is retaliation for the “marriage contract” story, which was retaliation for the Rocco in a Yankee shirt photo op….