Heidi Klum told Seal she was pregnant with ex’s baby a month into dating

Heidi Klum and Seal seem to have one of those relationships that’s so perfect you can’t help but seethe with envy. And be really happy for them, of course. I mean the man had an igloo custom made and outfitted with a bed, rose petals, and candles to propose to Klum. That’s pretty much the most insanely over-the-top yet still crazily romantic things I’ve ever heard of.

Seal’s given a long interview to the Daily Mail in which he talks about meeting Klum for the first time, along with revealing how he reacted when she told him she was pregnant with another man’s child.

On a more positive note, Seal also takes inspiration from his life in LA with Klum.

The couple have two young sons – Henry, three, and 23-month-old Johan – while Seal is stepfather to four-year-old Leni, Heidi’s daughter by motor racing tycoon Flavio Briatore.

Seal and German-born Klum met five years ago at the GQ Awards in London, although their relationship didn’t begin until a chance encounter in New York weeks later.

‘I was taken aback when I met her,’ says Seal. ‘I thought she was one of the most beautiful women I’d seen. I thought: “Wow! Whoever goes out with that girl is one lucky guy!”

‘A month into our relationship, she told me she was pregnant, but was no longer with the father. I told her it didn’t change the way I felt about her.

‘Apart from being my wife, she’s also my best friend.’

[From the Daily Mail]

Seal has never ceased to impress me with how good he is to his wife. Of course the natural response is, “Well, duh, she’s Heidi Klum, any man would be that good to her.” But he seems to bring a certain creativity and love to their relationship that you don’t often see. His response to hearing that Heidi was pregnant with daughter Leni was very sweet and beautiful. Spending the first year of your relationship with a woman who’s pregnant with another man’s child would be challenging for most guys, but I get the impression that for Seal it wasn’t any big deal. I’m sure people tell him all the time that he’s a lucky man to be married to Heidi Klum, but it seems like she’s just as lucky to be married to Seal.

Here’s Seal and Heidi at the park with their kids in Beverly Hills on September 7th. Images thanks to WENN and Fame.

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, I think Heidi and Seal are the real deal. I love them together. *swoon*

  2. queenie says:

    Fab couple!! Love them together and it is so wonderful to see this harmony and love between married people.

  3. geronimo says:

    Just another reason to love these two. They’re so into each other, it’s not true! And, on top of being a truly genuinely great guy, he’s also seriously gorgeous. This is one celeb couple that will live happily ever after. Believe. 8)

  4. Blue says:

    I think SHE is the lucky one. Seal is an awesome man.

  5. Ally says:

    This story reminds me of Anna Nicole’s paternity chaos.Thank God Heidi knew who the real father was !

  6. Cinderella says:

    It’s nice to read stories about true love, since so many are usually the opposite.

  7. AWww says:

    Remember how ugly everyone thought Henry was when he was born? See how adorable he is now?

  8. N says:

    oww, cute cute. she is really the lucky one. i’ve got a man like him. thanks god.

  9. Yourself says:

    I love them, they make me so mushy. I am envious of their love.

  10. lunachick says:

    What a great couple, and what lucky kids to grow up with the two of them as parents and role models.

  11. tina says:

    I love these two together too! They remind me of my fiance and myself–we’re the best of friends and are madly in love with each other:) I don’t know how the hell I got so lucky but am grateful everyday to have found him! All his friends think he’s marrying up in the looks department and wonder why I’m with him and I’m always incredulous–I’m the lucky one–I’ve got a brillant, hilarious, deicated man, who I find sexy as hell and he treats me like a queen! Thank you God!

  12. Elle says:

    I never thought that Henry that was ugly. I alway just figured they would have beautiful children.

  13. mark says:

    What’s wrong with his face?

  14. Jackie says:

    Mark- he has lupus, an autoimmune disease. One of the hallmarks of the disease is the “butterfly rash”

  15. RAN says:

    I thought he was burned in a fire or had something to do with an acid burn when he was a young kid? Am I going to have to look this up? 😕

  16. geronimo says:

    No, DLE – The scars on his face are the result of discoid lupus erythematosus. “Lupus is any of several diseases, especially systemic lupus erythematosus, that principally affect the skin and joints but often also involve other systems of the body; often characterized by ulcerative lesions that spread over the body.”

  17. mark says:

    It also affects the mind-hence the marriage to Heidi Klum…and also the intellect-hence calling himself ‘Seal’.

  18. aleach says:

    mark-im pretty sure his middle name or something is seal. its not just a showbiz name…

  19. Cindy says:

    Sealhenry Olusegun Kwassi Olumide Adelo Samuel (born 19 February 1963 in Nigeria, but sent as an infant to Paddington, London) is a British soul singer and songwriter.[1] His name Olusegun means “God is victorious”.[2] Known professionally by his first name, Seal (pronounced see-ell)[clarify] is known for his numerous international hits and his marriage to supermodel Heidi Klum.

    Seal got his famous characteristic facial scars as a result of discoid lupus, which, additionally, caused some hair loss.[3]

  20. This is very up-to-date information. I think I’ll share it on Facebook.

  21. Sourav says:

    They’re a role couple. I wonder how seal won over heidi’s heart. But at the same time i am also forced to believe that he’s definitely got that x-factor!! I’ve never seen such happy celebrity couples. Wish them all the best . Please god let them keep smiling forever.