Hugh Jackman’s wife Deborra-Lee talks about her weight & his heterosexuality

CB is more into Hugh Jackman than I ever was. Don’t get me wrong – I like Hugh. He seems like a lovely man, and God knows I love an old-Hollywood throw-back, an old-fashioned song-and-dance man, a true entertainer, which is exactly what Hugh is. But I’ve never really gotten hot for him, you know? He’s pretty to look at, but my biscuits are all “Meh.” As for the gay rumors – I don’t even know. I’m sure half of you will be yelling at me and telling me that OF COURSE HE HAS A BOYFRIEND because a friend of a friend told you, but… I put more stock in rumors about several other Hollywood dudes before I believe it about Hugh. This may seem weird, but I think the fact that he’s Australian makes me doubt the gay rumors more – not to make a massive generalization about one nationality, but Aussie men just seem to approach relationships and women and family life differently than American men, and I think that difference accounts for how we Americans view his 15-year-marriage to an older woman.

Anyway, Hugh’s wife of 15 years, Deborra-Lee Furness, has spoken to Page Six Magazine, and she gives somewhat of a denial of Hugh’s gay rumors, and she talks about the criticisms of her weight. CB pointed out that Deb has addressed the gay rumors before directly – see her old interview from 2008. Here’s what she said to Page Six:

It’s not easy being Hugh Jackman’s other half. His wife of 15 years, Deborra-Lee Furness, said she’s “been almost pummeled” by crazed fans or “Hughophiles” who try to get to him.

“Literally, they will push you out of the way,” she tells Page Six Magazine, out on Thursday. “Hi, I’m chopped liver. How do you do?”

The sassy blonde brushed off critics of her marriage to the younger star currently on Broadway. She said, “Hugh is much more mature than me, so we balance each other out. And heaven forbid I have a human experience and carry a little weight.”

Responding to speculation about his sexuality, she said, “The line I heard was, ‘Wolverine? Who would have thought?’ Hugh and I don’t pay much heed. It’s kind of tragic that these people have nothing better to do than gossip about people they don’t know.”

[From Page Six]

Deborra-Lee didn’t really offer a direct denial, did she? But should she have to? Whatever Hugh and Deb have, it seems to be working for them. She seems like a normal woman, the kind of woman you would meet and befriend, and I imagine that their marriage grounds Hugh a great deal. Is it really so weird to think that Hugh might love his wife and family?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Rux says:

    I love him and her. I do not know why but my gaydar does not bleep even a smidge with this guy. He just seems like a good entertainer, a great family man and an over all nice guy. The issue with Hollywood is that both people in the relationship should look a certain way. I think his wife is quite pretty and I do not see the deal with her weight?! What weight?!

    • Emily says:

      I agree with everything you just said. Just cause a guy likes to sing and dance doesn’t make him gay. And Deborra-Lee looks like most middle-aged women I know. Just because she isn’t starving herself and shoving fillers into her face like most Hollywood women in a vain attempt to stay young, she must be Hugh’s beard? In any case, I’ve seen and heard her interviewed, and she’s freaking hilarious.

    • DrM says:

      Your gaydar doesn’t bleep cause the guy is not gay….simples….

    • Carolyn says:

      Being Australian, I offer the opinion that he is universally adored over here. Because he’s talented, a good family man, a nice person allround. There is never one article in any media here claiming he’s gay. I watched “Corelli” on tv all those years ago where Hugh and Deb met on set. The chemistry was obvious. I saw him in his first stage show and he had charisma by the truckload even back then. I don’t care which way he swings but am tired of the American obession with who is/who isn’t bearding. Deb’s looks also aren’t a discussion point over here either.

      • ProudAussie says:

        Good post Carolyn. Frankly I’m over all things American. They think they’re the centre of the universe. Pathetic.

      • ProudAussie says:

        Good post Carolyn. Frankly I’m over all things to do with the US. They think they’re the centre of the universe. Pathetic.

  2. Marjalane says:

    I swear that woman has those hideous black shoes on in every picture I’ve ever seen of her! I think they’ve got a marriage that works- they both play for their own team and are raising happy kids together.

  3. carrie says:

    the trouble is she’s older than him,she’s not Demi Moore and he’s hot …and John Palermo lived (his former business partner) lived with them.
    After,who cares? They look happy together, have cute kids and seem an happy family

  4. Zay says:

    He is lovely and so is she. I think half of us that die for him wouldn’t stand a chance anyways if he weren’t married or gay for that matter :) I wish him happiness

  5. BW says:

    Dear Hugh, if you really love your wife, buy her a stylist. Please. She’d be quite attractive if someone else did her hair, and makeup, and clothes. Her hair always looks like a rats nest, and her clothes don’t fit her. It would be an easy fix. Don’t they have “What Not To Wear” in Australia? You seem like such a cute couple. Please!

    • elan says:

      He DOES really love his wife, therefore accepting her fully and completely AS IS. You’re a shallow moron, BW.

      • Sue says:

        She still needs a stylist – her hair is never “nice”. Listen, I don’t care how she dresses at home and I am sure that he loves her but he is a public figure and she really should at least LOOK like she has made an effort.

      • bluhare says:

        Your lovely statement was totally ruined by the use of the word moron.

      • sammib says:

        Go you Elan! I agree. WTF?? I’ve read further posts and my god, what a nasty bunch. She does not look fat, or like his mother etc etc. She looks like a normal woman. And he’s not gay because he loves his normal looking wife. Who, I might add does not actually look that much older than him at all.

      • NatT77 says:

        Totally agree Elan. And the word moron is apt in response to such a thoughtless and nasty post.

  6. notpretentious says:

    To answer your question…yes. But like my mom used to say to me, “Some things are true whether you believe them or not.”

    • Fuzz says:

      This time you can rest asure its not true! A friend of mine went to WAAPA (acting school)with him, and even then he had a thing for older women. He loved women who were smart, funny, sassy and older. She said that what you see is the real Hugh, he loves women and is really comfortable around them. He drove her home after a performance once, and her biggest regret in life was that she didn’t succumb to his advances(he was a big flirt then), because she was in a relationship…she broke up with the guy she was dating not long after and kicks herself everytime she see’s a picture of Hugh :)

  7. Kaze says:

    When we buy a ticket to watch a movie, as well as a concert or a music CD we does not automatically earn the right to buy the artist’s private life and if you don’t understand how obvious is it, you must have the styrofoam for brains.

  8. lucy2 says:

    I used to wonder if he might be gay, but I really don’t anymore.
    They seem pretty down to earth and very happy. Good for them.

  9. noircat says:

    These two are friends with an arrangment and they seem to love those children and don’t exploite them like Smith’s do with their own children. Let them live with who they want.

    • Kelly J says:

      Maybe you have downloaded the original pdf of this imaginary arrangment? There isn’t any ‘arrangment’. On the other hand you can found easly photos on their wedding and billion of candid photos taken every day by paparazzis and posted on the Internet…every day.Nobody, not even an Oscar-winning actor can pretend 24 hours a day, so stop with this sick broken record. It’s like stepping back in the McCarthy days, with a little difference: the witch-hunt consist in people that see gays everywhere, even where THERE ARE NONE and they create suspicions against anyone. A perpetual rumor does not become true only because it’s perpetual.

    • I RUN NEW YORK says:

      What’s your basis for ASSuming an arrangement?

  10. Jayna says:

    She was a big star in Australia when he met her and he was the young actor. Then after kids she had achieved a lot in her career and supports him now in his and is a mom and only works a liitle. I don’t believe he is gay because he is so comfortable playing a gay character on broadway and never shies away from his love of song and dance and theater A closeted male lead hit movie action star would. He isn’t closeted. I love him. He’s so comfortable with himself in interviews about it all that it makes him sexier. His wife is in her fifties now. but I would still try to lose a little weight. She has a pretty face. She was very striking back in her heyday as an actress

  11. bea says:

    She’s an actress – she should know better and get a stylist for the red carpet and then those black shoes and feather boas wouldn’t happen. She looks like an average, attractive-ish mom in the other pic.

    I can see where the gay rumors might come from – singing, dancing, acting, handsome, muscular – hard to tell……but he comes across as a nice guy/good dad whatever arrangement they have.

  12. normades says:

    “It’s kind of tragic that these people have nothing better to do than gossip about people they don’t know.”

    I know. *hangs head in shame*

    • carrie says:

      i love the gossips and blind items but i don’t buy every gossip or rumor happilly (if i believe Ted C of E every one is in the closet in Hollywood/if i believe Lainey,every one except Ryan Gosling and canadian actors is a jerk in Hollywood/if i believe CDAN ,every one is a cheater,abuser,raper,liar,opportunist…)

      • mln76 says:

        Yes blind items are entertaining but just like most of the rumors that go around a junior high there is no way to tell the accuracy unless events conspire to reveal the truth of the matter.

      • clare says:

        So about CDan- did he ever reveal “coke mom’s” identity?

  13. danielle says:

    People buy all the time that a young hot woman is in love with her older, less attractive husband. Why can’t Hugh be in love with his older, less attractive wife? (not that she’s unattractive, she just doesn’t look like a movie star)

  14. Bubulle says:

    I thought it was common knowledge that Hugh Jackman is gay. He used to be in a relashionship with John Palermo (his former business partner), I think his wife doesn’t care as long as he takes good care of her and their kids.

  15. k says:

    She is probably going through menopause and is having a hard time with it. She could use a better stylist. But I have known couples in which the man was much hotter/better maintained than the woman, but the woman was a real firecracker. This seems like one of those couples.

  16. Pizzazz says:

    He isn’t gay. No way. This is just a rumor your jealous bitches made up because you can’t have him!

    • someone says:

      LOL i just died! but i agree, i don’t really think he’s gay…but also I don’t really care much either.

  17. tracking says:

    I do think he’s gay. No jealousy here.

  18. Marc says:

    I think he is gay and they have some kind of deal. But if it works and they are happy. Go for it.

  19. SEF says:

    I don’t care if he is or not. As someone said, what they have works for them. He seems like the happiest guy, never more so than when he’s with the wife and kids.

  20. Kathy says:

    I think it is possible that he loves his wife & family and is gay as well. The two need not be mutually exclusive.

  21. Julie says:

    Getting a bit tired of EVERYONE being gay. Really….please!

  22. badrockandroll says:

    I have a very prudent friend who has two sayings:

    #1/. Before you open your mouth, imagine your words on the front page of a newspaper.

    #2/. If you are unsure whether what you are about to say is offensive, substitute the “N” word for the main noun, and see how it flies.

    I love gossip when it is about how silly and egotistical “stars” are in their public activities. I hate gossip when it speculates about private lives.

  23. mia girl says:

    I can’t express how deep my love for Hugh runs. I even went to see Real Steel (so you know its pretty effin deep). He can “Leopold” me any day.

    Over the years, I’ve gone back and forth on the gay thing. Not because of song and dance Hugh, but because of the rumors. But my conclusion as of late is that he is the gayest straight man in Hollywood.

    I just recently saw his interview on Fallon (from October). So charming talking about his wife and he looked so hot in a black suit. Watch it if you like him.

  24. truthful says:

    I do think he is gay, and has always been gay but it does not take away from his talents and he deserves to live his life.

    she didn’t deny it and its probably for the best.

    scandals happen quite often

    • Sandra says:

      She actually DID deny it. I’m an Aussie and I can tell you that her way of saying what she said was a complete denial of it. He’s straight. It’s odd that it is such a talking point in America though. I guess people can’t imagine a good looking man not being gay in America. Odd perception though.

  25. G says:

    Gossip pages have low tolerance for any woman who doesn’t make herself a shill for Hollywood-style botox and fahionista excesses.

    No reason to think that the Jackmans are not happy and well in spite of it. After all, aren’t some of the best styled women in the tabs also the least successful at marriage?

  26. Bubulle says:

    Yeah right, funny how you guys get all defensive when it comes to certain celebrities, people on here have discussed countless time the sexuality of George Clooney, and no one has ever complained. How is Hugh Jackman different, does he has some kind of immunity or something.

  27. S says:

    Hello-o, this page is called cele-bitchy?
    Not cele-nice. Just in case someone has missed it. I think he is gay. Just google pics of John Palermo. My gaydar went loose seeing those pics. But whatever works for them and their kids. I couldnt care less…. Love him as an actor though.

  28. sassenach says:

    I know that I might get slammed for this but here goes. If I had a husband who was into fitness and clean living as much as Hugh, I would do my best to do the same. While Hugh always looks clean and fit, his wife is constantly a sloppy mess. She doesn’t even try. She just throws on any mumu she can find and can’t even be bothered to do her hair. If this situation was reversed and it was a man who is sloppy and a wife who is fit I would feel the same way. It is very hard for me to believe that they have a genuine relationship.

    • Ari says:

      I have to agree. I also come from the frame of mind of a few others I see, that they both bat for the same team and are married for whatever. Who knows. Or she was quite hot when she was younger and he fell hard for her and still loves her (why not) and you know what they say, men get better looking as they get older, women go to men (plastic surgeons) to look better LOL

    • Leticia says:

      I agree with you.

      My husband is very fit, and I have to keep myself in shape, cause I don’t want to look like a slouch standing next to him. (I’m not calling her a slouch, I’m just saying that I don’t want to look sloppy, so I work out).

    • cool girl says:

      I agree, but it doesn’t even have to be about plastic surgery….just stay fit and eat right. You have the money to enjoy the benefits of chefs and personal trainers. Anybody should want to look their best, and more importantly for a man in the public eye like Hugh. So it seems to me there’s just an air of convenience to this marriage. Sorry, can’t help it.

    • Joanna says:

      Are you guys serious? I work out a lot, my boyfriend not at all. But I’m not gonna leave for a bodybuilder and I’m not gay. I’m no so shallow that my man has to have a perfect body. And maybe Hugh’s the same way about his wife. And to the people that think he’s gay b/c he couldn’t be with a not perfectly fit person are simply assuming that he’s as shallow as they are…and THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL HE’S GAY!!!

  29. Jenn says:

    Who cares about his sexuality. His and his wife’s business.

    But I agree about the sensitivity to saying things without proof about some celebrities. It seems most women can have the holy hell smacked out of them based on some trash in a tabloid on a regular basis without proof, but if certain favorite folks with “dongs” get messed up a bit, folks go ballistic. Some men can be, but others, well, don’t besmirch their teeth, bodies or sexuality or you will get your head handed to you.

    It should be equal opportunity bitching, it is only fair.

  30. MAMAKOWALSKA says:

    I like a woman who talks like that!!!

    She’s real!!! and since we all lose our body and looks in the end you’ve got to have something more to you to have a life long marriage to one person!!!

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  31. Esmom says:

    She looks like his mom (mum?) in the last pic, posing with the grandkids.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I’m not sure if you’re being facetious, but those are their kids.

      • Esmom says:

        I know. I just think their age difference is extra apparent in that photo, he looks extra youthful and in contrast she looks more like the kids’ grandmother than their mother. Just a comment, I don’t wish any of them ill.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Gotcha. No worries :)

  32. JM says:

    Actually, I find it refreshing that a “Hot” Hollywood actor has stayed married to his older, average wife for 15 years and YIKES! is still happy. So she’s not plucked, sucked & Botoxed to the nth degree. That doesn’t mean she’s a she-beast. I reserve that title for Kate Gosselin, the Kardashians & Courtney Stodden.

    • Sandra says:

      I think the perception you have of him is that he is like Hollywood actors. He might be working in Hollywood right now, but he is an Aussie entertainer and he has an Aussie perspective to life. He’s down to earth and wants his marriage to work. His own mother abandoned him and his 4 siblings when he was 8 and I am sure that has played heavily on his wish to be with the same woman. Besides, as she herself says, no-one knows them except themselves. She’s obviously good at a lot of things that make him happy. She’s a great mother, cook, and is known as very intelligent and funny. They have a great partnership and it will last.

  33. LucyOriginal says:

    Kaiser, I gotta agree with you on the Australian men approach to women and relationships. My former boss and his wife are Australians. She is older than him, they were together for almost 20 years before they got officially married. They are just a great couple, really know each other well and he is not afraid in expressing how he feels about her. I have to give credit to Australian women too. They are truly independent and confident about themselves. No I am not Australian, but have tons of Australian friends too.

    ps: Oh, one of the things they mentioned that the got shocked about American culture was that most commercials show the mother taking care of the kids, it’s never the father.

    • CJ says:

      Totally agree with your comment on Australian women – I am a New Zealander and all my Aussie female (and male) friends are so sure of themselves and confident. Its awesome – so much more so than us Kiwi’s

    • Carolyn says:

      Agree. One of the aspects I like about Australians and Kiwis is our inbuilt BS detectors. We can spot fakery at ten paces. The public and the media call them out on it and it’s over.

  34. RobN says:

    I think a lot of people can’t get over the fact that not every man who likes musical theatre is gay. Shocking, but true.

  35. cool girl says:

    No, Debra shouldn’t have to say a thing about Hugh’s sexuality….so why did she? So it almost sounds to me like they want the rumors to go away, but obviously if they’re true they aren’t going to out and out lie….so she uses double-talk, a denial that really isn’t.

    • Janice says:

      Because those morons ASKED her about gay rumors, isn’t it clear? And the rumors won’t go away regardless if they are true or not. She will always be older and less attractive than him and he will always do musical theater, more than enough for our sociality to ‘prove’ that he is gay.

  36. Kerfuffles says:

    I think Hugh Jackman is gay & was (or still is) dating his long-time producer partner. I also think he loves his wife and kids.

  37. orangebella says:

    I really do not think he is gay. I think that she is a smart, and a no bullshit kind of woman. Guys love women like that and find that attractive.

    • kit says:

      I agree.
      They seem like a really good team. I think regardless of sexuality, they really love each other. And I really couldn’t care less whether he’s gay or not (and yes, with some guys it does bother me if they are in the closet but pretending to be womanizers)

  38. mln76 says:

    Personally I don’t care about speculating on a famous person’s sexuality because it’s obvious that there are closeted men in Hollywood. Still I doubt every male in Hollywood is gay (probably just the Scienos) I just funny how some of the speculation about Hugh is based soley on stereotypes. Older wife slightly pudgy with no plastic surgery = GAY …love of/ talent in musical theater =GAY … Longtime employee who ‘looks like a homosexual=GAY…
    I’m sorry I need something a bit more substantial to buy the rumors

    • Cerulean says:

      Totally agree. Not enough evidence. My husband has gay male friends who he treats the same as any straight male friends. He’s comfortable enough in his own skin to not care. It’s the quality of the person that counts. So what if his business partner was gay and lived with them. Who knows the circumstances???
      Looks are not everything to everyone. At the end of the day it’s about love, acceptance and hard work.

      • Michelle says:

        THIS! My boyfriends best friend is gay. He’s a real drifter (not the smelly kind) so I could imagine him sleeping in our guest room for a year or whatever. I guess the gay accusations will come then.

        Omg even worse, my bf really loves my gay brother, he even went to a gay club with us once because I said it was a nice place, I’m older than him and he loves to sing and write songs!

        There’s no way he could be straight! I don’t understands why he sleeps with me!!

    • mln76 says:

      Agree with both of you guys-personally I think the most masculine men are secure enough in their sexuality not to be homophobic.

  39. guest says:

    When an actor like George Clooney or Alex Baldwin date much younger women that is ok, but when a actor falls for an older woman, who doesn’t make Maxims 100 top sexy women they are automatically must be gay. I think it is sexy that he loves his wife and is really into his kids not like a George Clooney who dates arm candy and then parades them on the red carpet like he is in love. I have seen his wife interviewed she is quite nice like he is.

    • Jane says:

      I agree with you. People have become used to a stereotype when it comes to hunky actors like George. It seems to be expected to go from one young, hot chick to the next, and if you don’t, then you are not cool and boring.

      IMO, George has a problem because he can’t seem to have a relationship that isn’t all about him. He has these rules; no marriage, no kids. Yes, he is upfront about it and says he wouldn’t be good at it. I think he is right, but it is the reason he is right about himself that is the problem.

      All he wants out of a relationship is the superficial stuff. I think he is a decent, very nice man, but he is also spoiled. He wants no responsibility, no demands to cope with the hard emotions of life, like commitment and working through the hard times. All of this takes self control, a certain degree of selflessness and the ability to love someone and be devoted to them.

      Hugh Jackman seems to have all of those qualities. He loves his wife and kids and apparently has a loving, stable, relationship with his wife.

      What does he get in return from the media? Rumors, created by people who just can’t believe a good looking man could actually love a woman who is not a tall, skinny, young model batting her false eyelashes at the camera while on his arm. It doesn’t matter that Deborrah-Lee is pretty anyway, she is just not the media’s acceptable standard for beauty, so there must be something else going on. How sad.

  40. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Pierce Brosnan’s wife is somewhat overweight too and they remain an item. Maybe both of these men are able to look past the exterior.

    That being said, I think Hugh’s wife IS uncomfortable with her appearance. In every picture here, she is using something to hide her midsection (a wrap, a wine glass, a child).

  41. the original bellaluna says:

    I love them together. I also love Deborra’s story of how her children “chose” them.

    They seem like a very loving, grounded family.

  42. The Original Mia says:

    I love them together. I don’t think he’s gay either. I think he loves his wife and his kids.

  43. layla says:

    I’m amazed at some people’s attitudes. Sheeeesh. Its not like she is a two headed wilderbeest for pete’s sake.

    Afterall, they have been together since ’96. There are deeper connections than mere appearances.

    And as for not flat out denying the allegations”. Why should she have to? Would that actually stop the rumours. I doubt it, so why waste her breathe (especially if it’s been addressed before!)

  44. Snowpea says:

    I’ve met Deborra-Lee a long time ago at a party when I was a teenager. Sydney back then was pretty bohemian, and this was a wild party in a falling down ramshackle house where everyone was getting pretty loose.

    Deborra is a whipsmart, intelligent, feisty intelligent woman. And hilarious and warm. I can see why Hugh loves her. But I also think he’s gay. Which is why I think the Australian angle is pretty interesting.

    Australians are very similar to Americans but also very different. We’re obsessed with keeping it real. If someone goes around saying “Yeah I’m amazing”, you’ll be shot down in flames. “Pull your head in mate”, or “Get over yourself”.

    So, my theory is that Hugh is gay. But he also loves Deborra-Lee because she’s fucking good company, is a great mother to their kids and they’re great mates. But because we don’t have the same obsession with appearances she just does her thing and gets on with her it.

    Either way, I love them. So down-to-earth, warm and humble.

  45. blouson says:

    Hugh’s mother died/left when he was small. He was raised by his father. So he meets this incredibly fun, charasmatic actress in a play (DLF) who all teh other actors are flirting with and he falls for her. This is a woman who Mick Jagger calls to hang out with in Sydney, a catch. So they marry, despite age difference. And yes she ages, he is super hot (story of life really) but he still loves her. Why? Because she is awesome, they havea beautiful family, the kids love her, she keeps him real, AND seperating from her would be like re-living the trauma of his childhood. So he loves her just a little because she is like an idealised mother-figure (and cool, sexy, smart, fun) SO WHAT? Makes sense to me.

    • Jayna says:

      Bingo. She was a sexy woman who had men after her,when she met Hugh.

      Look at Ozzy Osbourne. He was a very cute rocker at his heyday. He could have all the sexy groupies. He fell in love with Sharon who was fat and homely but smart and witty. This was pre all her plastic surgery later on. But he was crazy about her and left his wife for Sharon.

    • Sandra says:

      Actually it’s the other way around. He’s the mature fatherly figure for her. That’s what he said when his dad questioned why he was going to marry an older woman and thought she was like a replacement mum. He said to his father that it was more the other way. He also said in an interview once that he is the strict one in the family. She also has said that he’s more mature than her. Interesting…

  46. Amanda G says:

    I never thought he was gay. He’s been with his wife for a long time…pre-fame.

  47. rkintn says:

    Whether he is gay or not (and I am Team NOT all the way!) there is no doubt that they are extremely happy together. I say good for them and she is still one of the luckiest women alive;)

  48. Blue says:

    The way these rumors swirl, every other man in Hollyweird is gay. I find it funny how people talk about rumors they’ve heard about this person and that person all it takes is one miserable or mistaken person to start a rumor ruin someone’s life and taint people’s perception of said person. Unless you have seen him having sex with and professing his undying love for his former business partner, how the hell do you know they are/were a couple? It’s pretty sad that a man can’t be good looking, talented and love his wife and kids without there being some scandal behind it.

  49. Turtle Dove says:

    They’re one of my favorite couples, and I like that she’s a little older and they’re ‘meh’ about the age difference.

  50. Agnes says:

    Sad that a perfecty lovely woman has to justify herself as to why she isn’t a 20-year old sack of sillicone.

  51. Ranga says:

    I love him, Wolverine! I would feel really insecure in her her shoes, like I had to be fit and youthful, she’s strong.

  52. whatevs says:

    maybe he’s bi?

  53. Lucy says:

    I think the sad reality is that in this day and age people cannot believe that a man can be faithful and happy with the same woman for life…and that all men would leave his “old bag” wife for the first pair of size DD boobs that catch his eye…I pray this isn’t the case and that there are still some men with character and honor…maybe Hugh is one…I also love that in all the pictures with his children, he is so focused on them and not checking his phone every 2 seconds or looking bored…

  54. hammer says:

    Unbelievable. He has no problem staying with her because he’s also getting what he really wants on the side. DUH! If he weren’t, he’d probably be a so called “manslut” like all the guys you people dog everyday. The fact is, you are only gushing about him because he’s your favorite actor, but you’re hypocritical about the shady “facts” you get about other celebrities. Let a celebrity have one affair, and suddenly they screw everything that comes in their path. Well, maybe you see that affair as evidence of something. Fine. Then I see the aspects of this relationship as revealing some pretty shady, self indulgent activity as well. Works both ways. He’s not Saint Hugh. That doesn’t make him less of a person, though, any more than it does anyone else. You talk about dogging Deb for being overweight, yet you dog others just because they have personal flaws, too. So….if people want to bitch about your guy and his wife, then that’s just the way it is.

  55. jeanie says:

    i think huge is a great actorand his is just beautifulli do not think she has anything to worry abouti truly dont belive he is gay and if he is thats their busniesspeople amaxe mehow bad they want to know all about a actor personal life some things should be kept personaleven though they are actorsit still dont matter theydeserve to keep certain personal just evrybody slse give them abreak!!!!!!

  56. jeanie says:

    again leave these people along gtve them abreak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. CN says:

    I know this is cele’bitchy’ and that invites snarky comments, but to everyone who has said Deborah needs a stylist – she doesn’t actively seek celebrity, she doesn’t dine out at famous restaurants to get photographed, she just seems to be a NORMAL woman. Why should she have to primp and preen herself into a supermodel just so you think she looks good on a red carpet? I like to think she’s doing more valuable things with her time, and think it’s great she hasn’t succumbed to the pressure to look ‘perfect’ like many other famous people.

  58. Paige says:

    haha funny, he aint gay!

  59. Tina says:

    Hugh isn’t gay. He is just comfortable and strong enough in his sexuality to sing, dance, etc. Not sure why some people these days are threatened by that. We need some old school Hollywood this day and age & Hugh brings it. I have definitely gotten hot for him. The man brings out something primal in me. lol I think his wife is adorable.

  60. Dani says:

    Based on what I know about him, I adore this man–simply adore him. I love how he (seems to) loves his wife and family.

    His wife is pretty lucky, but from what I’ve read, Hugh’s pretty lucky, too.

    Oh, and definitely never got the impression, even in the slightest, that he was gay.

    Oscar looks cute in that picture.

  61. Meanchick says:

    So because he’s an entertainer and his wife is not anorexic Barbie, that means he’s gay? Get over yourselves people.

  62. Judy says:

    Of course if there is actually a man out there comfortable in his own skin and married to a women a little older then he is, he has to be gay. I mean just because he is not a fruitcake, cheating on her or beating her up, he has to be gay. Because everyine knows that these people who KNOW he is gay because they have GAYDAR ROFLMFAO. If you can tell me when the next earthquake is, time and date, I may believe you have some extra tallent but when start calling people gay because you have GAYDAR?? Then you will be nothing but a joke. Show is the pictures of a full frontal, in color of him blowing somebody then maybe you can say he is gay, until then put a sock in it lol

  63. MK821 says:

    She’s LOVELY. Just look at her bone structure! Why is her weight anyone else’s business?!?

  64. Sophia says:

    It does not take a genius to understand that his lack of a mother made him choose a mother instead of wife (nothing to do with age, but her aspect is very much the crone, she even always wears black). It is evident that there is a lack of sexuality, but their relationship survives as mother/son…

  65. Katy says:

    Hugh Jackman is very beautiful!

  66. Coco says:

    That woman is one of the reasons I think Hugh Jackman is so attractive. He married a real woman, not a plastic Hollwood dolly. They seem so good together, and seem faithful to each other to boot. As to his wife’s look, I think she is very pretty and it matters not what she weighs or how she dresses. Why should she change? She ‘s married to one of the hottest men on the planet and he seems to like her just fine. There are a LOT of men around who like a woman to have flesh on her bones. All of your haters back off and let them live their lives in peace.

  67. imani says:

    Here’s the issue with ppls issue with his wife…she doesn’t make an effort 2 step up her game. My mom always tlld me it is her responsibility 2 not let herself go and it goes both ways. My mom wasn’t ahollywood size 2 but she made sure even with her weight she kept it sharp. And when they went out 2 special events..she was HAWT! Men were always giving her compliments& checking her out. It was hilarious and funny 2 see. She said u gotta be aware that he’s still and man and no man wants 2 come home 2. Asloppy staid woman every day n night…and yes…those awful blk clog-like shoes she wears 2 events?come on really! Fifty is fabulous..she needs 2 act like she cares and that her husband ing hot s fing hot

  68. imani says:

    Here’s the issue with ppls issue with his wife…she doesn’t make an effort 2 step up her game. My mom always tlld me it is her responsibility 2 not let herself go and it goes both ways. My mom wasn’t ahollywood size 2 but she made sure even with her weight she kept it sharp. And when they went out 2 special events..she was HAWT! Men were always giving her compliments& checking her out. It was hilarious and funny 2 see. She said u gotta be aware that he’s still a man and no man wants 2 come home 2 a boring stale woman every day n yes…those awful blk clog-like shoes she wears 2 events?come on really! Fifty is fabulous..she nect like she cares and that her husbang hot s fing hot